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  1. It wasn't a massively late stoppage, but there was a good 5 seconds or so before the stoppage where Moicano wasn't defending at all. It is good to see Zombie back with a win and hopefully he can get back to the octagon soon and actually have some momentum off this fight.
  2. Rey_Piste

    Chippy Tea

    Gravy or curry sauce with battered sausages is lovely. I wouldn't have gravy with fish though.
  3. My boy does it again. It looked like that overhand right knocked him out and the left as he was dropping woke him back up. I do think the ref could've stopped it a bit earlier, Moicano took so many unanswered shots before it was stopped.
  4. It's a lot older than that, I remember the Florida tag on news stories back on Fark.com.
  5. I can now imagine you turning up to the under 7 games wearing one of these beauties.
  6. Rey_Piste


    That looks nicer than the Domino's cheeseburger pizza. Mostly because it's not covered in rank burger sauce.
  7. I would like an Amiga mini with some of the classic games on it like Hired Guns and Cannon Fodder etc.
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