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  1. To be fair, I didn't notice that it was the slime edition until it was pointed out. Explains the colour I guess but still..... eww.
  2. I imagine they will be tasty as custard biscuit + apple flavour should work very well.
  3. Now, I know I was advocating apples earlier and I'm not taking that back but that green colour on food is awful. They could have mellowed it a little to look less slime like.
  4. I've been making a lot of my own biscuits and cookies at the moment (in the absence of anything better to do). I've done dark chocolate and pecan, mini rolo and pecan cookies last week. This week I'm going to do coconut macaroons and M&M cookies.
  5. Apple is a lovely flavour but not one I would ever think to combine with chocolate. It goes well with cinnamon, toffee and things of that ilk. Apple crumble with ice cream or custard is wonderful. Green apples make wonderful sweets.
  6. @patiircI hope you are doing ok, that should pretty awful. I hope this doesn't come off as being cold but in an attempt to be pragmatic, its rarely anything the victim does wrong where DV is involved - it's almost always about the perpetrator and their short comings. If this has been something that has happened to you with all your partners, I would maybe be thinking about what are the common personality traits of the people you are getting involved with, is there a 'type' that you are attracted to and this is part of their M.O? Have you ever discussed the past DV with a professional? I
  7. Congratulations @Glenryck Pilchards
  8. I know that like everything, this will come to an end, but it just feels completely fucking hopeless at the moment. I've been stuck inside for nearly 8 months now, it feels like it's never going to end. My mental health has been pretty robust through it all but seeing it get worse again has really made me feel like this is just going to be endless. I've got used to having to go to medical appointments and feel less on edge going to the hospital but I will be admitted in November to give birth and I am dreading what it will be like by then. The hospital that shares a site with the one I'll be a
  9. Your poor wife @scratchdj I hope the time off from work helps and she is getting the support she needs. It's a tough time to be in a school
  10. Are Fruit Gums vegetarian yet? They used to be my absolute favourites
  11. They most definitely made it to Yorkshire. The corner shop closest to my school sold them for many many years. I only had them very occasionally as I quite like having my own teeth.
  12. I love Borders biscuits
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