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  1. I'm only on the first round of the TV Tournament in my catch-up but Ricky Starks seems like an absolute star.
  2. FUM

    WWE on Channel 5

    There are so many flaws with WWE to pick at but Bayley as a heel and Elias as a face are not them. Two of the more interesting characters at the moment.
  3. TNA moved to the same night and Vince put potentially the most exciting and unexpected return people could imagine at the time up against its first episode.
  4. Sheamus is a man who has that "fuck off out the main event" stink for me. I don't even dislike him, he just reminds me of that crowd of guys who you forgot were ever Champion but are like 6 time Champions. If you want to keep Drew hot after Mania, Sheamus is absolutely not the way to go for me.
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