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  1. El Hijo de Midnight Rider should have been his name, surely!
  2. Cobra was the face. And lost in about 30 seconds to Pittman.
  3. Fourscore? That was David Dundas. Did ident themes for ITV franchises too
  4. I've completely lost touch with NWA after it went behind a pay wall. Shame, it was my favourite show for a good while pre pandemic.
  5. Some wrestlers make me smile, Trevor Murdoch is well up that list. Its always good to see him turn up places, and even better when he's doing well.
  6. Cefn Mawr's John Prescott getting egged and sparking a mulleted farmer from Rhyl out was ace to be fair.
  7. How did I miss this happening? Bonus points for using the Harley Race World Champion theme as well. Marvellous. I fucking love me some Trevor Murdoch. Current best things in wrestling. 1) Bron Breakker 2) Josh Alexander 3) The Hurt Business (finally back) 4) Trevor Murdoch NWA champion 5) El Pollo vs Comando Negro from IWRG in 2010. Although it should always be number one in everyone's hearts.
  8. Vince didn't really so much grow up in a wrestling family. He lived in the south and didn't meet his old man until he was 12 (probably why he loves those redneck gimmicks so much). At the same time Vince was a life long fan, it's been discussed on here recently his hard on for people like Bobo Brazil and he's well known for his love of all the old timers. Famously he loved Dr Jerry Graham. Was he groomed into running the company? Very possibly, very probably. But to say he's not a wrestling fan would be unfair. However he's got skin like rhino hide. Khan has already been a moody bugger about the exploding ring match. When people turn on him, and it will happen at some point as its wrestling and I think everyone other than Ricky Steamboat gets set upon at some point, will he have the wherewithal and passion for all his old buddies off places like DVDVR and Scotsmanality running him to shite? Also Fulham play ine one of the most affluent areas in England, and have been very heavily bankrolled since the days of signing Kit Symons and Chris Coleman in the late 90s. I don't think they've overachieved whatsoever. Let's not confuse them with say a Bournemouth or Brighton.
  9. Can be a good historical touchstone, likes to cause problems, shit of a person, looks like a burnt tramp.
  10. Ah yes, that fine pillar of society David Bixenspan.
  11. My teeth are like a pan of burnt chips these days. Better than McBrides though.
  12. I can see Khan getting bored before Vince, to be honest. He's getting an easy ride at the moment and he's newish and exciting (not so much as Bronn). But when backlash comes, and it will, and times get shit, and they will, its easier to cast off a busman's holiday (or so it feels at the moment for him) than something you've had to gamble everything thing on and lose sleep for 40odd years over. I mean he's doing nothing the rest of us wouldn't do if we were a bunch of rich playboys. But how much work is in him? Just look at the state Fulham is in.
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