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  1. Liam O'Rourke

    Dave Meltzer

    Vince talked him throughout the 80s and 90s because more and more promoters were looking at the Observer and talking to Dave, so it became a thing where it made sense for Vince to have a connection with him to maintain a degree of co-operation on stuff that might get out, especially since a lot of his people were talking to Dave anyway. Keep in mind, as big as WWF was, they weren't so big and so financially strong that they could survive scandal or the litany of reasons businesses go tits up (as became clear in the mid-90s when scandal almost ruined them). So Vince would talk to Dave to confirm stories if needed, then eventually Vince assigned a couple of people in the office to deal with him on numbers and business issues. To explain the benefit somewhat, in one instance, there was a Jake Roberts drug suspension that wasn't reported in 89 or 90 that Dave didn't report because he was told in confidence by...I want to say JJ Dillon. Anyway, as has been pointed out, when things got tough in war time, it benefitted everybody, and by then Meltzer had been around long enough that everybody knew the name or had seen the newsletter passes around and knew how much weight it carried, because the top promoters all read it.
  2. Liam O'Rourke

    Dave Meltzer

    There's a lot of things he's not responding to at this point in the discussion. Bischoff's stance on what is factual is completely worthless.
  3. Liam O'Rourke

    Dave Meltzer

    Why would Vince be the definitive source of every bit of backstage gossip? He's not omnipresent. This is what I mean - people take this heavily structured view of how to verify information, and as demonstrated in my prior post with what is going on RIGHT NOW, as I type, in the real world, that's not how things actually work. Unless Vince said it, it's not definite. And it was 93,173, brother. EDIT: Ooooooh shit! In real time, BBC now reporting that it is "understood that Theresa May's Brexit vote" is being delayed. Despite her own liaison with the media tell them at 11.20am, less than two hours ago, that it was happening tomorrow at 7. Check out my previous post for the relevance on the nature of journalism and sourcing.
  4. Liam O'Rourke

    Dave Meltzer

    The period of time that that these podcasts mostly cover, Meltzer talked to Vince and the WWF office the entire duration. He was very good friends with Jim Ross when he was right hand man in both companies. Vince assigned people in the company to deal with Dave prior to that. Vince and Dave spoke on and off through 2001. Dave and Eric spoke through 2001, and he talked to people close to Eric the entire time too. The period these podcasts are covering, he absolutely did talk to people in both offices. Better yet, is this to assume that the reporting would be better if it came directly from the people with the vested interest, no questions asked? So is that it, after all? The outrage and the FDM is people thinking it's absurd somebody who "never did it" is reporting on it? What the fuck does that really have to do with anything in the grand scheme. It's like these old bookers who say you have to have been a wrestler to be a booker, when Paul Heyman and Jim Cornette and Larry Matysik and Sam Muchnick and Chris Kreski and Vince McMahon Sr. have slapped that theory down for decades. On this same basis of "you never did it", these people have no right to criticise anybody's journalism unless they've written a newsletter themselves. Let's look at the real world. Moments ago, at 11.20am, political journalists were told directly by the Prime Minister's P.R. that the vote on Theresa May's Brexit deal is still happening tomorrow at 7. Straight from the source! According to Bloomberg, it's been pulled and won't be happening, citing 2 Cabinet sources. The Prime Minister is on a conference call right now with her Cabinet and we'll see what happens in the next hour or so. Point is, things are constantly moving in life, things do change, yesterday's reality is tomorrow's binned idea, so nobody can ever be sure of anything. So why bother? There may be inaccuracies, things that some people say is wrong because they never heard it even though it could be valid. That's not wrestling journalism - that's journalism. The goal is to get the story and get it right. And as Eric said himself on his old podcast "Bischoff on Wrestling", before he changed tact so shamelessly and so transparently - though he didn't like stuff getting out, he admitted then that Dave was tremendously accurate.
  5. Liam O'Rourke

