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  1. Chunk

    UFC Denver: Zombie vs Rodriguez - Nov 10

    Hmm. I've watched it back about 10 times now. It definitely seems less than 3 seconds left in the round when the elbow lands, to me. You could argue that Macdonald is waving it off as the bell goes though ... just. I still maintain there was an element of that decision being made after the buzzer. I'm not really complaining or anything. I just thought it was one of those interesting ones where the referee is put on the spot and is forced to make an unusual decision. To me, as mad as it sounds given Zombie is out cold as the bell rings, he should've won that fight by decision.
  2. Chunk

    UFC Denver: Zombie vs Rodriguez - Nov 10

    As amazing as that finish was, I'm confused by it. How does it get ruled a KO win for Yair? "Ladies and gentlemen, referee Kevin Macdonald has called a stop to this contest at 4 minutes and 59 seconds of round number 5. Declaring the winner by knock out, Yair Rodriguez" Bullshit. No he didn't. The elbow was thrown at 4:59, the knock out happened and then the bell immediately rang. There was absolutely no time at all for the referee to step in and call off the fight. The decision had to be have been made in the first few seconds immediately after the bell rang. So why is that ruled a KO win and not sent to the judges for a decision? Compare it to Bisping / Anderson where Bisping was knocked out at the bell for the end of the third round. If there were 10 seconds left in that round then it would've been called off as a KO win for Anderson. Instead, the bell rang as he was knocked out so no KO stoppage could be called, Bisping is taken to his stool and then comes out for the fourth round before eventually winning the fight! It doesn't make sense to me that you can, effectively, call off a fight retrospectively.
  3. Chunk

    The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    I'm not saying he wasn't a big name then but he was on the up, wasn't he. It was also a return to Liverpool. I'd put the quality of that main event down to an anomaly rather than an indication of what to expect from a card in London. The last 4 cards have been: Werdum vs. Volkov Manuwa vs Corey Anderson Silva vs Bisping (Ok ... another good one there) Gustafsson vs. Manuwa And as David says, ticket prices have been sky bloody high every time.
  4. Chunk

    Ben Askren - coming to an Octagon near you

    It has to be Khabib. Fuck the belts and the weight classes, just do it at catch weight. Wrestler Vs wrestler, undefeated record Vs undefeated record, Russia Vs USA. Do it!
  5. Chunk

    The Beer Thread

    Woah. Probably over primed them or an infection got in there and is eating through the unfermentables. Take care with them ... could be nasty.
  6. Chunk

    The Beer Thread

    If you get it freezing cold (not literally, but as close to that as possible), you might be able to lift the caps slightly to basically vent the bottles. Go over them with the capper, let them warm back up to serving temp and they might pour a little better. Or not ... just thought it might be of interest.