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  1. Does Mickey Ward have a son? ...
  2. To be fair, I don’t really get why anyone would be a fan of him. Colby’s parents probably dodge his calls, a lot of his own teammates openly root against him and the women who hang around him are clearly being paid. I’d say that even the people who claim to be fans of him, a good chunk of them are probably only doing it because ‘heelz are kool’. He’s arse. Whether he’s a star or not is whatever. Makes no odds to me. I don’t see him as particularly charismatic either. Which is why he has to say controversial things, attach himself to Trump, wear the bright orange suits etc. He’s a crap talker as well. Just constantly going for shock value and coining and beating to death cack catchphrases and nicknames that nobody else repeats. He said in some interview I saw this week ”That’s why they call him Marty Fakenewsman...”. Except, they don’t. I’ve never heard anyone else call Usman that. Just Colby saying it 3 times a sentence, desperately hoping it’ll catch on. It’s all a bit David Brent. David’s seen the div in the flesh so maybe there’s an ‘it factor’ he has in person that doesn’t translate to the screen. But even if that’s the case, that’s still a problem because the screen is where people will mostly see him. I’m not bothered about ratings and all that boring shite but I’m sure I saw somewhere that his fight with Robbie Lawler was one of the lowest rated shows since the ESPN deal kicked in. If that’s true (anyone know?) then it doesn’t exactly fill you with hope that he’s going to become some big star.
  3. Yeah, that’s so crap. The posters were starting to get a bit better these last couple of months as well. I liked these... You’d think they’d go all out for McGregor vs Cerrone but that one looks lazy as fuck.
  4. Once again, I’ve really neglected the buildup to this one. Just never seem to get around to watching the Countdown anymore and usually end up forgetting about Embedded and all that stuff. I’ve only watched a few of the media interviews from this week and now I’ve just caught the weigh in. It’s done the trick. Can’t wait for this tonight now. Kamaru Usman vs Colby Covington - I’m still pretty much none the wiser. How do you split these two? Style-wise they have so many of the same strengths and we haven’t seen much in the way of weakness from either yet. It’s ridiculously hard to call. Like pretty much everyone else, I see this being a real gruelling, grinding struggle all the way. Maybe we’re all wrong and one will just steamroll the other but there’s really nothing to base that on from what we’ve seen. If anyone’s predicting a domination either way then it’s just guesswork or wishful thinking. I’m yet to see anyone be really confident in picking a winner here. And that’s what makes this such a tremendous matchup. I’m going Usman by decision...I think. Don’t really know why I’m thinking that and it’s not just because I can’t stand Covington. I just think he might have the edge in physical strength and he holds up well pace-wise along with that. But all bets are off really because if Colby’s schtick has gotten under Usman’s skin then that could be the equaliser. With two men this evenly matched, tiny things that wouldn’t usually matter much could actually make all the difference. I don’t know. I hope Usman twats him all over the place though. Max Holloway vs Alexander Volkanovski - This is such a great fight and it’s been criminally overlooked. Whether it’s Colby and his orange suit, Aldo looking like a raisin all week or just the busy time of the year having people preoccupied, not many have been talking about this. It should be class though. Holloway obviously will have the advantage as long as it’s standing. Not that Volkanovski is a bad striker, he’s not at all, but Max is on a completely different level. But it’ll be interesting to see if Volkanovski can find success with his takedowns and wear on Max with his strength. Volkanovski is tough as fuck, pushes the pace, doesn’t shy away from a scrap and he’s strong as a bull. He’s also on a 17 fight winning streak. He’s no joke. He didn’t get enough credit for his win over Aldo in May for me. He totally shut Aldo down and Aldo had been looking good and on a resurgence in his previous fights. In the end though, I’m picking Holloway on points. If Volkanovski was fighting anyone else at 145, I’d probably pick him. I rate him that much. But Holloway is so dialled in at 145 right now and I just can’t see a clear path for Volkanovski here. Wrestling and mixing in takedowns with his striking seems like it’ll probably be the plan but that’s so much easier said than done against someone with the gas tank of Holloway, who also never stands still and is constantly peppering you with strikes, emptying your tank at the same time. Frankie Edgar