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  1. I predicted in February of 2023 that this fight wouldn't happen. I was starting to worry I was wrong. Could I be about to be rescued?!
  2. Went to see Tool in Manchester on Saturday night. Felt a bit odd as I was in almost exactly the same seat as I was for the 2022 tour. Enjoyed this one more than the last one - Jambi, Rosetta Stoned and Aenima are among by favourite Tool songs so that was nice. Sweat and Flood were quite unexpected choices as well. Could have done without many of the same songs from Fear Inoculum being played again though.
  3. Not reading all that obvo. Terrible indy wrestling isnt going to help you get over her 🀯
  4. Love Castlevania deeply. Definitely the best music in any game series for my money. I play Super Castlevania IV all the way through at least once a year (usually at Halloween) as a treat to myself. I recently got a little LG Handheld for the sake of emulation and have been playing Mother 3 but the above has me wanting to put that on hold and get another SOTN playthrough going. I actually got a tattoo of the vampire killer whip last year.
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