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  1. Arsenal lack any sort of cohesive plan on what they want to be doing. Their transfer strategy is a bit mental, their team is wildly unbalanced and they have no discernable playing style to speak of. It's all good and well saying they need a five year plan but it's no good if you have to start again every two years. Poch really would be perfect for them.....
  2. Hustlers. Wolf of Wall Street meets The Big Short meets Showgirls (no Jessie nips tho). Didn't live up to the five star review I read in Empire unfortunately. It was decent but felt like they were trying to punch at a higher weight than they delivered. Constance Wu is pretty great but it kind of suffers from the characters being dirt bags, less dirt baggy than Di Caprio and chums but I felt little empathy for them which was at odds with them being struggling single mums etc.
  3. Succession. I've just finished the boardroom episode in the first series and it's fair to say that if the quality doesn't decline this can be one of the all time greats. Fuck off.
  4. That's what happens when big game Div shows up. Everton could be in big trouble. They've spent big whilst going backwards and losing their identity. The new stadium is turning in to a white whale and there's no way they're getting their money back on most of their players should they need to. I reckon they might need Joe Royle more than Moysie.
  5. It's the little lad I feel sorry for, he's got those three and a teenage sister too! I'm pretty surw if it wasn't for BotW I'd have had a couple more by now.
  6. Mario Kart 8 might be the most perfect family game ever. My 5/6/7 year old girls all like Minecraft but I have to help them to varying degrees. If her reading is decent I'd imagine Pokemon might be a goer too.
  7. Surely people aren't going to Grimsby games because there's nothing better on the telly.
  8. I know all my contributions to this thread are postal work related but given the recent scandalous outcome of the strike conflict we're in nothing would give me greater pleasure than a below market rate government takeover. Especially as I've dumped all my shares anyway.
  9. Parasite. Just see it. No trailers, no reviews just my fine word of mouth and no plot points at all. Lion King. Pointless remake but the kids loved it so it serves the exact same purpose as the original. I don't really getbthe criticism of it looking weird having photo realistic animals singing and dancing. The fella doing his best Nathan Lane does it very well. Animal Kingdom. I remember this being recommended and thinking how shit it was when I checked it out. Couple of years later I remember it being recommended and thinking it was an excellent grim crime drama. Turns out one was a shitty TV show and the other an Australian film with a cracking cast.
  10. To be fair they probably had a Disney podcast to do or something.
  11. Prepare to be stunned in a couple of years then because club legend who goes in to management then manages the club he became a legend for is the least stunning thing ever. Personally I'd like to see him cut his teeth at a higher standard like the Championship before getting some premier league experience but unfortunately I think he'll come straight from Rangers and fail miserably.
  12. Stevie G to prove himself at a mid table team before his inevitable jump to Liverpool pending on Klopp retiring.
  13. I wanna see him doing either a comedy Nazi or goofball redneck again. Maybe as Vinnies goofball redneck cousin in the mooted (by me) My Cousin Vinny sequel/reboot.
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