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  1. Boba shifts the merch. Hate on him all you want but respect the numbers. Boba is buys.
  2. If you like Judy Greer getting them out you should check out Arrested Development!
  3. Wrong! The museum is wonderful! The cutscenes are great and Abby is the good guy(ish)!
  4. Mr_Danger

    Chippy Tea

    But this is every chippy along about 80 miles of North Wales coast with the exception of the cardboard boxes they’ve started doing to make the £6 they charge for a small fish and chips seem more reasonable.
  5. It was Tremors meets Star Wars featuring another Olyphant lawman, probably my favourite episode so far. The best thing about the Boba reveal is that we’ll definitely head back there and get more Olyphant. Give me Star Wars Justified! The weekly drip feed makes the show better in a way that just dumping it all in one go would. The format is perfect just as long as they move the story a bit more frequently than they did last series.
  6. I’m no Ian Hislop but what are the chances of Biden winning, stepping down immediately/dying and Kamala Harris ripping off a mask Scooby Doo style to reveal that she is actually Vince McMahon. Pretending to be a black lady called Kamala has Vince written all over it plus there’s the revenge for ‘Mania.
  7. Since he lost his place he has moved to Torino before becoming a second choice goalie for Burnley, West Ham and Spurs. City have gone on to win leagues and cups. I think it’s fair to say Hart wasn’t a major contributor to their success although he was very good for a few seasons. It’s his mentality, usually confidence in abundance is a great attribute in a Keeper but it seems to work against him.
  8. Joe Hart was always destined to become shit whether Pep was a cunt or not. When it came time to stand up to scrutiny he crumbled like dry Weetabix in the hands of Andre the Giant. Who was the last great British goalie? You could make a case for David Seaman but even then I’d argue he wasn’t a great goalie. Very good but not great. That being said keepers of the quality of Seaman, Flowers and Martyn would walk in to the current England team and stay there for 10 years.
  9. Is their an order to watch the Blumhouse Anthology in on Prime ?
  10. I wasn’t blown away by The Witches but the original is hardly great. The witches looked absolutely horrifying though and I would definitely have loved to have Octavia Spencer as my southern cuisine cooking nana.
  11. I felt exactly the same. I found it hard to believe that most if not all of the regular folk weren’t in on the joke to some degree. It’s basically a 90 minute build up to expose an old creep. Got some good laughs and Tutar was indeed the best thing about it.
  12. If anything is going to bring @PunkStep back here.....
  13. But they’re called the slime edition! It probably speaks volumes about adult me that anything that colour gets a buy from me straight away. Same with blue pop.
  14. No you don’t understand. You see he did a thing that was like the other thing that really happened!
  15. What the nobhead conspiracy theorists don’t seem to comprehend is that incredibly rich incredibly selfish people will always look to turn any situation to their advantage. Jeff Bezos making a ton of money isn’t proof that he’s in on the world wide conspiracy to tank the worlds economy and cull the population. He’s just ideally placed to profit from it. It’s possible for rich influential people to profit from a very real deadly catastrophe. Try telling that to the idiots and they just call you a sheep or compare you to a Nazi without any idea of the irony of Godwin’s Law. As I found out wh
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