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  1. Did anyone not like Tracy Smothers? Even Lance Storm admits to knowing him well and says something nice. https://www.cagesideseats.com/wwe/2020/10/28/21538712/tracy-smother-tributes-edge-cm-punk-great-stories
  2. The blue ropes for Nitro in 2001 were awful though. I know they were taping Nitro and Thunder the same night, but the blue ropes annoyed me. Just noticed that gif is when Johnny the Bull ruined his piss equipment. Good choice!
  3. One of my favourites. From a hot fireu babyface teaming with Steve Armstrong, to his fucking elite feud and team with Tony Anthony, and even towards the end of the 90s just being super duper fun in the FBI, there wasn't much Teacy couldn't do. A massively underrated talent. He was fucking amazing.
  4. I always really liked the yellow blue and black roped WCW ring of the early to late 90s.
  5. I only watched it myself as I'm borderline obsessed with ITV ident history and it has the beginning where Quirk eats the Thames one.
  6. Sara Pascoe's dad was the lead singer of the house band Flintlock on Pauline Quirk's Pauline's Quirkes television vehicle in the 70s.
  7. Get some coin out of them too! Vice Canada make it don't they? Try and blag a holiday over there out of it.
  8. It's not Randy aprton who makes it a vleak prospect. It's who he's glojng to be sharing the ring with.
  9. Someone on another wrestling forum I frequent has point led out that Orton's reign is more than likely leading to a fucking Edge title programme. Bleak as fuck
  10. Souled Out was pretty early in January that year, and he was Commissioner for at least a week or two from my memory, so towards the very very arse end of 1999 is possible. Doubtful though. A quick check of Cawthons site would help but I can't be arsed.
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