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  1. I saw it the other way round. A chance to get Cannonier over. That seems to be the sole purpose of Silva these days.
  2. Well, yeah, it's a great fight. It just doesn't seem that long ago that we were all saying what a good thing it was Tony was taking time out because he appeared to have some serious mental health issues.
  3. Ariel is reporting that Tony Ferguson is fighting Cowboy on the 238 card. That's a month away. Surely Ferguson isn't fit mentally for that.
  4. Chunk

    Chippy Tea

    Is that David Dickinson's nob where a sausage should be?
  5. Melendez is still a UFC fighter? Really? Thought he called it a day a while back. Edit: Just checked and he's 1-5 since 2012. Jeeez.
  6. That cut is going to be brutal for him too, surely, He struggled (cheated) enough towards the end of his LHW run. Two years or so at HW aren't going to make it any easier.
  7. Muscle flab. How does a human end up looking like that!?
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