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  1. Finally, finally, finally BY GOD FINALLY got a PS5 on Friday. The only game I picked up so far is Deathloop which I am really, really enjoying so far. I was worried it would be overly complicated and maybe even a bit repetitive as it initially seems confined to 4 stages. The way it works with the 4 different times of day per stage changes each area drastically though. Plus you are always opening up more and more parts of each area each time you return. Looks amazing, the actual gameplay is very satisfying, the haptic feedback works so well and the voice acting is excellent. I can see me finishing it over the next few days and then I am going to attempt to tackle Demon's Souls.
  2. This geezer is not gonna lay off the flirty texts just because she's seeing someone. If he was just beefing her on a casual basis anyway then why would he give a bollocks?
  3. Thank god for Tommy Dreamer going on there to put over the size of Flairs todger and bury the women who got assaulted.
  4. What the fuck is the point in signing Rick Steiners son, dressing him up as Rick Steiner but then changing his name. I reckon we are 2-3 years away from WWE not even giving guys names and just assigning them sounds.
  5. I've seen Metallica many, many times over the years. Full disclosure - I am a bit of a fan boy and have got live bootlegs from probably every tour they have ever done. The only times I've felt Hetfield sounded ropey was some of the 2003/4 Madly in Anger With the World Tour dates and some of the World Magnetic dates. Those were large scale tours though and I think its just a case of his voice not being able to hold up to that schedule. He's sounded great since they scaled back the touring and had more days off in between dates etc. Some of the vocal performances on the Worldwired tour were brilliant. Usually its Lars people are moaning about (or Kirk Hammetts hilarious backing vocals). I went to see Biffy Clyro the other night which was my first gig, I think, since December 2019 when I saw Max and Iggor Cavalera do an early Sepultura material set in a student union. Going from that to 18+ months of nothing to a huge outdoor gig with tens of thousands was a bit jarring. The band were great but I cant deny I felt quite anxious being around that many people again.
  6. Look up the Adam and Joe guide to gigs and follow it exactly.
  7. Really hope that each and every member of the WWE universe rallies around 'The Game' Triple H as he has been taken to a local medical facility as a result of a cardiac event. Hopefully he is not compromised to a permanent end.
  8. What ever happened to Ralphy? He loved a big walk
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