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  1. UFC Fight Night: Werdum vs Tybura - Nov 18

    Fucking felt like it. Like I said though, the prelims were worth checking out. You can give the main card a miss though. It's not necessarily that there were so many decisions for me. Most of the best fights in UFC history went the distance when you think about it - Jones vs Gus, Hunt vs Bigfoot 1, Hendo vs Shogun 1 etc. But none of the fights on this main card were worth going out of your way to see. Not one. They weren't terrible, there's been way worse fights, but there was nothing particularly good either. If you missed the main card, you missed nothing really. But yeah, give the prelims a gander. At the very least the Camacho vs Brown and Tuivasa vs Coulter fights.
  2. UFC Fight Night: Bisping vs Gastelum - Nov 25

    This is live on BT Sport 3 at 12pm on Saturday afternoon.
  3. MMA Podcast/Interview Thread

    Anyone seen these little Chael Sonnen mini interview thingys on YouTube? He's not doing the gimmick on these so they're really good. I've said it a few times but Chael is such an entertaining listen and a great storyteller when he's just himself. Give these a look if you get chance. They're only a few minutes each. On the first time he met Randy Couture; The time an Cuban Olympic wrestling champion offered Matt Lindland out for a fight; How he first got into the UFC; On Evan Tanner's death;
  4. Boxing Thread

    Sky Sports advert in 1994 promoting the Chris Eubank World Tour; Classic.
  5. UFC Fight Night: Werdum vs Tybura - Nov 18

    Yeah, main card was a right slog. Prelims were good though. Damien Brown vs Frank Camacho was fun and Lentz looked good submitting Will Brooks. Man, Brooks has been a total flop in the UFC, hasn't he? Highlight of the card for me though was the heavyweights Tai Tuivasa vs Rashad Coulter. I like this Tuivasa. Definitely got a little bit of that Mark Hunt quality about him. He looked sloppy early on, might've been ring rust, but that KO! Christ. Coulter's granite tough but that big jumping knee would've slept an elephant. Liked his post-fight interview as well. "IT'S ME AGAIN."
  6. December 16th. Winnipeg, Canada. Big FOX. This one looks fucking outstanding. FOX MAIN CARD Robbie Lawler vs Rafael Dos Anjos Ricardo Lamas vs TBA Santiago Ponzinibbio vs Mike Perry Glover Teixeira vs Misha Cirkunov FOX SPORTS 1 PRELIMS Jan Blachowicz vs Jared Cannonier Vitor Miranda vs Julian Marquez Chad Laprise vs Galore Bofando Tim Elliott vs Justin Scoggins John Makdessi vs Abel Trujillo Oluwale Bamgbose vs Alessio Di Chirico FIGHT PASS PRELIMS Jordan Mein vs Erick Silva Nordine Taleb vs Sultan Aliev Sheldon Westcott vs Danny Roberts Amazing. Top to bottom that's one of the best cards of the year, including the PPVs, for me. Lawler vs Dos Anjos is probably going to be utter chaos. How can this be anything other than war? Two absolute savages going head to head. And they have 5 rounds, if they need that long. Can't wait for this. I'm split on it because I'm a huge fan of both and don't want to see either suffer a setback now but the pill is sweetened by the fact that it's got all the ingredients of the kind of spectacular fight where even the loser comes away with their stock raised. Both are in that rebuilding stage of their careers now after losses. Lawler bounced back from the loss to Woodley by beating Donald Cerrone in a great fight in July. And RDA this year has made a fresh start going up to welterweight and rattling off wins over Tarec Saffiedine and Neil Magny. Now they're in a position where this fight is likely a #1 contenders match. So a tremendous fight with potential title shot implications. If you're an MMA fan, you can't not love this one. Ricardo Lamas, as I'm typing this, is still remaining on this card but is still without an opponent. He was originally scheduled to rematch Jose Aldo here but shit had to be reshuffled when Frankie Edgar pulled out of the Holloway fight. Any ideas who Lamas could face? If they had more time I could've seen them trying to slot Yair Rodriguez in here but I think it's probably for the best if they give Yair a chance to rebuild (after getting crushed by Edgar) rather than throwing him straight back in with the sharks. Santiago Ponzinibbio vs Mike Perry stands out to me, even on a card as stacked as this one, so it's ***WAND'S ONE TO WATCH*** this time. Like the main event, I just can't envision anything other than mayhem out of this. Mike Perry, say what you want about his antics, just doesn't do dull. He's aggressive as fuck with serious venom in his punches. And Ponzinibbio is one of the better and more underrated strikers in the division, IMO. There's also the very real chance that the winner of this fights Darren Till as well. I could easily see the winner of this vs Till on the London show in March. That just books itself, doesn't it? Till has said he's down to fight either of them and I could swear he said recently that the UFC are flying him out to Winnipeg for this. It all lines up. Glover Teixeira vs Misha Cirkunov should be a slobberknocker between 2 light heavyweight hosses. They're both on the rebound after bad losses too so they need to make a statement here. Glover got bashed up by Alexander Gustafsson in his last fight on the Sweden card in May. Cirkunov got KO'd by Volkan Oezdemir in 28 seconds on the same card. I like this matchup but I've got a bad feeling Glover is heading for the end of his career. As he showed against Gus, he's tough as shit. But he just has the look of a fighter on the way out to me. And Cirkunov is dangerous, younger and doesn't have nearly the miles on the clock that Glover does. Love to see Glover prove me wrong. Laprise vs Bofando definitely has my interest. And it's nothing to do with Chad Laprise. This Galore Bofando guy is the reason. He popped up on the Scotland show in July making his UFC debut. I'd never heard of him before. He fought Conor McGregor's teammate Charlie Ward (the same McGregor teammate who was fighting on that Bellator show which Conor made a prat of himself on last week) and knocked him out cold by slamming him right on his fucking face... Can't have been fun for Ward, that. The fight only lasted 2 minutes but I saw enough of Bofando to have piqued my interest. From what I recall he had an unorthodox striking style, kind of a weird Kung Fu-ey stance and looked mega relaxed and composed in there. Not expecting anything huge from him but I liked what I saw in that first fight. Elliott vs Scoggins should be non-stop and entertaining if these guys' past fights are anything to go on. Elliott's had a funny 12 months. It's kind of been forgotten now but last December he gave Mighty Mouse his hardest title defence to date. Went the 5 rounds with him and even gave him a couple of scares with some submission attempts. He followed that up with a win over Louis Smolka in an excellent fight in April. But then in June he got submitted by Ben Nguyen in under a minute, which was a bit of a shock. He needs to find some consistency. Scoggins is coming off back to back submission losses himself so his job could be on the line in this one. Makdessi vs Trujillo is a fight a really love the sound of. Again though, two guys coming off losses. There's a few of these fights on this card that have that 'loser leaves town' feel to them. Makdessi hasn't fought at all in 2017. He was last seen getting spin kick KO'd dead by Lando Vannata last December. He's a decent fighter and a really solid and creative striker but he's lost 3 of his last 4 and his back is against the wall here. And Trujillo got submitted by James Vick in his last fight in February. Explosive, powerful and dangerous but he needs to get back in the win column. I like the way these two matchup style-wise though. When you have a fight like Jordan Mein vs Erick Silva buried way down on the Fight Pass prelims it says everything you need to know about the depth of this card. Two of the most consistently exciting fighters to watch on the roster, win or lose. But they're both currently in a slump. And again, could be a 'loser leaves' thing. Mein is coming off 3 losses in a row and Silva is 1-3 in his last 4. Really fun card. It's got a bit of a WEC feel about it for me. Just quality throughout.
  7. UFC Fight Night: Swanson vs Ortega - Dec 9

