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  1. THEN WHY ISN'T HE CALLING IT A SOO-PLAY!?! /Twitter] Anyway, great show, other than Kip Sabian and Joey Janela fumblefucking their way to smearing Miro's debut.
  2. Any word on if you have to wait for the cork to pop itself on the Taker bottle because it insists on going out on its own terms?
  3. What is the verdict on if wrestling training and shows are able to go ahead in this country? Surely this falls under things that can't take place due to the Rule of Six (other than training with limited numbers).
  4. Ah, apologies. It may not actually be necessary - the entire year of WCW Pro is on Daily Motion. Search 'WCW Pro 1991' and they all come up. The episode that closest resembles the one you mention is July 27th, though I don't see the Dustin/Freebirds match, everything else is there.
  5. YES. YES YES. That's the one. Beautiful.
  6. Not the one I was thinking of, but that's still an utter beauty, thank you. The more of these I can find the better. I'm on the hunt for as many shitty British indy stories and posters I can find.
  7. Do any of you fine gentlemen recall the thread where the legendarily shit poster advertising the UK Rock and dodgy Kane was posted? Looking to do a little research for something.
  8. Don't sleep on Tanahashi Vs. ZSJ on the final day either in terms of tie-breaking. SANADA may just be there at that stage to play spoiler to EVIL. Also....notice that Shingo Vs. Suzuki is going on last over Okada Vs. Ospreay. That feels noteworthy. I predicted the participants and outcome of the final perfectly last year, so I'm going to mull this over and give it a crack in a couple of days... Fucking hell, those A block shows look ace.
  9. The A Block looks absoluely sensational. The B Block....feels like I've seen it before. Quite a bit.
  10. In 59 seconds. But that is true. Plus he beat Marty Jannetty at Summerslam, and we all know his track record.
  11. There were some shows after Summerslam 98 that I feel had a different set-up...
  12. The "fought in UFC" a touch generous. He got beat in one minute by Randy Couture and didn't land a single punch.
  13. I think there is a way I can get this to you. Not sure I have the UK version though, if that matters.
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