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  1. And if anyone wants some eye drops I'm off to Ruthin Castle tomorrow.
  2. This is Britain now, for 4 years at least, isn't it? Fuck me it's fucking hilarious. A bent government which has arguably managed to be worse than Thatcher in less than 6 months. Are we living in an episode of The New Statesman?
  3. Mr Fuji killed someone's dog for a rib. He's the biggest cunt of them all. Scum.
  4. Similar in 2005. Champ Man 96/97, tins of Fosters and the 3c Country Station on freeview. We both lost our jobs within a month of moving in together
  5. I'm hoping to get so sunburned I have the hue of John Amos.
  6. Mil Etter Mil by Jahn Teigen is still the best.
  7. Buzz Sawyer wins the born old prize. During the Last Battle of Atlanta he was only something like 24.
  8. The banning of menthol fags has been shit and clear as mud. Its only just become clear I can still get menthol filters for my baccy. Although him being a Disney social media man means little. They probably are chuffed he's a prick with the way they're doing their best to ruin cinema.
  9. Michael Hayes was 36 when he started as Dok Hendrix. That's me next year. And I think I'll look as old.
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