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  1. Easy enough to say, definitely way more difficult to actually do. I think based on how Omega got over and what fans expect, if you have Omega picking up quick wins instead of putting on high quality competitive matches then the core 'Elite' fanbase would be very disappointed. You might also have newer fans tuning in based on the hype and wondering what all the fuss was about. Wasn't the CIMA match marketed as a first time ever dream match? He's only had singles matches on standalone events so far and I've not had a particular problem with either. Neither has been particularly memorable though. I do agree that he's way colder than he was before AEW got up and running. Problem is, he was absolutely red hot from the NJPW run. That run definitely wasn't based on a bunch of quick wins over lower tiered opponents. I don't think its the length of his matches that's the problem as much as the overall presentation. I agree that long matches with all the big moves don't cut it when everyone does it. I would be asking the lower and mid carders to reign it in way, way before I asked a top guy to calm down though.
  2. I'm not so sure that's true. I'll preface this by saying I'm not that big an Omega fan and I think NJPW has been way better since he left. Omega got over on the quality of his matches. His nickname was literally "The Best Bout Machine" What are you basing your opinion that Omega squashing jobbers would get him more over on?
  3. This is exactly the sort of bleakness I crave mmmmmmmmm
  4. I want to hear about bizarre or mundane encounters you've had with wrestlers. None of this "oh I paid hundreds to meet the Undertaker and he was really nice" rubbish - I don't care. I want some obscure shit. The bleaker the better. I'll start it off: I have pissed beside both Kenny Omega and Yoshinari Ogawa in very bleak UK venues. I saw Edge and Shelton Benjamin browsing some magazines in a WHSmiths in 2005. I was standing watching the Ospreay/Sydal 2/3 falls match in Rev pro in 2015. Shinsuke Nakamura ran past me in a crouched position to ensure I did not miss a single second of the action. Very polite of him. I somehow found myself absolutely steaming drunk in an empty bowling alley with Sami Calihan and Trevor Lee in the middle of the night. All 3 playing some weird game where you had to hit the other in the head with a metal spoon with the recipient losing if they flinched. I saw Paul London taking a rat back to his hotel once and she was AT BEST a 2/10. Mick Foley used to DM my bird on Myspace in about 2008.
  5. Being chewed up and spat out by wrestling is as business as the business gets. Sunny and Chyna are just two examples of individuals being absolutely destroyed by the business.
  6. And also that she is leaving Johnny due to his sexual obsession with collecting Power Rangers figures
  7. I hope the additional announcement is that Gargano has been banned from being a little cosplay bell end
  8. Taking a high caffeine pre-workout to get you through a several hour walk is a bad idea. Totally not fit for purpose. That sort of product is way more suited for a shorter, intense resistance workout. You'd be better off eating sensible volumes of carbohydrate (drives me mental when people think all carbs are pure evil and must be avoided at all costs) like oats, rice, potatoes with a good source of protein, fibre and plenty of water. You'll have much more energy. I've lifted weights on average of 4 times a week for years now, the only intra-workout supplement I've ever experimented with is TriCarb. I found it pretty useful in combatting muscle fatigue and getting a few more reps out when doing long, high volume workouts now that I am over 30. I've known a lot of strongmen to snack on high sugar stuff mid-workout for similar effects but I would rather not look like a fat prick. (no offense to fat pricks) Your problem is very clearly not carbs or poor supplementation though, its almost surely lethargy from the comedown of being quite literally addicted to biccies and cereal. Your system will be knackered from processing the madness you force it to endure with your diet etc.
  9. I don't have one of those but I did get an original Xbox modded with CoinOps a few years back. Lost a lot of time with my friend playing through Simpsons, X-Men, AVP, Punisher, Metal Slug etc. Like being in the arcade as a kid but with unlimited money. Truly joyous stuff.
  10. Muto is working a six man for NOAH pretty soon. Teaming with Jun Akiyama and Kiyomiya (the young GHC Champ)
  11. The counter argument to that is that he's a master of building to a crescendo and times his key spots better than anybody in the business.
  12. Fair enough, if that's your taste. Personally I am of the opinion that a world championship match being 25+ mins on a big show is a good thing when the participants are of the upper level NJPW calibre. The match you've mentioned featured an out of shape man pushing 50 and definitely could have been shorter. I wouldn't agree that Okada habitually goes too long.
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