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  1. Hopefully Netflix write it into the next series of The Crown.
  2. I thought series 1 was pretty good but series 2 was a disappointing mess. The reoccurring shots of Asher D sipping out of his tumbler whilst surveying his kingdom was so bloody heavy handed and cringey and all the sub plots were either shit or pointless. Is it more of that or a return to form?
  3. What a great day of football, best league in the world etc. Man United are fucking shite. I used to think they'd only be temporarily shit then go back to being United but they're just another big club with loads of money now. Crazy to think they became Graeme Souness' Liverpool the moment Fergie retired.
  4. In fairness all the scenes of scary stuff are seperated by moments of levity breaking humour.
  5. Bukowski sounds like something Woody Allen would try to talk his step kids in to doing whilst Mia Farrow is at the bingo.
  6. Mr_Danger

    Sad Satan

    Too expensive and not enough games. It's no wonder it was the beginning of the end for Sega consoles.
  7. What the fuck does Dame Edna have to do to get some action.
  8. It's the first one I've ever played. There's a bit of Witcher in it but not quite as comprehensive. Strangely the game it reminds me most of is BotW. Loads to explore and plenty of side shit but most the npc's are threadbare. Loads of great call backs for history buffs too.
  9. Mr_Danger


    I get a load of stamps for my christmas bonus. If anyone knows of any politicians who want to strike up a deal like.....
  10. What were Nintendo thinking putting Zelda up against Goose Game! I'm a good 25 hours in to Assassins Creed Odyssey and only 25% of the story is complete. I think atbthis point in God of War I was close to completing the skill tree. They're clearly trying to sell up on the xp booster. It's a fun game with plenty of varied things to do to keep you occupied. Mostly building up my ship to fuck pirates up because it seems pointless investing in weapons as they constantly need upgrading because as soon as you level up you will find more powerful weapons.
  11. I actually think you can make a very good case for Minecraft given it's longevity and cultural impact but that list should just be titled "50 games that two people like."
  12. I'll tell you who loves a kid who fears their authority, nonces. Grumpy old nonces the lot of you.
  13. I got a job at an Odeon by pretending Casablanca was my favourite film, you gotta know your audience. 12 hour shifts every Saturday and Sunday was my reward.
  14. I started watching The Expanse. I was a little worried it might be all U.N summits and trade deals but Jared Harris turned up with the whackiest accent I've ever heard and it picked up almost immediately.
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