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  1. If it was a stadium show I could see it. It's a while ago now but they did use him in Japan.
  2. This whole thread started with the idea of a September UK PPV and then got sidetracked by the idea it was SummerSlam. There seems to be some truth in it for it to be kept going. If they're talking about Sept 3/4 then that would be Labor Day weekend in the States. So I doubt they would go up against All Out with a US based PPV.
  3. Something that seems to have gone largely unnoticed from last night, Tony Nese. Maybe it can stay that way and we can collectively forget it was ever teased.
  4. The way I remember it the tournament final has always been planned for the 1st Dynamite on TBS.
  5. It might well be his mentality, but i've never heard him express it as such. It's certainly something that Bischoff has said. That tag wrestling isn't economical. Paying 4 people when you can just pay 2 and what happens when one gets injured? Vince's problem has been having or creating a traditional tag team in appearance and then treating them as undercard acts and fodder for his superstars. Until he picks a favourite for a singles run.
  6. Simply being a wrestler isn't going to qualify for the higher level checks due to the workforce issue. As there's no real interaction with kids or vulnerable groups as part of the role. Its only on a higher level check some of the SpeakingOut stuff might be disclosed if the police were ever contacted. So anyone using DBS checks to justify booking someone is either ignorant of what DBS actually does, or complicit.
  7. He's had years of trying to sell people on the Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham. Of course he's got the snake oil saleman patter down. It's just this time he might be right more often.
  8. Cautions don't get disclosed on basics, they're not a conviction. Even for a higher level check the concern there is more about what workforce you would be working in and whether the type of offence would apply. As for what offence can appear on a basic check? It's more about the sentencing. You could be fined for assault or littering, and they'd both be regarded the same. And nowadays a fine is only disclosed for one year after the date of conviction on a basic check. Basics are really only good for custodial sentences these days or lifetime disqualifications in certain areas.
  9. For a Basic it can go to the employer. Usually if they're the ones paying for it, they'll be getting it. I'd imagine for these smaller wrestling promotions they'll just be asking for a copy from the wrestler since they don't want to be on the hook for the cost. So you could very well have a wrestler out there with a disclosure that's old and no longer accurate. When I used to work there it would be quite common for someone that had a pending court case to get a basic when they knew there would be nothing on it. For more higher level stuff that could involve ongoing monitoring, then what would usually happen is the applicant would get a copy. They then get to see it first to challenge any of the information being disclosed. If they give their blessing, then the employer copy is posted.
  10. With Full Gear on Saturday and BTE on Monday they've got time to film this. Before the the match Dark Order's all nervous in their scenes. Then you see Culter's footage of the match and the win. Then goes to the Dark Order in the back ready to pop champagne but it's "Where's Hangman?". Cut to black... car lights in the darkness pulling up to a house. They park out in front, the lone figure pulls out their travel case. A door to a bedroom opens, Hangman puts down the newly won AEW World Championship on a nightstand so they that he look into his baby's crib and say something...or nothing at all as the moment will say it for him.
  11. Several since it falls into the Championship parade idea that a lot of sports have which take time to organise.
  12. Unless possibly for those doing training, simply wrestling wouldn't cover anything more than a basic disclosure. So without any convictions they'll come back clear. I'm not sure people understand that basic disclosures are largely a money making exercise for DBS/Disclosure Scotland. So someone that's a repeat sex offender that's never been convicted of anything will be fine. Whereas someone with points on their driving licence would get disclosed if its within the last few years.
  13. I think so. I had thought he did a guest commentary appearance but I must have imagined that. Even Sting has made an appearance.
  14. There's a bit of a difference between appearing on Dark when its part of the touring TV tapings and COVID era Jacksonville stint. It's another taking a weekend away to go to Florida and work a soundstage where Dark has been relegated to. EDIT: Clearly benefiting from Dynamite in Orlando that weekend. Compare the talent announcement when the next lot of tapings take place.
  15. Danielson and Cole, two of their big money signings, working Dark.
  16. There's no way they would be this misleading in their advertising would they?
  17. As far as i'm aware he's never been convicted of anything. The vast majority of job roles will not require higher level checks. A basic disclosure is only going to disclose convictions that haven't rehabbed under ROA. The job role would have to involve protected vulnerable groups in order for it receive the higher levels checks. I had a temp job working doing this years ago. I wouldn't trust my local postman anymore.
  18. On this whole Danielson and the G1 issue. It's a 6 week run of TV in between PPVs and when there's a lull in TV since its summertime. It's also going to be a one time thing for him. It's not going break AEW's business model to allow it to happen. By summer 2022/23 it'd be easy enough for someone like MJF to send him off to the G1 with a beatdown that can be milked on TV for weeks. Then have Danielson return to set up a match at All Out and there's going to be nothing lost.
  19. He's already been asked and talked about it. It's something that he wants to do, but with the quarantine requirements it's a non-starter until that changes.
  20. I'm not wishing anything. Can't imagine what's happened in the last 18 months to effect business in Japan?
  21. The G1 doesn't run for two months. In a typical year it's basically a month crossing from July - August. Which means he'd be there for Double or Nothing and All Out. The time away will be sold as like he's off competing in the wrestling Olympics. Plus you'd have whoever his opponent at All Out cutting promos on him and interviews/video packages to keep him in mind of the TV viewers.
  22. Which isn't really true though is it. Jon Moxley is off working the likes of GCW & Defy and it's not like it massively boosts their exposure. Didn't NJPW World peak at around 100k subscribers with the slight majority of that still being domestic subscribers. For the likes of us, we'll be aware of it. For the majority of people that actually watch Dynamite in the states they'll be largely clueless.
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