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  1. Officially innit. I mean I agree with you. I think this is a PR move, its not a bad thing though. It sticks it to WWE and their cultists who demand that Owen be known ONLY as a WWE guy, Fuck his widow I guess? It is going to be werid to play as Owen in the AEW game though
  2. This Arn thing is utterly bizarre yet hilarious
  3. This Arn thing is utterly bizarre yet hilarious
  4. But it worked out wonderfully, He takes time off, He'd have been lost in the shuffle around August time. And then comes back as a fucking hero winning a title shot.
  5. New theme? He had that song in 2008!
  6. WWE would promote Pink as a big get even though she hasn't been relevant for 20 years.
  7. Somehow Christian is gonna debut again
  8. It was never going to change modern Hollywood. She was gonna be paid to shut up and get more royalities and probably a cameo as Black Widow in Secret Wars. That's all.
  9. I'm gonna get hung for this but I love Cider or wine vinegar on my chippy chips
  10. We're finally going to get heel Cody huh?
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