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  1. Not having that, sorry. Gabe was fantastic. Solid addition, with some cracking one liners. Nellie would be a much more fitting choice.
  2. As Wand said earlier, Rogan is off this show. Whats more interesting is the reason. From the news report I read, it was because he was going on a hunting trip. Is this the beginning of the end for him, do we think? Missing shows because of his standup makes somewhat sense, but surely missing shows because hes off hunting seems to suggest something more. He probably gets paid more than most fighters on the show, so losing him to save some extra cash makes sense to the bosses. I cant get my head around the betting odds for Diaz/Lawler, other than blaming it all on the myth and mystique of Diaz. Now that Condit is done, I checked the main card of the last show Diaz was a full time fighter on (against GSP), and nine out of the ten fighters are retired. That show is truely from a different era, featuring the likes of Johnny Hendricks and Nate Marquardt. Cant understand how its a pick em fight, when Lawler is still an active and dangerous fighter.
  3. Someone buying this show, unless seriously deranged, would surely have the lowest expectations imaginable. That this show probably still made everyone who bought it feel short changed is an impressive achievement.
  4. Is that an official poster? Its so bad that it makes you want the cookie cutter one they always use. I watch every UFC show, and genuinely had no idea who 'Spann' was when I read the title before opening it. Even looking at his picture, I have no idea who he is. One of the only times ever that would be the case for a UFC event for me.
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