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  1. A few Fight Night's ago, they were promoting a TUF Post Show. How can there possibly be anyone who watches that? We have a decent amount of pretty big MMA fans on this board, and by the looks of it there are zero watching even the main TUF. I assume its content for contents sake, and a way to fulfil their TV contract with the lowest costing way to produce a show, as there cant be any way that theres people watching a TUF wrap up show.
  2. Both the Daley and Lima fights were depressing and not very good to watch. Looks like mother nature has caught up with Semtex, as it was pretty sad that it looked like he didnt really have much threat even when the fight was standing. Lima got outclassed in the wrestling, showed no urgency when the fight was standing or when he was on the ground. A recipe for a 50-45 loss. The strange thing is, even though he won very convincingly, it was nowhere near a star making or 'wow' performance in my opinion. Maybe because it was a very dull fight, but Im not excited at all to see what Amosov does
  3. Have to jump on the 'Like it' train as well. I 100% skip the narration intros these days, and know for a fact Id watch the Face The Pain ones if they brought them back. For as mid 00's as that song is, even watching that youtube vid gets the blood flowing way more than Ron Pearlman talking nonsense.
  4. Cracking write up as usual, Wand. Holloway/Yair is one of those fights that is almost physically impossible to be a bad watch. Should be a cracker. Also very much looking foward to watching Makhachev again. His last win over Dober was as close to Khabib vibes as anyone has been since he retired. Hoping for the same again. Tate has had plenty of memorable moments over the years, so I cant hate on her making some extra cash at this point in her career. No matter how good she looks in this fight, can we all imagine what a rematch with Nunes would look like? Would be like another
  5. Yeah, Cruz had a mare on this show I thought. Him and Bisping are not a good team. Zero chemistry. During the Dolidze vs Staropoli snoozefest, where there was a waistlock for minutes on end and Bisping was getting pissed off, Cruz compared it to Khabib, somehow not seeing how it wasnt the same. Felder is way better than Cruz with Bisping.
  6. As the faint voice said 'Partridge you wanker', you could also hear Partridges voice become weaker as he was holding the squat for too long. Plus he also signed the Chemsex writing on the pavement
  7. Judging from the list, by 'in Japan' and 'the country', you actually mean 'there was a poll on NJPW's website'. Steve Williams, for example, hasnt made the cut.
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