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  1. Agatha Christie's Paige discussion.

    WWE and Paige seem to be posting pictures as if the retirement is not the case.
  2. Raw is 25!

    They built it up for so long that this nasty monster was coming in. That's what made it so great when he came out like the dancing priest.
  3. Smackdown Discussion Thread

    SmackDown was so passable this week that I genuinely can't remember much that happened other than Rusev. I don't get it. Fashion Files had momentum, they didn't capitalise on it, that momentum is pretty much gone. Rusev builds momentum, most over he's been in a while. So what do WWE do? Have Fandango roll up Rusev for his first win since 1924. Absolutely mental. I mean if you really need them to win, have English take the fall at least. That's ignoring the laziness of it being a replica of Titus Worldwide v The Bar on RAW as well.
  4. Royal Rumble 2018 Discussion [& stats]

    They won't want Cena's record overshadowing Brock/Roman this year so I reckon that's been put on hold.
  5. Smackdown Discussion Thread

    The Usos false finish was just a nonsense too. They get beat in the space of two minutes then win the belts back on a technicality. Not to mention Gable and Benjamin now looking like mugs from it too, they pin the wrong guy and then get beat in very quick time of the match restarting. I get it's all meant to be part of the storyline but what a farce that was.
  6. The Vince McMahon Film

    It'll be about his young years as the son of wrestling promoter and end with him taking over the company I imagine. That leaves the door open for the sequel if it's successful - with which you can focus on the first WrestleMania being arranged. And again that leaves the door open. So many stories to tell that I do agree it would be better in a TV series.
  7. The Vince McMahon Film

    It's WWE Films who have taken the lead on it, it's called Pandemonium. Definitely something coming of it, they edited anything that made him look bad in the scripts.
  8. The Vince McMahon Film

    Isn't it already in production? Bradley Cooper was offered the role of Vince.
  9. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    On the Brock thing, I actually feel the title has gained prestige with him not being there every week. It's given it "the champ getting special treatment" feeling.