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  1. I don't think using Khali's theme as a heel would have worked. Stupidly fun and dance-able
  2. Jonny Briggs theme tune pls.
  4. Maxwell pulling on his meat and two as he walks towards a park has to be made into a gif.
  5. Nasser Hussain was a better bowler younger. And he was even more dogshit after 21 at it.
  6. I'm referring more to the actual quality of the teams, relative to the men's game. Not where they stand in the women's game. The goalkeeping in women's football is fucking farcical for example, whereas I'd rather rather Sarah Taylor behind the stumps than Jonny Bairstow to be honest for actual keeping ability. Especially the way she stands up to the seamers.
  7. How good was that Women's final today? The World Cup, at least from a cricketing stand point has been a fantastic tournament. I don't think I saw many shit games, to be fair. Was better than the Champions Trophy anyway. Shrubsole was brilliant with the ball. Compare the standards of women's cricket to women's football, then compare the funding each receives and Women's cricket is far and away the superior. Why is this?
  8. Andy Roberts was an absolute killer brute. That thud. Sickening.
  9. Why is it? It's a fine cause.
  10. Quite right. Also people who lazily and idiotically call Lazenby shit, and like Daniel Craig. Speaking of Daniel Craig... His brother used to run a bar in Wrexham. Harry his name. He's... difficult. He got sacked in the end. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2587400/Ones-Hollywood-star-raking-millions-James-Bond-model-making-15-hour-meet-Daniel-Craigs-brother.html
  11. Thing is, Atticus Finch was a man of action, a hero, and more man than anyone. Would he qualify? As much as I love hackneyed 80's actions films, the badassery of a Finch, or Fonda in 12 Angry Men is cooler and larger of testes. Or say, McQueen in Bullitt, or Caine in Get Carter. Do they qualify? Is this a question of manly awesomeness or 80s action? Honestly wondering
  12. Dean Headley, you know I love you, but you are damned wrong. Live and Let Die. It is the 2nd best though.
  13. They could have played for any home nation. Wales turned Le Tiss down, honest. Le Tiss also claims he couldn't play for France.
  14. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4705492/Fugitive-s-17-years-run-ends.html I drank with him often in the village! Like literally we just went for a pint on Thursday. Quite the shocker, is this. Just seemed a nice normal bloke.
  15. Sister Peter Marie GOES WILD Was hot.