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  1. wandshogun09

    UKFF Hip Hop Thread

    Finally listened to Nas. I liked it. Standouts for me were 'Everything', 'Adam and Eve' and 'Not For Radio'. Nothing blew me away but I really enjoyed it on the whole. A lot of the criticism seems to be from people who were expecting him to top the Illmatic and It Was Written albums, which were both absolute classics. He's kind of always going to be a victim of his own success with that back catalogue. Like Wu-Tang with 36 Chambers, they've never been close to bettering that since.
  2. wandshogun09

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Has it? Well it totally passed me by then. As for Khabib vs Conor, I'll believe it when I see it. UFC 229 is October. 4 months away. That's a hell of a long time for Khabib to stay injury free and for McGregor to not do anything stupid.
  3. wandshogun09

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Get ready for another wild one. MMAFighting and a bunch of other reliable sites are reporting that Al Iaquinta vs Justin Gaethje will be headlining a Fight Night on August 25th. At this point fuck wins and losses, can Gaethje go 4 for 4 for FOTY candidates in the UFC?
  4. wandshogun09

    Boxing Thread

    Lewis Ritson is quickly becoming one of my favourite fighters to watch. Can't help thinking he's going to get clipped at some point with how wild he gets sometimes, but that all adds to the excitement. Oh and that July 28th card is really shaping up nicely... Dillian Whyte vs Joseph Parker Kell Brook vs Brandon Cook Katie Taylor vs Kimberley Connor Dereck Chisora vs Carlos Takam Joshua Buatsi vs Ricky Summers Conor Benn vs Cedrick Peynaud 2 I really wasn't going to pay for this when Whyte vs Parker was originally announced...but Hearn's got my money now. The prick.
  5. wandshogun09

    Boxing Thread

    Fuck forgot Brook was on it as well. They've got to stack it up haven't they. Who's this Brandon Cook then, anyone know much about him?
  6. wandshogun09

    Boxing Thread

    Regardless of how you feel about Sky charging PPV for it, that July 28th O2 card is looking really good so far... Dillian Whyte vs Joseph Parker Carlos Takam vs Derrick Chisora Conor Benn vs Cedrick Peynaud 2 ...all confirmed so far. Didn't know they were doing the Benn vs Peynaud rematch. If you didn't see the first fight it was one of the best of last year and Benn was really pushed to the brink, got dropped and possibly could've lost the decision. Can't wait to see them go again.
  7. wandshogun09

    UKFF Hip Hop Thread

    Yeah I was going to mention that Apollo & Locksmith album. Really liked that. Still haven't got around to the Nas album yet. I want to wait until I can properly sit back and give it a proper listen. I've heard very mixed reviews so far. Oh and this is a bit left field. I'm not usually a fan of Rick Ross but I'm digging this track he's done with Smif N Wessun.
  8. wandshogun09

    Wrestling Pod Casts / Radio Interviews

    It took me longer than most to get sick of Conrad but he's been annoying as fuck whenever I've listened recently. My latest pet hate is him going "TWO TIME...TWO TIME" or whatever in Road Dogg style.
  9. wandshogun09

    UKFF Hip Hop Thread

    Anyone listened to the new Nas album 'Nasir' yet? Had a quick look about this morning before work and couldn't find it. And seen loads of people on twitter complaining it's not on iTunes, Spotify or anything yet. Anyone know what the crack is? Edit - forget this, it's a day late but it's finally up on iTunes!
  10. wandshogun09

    Minor News & Random Shit

    I don't like it. Obviously it's up to him, everyone's got bills to pay so ultimately fuck what we think. But I wish he wasn't coming back. He was great to watch, had some really good fights and even Dana himself said publicly a few times that Pickett was one of his favourite fighters to watch. You don't usually see him heap praise on an undercard fighter like that. Pickett was kind of like MMA's Mickey Ward. Just an all heart, balls out way of fighting. He had such a fun fan friendly style. But it was also a very rough style where unfortunately he took a lot of knocks. Like you say Carbomb, he's closing in on 40 now. In life that's not old, in fighting it is. Especially in the lighter weight classes, especially after a fairly long career, and especially if you've got that brawler style that relies on you being able to take a few digs to land one good one back. He got KO'd in his last fight, in a fight he was doing pretty well in IIRC, it just felt like the right time to stop. Sadly fighters seem to he the last ones to realise when it's time to stop. Either that or they know deep down but refuse to accept it. We've seen it with Rashad Evans, BJ Penn, we're seeing it now with the Chuck Liddell comeback talks. Pickett is just another in a long line of guys who have struggled to walk away. For Pickett as well, he wouldn't have made anywhere near the kind of money the other names I've mentioned there have. So that's probably a big part of his motivation. It does have the feel of something that isn't going to go well though. Hope I'm wrong and he gets a nice run out of this but it rarely goes that way.
  11. wandshogun09

