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  1. UFC Fight Night: Cerrone vs Till - Oct 21

    This is a good little card. Przemyslaw Mysiala? Feels a bit like there's a lot for Manuwa to lose here and not a lot to gain. Best case scenario he looks great against an unknown. On the flip side, imagine he gets caught and finished ... where would that leave him!?
  2. UFC Fight Night: Rockhold vs Branch - Sep 16

    Yeah. I know you're sensible and have posted at length about tapping out and doing the smart thing rather than "going out like a man!!!" ... so I'm not trying to make a point to the contrary when I say that he didn't really have much choice. Flattened right out, mounted, minute on the clock, taking heavy shots. Mike Perry strikes me as the type that will never be more than a gate keeper type fighter. He seems too reckless to be capable of consistently beating anyone in the top 5.
  3. UFC 217: Bisping vs St Pierre

    Amazing write up as ever! When was that photo of Hendricks taken? He looks terrible!
  4. The new MMA general news, events and thoughts thread

    Yeah, I have. They're really well run and put together. Delay between prelim card and Fight Pass card can be annoying and prepare for back ache if you've got a standing ticket and plan to see the whole thing.
  5. Other MMA Show Discussion * WSOF/Titan/RFA etc.

    There's a Brit thread!? Sorry!
  6. MMA Betting Thread

    This is weird. Coral are taking bets on fights that haven't even been signed. Diaz at 2/1 to beat Mcgregor is almost worth a little punt just in case though!
  7. UFC 216: Ferguson vs Lee

    Fair enough. That's how it came over to me, anyway. I agree with you about Siva and Diaz. The Mayweather stuff I don't though - you just had to watch his reaction to it in the media afterwards. Either he's completely worked me or he genuinely had no intent when he called him "boy".
  8. UFC 216: Ferguson vs Lee

    All I was saying is that your comment made it sound like you were citing 3 examples from lots more than 3 examples of him doing it. When, in actual fact, those 3 are all of the examples of him doing it. For what it's worth. I think the Nazi and cholo stuff was dumb as fuck and shows he can speak before he thinks. I think the "boy" stuff with Mayweather was clearly taken the wrong way intentionally by a small number of people that like to get annoyed about stuff - there was clearly no intent from Mcgregor.
  9. Other MMA Show Discussion * WSOF/Titan/RFA etc.

    Nathaniel Wood defends his Bantam Weight title for the first time the weekend after next: I don't really know Josh Reed but he's 7-0 with 6 finishes and the last 3 of those were in Cage Warriors. Wood can only be a couple of wins away from a UFC call up at this point too. I quite fancy going along but the cheap tickets are standing and I can't be arsed with the back ache.
  10. UFC 216: Ferguson vs Lee

    That's literally the extent of it though, isn't it? You cite those three things as examples and suggest he does it all the time, but those three things are the extent of it over his UFC career. I'm not commenting on how bad those three things are, just pointing out that that's the extent of it rather than some examples from a much bigger set.
  11. UFC Fight Pass: Struve vs Volkov - Sep 2

    How much is this a missed opportunity in terms of it being the first card since the Mcgregor fight and a few non MMA fans might've been persuaded to check out what the UFC is about? Probably not a big factor and, to be fair, the fights could still deliver even if the name value isn't there. (And name value means nothing if you're new to the sport).
  12. UFC Fight Pass: Struve vs Volkov - Sep 2

    I can't get over how shit this card is. Nothing on it scores more than 5 out of 10 on the interest-o-meter. Absolute wank. Two thirds of the fighters I couldn't pick out of a lineup and about 10 of the names don't even sound familiar.
  13. The Notorious v Money

    That makes sense then. I'm used to MMA scoring.
  14. The Notorious v Money

    The full fight stats make for some interesting reading. https://twitter.com/ArashMarkazi/status/901676316025425921/photo/1 In round 2 Conor landed 6 of 33 power punches vs Mayweather's 4 of 8. Total strikes was 8 of 42 vs 5 of 10. Yet 2 of the 3 judges still gave the round to Mayweather. I remember thinking that weird at the time and the stats just make it look more bizarre. Round 3 is a similar story. 9 of 39 total for CM vs 5 of 12 for FM. It really does show you the volume CM was throwing early and how much he was being made to miss. I just don't get how 2 of the 3 judges gave rounds 2 and 3 to Mayweather!
  15. The Notorious v Money

    Not surprised by the result, surprised it was the gas tank again and SO early. He looked fucked from the third round.