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  1. I think I've found the best and worst promotion ever. I'm genuinely unsure if this is a parody or not. They make $5 Wrestling look like New Japan in comparison. "This Is Wrestling"
  2. So I've just found out that there's a vaporwave artist named themselves after Mike Tenay. Or it actually could be Mike Tenay. I don't know. With songs like Jacuzzi Love and Strip Poker, it's hard for me to imagine Mike Tenay as nothing more than a top shagger.
  3. Had quite a few. The main one was Jessica (Brittany Daniel) from the Sweet Valley High TV series. I prefered her over Liz, who was such a goody two shoes, and reminded me of an even more boring Lisa Simpson. Others include Anna Chulmsky, the one with the glasses from Beverly Hills 90210 that was probably 30 in real life, and predictably Kimberley from Power Rangers.
  4. I watched the first series of White Gold on the iPlayer last night. White Gold is created by one half of the lads who created The Inbetweeners, and features the actors who played Jay and Simon on that very show. It's kind of like a more grown up version of The Inbetweeners, but based on Double Glazing Salesmen in the 1980's. The main protagonist (if you can call him that) is played by Ed Westwick, who plays the confidence billy big bollocks smug prick to a tee! He is to White Gold as Will was to The Inbetweeners what with the voiceovers and all, except he breaks the forth wall constantly. Joe Thomas pretty much is Simon from The Inbetweeners but with a 90's curtains hair cut, and James Buckley is like a less cruder Jay, but still creepy and sleazy as fuck. And his has a mustache. Robert Lindsay puts in a blinding performance as Walshy, who is the owner of the double glazing company who seems like he doesn't give a fuck. Go check it out if you were a fan of Inbetweeners before the terrible third series where they just overdid it. It's on iPlayer, or on BBC Two on a weekly basis every Wednesday at 10pm.
  5. I was actually playing Hurricanes (based on the cartoon in the 90's about a footb... Sorry, SOCCER team) for the SNES last night. It's a similar concept to Marco's Magic Football where you're kicking the ball at enemies, but the gameplay is shoddy at best. I did however get a kick out if when you land on something spikey, your ball pops and floats away until you get a new one. Lovely touch.
  6. It seems that Rohit and some of the Angaar alumni have moved on and formed a new promotion called Wrestling Reloaded. I'm guessing this is the Indian equivalent of Misawa and co leaving All Japan to form Pro Wrestling Noah. Here's a Royal Rumble they did three months back.
  7. The lager and drugs have not been kind at all (nicked off a certain bongo site named after a rodent)
  8. This is my new favourite YouTube channel, Retro Football TV. If you're like me (and I assume Ian and Tiger Rick) and love the glory days of 90's football and shite 90's/00's football games, this is for you. The best thing on the channel is Wheel of Wank, a weekly series where the host and a guest (which unfortunately one episode includes that fambludinnit cunt from Arsenal Fan TV) play a series of shitty football games from the 90s. Check it out!
  9. Graham Linehan is another person who I liked before he exposed himself on Twitter as a massive twat. "You know what George Michael, Prince and David Bowie would want you to do? Go to your local US Embassy on January 20th and say hell no!" This was a genuine tweet he posted just a couple hours after George was announced dead. What a throbber.
  10. I assume June Brown reeks of cockles and tobacco. A horrible combination.
  11. I had an encounter with Leslie Grantham in 2006. He smelt like pasties. He was also wearing a jacket which made me imagine he found a stain on it and saying "What the fuck is this shit? Is that chocolate?" ala Jake Roberts on Beyond The Mat. Leslie was also a cunt.
  12. Seeing Sue and Danny fall to their deaths off the scaffold freaked me the fuck out as a six year old. Watching it back on YouTube just now still freaks my nut out.
  13. Ginger Chris Evans is definitely a man who is past it. He tried to revive that magic of the 90's by bringing back TFI Friday in 2015, but famous people are so much more fucking lamer now, and the feeling just wasn't there anymore. Then, he replaced the much loved by your Facebook mates who post about how much the Loony Left are softies Jeremy Clarkson as the host of Top Gear. He only lasted six episodes. His TV career is as good as dead. Unless he's on something else that I'm not aware of. Or he could still be killing it on Radio. Again, I have no idea. Or care for that matter.
  14. I can't be fucked with Podcasts anymore, but I'll definitely go out of my way for a Houchen/Butch/Crisp/Raid drunken podcast. Exciting times ahead.
  15. I bought the Nokia N-Gage, thinking it was going to be some sort of revolutionary gadget that will change the face of mobile phones. The sheer thought of playing Tony Hawk's Skateboarding with near 32 bit graphics on a handheld device was mind blowing to me. But as a phone itself? Absolutely dreadful. The phone was the size of a Gameboy Advance, and the speaker and reciever where on the top end, so you looked like ab utter wally whilst talking on it. I still have it somewhere in the house. I doubt it works now though.