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  1. Got a handy tip on the climbing and stamina thing in regards to the order in which you do the divine beasts. I'll spoiler tag it The beasts are pretty much the dungeons along with the 100 plus shrines as mini dungeons. I don't personally think the game suffers from that. It's an amazing game and I played this, RDR2, GoW and finished off GTA 5 over a six month period and I'm seriously struggling to find a new game. I've got Witcher 3 ready to install but can't summon the motivation. Think I'll wait and see what the Days Gone reviews come out like then jump on to that.
  2. It's a bloody nightmare to get Japanese knot weed off Twitter.
  3. Who wants Peppa Pig for breakfast is a regular taunt round my house. Sunday's are Timmy Time. Probably why my kids don't respect me.
  4. Mr_Danger

    Chippy Tea

    Lemon and beans is as bad as when my lady puts the eggs on or next to the beans or pours ketchup on them. Honourable mention to true bean compatriots little sausages and whatever passes for those little hamburgers they put in those full breakfast tins. Cheese is king though.
  5. The trick with Scorsese religion films is to just say you've watched them. Nobody ever checks up on you.
  6. As happy as it makes me to see United turned over it's left me with even less hope that they'll get anything out of the derby. Mad to think we'll break the points record and still finish second.
  7. Bobby Touch*>Kane *In the shiniest teeth and hold up play championships.
  8. I'm sure I'll be shown up here but is Kane a classic example of a flat track bully? Sure you dont miss him as much against top class opposition where he'd have been up against it anyway but it's the other 30 odd games where he scores for fun you'll miss him. Might be bollocks and I'm sure there'll be stats to prove otherwise if that the case.
  9. Throw a towel down and have yourself a little Easter treat.
  10. I might not like the look of a Big Mac but I still enjoy eating one.
  11. City probably left the stereo on. I think Spurs should beat Ajax, they're the one side left who wouldn't under estimate the tie but it seems like the most Spursy thing in the world to get this far and get knocked out by them. I think Liverpool vs Ajax is what the people want to see anyway. Two salt of the earth clubs just doing it for the people.
  12. One thing that depresses me is that the north is certain to be decimated in the coming episodes. It can't be Jon scrapes by, kills the dead then marches back on Kings Landing can it? It has to all end at Kings Landing with one last stand against the dead.
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