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  1. Get the lesser reputable driveway tarmacing/garden clearance companies to come round to give them some quotes. If they're anything like the ones around here they'll blag the hell out of them and end up leaving with petrol money for their trouble.
  2. Shiv's whole thing is she thinks she is that super intelligent person who is one step ahead of everyone else when in reality she's not. It kind of works with her. Roman does risk becoming a bit of a caricature, the granny shagging deviant. I think the bad decisions and weird outbursts from some characters are somewhat deliberate. We're watching an empire fall apart and everyone is fucking up trying to politic but making things worse. I'd be surprised and disappointed if by the end of the show if the Roy's were the last media moguls standing.
  3. I come across so many weirdo's like this on the post and they always want to tell you the story of why the perfectly normal and reasonable neighbour is such a cunt for having a cat or something. Always kick off when you walk on their gardens too. Fuck them.
  4. Don't be calling my favourite ITV 2 shit show personality, barring Iain Stirling, a poundshop Rylan. He looks like a young Ted Danson and he's pretty good value on podcasts.
  5. He'll do anything to get out of releasing that Don Quixote film.
  6. Yeah i always check cdkeys, had some great deals on PS Plus too. Sometimes they just straight up sell the wallet top ups at a discount.
  7. Woodward will never willingly relinquish that part of his responsibilities. Inevitably anyone who comes in will be judged on his failures and Woodward will look a right twat if Johnny new kid shows him up. I reckon it's all in or all out for him. I wonder what bookies will give on Steve Bruces Newcastle finishing above United.
  8. Games, even at £60 aren't expensive. They're like the least inflated thing in the last 25 years. Obviously it's comparative to what you as an individual can afford but for a potential 50 hours plus of entertainment on a AAA game you get your money's worth, as long as you do your homework and know your tastes.
  9. I too am a lazy bastard but another factor is that when I get a PS5 I'll have a shit ton of games in the cloud that I can play. It helps that my little arsehole son can't eject digital games and slide them under the sofa. The premium you pay on a digital copy is worth it for the indestructability.
  10. I got a right urge for salt and vinegar Quavers the other day. It's a travesty that we haven't even had a rip off of different flavoured Quavers let alone the real thing.
  11. Nah he's a snidey little prick who always has a witty barb about Liverpool up his sleeve. Beyond reproach. I bet he was furious when Sky Sports cock womble Geoff Shreeves had him off over Rashfords injury.
  12. Stewart Lee and his clown car says hi. It's not like they're trying to force feed us Paul O'Grady and his stupid stick on pony tail anymore, there's something for everyone. Really good variety.
  13. They've really hamstrung themselves with Solskjaer. He's out of his depth, when do caretaker managers ever go on to have great success in this country in the long run? It must have happened but nothing springs to mind. Kane won't happen, at this point it's a sidewards step at best. If they get Poch and qualify for Champions league then maybe but even then you'd see Kane wanting a more settled prestige club.
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