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  1. YES! vs Pat Roach
  2. WCW'sn Big Sky was on WOS? That's beautiful. He was fucking dogshit. Is the footage online?
  3. Don't hinder Jinder! He's been a guilty pleasure of mine for a bit now. He's not been bad at all on Main Event.
  4. Not as far as I know. I think he broke in in Florida.
  5. Pro Israel folk claim it as he has THE GALL to support Palestine, confusing criticism of the state of Israel with antisemitism.
  6. This makes me laugh more than it probably should.
  7. Back to the Franchescina, there's a large Portuguese population in Wrexham, and their food is out of this fucking world, as well as the afore mentioned super beer butty they make THE BEST egg custards. The Portuguese eateries are fan-fucking-tastic.
  8. Middlesex have said no to the new ECB T20 Competition. Good on them. The Bacon and Eggs should stand up mightily against T20. Even though it's more probably about the City based system. Still, ban T20.
  9. I watched the episiode of Hardcore TV where Rude first came out in the mask and proclaimed Douglas hung like a hamster and brought out Pitbull I. Fuck me, that wooly jumper he had on. Gyles Brandreth would be proud.
  10. And here's what Snitsky is up to now.
  11. I get your overall point, but you mentioned three superlatives there. Not having them as shit. All hysterical.
  12. Liverpool should go all-in on Danny Ward. Then sell him for loads of money please.
  13. Rare to see a National with 3 horses within 16s in the first 4. Luckily I had Blaklion, Cause of Causes and One for Arthur all E/W. Blaklion is a North Walian Horse so I had a punt on it when it was 12s, had a free bet off Paddy so I punted it on One for Arthur at 16s. Reinvested my winnings in the futures market. Jon Rahm E/W in the masters. I got on him first at 28s on Weds, piled more on now at 14s. Just hope I don't get fucked by golf dead heat rules, as I can see him sneaking 6th. Westwood will drop off, and as much as I love Sergio Garcia, can't see him doing it again in R4. A 69 is within Rahm's capability and that'll put him in the chase.
  14. The likes of former comedian Pat Condell have been on about Sweden for a while.Connecting a high muslim population with every problem the nation may encounter.