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  1. Mr_Danger

    DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    The other prisoners get to play Pubg whilst he's only allowed to play Fortnite.
  2. Mr_Danger

    DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    His name also always reminds me of Chief Wiggum.
  3. Mr_Danger

    Trivial Things That Annoy You...

    Are you the keymaster?
  4. Mr_Danger

    The Walking Dead Thread * US-Pace Spoilers*

    He wanted out last season apparently but stayed on. I'm not so sure he gets killed off. He's hinted at a blood and gore exit but it seems like completing his arc over a half season is very anticlimactic. I can see him losing the support of the people and getting sent in to exile by Maggie, Darryll and co.
  5. Mr_Danger

    WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    Now that there's cross play on Fortnite we should start up a name exchange either in here or it's own thread although I doubt there's enough interest for that. Anyway, mine is Mr_Danger1984 (sick name yo) if anyone fancies carrying me to a few more dubbyas'. Plus ya' know, all dat xp boost!
  6. Mr_Danger


    Personally, if I felt so strongly in my beliefs that sentient beings shouldn't be slaughtered and tortured that I felt the need to tell other people they were wrong for partaking in an industry that does those very things then I'd probably steer clear of bragging about partaking in an industry that sees sentient beings being slaughtered and tortured. But it's sliding scales and some good is better than no good and I don't feel that strongly one way or the other to tell people what they should or shouldn't be doing. But yeah, don't tell me not to eat meat then stroll in to Starbucks in your crocodile shoes, pull out your iPhone then do a line of coke off it and expect me to take your moral judgement with anything but a pinch of salt. (Admittedly not a completely accurate portray of Maxwell) I'm fine with knowing the impact my meat eating has and seeing tasty viable alternatives it's when somebody who is championing a cause preaches to me and tells me the thing I'm doing is wrong. Well fuck aye it is but you know, sliding scales..... Oh and I completely own my meat eating, guilt free. It's nothing to do with upbringing, environment or caveman super senses. It tastes good.
  7. Mr_Danger

    WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    Aww man, I've stopped chasing the solo V dream for a while. I've got a bunch of squad wins and a shit ton of second places but I'm a big game choker. I have heard it's easier to get the win on a Switch though. I played with my nephew and his mates via cross play the other day and the difference in how good these 11/12 year olds are compared to the adults I've played with is marked. It really is a kids game, or a game for people with super quick reactions.
  8. Mr_Danger

    The Walking Dead Thread * US-Pace Spoilers*

    Is Jeffery Dean Morgan going to become a cast regular next season? It would be just like TWD to turn him in to a bollockless baby face and take over from Rick when he presumably snuffs it. I honestly think this will be my jumping off point. It's not at Hero's level of hate watching but it's not getting better after the protagonist leaves is it.
  9. Mr_Danger

    WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    Seems my aversion to first person perspectives is just as bad in the third person perspective on FO4. The last time I felt as Ill as I did playing that the other night always when my mate let me have a go on Turok on his N64. Destiny 2 was fine though. I'm wondering if it's to do with graphics and motion as much as it is the perspective as Destiny is a much better looking and smoother game than F04. Anyway, gives me hope for Cyberpunk at least.
  10. Mr_Danger

    First trip to the cinema

    The second one was the first ever pirate I'd seen. My mum told me her mates mum had bought it whilst on holiday in America to disguise the fact it was an illegal pirate. Needless to say the sight of people getting up and down to go to the toilet made my young mind fairly suspicious.
  11. Mr_Danger


    He's being beat like a cartel mule.
  12. Mr_Danger


    I hope they were fair trade drugs produced and distributed by fully cooperative and fairly compensated sentient beings.
  13. Mr_Danger

    DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    I don't think turning it on to a full on kids fantasy adventure film would have been a problem at all. The film was basically a more violent Never Ending Story anyway. I'd be a lot happier with that instead of the shitty hybrid it turned out to be. Neither dark enough or light enough to work on either end of the scale for me.
  14. Mr_Danger

    DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    I watched The Dark Tower last night. I did this so you don't have to. Its shit. Two decent actors are really shit in this and the elements they take from the books aren't portrayed very well. It's understandable why it's so messy when there's so much to try to whittle down to but they should have just mad a massive tv series or just turned it in to a kids adventure story like Never Ending Story.
  15. Mr_Danger

    What is the best animal? (Jack russells)

    I bet he really regretted doing that after he presumably spent the rest of his time at the zoo nicknamed 'Bumpige'.