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  1. Bellator MMA Thread - Bellator 183 (Sept. 23rd)

    For some reason I had it in my head that Daley vs Larkin was in October. Bonus that it's this week. That's easily the fight I'm most looking forward to this weekend. Should be fireworks.
  2. Boxing Thread

    Same. He seems a good guy to me and of course he's got a ton of potential at 19 years old. It's all pinch of salt stuff to me but all the talk of him doing well with Joshua in sparring sounds good as well. If it's true it's very promising because, as ridiculous as it sounds when you look at him, he's still a puppy growing into his paws right now. At 19 he's not even in his prime. Hopefully he goes from strength to strength over the next few years.
  3. UFC 217: Bisping vs St Pierre

    Yeah, Whittaker's got a knee injury. Either from the Romero fight or it happened in camp for UFC 213 and the fight with Romero just made it worse. Either way, Whittaker's sidelined until 2018. Wonder what happens though, if Bisping beats GSP then retires? Bisping would be gone, GSP would surely drop back down to 170. Where does that leave Whittaker? I suppose the interim would be upgraded and he'd just become the full champ then. Fuck knows who he'd fight though. You've got Weidman and Rockhold coming off a win each but it still feels like they both need another win first. He already just beat Romero and Jacare. Mousasi is in Bellator. They'd probably go Whittaker vs Rockhold, I'm guessing.
  4. Boxing Thread

    Wasn't expecting that one.
  5. UFC 217: Bisping vs St Pierre

    I'm not massively in love with the Bisping vs GSP fight myself. Never was. Don't get me wrong, now it's booked I want to see it. I want to see everything. I'd still like to see Couture brush the mothballs off his gloves and fight Cro Cop, just because we were robbed of that fight 10 years ago. I'd still jizz myself dry if Fedor vs Brock or Anderson vs GSP got made, years after they were genuine megafights. If you think about it, Bisping vs GSP is actually an interesting matchup style-wise. I don't see it as a truly huge fight like they want it to be but I'm certainly intrigued by how it goes on the night. GSP's MMA wrestling is awesome but Bisping's defensive grappling has always been top notch plus there's the added element of GSP going up in weight possibly making his wrestling less effective. On the feet who the fuck knows, right? Bisping is a fantastic striker. As good as GSP is on the feet, I don't see him just handling Bisping. Then there's the possible ring rust for GSP. If GSP is seeing Bisping as an easy fight like Bisping's claiming then I can see him being surprised. Bisping's no gimme at all for GSP. Where Bisping comes unstuck usually is against the real power strikers and/or juicers. And GSP wasn't exactly a KO artist at 170, he hasn't stopped an opponent at 170 since he fought BJ Penn in 2009! And that was a lightweight coming up to 170. I find it hard to envision him stopping Bisping at 185. Plus Bisping's not going to fade. You can't just 'weather his storm' and take over when he fades. He doesn't fade. He's one of the best conditioned fighters in the game, even now at 38. So GSP's most likely path to victory is to outpoint Bisping like he has his last load of opponents at 170. But with his time out, going up in weight etc, and Bisping's strengths as a fighter, I don't know. It's a hard fight. If Yoel Romero had beaten Robert Whittaker in July and the Bisping vs Romero fight was still on the table, I'd be less up for this GSP fight. Bisping vs Romero was the one for me. If I could've had it work out how I wanted it, we'd have Bisping vs Romero and a GSP vs McGregor superfight on the schedule now. But the way things have worked out, Bisping vs Whittaker, good as it'd be, doesn't grab me so much for some reason. And Whittaker's injured anyway. So I'm good with this. It's a bit of a weird fight but fuck it.
  6. Boxing Thread

    For those who didn't see it; Absolutely crushing KO. One of the most brutal I've seen in a while. Carter was down for ages after as well, to the point where people start worrying. He got to his feet eventually but it was one of those knockouts where everyone's kind of holding their breath hoping he wakes up.
  7. UFC Fight Pass: OSP vs Okami - Sep 22

    Yeah, that's the main hook of this card for me. I was a big fan of Saki as a kickboxer so it'll be cool to see him in the Octagon.
  8. UFC Fight Night: Machida vs Brunson - Oct 28

    Ha. I knew there was a good one I was forgetting. Oluwale Bamgbose sounds fucking badass as well.
  9. UFC Fight Night: Machida vs Brunson - Oct 28

    Alright then. It's no Papy Abedi.
  10. UFC Fight Night: Rockhold vs Branch - Sep 16

    I think I mention this every time we talk about that GSP vs Hardy build up, but sod it I'll do it again. My favourite bit of that build up was at the end of one of the episodes of Primetime (which by the way, was one of the best Primetimes they did) when they set you up all episode that Hardy has a 'secret weapon' who's going to help him prep for GSP. Then at the conclusion of the episode they hit you with the big reveal and it's Matt Serra! Looking back it's almost comical to think Hardy and Serra were going to get together and mastermind GSP's downfall and take over the world like a cauliflower eared version of Pinky & The Brain. But Serra had been the last guy to beat GSP (still is) and the way they built it up was great with the dramatic music, Hardy pulling up to the gym and then the big handshake at the end with Serra. It's nothing really but i loved it at the time and I love it now.
  11. UFC Fight Night: Rockhold vs Branch - Sep 16

    I think he still wants to. Think it's still a case of convincing the commissions that he can safely compete with his heart condition. Sure he was saying he'd fight at 155 if he comes back as well. There was talk of him fighting Diego Sanchez at one point but until he gets the go ahead it's not happening. Can't see him ever coming back now. If the commissions were going to OK him to fight, surely it'd have happened by now. This month it's 5 years since his last fight against Amir Sadollah in Nottingham, for fuck's sake!
  12. UFC Fight Night: Machida vs Brunson - Oct 28

    It's good, but it's no Waachim Spiritwolf, is it?
  13. UFC Fight Night: Rockhold vs Branch - Sep 16

    It might've been Lytle vs Hardy, it's all hazy. Think it was Lytle vs Davis though. Speaking of those guys, I loved the build up to Dan Hardy vs Marcus Davis. Forgot all about that. Hardy keep calling him a 'Plastic Paddy' and stuff. It's easy to forget now he's the laid back fight analyst/commentator but Hardy was great fun early in his UFC run. The build up to the GSP fight was some of the best fight hype the UFC's ever done IMO. It was the best hyped squash match in UFC history. Couture vs Toney gets the silver.
  14. UFC Fight Night: Rockhold vs Branch - Sep 16

    Exactly. Think it was Chris Lytle and Marcus Davis years ago who called each other out and there was no disrespect or insults. It was a fight they both wanted, they made it known and they got it.
  15. UFC Fight Night: Rockhold vs Branch - Sep 16

    It's pointless as well because he's calling out Bisping but he's not getting that fight. The GSP fight is booked. If Bisping beats GSP he's defending against Whittaker. If Bisping loses to GSP you have to assume the UFC will want to do that Bisping vs Romero fight. Then there's the outside chance of that fucking Bellew thing actually happening. I don't even think I want to see Bisping vs Rockhold 3. Usually, I'd be all for the rubber match because leaving it at 1-1 feels like unfinished business, like turning a film off before the end or something. But fuck it, this Bisping vs Rockhold film has already had the ending I wanted. I'd be quite happy for Bisping to never give him the third fight and just keep trolling him. Bisping should just keep saying the trilogy is already done and that it's already 2-1 to him after that sparring session that started the bad blood, where Bisping became the 'unofficial Strikeforce middleweight champ' and all that. I hope Bisping ends up retiring without the rubber match happening, forever having the last laugh.