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  1. @David Yeah that’s the feeling I get as well. I have no doubt that in a boxing match Paulie would school him all day but like you say this is a different thing. I think he’s just thinking ‘well it’s boxing, just without gloves’ and he’s right of course. But when you’re a retired boxer and you retired for a reason, you were never a big puncher to begin with and have had problems with your hands going back years, against a younger more powerful puncher with a solid chin... it just doesn’t seem like the best move at this stage. I’m still favouring him to win. I don’t think it’s going to look anything like the Jason Knight fight. But doing it bare knuckle, with the more relaxed rules, just maximises Lobov’s chances for me. I did see an interview where Paulie said he’s going to be doing some work at Longo MMA for this to help him out in any clinch situations and stuff, which doesn’t sound like a bad move but I don’t know how much time he’s going to spend there. I can see there being real trouble at this event. There’s bad blood and there’s already been the slapping incident. Paulie is also taking the low road in the promotion, talking about putting Lobov in a coma. He’s also been almost bragging that boxing has had more fatalities and serious injuries than MMA, and that he’s going to make Lobov go through what they did for his ‘disrespect to boxing’. I’ve found the whole thing really off-putting. On top of all that you just know fucking McGregor is going to turn up. It’s a recipe for some real ugly scenes. I mean, look at the way the Khabib vs McGregor PPV ended and that’s the biggest promotion in MMA with access to the best security and all that. And that brawl still happened. Then you look at a show like this and just imagine the carnage and mayhem there’ll be at some glorified pub carpark scrap in some flea bitten barnyard in Arkansas or wherever this thing gets sanctioned?
  2. He’s not even taking it that seriously either. I saw two interviews with him this week where he was stuffing his face with pizza and drinking full fat coke. I know the fight is still around 8 weeks away but you don’t usually see that when a guy has a fight coming up. He also said he wanted the fight at 155 instead of 145 because ‘why would I make this camp hard on myself? I’m fighting a bum.’
  3. Jon Fitch with a 10 second, one punch KO? I don’t believe him. I want to see this John Fish though. Sounds like he was a killer.
  4. Yeah Horiguchi is class. I’d like to see him fight in Bellator, or anywhere really. The Caldwell rematch doesn’t feel like a must to me as Horiguchi beating him decisively is still fresh in the memory. But I’ll take it. I’d actually love to see Horiguchi get a rematch with Mighty Mouse at some point as well. You’d think it’s bound to happen if Horiguchi keeps winning because there aren’t really a shitload of fights out there for DJ. My expectation would be another DJ win but it’s a more interesting fight than anything else for either of them right now and Horiguchi has definitely improved in the 5 years since their first fight.
  5. Yeah Khan was saying at the presser after the fight that it was an issue he’d had in camp and that it didn’t really effect him in the fight or have any bearing on how the fight ended. Once again, GAD chatting shite. As much use as a chocolate teapot, that twat.
  6. Best thing is (and I have no evidence to back this up obviously) I bet a lot of the people calling Khan a quitter and a fanny are the same ones who deny that Conor McGregor broke against Khabib, even though the audio came out of him saying “it’s only business”. I’m not Khan’s biggest fan. There’s been times I’ve liked him and times I haven’t been so keen. But one thing you can’t question is his heart. Even in the fights where he got battered like against Prescott and Garcia he was still trying to get up and fight when he was clearly done. That’s in you. You’re not thinking about how you’ll look when you’re fuzzy brained and jelly legged. It was something in him to not give up. That’s why I’m not buying that he was looking for a way out here. It just doesn’t fit with what we know and have seen from Khan over the last 15 years or so. If anything he usually gets criticised for being too brave and making wars out of fights he could’ve made easier on himself. And if he was going to quit he could’ve just gone down and stayed down the next time Crawford connected to his head. That would’ve looked better for him than ending it on a low blow. Which tells me he wasn’t looking for it. It’s something that just happened and Virgil Hunter or whoever took that opportunity to pull him out. I don’t think there’s any more to read into it than that. The only thing I found confusing is that they didn’t take the 5 minutes to try to recover and then see what was what but the corner must’ve seen something to think he couldn’t continue. If he was in that bad pain and his mobility was impaired at that stage of the fight then you have to think it would’ve significantly increased the chances of Khan getting knocked out. Thankfully it doesn’t happen often but groin shots absolutely can end a fight. Does anyone remember that Gabriel Gonzaga fight in the UFC years ago where the guy he was fighting caught a kick down there and was down for ages? One of the most brutal things I’ve seen in all my years watching combat sports.
  7. I think Khan vs Brook will always sell due to the history and grudge there. It mightn’t be as good a fight as it would’ve been a few years ago but since when did that stop people buying a fight? Lewis vs Tyson would’ve been a better fight in 1992 but still sold a ton when they finally fought in 2002 when they were both finishing up. Mayweather vs Pacquiao would’ve been a better fight in 2009 but it still broke all the records when they finally met in 2015. Not comparing Khan and Brook to those names but a lot of combat sports fans buy fights based on names and grudges more than actual fight quality. If it was fight quality then Arturo Gatti would’ve been the PPV King forever. And if it was who’s at the top of their game at the moment then Lomachenko, Ward, the Klitschkos and even going all the way back to guys like Pernell Whittaker would’ve been killing it on PPV. Khan vs Brook won’t mean much internationally but it’s still a huge fight domestically and I actually don’t think Khan losing to Crawford or Brook looking a bit cack against Zerafa will hurt that much, if at all. Khan vs Brook has become its own thing beyond that. It won’t do Joshua numbers but it never would have.
