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  1. Child's Play always jumps out at me.
  2. There's a lot of 93-97 stuff on YouTube. Full shows.
  3. He was indeed ace. Loved his USWA stuff too. Too Much we're tremendous value on Shotgun Challenge and his sunset flip powerbomb to the outside was all kinds of sweet.
  4. I remember how hot the crowd were for the Sandman possibly being Vince's son during the elimination game when hornswoggle was revealed. Sandman as Vince's son is the greatest missed opportunity in wrestling ever. I think you sunned it up perfectly. He's just lovable somehow.
  5. I'm watching every episode of Seinfeld again. It's as great as I thought it would be.
  6. Mike Enos was great though. Really really fucking great. Definitely one of the most underrated on the roster at the time. Him vs Benoit was magic every time and a super solid hand whenever he appeared.
  7. Their match vs the Godwinns at No Way Out was fucking abhorrent
  8. Honky Tonk Man in WCW just felt weird.
  9. Goalissimo is better. Having the rights to fuck all so just showing a photo still slowly zooming in of Robinho celebrating a goal as a heartbeat percussion played. Or Sgorio in the 90s which had the rights to fucking everything and was in Welsh.
  10. Any mention of USA '94 requires a compulsory reference to John Aldridge screaming "YOU TWAT!!!!!!" broadcast across the screens of the nation at about half four on a school day afternoon.
  11. France 98 was a great tournament from my point of view. France tend to host really good tournaments, like Euro 2016 for example - which is generally agreed upon as the finest football tournament in history.
  12. We didn't qualify for it, we were brutally shit at the time. England didn't qualify either. It was a good tournament. I loved the Germany team of 1996. Just 2016 is known by any true football historian and expert as the greatest tournament of all time. Its scientific fact.
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