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  1. Yeah it doesn't ever happen to me with Pepsi. Well only if it's been kept in the fridge for ages and I put too many ice cubes in the glass. Then I get the mild sniffles.
  2. If Holloway beats Aldo though, then Edgar challenging Magic Max for the title would be great as well, so many possibilities at 145. But yeah, the landscape will probably be more interesting and throw up more options if Yair beats Frankie at 211 in a few weeks. Oh yeah, happy to see Maurice Smith getting the HOF honours. Big Mo is one of the true OG's of MMA, he doesn't get talked about enough for me when the subject MMA pioneers get brought up. Probably the first striker to show that Muay Thai could work against the roidy wrestling silverbacks of the day. Hopefully Helwani will get some interviews with him when he comes in for the induction.
  3. Really enjoyed this on the whole. The fights I didn't expect much from anyway were a bit crap but the rest was good stuff. I thought Swanson vs Lobov was a pleasant surprise in how competitive it was. Scores wise I had Cub winning fairly clearly but it was one of those fights where the rounds themselves were good little 5 minute battles. Lobov's stock went up a little bit even in defeat for me. To be honest, I expected him to get put out within 2 or 3 rounds tops. He wasn't quite ready for someone of Swanson's calibre but he's definitely better now than the guy we saw on TUF. I'd be up for Swanson getting the winner of Aldo vs Holloway. It'd be a rematch either way but I think it's deserved. Nobody else really jumps out as an obvious, head and shoulders above, number one contender. I guess if Yair beats Edgar though, he's actually got a strong case. You beat Frankie, you're ready for the shot. End of. We'll see what happens. All great fights though however it shakes out. Raging Al fucked Diego up quick. Diego's definitely starting to buckle under these shots now that he probably would've weathered a few years ago. He used to be able to walk through fire in there. Like Chuck Liddell, he relied on his durability so much in his career and now that's failing him, it's getting to the point now where you're expecting bad things when watching him. I love Diego, the nut. I'd hate to see him all fucked up when he retires. Really like Iaquinta though. He's one of the newer crew of guys who stands out to me. Even when he's kind of heeling it up post-fight I can't dislike him. It sounds bad but I hope he doesn't make too much money out of selling houses because I like him in MMA. OSP does nothing for me. John Dodson does nothing for me either. Fuck 'em. Ray vs Lauzon was great fun. Really really good fight. Lauzon looked like a total beast in round one. If he could've kept that pace Ray would've been fucked. But Ray hung in there. I had Lauzon winning myself. Had him 10-8ing the first obviously, and I thought he took the second 10-9 with his ground work in the second half of that round. Ray clearly took the third but I thought he needed a finish to win. But whatever, there's been way worse decisions and it was an excellent fight. Agreed with Stann that it says a lot about Ray's toughness that he came out for the second round so aggressive after the disaster of a first round. Despite me thinking he lost, I actually think this was his best performance to date because he had to dig deep against a real tough proven veteran and he showed what he's made of. I'd like to see him fight a Jim Miller or someone like that next. Could be an awesome fight that. Perry's KO on Ellenberger. Fuck. Me. That was amazing, scary, shocking, brutal etc. Whatever else you want to call it. I'm torn on Mike Perry because he's consistently so fucking entertaining to watch. But like Adam correctly points out above, he's such a knuckledragging, meatheaded, mouth breathing prick that I can't get behind him at all. I guess he's going to be a kind of a low rent Jon Jones figure to me where I love to watch him fight but I ALWAYS want him to get battered. Suppose at least with Perry there's a much higher chance of said battering actually happening. Wasn't in love with the prelims. Except for Brandon Moreno vs Dustin Ortiz. That was tremendous. I've become a bit of a Moreno fan over his last few fights. He seems like such a happy fucker all the time, you just want him to do good. And he's exciting as fuck in the cage as well so it's a win all round. I don't see why anyone wouldn't be a fan of his. He's nowhere near ready for Mighty Mouse, he might never be, but I fear they're going to end up rushing him into a title shot just because who else is there? I wouldn't even blame them to be fair. They don't have many options. Stick DJ vs Moreno on in Mexico or something and let DJ be the heel, seeing as nobody seems to want to cheer him anyway. Maybe that can be Mouse's thing. Crushing crowd favourites on their home turf. It's something. Thought Leites vs Alvey was pretty awful. I like both guys and I usually like the 'clash of styles' fights but this one just didn't click at all. Good show though. Way more hit than miss for me.
