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  1. Why do you hope that, may I ask? Purely in terms of an interesting documentary, a minute spent talking about how great his Tiger Mask/Bulldogs matches were is a minute taken away from the actual interesting stuff that we all watch these documentaries for. Youre implying you want a significant (but admittedly not equal) amount of time spent on how good of a wrestler he was, which not only misses the point of what these shows are about, but quite frankly would be boring to watch.
  2. Im no expert on Youtube, but for a channel that has 2 million subscribers, isnt getting only 1-2k views per video a suspiciously low amount? How much cash does would it cost to buy a few million subscriptions?
  3. In my mind, the original of that UFC 260 poster had Stipe front and centre, with Francis' head in the backround, but Dana sees it and demands that they chuck big Francis right at the front instead.
  4. That gif Wand has posted of the Lewis uppercut is a thing of beauty. Look at the wind-up of the uppercut. Timed to perfection. Those two ground strikes were disgusting too, reminded me of the Lewis KO against Travis Browne. You could hear the Blaydes corner saying "You knew he was done" to Lewis and then Lewis replying "Thats Herb Dean's fault" πŸ˜„. Dont think there was anything wrong with those punches myself either. Blaydes was deep in on a single leg at the start of R2 and couldnt finish it, which I think made him panic and led to the desperate shoot which led to the finish. Impressive take d
  5. Very enjoyable PPV, I thought. Pitolo/Marquez was a great opener, the middle three bouts were all good scraps, and the main event delivered. Usman was fantastic. To be fair, he was almost Overeem-esque any time Burns hit him in the first round, which goes to show you the power Burns had. Has to be considered a massive strategic mistake by Burns (and his corner) to decide to lay on his back and allow Usman 2 full minutes to recover after rocking Usman badly in the first minute. There was no attempt to even try and stand up. Who knows how the fight would have gone had he done so, as even af
  6. Have to disagree. This match didnt change both guys careers, let alone wrestling. Doesnt belong anywhere near most of the other matches here in terms of significance. Rock and Triple H were the leaders of the two biggest stables in the company, and were already both super over upper mid carders, when that was still a significant thing. The fact they were booked as the semi main on the second biggest show of the year in MSG in a ladder match shows you they were already very well thought of. They were both getting main event pushes eventually, it was obvious at this time. This is just a good lad
  7. From what I remember, wasnt it a case of Snyder having a rough cut of the movie done, then the execs shit their pants when they watched it and ordered Whedon to completley redo it. Whedon essentially filmed a new film with the reshoots he did, therefore what is coming out next month isnt a bunch of new reshoots or new scenes, but pretty much the original film he intended with actually finished CGI and edits. Think thats the story. I actually watched Justice League the other night. If the main plot of the new one is still 'villan we have never seen before needs to find three boxes for the
  8. Yeah I think youre right that thats the angle they are going down, but there didnt seem to be any evidence of that during the DC trilogy did it? Just had a gander at Stipe's wiki page, and hes only 38, which for a heavyweight isnt that old. The heavy and light-heavy divisions seem to be more forgiving about a fighters age. Also checking his wiki, and in the last five years hes had 8 fights, 4 of which he finished in the first round. One KO loss and three fairly standard fights (not wars), and you think he should be in pretty good nick physically.
  9. Pleasanty shocked at that, thought we would be getting into 5+ on most occasions. Now that we are going down this road, how about the World War 3 entrances?
  10. Have we learnt anything new about Ngannou since his last title match? On the run up to the first match, he was KOing people within seconds. On the run up to this match, and excluding the Black Beast match, hes been KOing people in seconds. Watching him swinging like a maniac against Rozenstruik, or catching Cain with a shot hasnt taught us anything new about his game. The gameplan for Stipe is identical to the first time, and we have seen nothing in the interim to say that Ngannou has plugged the leaks in his wrestling or cardio. Stipe at 7/5 seems very generous
  11. Mildly related, but I was rewatching the 2000 Royal Rumble, and noticed there was a run of four entrants who were all dead (Vis, Bossman, Test and Bulldog). When you think of the ages of all those guys, plus the fact it was an event in the 00's, it was quite a sad moment. Got me thinking though, that there must be Rumbles from the early 90's where that number in a row would be higher, and got me wondering how high that number actually gets,
  12. Have just finished watching KnuckleMania. Ive never watched a full bare knuckle show before, but was generally impressed with the show. A few of the issues I had with it: - The commentary was crap. I never liked Sean Wheelock from his Belator days, and Chris Lytle was awful. Lytle's constant, vacuous smiling and staring into the camera was very irritating. Its not just him that does this, though, it seems like a constant thing with most MMA pundits, but just looks weird to me. Ebb's favourate, old Goldy, is particularly awful for this when hes on camera. - Nine fights, despite being
  13. Some highlights/lowlights from the first night:Dobromyslova putting up a great fight against former BDO Number 1 Robert Thornton. Very enjoyable match. Dobromyslova is hot.The first match they showed on Sky was really poor. Not a great showcase to start the event.Richie Burnett playing abysmal.Priestley playing really well.Mardle playing shit, but still going through.Tonight it gets good, though. Couple of the best matches to look foward to:Michael van Gerwen v Robert ThorntonAdrian Lewis v Wayne MardleVincent van der Voort v Colin LloydLloyd is meant to be on fire, so look foward to see if he
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