    UFC 225: Whittaker vs Romero 2

    Ah right. 150K did sound staggeringly low, to be fair. I'm expecting it do less than UFC 203 but 150K is like a Mighty Mouse show number.
  12. wandshogun09

    UFC 225: Whittaker vs Romero 2

    Is that PPV number confirmed and legit? That's a disaster if true. The thing is, every time anyone even slightly criticised the Punk/UFC experiment, the comeback always centred around 'well it's business, don't you get how business works?' and shit like that. As it turns out, they've paid him around $500K again (base pay, fuck knows if there's anything more on top) and if that number PPV number is correct the show bombed. That's business for you. Sometimes what you think is going to catch on just doesn't. I was critical of this second Punk fight because I always saw this as a one-off thing. I wasn't massively into his first fight either but I got it more and there was a real novelty factor it had going for it. Most of that novelty factor died that night for me. Seems the PPV buying fanbase felt the same. The Gall fight at UFC 203 did something around 400K buys, at a time when they were doing 180-200-oddK for most shows. The addition to that card of Punk's MMA debut literally doubled the buys. Like I said, there was genuine curiousity there. The drop-off in buys for the second fight says a lot. For me, doing a second fight, and scraping the barrel to find him as shit an opponent as possible, it just felt like they were really reaching. The one defence people had was the business side of it, and it's gone and flopped there too. I can't say I blame the UFC for taking the gamble really. And I certainly don't blame Punk for doing it. But it all just felt a bit low rent to me. Not in a snobbish way where I think MMA is too precious for it, nothing like that. MMA at its roots was built on the freakshow. Just look at the early UFCs and most of Pride's run. And that's probably my favourite era in the sport's history. But this second phase of the Punk in UFC thing, something just felt a bit shit about it from the off to me. Once it was going ahead I had no problem with them putting him on the poster and promoting the fight, you have to do that. I still thought the whole thing was a bit wank though. No doubt if this PPV would've done well Punk would've got all the credit. And there'd have probably been some merit to that. But now it's shat the bed, it'll get blamed on Whittaker and Romero not 'moving the needle'.
  13. wandshogun09

    UFC 225: Whittaker vs Romero 2

    Yeah it's a different type of conditioning. While you'd need to have good cardio and conditioning to wrestle, it's got to be maintained all year round. Whereas in MMA you're trying to peak for one particular night. I'd say in that sense training for MMA is more intense but for a shorter period of time. But over the long haul, wrestling must be more punishing on the body. Just because you don't get much off time. Also, like the others said, being in an MMA fight and going from getting hit to grappling back to getting hit, that shit would take it out of you in a different way. I remember David Haye commenting years ago that he did a bit of MMA training and was shocked by how tired he got so fast by the grappling and having to switch between striking and grappling. And that was Haye in his prime before all the injuries. You're using a different type of conditioning and different muscles for both. Unless you've taught your body how to cope with that, over years, you're going to struggle. Punk was trying to teach himself that in his late 30s with no specific martial arts base to build off. It was always going to be a mammoth task.
  14. wandshogun09

    Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    Hope you didn't go near any of these wearing your crotchless get-up, Matrix.
  15. The UFC's stacked summer continues Saturday 28th July on Big FOX. The UFC comes back to Hart Country - Calgary, Alberta, Canada for the first time since 2012. FOX MAIN CARD Eddie Alvarez vs Dustin Poirier Jose Aldo vs Jeremy Stephens Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Tecia Torres Olivier Aubin-Mercier vs Alexander Hernandez FOX SPORTS 1 PRELIMS Dustin Ortiz vs Matheus Nicolau Ion Cutelaba vs Gadzhimurad Antigulov Islam Makhachev vs Kajan Johnson Randa Markos vs Nina Ansaroff Jordan Mein vs Alex Morono Hakeem Dawodu vs Austin Arnett FIGHT PASS PRELIMS John Makdessi vs Ross Pearson Alexis Davis vs Katlyn Chookagian That's a hell of a card. This is only the second time the UFC have been to Calgary. The first time was UFC 149. A card that promised so much on paper but completely shat the bed on the night. A right rotter of a show. In the fallout Dana vowed he would somehow make it up to the fans in Calgary. It took a while but here we are, 6 years later almost to the day. This looks fantastic on paper. If THIS card turns out crap then it's Calgary's fault and they should never go back there. Anyway... Alvarez vs Poirier 2 is the main event. Like I said, if this fails to deliver then Calgary is cursed. Because I can't really envision a way these two don't go to war. There's too much on the line. Sometimes when the stakes are high you see guys fight safe. But with these two there's also water under the bridge and too much unfinished business. Playing it safe just isn't going to cut it. This is a rematch that's needed to happen since the second the first fight ended. May 13th 2017 at UFC 211 is when they first met. It had high expectations going in and it turned out to be a brilliant fight. After a competitive first round things really started to heat up in the second. It became a slugfest and both had each other hurt and rocked. That's when it got all controversial. Towards the end of round 2, Alvarez briefly got Poirier down and as Poirier was getting up, Alvarez threw three knees to the head. But Poirier had a hand down on the mat when the knees connected so they were illegal strikes. The last knee in particular fucked Poirier right up. It landed right on the temple and he'd also been cut pretty bad as a direct result of the knees in the exchange. The fight was stopped and ruled a No Contest. After the fight both men were very respectful to each other. Alvarez was apologetic and said it was a thing that happened in the heat of battle. Poirier backed up his comments and even got on the crowd's case when they booed Eddie. It was a great fight with a really unfortunate ending. It seemed like a no-brainer that they'd run it back and do the immediate rematch. But the UFC took a different route. They booked Poirier against Anthony Pettis for November. And they had Alvarez coach TUF opposite Justin Gaethje, with the two facing off in December. Poirier and Alvarez both came through those fights victorious. Again, it seemed like the logical next step would be to do the rematch. But again, it didn't happen. Poirier fought Gaethje himself in April and won by 4th round TKO in a FOTY barnburner. Meanwhile, Alvarez's UFC contract was coming to an end so it was up in the air what the next move for him would be. Somewhere along the line, the respect between these two has turned to a bit of bad blood. No doubt they still respect each others' fighting abilities but the way the first fight ended and the stop/start talks about doing the rematch seems to have caused some bad feeling to bubble up. Here's Poirier's POV on the situation... "I felt the rematch should have happened before he got that TUF gig. I was winning the fight, some foul stuff happened and we should've run it back. He shouldn't have been rewarded with a TV show and another big fight. But, this isn't the fair business, this is the fight business, so you keep rolling." "I don't think the guy wants to fight me. I'm not a quitter, man. Look at my history. If he has to tell himself that to feel good about the 10 minutes he got his ass whooped, whatever. The crazy thing is, I grew up looking up to Eddie. He was a big name fighting out of Japan and HDNet used to do specials on him, and I was a young fighter then and I really liked the guy. Still now I respect him as a fighter, he's a strong fighter and he has a lot of heart. But as a person...he's a bitch, man. He's talking shit when I stood up for him in the heat of the moment. Maybe in the heat of the moment it was an accident. But now that I've gone back and watched the fight as a fan like he said, I think it was on purpose. It was a veteran move. He knew he was going out of that fight and he saw a chance to land a strike on a guy and did it. He knew exactly what he was doing. So he quit. Fuck Eddie. Fight me 5 rounds and see who quits." - Dustin Poirier Thankfully, 5 rounds is what we get this time. On Alvarez's end, he's taking a big gamble here. This is the last fight on his current UFC contract. If he wins this it puts him in a fantastic position to negotiate a new deal. If he loses, that's out the window. Here's Eddie's take on his position... "The thought of ducking or not signing, that's just silly talk. I'm betting on myself. There wasn't a new contract signed, and whoever - whether it's his camp or whoever's camp that is kinda putting that out there - that's bullcrap. That's not what happened. There