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  1. I believe he did actually mean Smith, because I have the story he talked about in the book (rat poison), and Smith was the culprit.
  2. This is the same guy that used to wear his WWF Tag Title belt in the airport, though.
  3. I can tell you, unreservedly, that Kim Wood is one of the fucking greatest people I've ever had the pleasure of talking too. That dude has seen some shit in his life, has a million amazing stories and insider knowledge about a ton of subjects...he's a fascinating guy.
  4. I think the company has clearly established, through the Shaq incident, that people can leave vehicles by vapourising into thin air.
  5. Great to see Lex on his feet again. Until he headlines Mania next year, of course.
  6. So, surely The Elite will soon be announcing the newest member of the group to be Hangman Page, in a transparent attempt to embrace the number one contender and biggest threat to Omega. Hangman tells them to fuck off and away we go. If we get Kenny and the Bucks against Hangman, Mox and Kingston, that'll be tasty.
  7. That's one thing that does need restating - Woman is brilliant as Sandman's second.
  8. Even then, fans are cheering for heel Sandman over Dreamer fairly frequently for the rest of the feud.
  9. I'm not sure that's strictly true in the sense that it wasn't like the ECW crowd didn't rail on him first at the time, before he finally got where they wanted him to be, I don't think Dreamer is awful, but I do believe he was over more due to the opponents and the positions he was put in more than because he was exceptional in any way. Raven, Richards and Cactus absolutely carry the feud from a promo standpoint in 95, whereas Dreamer gets to hit piledrivers on Beulah repeatedly in the summer and do run-ins beating the shit out of everyone. Dreamer has moments where he was good in his role
  10. You're right. I'll stick to the Smackers thread.
  11. No, not a scoop, just preference. Their form of charisma is just so fucking irritating to me. They've been channel changers in and out the ring since the beginning personally, I don't want them anywhere near Dyno.
  12. Fun little tidbit that hasn't been reported - Edge and Heyman pitched for Lita to come back with Edge, with Beth getting mad about it to heel him up. Vince shot it down.
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