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  1. Same old shit. Different era. Id imagine the old old timers having a shit fit when we walked out at SS as a undead zombie. "THATS NOT MY WRESTLING! in my day we hit 45 fans on the way to ring wrestled a fucking bear and got paid in beer"
  2. Got mum down for her vaccine today. Sadly my bro in laws mum didn’t make it. She caught covid in hospital after a fall. She was 74 but tripped and fell hospital kept her in a few nights. They tested her and she had no symptoms so went home. 7 days still no symptoms then her breathing started to fail. Covid pneumonia diagnosed, 4 days later she passed away. Fuck this virus
  3. Well i got the letter from the court today. FUCKING WON IT! i cried when i read it, No review until 2025. Today is a 3 beer day.
  4. Thats a cracking line up. XPW stands out as the major one for me. The history behind it, messiah losing his thumbs, screwing over CZW to run arenas. Rob black.............
  5. Thats fucking awful. By definition he failed on not having a severe mental impairment. Even when they have a letter saying he is learning at the rate of a 2 year old. UGH
  6. I did point out that I considered holding onto him when ever he leaves the house to be permanent restraint. And that I do it to stop him hurting himself or others. I also pointed out that if I was to pin him on the floor that would be abuse. The two people with the judge seem to accept it but the judge not so much.
  7. Well looks like I will lose my appeal for high rate mobility. Judge seems to think having to hold on to him at all times to stop him running away/ into roads etc is not extreme behaviour require physical restraint. They wanted to hear he punches bites and kicks that ends with being pinned on the floor.
  8. They just keep cutting and cutting. No reason to stay onsite even at a value resort let alone anything more expensive. Crazy plan to get the parks back to being full post vaccine
  9. I just caught up with this, i suffered the same level of shithousery at my work this week. In hindsight i probably should have stayed signed off sick for a while as keith suggested. I think alot of companies will be looking for staff once this is over. Hope things work out
  10. Since leaving work a few days ago and the stress surrounding its build up i have started to suffer from not being able to sleep. I know deep down i did the right thing but i feel like im letting my family down. I have had the constant shits that have resulted in losing 8lbs in the last 5 days. Im afraid i wont be able to get another job as i have to remain my sons carer. This limits me to being able to earn £120 per week in wages and i dont see anyone willing to take me on. I have a court hearing on the 15th as they denied my sons claim for mobility element of DLA. So im getting rea
  11. Yeah i did. probably not the right time to do it but its done
  12. I dont want to say i have alot of friends there, I also cant prove anything as i wasn't on site. But when i was i saw every single person remove the masks to drink or eat. Never once did anyone ever go outside 5 years gone like that
  13. Ok that went nuclear. The response is in, they lied to PHE. Seems they reported that the staff never removed their mask. I know that a lie as i witnessed everyone removing them at some point. The result is i just quit i cant work for a company that would do that.
  14. Thanks dude your right it’s really hard to leave everyone else there most of whom I trained up to pick up the slack
  15. Sorry it wasn’t very clear. I attempted to raise my concerns on my own which they ignored. So I contacted the union who then contacted them asking them to respond to my concerns. They have thus far ignored them to
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