was no deal signed, but there's a point in every fighter's career where sometimes you roll the dice on yourself. Sometimes you believe in yourself and you roll the dice. I like to put myself in a very emotional state, and I think by rolling the dice on myself, putting my back against the wall - in the past I've done really well there. So I'm kinda putting my own back against the wall and I'm rolling the dice and betting on me." - Eddie Alvarez Like I said, there's a lot on the line. And not just the score to settle and not just Alvarez's bargaining position after this fight. There are also possible legitimate title shot implications for the winner of this fight. With McGregor's return up in the air, Ferguson out for fuck knows how long, Kevin Lee still working his way back into contention, the division is wide open for one of these two to make a statement here and bag that title shot. Proper buzzing for this. It's a great fight style-wise. It's got some backstory behind it, unfinished business. There's a grudge. There's high stakes. It's the main event on Big FOX. It's fucking perfect is what it is. Perfect matchup, perfect timing. So perfect I just spat my gum out and swatted it away with my forearm. Absolutely Perfect! Jose Aldo vs Jeremy Stephens co-headlines. This could've easily main evented a Brazil Fight Night on its own and wouldn't look out of place on a PPV main card. It sounds kind of messed up but the best thing about Aldo not being in the title picture anymore is fights like this. When he was champ forever he always had to fight the next contender. And although Stephens is a good fighter, he's one that might never quite get himself in position for a title shot. Now they can just go ahead and book it. Love the matchup. Should answer some questions about what Aldo has left as well. After the back-to-back losses to Max Holloway, I saw people talking like Aldo is shot or something but I think it's way premature for that kind of talk. Holloway can do that to a lot of men. And before the Holloway losses, Aldo dominated Frankie Edgar to a shutout at UFC 200. If Aldo gets wrecked by Stephens then we can talk about declines but until then, I'm more inclined to believe that it was more down to Holloway just being a beast. The thing I love about this is that Stephens is going to fancy his chances in the striking. He's got undeniably brutal KO power and he's on form coming in off 3 consecutive wins. He'll fancy the job. Which will only make the fight better. Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Tecia Torres is very similar to the above in that I think Joanna is in almost the exact same boat as Aldo. She was a dominant champion. She didn't just beat all challengers she outclassed them and methodically took them apart. It was sinister to watch. Then she ran into her Max Holloway in Rose Namajunas. Thug Rose shocked the MMA world by KOing Joanna inside a round on the MSG show in November. Then she validated it further by outworking Joanna over 5 rounds in their April rematch. At 0-2 to the current champ, Joanna is in limbo and is now faced with the choice of either moving up for a fresh start at flyweight, or climbing the strawweight ladder from the bottom again. She's gone for the second option. Personally, I'd have loved to have seen her up at 125. A title fight with Valentina Shevchenko would instantly legitimise and give credibility to the flyweight title. But here she is still plugging away at 115, still making that weight cut and I guess just hoping that someone dethrones Rose soon because the chances of Rose vs Joanna 3 anytime soon are slim. Tecia Torres is an opponent I expect Joanna to beat, if she isn't completely mentally gone after those 2 losses to Rose. Torres is a solid fighter herself. 10-2 record. Has wins over Namajunas and Michelle Waterson but she's coming off a loss to Jessica Andrade. An interesting little twist here is that Torres has apparently been training with none other than Rose Namajunas for this fight. Olivier Aubin-Mercier vs Alexander Hernandez is a funny one. First time I've ever been interested in anything involving Aubin-Mercier. Find him boring as fuck usually. But I'm intrigued by this Alexander Hernandez. I'd never heard of him before his UFC debut in March. But he soon got my attention when he knocked out the usually durable Beneil Dariush in 42 fucking seconds! Dariush is a guy who's beat Jim Miller, James Vick and Michael Johnson and is a BJJ and Muay Thai black-belt. He's absolutely no pushover. Gone in 42 seconds. Hernandez looks the real deal to me. He's 25 years old and has a 9-1 record with 6 finishes. OAM isn't a shit fighter by any means. 11-2 and a decent all-rounder. He'll certainly ask some questions of Hernandez. He's just a bit of a dullard. He recently tried to make up for his blandness by dubbing himself the 'Canadian Gangster'. Yeah. Look at the picture again. Gangster. It's like Millhouse acting ghetto. Dustin Ortiz vs Matheus Nicolau probably won't get much love on a card like this but it might pleasantly surprise you. I like Ortiz. Good little fighter. He holds the record for the fastest finish in flyweight history, for his 15 second KO of Hector Sandoval last August. Beat Alexandre Pantoja in his last fight and also has wins over Ray Borg, Zach Makovsky and Justin Scoggins. Nicolau is a BJJ black-belt with a 13-1-1 record. He's just beat Louis Smolka and John Moraga back-to-back. I'm going with Ion Cutelaba vs Gadzhimurad Antigulov as ***WAND'S ONE TO WATCH*** this time. This