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  1. Apologies if there is a more suitable thread to post this (did look for a questions thread on the search but nothing came up). Can anyone recommend a seller on DHgate for football shirts that doesn't take 3 months for delivery?
  2. Been watching Thunder (for my sins) and currently up to June 1999. One thing I do love about it though is Randy Savage's look from this time. I would have loved to have seen him back in the WWF at this time with the same look and think he would have complimented the roster well at that point.
  3. Think Hak was wrapped around in plastic barbed wire during his first few matches, usually on Thunder.
  4. "Up here you can be proud to be British and no left wing people can tut at you." "I now know how Major Tom felt." 😂
  5. The first five minutes had me in hysterics with the Jimmy Savile and Nazi salute, not to mention the obligatory display of the socks. We even got a "Partridge you wanker" a little later, brilliant.
  6. As long as that is the only photo from the wedding reception we see again that is ok.
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