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  1. The idea of having your biggest star (by a huge distance) co-main because he doesn't hold a title is beyond comprehension. It's just absolute nonsense.
  2. Chunk


    From BBC: "MPs in the party have said they might reluctantly back the agreement if they know she will not be in charge of the next stage of negotiations with the EU." Help me out here. What negotiations are there to be had if the bloody deal has been accepted? How does the deal go from being something you can't support to something you can just because May is gone? Utter, utter self-serving bullshit.
  3. Totally agree. Fuck your own life up all you want so long as it doesn't harm others. Exactly. There's just too much smoke for there to not be at least some fire. The worst look in all of this is the way the 'hard man' thing seems to have gone to his head. In those clips he doesn't only look wasted he also seems to be strutting around like he's about to punch anyone who looks at him the wrong way. (Or slap a phone out of their hand, I guess). He's not just dancing whilst off his tits, he's going through the same head movement and shadow boxing moves he would before a walk out. Just comes over as a right tit.
  4. The bloke is an idiot. All the money he could need, a young family, plenty of opportunities outside combat sport and he's pissing it all away. Why is he even coming out of a night club in Miami at 5am in the first place!? Get home to your Mrs and newborn!
  5. As fun a fight as that sounds, it goes to show how little competition there is for the title in the LHW division. We're talking about a guy that hasn't beaten anyone in the top 10 and who only has 3 fights in the UFC, potentially getting a shot at the belt.
  6. Guess it makes sense in that neither is a challenger for Jones anytime soon so they might as well face eachother. Gusty is getting knocked out in front of his home fans again, isnt he!?
  7. Penn will get absolutely spanked in that fight. The difference in speed and power is scary.
  8. Anyone spot Diego Sanchez claiming that Gall eye gouged and bit him during their fight!? https://www.instagram.com/p/BuiEUw1FrKs/ Edit: Fuck sake. Why do I find it so hard to embed shit on this forum?
  9. Very. Although ultimately it would just make Askren a bigger star which makes Dana more money. So he sort of wins no matter what.
  10. Anyone think Askren held the choke on a bit long? Probably just a product of the confusing situation but he definitely seemed to clock Herb calling the fight off and held it on a bit longer than he needed to. No big deal but just something I spotted. Might be something being discussed a bit more if it weren't for the decision to call the fight off being more relevant. https://twitter.com/thuhGooch/status/1102263779813937153
  11. I just meant 'cash out' as in calls it a day with professional fighting.
  12. But makes mega money, does the Diaz trilogy and cashes out.
  13. I agree. Cowboy is a slow starter and Mcgregor is most dangerous at the start of a fight. Mcgregor wants it on the feet and Cowboy can get sucked into a brawl. It's a very good choice of opponent for Mcgregor, in my opinion. I wouldn't be shocked by a first round KO at all. That'll set Mcgregor up nicely for Khabib 2.
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