could be total mayhem, bedlam, chaos, whatever. Cutelaba is a potential star if he can keep a winning streak going. He has something. There's an intensity there like you rarely see, even in a sport filled with intense characters. He's got the 'Hulk' gimmick with the painting himself green for the weigh ins and stuff. Bit silly but it sets him apart. Came across like an absolute star in the making in his last fight against Henrique Da Silva last June. Paced back and forth during the intros, never taking his eyes off Da Silva. The fight started, they collided, and 22 seconds later Da Silva was left in a heap as Cutelaba marched around like a lunatic. He looked the business that night. So what did he go and do? He got a USADA suspension for 'ozone therapy' whatever the shit that is. Something to do with blood manipulation which is on the USADA banned list. Anyway, he got a 6 month suspension. He's back now. Hopefully his run-ins with USADA are in the rearview. He's 13-3-1 in his career, 2-2 in his last 4 so I'm not expecting him to Goldberg through the 205 ranks or anything. But he's definitely somebody worth keeping an eye on and he just adds something to a division that's needed strengthening for a while. He's up against Gadzhimurad Antigulov. A hard Russian with a 20-4 record. He's riding a 14 fight winning streak and has stopped his last 6 opponents, 5 of them in the first round. Not the fight that immediately jumps out at you on this card because they're not really established names yet, but it's a killer fight on paper. As an aside, I've got to say I love this little mini tournament of new blood and prospects they've got going on at 205 at the moment. Scheduled over the next few months you've got Cutelaba vs Antigulov, Ledet vs Rakic, Saki vs Rountree, Kimball vs Stosic then you've got Volkan Oezdemir and Tyson Pedro in big fights against Shogun and OSP respectively. The 205 division has been criticised for being shallow for the longest time but I actually think we're seeing an exciting new wave coming through here. The division is just in an evolving phase right now. I like all these matchups though. Fuck it. Put all these new guys against each other and let's see what's what. Islam Makhachev vs Kajan Johnson will likely be an entertaining fight. This Makhachev has gone right under the radar. Nobody talks about him like they do some of the other Russian standouts but he's really good from what I've seen so far. 15-1 record. Beat Nik Lentz and KO'd Gleison Tibau in about a minute in his last fight. Trains with Khabib at AKA. Still only 26 as well. Kajan Johnson is scrappy and will try to make a real fight of it with anyone. I think he's outmatched here but he'll bring it. Randa Markos vs Nina Ansaroff isn't going to determine any number one contenders. These two are both kind of floundering. But saying that I like the fight. I think they're quite evenly matched and they both need to make a statement and soon if they ever want to be more than just a journeywoman. I've liked Randa Markos since she was on TUF a few years back. On a show full of twats like Herrig, Esparza, Rawlings and of course Vinegar Tits, Randa stood out as just a real and normal woman who was chasing her dream instead of craving 15 minutes of reality TV fame like the names above. She was a big babyface with me for eliminating Felice Herrig on the show as well. Sadly since TUF she's been very hit and miss. She's been alternating between wins and losses every single fight over her last 10! She's 8-5 now. Not good. She won her last fight so she's due to lose this one. Ansaroff is also 8-5. She's coming off 2 wins but, like Randa, she's been very inconsistent. At this point she's best known for being Amanda Nunes' girlfriend. I genuinely think this is a good fight though. The styles match up well, especially if they both come to grapple. Jordan Mein vs Alex Morono is worth a mention just because Mein is usually good value. There was a time when he seemed on the verge of breaking out and becoming a real player at 170 but his roll has slowed for whatever reason. I think it might be a case of him just burning out too soon. He's only 28 but he started young and he's already had 42 fights, 49 if you include the amateurs. That's a lot of shit to put your body through in a short time. There's been spells when he's shown all the potential in the world but he hasn't been able to get over that hump against the elite. This is a homecoming for him as he's from Alberta. Morono is a solid enough test. 14-4-1 with wins over Josh Burkman and Kyle Noke on his résumé. Hakeem Dawodu vs Austin Arnett is going to be another crowd pleaser. Dawodu was born in Calgary. He's 7-1-1 and was unbeaten before his UFC debut in March. Real good striker. Stopped 5 of his first 6 opponents. Don't recall seeing Arnett before. He's 15-4 and lost his last two. John Makdessi vs Ross Pearson is probably going to be entertaining enough. I just think Pearson is done. He won his last fight, a decision over Mizuto Hirota, but before that he'd lost 4 on the trot and lost 7 of his last 10! He got KO'd badly by Dan Hooker as well. The Hirota win feels like papering over the cracks at this point. He's just got the feel of a fighter on borrowed time. Shame because he seems a genuinely top bloke. Makdessi's got some nasty striking as well. Got a bad feeling Pearson is getting ironed out again. Didn't mean for that to go on so long but it's such a good card I got carried away and gave it the PPV hype job this one deserves it though.