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  1. I can understand that, give yourself some time to get up from this set back but don't give up your dreams. If this is what you really want, try again and don't give up.
  2. Could you not apply anywhere else @Shy Dad This is one interview which you know didnt go as planned due to you not having half of your presentation. Congratulations @Gus Mears it sounds like a great job! I have to say, I'm a little jealous!
  3. Really?! More proof that Halifax is shit then
  4. Apparently Ed Sheeran's from Halifax?! As bloody if. I was bought up just between Huddersfield and Mirfield so Pateick Stewart and Harold Wilson are the ones who show up on that map. Lena Heady and Jodie Whittaker are both from Huddersfield, I'm surprised they aren't on there
  5. deathrey

    Hot Drinks

    Ahh one of my favourite topics. I could probably right an essay on teas and have a whole cupboard dedicated to them at home. I'm currently drinking a lot of Bluebird flavoured teas, they do some wonderful ones. My current favourite is the Almond Bakewell. I've been trying to really cut down my caffiene, flavoured and original Rooibus teas have really helped with this. I have a lot of loose teas and refillable teabags so often make my own blends. As far as teabags for work, it's usually a Yorkshire Tea or Twinnings (all bought myself). As for other hot drinks, my sister brought me a Velvetiset from Hotel Chocolat - specificaly for making hot chocolated and I bloody love it, all the blends are lovely, really flavourful and very different tasting apart from the 100% dark chocolate. That is vile. They describe it has having a deep leather fragrance but it tastes like leather, gross.
  6. I grew up in a Northern town, most our shops were shit so Woolworths was great because it sold everything, wasn't a market stall and wasn't aimed at the 60+ market. I loved the pick and mix, we got toys from there, music, magazines, new lunch boxes and stationary for school, even clothes from the Ladybird section. Every random hobby I took up, Woolies could always accommodate. Me and my cousin when through a wierd stage of dying our clothes - Woolies. I started decorating and D.I.Y project because there was nothing else to do - Woolies. Started haberdashery - Woolies. It had everything. To this day when I need random crap and can't find it, I still think 'they would of had that in Woolworths'. It took up a huge unit in my town which was empty for many years afterwards and is now taken up by random shitty poundshops that open up for a year or two and then close. Then a new one opens and the same cycle ensues
  7. I think it's more of a skill that she's learned and can use as she wills. Maybe they didn't come after her because she was in Westeros? They may not have known she used face swapping? How would one track such a skill?
  8. He also said his ending was going to be different for some characters. The waif tried to kill her for walking out didnt she? And the faceless man thing did come in to some use, I don't know how else she would have tricked Walder Frey and avenged the Red Wedding the way she did if she couldn't change faces. She wiped out all the male Frey's in a very satisfying way without really putting herself in any danger. Whilst it might not have been what we imagined her to do with the faceless skill, it certainly was used.
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