had no luck with that game plan either. It’s a real uphill battle for Volk. I think he’ll see out the 5 rounds but even that’s hard to say because we’ve never seen him in the ‘championship rounds’ before and if anyone’s going to severely test your conditioning in those late rounds it’s Holloway. Amanda Nunes vs Germaine De Randamie 2 - Yeah, Nunes most likely wins this. I’m not sure it’ll be the walkover most seem to be expecting though. I think De Randamie gets sold short a bit and I think a lot of it is to do with the whole ‘she ducked Cyborg’ thing. But I think there must’ve been more to that than we know. It’s not like GDR had a rep for ducking before that. I mean, fuck, she actually fought a man who was 40lbs heavier than her and knocked him out in a Boxing match. She didn’t hesitate to sign on the dotted line against Nunes here either. And Nunes destroyed Cyborg. All that aside, De Randamie went 46-0 with 30 knockouts in Kickboxing. She knows what she’s doing in there. She’s had mixed results in MMA but she comes into this one off 5 consecutive wins. I’m still going with Nunes by KO/TKO but I genuinely think this could be trickier for her than a lot of people think. Her best bet would probably be to try to recreate what she did the first time they fought. Just go grappling heavy and put GDR where she’s weakest. If she does that then it could be a fairly easy night’s work. But Nunes has fallen in love with knocking people out over the last few years and I can see her wanting to prove a point here against the more experienced pure striker. I think Nunes is smarter than that though. She’s got a huge advantage in the grappling so she’d be mad not to exploit that. Marlon Moraes vs Jose Aldo - This has probably been the biggest talking point of the show. And for all the wrong reasons sadly. Style-wise this is a fucking fantastic fight. It’s got ‘Muay Thai war’ written all over it. But Aldo’s weight cut has been the bigger story and has dominated the MMA media this week. He looked awful physically at the early (real) weigh ins yesterday but to be fair I’ve seen worse in terms of how he seemed in himself. He was moving relatively well, didn’t need the towel and wasn’t shaking and looking all spaced out on the scale like some fighters we’ve seen in the past. But there’s no getting away from the fact that he looked terrible and there’s no doubt he’s paid the price and diminished himself to hit that weight limit. It’s barmy. And although he looked good at the bullshit weigh ins later on after he’d had chance to replenish, the damage is done now and he can’t be anywhere close to 100% when he steps into the Octagon tonight. Moraes by KO/TKO. I’d love nothing more than for Aldo to look great here and surprise everyone. But I’m not feeling it. If he was against a lesser opponent then maybe he’d get away with it this time but I just don’t see him dodging the bullet here. Moraes is a beast. I might pick him to beat Aldo if they fought at 145 or even 155. Aldo is an all time great fighter. I’d never totally write him off. But I don’t think he really has any advantage here. Power, speed, youth, health, it’s all in Moraes’ favour. And then Aldo’s stacked the odds against himself even further with the mental cut to 135. I just can’t see it ending well. Petr Yan vs Urijah Faber - This is a kind of intriguing one for me. Faber is a young 40, no doubt. He’s looked after himself. He looks better than guys on the roster who are literally half his age. Seriously, he could be some of these guys’ Dad and he’s in better nick than them. But he’s still 40 and I think when he retired back in 2016 it was probably the right time. The quick finish against Ricky Simon in July was nice and maybe got some people thinking he had another run at gold in him but I think it’s going to end in tears for old Bum Chin. Like with Moraes vs Aldo, if Faber was up against someone not so good he’d probably have another good night. But I don’t see him having much for Yan at this stage. Yan by KO/TKO for me. Faber has won fights I thought he’d lose before but at 40 how many times can you go to that well? Lesser fighters than Yan have given a younger Faber problems. And from interviews I’ve seen, I think Faber might already be slightly looking past Yan towards a shot at Henry Cejudo in 2020. I really think Yan is going to put a beating on Faber tonight. He’s kind of gone under the radar for a lot of people but this could be just the big name win he needs to put himself on the map. Full predictions then; Kamaru Usman by Decision. Max Holloway by Decision. Amanda Nunes by KO/TKO. Marlon Moraes by KO/TKO. Petr Yan by KO/TKO. Geoff Neal by Decision. Ketlen Vieira by Submission. Ian Heinisch by Decision. Matt Brown by KO/TKO. Chase Hooper by Decision. Kai Kara-France by Decision. Viviane Araújo by Decision. Punahele Soriano by KO/TKO.
