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  1. Chunk


    Today's the day then. Looking like a heavy defeat this evening.
  2. Chunk

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    If he goes through them as quickly and easily as he did Gusty then there's no reason why he can't fight every two or three months, either!
  3. Seems like a silly decision for Team Mcgregor. Where does Mcgregor go after a second Khabib loss? The Diaz trilogy and then retirement is surely all that's left. Thinking about it ... why not. He'll make a fortune out of both of those and can then retire to a young family with his youth, health and a whisky business that'll make him money without the need to get hit in the head.
  4. Chunk

    Let's all hate Piers Morgan

    Yeah, he's an absolute ball bag. Obviously playing a character to get a response but (much like Hopkins) anyone prepared to make a career out of pretending to think the shit he thinks, say the shit he says etc is a ball bag in my opinion. That whole phone hacking hing too, huh ...
  5. Totally missed that Kyoji Horiguchi submitted Darrion Caldwell. Pretty much cements him as the best Bantam Weight outside the UFC now.
  6. Chunk

    UFC 232: Jones vs Gustafsson 2

    Fair play to Mendes. Difficult to see where he goes from here if he stays fighting - always seems to fall short at the very highest level. He's got that hunting company Finz & Featherz, hasn't he? I'm sure he'll make that profitable.