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  1. If that happens is there anyone the tories have not pissed off left to form a government with?
  2. Another hold my beer moment. Ashworth has to cover his slating of his own leader as a possible security risk as “bants” So boris hides in a fridge as his staff swear on good morning. Sums the election up perfectly
  3. Wait by nuclear they are saying that the son did it and as he is “friends” with the health secretary they where all in it together?
  4. Sorry I didn’t make my post clear the last mrp showed labour 40 seats further behind
  5. https://yougov.co.uk/uk-general-election-2019/ Last yougov MRP poll. Labour gaining 40 seats from last one......Going to be really tight
  6. I have faith in Johnson having no choice but to remove the whip if anyone of his new government refuse to back his deal. IF that then puts him in a minority the opposition parties would be stupid not to call no confidence and round we go again. I dont think it will come to that yet......Come end of next year if we dont have a deal in place and we end up back on the no deal knife edge its very possible.
  7. Johnson won’t ever recover after he had said time and time again that all the candidates have promised to back his deal. They win any form of majority and fail to get it though it will be chaos. People would have the whip removed and no confidence vote would be a rea possibility
  8. A poll is showing it’s down to 6 points. I don’t think it will be a crushing win if there is a win at all. To be honest I’d rather a slim majority over a huge one anyway. Never hurts to have some checks and balances
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-europe-50691677/billionaire-john-caudwell-goes-head-to-head-with-labour-s-john-mcdonnell# Interesting sit down that. Bravo on Mcdonnel for doing it
  10. Thanet has long been classed as one if the most deprived areas in the country. Apart from a slight touch of madness when UKIP took the local council its been a Tory seat only Blair’s labour could take. I would be shocked if labour got anywhere near it this time
  11. The jury ended up deliberating for less than an hour *as they rolled around in the millions they where bribed with*
  12. Did we ever find out who is behind this gimmick? It’s can’t be a vince idea
  13. The most enjoyable thing about these debates is watching the left and right media try and spin them into a win for their boy. If ever media bias needs proving its right after one of these.
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