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  1. I was just going to post that, though who would you want as a replacement?
  2. Bought Yooka Laylee for the Switch in the sale. I am enjoying the throwback late 90s 3D platforming action. Considering that it was developed by a lot of the ex-Rare programmers that worked on Banjo and Kazooie it is extremely reminiscent of the N64 games.
  3. After listening to Radio 2 for a bit this morning the only political story has been about the Labour party being branded as antisemitic. If it was another party being branded as anti-Islamic then that would actually be seen as a positive to certain groups of people.
  4. They had a couple of good songs, but they had any big hits. This is my favourite track from them. https://youtu.be/X5KmB8Laemg
  5. I have was tempted to sign back to the Sherdog forum. Then I looked at it again and it is still fucking awful.
  6. The fact that Bladerunner is no longer a film set in the future, since it is set in November 2019. Given the choice of the present with Brexit, Johnson and Trump, I would prefer the dystopian version from the film. I want flying cars, replicants and interplanetary travel.
  7. You can fix it, if you feel confident enough to take the controller apart. There's a load of tutorials on YouTube.
  8. That sounds like controller drift. Turn off your controller and make sure the stick is centred then turn it back on. If it persists then the controller is broken.
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