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  1. Walking Dead I have got back into it. I use to watch it all the time and would download the episode as soon as it aired in the US but, I lost interest and I watched up to series 9 and then give up when one episode jumped six years in the timeline. However, thanks to Disney + I decided to pick it up from where I left off and I have enjoyed it, perhaps a break was what I needed. just finished Season 9 and will start Season 10 in the week.
  2. I spent many an hour on that. I seem to remember to getting it from Toys R Us for £9.99 and was very much worth it. I picked up that and Star fox Adventures, I was probably the the only person who liked that game.
  3. The GameCube was such an under rated console.
  4. I noticed there was a "premier" of a Mid South episode from 1982 on this morning, so I am assuming more episodes of Mid South will be this month's classic content.
  5. Such sad news and such a horrible disease.
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