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  1. I hope you're right. I don't think Chael's likely to finish Wanderlei. I don't think he has enough venom in his ground and pound to put Wand away. He might cut him up though. And I can't see him catching Wandy in a submission. Wand's always had good defensive BJJ. I just can't see Wand being able to stop the takedowns though. If he can land some heavy shots early before Chael gets his wrestling going then I can see Chael folding. But I think it's more likely Chael wrestles his way to a frustrating UD. Chael's last few losses were terrible performances but if you look at who he lost to it was Tito Ortiz, Rashad Evans and Jon Jones. Strong wrestlers who Chael couldn't outwrestle. His last win was Shogun who's cut more from the cloth Wanderlei is, and Chael had his way. Granted Shogun looked off that night but I think it's notable that Chael often does badly against opponents who he can't bully around with his wrestling. I think Wanderlei is someone he can wrestle. Maybe not dominate but I reckon he'll have enough success with it to take a decision. I hope you're right though. Chael and his fans are going to be insufferable if he wins.
  2. Gone with Chael by decision Meathead by KO and Larkin by decision in the poll. Just can't shake the horrible feeling that Meathead's going to catch Fedor and lay him out. And I've always pictured Chael vs Wand to look like a middle aged married couple doing missionary. With Wand as the wife. If Fedor and Wanderlei both win this will go down as one of my favourite cards ever. Then Coker must book Fedor vs Wandy!
  3. I've got to admit, the 'run' bit was starting to annoy me a bit. I'm all for a guy fighting intelligently and avoiding counters but surely there's a way he can avoid damage without actually turning his back and running half way around the cage? Especially someone with the lanky frame of Gustafsson, you'd think he'd be able to stay out of range of the counters a bit easier than most. It's nitpicking but I just find it irritating to watch. He did it a bit in the Cormier fight as well, if I'm remembering that one right. Great, great performance aside from that though. His best showing in a while. I'd like to see rematches with Jones AND Cormier, to be honest. Both were such fantastic fights the first times we really can't lose either way. Knowing Jones' form though, if I was the UFC I'd tell Gus to stay ready and in shape incase he needs to step in in July. With the amount of times that DC vs Jones rematch has fallen apart there's a decent chance Gus gets a title shot sooner than we think. If not and DC vs Jones 2 does go ahead on July, then they should just sit Gus out now and the winner should hopefully be good to defend against him by October/November-ish.
  4. Meathead is just a horrible shit, isn't he? Does anyone actually like him? He seems the type of cunt who even his parents go 'oh fuck me, Matt's calling. Say I'm asleep' when he rings them. Actually no, I bet he doesn't even phone his parents. I hope Fedor hits him so hard his cheese actually goes back on his cracker.
  5. Ha, now Gus just proposed. His girlfriend is pretty nice. And massive. Jesus, she's nearly as tall as him.
  6. Fucking hell, Gustafsson vs Glover was alright wasn't it? Glover's got mad toughness. It took 3 flush uppercuts in a row then another clean right hand to put him away. Makes Rumble's 13 second destruction of him all the more crazy.
  7. Surely he took more bumps as a heel though? As a babyface he was brawling a lot but when he turned heel he was forever bouncing around for Undertaker and Kane, getting suplexed all over the shop by Benoit and Angle, bumping for Jericho and RVD and guys like that. I thought a lot of his in ring work as a heel in 2001 was closer to his stuff in WCW as Stunning Steve, which made for some really good matches but looking back probably shortened his career that bit more. No wonder he was physically shot and burnt out by early 2002.
