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  1. wandshogun09

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Shit thing there is the show is in Brazil. If Manuwa was the one who got hurt then they could do Glover vs Rountree or whoever and it's a good fit for Brazil. Still, Manuwa vs Rountree would be fun, or Manuwa vs Cutelaba.
  2. wandshogun09

    Confusion in Wrestling

    I thought Chris Benoit's nickname 'The Canadian Crippler' meant he crippled Canadians. Turns out he killed women and children instead. No wonder he left that off the CV.
  3. wandshogun09

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Cheers Ian. Yeah, I had a quick look on her channel but it mostly seemed to be videos of her rambling about some beef she's got with some YouTuber.
  4. wandshogun09

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    I listened to the interview Shelly Martinez did with her and I think you're right. I thought her timeline seemed a bit off at first but listening to her, it does actually line up. She does come across a bit unstable at times but, if what she's saying happened to her is true, no wonder, right? Shelly's story about Kenny Bolin was pretty fucking damning if true. Don't really see what she gains by making that up either. What's the SummerSlam 90 Beefcake story you mention there? Is that from another interview?
  5. wandshogun09

    Underseen, Underappreciated, yet easily found!

    Michael Hayes vs Tracy Smothers. In Attitude era WWF? Yes. Good little match from Shotgun that was more fun than it had any right to be in 1999.
  6. wandshogun09

    RIP Jim Neidhart

    Seeing Big Jim randomly start wearing this hat in 1990 always tickled me more than it should've done. Just look at him.
  7. wandshogun09

    RIP Jim Neidhart

    It is really sad news this. When I think back now to all those tag matches he had teaming with Bret and later Owen, I think it's fair to say he often didn't really get enough credit for the part he played. I think the years of internet workrate wankery distorted a lot of it as 'Bret carried him' in a lot of cases but whenever I watch those matches back, Jim is just as big a part of what makes those matches work. They were the perfect team in many ways. Back then most of the tag teams seemed to have to match and both men were usually similar to each other in size and style. Dynamite and Davey Boy, Ax and Smash, Shawn and Marty, Arn and Tully, Barbarian and Warlord. But the Hitman and the Anvil couldn't have been much more opposite in every way. From their look to their size to their in ring styles. Even their characters were polar opposite with Bret being the cool, laid back technician and Jim the big daft crazy hardcase. The only thing that matched was their pink and black attire. But it worked. Them being so different meant they could match up with any team in kayfabe terms as well. If they were in with Demolition or Powers of Pain, Jim could hang with them in brute force and Bret could use technique. If they faced the Rockers or the Brain Busters, Bret could match them on the mat or with speed and Jim could overpower them. It was perfect. I don't think it would've came off quite so well if either man was teaming with someone else. The Hart Foundation are probably my favourite WWF tag team ever and I just think it was a case of the right two men with the right look at the right time. Looking forward to air_raid's review of the SummerSlam 89 match. Absolutely love that match.
  8. wandshogun09

    UFC 227: Dillashaw vs Garbrandt 2

    Well, what do you know? Look who's trying to switch teams all of a sudden. I'm wrong on a lot of shit but I knew all along I was right to dislike Justin Buchholz. Remember this twat on the Cody vs TJ season of TUF? Constantly crying about TJ being "a snake" and "leaving Team Alpha Male for dead" and all that silly carry on. TJ goes 2-0 over Cody and all of a sudden it's "TJ was always cool" and Buchholz's behaviour on TUF was just him "trying to be a reality star". Didn't seem like that at the time. If it was all for TV then he played the part of bitter, jilted lover on TUF very fucking convincingly. It was just non-stop bellyaching and ripping into both TJ and Duane Ludwig at every opportunity. Now he's no longer at Alpha Male suddenly it's all Faber's fault and this helmet is now taking credit for all Cody's success pre-TJ. If what he says about TAM having 7 head coaches is true then I can agree that sounds like a right clusterfuck. But it's very convenient how this berk's tune has changed now TJ has KO'd his boy twice.
  9. wandshogun09

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    I admire him refusing to give up on the Jones fight but I don't want that. If he fights Jones again you just know Jones leaves him a blubbering wreck again and then it takes some of the shine off the Brock fight. Or worse, Jones steals the Brock payday, as well as his soul, from him. If DC were to fight Jones again, I think I'd rather see it at heavyweight and after the DC vs Brock fight, if possible. DC insisting on being retired by March makes all this difficult though.
  10. wandshogun09

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    If the MSG show ends up being headlined by Jon Jones, I kind of sort of called it. Well, speculated on it anyway. Sadly, I bet the failed test bit comes true as well. He's bound to fuck up somehow. It's what I expect from him these days. If he does/can fight at MSG though, it's kind of got to be the Gus rematch, hasn't it? Can't really think of anything more obvious than that. DC's going to wait for the Brock fight, and there's nobody else at 205 who makes sense. Plus Jones vs Gus 2 was meant to happen 4 fucking years ago. It's the fight to make. No doubt it'll have an interim title whacked on it but in this case, I wouldn't really be against it because DC might never be back at 205 again. And despite Jones' continuous fuckups, he never lost the belt in the cage so this is one interim that would feel like a more legit title than most. I'm in if that's the plan.
  11. wandshogun09

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Seems like that's what a lot of sex pests do though. Overcompensate with charity work or whatever to throw everyone off the scent. The Savile method.
  12. wandshogun09

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Did anything more come of those accusations against Foley a while back? Can't remember the woman's name but she accused Foley (and others, Heyman?) of raping her at shows when she was underage. Sounded well grim if it was true.
  13. wandshogun09

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Watch out... ...Palhares is about.
  14. wandshogun09

    UFC Russia: Hunt vs Oleynik - Sep 15

    Wonder if McGregor will show up to this. This show is only a few weeks before Khabib vs McGregor so the hype for that should really be at fever pitch by then. Imagine the heel heat he'd get there? Hopefully they keep him out of Russia though. If he's going to get assassinated or poisoned or something, at least let us see the Khabib fight first.
  15. wandshogun09

    UFC Russia: Hunt vs Oleynik - Sep 15

    Cheers for that Kajan Johnson piece, I never heard that stuff. Definitely sounds like they're trying to get him fucked up on the way out. I thought giving him someone like Taisumov about 6 weeks after Makhachev stopped him sounded odd. Now it's making more sense. Kind of makes me want to see Kajan pull off the upset. And yeah, it's a pretty thin card for a debut in a new market. But for a Fight Pass card, this is what you expect. There's enough on there to hold my interest. Hunt vs Oleynik, Arlovski's fight, Krylov vs Blachowicz and Petr Yan is enough to have me looking forward to it.