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  1. wandshogun09

    UFC on ESPN: Ngannou vs Velasquez - Feb 17 🇺🇸

    Yeah fuck the main event, fuck Cain’s knee and fuck the excuses. Luque vs Barberena was what you live for as a fight fan. The type of fight you sit through all those prelims for in the hope you see something like that.
  2. wandshogun09

    UFC on ESPN: Ngannou vs Velasquez - Feb 17 🇺🇸

    Well Ngannou vs Velasquez was an anti-climax. We waited two and a half years to see Cain fight again and it’s over in 26 seconds? Can’t help but feel bad for Cain but at the same time I’m over the moon for big Francis. He had about as disastrous a 2018 as can be with the exposing he got from Stipe and then that snoozer against the Black Beast. He pulled it back somewhat with the Blaydes KO but this has proper rehabbed him now. People can criticise Ngannou all they want but the man has first round knockouts of Alistair Overeem and Cain Velasquez on his record. It’s all well and good people saying ‘well if you weather the storm he has no wrestling’ this and that. But that’s a fucking colossal ‘if’, isn’t it? The Ngannou storm is the most terrifying storm there is in MMA. At least since Vitor Belfort got off the TRT anyway. Like me and Colin have been saying all the time, there aren’t many mortals who can weather that storm and it just goes to show what a great, great fighter Stipe really is. Saying that, I wouldn’t even be confident Stipe weathers it if they rematch. We know he can, but it doesn’t mean that Ngannou can’t sleep him if they rematch. Sucks that Cain’s knee went but like others said, it seems pretty clear that Ngannou’s sledgehammer punch is what forced the situation. Ngannou was kind of in a no-win situation here though. It was always going to be a case that if he beat Cain then he never really beat Cain. There was always the built in excuses of the lay-off and injuries and stuff. Whatever way Ngannou won, it wasn’t going to be good enough for some. Felder vs Vick was good. I like Felder much better in the cage than at the commentary desk. Good competitive fight. Vick had his moments but Felder just seemed to be a step ahead for most of it and that was reflected on the scorecards. The two 30-27s didn’t really tell the whole story but Felder definitely deserved the W. Think 155 is definitely a better fit for him than 170 was. Saw this as well... Brutal. Makes the win all the more impressive. Didn’t like Calvillo vs Casey much. Thought Calvillo could’ve made that fight a lot easier if she’d gone more the grappling route. It’d most likely have been better to watch as well as that’s her game. Think she’s biting off more than she can chew with the Tatiana Suarez callout myself too. That’s probably not going well for her if it gets booked. Think Suarez said she’s after a Top 5 opponent next though. Kron Gracie had about as perfect a debut as you could’ve hoped for. Just went straight through Caceres. Loved when Kron got that initial clinch and there was an audible ‘OOOHHH!’ from the crowd. That realisation that when a Gracie gets hold of someone they’re usually fucked is still alive and well all these years later. Bit disappointed Rickson wasn’t there, to be honest. But from watching a few Kron interviews going in, I think that was a calculated move. He talked about not wanting to be in his old man’s shadow all the time so I’m guessing this was Rickson letting his boy have the limelight and making his own path. No doubt he’s supporting him behind the scenes. Luque vs Barberena was great fun. Hopefully now Luque starts getting some love. I think he’s been one of the more underrated fighters on the roster for a little bit now. Barberena is tough as nails and clearly didn’t come to lose either. It was almost cruel that he got stopped with just 6 seconds to go after the effort he gave. Loved this fight. I know it’s only February but it’s the FOTY so far for me. Or the fight of the first 6 weeks of 2019. I genuinely think it’ll still be up there for me by December. Yeah. Loved it. I liked this from Luke Thomas as well... Ha! Fili vs Jury... 😴 these two just do nothing for me. Can’t put my finger on it. Their fights just come and go and I give no fucks. They’re decent enough fighters and there was nothing technically wrong with the fight itself but I just couldn’t get into it. My attention wandered throughout and my son’s shitty nappy seemed more interesting but from what I did see it seemed like Fili was getting the better of most of the exchanges so the decision seemed about right. Sterling vs Rivera was decent. Real good win for Sterling. This fight just made me think one thing though - how good is Marlon Moraes? Here’s these two going 15 minutes in a hard fought battle, yet Moraes done them both in around 90 seconds combined. Sterling can say he got lucky all he wants but when it keeps happening it’s no accident. Moraes is killing everyone. But yeah, a strong showing for Aljamain Sterling though. Possibly his best performance to date for me. Thought Manny Bermudez looked a right beast taking out fellow undefeated prospect Benito Lopez in a round with ease. His grappling looked lethal. Hopefully this weight miss was a one-off. I liked Andrea Lee’s performance as well. It was the first time I’d seen her fight and while Ashlee Evans-Smith is nothing special, I thought Lee herself looked good, especially in the boxing exchanges.
  3. wandshogun09

