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  1. Jesus. Between Shibata's return and the end of the final match...that was surreal.
  2. I assume this is setting up the return of his brother and the actual tag team. I am hoping next week that a snake jumps out of Arn's cooler and bites Cody.
  3. "You can have Danielson for a month if we can have Okada for a month" works for me.
  4. Something ran over early. In the Jericho/ATT promo, you can see Jericho checking for time cues while ATT are talking, and when Sammy stalls to let the crowd chant, Jericho tells him to carry on and hurry up.
  5. I finished my third evening playing my first legacy game, The King's Dilemma, and it's awesome, would highly recommend it to anybody that has the ability to have the same group of five playing consistently (once a week is working fine for us). The game is set in a medieval kingdom where the group plays as the King's council and basically gets given problems to resolve, and different aspects of the kingdom and the future storylines fluctuate based on your decisions. But additionally, each player is head of their own family house, each with their own backstory, philosophies and agendas, which all clash with each other and often clash with what's best for the kingdom. You win a single game based on how well you meet your house's agenda (which differs in every game) which means that every dilemma that comes up, everybody is cutting promos and trying to argue, negotiate and bribe each other to get things their way. As a result, you end up with awesome debates with people trying to justify some awful things happening to the kingdom because you want to score points and convince others to see it your way. The key is that the storylines that run through multiple games are really good and have great twists and turns, so every dilemma you face you have to consider the long-term possible impacts, but you have to weigh it up against how badly you need things to go your way in the short-term. Anyway, it's brilliantly fun and addictive as hell.
  6. The day after Double or Nothing 2019 in Vegas when they set that up, the talk (which may have been reported, but don't think it was?) was that it was originally supposed to be Moxley winning the Casino Battle Royal to end the pre-show with the buzz of Moxley showing up to get last-second buys, to lead to Moxley Vs. Jericho to crown the first champion at All Out, but when Pac couldn't make it they switched the plan.
  7. Isn't this exactly what they did when Hangman lost the five on five?
  8. Perfectly in line with a company that kept Velveteen with all those shady accusations that were never explained or addressed beyond Trips says "yeah, that was okay in the end", and only got rid of him when he got caught videotaping women in the toilet or whatever.
  9. We need @PowerButchi in here to drop the pun rule and stop all this racket.
  10. Glad you enjoy them. For me, their commentary with the high-pitched over the top screechy screaming of horseshit verbiage is like somebody left caps lock on on the teleprompter. Its fucking awful.
  11. Is anybody still pretending that Michael Cole and Pat McAfee aren't an all time awful commentary team?
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