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  1. I’m going to order some of the worse fish and chips you’ve ever seen from the kebab shop and post it in here out of spite.
  2. Apparently Cyberpunk runs great on Stadia, you wouldn’t know though because they’re an absolute shambles at selling that service. I can’t believe they haven’t turned it in to streaming service like Gamepass by now, nobody should invest in games for a service that will be dead in a year.
  3. I’ve given it a few listens and it always makes me question two things, are they really that funny and am I a terrible person for laughing at it? I think the first bit is definitely true but I’m undecided on the second bit. I mostly listen to podcasts when in the car (usually with at least one of the kids) or when I’m walking around in public so the swears and laughing like a dick in public make it a hard listen.
  4. I played the Control trial and it seemed ok but apparently it was dog shit for most people. It’s a great idea in theory. Switch barely runs PS4/Xbone games to a decent standard so with next gen games they’ll well and truly be left standing. Don’t forget the Switch could be half way through it’s lifecycle (probably not though) so this could be how they see the future of their handheld devices. God knows everyone else seems to see streaming as the future and as weird as it is for Nintendo to follow the trend, especially with online gaming, you can see why they’d want a hand in it. Maybe the supe
  5. I did see this on YouTube early this morning. I intended not to turn to guides too much but those dirty bastards went and slipped an overpowered boss in to the start of the game didn’t they and after I beat the Cleric Beast on my first go! I wish there was a guide for loot and time saving as it’s the fomo that keeps taking me back to wiki’s. I’m always afraid I’ll spend hours traipsing back and forth only to find another save point tucked behind a box of something but it seems to be a case of far fewer save points in favour of loads more shortcuts.
  6. Back in my formative years I considered pulling one off to the image of that woman on that Sinderella case but decided to fast forward to the bit she pulls her arse out instead. Does she fuck, Jim Davidson you false advertising racist prick.
  7. I reckon he’d love to but the owners might be cautious. Apparently we were in for a fairly big summer before COVID but that’s always the story. Salah looks like a man with his head turned to me, if his agent has a club willing to pay him £300k/£400k a week then he’s off and I think that’s right. He’s our best forward but I don’t think he gets better from here and the owners won’t put him in that upper echelons of earners. The only player I can imagine them doing that for is Virgil. So if we could get £100m plus for Salah then tweak tactics and buy 3 first team players I think we will.
  8. Keita is a flop. Poor bugger never stays fit long enough to prove otherwise. I’d still keep him over the Ox though. To suggest that Fabinho is anything other than one of our best players this season is a bit mad though. It’s not like he’s relied on to be a creative force. Traore would just be more pace without production. I’m sure Klopp would fancy his chances of getting something out of him but for the £60m or whatever Wolves would want I don’t see it. Maybe if he thinks he can sell Salah and get Traore plus a striker for the same money. For me, injuries aside, I think we desperate
  9. I mean, you might not be completely wrong but he’s certainly not as mental as Trump.
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