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  1. Peyton has now been released. Imagine plenty companies will be happy to pick her and Billie up as a package.
  2. I really shouldn't but I get a wee bit of excitement from this each year, it's like a draft waiting to see who has been picked. And there's always that one surprise that survives the cull. It's usually Bo to be fair.
  3. I've always wondered if they done it live, could they not get away with just firing Raw Talk in the final hour? What's to stop them? USA surely can't have a "minimum matches/angles" clause.
  4. I don't buy that argument that they don't care about their standard of TV product though as I can go weeks missing Raw and it is still the same when I go back to it yet I thoroughly enjoy SmackDown every week which I believe has mostly the same writing team. If they don't care, why are both not poor? There's a massive inconsistency in Raw and SmackDown that I cannot put my finger on.
  5. Yep, the joke is absolutely on me. I don't watch every week anymore but as a wrestling fan I check into Raw every few weeks. What I more meant was I don't know why I even bother checking it out every few weeks, I'm already grateful that I don't watch every week.
  6. This show is called Raw yet there is absolutely nothing raw about it. Even the show logo is a perfectly rendered modern style. The colour scheme is right ugly and you're honestly put off the show within about 3 minutes of tuning in every single week. Lashley ditching Cedric and Shelton for T-Bar and Mace, who the former were beating every week, makes no sense. They were just ditched by Mustafa Ali with him basically building the reason up as them being shit. Not interested in The Fiend ever returning so with a bit of luck Bray sacks off that idea he was chanting about. He's finished.
  7. That weather delay proved so much that the talent isn't the issue, the material is. Half hour of wrestlers getting to show their personalities off unscripted was excellent and got me even more hyped for the show. As far as the show, outside the women's match, I thought it was excellent. Bad Bunny was fantastic and probably the best celebrity in-ring performance there's ever been. Sasha made Bianca look like a star and got her over huge. Even Braun/Shane had a decent match. The wrestlers on the card were clearly emotional at the start, they've missed performing in front of a crow
  8. I'd love to see Jey Uso cost Roman the belt now and then start cutting promos about how Roman didn't acknowledge him. Just won the Andre and Roman rocked down to mention it in passing taking all the credit.
  9. They had 2 nights and still couldn't get all the matches on the card. Madness.
  10. Most Celtic fans seen it to be fair. I remember specifically posting on Facebook the night Barcelona pumped us 6-1 saying how I'd never seen a defender put in such a good performance while conceding 6 goals. Never for a moment thought he'd have looked out of place in the opposing side in that game.
  11. John Collins left Celtic in 1996. These players discussed were the early 2000's. I can't see a day Celtic or Rangers have players of that sort of calibre again to be honest unless something dramatically changes in the landscape of football. As a Celtic fan, we can barely compete with teams in terms of finances that I would consider much smaller clubs. Everyone talks about how we should be doing what teams like Ajax and Salzburg (not saying Ajax are smaller club btw) are when really we're a much smaller country than Holland in terms of Ajax and do not have the work permit benefits that Sal
  12. All I can think of when I see Edge is that if he just chopped the locks off, he'd probably look fine and wouldn't be so old looking.
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