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  1. I agree. The ECB are claiming its right because we've (at least) two T20 world cups before the next 50 over one. But 50 over cricket is we all know from playing on weekends as players all over the Country on a local level and as fans what we've just fucking won a world cup in. Also, an obvious miss by Strauss and Giles here is that the fucking hundred isn't fucking T20.
  2. Yup. De Grandhomme was perfect for that pitch. Medium pace gets a bad rap these days. Medium pace (medium-fast I'll include in that) swing is perfect for English wickets. Hence the horses for courses picks we'd always make at Headingley where folks like Steve Watkin would be gods. Or the occasional Martin Bicknell call up. Ian Austin did ok, Collingwood had a few good days, Mark Ealham too especially on the correct wickets for them. Anderson is pretty much MF these days and his bowling at home is still as good as ever. Speaking of perfect bowling for our conditions, TRJ is on point at the moment. Id see how he looks against Ireland. Perfect horses for courses squad selection for the ashes depending on the wicket. And as regards the too much grass thing, that was set up for (especially) Woakes and Plunkett I'd assume. Cant blame the Kiwi's for beating us at our own game.
  3. Double post Keith: Blag is more than acceptable a phrase even when blag is before or after it. Posh Southern softies are wrong again.
  4. They are a must wear with trainers and casual shorts. Sports socks are scum though. If you wear white ones especially. If you're not wearing them just to exercise you need your loaf caving.
  5. My head is turning into an eastet island statue with age.
  6. He's fucking great in Casulties of War too. Easipu the high spot
  7. One of tge greatest games in history. The pub was absolutely rocking.
  8. Shane, and WCW, were babyfaces until the Booker Buff stench. Indeed at KOTR they were hinting Benoit or Jericho would win the title and take it to WCW.
  9. Bob Holly rule is in effect as regards this. If Bob Holly acted like Janela did, would you defend him?
  10. PowerButchi

    Cereal Chat

    Banana Bubbles were the gold medal cereal.
  11. Artie is one of the greatest characters in TV history. Gutted.
  12. 7-52 for Toberlone today.
  13. Bruce Springsteen ticket when I was going through an especially dark time.
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