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  1. The Badr fight from the last show was insane. Four body shot knock downs by Badr in a round and a half, then going in for the kill he gets KO'd by a kick to the head. Badr is never in a boring fight. I watched Rico's last fight, and hes an animal. 6'5 and 265 of muscle. Hes essentially Overeem from his K1 days. You have to be happy for Overeem that this fight didnt go ahead, as it surely would have been a masacre. For years on end during Reems' fights, youd be on the edge all the time because of his frail chin, so this fight would have been a disater on the Bigfoot Silva level had it gone ahead. I remember that show having no fans, no commentary, and no corners mic'd up, and it was actually a pretty good viewing experience to be able to hear every punch and grunt by the fighters. You could really hear the effort and force they were throwing, which is usually lost in the crowd noise and commentary.
  2. If you watch it back, the ref, midway through the pin, and Becky, change their angles to try their best to make it look like he could not see it. Based on that, I assume the original plan was the 'cheating' aspect. Because it clearly looked like shit, and clearly the ref could see it, Im guessing Cole just thought it was better to go down the 'its legal'/call it as a real sport route rather than pretend the ref couldnt see it, which wasnt a bad shout to be fair.
  3. Yeah good shout about the Eye match, however, wasnt this after Eye had had her World Title fight? Guess that would make it more of a 'main event' compared to last Weekends
  4. When you factor in 'star power', and actual fight quality, this surely goes down as the worst main event in UFC history doesn't it? There's been worse fights as main events for sure, but never with two people who are prelim fighters.
  5. I assume all of the 'receipt' talk is bollocks, but if you search for 'John rare Spider boodrow' on youtube, youll see that he legit stabs Spider in the arm with a stanley knife, so hes quite known for doing disgusting things. I remember the following year they had a match, and Rare used an electric saw on Spider's arm, and you can see the cut after he does it.
  6. Dern fell off a cliff completely after Round 2. It was shocking to see how gassed she was in R3, as you'd assume she could do that ground stuff for hours. I remember she looked fairly good in the stand up in her last fight, but she looked completely average in this one.
  7. Suprised the commission have allowed Holland to fight again in 4 weeks time. Looking back at it, that headbutt was a nasty KO. Had it been a punch, the fight would have been over straight away, and dont they give fairly lengthy medical suspensions after those sort of KOs? I assume because it was a No Contest they can skirt around it, but surely he shouldnt be back in the gym straight away after such a bad knock.
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