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  1. Just wait for the american remake of the Golden Lovers. Starring Hook and Jungle Boy.
  2. Yeah. The likes of Okada had to retrain at the NJ Dojo to be considered one of theirs. KENTA, Ishii, Taichi, Sanada, BUSHI, Honma have all had to deal with the outsider stink that handicap them compared to those homegrown.
  3. Taking out Wrestlemania is like taking out All Out. One of the reasons AEW do fairly well on PPV is because they only have four a year. The top 4 PPVs in WWE will still outperform AEW. It's the other 8-9 a year that AEW can compete against.
  4. Wasn't it around the 2010s that the WWE started to include worldwide buys as well from the Sky Box Office and elsewhere?
  5. Don't think there have been any others. It wouldn't shock me if they do one on Rampage in future, especially a live edition.
  6. I can see Hangman coming back saying they're all friends and they don't need the Dark Order anymore. It plays into how being The Elite ruined his friendships.
  7. Wanting to see Punk and Danielson team up doesn't necessarily mean them going on a run together. It can literally be just one match. FTR and the Bucks were a dream feud for many and in the end all that amounted to was one match. It's not like they don't have previous https://prowrestling.fandom.com/wiki/The_Best_%26_The_Beard
  8. Someone did a write up of Cornette's review of All Out on Reddit. Apparently he didn't watch either women's match.
  9. I think you get a battle of the Adams when Page returns, leading to Omega getting toppled in the end.
  10. For someone so young, he's been very protected in terms of working matches. You would think he would be the perfect person to throw out on Dark to do some random squashes and the odd competitive match so that Wardlow could get involved in some way.
  11. I'd imagine it would have to be in the next couple of weeks at most. They don't have any standalone Rampage tapings until the 15th October. Doing Dynamite live, taping Rampage, Elevation & Dark all in the one show seems a bit much.
  12. If Court Bauer's promoting it, i'll believe it when I see it. Kinda literally in this case. As i've no idea what channel or streaming service it will be on. Despite the 17 teases of an epic new deal every year since MLW came back.
  13. It's one of the reasons they're working away on Dark and Elevation. They've really missed Serena Deeb through her injuries. As she was able to make most of the inexperienced talent look good on TV. With the likes of Ruby Soho meant to be coming in. AEW will hopefully end up with a more well rounded Women's Division to allow some of their projects to develop in a similar fashion we've seen with Darby and Jungle Boy. edit... To add on the PAC v. Andrade front. I would have thought one of them living in the UK and the other Florida would give the game away as to who was having travel issues.
  14. Keeping track of Trios records isn't something new. I'd be happy to find out this is just another bit of internet chatter as it's not the first time it has been talked about.
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