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  1. Thank you, my arm is fine now apart from a nice scar. I am usually on top of my depression. However, like many I have good days and bad days and for me, it is just trying to still do fun things or try and motivate myself on the bad days.
  2. Two years ago around this time, I was off work due to depression and due to a lump on my arm that had to be removed by operation. Initially, I was advised that the lump was due to blood cancer. However, that turned out thankfully not to be the case. After the operation, I was advised that I couldnt drive, lift things, do weights or go running for four weeks whilst my arm recovered and stitches dissolved, basically all the things I loved doing. Unfortunately this turned into six weeks due to my arm becoming infected. During the that time, I ensured my alarm was set at the same time it would be if I was going to work and I would try and plan something for every day, even if mundane things like "Wednesday, I am going to sort through all my old game magazines". I found that having something to do everyday helped me through, even when at times I would cry for basically no real reason. I ended up modding my original xbox and PS2, with the former I removed the hard drive and installed coinOPS which I learnt how to do after watching tutorials on YouTube. Friends are important but I know sometimes this can be difficult. I ended up going to a few gigs which helped with socialising as most of my mates were at work during the time I was off. I saw Pearl Jam UK, Royal Blood, Alice Cooper and The War On Drugs, the latter of which was spoilt because I was in bad pain due to my arm being infected, I found this out three days later after a visiti to hospital. Hopefully your recovery time will pass quickly.
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