  5. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I read or watched an interview with Cormier the other day saying it’s looking like it’ll be around June time for the Stipe rubber match. When you think we’ve got McGregor vs Cerrone in January, Jones vs Reyes in March, Khabib vs Ferguson in April already. The first quarter of 2020 is filling up quick.
  6. Yeah, Barnett definitely had the harder route to the finals. Actually, I’m struggling to think of anyone who had a tougher run in any of the Pride GPs than Barnett had in 2006. Aleks, Hunt, Nog and Cro Cop? Yeah fuck that. I’d be taking all the PEDs as well. Edit - Shogun in 2005 is up there actually. He fought Rampage, Little Nog, Overeem and Arona. He made the Rampage and Arona fights look easy but, going in, that’s a hell of a gauntlet to get through.
  7. The Cro Cop vs Barnett series was weird. Just looking at their records it says Cro Cop went 3-0 but that doesn’t really tell the whole story as when you watch the fights, two of them have asterisks next to them. First fight - was over before it got going and ended in less than a minute with Barnett’s shoulder popping out. It had to go down as a loss because he tapped (I think) when he realised his shoulder was knackered but it wasn’t like Mirko actually bettered him that night. In fact, Barnett was in top position in Cro Cop’s guard when the injury happened. Second fight - This is the only one without controversy. And Cro Cop won fairly clearly by decision. Third fight - Cro Cop won but not without controversy again because he poked Barnett in the eye while he was punching him on the ground. Like the first fight, it went down as a submission because Barnett tapped. Which was understandable considering he couldn’t see and had Mirko Fucking Cro Cop standing over him with a choice of punches, soccer kicks and stomps to blast him with. Cro Cop was getting the better of the fight before the poke, and he was on fire throughout that tournament as well. Chances are it would’ve been his night regardless. But it’s a shame two of their three fights were marred with controversy. And the second fight wasn’t much good really either. So while the head-to-head scorecard is 3-0 to old Mirko, it’s a bit of a strange trilogy. I feel like Cro Cop was the better fighter but he really never showed he was clearly the superior fighter over the course of their three fights. It’s an odd one. And it’s a shame their series didn’t really deliver considering it was two of the very best Heavyweights in the world and both pretty much smack bang in the middle of their primes. It could’ve been so much more than it was. Barnett’s two fights with Big Nog are where it’s at. I wish they’d had a decider because they finished up at 1-1 and they were both absolute classics.
  8. Munoz has clearly been on that Andy Ruiz diet.
  9. He really did. Someone caught this pic of Buffer’s reaction to it and I think it captures the moment perfectly. I think everyone’s jaw hit the floor along with Smith’s.
