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  1. The Bundesliga isn’t all that. Bayern are about to win their 9th league title on the trot and basically cherry pick all the leagues best players, it’s hardly competitive. The fan involvement is great and all like.
  2. John Barnes knows. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/talksport.com/football/869213/european-super-league-collapse-fans-liverpool-john-barnes-powerful-rant/amp/
  3. I reckon Rangers and Celtic are in with a shout. Have any of the hero’s at Sky Sports acknowledged the hypocrisy of themselves? I imagine discussing the topic on a Monday night game from their expensive subscription service would be hard to do with a straight face.
  4. It’s obviously not fine, nor are hedge funds, oil states and money launderers owning football clubs. Those cunts let the sharks in and this is what we’re left with. I imagine fans of proper football think the outrage is hilarious when you have midtable premier league clubs worrying about the spirit of competition and not getting their fair share of the pie and their lower tier teams are at threat of extinction every season because of the unfairness and disparity that exists between them and us in the competitions that already exist. So no, it’s not fine but it’s not been fine for a while.
  5. If it makes you feel any better (it won’t) my 3 year old boy mastered the web slinging in a couple of go’s. Kid’s a prodigy!
  6. Fair play to Neville if he quits over it but the rest will soon change their tune if the games go up for sale and Sky win out. Makes me wonder if Sky etc know there won’t be a bidding war and whether the games packages are already portioned out to Amazon or someone. Not that hypocrisy would stop them lapping up the rights if given the chance. Boris Johnson can fuck off though.
  7. PSG winning the Chapions League then dumping the trophy in the bin on live tv before revealing their all new “ESL” shirts would be great. This is it for me, it’s more crooked and greedy than the current model but not by so much that I can muster outrage.
  8. That would be pretty sweet but obviously not. Talkshite are the ‘Global Audio Partner’ of the premier league whatever that means so there’s obviously going to be a lack of impartiality regardless of Murdoch’s involvement. Same with Sky Sports. I actually think Liverpool would get fucked if this ever goes through. All the money in the world isn’t going to help against oil money and if the good honest folk at UEFA can’t implement FFP then a league without it will be even worse.
  9. All the (definitely not paid by Rupert Murdoch) pundits on the phone ins and what not complaining about it not being competitive because of a lack of relegation have obviously never heard of any American team sports have they. With the Premier League not giving consent to this it’s hard to imagine that these teams would make more money from this alone than the EPL and UCL combined. I’m guessing there’ll be some cup competitions and big oil country based tournaments to make up the short fall. Be quite cool if they do a better version of the club World Cup with invitations.
  10. UEFA and the Premier League already fucked it for the smaller clubs 30 years ago they can hardly piss and moan when it happens to them. It probably speaks more to my apathy with football in general but I’m not outraged in the least and at least it’s something new. When the world governing body of the sport are as crooked and greedy as FIFA are its hard not to make a case for others looking after themselves. I still reckon this will end in a compromise though. Some sort of legacy invitation to the champions league that ensures European legends like Arsenal and Spurs are guaranteed ent
  11. I can’t get higher than division 4 and I’ve lost fuck knows how many cup finals. I also abuse the free win, draw and extra game every season. Do you mess with tactics?
  12. Awaiting Keith to show everyone the screenshot of my Podbean play history that reveals I actually listened to the Off Menu Domnhall Gleeson episode yesterday and not today.
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