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  1. Flashback FM from GTA 3 was literally all songs from Scarface. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5isDvrsBAPI
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    He's still a filthy jack bastard.
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    How rough is the co-op that it 2 security guards in it.
  4. Just realised what this reminds me of. https://youtu.be/39Bo-5AW1Js?t=200 Artist: [making small talk] So girly, you like roller skate'n? Lisa: No. Artist: Yeahhhhh, everybody loves roller skate'n
  5. Coca production is terrible for the environment, because you have the farmers clearing sections of rain forest to grow it and you have the government spraying chemicals from the sky to kill off plots. This ends up being a constant cycle of trees being cut because their plot has been destroyed and then it ends up being sprayed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coca_production_in_Colombia#Environmental_Effects Pigs on the other hand are actually fairly good for their environment, they can be reared on land that is low in nutrients where crops wouldn't grow. They then root around in the ground and shit everywhere which turns the soil over naturally whilst providing nutrients to it. Las Vegas is a great example of this because their pig farms are taking a load of waste from the excessive buffets and feeding the pigs with it instead of it just being sent to landfill. Then you move the pigs off that land and starting growing crops. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrRprZ8C93g
  6. One thing that's a bit strange to me is that 4 or 5 years ago I would be chomping at the bit to see this fight.. I'm not massively arsed about it, but when it comes to fight week that might change. I do want to see McGregor get smashed though.
  7. First of all it's maths, not math, you're not a septic. Secondly an entire hog roast would most likely be less environmentally damaging than a kilo of sniff when you take into account processing and transporting it. As for flying you can use carbon offsetting certificates to give money to plant trees that would making your flight carbon neutral or even carbon negative.
  8. That's the difference between him and you really he is more concerned about his environmental impact than any perceived morality when it comes to the eating of meat.It's why he converted his Landrover to LPG/Biofuel and when he buys food it's always locally sourced whenever possible.
  9. I was talking more about the conditions of the animals on the farms, rather than the conditions the animals are slaughtered in. I just wonder what your stance is on someone like a friend of mine who I always call a "middle-class Good Life wanker".He runs a small campsite in Cornwall, he keeps goats, ducks and chickens as well as growing a lot of his own vegetables. He's not solely vegetarian, but the majority of his food is plant based. He will occasionally kill a chicken or duck to eat, as well as killing rabbits in season because they are pests that if left unchecked would decimate his vegetables. Because he is killing the animals himself they are killed quickly and he takes good care of his animals .
  10. I've been to Wolverhampton as well, luckily I only had to spend a few hours there.
  11. I would say that farm animal standards in the UK are very good, the animals aren't pumped full of steroids and hormones like they are in many countries. It's not like calves are kept in veal crates and battery farming chickens is way down to what it was. I also don't think anyone who works in an abattoir gets a kick out of slaughtering animals either.
  12. @UK Kat Von D Your definition of animal abuse seems to be a lot different to mine. The way you're putting it then Vets could be seen to partake in animal abuse since they have to put down animals. Even though they spend awful lot of their lives helping animals.
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