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  1. Well, it’s official. FINALLY! Your Korea headliner for December...
  2. Yeah, after the shit fight with Paul Daley where he was outgrappled (by Paul Daley!) for large spells of it, then getting sparked by Douglas Lima, I was fully expecting them to feed him a few easy wins to rebuild him. No doubt he’ll piss about and moonwalk through a few nobodies now with highlight reel knockouts and we’ll keep hearing how he’s ‘back’ and how everyone’s fucked. Until he steps in with someone good again and gets exposed. He’s entertaining in his own way but I’ve never been convinced MVP is anything special. Aside from the Daley snoozer, which really could’ve been scored either way, what’s his best win? A broken down, never that good to begin with Cyborg? People forget but between his bunch of flashy giftastic KOs and dance moves, he’s spent a good chunk of his MMA career pulling out of fights injured and talking more than doing. He also looked very ordinary against some journeyman whose name I’m forgetting not too long back and went to a decision in an awful fight. Just not buying what he’s selling. He’s been compared to Prince Naseem from time to time, probably guilty of that myself in the past, but the big difference is that Naz was elite. His flashiness and wacky antics just added to his effectiveness and overall style. Naz was all flash on the surface but had the foundation of skills and punching power to back it up. Whereas I find MVP is mostly flash and doesn’t have the substance behind it to go beyond a certain level. It sounds harsh and he’s not terrible or anything. But I’ve never seen him as the big prospect he was made out as. And he’s 32 now. It’s not like he’s some wet behind the ears 20 year old with bags of time to grow. He is pretty much what he is at this point. You’re not going to be making significant gains and closing gaps in the grappling or whatever at 32 years old. And the guys in his weight range like Lima and Rory smoke him all day, every day. Imagine him in the UFC’s Welterweight division? The likes of Usman, Covington, Woodley, Askren and Maia would ragdoll him. He’d be light work. I’m not sure he’d get past the Mike Perry level, to be honest.
  3. The lighter side of the Mexican fans being twats on Saturday night; On a side note, I actually think these two are my favourite commentary team now. They might be better than the PPV team for me. I think Bisping is ace. As much as I like Cormier on commentary, I actually think I’ve enjoyed Bisping more lately. And I wasn’t fussed either way on Brendan Fitzgerald but I think him and Bisping have really good chemistry. They worked really well together right off the bat and they’ve got better each time the more familiar they’ve gotten with each other. I’m pretty much done with Rogan and Cruz is starting to grate on me a bit as well.
  4. @tiger_rick will probably like this; I doubt I could even manage a decent sponge so this type of stuff is amazing to me.
  5. Yep. The BMF division is legit. Masvidal - 13 losses, 2-2 in his last 4. Diaz - 11 losses and only fights once every few years. Stephens with his 16 losses is as deserving as any of a crack at that belt. BMFs. On a serious note, depending on how bad Stephens’ eye is, obviously, I wonder how quickly they could set up a rematch. Looking at the upcoming cards, UFC 243 in Aus could certainly do with a fight like Yair vs Stephens. And Boston just lost its Zabit vs Kattar co-main, so there’s that card too. Whether Stephens would be good to go by Oct 5th or 18th is the question.
  6. Yeah it was just bad vibes all round. Got to say, heat of the moment and all that but I thought Yair came off pretty badly in all that. Of course, the eye poke was unintentional but the way he carried on after that was a bit shitty. Jumping up on the fence celebrating as if he’d won, then getting arsey with Bisping. He was acting like he was the one who was wronged. I get that it was an accident and that both him and Stephens got robbed of a proper fight and both wasted time and money on training for it. I get it. But it was his finger that caused it. On top of that, in his post-fight media scrum he’s acting like Stephens faked the injury. I’ve said loads of times over the years that I can’t be doing with Jeremy Stephens. He’s hardly a sympathetic figure. But Yair’s come off as a cock there to me. Accidents happen but how this getting put on Stephens and becoming a question of his toughness is a load of bollocks. If the fight happened anywhere but Mexico, Yair would’ve probably got the full heel reaction.
