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  1. Stokes couldnt bowl in this test and he did. God bless that sexy bastard. Im not a massive fan of Mark Wood. He's fast, but he's so delicate and goes for a lot on a bad day. And before anyone says "Devon Malcolm" he's different. Curran I absolutely love though. Dangerous medium pace trundler. And as a medium pacer myself it's good to see one.
  2. Why has Robinson been called up? Seamers aren't out problem
  3. He's surely undroppable for home tests? Great to see him do a bit with the bat finally too as he was getting pelters for losing his batting. To be honest he can bat like Phil fucking Tufnell if he wants while he avgs 22 with the ball in home tests.
  4. The entire reason Wrexham are where they are now is because of the Fa's shocking "Fit and Proper" tests. Fuck them
  5. PowerButchi

    Chippy Tea

    Have those chips ever been introduced to the fat?
  6. 35 over for the day. Mainly the first 8 holes as I was being overly coached and i was tense as fuck and thinking too much. When I stopped listening and put the driver back and relaxed and went of the tee with the 3 wood it was far easier. Had my first par!!!! And now I've caught the bug. Going for another game next Friday.
  7. Thank fuck this never happened. I loved WCW and have never had no interest in comic books other than Viz. No interest to the point of absolute disdain. If this was promoted on WCW it would have done my swede in.
  8. No. You've got your own thread. No PESing. Actually other than Steve Justice, he's ok. He's allowed in here. All other Spurs and Arsenal fucking sub Old Firm twats get in the thread that's been made for you until you stop being annoying.
  9. Have Equity made clear their rules for people involved in Wrestling yet for joining?
  10. Wasim Akram and Nassar Hussain ripping the piss out of Athers as he wasn't there after the Pakistan documentary during tea was the days highlight. They went through every category, from best player to decent opener to home commentator to overseas commentator to everything and ripped him to shreds and said he wouldn't have been on the shortlist for any saying openly "we hope you're watching" and Wasim explaining why he always had to give him bouncers as they're mates. Athers would have absolutely loved it. I can't imagine a more fun sport to work in the booth in. You get Roy Keane being a miserable prick in football, Eddie Butler being too clever for his own good in Rugby, and Sky just has someone's best two mates gently ribbing him as he wasn't there at the time. It was hilarious. Otherwise. Not much happened. Draw all over it.
  11. Congratulations in advance for being worse than the Scottish Football Thread.
  12. So. Wrexham have 6 players for next season and half of them want to leave. First friendly is on the 17th. Beat that!
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