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  1. So SmackDown have yet again rendered one of their matches as pointless then? A pointless battle royal for a shot at Battleground and he wins it on a house show before then? That goes with the MITB and the Royal Rumble that were both pointless too.
  2. He must be injured as Gable was still introduced as one half of American Alpha.
  3. Seems a bit strange when it was an integral part of Undertakers gimmick and they have come to terms on other songs with other artists that they probably weren't on as good terms with as Kid Rock. I'm watching through 2000, does anyone know if they've paid Limp Bizkit for the rights to his other track?
  4. Are WWE and Kid Rock no longer on good terms? He was all over their programming at one time and now American Badass is dubbed over on the Network.
  5. I agree with the first post. What incentive do I have to purchase the PPV or the Network for MITB next year if there's a possibility I will get to see it two weeks later? What incentive do I have to purchase the Royal Rumble if the WrestleMania challenger is decided on SmackDown?
  6. That Tamina moment was hilarious - I laughed so hard at the faces the other women and Bryan pulled as soon as she said it while she looked so smug.
  7. It wasn't the greatest show ever but I sometimes wonder if people on here even like wrestling. This was no worse than a decent show and you'd think it was awful by some of the comments. Naka being written out both protected him and made for a great reaction when he returned. They built to AJ/Naka brilliantly. Some of the bumps in the mens match were really good, Owens specifically. Jinder didn't look bad and actually had a decent match which is a positive sign. The Usos are great. We got Fashion Vice now, those two are brilliant. Right miserable bastards on here.
  8. I have a similar problem with the BT Sport Freeview channel since it moved to 115. Just nothing there after numerous rescans. I'll need to have a swatch later and see if I have this Frontrunner channel.
  9. Wasn't Bliss and Bayley just so short as Bayley messed up by pulling the stick down early? Not sure it was meant to fall when it did.
  10. The decision obviously got reversed later but Jericho beating Triple H was brilliant. I watched it again the other night and everything about it was perfect. The fast count, the fan reaction as nobody expected it. Wrestling at its best.
  11. Where's the best place to find old indy matches? Looking to watch back some old Joe, Punk, Bryan, Rollins etc. ROH matches. Also wanting to watch some old CHIKARA events if anyone can direct me?
  12. They have more than Celtic fans would have you believe but less than The Rangers fans would have you believe.
  13. Tierney would get in easily, Simunovic would have a shout and Sinclair would be near. The 2000-01 team is certainly better but this team does have players good enough to be compared favourably to some of them. The point that Celtic should be winning the treble every year is nonsense - that was only our fourth in history and he's only the third manager to do it, a treble isn't easy no matter the opposition - it involves not having a bad day for a long period of time. To go a full season without a referee decision costing you a game alone is an achievement worth the recognition he is getting in Scotland. Especially when you look at the amount of refereeing decisions that did go against Celtic yet they still came out unbeaten.
  14. I find it staggering how little Rodgers seems to be rated down south. He almost took Liverpool to the title, which they are rarely competing for, and then his best striker was sold and he was given a replacement he didn't want. Looking at some of the comments on here you'd think he made a complete arse of that Liverpool job.
  15. Going unbeaten for a full season domestically is punching above your weight for any team whatsoever. That's punching above your weight even if you're a PSG or Man City with lots of funds. No team has ever done it, so how that's not punching above your weight I don't know.