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    They most certainly have https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0204341/
  2. It's a bit different to about 15 years ago when I saw the "Misfits" playing in a leisure centre. They had Dez from Black Flag and Marky Ramone on drums with Jerry Only singing. As well as Misfits stuff they did Black Flag and Ramones songs.
  3. Well there is the Danzig fronted Misfits doing currently touring in the states. I wouldn't see them as headliners, but there is a chance of the doing the European festival circuit.
  4. Well Korn's self titled debut album came out 25 years ago. So it's definitely old enough to feel nostalgic about. Though the prime nu metal years were 98-02
  5. Bands like Limp Bizkit, Korn or Papa Roach were gateway bands to get kids into metal 18 years ago. So there are a load of people between the ages of 12 to 18 when Hotdog flavoured water was released are now in their 30s. They might be embarrassed about their baggy jeans and massive wallet chains past, or skinny jeans and floppy fringe a few years later. So they might have moved onto listening to Frostnazi or whatever, but that shit is nostalgic to them.
  6. It's not as if Jersey has never had a dangerous load of men armed to the teeth walking about like they owned the place.
  7. That sauce sounds easy enough to do with a couple of chicken stock cubes. I was also talking more about using spatula to cook the egg rather than chopsticks. I just went HAM with a spoon and since I was starving by this point the plate lasted less than 10 minutes.
  8. I am surprised no one thought of this before, but Andre the Giant. Not just his face, but his whole stature. He was also surprisingly a rather handsome man when he was younger.
  9. I still fancy Kim Deal now.
  10. The film JCVD itself was a bit of a corker and showed he didn't take himself too seriously like Segal does for example. After that it did go a bit too far with him doing adverts with him doing the splits across 2 lorries and the Coors ads. Though he still looks boss in double denim and a mullet.
  11. I do have agree with Butch on a lot of his points. Pump up the jam is really an exception. I am subscribed to beer52 and I found out that I like fruit sours. It does seem that most of the boxes are IPAs, which I could really not care about.
  12. Lots of women who wear high heels have wonky toes because the shoes squeeze them together. Then it goes like when the Chinese used to bind women's feet to make them smaller.
  13. Rey_Piste


    While driving to Newmarket from Devon I stopped at a service Station. I ordered the zinger stacker box meal with 2 hot wings. The Stacker is a normal zinger burger except with 2 fried chicken breasts with cheese between the two. It was great apart from too much sauce on it. So when I picked it up the breasts nearly squeezed out of the buns. Also there was the fact I very nearly choked on a bit of it. I could see the headlines that would be if I did die. "Man dies choking on cock in Service Station car park." I normally wouldn't mind going out with juicy breast in my gob, but not like that.
  14. It's essentially a really eggy version of egg fried rice, except it's supposed to be a runny omelette.
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