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  1. to think they could have had a tie in with watch dogs 3 and the whole hacker shtick, i have this sneaky feeling that the main leader of the group is rusev
  2. wasn't he shagging underage girl last year or the year before? posted it then deleted it? i seem to recall it was posted on here and i think the thread was called "nonces in wrestling" or something along those lines.
  3. The same people who don't want surprises and prefer slow burns are pissed WWE didn't blow off the angle within a three hour show love it
  4. just watching some wwf superstars from 92 and sid was in a match against mickey jay, saying to my self nah its not mickie jay the ref from wcw but sure enough it was.
  5. by god was smackdown outstanding or what? Big E is just a delight
  6. ddp has it, something about his daughter and a bridal party came down with covid symptoms
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