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  1. They aren't all Muslim areas to be fair. My parents live in West Yorkshire. My dad was going to pick me up tomorrow so I could go and stay with them for a fortnight...... guess that's cancelled :(
  2. Thank you both, I'll stop avoiding white ones then. I've only bought one little set so far but I made sure it had poppers and the little scratch mitt things. A friend has offered me her kids old newborn/early baby stuff which I was quite happy to accept (I'm just waiting for her to actually give them to me) so I'm not going to have to buy too much hopefully.
  3. Do they not just get really dirty @Chest Rockwell? I'm only buying babygrows, I'm not bothering with actual clothes, I think we will be well in to a second Corona peak by the time I'm due so can't see me going out anywhere. That said, I do want to buy a Christmas pudding outfit for the baby for Christmas....
  4. My husband really didnt want to know the gender of our baby. I always wanted a surprise but now I'm actually pregnant, I want to know. It makes shopping for things really hard. Why are babygrows all so white and cream?! So boring and surely not practical with all the sick, pee and poo?!
  5. I drove in to Birmingham city centre yesterday to pick something up and about 12 people were wearing masks, that might be a bit generous.
  6. Police were out in my local area, hanging around the shopping centre and fining people not wearing masks which I was quite pleased to hear to be honest.
  7. Personally I thought the rapping in Hamilton was alright. Not amazing but certainly not bad, I think they did a good job. I enjoyed watching Hamilton on Disney Plus but probably wouldn't ever watch it again and I won't see it in the theatre. The only musical I've ever wanted to re-watch (and hope to one day) is Book of Mormon.
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