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  1. Likewise, criticizing him for being schooled by Khabib doesn't really say much either. Khabib schools everyone! The fact he struggled to out-wrestle Khabib doesn't prevent you from being able to call him better than 'very good'. Jon Jones would struggle to out-wrestle Khabib and would that change your opinion on Jones? It's a fair point about him having a carefully curated route to the top but it's worth keeping in mind that that's only true from a certain point in his career. Even then he still took the Diaz fight when he didn't need to. Like Jim says, he also took Mendes on short notice and, at that point, everyone was saying Mendes would handle him easily. The flip side is to say that nobody in the history of MMA (and few even in sport!) have carried the weight of expectation that Mcgregor has. He's had to perform under a spotlight and level of scrutiny and observation that most can only imagine ... and yet he's performed almost every time under those conditions. Has nothing to do with the weekend. I'd have said the same a week ago.
  2. Sounds like you're judging him on the stuff he hasn't done, rather than the stuff he has done.
  3. Could be that our opinion on Conor the person is impacting our opinion on Conor the fighter. He's held 2 UFC titles and is the first person to do that simultaneously. He now has TKO wins across three weight classes. When he beat Aldo, Aldo hadn't lost for 10 years and was in the discussion for P4P #1. He also took Mayweather to 10 rounds. Admittedly in a bit of an exhibition bout, but still. He's done enough to be called better than 'very good' in my opinion.
  4. Fair enough. Never really looked into it in any great detail to be honest. I doubt there's smoke without fire though and any level of tax issue doesn't scream smart money many to me. I thought we learned ages back he had inside sources. πŸ˜‰
  5. Doesn't Floyd have huge tax problems? The reason it stood out to me is that Mcgregor has always seemed obsessed with that sort of thing in the past. To a fault where it motivated him more than training and fighting.
  6. I thought his response to the question about payment was interesting. He ended up on 80 million but he didn't seem sure at all. Almost like he had no idea and not just because he couldn't total up all the money that comes in outside of fight fee. Same thing when he was asked about the length of his fight deal. It was almost like he didn't know.
  7. Raw potato and glasses of air.
  8. I know what you mean. To be fair to him, he did at least press him on the 'open' claims against Mcgregor and he did push the point about a Pacquiao fight.
  9. Thanks. Found it. Shortcut for anyone interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMWDQIJctak
  10. I lost track a bit when Ariel Helwani moved over to ESPN. Is his show streamed live on Youtube? I can see some full shows posted under the ESPN MMA account but it doesn't look like a full archive. There also doesn't appear to be a placeholder for today's live show. Cheers.
  11. Watched the McGregor film last night. It tells his story from turning pro up to Diaz 2. It's easy to forget what a likeable, inspirational character he was in those early days. I'm sure the film is edited to give this impression but it really comes across that he was a family man only interested in his tight, close circle. His relationship with Dee is a constant throughout the film and it's really touching at times to see how close they are. How times change, huh.
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