  7. Face to Face: Chisora vs Parker; Doesn’t really matter but what’s the deal here with dropping the ‘Gloves Are Off’ name and swapping Johnny Nelson for some woman I’ve never heard of? I’m guessing it’s because it’s Matchroom themselves putting this out not Sky Sports? Whatever. Hope they do one for Prograis and Taylor as well. That could be good, they both can’t stop chatting shit to each other every time they see each other.
  8. Yeah that was the first time I heard of him. That was a mad finish. Whatever happened to Imada? Masvidal was always a good fighter but up until this year, a lot of his fights were usually close decisions and pretty dull ones. Literally the only time I’d see anyone bigging him up would be your posts Ebb. You were on that bandwagon by yourself. Now you can’t even get a seat.
  9. Yeah he’s always been the same. He’s always been a plastic gangsta manchild div. But I find it funny how fickle most MMA fans are. Nobody but Ebb, Yoel Romero and Masvidal’s own family liked Masvidal before this year. He knocks out Till and Askren, makes up a couple of cringey catchphrases and cosplays Al Pacino and suddenly everyone’s claiming they liked him before I was even born and stuff. I can’t wait for the day Leon Edwards shuts him down in a 25 minute snoozer so all these Gotti-come-latelys can shut the fuck up and give Jorge’s dick a rest.
  10. It was such a crappy end to an otherwise cracking show. A proper downer. Really thought we were in for something a bit special with Yair Rodriguez and Jeremy Stephens. Especially after the way the previous two fights went. It just felt like the card was building to something crazy. Then 15 seconds in, its all over. Huge anti-climax. The post-fight scenes were ugly with the crowd pelting Stephens with rubbish. Never seen anything quite like that at a UFC show. Not good. I get being frustrated with how the fight ended but that was cunty. It’s that bollocks mentality of the fighter being a pussy for not continuing to fight, even when he can’t fucking see. I’ve never liked Stephens but I’ve got zero doubt he couldn’t see. He couldn’t open the eye for ages. No way any fighter goes through a full training camp and puts in all the time and expense that goes with it to just ‘quit’. What was this about as well?... Bisping should’ve snapped his filthy eye poking fingers. Carla Esparza vs Alexa Grasso was a way better fight than I expected. Esparza is usually boring as fuck to watch but Grasso managed to drag her into the best fight of her career and it was quality. Grasso’s had a few really good fights now in the UFC. This one, the Karolina Kowalkiewicz one in her last fight and I remember the Randa Markos fight being fun as well. I had Grasso winning this, to be honest. Esparza got some takedowns but I thought Grasso was still outworking her from the bottom and felt like she landed more and better on the feet. How Esparza survived that armbar though... Arms aren’t supposed to do that. Credit where it’s due. Can’t stand Esparza but she’s tough as fuck. Brandon Moreno vs Askar Askarov was another tremendous fight. I thought this was fantastic and maybe even better than Esparza vs Grasso actually. Really exciting from bell-to-bell. Not sure about the scoring in this one either. On first watch but not scoring particularly closely, I had it for Moreno. Think I gave him 1 and 3. Having it a draw seemed a bit off to me but whatever. Great fight. I’d like to see a rematch sometime. Shame they never got any kind of bonus for that fight. Thought Irene Aldana had probably her best UFC showing to date against a game Vanessa Melo. Aldana just used her as target practice and Melo took a right beating. Steven Peterson busting out a spinning backfist KO was some way to open up the main card. Easily one of the best knockouts of the year. It was like something off a video game with both throwing backfists at the same time but Peterson’s connected on the money and nearly took Bravo’s head clean off. Kyle Nelson fucking wrecked Polo Reyes in a round. That barrage up against the fence just came out of nowhere. Angela Hill’s elbow...Christ! Not the debut Ariane Carnelossi would’ve wished for. Decent little fight before that but that elbow in the third just sliced Carnelossi right the fuck open above the eye. Sergio Pettis vs Tyson Nam was OK, nothing special. Pettis looked pretty sharp and he managed to avoid the old late replacement curse. Nam had his moments though and I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do on a full camp. Paul Craig had his most straight forward and impressive UFC win to date. He looked good. Just battered Moreira. Glad he’s sticking around, seems a good guy. I loved him describing Moreira as doing “the old Elvis Presley leg” when he was rocked 😂 Funny show really. The one fight that you’d think was guaranteed to be great ended in 15 seconds on an eye poke but some of the undercard delivered more than I expected, particularly Grasso vs Esparza.
