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  1. What’s the contract situation with Nuno Espírito Santo? I was thinking he’s probably earned himself a move up the ladder now and wondered if he could be off soon. Would United fans swap Solskjaer for him? I reckon he’d be a good fit for Spurs had Spurs not severely fucked themselves over.
  2. Mr_Danger

    Chippy Tea

    And whatever top your wearing.
  3. Would a salary cap based on turnover not prevent smaller teams competing though? I get that it’s shit that a big team like Sunderland are forced Into financial parity with a much smaller team like Accrington Stanley but it’s great for Accrington Stanley and teams of that ilk. It means success will be based on sporting merits more than financial superiority. Also, could Sunderland not just offer a big signing on bonus to make it up? Are they not paid in instalments anyway?
  4. Mr_Danger

    Chippy Tea

    The fish is also a fine size and I’m a big fat pig. I Once had a ‘Mega Fish’ which was two fillets battered together and it was ridiculous. Even standard big size chippy fish is a bit too much for me. Probably all the bread and butter I have though to be fair.
  5. With leisure centres and doctor’s surgeries being closed I had to resort to having a shit in a toilet that has a door like this today. Seat was lined with toilet roll aplenty and luckily the hole in the wall has been (poly)filled.
  6. I got my first ever platinum on Ghost of Tsushima yesterday. All in all it was a very enjoyable game that falls short of being in that top tier of games. It’s quite hollow underneath the shiney exterior and whilst it’s combat was satisfying to a point it’s not quite on the same level as the systems in Horizon or GoW. I’d definitely recommend it and for quite a big open world you can zip around it fairly quickly. The main thing I found disappointing was that I maxed out on my skill tree by the half way mark and by the end there was literally nothing to gain from the missions. The mythic quests aspart the side missions are a mixed bag and there was one too many missions where you follow footprints to an encounter although there’s a a narrative structure that runs through the main side missions that make them it feel like less of a waste of time. It is incredibly cinematic though and the last main cinematic was stunning.
  7. Haven’t United still got a massive debt? I thought they were like £400m in debt only that the club makes so much money they can still afford to service the debt whilst spending like Brewster.
  8. What was that? Listened to Carlin’s Hardcore History pods and that sounds like a good listen.
  9. And yet Bill Pullmans awkward gurning face will pull me back for the fourth series. It really was balls but also incredible for the shaven headed transformation!
  10. This Aubamalovein inevitably ends with him signing for Chelsea or getting his bumper pay rise then doing the square root of fuck all for 3 years. United look dead certs to be signing Sancho. That’s some forward line, just need a defence and manager to match it.
  11. Just finished watching The Rental myself. I enjoyed it, quite liked the ominous sense of impending terror. Dan Stevens plays his character very well. I didn’t realise Franco was married to Alison Brie until this either.
  12. 12 minutes is easy it gets a bit trickier once the doctors and nurses have cleared off.
  13. Was there ever a third Feast flavour? This thread has made me realise that I still eat way too much ice cream as most the things people are looking back at nostalgically are still staples of my junk food regime.
  14. Asda used to do a bag of the frozen mousses for £1. Low in calories too for the weight conscious. Iceland have the Dib Dabs on stock atm.
  15. That’s a real good and bad news situation. On one hand I can possibly swing by and get a few boxes on the other hand Heron foods is where food goes to die. RIP Maxi.
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