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  1. deathrey

    The cookery thread

    Batch cooking food and freezing it is something I really need to start doing. My freezer is the same as yours was Rick, mainly contains frozen convinience food that I don't really like using. My own cooking tastes better and I feel convinience food has little nutritional value but after a long day at work, particularly if I'm feeling unwell, I can't always muster the energy to cook and if I had something in the freezer, it would be much better. I just need to figure out where to start really
  2. deathrey

    Outstanding Names

    I've worked in schools for years so I always come across some interesting ones. Ocean Kibbler is my current favourite, sounds like some kind of fish species
  3. deathrey


    Will the veggie burger also contain the goujons? I hope the old burgers are all thrown on a bonfire and the recipe alongside it.
  4. deathrey


    Looks like I'll be ordering a Happy Meal next time I'm in Maccies......Which is a very rare occurrence so don't expect a review any time soon
  5. deathrey


    Maccies current veggie burger inedible so this new one should be an improvement. Hopefully the current one will be removed from the menu.
  6. deathrey


    I've never had a meat sausage roll but Eamon Holmes was reviewing it on This Morning today and said that it tastes exactly the same, it's just the texture that is a bit different.
  7. deathrey


    Anyone know any decent budget unsweetened almond milks? Alpro seems to be going up in price. I'd like to try some of the Innocent range but at £1.99, it's far to expensive
  8. deathrey

    How was 2018 for you?

    Thanks Chest, I'll look in to that 🙂
  9. deathrey

    How was 2018 for you?

    I've had pretty much the same thing happen to me towards the end of this year. I lost my grandma at the beginning of October (who was 102 but very healthy - still walking around on her own etc) very suddenly, she went in to hospital on Saturday with high blood pressure, had very sudden l lung failure on Sunday and died on Tuesday. She lived with me and my family since I was 5 so was like a second mother to me. Three weeks later I miscarried my first baby at 11 weeks. October 2018 was the worst month of my life so far. People really don't talk about miscarriages, I've had so many people at work say 'It happen to me too' and then walk away. It seems to happen to a lot of people and I know it's painful to talk about it but as a society we should. I know I go over old ground a lot but people seem to be keen to just tell me I need to move on, which I know I do but talking helps processing. Getting professional support has been pretty much impossible. To make things worse, I hate my job to the point that I've thought about just quitting and staying at home. I want to do something different but I'm not really qualified for any other field. I feel stressed all the time (obviously my personal circumstances contribute to this), my hair is starting to fall out, I wake up with a sore jaw in the morning from grinding my teeth in my sleep.... sorry, this has turned in to a bit of a rant. Hopefully 2019 will bring better days. @Wretch I'm so sorry for your loss. My little sister has had severe depression for a number of years and that was always a phonecall I dreaded getting and something I still worry about. I can only imagine how you feel. I hope 2019 is a better year for you though I know it will always be hard without him
  10. deathrey

    Words/Phrases that can do one, get me fam?

    'That's calm' meaning 'ok'