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  1. I restarted it today on the harder setting. After years away I noticed the combat being awkward too. That said it’s still the best game I’ve ever played . Enjoy
  2. I sat down to watch this a few days ago.... and ended up sat there all day until I finished it. What a tremendous show. My Sister asked me if it was any good I could only describe it as the most Star Wars thing since the originals. Perfection on every level. And yes I’m buying a baby yoda to
  3. Nailed virgin flights stupidly cheap for October. Crunched the numbers on upgrading the ddp and it just does not work. Will use amazon prime now to get a pack of water and snacks for room. Then use the free breakfast for dinner. Really looking forward to seeing the new Epcot fireworks
  4. That is horrible. Im slightly amused by they down votes on that video.....money says most of them by 30 to 40 somethings like me.
  5. I just finished titans season 2. Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to season 3. I don’t think it was quite as good as the first season. They seemed to tone it down quite a lot this time round
  6. Again no real advise for the injury. But walking 26 miles is going to have a serious affect on your physical health.
  7. This just wouldn't work in the care industry. My center is for disabled adults they get dropped off at 9 and at leave at 5, 5 days a week. So unless the wages went way way up and they hired more people to cover the only option would be to cut the service hours down. The knock on effect would not be good for any involved. We dont have targets to meet therefore we cant increase productivity
  8. Going to Orlando in October. Cant wait had to book a while out to get the free dining at disney. Got some flights a few days ago stupidly cheap. Looking forward to starwars
  9. opps yeah ignore me i read it as wanting motion control.......Yeah avoid like plague then
  10. I cant really offer any forms of advise Freebird, im sure someone will be along shortly with some. Just wanted to post to say i hope things improve for you it sounds like your really going though it.
  11. Why have i only just found how awesome youtube.com is? I will start Superdragon vs Kevin Steen music video. Super fn dragon.
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