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  1. Series 6's season premiere is Bobby Goes Nuts isn't it? Top top top top flight episode.
  2. Moreover, why are the BOC pumping all this money into the already rich rowers, and we were still beaten by the potato mixed grill guys, when we should be looking into BMX and Wall climbers who haven't got a pot to piss in?
  3. Watching Canada mugging off the yanks in beach volleyball. Marvellous. Was a hell of a game. I tuned in for the knickers, I stayed because it was fucking brilliant.
  4. John Ratzenberger as Mick Vaughn in Russell Madness was the best Vince ever.
  5. I'm not sure if the Jockey is open at the moment. They're grabbing bastards anyway. More than 3.50 a pint!
  6. More boring Wrexham stuff. Apparently, according to the landlord of the Turf on the site, Tiktok are paying 400,000 quid to put a sign displaying their name the entire size of the currently unused Kop. Along with our electric advertising hoardings (the old ones from White Hart Lane, I believe), that's some more dollar coming in.
  7. Just got home from the local and given AEW a on ITV. Lance Hoyt not being really tall enough to do the Nash ropes thing, an exchange of forearms that Candice Michelle would be embarrassed by, and him just offering his back for Moxley for a minute to get twatted by a stick. Then almost at random a criss crossnwith the two. That's in the first 3 minutes. I'm not watching that. It's dogshit. Wrestling in general is dogshit, but that was inexcusable
  8. Our Philadelphia Eagles inspired away strip. Love the colour but really not feeling the laces and collar.
  9. I was too busy enjoying myself to take many photos. But the old course in Nefyn is the most beautiful place I've ever played and a super fun challenge. Royal St Davids was far too hard and not even a fun course but the blue 9, old course, in Nefyn is gorgeous. The first is a 300 yard par 4 where the first 250 are straight and flat then the green sits atop a fucking vertical 100ft cliff! The 4th is a 170 par 3 where you can either play over a ravine to get to the green, or you can go the long alway around. We thought we're only here once so go for it and two of us made the green (I was one with my 3 wood) And the 6th is a fucking amazing 130 par 3 from the coastguard watch tower onto a green on a fucking island essentially. I made it ten foot away with my 6! Then three putted the fucker. Honestly. Nefyn Golf course is the finest course I've ever played. It's stunning. Abersoch on Friday was half links and half park. A nice course, but after thrashing it on the links for 2 and a half rounds, the park bit was a piece of piss and I broke 90. Nefyn is 38 pound green fees, and that's an absolute bargain.
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