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  1. She turned down PLayboy, married well. We'll never see those nips. Fair play to her.
  2. 36 over but I don't care. So nice to be back! Also me and my mate today and the other two who normally make our fourball (Can't in Wales make oe yet till the 26th) have booked a weekend away to this lovely course in Nefyn staying over in July for 3 days and 2 nights https://nefyn-golf-club.co.uk/ With this one the next day http://www.porthmadog-golf-club.co.uk/ The Nefyn Course looks absolutely spectacular. Especially holes 19-27.... The old front nine. https://nefyn-golf-club.co.uk/the-old/
  3. Best thing on that thread is how she just walked around all day giving out beers to fans, and not charging fans for photos or videos and was happy just to hear stories about her family which she probably didn't want to hear. She's not a rogueing cunt like wrestlers are, and she's not bitter and she's bizarrely well adjusted, and calls the industry for the shite it is. I find it refreshing. She's not got a hard on for the so called business, and treated the fans of it fairer and better than the old men of the sea begging for $20 for an autograph. $40 with a selfie. "To sign your be
  4. Yeah, she's got every right to act like that about wrestling and people in it to be fair. Wrestling did fuck up her family.
  5. Koko B Ware would be headlining in AEW if he was around today.
  6. That's the best thing I've seen in ages. Long live Lacey Von Erich!
  7. Kids still do walk to school don't they? Unless there's a load of kids every morning catching a bus outside what evidently used to be a school but is no longer up the road from me to take them to another one?
  8. Gregg Turkington should get them. He was the true star of the film and got Baskin Robbins that sweet public acknowledgement.
  9. Gilbert is one of the finest characters in history. " I knew him... briefly"
  10. I think Nattie Neidhart is actually worse than Ron Harris.
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