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  1. I remember reading, and this may have been asking Meltzer in an email years ago, that the term reasonable in Bret's deal was defined as neither side could do anything the other didn't agree on. So basically, if either side deemed it unreasonable, it didn't qualify as an option. So Bret was perfectly legally entitled to do what he did. In essence, McMahon opened himself up to a lawsuit by screwing Bret, an option Bret effectively gave up by knocking Vince in his arse.
  2. Depends though - the revelation of the family tie and Samwell being crushed that his family were murdered might mean a sudden end to the Jon/Dani alliance, which means the only chance to do them riding together was now. We'll see. Plus it's a nice tie-in to his touching the dragon last season when clearly the dragon is letting him do it because he has Targaryen blood, but stupid Jon hasn't figured it out. We're all in on it but him, and seeing it all come together when Sam tells him was awesome for his facial expression - he cant fathom it, but the more you sense his mind racing, the more everything fits into place for him.
  3. Looking at the heel side, with no Bryan around at the moment, is the best short-term story for Kofi that Shane McMahon takes the "Best in the World" shtick too seriously and announces he wants the WWE Title? Shane entering and maybe winning Money in the Bank would be a hilarious way to troll and tease people that Shane is going to win the title in a bullshit fashion, as it suits the character and plays with the die-hard fans a treat that "their guy" Kofi is going to drop the title to a McMahon. Doesn't even have to win on the cash-in. Looking at the SD roster I'm not sure who else can jump right in to a top-line feud after all the damage that's been done to slot so many in the middle.
  4. Those stomps, and the back elbows Kofi was giving him straight to the head when they were on the ropes were brutal.
  5. I especially like the effort that went into naming Erik. There's a show called Vikings with characters with names like Ragnar, Horik, Torstein and Athelstan. Those are decent names. Fucking Erik? I have people in my office called Erik, and I don't have a particularly Viking Experience 9 to 5. I know it's a reference to Erik the Red, but there's a reason history records him as Erik the Red and not Erik, and that's because Erik was the bloke down the corridor working in finance. The Nordic Invasion. The Norsemen (well, maybe not). Hell, even try something interesting and give them a fucking Viking surname and call them the Rurik Dynasty or something so it smells a little more authentic than two wankers playing dress up for your birthday party Viking Experience.
  6. Much obliged, thanks man. Bischoff will be making love to his gin and tonic again I assume.
  7. SCG Radio returns this week to talk all about the biggest weekend of the year in pro wrestling, covering NXT TakeOver: New York and WrestleMania 35! Breaking down all the matches, the outcomes, the big issues surrounding the shows and the promotion in general, we discuss Kofi Kingston's rise to prominence, the absolute greatness of NXT, formatting a seven hour show, the first women's Mania main event, Velveteen Dream ruling the world, Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole's brilliance, major defeats for Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey, and title changes galore. We also dip into some brief thoughts on the G1 Supercard, a true tale of two shows wrapped into one. A lot of fun and a great way to cap off Mania week, check it out~! https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/download/hcxutu/SCG_Radio_150_-_NXT_Takeover_New_York_and_WrestleMania_35.mp3
  8. This comes also after talk that Warner Media Group with be presenting All Elite Wrestling at their May 15th upfronts in New York.
  9. I hate David Tennant. I can't say he's ruined anything because I can't bring myself to watch anything that he's in for a prolonged period because he's dog shit. It's his stupid fucking face. His abysmal "range" of two expressions, which are "eyes bugging out of my head like a moron" and "dumbfuck puzzled look" repulse me, and I am floored any time someone tries to put him over. I'll also cast a tentative vote for Russell Howard. I'll say tentative because I honestly haven't watched him in years because I thought he sucked so much, and he may have improved. Just the annoying guy who is laughing at his own joke as he's telling it to you with that "isn't this funny!" inflection in his voice in an attempt to disguise the fact its a bog standard line. Maybe its just my comic taste, but I don't like comedians who talk in such a manner, its not funny. And it makes every punchline less funny, which is a struggle when there isnt much creativity in the gag to begin with. He's the anti-George Carlin.
  10. Imagine seeing that show and being intrigued. And then watching something that's good. That pretty much explains me getting into wrestling in a nutshell. Wrestling was just fun and cool, even if I thought it was totally bogus how Hogan ended up with Bret's belt.
