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  1. No, and they've said they have no intention of ever starting one as they feel it goes against the character of the station in waiting for an old classic you've not seen in years.
  2. After the sale there was one more episode of Worldwide, and now it's on youtube. The advert at the start is interesting.
  3. In a similar vein Ernie Wise made the first civilian phone call. That, Varney's cash and Wogan's putt have come up at about 60% of the quizzes I've been to. Along with which professional football team is closest to the River Mersey?
  4. Was also in the best prospective stable ever.
  5. We all know what the real losing/winning thread is.
  6. Fuck me, same here. The best one line in forum history.
  7. I'm amazed Alan Boozy Brazil hasn't turned up in this thread the past couple of years to be honest.
  8. El Puerto Riqueno, Don E. Allen, Bilvis Wesley, Matty in the House.
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