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  1. It's not dead, we're still alive! We've recorded 2 episodes that havent been released just due to being busy, but they will be in a week or two (currently getting married/on honeymoon)...and we've been talking about doing something more regular when AEWs show starts up...
  2. George Carlin, George Carlin, George Carlin. Anything from 1990 to 2001 in particular.
  3. Remember when TNA went head to head with Raw and they somehow landed Jeff Hardy, the biggest actual draw in WWE the year before? Didn't mean a thing. Luger in 1995 either, really. It's cool for the fans, and I understand you want a show that hooks people enough to create a culture and a buzz around the product, and a surprise jump is one way to do that. But its not the only way. Reminds me of watching the Royal Rumble when Styles debuted, and people grumbling after the show because they'd have liked another surprise in the Rumble. It's a short term artificial high, these surprises. They did one with Moxley last time that they likely can't top, so I think managing expectations would be wise - the show shouldn't be deemed a failure if CM Punk doesn't show up.
  4. Lex Luger is currently available. I have my Nan's white curtains for him to wear to replicate 1995 exactly.
  5. That's as exciting an open as any I can envision for the TV show. I've been racking my brain for weeks on what the best thing is to open the show. I like that a lot
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