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  1. I once got on a bus and sat down in front of two old women, and one of them said (in a strong Yorkshire accent which is very out of place to where I live) "and if you don't know the difference between a Lindy hop, a Jitterbug and Jive.... well what are you doing?"
  2. I like the one with him and Woody Harrelson playing basketball.
  3. I'm not going to stop going to pubs. Just his pubs. If loads of people start working from home surely trains and fuel prices will be affected? Starbucks must be shitting it for one thing.
  4. What an utterly stupid post this is.
  5. Just had the call from our lad's school to confirm whether we'd be sending him back when they open on June 2nd. They're operating on split classes, half going Monday/Tuesday and half Thursday/Friday with a deep clean on Wednesday. Maximum of ten children per class, isolated desks, new books and stationery for each child, lunch served at his desk, lots of outside time with staggered breaks and playground split into zones to make distancing easier to monitor for staff... And yet I'm still hoping my council will decide to stay closed. They've left it to us to decide. What they're doing sounds great and very reassuring, and I have every confidence in the staff because it's a really good school, but still not sure if it's worth risking at this stage. Any other parents going through this right now?
  6. Professors telling me how brilliant, yet unless to me, Microsoft Teams is, and those fucking relentless Nationwide tales of nothing are currently ruining my enjoyment of Come Dine With Me repeats in the morning.
  7. The "Boris" followers are just the worst. Last night I saw loads of comments accusing people of "interpreting his words to suit their narrative" while also doing just that, whilst also insisting that it was "perfectly clear". It's like fucking Jonestown on his Facebook page.
  8. I won't sleep tonight wondering what happened to Mr Midas and Megan.
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