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  1. I'm sure I read that since the Saudi shows starts WWE has been up about $40million per quarter in the category the money for those shows would go under. Vince's net worth also increased by about a billion last year. I'd say the figure for Fury is totally believable especially in terms of getting him on their TV for weeks before too. All that FOX money, USA Network's new deal for RAW and Saudi money. They are rolling in it. The press attention alone has paid that money back for Fury already, I have friends who are big boxing fans viewing these clips of him and they normally give me a hard time about watching wrestling. The brawl with Braun has done 5m YouTube views as well.
  2. Ah, TalkSport guy tweeted as if it was the show main event. Didn't read the date correctly either. Fair enough.
  3. We've to forget the draft already. Seth v Bray on RAW this Monday in a steel cage.
  4. A repeat of the Orton angle where the face commits a heel act and Tyson Fury struggling to snap a pen. WWE is shite. I watch out of it being routine now and nothing else.
  5. It had its ups and down but was decent enough to keep me as a viewer for next week which is the most important thing. Agree on the Schiavone love, he's someone I always wanted back and he is sounding great. I really like the entrance presentation, it reminds me of WCW where they would zoom right into the wrestler so they could speak to the camera. The brawl at the end was great. Jericho is really motivated and it is bringing out his star quality too. The Inner Circle is also a decent name although no need for the hashtag to flash up before he is even finished his sentence. Moxley I've already got fed up with, he just feels like Ambrose again for me. Spears, however, looks about 4 inches taller on this show and just in general far better. Omega, I could do without even being around - he hasn't lived up to his hype one bit. Private Party really made a fan out of me although I would have preferred the match finished with probably the best Shooting Star Press I've ever seen than a lucky roll up. There was no requirement for the extra 30 seconds of action in that match and it made the win seem lucky rather than a hard fought victory. Womens division is just something I'm not interested in at AEW. They'll need to try and do something about that. As I say, I'll be watching next week and that's what's important.
  6. The steam was taken out of it at Hell in a Cell. If anything they were right to distance themselves from it.
  7. Yeah she hosted one but she was nowhere near as big as she is now.
  8. Yeah I was more just making the point that the guy loads supposedly won't know is more famous than the guy who was meant to be the big end of show star. Anyone looking for a Mike Tyson style name hasn't looked at the state of the term celebrity of late. Unless Kim Kardashian shows up then there isn't a name as big as Tyson was out there.
  9. I'd say Fury is more famous than Velasquez.
  10. Fury/Braun might have been fun had this angle of the pull apart brawl not been repeated for every big guy feud since Undertaker/Lesnar.
  11. One of those nights where you go, "fuck sake, no wonder people slag me off for watching wrestling."
  12. Apologies for double post but just finished the event. That's all my interest in The Fiend gone then. Booked themselves into a corner because they didn't want to take the title off Seth. Seth looks an idiot. We got a disqualification in a Hell in a Cell match. We got blood that looks like tomato sauce. We got The Fiend playing possum that the match got thrown out so he looks like an idiot too. On top of that, we have fans booing all this out the building and chanting AEW. It was honestly such a good show up until that match too.
  13. I actually really prefer the old school style of throwing a few matches together on the night around a few well built feuds. No need for 8 or 9 poorly built and rushed storylines when you can have 4 or 5 and throw some random matches around it.
  14. Spot on. Everyone does the same thing these days. There is a dive to the outside on every show. A spot on the apron on every PPV. Nothing is special or has the same impact now. The Canadian Destroyer mentioned above is a prime example. Loads of folk are doing it now so no-one really talks about it after a match where as Petey Williams made a name out of being the only guy that done it.
  15. It isn't about the nostalgia pops though. I am more making the point of it being your first show, you've advertised these people that old fans will tune in specifically to see and then they've not turned up. Why should they fans stick around when you've already falsely advertised to them on the first show?
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