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  1. Interestingly his best mate has now also tested positive, again no symptoms, and family unaffected. I wonder if they will ever find out why in some cases you dont know you got it and in others its way more serious
  2. I know another asymptotic person only got tested due to taking a new job in health care. Family all tested negative
  3. Not that i can find, there is options to turn it off and on again in settings that will reset it. But in the middle of a game thats the last thing you want. ] EDIT Found this on reddit "You have to constantly press R to recalibrate the center position of the pointer. So if you want to use the pointer, set your wrist to a comfortable "middle of the screen" position, then press R, and it should be pretty accurate. It's a pain that you have to do this compared to wii, but it's the next best thing" I will try playing the demo again now i know how to re
  4. Im trying to play pikmin demo on the switch. The dam giro controls are broken beyond being playable. The pointer tends to shoot off to the far side of the screen and you cant get it back. Its really putting me off off buying the game. Might be a pick up if it gets patched im not sure its the same game if you have to use a bog standard controller.
  5. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-europe-54602999 Belguim taking another hammering they already had the 3rd highest death rate per 100k in the world Mr Vandenbroucke described the situation in the capital Brussels and in the south of the country as "the most dangerous in all of Europe".
  6. Ok now i want to see You Cannot Kill Alex "Robocop" Murphy movie. Robocop vs gage is money.
  7. I don’t really have any decent advise but I can relate to lack of sleep. My son would sleep for around 3 hours a night. After 4 nights of it I was crying for no reason shaking and feeling like utter shit. I can understand how they use it as a torture technique. I would have happily signed anything to get some sleep. Hope you can get on top of this.
  8. Just my opinion but HDR is more of a jump in terms of picture than 4k.
  9. Ralphy you really have to tell your parents/Doctors you are thinking of killing yourself. They wont ignore you and hopefully you get the help you need.
  10. Not really, you allow people to hit you with light tubes sometimes it goes wrong. Somewhere in the match Dave got his neck cut, he then freaked out Gage had to more or less shoot pin him.
  11. Dont tell me you dont like James?
  12. The Nick Gage match should never have happened. Hes a fool for taking it. He had nothing to redeem in my eyes he won a fake belt in a fake match to get some press for WCW. If people where still taking time out to blast him for it then i would suggest that is their problem.
  13. They wont have to blame anyone. Manchester just refused to go to tier 3. Judging from a few LBC callers they should be penned in, and allow covid to spread according to one caller
  14. They have to make this easier to find and check as when things hopefully start coming out of tiers the same thing will happen
  15. And a 120 quid fine if they catch you outside. That said they did record 27k new infections a few days back
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