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  1. I enjoyed the Jericho Austin show. Made me remember just how much I loved Jericho and Ralphus in WCW and his early WWF run. One thing I did notice was that they aired his Evenflow rip off theme when he started naming the 1004 holds rather than the dubbed version of Break Down The Walls the Network normally use.... Don't know if this is due to the Peacock move or (more than likely) just because it was a snippet they didn't need to edit it.
  2. Out of interest what VPN are you using?
  3. It is from a non Australian. However, they are friends with an Australian and is possibly why they are being recommended. On a side note, the same person loves Tim Tams but I was a little put off when I was informed they was just like a Penguin, I was expecting something else.
  4. I got a Cherry Ripe bar today, heard some good things about them so I am intrigued to see what the fuss is about.
  5. Thanks will be watching this (again) the last episode though is pretty brutal! I am still hoping that TailSpin is added at some point.
  6. Me and your hypothetical friend are in the same boat. Just used another email address and changed my payment method from PayPal to Debit card so hopefully that will do the trick.
  7. Not had Mini Eggs in years but I always thought the yellow ones tasted nicer than the others.
  8. Mine has been the UK version of the Network I have been using as well. I was kinda hoping that my sub would continue to work but I was expecting it to be deactivated at some point.
  9. Just checked and my US subscription has now "expired". I would imagine that other subscribers with US accounts will experience the same soon.
  10. I liked it, but I definitely think it is one film that would have been a lot better watching it at cinema.
  11. I'm sure that WWF were told to tone down on Shotgun after complaints about Terry Funk's promo in which he called Pettengill's mother a whore.
  12. As I still subscribe to the US version of the Network I am expecting my account to be closed any time now.
  13. Sid Justice was actually Sid Vicious brother. In Secondary School, someone claimed to have seen a VHS of Sunny having sex in the ring..... Years later this did come true.
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