  11. Very first memory of WrestleMania... Stealing my brother's tape of WrestleMania 9 and watching the whole show and just being enamored with pro wrestling. Favourite WM is... It has to be 17. Such a strange and unique time in the business with WCW and ECW folding, Austin Vs. Rock, the magnitude, it was just amazing. Plus an awesome show. When I moved house last year, me and my fiancée had a simple TV set up for a week until the new furniture arrived, and I watched it all the way through. She filmed me watching it (unbeknownst to me) when the show opened, the starting sounds of Limp Bizkit with the "And noooooow"....and I'm grinning like a fucking idiot. Least favourite WM is... 11 is a ghastly time and not a fun watch. For the first two Manias you can see they hadn't mastered what Mania was, and nailed it with 3. From then on, they always made it look and feel special. Even with 9, there was a uniqueness that lets you overlook the shittier elements. But 11 feels like a pathetic attempt to be the WWF of old. With the celebs, shit roster, technical problems and empty red seats, it's a depressing throwback. Favourite Mania match is... Bret Vs. Austin from Mania 13. Start to finish, the commentary, the background, the production, the best piece of business they've ever done. Worst Mania match is... There's been a few. Taker Vs. Bundy from 11 was complete shit, Bundy was just terrible at that time, every time I watch it I am in awe of how awful his movement is, his crap his offense looks, and how he can barely take a bump. Stinks. Favourite Mania match for a midcard title (if not mentioned above) is... Shawn Vs. Razor at Mania 10. Favourite Mania gimmick match is... I guess the "Submission Match" already mentions tops the Ladder Match. Most under-rated Mania match is... For some reason the first that came to mind was Vince Vs. Shane, because it was a beautiful demonstration of a story-based match that gave everyone revenge, and brought the people up and down exactly as they wanted. But I think people do appreciate it for what it is. The Funks Vs. Tito/JYD at Mania 2 deserves a mention because Terry is outstanding in that match. If you could change one Mania match result... Bret beats Yoko. Austin beating Rock on his own is a close second. Favourite WM set/setup was... I have to go with the second Mania I went to in person, 33. That ramp was ENORMOUS....the ring on top, the rollercoaster and the Universal style globe with WrestleMania on it was breathtaking. Favourite WM image is... Austin, covered in blood, trying to push out of the Sharpshooter at 13. One of the most enduring images in wrestling history.
  12. Does anybody else think Cole is actually one of the prime examples of bad casting in WWE history? To me, he's not a commentator, he's a pundit. It struck me like a bolt of lightening about four years back when they did the pre-Mania talk show with Cole as the anchor, Flair and Lawler and others around the table, and when it came to talking kayfabe angles and selling how important things were for the individuals, coming in and out of things and talking with credibility in his own voice, Cole wasn't just good, he was superb. As in, as good as Gene Okerlund was in his role. He was always going to have a hard time following Ross, especially given when Vince wants from his lead, but if this was a different time and there was a greater focus on actually getting angles over, rather than just going through a live show every week, I think people could be talking about Cole as a legend in his own role and style.
  13. SCG Radio returns this week as we discuss the Best and Worst WrestleMania Builds Ever! Taking your nominations and feedback, we discuss the standout hype jobs on either end of the spectrum, from the dizzying highs of WrestleMania 14, 5 and 3, to the horrifying lows of 9, 11, 31 and 18, and even the creamy middles that stood out to you such as 20, 21, 17 and 8, we look at all the hot angles and promos going in, break down the make up of what makes a great build that stands the test of time, and look at the issues WWE was dealing with in each instance. A really fun show and a great way to celebrate Mania week - check it out! https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/download/zjhwrf/SCG_Radio_149_-_The_Best_and_Worst_WrestleMania_Builds_Ever.mp3
  14. Isn't it funny. In a piece done with seemingly honest intentions about how messed up the system is, and how the fans are caring and have a compassionate voice, they can't help themselves by doing the stupid bit at the end about the type of talk wrestling fans like, which either halfway exposes what they really think, or shows how desperate they were to be on the side of the non-fan in laughing at wrestling while trying to cover it. That part turned me off. Really good stuff, mostly. The paedo joke clearly didn't land either.
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