  10. Never saw this before. How nice is this?
  11. Quite enjoyed this show. Had its dull points like most cards but on the whole it was really good. I think the break in shows before this probably helped as well. Jairzinho Rozenstruik...man! Talk about pulling a victory from the jaws of defeat. Apparently Rozenstruik was down 0-4 on all the judges scorecards at the time of the stoppage. Not sure I had it that wide but definitely had Overeem ahead. Jair pulling that shot out of the bag at 4:56 of the last round was unbelievable. And Overeem’s lip!! I think that’s even worse than Robbie Lawler’s in the Rory MacDonald fight. Felt bad for Overeem, to be fair. He got waffled and decked but popped up quick and Dan Miragliotta stopped it immediately. If Reem had been given those last 4 seconds and survived, he wins. So it’s harsh on him. Looking at how Reem looked when he stood up, he was stumbling and wobbling badly, and of course his lip was hanging off, so it wasn’t a the worst stoppage ever. But when you see Miragliotta practically pleading with Struve to carry on with the fight earlier in the night, but then stops the Reem fight as soon as his arse hits the floor, with 4 seconds on the clock...I don’t know. Given how the fight had played out, I think Overeem deserved more of a chance to fight through and see the final buzzer. Wasn’t like he’d been taking a beating prior to that punch landing. Marina Rodriguez vs Cynthia Calvillo felt weak as a co-main. Saw it was a draw but was a bit distracted and didn’t pay close enough attention to scoring it to agree or disagree. I liked what I saw from Rodriguez in the striking though. Looked like Calvillo got the better of the grappling, as expected. Looked a decent fight from what I saw. Ben Rothwell vs Stefan Struve, fucking hell man. Struve came out of retirement for this shit? Rothwell kicking his bollocks in? Hopefully Struve already has all the kids he wanted because even if he won’t retire, his balls certainly have now. Every time Struve fights I find myself just feeling sorry for him when it’s over. Shame as well because I actually thought Struve was looking better than he has in years before Big Ben went straight Andrew Golota on him. Thought Miragliotta trying to talk Struve into continuing the fight wasn’t right. Especially telling him he was winning rounds. What the fuck’s that? Not the best night for Big Dan all-round. Oh and fuck that crowd for booing Struve. Aspen Ladd vs Yana Kunitskaya wasn’t much good. And the first couple of rounds might’ve been the worst thing on the card. Ladd got there in the end though. She went full on beast mode in the third. Glad to see her back on track. Still feel like she’s one of the most promising prospects in the women’s side of the game easy. There’s better to come from her. She’s kind of caught between divisions I think though. I don’t think 135 is ideal for her but not sure she’s big enough yet for 145. Cody Stamann vs Song Yadong was an odd fight. I felt like Stamann got a raw deal here. When the fight ended I thought Stamann had pretty much kind of derailed the Yadong hype train. And when you factor in Yadong getting a point deducted for the dirty knee in the first round, I definitely had Cody winning. To have it a majority draw that means 2 of the judges would’ve had Yadong winning if not for the point deduction. Don’t see that at all myself. Stamann landed more strikes, scored more takedowns, passed guard a bunch and had the deducted point in his favour. Yadong had a half decent second round and not much else, IMO. Rob Font vs Ricky Simon was bags of fun. Really entertaining scrap to open the main card with. Font looked really sharp. Simon hasn’t had the best of years results-wise but he’s become someone I’ve really enjoyed watching this year. He brings it, win or lose. Prelims were where this card really delivered though, with finishes in 5 out of the 6 fights, a couple of them being spectacular ‘best of the year’ type finishes. Tim Means vs Thiago Alves was over before it even got going. Means looked good here. Exactly the kind of showing he needed coming off that bad knockout loss to Niko Price earlier this year. This was a disaster for Alves though. This was the last fight on his contract and he chose to test free agency rather than just re-sign. Obviously that gamble hasn’t worked out for him. Billy Quarantillo vs Jacob Kilburn was OK, although I had zero investment going in with them both being newcomers. It was alright though. Quarantillo’s triangle choke finish was pretty nifty. Bryce Mitchell stole the prelims though. Busting out only the second ever twister in UFC history... And just two weeks before the first man to do it, the Korean Zombie, steps back into the Octagon. Mitchell looks good. 12-0 now with 9 subs and still young at 25 years old. Could see him becoming quite a popular personality as well. If he gives the Trump shoutouts a rest anyway. He’s got a kind of likeable redneck charm about him. Joe Solecki vs Matt Wiman was the only prelim to go to the judges and fuck me was it one sided. I’ll always have a bit of a soft spot for Wiman, ever since I saw him fight at UFC 85 in London against Thiago Tavares. He was getting his arse kicked that night and I still vividly remember Chuck Liddell (who was working Wiman’s corner that night) just silently staring a hole through him between rounds. Then Wiman came out like a madman and knocked Tavares out. One of my favourite MMA moments that I’ve witnessed live. Anyway, that was 2008. This wasn’t that. Wiman looks about done to me. At least against these young new breed guys anyway. Put him in with a Clay Guida or someone and maybe he’ll do better. But that’s Solecki and Luis Peña who’ve handed him a beating this year. Didn’t catch the Fight Pass bit but saw Makhmud Muradov absolutely murder Trevor Smith with one of the cleanest one punch knockouts I’ve ever seen in MMA... Floyd’s boy is looking good. So a fun night of fights all-round.
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