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  1. PowerButchi

    Fight Network UK is back

    Gary ain't his name, English pigdog!
  2. PowerButchi

    Jerry Lawler is the Greatest Wrestler of all time

    Lovely post, the kind this place needs more of! For my cash Bammer looked best in his rookie year, and a lot of that is surely connected that a lot of that year revolved around him and Lawkler as opponents and team mates.
  3. PowerButchi

    Official Darts Thread

    Indoor League is grreat. Best Event is Shove Ha'penny
  4. PowerButchi

    Official Darts Thread

    I spend the swathes of his commentary wishing he'd shut the fuck about wrestling and it was a bit cringey to be honest. If I find it annoying, how annoying must people who don't like wrestling find it?
  5. PowerButchi

    Official Darts Thread

    This years Q-school attendees so far. https://tv.dartconnect.com/eventplayers/pdcukqs19 Chuffed to see my mate Daf Edwards going for one, hope he gets one. Because I can brag then about hwo I beat him in league darts. Durrant and Waites have also officially thrown their hats in the ring to try and enter the real darts. A few women are enetring too. Winstansley, Sherrock, Ashton, and Ana
  6. PowerButchi

    Official Darts Thread

    Yeah, this was easily the worst BDO World Championship field ever for me. Even moreso than Taylor vs RVB 2007, or Adams vs Nixon?
  7. PowerButchi

    Jerry Lawler is the Greatest Wrestler of all time

    More grade A heel run in 90. If your @chokeout of the world can make jumpers like Jerry I'm in
  8. Bit of proof here. In 1990 Memphis was stretched massively as Lawler and Jarrett were also running Dallas, and Lance Russell was busy being the best commentator in WCW, so most of the show on live Mempho telly for 2 hours would be him and Dave Brown filling time. Lawler being a heel. What a way to fill it. He's so good at it, the crowd have their hands up saying "DO ME NEXT!". Highlight is one of the prom girls (who was late for prom) saying "I want you bad". Also, when he had to be a real heel, was anyone better? (Extra points for Jerry Lawler's Lay Z Boy he got from LOCAL SPONSORS ROYAL FURNITURE, after he smashed the commentary area over Chris Champion a few weeks previous but kept Dave Brown's shit stool for him to sit on)
  9. PowerButchi

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    And even then he was pretty much a word for word verbatim B&M Bargains Nick Bockwinkel.
  10. PowerButchi

    What games do you have or play on your phone?

    I can do the Banyan in less than 4 lives on Jet Set Willy (exposing a bug) . Real Man. The bug isn't on High Life Harry though. Cunts.
  11. PowerButchi

    What games do you have or play on your phone?

    High Life Harry. Its essentially a Jet Set Willy clone but it's free. That and world cricket 18
  12. PowerButchi

    The Cricket Thread

  13. PowerButchi

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    New boom period.
  14. PowerButchi

    Remembering 2002

    Has any company had more starpower then WWE in 2002? No Mr Crooks, is the answer to that rheotical question. I think that might have been WWE's problem, it was so damn loaded everyone got lost in the shuffle even after the extension.
  15. PowerButchi

    All Elite Wrestling trademarks filed

    Gar Ynys Mon from here went to Vegas to see the last big wrestling start up. That went well. Anyway, we all know about Chris Jericho's gunt he's rocking these days, what's that hair line about now though? That's blatantly not his. A hairdo on the same shocking level as Sting's WWE Pigeon WIngs (copyright Ian)