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  1. @Ronniemy parents do both speak in Punjabi exclusively with him, he just doesn't see them regularly as they live 100 miles away. We usually go and stay with them for a week or so every time we see them so he does have decent exposure. I will definitely do the Punjabi radio/tv thing, we've also been listening to Punjabi music with him. It's interesting you say that about choosing to speak in English, many of my little cousins understand Punjabi but don't speak it, I've always put it down to a lack of confidence but I guess it could be a choice, something to think about.
  2. I work in a high school, the vast majority of our students walk to school..... and usually get up to a whole bunch of shit on the way home if the complaints we get from locals are anything to go by.
  3. Some of his music was pretty powerful, I remember listening to 'Slipping' and thinking that I hadn't really heard a song quite so real and frank by a rapper in a long time.
  4. So sad. I was a fan back in my late teens/early 20's.
  5. @Briefcase I imagine in the case of elderly Royals the obituaries are probably ready to go with new bits updated as needed.
  6. Is that what it takes to get that bloody show off TV?! I'd take wall to wall Prince Philip coverage over Tipping Point.
  7. I guess this is a little bit of an insight in to how all shit will break loose when the Queen dies. They have been married 73 years, I wonder how she'll get on without him.
  8. I've some how cocked up the quote and don't know how to add it in now but this was in response to @Abe_Knuckleball_Schwartzand his comment about the Cherry Ripe bar. I just Googled these as I'd never heard of it before. It's basically a Cherry flavoured Bounty? That really sounds gross - and I actually like Bounty's.
  9. I think it's always good to mix things up a little where you can. I've stumbled on some great dishes this way, much to my mums annoyance usually as she is a stickler for how her mum taught her!
  10. Thanks @CarbombI feel like I've learnt so much from your post. I'll make note of the resteraunt to try out too.
  11. The sun is shinning @wandshogun09but it's bloody freezing. I'm sat inside with the heating on.
  12. The parks near us are actually scarily busy, I've never seen them as packed as they are now. It's actually hard to avoid people when you go which means we have stopped going. Hopefully it'll quieten down a bit when the kids go back to school and we cam go back.
  13. Also the Tory's landlord mates will be crying in to their coffees if no one returns to the office and there are a bunch of massive office buildings sat empty.
  14. Thanks @Carbomb, much appreciated. I have noticed the similarity in the food but Mauritian food seems a bit 'fresher' if you know what I mean? And the ingredients slightly more exciting - though I may just be bored after a lifetime of Indian food. Interesting that there isn't much South Indian influence because you would think it would fit quite well with Island ingredients. I understand what you are saying about not ever feeling the need to go to a Mauritian resteraunt, an Indian resteraunt would be my last choice of somewhere to eat as we make most of it at home. The only time I want t
  15. I've been there too my friend @King of Hamptons
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