  8. I know I'm stepping on Egg Shen's territory as our resident Bellator man here, but I think this deserves its own separate thread. And you know I'm going to be all over it given who's in the main event. Saturday 24th June. Bellator make their debut at Madison Square Garden in NYC, as they return to PPV with this lot... PPV MAIN CARD Chael Sonnen vs Wanderlei Silva Fedor Emelianenko vs Matt Mitrione Michael Chandler vs Brent Primus - Lightweight Title Douglas Lima vs Lorenz Larkin - Welterweight Title Aaron Pico vs Zach Freeman SPIKE TV PRELIMS Phil Davis vs Ryan Bader - Light Heavyweight Title James Gallagher vs Chinzo Machida Neiman Gracie vs Dave Marfone Keri Anne Melendez vs Sadee Monseratte Williams BELLATOR.COM PRELIMS Ryan Couture vs Haim Gozali Jerome Mickle vs Anthony Giacchina John Salgado vs Hugh McKenna Matt Rizzo vs Sergio Da Silva Bradley Desir vs Nate Grebb Heather Hardy vs Alice Yauger For me that's easily the best card (on paper) in Bellator history. There's a bit of everything on this one and the word that immediately jumps out to me is 'fun'. You'd have never seen a show like this under the old Bjorn Rebney regime. Scott Coker knows what's up. Anyway. Let's get cracking... CHAEL SONNEN VS WANDERLEI SILVA is a grudge match that's been about 7 years in the making if you really want to go back to its roots. It's a rivalry that was actually born back in 2010 in the build up to Chael's first fight against Anderson Silva. Chael had been saying all manner of shit about Brazil and Brazilian fighters and Wandy had a problem with it. Then there was that well circulated video of them in a car. "We have a saying in Brazil. You have respect, you don't lose your teeth" - Wanderlei Silva They never really saw eye to eye again after that. And it seemed like every time one of them was interviewed, they'd just blast the other. Despite it beginning in 2010, serious talk of them actually fighting didn't start until 2013. There were strong rumours that they'd headline the first ever UFC on FOX Sports event in Boston in the August, but Wandy was recovering from injuries and it never got finalised. But adding even more fuel to the beef between them, Chael ended up submitting Wand's good buddy Shogun Rua that night in Boston. Then he had a message for Wanderlei... "Wanderlei Silva. 6 feet tall and 205lbs. Boy, until I met you I didn't know they stacked crap that high" - Chael Sonnen The heat continued to rise, with the trash talk between the two getting more and more frequent. Chael kept bashing Wanderlei's legacy, claiming that Pride was full of fixed fights. And Wand wouldn't let Chael's lack of "hespect" for Brazil go. At this point, a fight between the two seemed inevitable. Too much had been said. "A guy puts a tattoo on the back of his skull, puts his beady eyes on you and rolls his wrists around, and all of a sudden the whole world thinks that's scary. That doesn't do anything for me. I'll slap you right on your face while you're rolling your wrists around. My point wasn't so much to attack Wanderlei, it was to let the rest of the world know, "Who cares? Who cares about his tattoo and his beady eyes and his rolly little wrists?" - Chael Sonnen In 2014 they were booked as opposing coaches on TUF Brazil 3. And straight away they were constantly getting in each others' faces. Wandy was the aggressor and came across badly. To the point a lot of fans who went in supporting Wanderlei, ended up souring on him. Chael wound him up a treat. "He just talks, all the time, just talks and talks and talks" - Wanderlei Silva In the end, Wanderlei got so wound up he started a fight on the TUF set with Chael. PILE OOOOONNNN! They were scheduled to fight that summer after the show wrapped filming. The fight was booked. It was announced for UFC 175 in July 2014. They did posters and a press conference and a face off and everything. It was signed, sealed but unfortunately not delivered. There was speculation throughout the entire build up that Wanderlei was going to pull out of the fight. But a lot of that was coming from Chael himself so we all just hoped it was Chael being Chael. But then shit hit the fan when Wanderlei 'ran from a random drug test'. That's how it was told at the time anyway, that he ran out the back door of the gym. Details that came out since were a little different but regardless, Wandy certainly didn't handle it well and was swiftly pulled from UFC 175, suspended and later BANNED FOR LIFE. That's obviously changed. Of course, the nanosecond the news broke that Wandy avoided a drug test, Chael was all the fuck over it. Full of 'I told you so' and gloating. And Chael's biggest arse licker FrontRowBrian was unbearable as well. Then hilariously, Chael's drug test results came back and they were dirtier than a 12 man Ava Devine gangbang. And that was that. Chael didn't fight for 3 years after that. He returned to the cage this year for Bellator, looking doughy, and lost in embarrassing fashion by submission in 2 minutes to a retiring Tito Ortiz. Wanderlei hasn't fought since March 2013 when he knocked out Brian Stann in one of the wildest slugfests you'll ever see. To put it in perspective, when Wandy last fought Conor McGregor hadn't even debuted in the UFC yet, Ronda Rousey had just debuted, Mighty Mouse was the newly crowned Flyweight champ, Anderson Silva was still middleweight king