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  1. Rey_Piste

    Trivial Things That Annoy You...

    I deleted that shit off the CD rip. It's more annoying with streaming services, spotify is terrible for leaving them in attached to songs.
  2. Rey_Piste

    Trivial Things That Annoy You...

    I was talking to someone yesterday bout cacti and she kept saying cactuses. So people who use the wrong names for things, like people who say octpouses etc.
  3. Rey_Piste


    I don't think that, Melanie Joy who coined the word thinks that. I do think animals are beneath me, that's how evolution works. Looking at the 3 N's of Carnism. Central to the ideology, according to the theory, is the acceptance of meat-eating as "natural", "normal", "necessary", Eating meat is natural, we have thousands of years of evolution that prove that. Eating meat is certainly considered the norm, because it is so ingrained in our nature. As for necessary, eating meat isn't a necessity, we are lucky enough where we can pick and choose what we want to eat. As an omnivore whether it flies, swims or walks I'll fucking eat it. That's just a choice, in the same way that you not eating meat is a choice.
  4. Rey_Piste


    Omnivore: An animal or person that eats a variety of food of both plant and animal origin. Carnist wasn't found in the Oxford English dictionary. Googling it does bring up that Carnism is a psychological term. Carnism is the invisible belief system, or ideology, that conditions people to eat certain animals. A central aspect of carnism is that animals are categorized as edible, inedible, pets, vermin, predators, or entertainment animals, according to people's schemata. That's something that doesn't really work with me.If I went to a country that ate dog I would be fine with it, rabbit is either vermin or pet, no animal, unless poisonous is inedible. Carnist is a label for someone who is omnivorous, that may not be factually correct.
  5. Rey_Piste


    Because carnist isn't a real word. Omnivores are the pansexuals of the food world.
  6. Rey_Piste


  7. Rey_Piste

    The Why Don't You Get a Job Thread

    I'm not looking forward to the next month or so of leaf clearance, but I hear you on being able to tolerate it more than anything else I've done.
  8. Rey_Piste

    The Why Don't You Get a Job Thread

    Congrats on the good news @Ralphy Enjoy spending your days sitting in a shed and posting on here, because there's fuck all winter work for a gardener. It might be worth you getting a smartphone now. You need games and a web browser to help you get through it all.
  9. Rey_Piste

    Good stuff you've bought - under £20

    I'll wait until they get some speccy ones in.
  10. Rey_Piste


    I don't like turkey drummers, they're too thick. They looked perfectly cooked and can still be pink in the middle.
  11. Rey_Piste


    I thought he was on about the shit yank strawberry laces type sweets. Not turkey twizzlers, but you can still buy turkey dinosaurs which are superior.
  12. Rey_Piste

    UFC 230: Cormier vs Lewis

    You cunt Wandy, those Rogan reaction images made me choke on my coffee.
  13. Rey_Piste

    Let's discuss the idiots on Reality TV

    She looks like she used Homer's makeup shotgun.
  14. Rey_Piste

    Which computer game character are you?

    Whatever the main character from Hovver Hovver is called. Since I am a gardener.
  15. Rey_Piste

    First trip to the cinema

    I saw the first Turtles film on a hooky VHS months before it was released in the cinema over here. I am fairly certain that Turtle Power by Partners in Kryme was the first single I ever bought.