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  1. deathrey


    Yeah, I think it's about £125 a month which whilst I would like to have, isn't a huge amount, and hopefully I could make it up in a couple of years. Also, I get paid expenses any time I have to go anywhere for work that isn't my house which should also help. Even if I stayed in this role, in theory I should be able to move up the scale. Every bit of me is saying taking the new job is the right decision, it's just that silly niggly bit that worries I'm taking a step backwards. Then I guess that's negated by the potential to be promoted. I've worked in the charity sector before and really enjoyed it, they seem to care so much more about the staff.
  2. deathrey


    Really feel what you are saying @Divorced Dad, the education sector is just an unholy level of stress and I'm feeling very much the same. On that note, I have been offered another job and I'm not 100% sure what to do. Well I think I know but need some reassurance I guess. There are a lot of factors at play. When I applied for the job it was on a pay scale of x amount to x amount (the higher end being more than what I'm on now). When being offered the job today the manager said that I would be starting on the lowest wage as I was new to the organisation and they currently have a pay freeze on due to Covid deficit. This means a 2k pay cut. However, this job is working from home and they are happy for me to do 5 days over 4 which will mean I only need to put my son in nursery for 3 days a week and I get to spend more time with him. The job is far less stressful and will be much better for my mental health. It is a huge national children's charity and the manager who is aware I am taking a pay cut said that there is lots of opportunity for promotion and moving in to different roles etc. I will get more doing 4 days at the new job than I would have doing 4 days at my current job (though this request was denied by current job) My current job does pay more but is very stressful and I am really unhappy with how they have handled my (denied) flexible working request, there were false promises and it's left me feeling like a number on a piece of paper. The job is hugely stressful and inflexible though I do get half terms off so lots of holiday. There is no room for promotion and very little training given. I've applied for a couple of additional duty roles to bulk up my pay but have never got them, it's the type of place where opportunities are usually designed with a specific person in mind but they have to advertise to all of us and always pick the person the job was obviously designed for. Additional factors are that we have just bought a new house, we are waiting to complete but the mortgage will be higher than our current one. My current place of work and my sons nursery are 3 minutes from our current home but 25 minutes without traffic from our new place so working from home will save hugely on commuting costs. Nurseries are more expensive in our new area but if I'm working 4 days, I only need to send him to nursery for 3 days however the prices average out the same due to the price rise in new area. I think I want to take the new job for both flexibility and the negative impact on my mental health of my current job. Am I making a mistake in taking a pay cut? 2k is hardly make or break but it will make things a little tighter but I keep thinking that I'll be saving money in the lack of commute.
  3. deathrey


    I'm sorry @HarmonicGeneratorthat really is the shits. Any chance the other role would still be open to you changing your mind?
  4. I have no idea as I just caught the episode on one day during lockdown. I can see how that would be the case though
  5. Did anyone else ever see the Undercover Boss USA with Steph McMahon? She was down at OVW pretending to be a journalist if I remember correctly
  6. I still put butter in my beans, the sauce is too anemic without it. I rarely eat plain beans though, I tend to do thurka beans - Indian style beans.
  7. deathrey


    Thank you. I am aware of Pregnant then Screwed and I am thinking of contacting them but not sure I'll have much of a case. Schools are notoriously difficult for this kind of thing, particularly with non-teaching staff like myself.
  8. deathrey


    Just a bit of a moan from me. I had a meeting about my return to work from maternity today. I've requested flexible working, put it in writing and requested to meet with the head to discuss my ideas for what they could do to cover me on my day off (I want to go from 5 days a week to 4 days). I ended up meeting with the deputy head in charge of HR and she was so passive aggressive about the whole thing. Kept batting back all my ideas as not feasible (though they are, they just dont want to do it) - my ideas involved things like using it as a training opportunity for someone in a lower role (people internally who had applied for my role during maternity and told they didnt have enough experience). I did take the Union with me but I'm not going to be holding my breath. Think I'm going to have to start looking for a new job. I really want to get put of education but all my work experience is in education/safeguarding/social services so I have no idea what I can do that will pay enough to cover the mortgage/childcare.
  9. Casey. I'm only a couple of episodes in to the last series yet so I'll hold my opinion.
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