and TRT Vitor was running wild. It seems like a lifetime ago. I hope it happens this time. I'd given up all hope, to be honest. But it'd be a shame if this one got added to the 'fights that got away' files along with Fedor vs Brock, Fedor vs Randy, GSP vs Anderson etc. Let's put it to bed once and for all. I like Chael. I don't like him as much as I used to but he's a fun character to have around. Make no mistake though I'm hoping Wanderlei knees his face into dust. "Suck my balls" - Wandy to Chael at the Bellator 180 press conference FEDOR EMELIANENKO VS MATT MITRIONE I've made no secret, is a fight I'm not in love with. But that's mostly because I can't stand the thought of a proper legend like Fedor losing to a fucking knob helmet like Meathead. And I think there's a good possibility of that. Fedor's way smaller and has way more miles on the clock. And in a shootout, which is how Fedor's fights often go, I don't fancy his chin holding up. It just feels like a waste of what is likely going to be one of Fedor's last few fights. On the plus side it's very unlikely to be boring or dull. And if Fedor DOES win, I'll do a complete u-turn on this piece of matchmaking and it'll instantly be one of my favourite fights of the year. MICHAEL CHANDLER VS BRENT PRIMUS is a really interesting fight. Chandler is one of the very best fighters not under UFC contract. He's best known for his 2 classics against Eddie Alvarez but he's put together wins over Benson Henderson, Patricky 'Pitbull' Freire twice, David Rickels twice, Marcin Held, Rick Hawn and Akihiro Gono. He's 16-3 and 2 of the 3 losses were razor thin splits to Alvarez and Will Brooks. He's a beast. Brent Primus is no joke himself, he's 7-0 with 5 finishes and a BJJ black belt. He hasn't beat anyone of much note yet and it's undeniable that Chandler has operated on a much higher level but you can never tell with these undefeated guys. He could be biting off more than he can chew or he might be about to rise to the challenge. DOUGLAS LIMA VS LORENZ LARKIN is Bellator 180's ***WAND'S ONE TO WATCH***. I absolutely love this pairing. I love all aspects of MMA but striking martial arts were my first love (you never forget your first) and that's what brought me to MMA. These two are killers in the standup but their styles are different and at the same time dangerous. Lima's looked tremendous recently in his wins over Andrey Koreshkov and Paul Daley. He's a serious badass and I've liked him for a while. I'm pulling for Larkin though. His striking style is just beautiful to watch. He's fast, fluent, powerful, accurate, technical, the lot. He'll throw in wacky shit like the old Andy Hug spinning kicks to the legs, he's lethal with elbows. He's just great to watch. Up there with Joanna Jedrzejczyk for me in terms of my most enjoyable strikers to watch in MMA. Larkin's not a typical 'UFC castoff' either. He's not in Bellator because he couldn't hang in the UFC. He's currently coming off back to back wins over Jorge Masvidal and Neil Magny. He's won 4 of his last 5 and even the loss to Tumenov was debatable. I scored it for Larkin. His last loss before that was 2014. Oh and he holds a win over Robbie fucking Lawler! Lorenz Larkin is the shit. Record of 24-5-1 and he's still only 30 years old. Fucker's in his prime. I think he was a fantastic signing for Bellator, one that's been a bit overlooked IMO. AARON PICO VS ZACH FREEMAN is a funny one to open a PPV with but I totally get why they're doing it. Pico is an amateur wrestling standout and this is his MMA debut. He's got all kinds of credentials and accolades as a wrestler going right back to when he was a little kid. He's only 20 years old now. A baby. Apparently he signed a long term deal with Bellator/Viacom back in 2014 (when he was 16/17!) because they saw huge potential in him. I guess he's just been training since then. He's not being given a particularly easy debut either. Freeman is 8-2 and has fought for titles at the regional promotions level. "Simply put, Aaron has all the makings of MMA’s next great superstar, and to have him here at Bellator MMA is something special. Like many of us in the MMA community, Aaron is someone we’ve been watching closely over the last few years, and after sitting down with Bob Cook and his team, getting a chance to meet Aaron, and hearing his long-term aspirations, the fit became very obvious" - Scott Coker Interesting. I've seen stuff saying there are already comparisons being made to Jon Jones, which is way premature but we'll see what happens. He's probably in the right place training at AKA. If there's a gym that gets the best out of wrestlers, it's AKA. Just hope he doesn't get injured as often as most of AKA's guys do. PHIL DAVIS VS RYAN BADER 2 is a rematch I'd have been quite happy never to see again but there's worse fights Bellator could've made. And to be honest, after watching some of those no time limit stinkers in the Pride events review thread, this is probably going to look like Hunt vs Bigfoot in comparison. I guess it's got kind of a story to it as well, this one. Davis has gone 4-0 since coming to Bellator. Wins over Liam McGeary, King Mo, Francis Carmont and Emanuel Newton. His last loss was to...Ryan Bader in the UFC in 2015. It was a split decision and it wasn't a very good fight but there you go. This is Bader's Bellator debut. Like Larkin, the