  11. Yeah it’s baffling. It’s not even like a BJ Penn situation where his life is spectacularly going off the rails or a Chuck Liddell thing where fighting is all he ever knew and he was never really cut out for being mic/desk guy. Like you said, Rashad is ideal for a pundit/analyst or even colour commentary gig. He’s got the personality and charisma and ability to talk plus the credibility of being a former UFC champ himself. He’s also gone through TUF, been a top coach at Blackzilians and had the highs and lows and lengthy injury layoffs that mean he’s basically seen and experienced it all when it comes to fighting. From all angles - fighter, coach, cornerman, from TUFer to world champion, the lot. He’s got a perspective on MMA combined with the ability to speak well that pretty much nobody else has. I know MMA/Boxing retirements rarely stick but of all the MMA retirees over the last few years, him and Bisping were the two I actually believed in. They’re both intelligent enough, have other options to continue to make a living in the sport and have achieved more than enough to be proud of. It’s why the timing seemed so perfect for them both to go in the HOF this summer. Listening to Rashad after he retired, it genuinely felt like he’d accepted it, had mentally turned the page on that chapter of his life and was happy to move on. Whether he’s still got that urge to compete in his system or he’s just not content to walk away from the spotlight or money etc, fuck knows. No doubt De La Hoya will be on the phone to him this week to sort out those rematches with Tito and Chuck that the world has been clamouring for.
  12. Got a bad feeling Stephens catches Yair and puts him out tonight. Really hope I’m wrong because he’s a fucking twat and I like Yair, but it’s a gut feeling. I think Yair is the better overall striker but I don’t know, I can see him getting clipped. Did anyone see the Brian Ortega media scrum from Mexico? Sounds like that beating from Holloway was a real eye opener to him. Didn’t know the plan was for Yair vs Ortega to headline tonight’s show. I’d heard the Yair vs Zabit and Ortega vs Zombie talk but not Yair vs Ortega. Would’ve been incredible. Sounds like Ortega wasn’t ready though. I actually like that he’s taken some time out after that Holloway loss. That was a bad beating. Rushing back too soon might’ve been the worst thing he could’ve done and been counterproductive. I’ve actually been seeing some negativity recently towards Ortega with divs saying he’s ducked the Zombie and stuff. I think people are forgetting that this is a man who knocked out Frankie Edgar on about 2 weeks notice. But yeah, he’s a fanny apparently. Hopefully that Zombie fight gets made soon. Pretty solid looking show tonight, I think. Can’t see Yair vs Stephens being anything less than at least exciting. It’s got FOTN written all over it. Then you’ve got Alexa Grasso, Brandon Moreno, Irene Aldana and Paul Craig who are all usually in entertaining fights. Askarov is 10-0 with 10 finishes and Carnelossi is a finisher. Quite interested in seeing Tyson Nam against Little Pettis as well.
  13. At least we’ve still got Robbie ‘No Bark, All Bite’ Lawler to keep these pressers popping.
  14. Jesus. They’ll never stop. Surely even Scott Coker won’t want any part of this. Right? RIGHT? I fully expect to see both Rashad and BJ Penn getting smashed to bits by unknown Dagestanis in ONE by years end.
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