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  1. For me, all the added features and social media aspect of the game is too much. Having said that, I can imagine some people spending hours prior to playing a game working on tactics, set pieces etc. only to park the bus after going a goal up within the first five minutes of the match. Having said that I am trying to put the time into it but I cannot see me putting 2020 on for an hour on an evening after work like I did with the 2012 version.
  2. This may be of use to someone: Football Manager 2020 (PC) is a free download from Epic Games (Ends 24th September). First FM game I have played since the 2012 version and I have found it a bit overwhelming. Also got Mario 3D all stars, not played it yet but looking forward to it.
  3. I always thought that Flair and Perfect in the loser leaves the WWF match should have happened at Wrestlemania IX instead of Raw. But unsure how they would have got to that angle IF the Warrior had stayed, unless they just built it around Mr Perfect being increasingly fed up with Ric Flair. Warrior staying certainly does put a whole new slant on things and if they did go with the above, I am struggling to see what feud or angle they would put him in, unless it did envolve a heel turn. Makes you wonder how many times the plans changed in an era seemingly, where according to Bruce Prichard
  4. Jannetty is really messed up and it is evident when a Vince Russo storyline makes more sense than his.
  5. It is so frustrating, wondering if people just do not read the full descriptions etc. My buyer has messaged me again this morning to advise they still cannot track the item using Royal Mail / Parcel Force, despite me responding on Saturday night to advise that probably we would not be able to track until their next working day (Monday) and to allow it the oppertunity to be processed in their tracking system - the fu*k is wrong with some people? Can hardly wait till it is delivered to be inundated with messages saying it is broken, damaged or just generally unhappy so can I have a di
  6. I have recently been selling items on eBay and has been quite a money maker for me, with no problems - Until this week..... Firslty, sold my Girlfriends brand new GHD straighteners (she knew about it) as she received two at Christmas, they havent been used. Hair Salon in Manchester brought them and then tried to return them saying that they had been used. When I asked them to confirm the date stamp on the product (as I took a picture of it before they were sent) they become very defensive, transpires they were trying to return an old product back to me - currently have an open dispu
  7. I have pre ordered from Amazon, really wanted the physical copy as opposed to the digial version. Really looking forward to this. Quite liked the trainers as well, but I decided against getting them in the end.
  8. Warrior's demeanour looks like the person who is always lumbered with the middle seat in the back of a Mini Metro on the way to an away game in Sunday Football.
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