UFC let him go after some wins. He comes into this fight following stoppage wins over Little Nog and Ilir Latifi. It's a legit fight, this. Not likely to be an exciting one though, and the idea of 2 extra rounds this time makes me shudder. JAMES GALLAGHER VS CHINZO MACHIDA is another fight that I'm excited about. There's hype building on Gallagher. He's 6-0 with 5 subs, he's only 20 years old, he's Irish and he's a teammate of Conor McGregor at SBG. That's all good stuff for a young guy starting out. A lot of doors will be opened for you with all that going for you. He looks good, to be fair. He's fighting Chinzo Machida, brother of Lyoto. He's 40 years old (literally double Gallagher's age) and has a 5-2 record. It's Gallagher's debut in Bellator, debut on American soil, he's fighting someone called Machida and it's MSG. Pretty cool for a debut. The New York crowd should love him as well. NEIMAN GRACIE is 28 years old, 5-0 with 4 finishes. All his fights have either been in Bellator or WSOF. And he's a Gracie. The name's taken a bit of a battering over the years but it's still always cool to see a Gracie pop up. Never seen or heard of this one though. KERI ANNE MELENDEZ, wife of Gilbert (or Giblert, if you're Reebok), returns for her second Bellator outing. She scored a quick KO in her Bellator/MMA debut in November. Only 1-0 in MMA but she's got some Muay Thai experience. RYAN COUTURE, son of UFC legend Randy, is also back in the cage. Fuck me, everyone's got a relative on this card. Ryan's career hasn't really panned out, has it? He's fought in Strikeforce, UFC and Bellator but he's had very mixed results. And with a 10-5 record at 34 years old, it's hard to see him going much further. He's 2-2 in Bellator at the moment, and he was finished within a round in his last 2 fights. Like his old man, he seems a nice guy but a surname will only take you so far. HEATHER HARDY is a former pro boxer making her MMA debut. She went 20-0-1 as a boxer. It's her backstory that caught my attention though. She was raped when she was 12 by a weed dealer. "I've seen my rapist back in the neighborhood multiple times, and even as an undefeated titleholder, I'm scared to death… I've never been afraid in the ring for even a moment. I love to think I could totally beat the shit out of him, but I'm terrified. I never told anyone this but even at 33, I still wake up screaming. 'Get off, me! Get off, me!' I can still feel his weight" - Heather Hardy Fucking hell Don't know much about her boxing career but according to her record she only scored 4 knockouts out of 20 wins. So not a massive puncher. Little MMA gloves now though. After reading her story though I'm rooting for her. How can you not? She's from New York as well so she'll be a crowd favourite. Really can't wait for this show. I've seen people big up Bellator cards before and go 'I'm as excited for this as UFC ____' and I always think nah. This time though, I genuinely am looking forward to this as much as most of the stuff coming up in the UFC. The Wanderlei factor helps but it's a really good card throughout, has a bit of everything, plus a Gracie, a Couture, a Melendez, a Machida. Plenty to like about this.
  9. Shit me, Helwani says the UFC want to do JDS vs Francis Ngannou on the September PPV. Poor Junior. I know Ngannou has a lot to prove still but, poor Junior. Even if he wins he's probably losing more brain cells in this one. Sad to say but this pretty much shows the UFC see JDS as not much more than a name and ex champ to feed to the up and coming beasts of the division. Nothing wrong with that. Prize fighting is a cut-throat, dog eat dog game. But it's a shame to see it happening to someone like JDS. I like Ngannou a lot though. And it's clearly a better thing for the division if he does what the UFC clearly want and batters Junior. It'll be sad to see though. If JDS wins, and I think it'd be nuts to count him out, all it does is eliminate an exciting potential contender in a division severely lacking them. But if Ngannou wins, instant title contender. EDIT - oh yeah, the UFC Sweden prelims are underway on BT Sports 2 now. So stay off twitter and shit if you're not watching live.
  10. Chuck Liddell's got himself into phenomenal shape. That's from April. John Hackleman then went on Anik and Florian's podcast and fuelled some rumours of Chuck making a comeback but Chuck's laughed that off as Hack being on the windup. He did say he'd fight again if he was offered crazy money but that he doubts it'll happen. He got himself in such good shape to film a TV commercial or some bollocks apparently. I don't want him to come out of retirement. He walked away at the right time - when it was clear he couldn't take the punches anymore but before it did him serious damage. If he was ever going to come back though, I'd honestly rather see him go to Bellator because at this point I'd only be interested in him fighting those names who are on the closing stretch of their careers. Liddell vs Sonnen, Fedor or a rematch with Wanderlei would be fun even in 2017. He should stay retired but I can't lie and say I wouldn't get into those fights. A UFC return does nothing for me really though, other than the novelty of 'Chuck Liddell is back in the UFC'. He'd get destroyed by the top guys and there's nobody below that who I'd be particularly into seeing him fight.
