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  1. Another fine moment where Triple H shows his comedy prowess to the world and the only people laughing are the fart-sniffers.
  2. The only thing I could, I meekly offered up, "It's wrestling". That didn't seem to clear anything up for the till lady who shook her head and sneered in disgust as she asked for the cash. Now, I wish I'd told her anything. A games magazine. The latest Empire and those are villains in the new Clooney Batman. Reader's Digest Expanded. Anything else. Even, "Hey, you're selling it" would suffice.
  3. Chalk me up for another magazine buying incident. When purchasing this at the age of 10.... The lady at the till took one look and said, rather tactfully, "What in the bloody hell is this?"
  4. Outrageous. If it comes out Papa Shango didn't really use voodoo to set that jobber's feet on fire, I'll be fucking fuming.
  5. Bloody love that. I voted for Dave Brown in the Observer Hall of Fame last year. Watch him come in piss all over everyone else at the desk.
  6. New Japan's G-1 is the closest thing to it, and it works fantastically. The Bound For Glory Series was a hysterically bad take on it, most famous for Crimson being undefeated in the whole tournament and still only coming in fourth place.
  7. Yeah, don't watch Dash expecting anything special.
  8. After eating a large meal, I will invariably say, "I'm just a big piece of shit. A big fat piece of shit", a la Vader.
  9. SCG Radio returns this week for the latest episode of our Monday Night War Timeline series, covering March and April 2000! Breaking down all the big stories of the period and covering every Raw, Nitro and PPV, we discuss topics such as: The curious build to WrestleMania 2000, the hideous Uncensored event, Steve Austin's return at Backlash, Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo's return to power in WCW and subsequent formation of the New Blood angle, Hulk Hogan still being an arsehole, Mike Awesome jumps from ECW, WWF Vs. WCW for the ECW Title, Chris Jericho wins the WWF Title (not really), David Arquette wins the WCW Title (really), and a shocking statistic rears its head to contextualise just how bad things have gotten in Atlanta. Of course, we have all the facts, figures, ratings and buyrates, as well as notes from the Wrestling Observer Newsletters of the time - a blast as usual, check it out and let us know what you think! https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/download/kww9g4/SCG_Radio_155_-_The_Monday_Night_War_in_Mar_and_Apr_2000.mp3
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