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  1. To be fair the 30 day rule does stand out when Naomi just gave up her title quoting that very reason 2 months ago.
  2. I don't think he can say it was nothing to do with JBL after retweeting people making comments about it slagging off JBL and him cryptically posting aiming at JBL. It's all too convenient his mutual parting of ways comes with a message from him saying it was nothing to do with JBL, JBL releasing a statement and WWE releasing a statement that they will investigate the claims
  3. And he posted it was nothing to do with JBL so sounds like he's had some extra cash to stay quiet.
  4. Other than the commentary from Styles where he says something about Awesome killing himself which he obviously couldn't see coming, I don't know what's difficult to watch about them. He hung himself, not like he did a Benoit.
  5. Stone Cold beating Booker T around Walmart is as PG as it gets. It's not PG you want, it's fun storylines and good booking.
  6. Smackdown was PG even during the Attitude era and has had plenty great spells.
  7. I actually don't think Owens will go to SmackDown. I can see Neville moving meaning the full Cruiserweight division goes. Ambrose and Owens could unify the IC and US belts since the US isn't really worth a fuck. If they want logic to explain it, could say Angle really wanted the Intercontinental Title but the title is worth so much he's had to lose a full division to get it.
  8. Did SmackDown Live just lose most of it's weekly show?
  9. Or you, you idiot.
  10. I didn't realise things were so unsafe until we asked a policewomen outside the stadium where the best place to get a cab was and she told us what ways not to head and to head to the police headquarters as "no-one would mess with us there." When the police are telling you not to go to certain areas because they can't keep them safe, that's a worry.
  11. Axel has been pretty popular in general since the never having been eliminated schtick. I don't think it's some sort of cult UK following. He's not mad over but he's a bit more popular than your other jobbers.
  12. Roman was incredible yet again and showed why he's been chosen as the top guy. I know they attempted to explain it and it's so pedantic to get annoyed about but Rollins suddenly being cleared one night after they wouldn't clear him and he would realistically be more injured really annoys me. I've yet to see Goldberg's speech as the Wi-Fi in my hotel is shite but I don't understand why that wouldn't go on RAW. Long overdue call up for The Revival but really felt like SmackDown needed them more, hopefully they move next week. I love Braun but he looked a right plank. Jinder is surpringly really growing on me. Kurt was great as always and I genuinely laughed at some of his segments.
  13. Having already looked into it, I believe there's a direct flight from Heathrow however there's no flights available got that time of year yet to get a rough idea on price.
  14. If anyone is interested in going to SmackDown and not bothered about sitting near the back, tickets are available for like a tenner on Stubhub at the moment. I couldn't convince the girlfriend on RAW but if we get somewhere she can get a bite to eat then we can watch it. Anyone know anywhere in Orlando? I have a sports bar called Game Changers right beside the hotel that I'm going to ask in.
  15. Is Michelle McCool not ill? I'm sure I read she had a form of cancer not long ago which probably aided his decision to call it a day if so.