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  1. I hope you're right, like I said she was a highlight of LU, And a scripted environment should suit her better, I'd be all for giving her a shot. I assume they're holding off on Kingston till after the ppv, I always hate when guys debut before a ppv that they're not on.
  2. Jericho has always been a slow cruiserweight, but now he has to keep up with guys who either weren't wrestling or weren't alive when he was in his prime, and he seems reluctant to change up his style. Shame because his work against mysterio 10 years ago is the perfect template for these matches..... Melissa Santos was god awful when she did pwg a couple of years ago, shame because she was one of the best things about lucha underground.
  3. They fought a teddy bear for 13 dollars, there's no way to defend them......
  4. I wish I was joking, but if an American style wrestling show is running a community hall where they get changed behind the curtains beside the bingo setup, and are told they need a second area for women........ Bye bye 2nd on the card womens match.
  5. Matt cardona was so far ahead of the game when it came to social media and self advertising. When z true story came out, I remember all my mates girlfriends being obsessed with it, the likes of bte wouldn't exist without it. He also did a release party for his post wwe merch where he phoned everybody who bought merch, and it took him something like 6 weeks to get through all the calls. I'd imagine his aew 5 appearance deal might also be because he knows there's money to be made on the indy scene as well, and he will shift ridiculous amounts of merch. He's a good get in a self promotion way, both sides benefitting the other, and doesn't his wrestling figure podcast do good numbers, which helps aews launch.
  6. The thing about Kingston is that he's not the 5* match guy, but if he has a feud to get his teeth into, he will talk you into the building, and he's got a fire to him that a lot don't. If I had to recommend anything, his chikara stuff from 08-11 is solid, anything with him and hero, and his aiw run against Tim donst.
  7. Nah, normal people was shite, just terribly written, completely unlikeable characters who were clearly written as clichés but a different type of cliche, and utterly all over the place.
  8. I'm with you, 95% of wrestling matches have no need to go over 12 minutes, main events included.......
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