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  1. There definitely wasn't a tron I'm fairly certain on that and the set was very basic with a curtain. I don't think they had to put much into the show, people were buying anyway and the product was so hot.
  2. My Mum tried for hours to get through for tickets to this from the moment lines opened and failed miserably. Thankfully, my best mate at the time had managed to get 2 tickets and his Mum was willing to give up hers and let me go. She ran us to the event and let our 12 year old selves go in on our own while she spent 3 hours (or however long) in the car reading a book. Probably something noone would do in this day but it was a simpler more innocent time. I'm sure I remember being in shock at a title change (must have been that Hardcore match) and to this day I remember how huge Big Show was in person. I'm sure he was part of NWO at this time. I don't recall much else but at that time it felt incredible to be there.
  3. They're at serious risk of the Womens match not being a viable main event the way they have played this. Roman is visibly in better shape, he could probably wrestle with his top off these days he is so trim. I thought it was a good fast paced show. The kick off show was great, felt like an old time Sunday Night Heat.
  4. I watched the doc and honestly feel that this was 2 families absolutely infatuated with Michael Jackson and are taking some sort of revenge for him shunning them knowing he can't defend himself. It's apparently not about money but both are suing for money. Folk on Twitter sending Macaulay Culkin prayers telling him he was abused whether he likes it or not need their heads checked too. It's a one sided documentary and the stories seemed so cliched to me. There is undeniably stuff Jackson shouldn't have been doing with these kids but as far as physically molesting them I am not sure I'm on board with that being true.
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