  8. Did anyone watch this? 😆 Thought Overeem vs Oleynik was fun while it lasted. Oleynik made it interesting early on but in the end Overeem was just too much on the feet. The finishing knees were brutal to watch. Overeem wants that Volkov fight rebooked, I’m up for that. Islam Makhachev vs Arman Tsarukyan was quality. One of the best grappling based fights I’ve seen in MMA in some time. Some of the wrestling exchanges were incredible here and even though he lost I think Tsarukyan will be someone to keep an eye on going forward. They did him zero favours here giving him Makhachev in his debut and he still looked impressive. Once he gets more comfortable I think he might be a bit of a force. As for Makhachev, I really feel like he can be a legit player at 155. It’s really only been the injuries and spells of inactivity that have delayed his rise. I think he’s got the skills to go far. Sergey Pavlovich looked good smashing up Marcelo Golm quick. He might be decent. He was unbeaten before being fed to Overeem in his UFC debut. Roxanne Modafferi vs Antonina Shevchenko was a hard fought battle. A real struggle all the way. Definitely felt like Modafferi won though. Don’t really get the one judge scoring it for Shev. And I wanted Shevchenko to win. She just didn’t though. Modafferi was good here though. One of her best performances for me. Constant pressure, never really allowed Shevchenko the time or space to get her strikes off and got the takedowns at crucial times to win the rounds. Didn’t watch Jotko vs Ademovski all that closely. Just had it on in the background while I was making my daughter’s breakfast. Jotko looked decent from what I saw. I liked this as well; Never watched the prelims but saw the results. Shame that Matrix bloke Rafael Fiziev got done in a round. I was hoping he’d make a splash. Mustafaev was always going to be a hard debut though.
  9. Here it is. Dustin Poirier on Teddy Atlas’ podcast. Only 45 minutes or so, should be good.
  10. Yeah the Quebecers in 98 just felt really odd. Tatanka coming back in 2005/06ish is another one, although he wasn’t as shite as Baby Blue Jacques and Pierre. One that might’ve felt out of place but could’ve worked IMO was Rick Martel coming back in 97 to team with Don Callis as ‘The Models’ or something. Callis talked about that being the plan around that time, is that true? I remember Martel still being decent when he turned up in WCW in 98 so he still had some gas in the tank.
  11. Fucking hell. Good stuff Jim. I’m learning here, never heard most of this stuff. Obviously I knew there were deep Yakuza links and knew about the guy who was found dead in dodgy circumstances but it all sounds even more mental and fucked up than I imagined. Final Conflict 2003 really could’ve been the final conflict by the sounds of it.
  12. Yeah I get that but it’s easier said than done when you’ve injured your hand and have to adapt mid fight. It’s all experience gained in the end but I think the criticism has been a tad harsh. Like you say, he won comfortably. And that’s despite the inactivity before this fight and the hand injury during it, plus Runowski being pretty tough and unbeaten himself. It was the kind of test boxing fans say they want to see a prospect face when they’re on the rise, yet when it happens they say he should’ve blasted the guy out. Then when he blasts an opponent away they’ll moan that he’s fighting bums. Can’t win sometimes.
  13. Thought Danny Garcia looked good. He was his usual aggressive self, knocked Granados down early and just never let up after that. First man to stop Granados as well. They asked Crawford in his post-fight press conference about fighting Garcia but Crawford understandably wants the Spence fight. That’s the one. What did everyone make of Josh Kelly’s performance on the Matchroom/Sky show? I’ve seen a load of backlash and hating on him but I’ve got to say I liked it mostly. Sure it wasn’t a blowaway performance but considering the lay-off and injuring his hand mid-fight I thought he looked good and getting that ring time in against a durable, undefeated opponent can’t do any harm. You do wonder how his style is going to carry as his opposition gets tougher but there were things I really liked about his fight last night. Seeing the criticism didn’t really shock me because fighters with that kind of showboat style will always have their fans and their detractors. Roy Jones, Naz, Eubank Sr and even Calzaghe to an extent got some shit for it in their day. But he’s entertaining and he’s clearly got skills. Boxing fans, particularly in the UK, seem so quick to want to hate our own prospects sometimes. Some of the criticism I’ve read today from the YouTube Freddie Roaches is laughable. Already writing him off. He’s 9-0. People seem to expect these fighters to be the perfect finished product within a handful of fights and can’t wait to declare they’ll never amount to much if they don’t look like Lomachenko before their 10th fight. Overly critical Jim Watt shite. IFL interview with Kelly after the fight; Seems a good lad to me. Certainly not the “cocky prick” loads of people are saying they wished got KO’d last night. I can see why his style isn’t for everyone and he probably will have to reign aspects of it in but fuck me. And the sad thing is if he was yank the British fans would probably like him more.
  14. Haven’t seen it on any of the big MMA sites yet but there’s stuff all over Twitter that Darren Till has been arrested in Tenerife for stealing a taxi and trashing a hotel. Fucking hell.
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