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  1. Anyone watched Umberalla Academy on Netflix? I've watched the whole series and quite enjoyed it, there are quite a few changes from the comic books but it works well. It did make me realise how much I dislike Ellen Page though, she's always so miserable and just seems to play miserable in everything she's in and instead of seeing her character on screen, I just see Ellen Page.
  2. Yeah, I think I'm going to book an appointment with the Head for next week. I need to get the ball rolling rather than wasting more time
  3. Yeah I get that, it just leaves me in limbo a little and I'm unsure what to do. Do I continue to apply for other jobs? I've got a few issues with my school which the Head and I had a brief discussion about addressing - mostly about training and development which would in his eyes would tie me to the school for the foreseeable future and because I don't know where I stand I've put off speaking to him and I don't want to miss the boat with that opportunity. It's all making me anxious. An update of 'we are still waiting' would be better than no update at all.
  4. I got the Lazy Vegan fishless fingers from Asda and thought they were alright Edit: I take it back. I had them in a sandwich and they were nice, but tried them on the weekend on their own and they were gross. Avoid. Quorn fishless fingers are nicer
  5. I would have thought coconut oil would be a bit on the greasy side, I wouldn't want grease without flavour. That's why I don't like margarine on toast, it lacks flavour
  6. I know they can be slow which is why I didn't worry too much when I didn't hear anything last week. I don't want to bug them but at the same time, I'm desperate to get out of where I am now and the money is so much better.... I will have a 1 hour commute to work but it'll be better than working here
  7. White bread doesn't taste of anything! Give me brown any day. A thick cut brown granary loaf is king of toast
  8. I had an interview a couple of weeks ago with a council. I got a phonecall from the Head of Service the following day explaining that it had been really competitive, that they had narrowed it down to me and another candidate and had been blown away by my interview but for whatever reason they had decided to appoint the other candidate and she had accepted the post. She then said that they were in the process of applying for funding for a second post (same job, same pay etc) and that they had been given the thumbs up to do so but nothing official has come through yet, but they would like to offer me that post (they had also mentioned in the interview that they were seeking funding for another post). I accepted and the Head of Service said they would be back in contact in a week or so. Two weeks have now passed, I called her yesterday and left an answerphone message asking if there were any updates but I've still not heard anything. Do I chase it further or do I assume that they didn't get the funding/have changed their minds about offering it to me?
  9. White bread eurgh. 7,8 and 3. With 8 being my most preferred.
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