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  1. I was happily informed due to sleep teeth grinding i will lose 4 bottom and 4 top teeth in a few years. Then they suggested i go see an orthodontist (£120) to offer solutions. I guess i will have a set of falses by 45.... Glorious times ahead just waiting for the day i expose the nerve on each of them.
  2. Dark knight over Batman begins. Still one of the best comic book moves ever.
  3. The finger goes back....and to the left....back and to the left.
  4. So many top level guys in the mix now. The ability to mix and match is amazing Bravo AEW another great show.
  5. The segment right before it showed them all hugging while Excalibur is saying how they have reconciled as they host - 1 up and all pose. Its almost like its filmed out of order and those comments should be made before they made up and got back together
  6. JR shitting on the dark order saying some of them had no class at all was odd, right after punk trying to shit on the fact that anna wasnt wearing dark order colors. Not quite as odd as Arn talking about murdering people but still.
  7. Well i night ninja covid tested my son last night as per usual and he tested positive. Im negative but booked a PCR to make sure. He has a bit of a snotty nose but otherwise seems fine. School are sending a pcr over today. Cant say that wont be a fight. Supposed to be taking him away for a week on Friday to. Now hes stuck in doors for 10 days. Thankfully i got his jab weeks back which im sure is helping. If anyone is doubting the double jab, how i am not infected being his main carer and being covered in snot and being in a car with him over the last week is amazing.
  8. I had no interest in watching this, but that on its own makes me want to see it.
  9. I have no idea on WWE attendance at uk events. Would they sell that out without a problem?
  10. That Eps was utterly heart breaking. Who would have thought James Mitchell would have been the best friend a guy could ever have . All the beatings he took from him and he still stuck by him till the end.
  11. This, its even worse when hes playing the superhero baby face.
  12. When was a tv match as good as that opener? I was always a bit worried that BD would be a let down just based on the fact we have seen him for years and years in WWE. Im very happy to be wrong. Cody has to turn heel at some point. Hes getting "die rocky die" heat with the crowds.
  13. A group of pro wrestling fans now did some research on her and discovered that Mrs. Doyle actually has a criminal record, after stealing $80,000 worth of jewelry in 2016 with a man named Rob Scott. Wow…. These cunts are going to start a campaign against this women? To defend ric flair?
  14. And this is the shit we know about. Nearly every shoot interview has a “Flair being Flair” segment. I shudder to think what that means now
  15. i joined after strong style tapes stole my money. (I did get tapes in the end) I still wonder what happened to Dave pick. I remember him attending iwa mid south
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