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  1. If you click on the little + button next to the quote button it lets you carry quotes across threads.
  2. Something tells me that coming from the background he does The Rock will know all about getting shafted on the backend and probably has a slightly better upfront deal than the ladies. Jack Whitehall was probably just happy he got a pass to Disneyland and some mouse money to spend in the park.
  3. Cheeky as fuck getting a refund for a film you watched until the end. Wonder if he ever returned some shoes to the shop whilst wearing them.
  4. I remember enjoying Aja’s remake of The Hills Have Eyes a lot. Might have to have a browse through his backlog.
  5. Crawl A daughter and her injured dad are trapped in a flooding crawl space under their old house with alligators during a hurricane. I do love a killer animal film and whilst it’s obviously no Jaws it’s not shit like those Sharknado type films. It literally writes itself in to a corner at times and requires a mammoth amount of suspension of disbelief but it has some great jumps and it’s on Netflix.
  6. I too am a creative type and someone in work left a message on the whiteboard for an extra curricular meet up between colleagues in a couple of weeks. He signed it off with the message to see him “for deets”. Fucking deets! We’re meant to be the industry leaders in communication delivery and this cunt says “deets!” I did the only honourable thing and rubbed out the deets bit and replaced it with “See me for a real good time”.
  7. Mr_Danger


    I was on benefits for nearly a year once in my younger days and I may have allegedly had a little cash in hand side hustle. I’d never been better off and I never felt guilty. It’s absolutely ridiculous the cost of existing in this country and if a bunch of cunts in Range Rovers and gated housing estates want to make people of my ilk feel bad for trying to get a bit extra on top of the bare minimum it takes to survive then they can go and post angry comments on the Daily Mail website about it. I ended up getting a really shit minimum wage job where I had to work 60 hours to get by and even then I was worse off but the worry of being an alleged benefit fraud was too much because do you know who hates alleged benefit frauds and loves to dob them in more than the Daily Mail wankers? Other people on benefits. Place is fucked. So anyone who has played by the rules of a rigged system and paid in should never be ashamed of taking a bit back out, it’s the least you’re owed.
  8. It’s a slippery slope my friend. My experiment with outdoor pyjamas ended with a bunch of kids at the shop shouting “The Postman’s wearing Turtles pyjamas” (I wasn’t wearing them at work they just recognised me) then singing the TMNT song at me. I’ll back up the pj shorts regular use shout though. You can get away with it and they are next level comfort.
  9. Camavinga is gonna be one of those kids who gets paid £200k a week when he moves. Then again United pay their sub goalie twice that much so you never know. I saw this earlier, it’s absolutely mad how much money United have and how good City’s accountants must be.
  10. I think the Varane fee is lower because he was entering his final year and United will be taking on his massive wages. It’s a really good signing though, if they go and get Saul Niguez next then that’ll be their best summer in years.
  11. We’ll that sent me down a depressing rabbit hole of the life of Georgie Ellis. Didn’t know her mam was from Rhyl though, makes sense.
  12. Mr_Danger


    If Twitter has taught me anything it’s that you’ll look super hip and cool if instead of referring to it as “writing” you refer to it as “doing words”.
  13. Did you skip the last generation or are you only looking for current gen recommendations?
  14. “He took the man not the ball!” I had it on the Sega Saturn though.
  15. I’m not saying they’re doing it ‘the right way’ whatever the fuck that is but Wrexham must have generated a fair bit of money from the commercial deals they’ve made from being owned by Rob and Ryan.
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