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  1. Yeah this is the next one. Then 258 with Usman vs Burns the following week. That one’s come around quick.
  2. Former bare knuckle boxer James Quinn McDonagh from the Knuckle documentary was on the James English podcast today. Might be worth a listen. Wonder how much they’ll go into his nutcase of a brother, who’s currently doing time for brutally murdering his wife.
  3. Even the ring rust thing, wasn’t Conor’s thing always ‘I stay ready so I don’t have to get ready’ or something? It’s been a year since the Cerrone fight but all we’ve heard since is that he’s been training, he’s looking more ‘focused and motivated’ than he has in years etc. And the fact there’s been no new controversy outside the cage did lend credibility to the talk that he’d refocused and was knuckling down in the gym again. Until he got battered, of course, and now all that talk is going to be rewritten. This is an ESPN quote from Dana before the fight; ”The questions are alw
  4. I don’t know where or when this is from but Jesus Christ!
  5. Yeah, that’s nonsense. I mean, he hasn’t faced a ton of grapplers but there actually aren’t that many grapplers at the top end of 155. Until recently anyway. Still, Anthony Pettis is no walkover on the ground and Poirier did just fine there. And you’re going back years but Carlos Diego Ferreira is BJJ black-belt and silver medalist at the world level and Poirier stopped him in a round. And that was at a bad time for Poirier. Ferreira was actually his bounce back fight after the McGregor loss in 2014. He could only fight who was available and he’s fought a steady stream of the toughest guys in
  6. Thanks, I might pick it back up at some point. 1994/95 oddly intrigues me. There was some good stuff in that period but also a lot of cack. You’ve got Steamboat, Austin and Dustin tearing it up in the mid card and the emergence of the Cruiserweights creeping in in 95, but also Hogan in the death throes of his babyface run fucking about with the Dungeon Of Doom and odd shite like Honky Tonk Man coming in. Could be fun to revisit for how much of a mixed bag it is.
  7. I’ve already seen a fair bit of ‘Chandler’s the man to beat Khabib’. Steady on. It was a hell of a debut but people don’t half lose their shit off the back of one performance. I can see Poirier maybe just looking for the ‘money fights’ now but if anyone’s earned that it’s Dustin Poirier. Go back to that list Jim posted of his recent run of fights. The Holloway and Gaethje fights were wars. Then add in the two with Alvarez, Pettis, even going way back to the Zombie scrap. There mightn’t have been a more consistently entertaining fighter to watch bell to bell in recent years. Seriously, he
  8. All that Jim, and then you look at how Khabib handled Poirier right smack in the middle of that crazy run and coming directly off that Holloway performance. It’s nuts. It’s funny, Dana seems fine with Khabib retiring now the McGregor rematch has gone down the shitter.
  9. It’s all worth watching, reading and looking into but I think with MMA stars that really catch on, it’s hard to really explain what the fuss was about unless you experienced it at the time yourself. McGregor, Rousey and going back to Lesnar, they all shone really brightly for a relatively short time. They’ve all had spells of being mega popular and really hated. But when they were on top it was magic. Stuff like Brock smashing Frank Mir’s head in at UFC 100, Rousey judo throwing Alexis Davis into the afterlife and McGregor’s mental 13 second KO against an all time great in Jose Aldo, they’re a
  10. I can see why a guy like Poirier would feel the way he does about Chandler in a way. Poirier’s grafted for years to get in this position and Chandler signed and was immediately put in as the backup for Khabib vs Gaethje. He wasn’t needed that night but now after one win (although a very impressive one), he’s the guy? I’m not even saying Chandler shouldn’t get the shot, although I do think Charles Oliveira has done more to warrant it, but I can see why Poirier thinks Chandler hasn’t quite done enough. Although, in the next breath he was talking about doing the rubber match with Conor and even n
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