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  1. Uber should be fucked off as a matter of course thoiugh (although not for that reason). The whole gig economy is one of the problems which have brought us to where we are.
  2. Wrexham and my constituency Clwyd South are pretty much nailed on to go Conservative after being Labour forever. Crazy.
  3. He has to go ifb it's accurate, yes. He's too toxic to the man on the street going from chats I've had in the pub.
  4. I bought a Hogan Grill last year from a charity shop. I put a steak in it and it set fire to the socket.
  5. He's fantastic company, so you're right.
  6. Until a few hours ago I thought Sully was great, but no longer. DiDi Seven was the best informercial. Constantly on quantum shopping network in like 1991.
  7. I don't get Lacey Evans.
  8. I miss my pre-mod early morning rampages on here.
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/dec/06/elon-musk-vernon-unsworth-trial-verdict?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Copy_to_clipboard Turns out you get the justice you can afford. So I reckon Elon Musk is a rapey paedo. What a shocking state of affairs that court case was. A win for the child fucker. So if anyone would like to say whatever they want to Elon Musk who looks like he'd hang around schools giving out sweets before twatting people of other races you can, as insults are protected speech.
  10. You can't go wrong with wazzers. Or to extrapolate from that a wazzo pair of jugs.
  11. Chris Sievey is probably the most creative man of all time. Pushed boundaries in all media including computer games and animation, and the fact he never proper made it made it is why I'll always hate the general public.
  12. Frank Sidebottom still leading the way.
  13. I had Frank Sidebottom. That's accurate I'd say. And superior.
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