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  1. They are waiting on me to quit. But there’s no point as I can’t get another job unless I can work alone anyway. My fellow work mates that are going in said they will leave over it. I will certainly be gone as soon as I’m able.
  2. My work are attempting to starve the staff with underlying health issues out. Refusing to furlough refusing to pay. Two of them have partners on 12 week shielding notice. As far as I know they are all still refusing to go back
  3. One summer I found a wasp nest. The stingy bastards had made a nest in my old mans compost heap. Being 12 I decided the best course of action was to eliminate them before they stung me playing outside. So I waited for my mate to come over, parents to go to work and hatched my fool proof plan. This involved a hose and a large tree branch the plan was I would hit the entrance to the nest with the branch while my mate opened fire with the lethal finger over the end of the hose water cannon. Any wasps surviving the water would be easy pickings to a quick stomp. The nest would be flooded and I could continue to be Ian rush. So the plan kicked into action and all was good for about 2 minutes. Bashing the nest had indeed caused them to come out, the issue was they where coming out in numbers I hadn’t accounted for. Worse the water seemed to have very little affect on them. By the time I dropped the branch I was already getting stung. All told we took the best part of 20 odd stings between us. When my dad came home I lied and said the football hit the nest and we got stung trying to get it back. The exterminator came a few days later and the garden was safe again. Don’t mess with wasps
  4. Finished days gone a few days back. no idea why it got such bad reviews. I loved it great action, great story right learning curve. Dug out assassins creed odyssey a game i started but got side tracked and never really got into. I will attempt to give it more of a chance this time round.
  5. Your not allowed out. I really enjoyed AEW, its getting much better in terms of roster and story. Hopefully Lee will get the push to the top, maybe with new ring gear mind
  6. Speaking of asthma. My work back tracked today......Come in or dont get paid. Total disregard for my condition. The lowest? A work mates husband has COPD and got his GP letter a few days ago. She like me as advised to distance........Work sent her same email....Get back to work......In other words, "we dont care if you kill your husband"
  7. No way will nhs accept people at high risk. I will bide my time keep records and seek advise.
  8. Well no update yet from the offending HR I think maybe the plan will be to stave me out. Allow me not to go in but refuse to pay me anything see if I quit. Needless to say as soon as this is over I’m looking for a new job ASAP
  9. Well 111 can’t help my gp just told me as a Carer it’s tough shit. Go to work with asthma maybe die. We have no masks no way of distancing. Cunts had me in tears today.
  10. Amoxicillin is an antibiotic and wont make one bit of difference to a virus. They must be giving it to stop a further infection from the weakened immune system this shit causes. That’s more or less my asthma treatment plan of meds. The prednisone is a steroid to reduce the inflammation of the airways
  11. Well looks I’m getting fired. HR sent an email saying unless I’m in severe. at risk group get my ass back to work. Fuck my asthma diagnosis. Fuck that I work with disabled adults that don’t understand distancing. Fuck that my work space is one big house full of upto 20 people. Get back to work. Well fuck them and their 8.75 per hour. I have made an official complaint. Referred them to government guidelines and said no. 4 years I’ve been there.
  12. To allow you to walk for miles a day? No I doubt it.
  13. Thats awful, so sorry to hear that.
  14. He clearly said a family can be together for walks runs etc. Don’t group up with your football mates and go for a run or take your family and go hang out In the high street. Prevent it jumping households My sister in law works for a large paint store.... they are open....... give it a few days of sports direct and the like acting like twats and the lockdown will get more severe
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