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  1. I just rewatched the ECW matches a few days ago. Worse than the table spot Id say is the chairshots to the head, at least three times, no sell he does in all of them. You get the feeling that those two guys did the exact same stuff on the non recorded shows in ECW, which is insanity. You do wonder how he can still be working shows with all the damage hes done, and to add to the insanity, he was still doing the chair no sell in his match with PCO last year (with added nasty powerbomb through a table too, just not on the outside).
  2. 99 was far from their hottest period. It was surely just a case of whoever was in charge at the time saw the ratings continue to dwindle, and thought that a new logo and set would stop the rot.
  3. Five out of the eight fighters on Wand's version of the main card dont even have wikipedia pages. On the wiki's version of the main card, eight out of twelve dont have a page. Must be a record, that.
  4. The Lesnar fight was surely the apex of the horse meat era Overeem. Just checked his record building up to that fight; Werdum, where he was petrified (from memory) of trading with Reem. Todd Duffee and James Thompson, two big jacked up guys who he beat both in 30 seconds. Brett Rogers, who was seen at the time as a scary guy to fight, and Reem just destroyed him. And others like Goodbridge and Fujita (not that impressive, but still). Then he topped it off with owning Lesnar. Isnt it the Lesnar fight with that famous Arianny clip from the weigh in where shes gazing at Reem with his top off?
  5. Echo the feelings on Rogan. I assume the UFC pay him a pretty penny too. He's in the same boat as Goldberg, where they just seem like they are from a different era. They are not without their flaws, but Felder, Bisping, Hardy and DC just feel way fresher and more natural than Rogan. If you had to pick a fighter to explain the difference in age and 'fight' age, is there a better example than Shogun? Hes only 38 but looks absolutely ancient in there. All the wars have truely caught up with him. I was thinking Wanderlai as a candidate for this, but he was 36 when he had that classic w
  6. Agreed. I think the Dana factor is massive, in so much no one would want to cancel the fight because their opponent missed weight, as you know its putting you in Dana's bad books. You dont hear of it too often now, but at certain times before when a fighter has missed weight, they have a maximum weight they can get to before the fight. Maybe that still happens and the commentators just dont bring it up. I think its usually a weight which would still normally leave them not at a 100%, which slightly levels the playing field.
  7. Is 30% of your fight purse enough of a deterrent for fighters? I just checked Mike Perrys official pay for his last fight. It was $90k to show and $90k win bonus. Is his payment $27k for this weight miss? If so, losing that to give yourself a much better chance of gaining an additional $90k seems worth it. Even if he has to give $27k of his win bonus as well, its still worth missing the weight big to get an extra $63k bonus.
  8. GCW Seem to have been doing shows pretty much since the pandemic began. Mostly outdoor shows, but still everyone sitting next to each other. Crazy stuff. Stumbled across a video of the Necro Butcher from this year on Youtube recently. The comments are turned off, and its easy to understand why. Hes not looking good at all. Plenty from the 2000-ish 'glory days' of deathmatch wrestling are now dead, reading up on it. Justice Pain, Nate Hatred, Trent Acid, Chris Kash, Brain Damage, Supreme, Danny Havoc, JC Bailey, probably other ones Ive not seen as well.
  9. Scott Coker's comments on whether he would sign Anderson Silva were quite interesting. From memory, Ive always had Coker down as quite an honest and realistic promoter, and nowhere near Dana levels of bullshit. โ€œI have a lot of respect for him,โ€ said Coker to MMA Junkie. (h/t MMA Mania). โ€œHeโ€™s definitely one of the greatest fighters in the history of mixed martial arts. I really havenโ€™t thought about it, but I think Iโ€™m happy with the way our roster is heading and the fighters that we have now. I think thatโ€™s my statement on that.โ€ Has the money dried up there I wonder?
  10. It was a depressingly predictable result. To be fair, Anderson made it look easy and I thought he looked pretty good, so he does deserve some credit. It was a mismatch, but its still Melvin Manhoef staring across at you when youre on youre feet, and he dealt with him easily. It only took 30 seconds into the first match for me to remember how bad the commentary is. Josh Thompson starts rambling on. Ive had to go back and listen to it again: "Those of you guys listening at home, we want you guys to listen to the fight....because theres a lot of things you will not be able
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