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  1. I 'd be up for Jones vs Lesnar but I can't see it happening. Jones has pretty much always said that if he takes a fight at heavyweight, it will have to be a carefully planned decision and specifically that it would have to be "the right fight" against a fighter at the smaller end of the heavyweight division. Brock would certainly be the "right fight" from a payday POV but he certainly doesn't fit the mold of heavyweight opponent Jones usually talks about fighting.
  2. That is bloody amazing chokeout! Fucking hell
  3. I'm not even sure Anderson would want the Weidman fight. You'd think it would be something that would motivate him but Anderson's a funny one. He very much marches to his own beat. He seemed mentally done with Weidman whenever he was asked about it after their second fight but who knows? A lots happened since then and Weidman has lost a few since so maybe Anderson would find it more appealing now. I'd be up for it. As much as I feel like Weidman more than proved himself against Anderson, the way the second fight ended did leave it on a shit unsatisfactory ending. Fuck it. Whack it on a Brazil card or the next MSG show.
  4. Just listened to a bit from Bisping's podcast and he said the UFC wanted the next TUF to be coached by Bisping and the winner of Whittaker/Romero. Apparently, Bisping agreed to it, Romero agreed to it but when they asked Whittaker he made some demands and Dana said no and changed plans. As it is, it doesn't matter because Yoel lost to Whittaker anyway, but can you fucking imagine a season of TUF: Team Bisping vs Team Romero?! I've said a bunch of times that I'm not a fan of TUF holding up titles but I've got to say I'd have been all in for this. I guess when Romero lost the UFC weren't so keen on a Bisping vs Whittaker season and then Dana didn't like Whittaker's conditions anyway so that was that. We've got Alvarez vs Gaethje instead.
  5. I think they've improved a lot with the quality cards they put out now, to be fair. Sure they're not all great and you'll get the odd noticeably weak one but it's not as bad as it used to be. When they first started to seriously increase the number of shows a year, around 2014, I really wasn't in love with it. They were putting out some weak cards back then and it was a year when a lot of the top names were out of commission through one thing or another. I'm about as big an MMA fan as there is and not much will dampen my enthusiasm for it but that spell in 2014 even tested me to the point I was actually thinking about just missing a lot of the smaller shows and just cherry picking. I ended up sticking with it and now I don't even know what they've done but it feels like they balance the shows a bit better. I guess they just have a bit more roster depth now to fill out all the shows. There's usually something, even on the smallest of Fight Pass cards, that makes me tune in. If they keep doing what they're doing then happy with that.
  6. You're right Dave. It'll all take care of itself. I remember when Chael was the hot shit in MMA and after he lost to Anderson the second time, people on here were down and it felt like the bubble had burst. Then along came Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor. You won't get two stars like that come along, especially at the same time, more than once in a blue moon. But you get my drift. At the time when Chael was missing a spinning backfist and getting battered by Anderson, nobody knew McGregor was just around the corner waiting to take over the game. The next breakout star almost certainly won't be McGregor or Rousey level, but there'll always be someone coming through.
  7. Anyone seen the bickering on twitter between Weidman and Bisping since Saturday night? Started with Weidman calling him "that British bum" in his post-fight interview and it's escalated from there. After the discussion in here though, this was the highlight for me...
  8. As dangerous a puncher as Rumble is, I don't think he's ever beating Jones. Jones is too smart a fighter and there's too much of a blueprint now on how to beat Rumble. Not many on the planet can carry out that blueprint, granted, but I think Jones is one of them. He'd stifle Rumble's power early, frustrate the fuck out of him then, once he unravels, Jones would dismantle him. I wouldn't mind seeing it down the line, just because it'd be a fresh opponent for Jones and at least Rumble would have a punchers chance. But I really don't see that one ending well at all for Rumble. I don't think he's the man to stop Jones. I don't think that man exists in the current UFC 205lb division. Well, he does, but it's Jones himself. He's the most likely to end his own career because he's a fucking idiot.
  9. You never know but I'd say the most likely outcome is Jones winning by decision. Jones hasn't finished anyone in years. I can't be arsed to check but I want to say Chael Sonnen was his last finish. And that was what, 2013/14? He's got the skills to finish anyone but he just hasn't in a long time. And when you couple that with DC's toughness I'd say a finish is going to be hard to come by. For either man, actually.
  10. Good interview with Jones here. Obviously talks UFC 214 and the Cormier rematch and rivalry. But it also touches on Mayweather vs McGregor, how he got into MMA and potentially fighting at heavyweight. Interesting stuff.
  11. I thought 211 and 213 were really strong as well but this is definitely the most stacked so far this year. I mean, when you've got fucking Lawler vs Cerrone on a show and it's only the second fight on the main card and nobody's talking about it, you know the card must be loaded.
  12. Nah I like Roma. His shoot interview is brilliant and made me wish he was cast in the Sopranos. But he was the odd one out in the Horsemen. He stuck out like a sore thumb next to old man Flair and chubby balding Arn. He just didn't fit. Wagenheim is similar for me on the MMA Beat. Although in the other direction. He sticks out because the others all bring something to the discussion and he just brings tacky Hawaiian shirts and the word 'meritocracy' all the time. He's cack. Like an unwanted WCW Galoob in a box of WWF Hasbros.
  13. He's shit, isn't he? The 'Horseman Paul Roma' of the MMA Beat. Proper odd one out. He's so dull he has to wear those loud shirts so you know he's there.
  14. I don't know who's rattled, or if either of them are really. I just hope this fight actually happens this time. You'd think we'll be OK now but they got right to the 11th hour at UFC 200 and it still went tits up. You never know with Jones. Five days is a long time for Jones to go without being a fuck up. I'll believe it when I see it. If it falls apart again though, fuck am I ever doing a preview post again for these two.
  15. The best MMA parent is Tyron Woodley's mum. She's fucking brilliant. Like one of the Klumps brought to life.