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  1. So I gave up on wrestling years ago but the prospect of a CM Punk return is enough to make me watch again. When is he likely to show up?
  2. deathrey


    I know what you mean. Buying a car is far more stressful than it should be. Enjoy the car. Ours has been great so far so I think we made the right decision. The extra boot room has been great. We've just done our first long weekend away and didn't have to put anything on the backseat 😊
  3. I wish I could enjoy the sun but I burn the second it appears. I could even deal with hiding inside if the house cooled down overnight but it doesn't. It's awful. This country is not built for heat. It shouldn't be allowed to go over 25 degrees. I have told the weather Gods this but they don't give a shit about my opinion and made it hotter just to spite me.
  4. What the actual fuck is going on with the weather?! I can not cope in this heat. I've been wearing factor 50 and I'm still fucking burnt. The house is even hotter today than it was yesterday (even though the day was supposedly cooler) because of the cumulative trapped heat in the house. I feel like I am being slowly cooked in the oven. My baby has worn nothing but a nappy in the house since the weekend (I stuck a vest and wet muslin cloth over him when we went out). I have had enough. It needs to rain and cool down. England can not handle 30 degrees. I can not handle 30 degrees. I am seriously contemplating booking a hotel for tomorrow night just so I have room with air con. There is a Prenier Inn 10 minutes walk from our house.
  5. My brother won 4 tickets to Whipsnade Zoo so we are going next week and going to spend a couple of days in the area. After that, it's not a holiday strictly speaking but it is for me - I'm going to Yorkshire for the best part of a month to stay with my parents, and then beginning of September we have 5 days booked in the Lake District. After 15 months of sitting at home, I'm really looking forward to it. Just hope to stay Covid free.
  6. I think you did the right thing. You've put yourself out there and told her how you feel, she isn't interested at the moment so you need to do what you need to do to move forward. Things like social media accounts can make it difficult to do that as you can't help but keep looking and second guessing. The only thing you could have maybe done differently is told her before you deleted her? But that's by the by really, you've had the conversation afterwards. She knows where you are if she wants to get in touch but for you, it'll be better with not watching her life unfold.
  7. Along the lines of Seiko's Sonic watch, TAG Heuer are doing a collaboration with Nintendo and releasing a Mario watch. https://www.tagheuer.com/gb/en/smartwatches/tagheuer-connected-collaboration-3.html
  8. The racism this morning is just ergh. It's so tiresome, so predictable, so disgusting. It feels like nothing ever changes. Yet another night where the family WhatsApp group was about getting home and making sure you don't get beaten up for existing.
  9. Yes!! I kept looking at him thinking he reminded me of someone, that's bang on!
  10. I've just won £40 for having the same opinion 😊 Over the moon for Italy winning but I do feel for the England players. I really didn't want Rashford to miss his penalty but it is what it is. I hope the press don't maul the players but not much chance of that. Anyway, Forza Azzuri!
  11. Agreed, they are stupid and scare the shit out of dogs. Why do people love them so much?!
  12. deathrey

    Carvery Rules

    Are carverys running the same way with Covid restrictions? I don't know if this is any indication but at Toby Carvery when you go for the veggie option, the main comes from the kitchen and is waiting for you when you go up to the counter so you only get one (in theory, this is the same as the meat) but you can go up for as much veg and potatoes as you want.
  13. You'd be better off starving than eating the shite that is Bourneville.
  14. It doesn't effect me as I'm on maternity leave but I know a lot of schools have said that kids can have a 10.30 start on Monday. My school haven't but I imagine that attendance will be shocking on Monday.
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