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  1. As well as all that...what if that pizza cutter went all the way over the ring and hit some fan on the other side? Or hit a cameraman?
  2. I got that game in 96 for Christmas (think it came with the PS1 as part of a sales pack - the PS1, two controllers, Olympic Soccer, Tunnel B1, Firestorm Thunderhawk 2 and Alien Trilogy), it was really fun for the time. Even with the players having pointy arms, it was a very...open and fluid feeling compared to games at the time. And you could dive! Was blown away when my brother got a freekick off a blatant dive where the tackle missed by a mile.
  3. There's a big difference between "creative control" and "creative input", though, and that's going to be the key.
  4. Show and Don't Tell, I believe.
  5. He looks like Dierdre Barlow wearing a white motorcycle helmet.
  6. I don't buy that Cena reaction when the music first hits. I'm sure they went nuts live and were loud anyway, but listen to the audio, the first beat of his music hits and the cheers are already at a peak level like somebody pushed play on a button. I've heard crowd pops to entrance music for years like all of you, it doesn't sound like that - the audio rises as everybody's voice rises at once, it takes a second to naturally go from 50 to 100. Edge's reaction felt similarly doctored. This massive fake eruption immediately, but the crowd isn't sustaining like it does when its really that hot. Then when he's standing there waiting for Roman's theme to hit, the crowd is sat on their hands, you can see them totally still, but you hear constant noise that sounds way too controlled, like there's a mic on picking up only 20 people and the sound is jacked up.
  7. I remember that ad! Holy shit. At the time in my stupid little brain I remember thinking it was a response to WCW having Charlie Norris as their Tatanka.
  8. It'll be like the Smackdown fist, but a middle finger.
  9. Yeah, Disney MGM, which is now Hollywood Studios.
  10. I didn't mean it like that - Meltzer (I think, may have been Mike Johnson) said on his radio show that Brian rubbed people the wrong way when he first got there, wasn't trying to act coy about secret knowledge, I just couldn't remember who it was that said it (or exactly what they said) so I didn't want to get it wrong.
  11. WCW Worldwide on ITV had the rotating ring for sure.
  12. Well....he'd been on television. But watch those matches back - every time it was Pillman Jr. taking the heat, Griff got the hot tag, and Brian tagged back in to get pinned. Every single time. When the Pinnacle kicked their ass, Brian got laid out and Griff didn't. Even in their big main event match against the Bucks after the Dark Side doc, with the momentum he had, it was still Brian that took the fall and not Griff. I'm sure they were going to sign them, but I'm not sure how serious they were about them until fans chanted for Brian at Double or Nothing. I know there were other things going on that caused some trepidation also, but he seems to have overcome it. I like the team a lot, this is good to help him grow.
  13. I don't have a picture to upload, but I remember WrestleMania X7 was the first time I ever watched a show, saw the set and thought, "Whoa!" It was just so fucking huge compared to the standards of the time. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I have a fondness for the small entrance they used for Rumble 98 and Mania 14. Minimalist, but worked with the lighting and felt pretty cool.
  14. There's more to the story with Pillman Jr, but suffice to say that it wasn't always a dead cert he'd be signed. I think the timing of Dark Side really helped him out.
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