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  1. Mr_Danger


    £5k? I’ll click through the 600 pages of Buzzfeed articles of “Things you won’t believe The Simpsons predicted” for the donuts alone.
  2. It’s almost like there’s a secret British managers club sent in to the same pool of teams to destroy and exit before one of the other members swoops in.
  3. Poor Brucey, he’ll probably go and cry himself to sleep tonight on his massive fucking pillow.
  4. Would this be of the HD streaming variety? I made the exact same comment about Lucas in the Audiobook thread although I’m sure someone else pointed out that Dune itself nicked from something else. It’s all space bollocks.
  5. Watching it made me wonder how Chris Morris has never pulled something like this off.
  6. How long had the coppers brother been missing then? It had him winning the game years before yet the land lady had him owing rent on his flat. Is he commuting from his shitty little flat to death island?
  7. What people need to realise when it comes to Fray Bentos is that they aren’t buying £1 worth of pie, they’re buying £1 worth of delicious generic meat and gravy soaked pastry top. It’s those layers between the crispy top and the delicious filling where you really get your money’s worth.
  8. Batman on screen for better or worse is always about the villains as much as Batman and whilst Colin Farrell hamming it up in prosthetics looks great fun (still not convinced that’s actually him) Paul Dano as a weird arse Paul Dano Riddler has huge potential.
  9. If a Postman found an abandoned crack baby on the streets he’d leave it there and blame Hermes. No chance he’s taking on that sort of unpaid overtime.
  10. I treat every new starter in my work like they might be the undercover boss. They don’t find out all the best tips like who’s grass to walk over and which bushes are safe to piss in until I know they’re kosher.
  11. Salt Bae’s customers, the morning after the night before, getting off the throne, looking down and clocking that all their money has bought them is a bunch of glittering turds. What a line. Need a kebab now.
  12. Never mind rising murder rates in politicians what about that wage growth eh. People aren’t going to start being kinder to a bunch of people that have fed and fuelled off their nastiness for years to their own gain. They’ve fostered an environment where people being horrible to each other and being self serving has kept them in power.
  13. Vengeance by night, leader of the black parade by day.
  14. Tommy Gunn didn’t die for this!
  15. Only if you’re a chump who pays full price for those services which you almost always have to do with Nintendo. I got GP Ultimate at about £40 a year and PS Plus at £35 and it’s way better value than the Nintendo service. Don’t get me wrong I got the Nintendo Family sub for £35 too but that’s basically so the kids can all play Among Us and I get some hours in on Tetris 99 every few months. It’s still bottom tier for my needs and wants though and £60 a year might be a bit too much for me.
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