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  1. I don't disagree with anything you say here in isolation. Personally though, I think the biggest negative aspect of it is that people genuinely like Big E so much that doing the cash-in the Van Dam way (announcing a challenge in advance for a PPV), giving a prolonged sense of anticipation, video packages of his entire journey and building to a PPV match with Big E and Lashley as two titans with Big E finally winning the big one, that was a ride people wanted to go on, and they threw it away. When people say they wanted Big E as champion, what they really want is to be a part of a quest that would make him. That's the fun part. They just slapped the belt on him with a few hours notice to create a moment that has now passed. The reason I say this isn't to be a downer, but because now it's all in the follow-up since they rushed this part. And that's where their track record is cow shit.
  2. They spent all of last weeks show building up a tag match for this week. Then everything changed in the middle of the week. So either this is the most incompetent bunch of people of all time who didn't know the NFL was back in one week, or the AEW number caused this reaction. It's AEW.
  3. Exactly - there's no need to have him vacate, he was always supposed to drop the belt in the next match. The fact he hinted at challenging the new champ (for what would be match two of the agreed two) means they'll be doing the match in the end anyway, so there's literally no logical reason for this to not be a legit injury/illness.
  4. There was talk going around that Joe's return was only going to be for two matches, then he was going to become a trainer, so he was losing the belt soon no matter what. With that being the case, it being legit makes more sense than the alternative.
  5. If there was an ounce of rebel in Zelina, she should have written on Twitter - "Being left off the 9/11 Smackdown reminds me of the time the Government went after Vince McMahon."
  6. Absolutely. They would be best served waiting to see how inflammatory that is. All they'd need to do is read from the lawsuit - Chief among the chronicled misdeeds was Fliehr's sexual aggression. He wore nothing but a jeweled cape, the flight attendants said, and "flashed his nakedness, spinning his penis around." He separately grabbed each woman's hand and placed it on his crotch, and then "forcibly detained and restrained" Doyle "from leaving the back of the galley of the airplane while he sexually assaulted her."
  7. For me personally, one of the biggest problems I have considering him a great promo (let alone best) is that, unlike other great promo guys in history, I can't actually remember a single one. I can see he's a confident speaker with a delivery that works for him, but the content never grabbed me. Not saying that's all his fault either, but still.
  8. Something very strange is happening with these formally five year deals coming up earlier than expected. Talk that a bunch were restructured at the start of the pandemic is interesting (especially with the releases and sale talk), makes me think it was a financial decision, but it really opens things up. With this story maybe having bigger implications, keep your eye on Big E and Woods. I think Zayn's is up soon too, right?
  9. No you haven't, I just think Joe is losing immediately so the winner will go on to win the title. With the idea of the "new NXT", I think Knight fits the bill moreso than Ciampa, Kyle or Dunne.
  10. Will be interesting to see who the next NXT champ will be next week. Feels like LA Knight.
  11. My sincere belief is that the only purpose the Good Brothers serve is by being so odious it helps keep Kenny and the Bucks heel by association.
  12. Should be noted those are low-end estimates, think Meltzer had Revolution at 145,000.
  13. Missing that moonsault last week didn't do her any favours either.
  14. For those interested, Skybet has 2/1 odds on the Lucha Bros winning. I bet £25, will get a £75 return. After Dynamite and some thought I'm convinced they're taking the titles.
  15. In the mid-2000s, there was a period where when I was having trouble getting to sleep and I had Uni the next day, I'd just think of the heel theme they gave Test when he joined the Alliance and after. Off I'd drift to the land of slumber, every time. Tazz had a badass theme considering they just wanted him to get beat up by Albert.
  16. Penelope Ford has gotten a lot worse as a wrestler since she dropped weight. She's lost almost all of her explosivity and it makes her matches look like they are being wrestled in clay.
  17. I feel like an announcement about Trios Titles is imminent. Just feels over the last few weeks that they've really picked up the usage of the term Trios rather than six-man tag.
  18. This was around the time they'd dropped the NWA stuff as I remember.
  19. Yeah, he lobbied really hard to bring his UFC and NWA belts on TV one week and was sorta buried from that point on.
  20. More baffling because they mentioned them being 1-1 several times on Raw and did do a couple of teases, then threw it out there randomly in a nothing fashion, almost to squash it on purpose.
  21. The TV deal ended up being one of those things they'd point to to justify something they wanted to do, to try and make sense of it. The India TV deal wasn't as big a part, after all, they had Trips beat Jinder in India right after. Rusev was the guy that was lined up to beat Orton for the title, but he was out injured. Jinder was suggested as a one off PPV stop gap, but Vince fell in love with his physique and wanted to try him as a top guy so he put the belt on him. Yeah, very definition of a hotshot situation...
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