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  1. They are not changing anything they are making more money than ever.
  2. "I breathed in second hand smoke, got whiskey rubbed in my mouth as a baby, and dad used to beat me with a belt when i stepped outline" Yer it was better.
  3. Fuck Sony for cancelling days gone 2. I loved that game and was really looking forward to mowing down ps5 powered super hordes... All so they can remake last of us???
  4. Superman killing loads of people by proxy fighting zod? or him killing zod? However if you want to ask about batman killing in BVS? I have no issues with it until you work out that joker killed robin in that timeline and batman let him live Which then makes no sense what so ever.
  5. Ok I have a real issue with falcon and the winter solider it’s going to contain spoilers including this weeks eps so I will stick it the box
  6. If i had the skill to do the capes well id think about ebaying them. Alas they look great from the front not so much on the back.....
  7. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/transformers-vintage-g1-astrotrain-3699338 might be of interest
  8. I glued most of my fingers / T-shirt and some of the table but finally got the cape looking right
  9. My bro in law caught covid he’s a fit and healthy 37 year old. Its absolutely ruined him. He’s struggling to do even simple things due to breathing issues. I think he’s going to have to seek medical help for it next few days.
  10. I gave in and got animal crossing. Now my life is wrecked......... The mrs who does not play games has joined in and now we have had to build a shared resource pen or there will be arguments.
  11. I decided to repaint a Superman Jakks and a batman one for my collection. Just the capes to do These are the toys that where in B@M for 10 quid a while back.
  12. Sony giving away zero dawn from April 19th. I have played it twice but I will nab it anyway hoping for a ps5 patch
  13. The EU have ballsed up the vaccine roll out from claiming it didnt work to claiming it will give you a blood clot and kill you. Lucky for us we managed to do our own deals on said vaccine. However to claim brexit as a huge success is very premature. Give it a few years with stuff back to normal and then see how things are doing.
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