  4. Classic. As well as being an expert in Joesondo, Joe Son is also a keen practitioner in the ancient art of rape and killing your cellmate.
  5. I'm an OSP hater ever since the day he knocked out Shogun in about 30 seconds. In Brazil. Fucking prick, the cheek of it.
  6. Sanchez will probably do what he always does and have a fantastic 3rd round after a disastrous 1 and 2. He seems to need to take a solid 10 minutes of abuse before he wakes up and goes berserker mode.
  7. I'd agree with those picks but I'm often wrong so don't blame me if they don't come in! The only one there that's giving me doubts is Lauzon vs Ray. You never really know with Lauzon. Sometimes he doesn't show up on his A game. And Ray is a bit of an unknown quantity too. I'm not sure how good he is yet. I'd probably stick with Lauzon myself though. All your other picks I'm fairly confident in. Well, as confident as you can be predicting this shit.
  8. I have no conscience. Actually, you've just reminded me. Where the fuck is John Lineker? Haven't heard a peep about him since he lost to Dillashaw in December. He hasn't got anything booked, has he? Edit - ok, just read that he broke his jaw in the first round against TJ. Then still went the distance. John Lineker is fucking solid.
  9. In straight grappling she'd beat even more of them. I'd say it'd be a lot more than 'maybe she'd have a go'. I know it's only training but there's footage out there of her tapping out Luke Rockhold with an armbar. It's one of the things Rogan used to lose his shit over and go all Hulk Hyperbole with but it was very impressive nonetheless. Rockhold was fighting it and fighting it and Ronda still got him. There's video out there of her giving the Diaz's all they can handle as well. She's been bashed up a couple of times but let's not forget she was a bad bitch on the mats. If a giant middleweight like Rockhold can get caught by her, and a decent sized welterweight and legit Gracie BJJ black belt like Nick Diaz has to really go hard to keep her at bay...I think she'd be a real problem for a lot of the 135ers and below. Of course, I'm not saying she'd beat Garbrandt or Cruz or anything like that. But for people to dismiss her (or any woman fighter) beating any male fighter is almost comical to me and I think it has to be rooted in some kind of chauvinistic male insecurity. I honestly think Joanna Jedrzejczyk could be top 5 in the men's flyweight division. Yeah, I said it.
  10. At the very least, Swanson vs Lobov should be exciting. Even if it turns out to be the showcase squash match for Cub that many are expecting, it should be anything but dull. Swanson doesn't do boring fights. It's a bit of a sleeper show. Like you say, Iaquinta vs Sanchez should be fun, Lauzon vs Ray is a potential barnburner and I'm intrigued by this Ellenberger vs Perry fight too. Ellenberger is hot and cold and Perry's coming off his first loss. Both have seriously heavy hands but you don't know where they'll be mentally. Could go a few different ways that one. I expect Perry knocks him out but you never know.
  11. That's what impressed me most about Whittaker. It would've been one thing if he'd come out and just caught Jacare early and never let him recover. Still impressive but you'd have no doubt had people saying he 'got lucky'. The way he did it though, left no doubt that he thoroughly deserved that win. He got to show that he can survive some tough spots with a grappling Godzilla and get back up and knock him around the cage. He looked great. I knew he was good and I even said in the OP, you can never count out a guy with that combination of his power, toughness and fearlessness. But I never thought he'd make that leap to beat the absolutely elite guys. I definitely didn't see him beating someone like Jacare so convincingly. There was always a chance of him landing that killer punch and finishing it. But I never saw him winning from start to finish like that and having an answer for everything. He got it spot on. Heres Bisping's take on the fight, by the way... "I did take to Instagram and talk some shit on Jacare. That guy has had a chip on his shoulder, been talking a lot of smack about me for a long time now. The fucking disgusting looking bastard that he is." In case you can't be arsed to watch, he also says there that he'd be up for defending the title against Robert Whittaker after the GSP fight, instead of fighting Yoel Romero. Just to "wind Yoel up". Just waiting for the backlash against those comments. To be honest, under any other circumstances Whittaker is a perfectly deserving next contender. But Romero's already been waiting a while and he should get first dibs for sure. I love Bisping but his thing of 'well Romero is a cheat so he doesn't deserve it' is all well and good but it doesn't really stand up when you were fine fighting Anderson (who also failed a test) and your first title defence was Hendo (who you accused of cheating because if the TRT thing). It's just a matter of time until the belt is where it belongs.
