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  1. Why would you put your hand into a shitty bowl? Never mind the dangers of piss wrist.
  2. This seems like a parody, but they seem to be very serious about it.
  3. This thread summed up by Dead Kennedys songs. Your viewpoint is either Or
  4. It's 2020, wiping your arse with quilted 3 ply bog roll shouldn't be looked on as decadent.
  5. I'm glad Glastonbury's been cancelled, So I don't have to put up with "Gap Year hippies" clogging the roads up with their rented VW campers.
  6. A dodgy parody shot on camcorder by students you say? It wasn't shown on Takeover TV by any chance?
  7. Damn X-files chat has ended up with me getting this stuck in my head.
  8. I never realised the shoe shop was that popular.
  9. I need to stop watching food YouTubers, because if I end up being shut in I will do too much cooking. Anyway I realised that the thin mint Girl scout cookies aren't even half as good as a mint Viscount, although the samoas look really nice.
  10. When I did it I just had 2 litre pop bottles I cleaned and disinfected, the sieve was really only there on top of the funnel to to stop any large particulates from entering the bottled final product. This was because near the end of the initial fermentation I added some extra sugar to kickstart it off to give it a bit more oomph and I was just literally just pouring it straight out of the bucket I used the brew kit in.There was a lot off dead yeast floating around since it produced a fair amount of co2, so it was causing it to float up off from the bottom.It was drinkable, but a little bland with the only real taste to it being a sweeter than usual after taste than you would expect from a ruby bitter ale. If I were doing it today I would make sure use a syphon pump method and to use smaller bottles. I would still use some method to strain out anything from entering the final bottled product. I found the large bottles to go stale quite quickly once they were opened. So out of the original 10 litres I lost approximately half a litre to spillage, another half a litre near the end which was just really murky and full of sediment. I also lost one 2 litre bottle because it got knocked over and split as well as over a litre from a bottle which I didn't consume quick enough once opened.
  11. Or just use words that already exist such as ransacked, pillaged, raided, plundered or sacked.
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