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  1. Monty Python never did much for me, however Ripping Yarns which he co-wrote is one of my favourite things ever. The Testing of Eric Oulthwaite is one of the greatest half hours of comedy committed to film.
  2. The Question Makr has popped in in Chamionship Wrestling from Hollywood as well. This is match of the year
  3. Dick Strawbridge is the third New Blackjack.
  4. It'll be more like "Is the Big Show still on then?", And the son will say "yes".
  5. Wow yeah, that's a strange take from Dave. I mean if I was on Loose Women they'd go crazy too and Denise Welch would be sitting in a puddle of lubricant as I am young, amazingly handsome like George Best and in amazingly good shape like Peter Andre in 1996, and that's why they did for Omega.
  6. My mate Daf Edwards made last 16. He played against Duzza in the World Trophy a few years ago. Would love him to make it. Mainly as I beat him in Monday night league so I can brag. Kleermaker got a European card today, and I really reckon he can do a bit.
  7. I've recently got into a new band called New Radicals. Cheers for that heads up Pat.
  8. It was on youtube the other night with his gfs nipple pixilated out and it was hilarious. I love 2020 RVD. Did I ever mention that he had me roll his joints for him once at Wales Comic Con then gave me £100 while burying loads of people while going on about how great Jimmy Del Ray was a bloke? RVD is a fucking guy.
  9. I fucked up the quote here. For what it's worth I've had a drink with Kat and to be fair, he didn't bring it up all night. I asked what he found he got out of it at the end of the night and he explained that Veganism makes him feel happy and healthier as a person and he'd like to see me happier and healthier giving Veganism a go, and I said I'd rather not and he said fair enough, we shook hands and that was that.
  10. The NWA is the best at wrestling. Steiner's promo was sweet as.
  11. Start. No, he's actually very overrated. Now it's End.
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