    That's the thing, he might not be quite as good a striker as Cub but he doesn't necessarily have to be. He's got the raw ingredients there, he's durable and game, doesn't shy away, he can strike pretty well. But if it's not going well on the feet he has that tremendous ground game to fall back on. And if you look at Cub's losses, it's usually on the ground he comes unstuck. I think it's a really interesting one. So glad they kept this one together rather than plug one of them in against Holloway when Edgar fell out. This feels like a perfect piece of matchmaking to me. The styles obviously make for a fantastic fight on paper. But also the timing of it. Ortega has looked ready for the step up for a while. A win here really puts him on the map. And it's Cub's last fight on his contract, what better way to raise your stock heading into contract negotiations than beating a young undefeated prospect in an exciting fight? I love everything about this fight.
  8. UFC Fight Night: Swanson vs Ortega - Dec 9

    Aljamain Sterling vs Rani Yahya is off, Yahya is out. Good news is Marlon Moraes is stepping in against Sterling. I actually like that fight better.
  9. UFC Fight Night: Bisping vs Gastelum - Nov 25

    Here's that MMA Hour interview with Bisping for those who didn't catch it; Talks about how this fight with Kelvin Gastelum came about, Anderson's test failure, the GSP fight and retiring on the London show next year.
  10. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Not to me it doesn't. I've still got no real desire to see him fight, and when you're a a fighter that's not good. It's X-Pac heat for me (although I always liked X-Pac) where I just wish he'd fuck off. If he disappeared down a well I wouldn't miss him.
  11. Wrestling Pod Casts / Radio Interviews

    Listening to the Halloween Havoc 92 episode of What Happened When. Nearly pissed myself at Schiavone's comments on WCW bringing in Japanese wrestlers around that time.
  12. Bellator MMA Thread - Bellator 188 (Nov 17th)

    If Frank Mir beats Fedor he'll hold wins over Pride's 3 Heavyweight Kings - Fedor, Big Nog and Cro Cop. It's not right.
  13. Bellator MMA Thread - Bellator 188 (Nov 17th)

    Add me to those predicting a Bader tournament win. I think he's in the best form at the moment and there's nobody in that tournament who I can't see him beating. With everyone else there's at least one matchup I think they're pretty fucked in. I think Bader matches up well with everyone.
  14. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    He's probably going to lose to either Rockhold or Romero anyway. I hope they go with Yoel though. The Bisping vs Rockhold story is done for me. They can't top that ending of Bisping getting that big KO and winning the title. Continuing with Bisping-Rockhold after that would be like Only Fools And Horses carrying on after they became millionaires. We've had the perfect ending. Let it be the ending. If Bisping retires and that Romero fight never happens then it's a huge waste IMO. Can you fucking imagine the atmosphere in London seeing Yoel Romero coming onto Bisping's home soil like some video game monster (with Ray The Translator at his side) to fight Bisping, in his farewell fight? It has to happen. Fuck all other options. They need to fly Yoel and Ray out to Shanghai to sit cageside. Whatever the result of Bisping vs Gastelum, the Yoel fight in London is the way to go.
  15. UFC Fight Night: Poirier vs Pettis - Nov 11

    You don't think of Clay being a powerful puncher but he did break Dos Anjos' jaw with a punch as well years ago. If he had the more technical striking training he'd probably have a few KOs on his record now. He definitely seems to have some natural pop in his shots when he throws.