    Dave Meltzer

    Including Eric himself, who used to talk to Dave on a regular basis. The anti-Meltzer kick is funny in how desperate it is. Starts as a shock jock deal on the Prichard show (which didn't need it to be interesting since the show was largely very good anyway), then Russo tries to join in but nobody cares (not sure why there's even a question about Russo's role in TNA getting dropped from Spike, the timing of it is pretty clear), and then Eric dogpiles on like the sad old hound he is. I'm more confused by the fans you see who seem so gullible to lap it up. Yeah! FDM!!!!! That...GUY!!! Who writes things!!!! Huh? I'm not clear what the underlying reason for that is, perhaps you can let me know. I'm all for holding journalists accountable for mistakes, but if he was a guy who just spit out bollocks he was fed and that was it, then he'd be every cut-and-paste website headline from 2001 revealing that Goldberg was spotted backstage at Raw *CLICK HERE*. Is there a degree of having to sort through bullshit and avoid being worked? Of course, but if wasn't good at it, why is he Dave Meltzer and nobody else is? I hate to say it this way, but when the day comes that the Observer is no more, I dread to think what the state of wrestling coverage and news will be.
  6. Liam O'Rourke

    Dave Meltzer

    Why is that so absurd for people to believe that Mabel was considered or brought up for the role? This company actually signed and brought in fucking Giant Haystacks for a feud with Hogan 4 months earlier.
  7. Liam O'Rourke

    Room 101 - PPVs or TV show episodes

    Just wanted to thank everybody for the contributions - the Room 101 - PPVs and TV Shows show is now available at the following link: https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/download/9xa6px/SCG_Radio_143_-_Room_101_Pay-Per-Views_and_TV_Shows.mp3 Join us as we discuss nominations from you, the loyal listeners, debating whether or not a series of events deserve to be banished to oblivion, including One Night Stand 2006, Starrcade 1997, Uncensored 1995, 1996 and 1999, Great American Bash 2004, TNA Lockdown 2007, WWE Crown Jewel and Evolution, Halloween Havoc 1995, In Your House 4, King of the Ring 1995, WrestleMania 9 and 11, WWF UK Pay-Per-Views, WCW Thunder in general, the WCW Simulcast and ECW Invasion episodes of Raw from 2001 and many many more. A very fun show, check it out and let us know what you think!
  8. Liam O'Rourke

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Somebody needs to insert Trump's "I'm thankful for being an ace President" speech into the 1989 Survivor Series intro.
  9. Liam O'Rourke

    Room 101 - PPVs or TV show episodes

    So, for this week's podcast we're doing our third show based off the old Room 101 television show, where we're looking for you to submit one nomination for a Pay-Per-View or episode of wrestling television from any point in time that you personally wish to be banished to oblivion for good, and why you want it in Room 101. You can be as flexible with the nomination as you like - it can be for one thing that happened that pissed you off, it can be an entire show of garbage, or it can be a show that represents a part of your specific personal fandom you'd rather forget. Of course, part of the argument will be around the butterfly effect of what happens if your nomination never existed, so your explanation will be key in whether or not the panel agrees to banish your suggestion to Room 101. As always, the best nominations will be read and you'll be credited accordingly. So what show annoyed you personally enough to go into Room 101 and why? EDIT - The Room 101 - PPVs and TV Shows podcast, featuring many of your contributions, is now available at the following link: https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/download/9xa6px/SCG_Radio_143_-_Room_101_Pay-Per-Views_and_TV_Shows.mp3
  10. Liam O'Rourke

    Wrestling Pod Casts / Radio Interviews

    We're back (at last)! SCG Radio returns this week as we break down November 1999 in our Monday Night War Timeline! Talking every Raw and Nitro, Survivor Series and Mayhem, complete with backstage news and notes from the Observer and Torch Newsletters of the time, we tackle every big story of the month, including Steve Austin's career-threatening neck injury, a shameless Survivor Series bait-and-switch, Test & Stephanie's wedding, the debut of Oklahoma and Seven on one side compared to Kurt Angle on the other, mind-numbing television on Nitro with amateur hour every hour, Bret Hart becomes WCW Champion, Big Show wins the WWF Title, HHH finally starting to feel like a main eventer and Kevin Nash exposed as being utterly awful in every way. Check it out and let us know what you think! https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/download/9s35hp/SCG_Radio_142_-_The_Monday_Night_War_in_November_1999.mp3