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  1. Hasn't been updated for a while but, interestingly, is showing the gap between Labour and Conservatives closing.
  2. So we've had the story about Johnson ducking the Sky debate rumbling along for a couple of weeks and more recently him not agreeing an interview with Andrew Neil. Meanwhile Corbyn seems to have happily agreed to everything. The Telegraph headline this morning? You guessed it: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2019/11/27/jeremy-corbyn-dodges-tv-debates-disastrous-bbc-interview/ Newspapers in this country are corrupt to the point of being dangerous. It's not even funny anymore.
  3. If you were a right nob that's what you did, yeah.
  4. That's my impression too. Corbyn refusing to state his Brexit position in the ITV debate aside, Labour seem to have done everything right. The Tories have had one fuck up after another. And yet the polls show the Tories gaining all the time. I just can't reconcile these two things in my head.
  5. Pearson could probably do with hanging them up, couldn't he? Just checked his record and since July 2016 he's 1-7, 3 of those being by KO including the last 2 in a row. Saying that, he's only 35. Had him as a bit older than that.
  6. Chunk

    Chippy Tea

    £8 for two cans of fizzy drink? Go fuck yourself, mine's a tap water.
  7. Well the explanation is that it opens up business opportunities in areas of the country that businesses would normally overlook as fast broadband is a pre requisite to their operation. Also that broadband supports modern forms of communication ... be that nerds like us in on a forum or single parents families with low incomes booking GP appointments. I'm sure you already know this though.
  8. Blows my mind to be honest. This country deserves everything it's about to get.
  9. Sooo, Tories got this in the bag then!?
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