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  1. I think that's the worst MMA fight I've ever seen. I hate it when the crowd boo a fight, but it was hard to sympathise with the fighters for that one. Neither of them seemed to care if they won or lost.
  2. Whilst I'm firmly in the DC camp, let's not forget he just cheated in order to make weight. I'm not saying that's comparable to the stuff that Jones has done but it does take the edge off his babyface character.
  3. Pretty much. That's how it looked to me. Doesn't mean everyone bought their ticket though!
  4. Half way through the prelims I was making plans to sneak into a better seat. By the time the main card started it was full - looked like a sell out.
  5. As much as I hate him, Jones is on another level when it comes to being a star. There's something about it him that just makes you stop and listen. It takes him being out of the sport and coming back for you to realise it. He's not the only one you can say that about, but he's one of a small number. I also think he blows through DC in the rematch. DC's strongest area is wrestling and it gave Jones precisely zero trouble the first time round. Jones has reach and height over DC, his MMA wrestling isn't far off, his ground is better and his striking is way more dynamic. The only issue for Jones is cage rust.
  6. Maybe it's because 211 was so stacked but this card looks weak as fuck for a PPV.
  7. David's back. Another way to spin it is that Bisping is doing his best to avoid losing out on the biggest pay day of his (nearly finished) career. Pretty reasonable to me. Who has Bisping ducked in the past? Edit: totally missed that Gunnar Nelson is fighting Santiago Ponzinibbio. What a weird fight. I guess it just comes down to Gunnar wanting to stay active and there aren't many other options.
  8. Did anyone pick up on this being announced at the Summer launch? Sounds like it could be fun. Like TUF without all the reality TV side ...
  9. Oh FFS! I've got a ticket for this and I'm gutted by that loss to the card. SHIT!
  10. Awesome production on this promo for Cage Warriors 84: Edit: what's up with video embedding? Sometimes it automatically works, other times it doesn't.
  11. Is GAD out jogging with pinstripe suit trouser on? What a twat.
  12. Ok. Let's move on ...
  13. Do you have kids? Everything changes when that sucker pops out. I feel gutted if I miss the chance to dress my kid in the morning, let alone entertain the idea of a nanny raising it.
  14. What's even more insane than the idea of Silva / Romero? Silva / Romero for an interim belt! Bisping isn't injured and is actively campaigning for a fight (that's already agreed by the UFC) with GSP as soon as possible.
  15. Random aside but it says absolutely everything that posters here talk about Perry as an entertaining fighter who comes over as a total cock yet if you venture over to Sherdog they're all totally in love with him.