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  1. It does make me sad that his memory was as poor as it was, because he'd have some amazing stories if he had the recall of a Cornette. Meltzer on Observer Radio just mentioned that Pat had dementia and was living in a care centre. Just horrible.
  2. Thanks dude. Eight is what it is looking like at the moment...
  3. Like Butch, I've just been thinking for the last 15 minutes or so about how staggeringly monumental he was to wrestling. A king in San Francisco under Roy Shire teaming with Ray Stevens, an all-time great team, still a fabulous performer when he went to New York. A masterful worker and big time draw. Then segued into being the right-hand man of the WWF during the golden years of its expansion. Knowing what we know about Vince, Patterson was so clearly as key a figure in the history of the company as anyone not named Vince could be, steering the course and having such a big part in crafting and
  4. It was Bischoff trying to give it a cosmetic facelift because they were falling behind, thinking it would make a difference. I fucking hated it. It was the equivalent of trading your new Samsung Galaxy for a grey Nokia 3310.
  5. SCG Radio returns to look at April to June 1991 in the WWF! In the first part of our look at the quarter, we break down the top feuds in the promotion to look at the tale it tells - Hulk Hogan Vs. Sgt. Slaughter goes up against Ultimate Warrior Vs. Undertaker at the houses, and the results were striking. We talk about the major angles of the period in the main event scene, the WWF loses its deal with NBC, Warrior gets press for being a gay prostitute (allegedly!), and in perhaps the biggest story of the quarter, WCW's Sid Vicious hands in his notice and sets sail for TITAN in hilarious fashion
  6. If it sets your heart at ease at all, my wife's grandfather caught it two weeks ago and we were terrified - he's had lung problems for years and has breathing problems at the best of times after decades of chain smoking. Covid tired him out for four days or so, but he's made a full recovery. Obviously every case is different, but just because she has it isn't a death sentence by any means.
  7. Ibushi did long ago, but the story is that nobody ever has. Okada got his foot on the rope, but never kicked out.
  8. Nothing destroyed the soul more in WWF 1999.
  9. Easily the greatest part of the whole thing. He killed himself not out of shame or depression from dismemberment, but because of the death of a loved one. His length.
  10. SCG Radio returns this week for the second part of our series covering the WWF in 1991! Today, Liam O'Rourke and Kyle Ross look at WrestleMania 7, all the highs and lows of the show, notes on the success or failure of the event (spoiler: it was a failure), moves Vince McMahon made between January and March in the bodybuilding world, a notable doctor gets indicted, and we talk all about the undercard scene for the first three months of the year, all with notes, facts and figures from the Wrestling Observer newsletters of the period. A ton of fun, check it out and let us know what you think!
  11. She really isn't, in the bigger picture. Don't get me wrong, she shouldn't be a wrestler at this stage, and their failed experiments does lend credenence, but she's only had four matches on Dynamite, and she's lost three of them. It could be significantly, significantly worse. To be honest, if they'd used her the same amount, but been less experimental and stuck to her best role - babyface backing up Cody and cutting those good sitdown interviews for videos and the occasional angle like with Anna Jay, it would have been fine.
  12. Funnily enough, when I read Nitro, I kinda felt the opposite. The interview list reads tremendously, and if you want to get a sense of why WCW died - read it - not a single fucking person ever seemed to do anything wrong. It was this spurious, mythical organisation that takes the blame. The wrestlers blame the culture, the management blames the company, everybody blames everyone else. Not realising they are the fucking culture, they are the fucking company. Not saying their points are completely without merit, but I just found myself getting pissed off reading it. A passing sentence about Ric
  13. Will see what we can do - may be tough, will see what the local restrictions are after December 2nd...
  14. Sadly not Raid - I'd love a CostCo near us, but the closest is Birmingham an hour away. May have to make a trip in the future...
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