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  1. Nah, I just hate wrestling fans with long finger nails, autism and bad hygiene. Which sadly makes up the entire fanbase. I'm off to be a Rugby fan.
  2. Love Mandy's "evolution" She's so different now lads. She has........checks notes, BRUNETTE hair instead of BLONDE!
  3. Point at the weirdos who don't look at you in the eye, and are wearing women wrestlers shirts. To be fair, the women smell them a mile away. And yeah autism is a valid thing. Doesn't excuse you being a fucking creep.
  4. The ones with long finger nails, wear a Bayley shirt which is stained, and go on about how their underused, are the ones I steer clear of and warn women about.
  5. I give it six months before he loses it after having a shit run where the fans turn on him. If you give this company any faith now, you're incredibly naive.
  6. Most "smarks" will never touch a woman's hand let alone have sex with one.
  7. WCW died the moment Goldberg pinned Hogan in the Georgia Dome. They blew their load and it was down from there.
  8. That's nice. Doesn't change the fact most fans are fucking incel weridos.
  9. I don't know him though....I'd love to buy him a pint, he helped me through my teenage years as a shy shagger
  10. Love that guy's work. Wanked off to a few of his porns. He'd defo give you a biscuit. In between takes
  11. the gimmick was just cringe to me
  12. Always was. People are just now realising her The Man gimmick died 2 years ago.
  13. Its not her fault. WWE is scum. But she's a grown woman. She knew what they were. Its incredibly sad. But she made a big fuss about unions, and chose to go back.
  14. as sad as I am for Zelina. She went back after being fired for her beliefs. Not like AEW wouldn't have taken her. She's made her bed.
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