    Elimination Chamber is tomorrow

    Nothing new about that.
  4. wandshogun09

    UFC on ESPN: Ngannou vs Velasquez - Feb 17 🇺🇸

    Yeah and even years back they managed that period where they had Koscheck, Fitch and Swick all in the mix at 170. Dana was kicking up a fuss about them refusing to fight each other but they all stuck to their guns and supported each other when the big title/contender fights came. I’ve always had a love/hate thing towards AKA. The only guys I’ve ever really liked from there have been Cain and DC (well, and Frank Shamrock and BJ Penn if you want to go really old school). But with the odd exception (Koscheck’s eventual exit and beef with Javier Mendez) they do all seem to be a tight unit who leave egos at the door when it comes to helping and pushing each other to do well. Oh and once again, I love Francis Ngannou... Cain’s hometown or not, how could they boo this man at the weigh in? Cunts.
  5. wandshogun09

    New wrestling figures!

    It’s Hakushi all day, isn’t it? Especially if it came with that lampshade hat he wore on his entrance as an accessory.
  6. wandshogun09

    UFC on ESPN: Ngannou vs Velasquez - Feb 17 🇺🇸

    It’s thin on the ground and I’ve been looking. There’s these though... Good Francis Ngannou interview where he comes off as the most likeable man ever. Snappy dresser too; Cain talks Ngannou, a potential DC/Jones fight at heavyweight and the 70% chance he goes to WWE 😳; Fighters predict Ngannou vs Cain; DC previews Ngannou vs Cain; DC quote on Cain too;
  7. wandshogun09

    UFC on ESPN: Ngannou vs Velasquez - Feb 17 🇺🇸

    Nothing ground breaking here but these short ‘Countdown To Kron’ videos are worth a gander... Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5;
  8. wandshogun09

    Random Thoughts III.

    Well this isn’t creepy from Santino at all, is it?
  9. wandshogun09

    Spoiler Free Fight Links

    It’s already on the OnDemand thing on Sky @Fox Piss Hit the ‘TV Guide’ button and go to Sports and there’s an MMA section there now. It’s there.
  10. wandshogun09

