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  1. I guess he doesn't care about the outcome and knows it will make him a load of cash.
  2. Jake Paul apparently fancies his chances against a retired MMA fighter known for his grappling ...
  3. Yeah, I'm not really commenting on or disputing that. My point was about Dustin because of the unique way we can compare 145 and 155 Mcgregor hitting him. Does being bigger give you a better chin? Being bigger through not cutting weight ... that makes sense. So, yeah, like I said, I guess we have to put it down to Dustin being more resilient when he hasn't been through a weight cut. The fact that resilience means the difference between being knocked out or not (by the same person hitting you) is interesting to me. Edit: That adds some sense to it, yeah, @jimufctna24. I also litera
  4. What confuses me is that he was able to knockout Dustin at FW but landed clean at LW and didn't hurt him. The weight cut for Dustin to FW was enough to weaken his chin that much? We're also talking about a younger Dustin who had less miles on the clock and therefore, logically, a better chin than he does now. What evidence is there that Dustin had a particularly extreme cut to FW? Did he ever miss weight in that division? Visually, he never appeared to be that dehydrated on the scales. Not, say, compared to Mcgregor.
  5. Anyone know what Poirier has been wearing round his neck this week? https://www.instagram.com/p/CKX7_QSpDEj/?igshid=18msh8t3jhhcb Looks like something other than just a Covid mask.
  6. Yeah, my bad ... that's a product of staying up too late looking at odds. 😂. 4/1 still decent for the stoppage though.
  7. The bookies have McGregor as a big favourite. You can get a Poirier win at 4/1. Mind blowing.
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