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  1. Not live discussing here as I'm not watching but why is Big Show and Orton "unsanctioned" anyway? The Christian match was unsanctioned as they explained Christian wasn't cleared to wrestle so WWE wouldn't sanction a match. What's the deal with this one? There was no attempt to get a match sanctioned that I seen. Orton just threw the line out like unsanctioned is a stipulation.
  2. He should have been. He was looking every inch a superstar. Then he won the title and they changed him to their standard babyface WWE Champion - smiling, making unfunny jokes and winking at the camera. Not too mention that everytime someone challenges him for the belt he refuses at first because he's shit scared of losing his belt.
  3. Felt the intro was fantastic, gave the show a big time feel from the outset while feeling a bit old school. They should definitely keep that.
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