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  1. Because we also had a load of shit in the team amongst them.
  2. It's not a voting top 50, don't worry. Just wondering who the UKFF loves cricket wise. For years I've always loved Graeme Hick (ANd would still put him in our T20 side), but I'm not sure he's my favourite. Alec Stewart - Started late, but always a real pro, like an extra from the great escape. Proper sportsman, Gus Fraser - Awkward as fuck, took wickets. NOT DOMINIC CORK OR DARREN GOUGH - Terrible tory arseholes. But could swing it. Graham Gooch - Proof that age ain't no thing. I'm umming and arrring between two. R.C. Russell - An actual wicketkeeper in times when they weren't popular (Anytime after the mid 80's tbf), but a dogged batsman, a fantastic character, better artist, and named after the best dog.Looks like Ted Glenn, which is only a bonus. M.A. Atherton - To have injections pretty much your whole career, which you've spent from 21 as England Captain is hard enough, and that duel with Donald, his hatred of Mike Gatting and Ray Illingsworth, and fantastic journalistic and writing career including a great book on gambling patterns (As the racing post was the only paper in the 90s which didn't have a pop at him so it was the only one he'd read) gives him a good shout at this.a So, the winner is... Geoff Boycott.
  3. The Hall of Fame is gash anyway. They had the perfect formula in 2004. Unfortunately they realised there was money in it though and made it a ballaxhw of an arena show.
  4. Gogs was fucking great, Wales has been known for years for animation, but I had a bone to pick with it. Gogs, in Welsh Parlance, are North Walians. So its was Cavemen,being called North Walians, speaking jibberish. Fuming.
  5. Worst Cheltenham Ever. My biggest profit was on an E/W which placed in the Gold Cup FFS.
  6. I do. The Steve Brule selection of gifs is massive.
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