  12. Yeah that is mad to look at. That's something people are going to look at in years to come and think it's a photoshop from some sarcastic bastard. As for people saying she could beat men, I still stand by that she could have beat some of the male 135ers. The boxing propaganda stuff was ridiculous but I never got why people found it so hard to believe that she could've outgrappled and tapped out some men on the roster who were her size or a bit smaller. Like now, do people honestly think Amanda Nunes couldn't beat some of the male bantamweights on the roster? Some people can't get past the man vs woman thing, it's like they think their dick is going to shrink if they admit a woman could beat a man in a fight. Like when people were talking about the (fucking ridiculous) Rousey vs Mayweather thing. I was one of the people saying Ronda would have a chance in that fight and I wholeheartedly stand by that. IF it was under MMA rules. Whenever I said it to anyone they'd react like I'd just burst into their house on Christmas Day and stuck my dick in the turkey in front of their nan or something. But I was never saying she'd be able to box with him. I was saying she's an Olympic medal level judoka who's strong as fuck and Mayweather is a tiny bloke with awesome boxing but no grappling whatsoever. If she got hold of Floyd, what did people seriously think he was going to do? People need to get past the male vs female thing. The simple fact is, there's a tiny Polish lady named Joanna who could destroy any of us on here and make us cry like babies. Your cock and balls won't save you in that scenario. People need to deal with it.
  13. If she fights on (and I doubt she does) she should probably model herself on Demian Maia. Maia's not a brilliant striker but he's good enough these days to hang with most guys, just long enough until he can, as DMX said, get it on the floor. He went through a phase after Marquardt flattened him in seconds where he was focusing a lot on standup. And while it was necessary and it did improve quite a bit over the next few years, it spilled over into his fights and he got away from what got him where he was in the first place, his world class grappling game. Somewhere around 2011/12ish, whenever he dropped to 170 and made a fresh start, he got back to his grappling roots and he's been looking great pretty much ever since. The thing is, if he never spent so much time on his striking he'd probably be a panicky grappler now like Rousey and a lot of the Gracies were way back. So it's worked out for him in the long run. Basically, Maia focused on striking solely to complement his grappling. Whereas it almost seemed like Rousey and Edmond the Brainless were working on her standup to replace her grappling. And neglecting the foundation of what got her where she was, plus their seemingly refusal to accept fault with what they were doing, the whole house of cards was going to go sooner or later.
  14. Probably not and, to be honest, fair play to her. Not many fighters get out rich and healthy (ok, bar the dodgy knees) while they're still young. Without checking I don't even think she's 30 yet. She's still got time to have kids and all that good stuff and she's (I assume) set for life financially. She didn't go out on a positive note and she certainly could've handled things better, but the end result is probably for the best. You've got to remember as well, while she was only in MMA a few years, she was an athlete from childhood and judo is gruelling as fuck. She's put her body through a lot of shit over the years. And judging by how she unravelled after the initial loss to Holly Holm, she doesn't seem mentally right for it. The fallout after Holm and everything pre and post-fight with Nunes was uncomfortable to watch for me. I don't want to see her come back.
  15. I'll never forget their heaction to Howdy Honda Housey when she fought Bethe Correia. What a heception that was! And yeah, Bosslogic is responsible for that great poster. Meant to give credit when I originally posted that. Whatever happened to NickTheFace who used to do those incredible fan made promo videos? He was the daddy for them.