    Bellator 216: MVP vs Daley - Feb 16

    I had Daley winning that but in a fight like that you can’t even moan about the decision. When rounds are coming down to a matter of a couple of strikes landed or one grappling transition or whatever, you’ve left too much room for interpretation in the judges’ minds. I sympathise with any judge trying to score a fight like that. Reminded me a bit of Till vs Wonderboy from last year in that nearly all of the rounds bar one or two could’ve really gone either way. Douglas Lima called Daley shooting in the pre-fight and Chael nearly laughed him out of the booth. Shows what he knows. I didn’t think Daley was scared. I just think he couldn’t figure him out, angles or timing-wise, plus he couldn’t get in close range. The only way to do any kind of damage was to just get hands on him and take him down. I actually thought he did well not to let his head go. After the way the first round went I really thought Daley was going to be so frustrated he’d come out for the second over-aggressive and charge into something but he held it together and went to the wrestling. Which, it’s got to be said, if Paul Daley is outgrappling you, as an MMA fighter you’ve got problems. We keep hearing that MVP has this excellent ground game that we never see but based on this, I have serious doubts. Either a) MVP’s mythical unseen ground game doesn’t exist or b) Daley’s grappling has improved massively and is MMA’s best kept secret. I think it’s A. Douglas Lima, Rory MacDonald and Jon Fitch will have been licking their chops watching this. It sounds mega cynical but I’m now fully expecting MVP to pick up an injury before he fights Lima, taking him out of the GP. He’s barely squeaked this decision over Semtex. There’s nothing but nightmare matchups waiting for him in the rest of the tournament. Even the least accomplished guy left is a Gracie. MVP’s O is going soon one way or the other. Was chuffed to see Cro Cop get the win. Was a shit fight though. Mirko looked tentative due to Roy’s power and the takedown, and Roy just kept plodding forward going for a telegraphed takedown. Just didn’t gel for a good fight unfortunately. Still, I thought the right man won. Roy threw his little tantrum after but fuck him. I thought it was the right decision. I had Cro Cop taking the first two rounds, there wasn’t a whole lot in it but I thought he edged it by stuffing all the shots and landing better stuff on the feet. Roy might’ve nicked the third but it was too late. I like this rematch thing Cro Cop’s got going now. Mauro said he’s 7-0 in rematches. Let’s have Fedor vs Cro Cop 2. I think it’s time. Kongo vs Minakov 2 was cack as well. And in fairness, for once it wasn’t so much Kongo. Thought Minakov looked awful here. I haven’t seen a ton of him but what I had seen previously was impressive. Can probably chalk it up to his year-plus lay-off though. Fair play to Kongo. He’s not much fun to watch but he gets it done. A Bader vs Kongo title fight isn’t doing it for me but it’s the fight that should probably happen now. Don’t think anyone’s going to be clamouring for Kongo vs Minakov 3 anytime soon. Yaroslav Amosov looked decent beating Erick Silva. Wasn’t the most entertaining fight but it was a good performance from Amosov. He could be worth keeping an eye on. Sounds mad and I never thought I’d say it going in but Valerie Loureda stole the show in the opener for me. It was a nothing fight in terms of relevance. It was a girl making her pro debut vs a girl who was 1-2. But it was short and sweet and the finish and post-fight hysteria left an impression if nothing else. Man, she was REALLY happy to win that fight wasn’t she? Be interesting to see how she progresses. She’s definitely got something. She could be a bit of a star if she keeps winning. Bellator don’t exactly have a heaving roster of flyweights at the moment but they’ll hopefully be moving her along gradually anyway and not Aaron Pico-ing her. Not the best show in terms of fights delivering but I enjoyed watching it as a whole. Nice having it on Sky Sports as well. But GAD needs to fuck the fuck off now. Over a decade we’ve put up with that floppy haired clown, from the Setanta days through ESPNUK to BT Sport to FOX to Sky. How he’s bluffed his way into stealing a paycheque for that long covering MMA and Boxing I’ll never know. He’s got to be up there with the best blaggers ever in sports punditry. I’ll give him that much.
  11. wandshogun09

    Boxing Thread

    Looks like Ricky Hatton’s back on the coke. NSFW, obvs.
  12. wandshogun09

    UFC on ESPN: Ngannou vs Velasquez - Feb 17 🇺🇸

    Is Rickson in the Hall Of Fame yet? If not then they need to fix that. I know he never fought in the UFC but who cares? Neither did Charles Tapout and Sakuraba only fought on one UFC show. If Rickson’s in town for this show maybe they’ll sort it out if he’s up for it. They usually have a few inductions around the July PPV weekend don’t they? So that could line up with Kron’s next fight as well.
  13. wandshogun09

    Bellator 216: MVP vs Daley - Feb 16

    The DAZN YouTube channel has some good stuff up for those who haven’t seen it. Get this lot down you... MVP and Paul Daley explain their rivalry; Paul Daley interview; Bellator fighters predict MVP vs Daley; MVP vs Daley promo; MVP-Daley weigh in face-off; And a bonus little Cro Cop interview; This feels big now.
  14. wandshogun09

    UFC on ESPN: Ngannou vs Velasquez - Feb 17 🇺🇸

    Kron Gracie interview. I knew it’d been a long time but didn’t realise that a Gracie hasn’t won in the UFC since 1994! Got a feeling that comes to an end tomorrow night. I’m a fan of Caceres but I’d be a bit surprised if he causes the upset here, despite his MMA experience advantage. If Kron loses tomorrow night then Ron Van Clief must’ve put a curse on the Gracies or something. Sounds like Nate Diaz is working the corner for Kron as well. Haven’t heard of any Rickson sightings in Phoenix yet but surely he’ll be in the corner as well?