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  1. If you only checked out the main show, I'd suggest going back and watching the prelims, they were fantastic. Finishes galore and some really impressive performances.
  2. Is the Buy In show no longer on ITV4? Any other way to watch on TV outside my IPTV subscription?
  3. One of the reasons I can see WWE waiving the 90 day no-compete is there is no real hit to the ratings or popularity if the likes of a Rusev comes in just now. More people have turned off rather than turned on during this no fans era and a bigger hit will come when they can get the fan pop out of it and all the YouTube views showing the reactions of him showing up.
  4. I thought Martha and her son came off great, have a perfectly legitimate gripe and are justified in all their actions but also felt the show was heavily weighted to their side of the story. It rewrites the history I know to make out Owen wasn't a massive wrestling fan and didn't love it as much as he did. Yes I'm sure he cared for his family more but from the stories I remember he loved it in wrestling and wasn't just in to get the money and out as it insinuated. Also, didn't know that about The Brood so that is a pretty large inaccuracy to broadcast as the truth. Hard to disagree with their reasons to not want him in Hall of Fame though. Why would they want anything to do with that company? And Vince definitely Trump like in that presser.
  5. If you didn't watch all the prelims I would advise anyone to go back and watch Luque v Price. A potential FOTY contender. Price made a big fan out of me in that.
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