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  1. Most major rides in Magic Kingdom are older than that and have more or less remained the same since opening, minus the odd refurb or adding scenes etc. Magic Kingdom is generally considered a timeless place, which is why I originally said still relatively new "in a Magic Kingdom sense".
  2. I have seen the film yes, and I am aware of the story behind the theming. To each his own, personally I loved the ride which is still relatively new in a Magic Kingdom sense, at least (opened in 1992). Having said that, I am still miffed they got rid of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.
  3. Such a shame that is being rethemed, racism never once came into my mind when riding this.
  4. As Clive James once said about her "She never lets the words or melody get in her way. She is us, without the fear of failure."
  5. Quite disturbing to see how many people connected with the wrestling world are jumping to his defence. I hope Marty Jannetty does not post anything on Facebook for a while....
  6. Think Shawn Michaels in mid to late 1997 looked in great shape. His return in 2002, although smaller was still in great shape. He seemed to loose some muscle definition in early 2005, but I believe he was injured and by the time that years' Wrestlemania rolled round he was in great shape again, not as bulky as previous, but it certainly better for that time of his career. HulK Hogan in his match against the Rock at Wrestlemania X8. Definitely subjective, but I do not think Hogan had ever been in better shape, not that he was ever in bad shape during his main/prime run. Roddy Piper's shape fluctuated a fair bit but he was totally ripped in his match against Jerry Lawler at King of the Ring 1994.
  7. Good point and there is a fair few rap songs that has the 'N' word mentiond, in some cases frequently. Will they be removed from Spotify and iTunes etc. If I don't like something, disagree or are offended with something, I don't watch it or pay any attention to it. I don't go all in and demand it to be banned, removed etc. Just another form of dictatorship as far as I am concerned or at the very least kowtowing to the offended by everything/everyone society.
  8. With films and series being removed, edited and in some cases butchered, it certainly is fair argument for buying actual media of your favourite films and series. Even if you buy a copy of a film from Apple etc. and just keep it on the cloud or whatever, it is possible that it could be editied or even replaced with a different cut entirely.
  9. Always liked him and believe that he would have had a top line run and maybe even a title run, if he had not been around when the WWF was so top heavy with superstars. He kind of suffered the same issues in his return in 2002, althouh he would not have been a headline attraction at this point, they could have done a lot more with him but it just shows the depth available to them at that time. I always thought if he was fully fit and did not have the Lloyds of London issues, he could have had a great run in 1996 when there was not so many big names around.
  10. The only bands, artists I enjoyed was: R.E.M., Brian Wilson, The Who, Velvet Revolver, Metallica and Pink Floyd. Although the latter definitely seemed a bit forced. As for the rest, it was mainly filled with "flavour of the month" bands and singers and to be honest, I would glady close the blinds if they were playing in my garden.
  11. Last few years, well a decade to be honest, Universal have been pretty aggressive in building new rides in the sense of building brand new buildings or adding to exisitng buildings. I seem to remember Transformers being built at a rapid pace, whilst Disney seem content to announce something and wait about 2 years to actually start building, Avatar being the best example.
  12. A great "what if" scenario of Sting going to the WWF in late 1995 or 1996. I dont think Vince would have let it happen for one minute but both Sting and Vader (who was signed roughly around the same time) could have been the Outsiders in the WWF.
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