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  1. They could have sent out Hulk Hogan and it would have done nothing crowd wise anyway. The people there had waited 18 months to see a hip hop festival, not wrestling. A waste of time. Hip hop fans and wrestling have nothing in common. It’s not the 2021 version of rock n wrestling that Vince McMahon seems to fancy it as.
  2. Going back to an earlier post about how Cena and Batista got over, one of the biggest issues with making stars is trying to force people over rather than capitalising properly on someone getting over. If they capitalise on it, they absolutely fucking shove it down our throats till you’re sick of it or they just beat the wrestler till no one is bothered any more because they didn’t want that person over. There’s no middle ground and the wrong decision is almost always made. I am in absolutely no way saying these guys would ever have been stars but just look at the mess they made of Fandango and Adam Rose when the fans were getting behind the gimmicks. Then there’s the ones they were too stubborn to do - Cesaro after his Andre win looked boss and fans were going nuts for him, turned him heel. Strowman was getting big reactions but they beat him. Ryback is probably the biggest fuck up when I think of this. Then when they finally decided to embrace these guys, fans were over it. Again, not saying these guys had any right to be stars but it’s a constant failure as they haven’t a fucking clue how to capitalise. The writers and the boss are fucking hopeless in the modern world.
  3. I don’t disagree that Keith Lee is a freak in terms of wrestling but those mannerisms he has are horrendous. It’s like your Dad doing an impersonation of a wrestler the way he talks and moves his head about. I never really seen him before WWE though so I can’t comment if that was trained there or he’s always done it.
  4. They’ve always swayed between NXT being a real brand and being a development league depending on their mood but they definitely counted Charlotte’s NXT wins for a good while.
  5. Not sure the truth in it but the rumours are Vince is pissed at Triple H and NXT, I presume for failing to get near AEW but not really sure, so has stopped mentioning her NXT reigns. Apparently also part of the reason Kross was pinned so quickly.
  6. Went back to Raw for first time in a while and there is still nothing on this show for me to be honest. I moaned about people moaning in the MITB about the canned crowd but jeez I was wrong. That Jaxson Ryker canned noise was awful. People visibly sitting on their arse not moving while the cheers were electric. Kross losing was bizarre and I don’t have an interest in him without the other part of his act who adds something unique. Cena was decent and it’s good to see a real star back. I don’t mind Goldberg as much as other people do either so fine with that. The Alexa stuff could easily be good with a good writer but they don’t have that in them so it’s awful.
  7. Mad that we get one of the best crowd reactions in years and the first proper good moment in WWE in years yet folk are so ingrained in their hatred they want to debate whether the crowd noise was real or not. Thoroughly enjoyed most of the show to be honest. Not watched RAW in ages so was a bit confused during mens MITB when the guys attacked Drew but quickly figured out what was going on. Thought that was a fantastic match though. Skipped Rhea/Charlotte, I know people will probably rabbit on that it was great but I just had zero interest to be honest. The ending was perfect. Set up Edge/Rollins programme for SummerSlam then gave us some hype for the first match that feels big time in a long time. As I said, not watched Raw in ages but they’ve probably bagged me for the first hour tonight which is more than can be said for any other show they’ve put on recently.
  8. Going a while back in the thread here sorry but not been online. I was more driving home the injury, I don’t mean before it. He beats most of that division before it to be honest but there will be a lot of fights he would have won previously that you probably won’t see Conor winning after that injury.
  9. I do think McGregor is entitled to another shot at Dustin due to the way that ended but not necessarily entitled to a title shot if Dustin goes on to win the strap. However, his big issue is going to be that I can't see him competing at the same level after a break like that. He will be nervous to throw kicks at all and have to rely on his hands even more, which he already does to a huge extent. If I'm a fighter, I'm actively targeting it too. He'll never be at the same level again, he'd be best to just come back against a bum, win so he can do his victory and bow out. Then he can spend forever saying the UFC won't pay him the money he is due or something so he can keep knocking back the fights he has no chance in and say he's retired again.
  10. Just on a side point, I know they are freak accidents but the amount of breaks during a fight seem to have gone up massively lately. Obviously, we've always heard it happening in training or whatever but seems to have been a right few leg breaks in the actual fight this year. Never seen anything like it in terms of how many we're getting.
  11. I can't even see an argument for a 10-8 at all, their significant strikes must have been close. Even on his back Conor was landing the odd elbow and kick. No argument that Dustin won the round but that's as lightweight a 10-8 round as I've ever seen.
  12. Very surprised at that, never a 10-8 round in my opinion. Absolutely no doubt, Dustin won it but I've seen far more convincing 10-8's in my time that haven't been scored that way.
  13. Was he genuinely scored like that or is that what you think because was that fuck a 10-8 round. Genuine question. Dustin was winning but I feel like I was watching a different fight to some. he’d just got back to his feet nearing the end of the round, that fight had plenty left in it. I think Dustin would have won and thought the same before the fight but the way people are acting like this was a crazy one sided fight that was only going one way makes me wonder if I watched an old stream of another fight or something because it is absolutely not what happened. Conor is an unlikeable twat and made a bigger arse of himself sitting on the floor chatting shit, I get it but any fight that ends that way when both are still in the game doesn’t really count for much imo.
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