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  1. Raven is probably as strong a candidate as any for me. After his runs in ECW and WCW, I was convinced that when he got to the WWF, where they obviously know what they're doing, Raven was a guaranteed main eventer. I told casual fans months in advance that there was somebody coming in called Raven who would be a really big deal. Was very sad to see such a great character treated like nothing special within two weeks.
  2. Ehh, outside of a couple of stiff kicks, Finlay was fine with him. Have some discipline. His leapfrog, awful punches and complete uncoordination weren't exactly a ringing endorsement for the Power Plant.
  3. Calling Mr. Kennedy please, Mr. Kennedy to the thread.
  4. My Dad had a habit of referring to Paul Bearer as "Moley." Not sure why, but he'd say it every time and then laugh at Bearer's expressions.
  5. I know what you mean. I'd rather get whacked in the groin like that ten times than go near Dreamer's balls.
  6. Because he was the most popular member of the group by miles and the live crowds have been wanting to cheer him for over two years. Them having him in that role against Pat worked well, it was there for the taking. They've tried to make sense of O'Reilly, granted, same way they've tried to make sense of a lot of the turns and moves they've made, but none of it seems in rhythm with the audience, which was why I said to Nick about how I don't believe the reaction would be different if AEW wasn't around. Has nothing to do with anyone's opinion of the quality of the shows, that's within the
  7. It would make no difference. NXT is not a well booked show. We have three losers from TakeOver picking up an immediate rehab win and Dunne pinning Balor, which does nothing but provide fuel for an unnecessary rematch and take from Balor. Cole should clearly be the babyface in this UE split, Pat McAfee is now trying to get weird heel points for being right about a new heel he was against. The dynamics of the show with the faces and heels are so fucked up.
  8. It's actually probably more pronounced than even that - he was a pretty fucking cold heel from King of the Ring to Summerslam, but when he started turning babyface people really started to love his goofy comedy and he was champ by the end of the year. Amazing.
  9. I missed it too, watched the whole show and thought the angle was just Hardy tricking Hangman in a bit of a hokey fashion, until somebody mentioned it to me. Second viewing, and sure as shit, Hangman swapped the contract. Makes the rest of the conversation great too, as Hardy promises Page is going to make so much more money now, and Page just says, "Yeah, I will."
  10. I actually liked it - I didn't catch it the first time, but it was just a way to get Hardy looking away while Hangman switched the contract on him. In an attempt to be clever, Matt fucked himself.
  11. For the best look at his story, check out this interview, as well as Part 2 at the bottom of the page which goes deeper into it. http://wrestlingperspective.com/issue/78/cole1.html
  12. He's a brilliant candidate. After the break up of the Blonds he wasn't a priority in the company at all, and when Hogan came in he was essentially a fairly meaningless body on the card. Sullivan put him in the Horsemen as a lifeline, but he was still in the Sammy Guevera style designated jobber of the group position. His contract had six months to go and he thought they'd offer him less money, so he and Kim Wood concocted the Loose Cannon scam and character to inflate his value and Bischoff went for it. Within six months he was offered almost double his current deal and talked about as a poten
  13. The one at New Years Revolution 05 is fantastic, progressing HHH/Batista in beautiful fashion.
  14. Bulldog had to have just missed the window - he came back in the mix in mid-September 99. The Dudleyz, who made it in the game, I think debuted right at the start of September.
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