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  1. Since lockdown started I have gone a bit mental on games and either finished or at least put plenty of time into Shadow of the Colossus, Streets of Rage 4, Doom Eternal, Resident Evil 3, Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part 2, Daemon X Machina and Horizon Chase Turbo. This is definitely the most gaming I've done since I was a kid. Anyone got any hype for Ghost of Tsushima?
  2. I cant get over the fact that these idiots likely spent their entire lives dreaming of being involved in the wrestling business only to totally botch it by being massive pervs. I see NJPW foolishly thought now would be a good time to start an #AskZSJ hashtag on twitter. You can probably imagine what the questions are like.
  3. In Daves book he tells a story about dedicating a song to "the cause" in Belfast in the late 80s. Immediate riot. If I recall correctly, this was after a guy selling bootleg merch gave Big Dave what I am sure was an extremely accurate and in depth overview of the troubles.
  4. That picture of Finlay, Hansen, Funk etc. is mental. Stan Hansen working Europe in 1993?! He was still one of the top names in AJPW so presumably one of the better paid guys in the entire business at the time. It cant have been cheap to get him. Were those German tournaments still lucrative in that era?
  5. Come on now mate thats not very fair. Who are the real victims here? Is it the countless people who have been abused OR is it a bunch of geeks dressed up as ice creams and insects????? Makes u think
  6. Baby youve got it all wrong. I've not been shagging a trainee behind your back...I've been shagging a student!
  7. He assaulted my eyes and ears with that horror show of a video tbh
  8. He can go rehabilitate himself away from the business. He had his chance and he absolutely fucked it big time. If you were part of the problem, you probably shouldn’t be allowed to be part of the solution.
  9. So thats Jamie Noble and Adam Pearce both tested positive for Coronavirus. Apparently both work at Gorilla with Vince, Big man has absolutely fucked it hasnt he?
  10. They could sell Sarayas knickers and make some money off of Cromers #1 wrestling journalist. I cant say anything more for legal reasons but I've heard he is coming into a cash settlement soon.
  11. Looking at the clips on twitter right now. I live in Glasgow and (pre-lockdown) I would travel through that exact area every single day on my way to and from the office. Overwhelmingly real when you see blood on the streets, armed police etc. in an area you know so well. Absolutely terrible stuff and I am fearing the fallout could be quite nasty based on the race / police issues going on at the moment.
  12. Hearing 3 people stabbed to death and the police have shot the guy dead
  13. Its.....Rebekah Vardy's account
  14. Nothing but respect for a man who is willing to acknowledge (but not apologise for) the fact that he shagged a drunk 16 year old in the face of overwhelming evidence.
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