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  1. I do need to be upping cardio, i may well be doing just that. Meantime cal intake must be dropped and rain or shine i will need to be in the gym
  2. At peak weight I was around 15 stone, but was able to run for miles. I got old lazy and fat
  3. The actual fuck.. i took most of the summer holidays off. That’s still a quite unacceptable weight gain. Only one way to go from here
  4. Really late to the party but I’m loving Spider-Man on the ps. When it’s done is the dlc worth buying or no?
  5. 9/11 I was working at eurotunnel as the planes hit. I used to work on the security side of things xraying lorries. Within hours our search rate had gone to 100 percent and we had armed police with is at all times. It stayed like that for my whole shift, was very happy to be going home that day.
  6. Does the child have a SEN statement in place? If he does then the school should be able to say they cant meet the needs of the child requested in the statement. Legally the school must make sure those needs are met regardless of what mum wants or thinks. https://childlawadvice.org.uk/information-pages/special-educational-needs/ Having been though the system and had multiple friends do the same it sounds to me the school are letting both you and this child down. I dont want to clog the thread but if you need any advise im happy to help, feel free to fire me a PM.
  7. Can you not call a best interests meeting? My son is severely autistic and in a special needs school, even then some of the children are moved to a more suitable school as the current one can not meet the needs of the child.
  8. Not sure if you ever saw them......but Lucha underground seasons 1 to 3 are amazing IMO id given up wrestling until stumbling across it. Post maina id give AEW a go some really good stuff
  9. Moving on, I have a family friend in Disney yesterday. Star wars was running at 45 minute wait..... With the less than stellar numbers in California have Disney messed up the easiest home run ever? I heard an argument that no one wanted a random planet with all the current cast. Or are people just waiting for rise to open?
  10. BAH i took little plastic bags to the wishes firework party and smuggled out many cakes last time.
  11. Nice to hear your talking to your dad again
  12. Anyone have any ideas on when the epcot spine will be done? They cant take the normal disney pace with it surely? The entrance to the park will be a building site for years if they do
  13. Johnson is painting himself into a corner with the "do or die" "dead in a ditch" talk. Its very clear that deadline wont happen. Could we really see a planned vote of no confidence?
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