  11. Says the woman who throws punches after the round is over. I find the 'I won't fight him/her because steroids' thing hilarious most of the time because it only seems to matter when said fighter is very likely about to catch a bad arse kicking. Like I love Bisping but he was fine fighting 'proven cheater' Anderson Silva and the original TRT boy Hendo. But Yoel Romero is apparently the worst human being ever and will never deserve a shot. It's shite and it's because deep down he knows, doesn't he? He just knows. Same with De Randamie here. I gave her the benefit of the doubt after she beat Holly Holm and suddenly started on about her hand being injured once the subject of fighting Cyborg came up. But now she comes out 5 months later after disappearing without a peep and says she won't fight the only woman anyone gives a fuck about at 145? It can only be because she knows she's going to get battered. Because if she believed she could win, what could be bigger for De Randamie's stock right now than a win over Cyborg? She's the least interesting champion in the UFC by far and that win would do great things for her. But she obviously doesn't fancy the job. Which in turn makes me not even want to see it now either. Who wants to see a fight where one of them is already beaten mentally? The fight for me now is Nunes vs Cyborg. It's a way off of course but once Cyborg gets the belt at 145 (you know it's a matter of 'when' not 'if'), if Nunes can keep rolling as 135 champ then I can see that fight picking up some real steam by this time next year. It wouldn't be anywhere near the box office monster Rousey vs Cyborg would've been but it's a better actual fight IMO. Easily the two scariest women in the game.* *Who aren't Polish and named Joanna.
  12. I'm fully down with the idea of Fedor vs Fat Roy. This Meathead fight can still piss off though. I hate it. Give me Fedor vs Nelson, Chael, Wandy etc all day over that cack.
  13. He doesn't want any of this. I went to the CM Punk school of MMA training and my testosterone is fully working. Best he stays in the UFC where he's safe.
  14. This is just magnificent. It's the bit from the WrestleMania 15 episode of Something To Wrestle where they discuss Jacqueline getting her tits out at Capital Carnage and Bruce blurts out "CHOCOLATE TITTIES" in his Vince voice. But it's the accompanying video clips they've used that really add to it though. Have a look it's only 2 minutes long; https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PkW1f7K-SUw
  15. Yeah, Cody and Team Alpha Male are coming off as the worst dicks so far. Just complete meathead idiots the lot of them. I'm no fan of TJ and against anyone else I'd probably think he was coming off as a twat but in comparison to Cody he's coming across much better and he's done very little/nothing to provoke most of the shit so far. What the fuck had Ludwig done this week? The bloke was just sitting there at the weigh in and that piranha faced shitbag Justin Buchholz just had to pipe up. I knew I was right to hate him. I've disliked him for years for no real reason other than I didn't like his face. Nice to have his cuntery confirmed so my irrational disliking of him is now perfectly rational. He was a zero in the UFC himself. A jobber. A nothing. Hearing him going to (a retired) Duane Ludwig 'why don't we fight on the prelims?' just showed that he's just after camera time and a payday at the finale. I'd love to see Ludwig come out of retirement and knock him out even faster than he did to Jonathan Goulet (fastest KO in UFC history btw, 4 seconds) years ago. When they announced this season I never expected to be rooting for TJ Dillashaw. I never massively warmed to Cody for ages when he came to the UFC. He has that stunning performance against Cruz and dedicates it to the kid with cancer and all that good stuff and I finally start turning the corner on him. Then he goes on TUF and reminds me why I didn't take to him in the first place. Seems a right dickhead. One of those thug twats who it seems almost impossible not to get into an argument with. Looking back even during the Cruz fight he was a bellend with the taunting and dancing and shit. Even at the time, as much as I was amazed by his incredible performance, I did find myself thinking 'fuck, I wish Cruz had McGregor power and smacked the smirk off this knob's face mid-moonwalk'. I feels so very wrong and I'll probably never say it again but...Team TJ here. Fuck Cody. Fuck Piranahface Buchholz. Fuck Team Alpha Male. Fuck Bad Boy as a staff, record label and as a motherfucking crew!