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  1. Its fucking tragic how WWE is tangibly killing interest from long time wrestling fans. I've found myself going from watching every week religiously to, for the first time, being bored reading the results and quitting halfway through today. Still love wrestling more than ever, but WWE is a lost cause to me.
  2. The perception that the Bullet Club was super over is a weird one for me. In America they sold a shit load of shirts, so clearly they were, but I'm convinced that most people that bought into them in the first 2 incarnations (Devitt and Styles as leaders) weren't actually watching New Japan. It was just a cool viral thing, but the Bullet Club as an act were one of the worst parts of the promotion outside of AJ's great matches, their merch was not as big in Japan as it was internationally, and one of the only times since the rise of New Japan since 2010 where the attendance figures actually dropped was when the Bullet Club were on top holding all the titles (with AJ as champion).
  3. Remember the story about Warrior in the National Enquirer?
  4. You're into the ugly death throes of Ole's reign, my man. I believe that Clash was the show when Paul Orndorff was lined up to eat the lariat in short order from Stan, but refused and walked out. So Zenk, who Ole hated anyway, got thrown in to get squashed instead.
  5. Awesome idea...right on this one. *Hikari Fukuoka & Plum Mariko defeat Kaoru Ito & Sakie Hasegawa (Dream Slam I) - Something different out the gate, but this is a lot of fun with some great action *Juventud Guerrera Vs. Blitzkreig (Spring Stampede 99) - Show picks up a notch with an awesome aerial display... *Hart Foundation Vs. Brain Busters (Summerslam 1989) - Got to get some Foundation, Arn and Tully in here. *Jannetty/Hakushi/Horowitz/Holly Vs. Skip/1-2-3 Kid/Rad Radford/Tom Pritchard (Survivor Series 1995) - An underrated blast of a match. *The Rockers Vs. The Orient Express (Royal Rumble 91) - A better tag than the Foundation one, with the faces going over this time. *Rey Mysterio Vs. Kurt Angle (Summerslam 2002) - Picks up some star power, lovely quick blast of a match to keep the show moving. *NXT Ladder Match NA Title - EC3 Vs. Velveteen Dream Vs. Adam Cole Vs. Ricochet Vs. Killian Dain Vs. Lars Sullivan (Takeover New Orleans) - Blow them away with the crazy ladder stuff. *Eddie Guerrero Vs. Chris Benoit (Vengeance 2003) - A forgotten little gem this. Goes a while so time to slow the pace before it picks back up with some lovely near falls at the end. *Daniel Bryan Vs. Triple H (Mania 30) - Bret Vs. Owen is a better match, but this has the happy ending that befits a main event closer, plus I'd used Bret for my Arn/Tully fix.
  6. https://feed.podbean.com/squaredcirclegazette/feed.xml
  7. No offense taken in the slightest, your opinion is as valid as anyone's, my man, if that perspective wasn't for you that's fair enough. Certainly it's a one off....
  8. SCG Radio returns this week as we break down the first show of All Elite Wrestling - Double or Nothing! After attending the show live in Vegas, all three watched the show back on PPV, and get together to talk about what worked and what didn't, live versus television, thoughts on the promotion, the matches, star power, production elements, and some hard hitting truths about WWE and the current lay of the land. In addition, we talk about AEW's future, reflect on attending Starrcast, and Liam comes face to face with Eric Bischoff. All this and more this week on SCG Radio! https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/download/b24iwx/SCG_Radio_152_-_AEW_Double_Or_Nothing.mp3
  9. Will talk about the show a lot more on SCG tonight, but having watched it live and on TV, this really was a spectacular effort for a first time. Heat for Cody and Dustin translated well to TV (although the emotion came off stronger live), and Kenny/Jericho worked better on TV than live. Also was sat next to Dave Meltzer for the show, so that was fascinating in its own right.
  10. Jim Cornette will be laughing his ass off at nobody recognising the SSB.
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