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  1. An absolute masterclass in how you work to the gimmick of the match. It's an alley fight, so you dress in civvies and kick seven shades out of each other. Simple. Beautiful.
  2. I'm not going to die on this hill or anything, but that dana brooke match was actually a pretty decent little TV sprint.....
  3. They went a little too haha with the hangman bit, but hangman joining the dark order and then the inevitable break away is going to be a great way to fill the time before he takes l his rightful place at the top of the mountain......
  4. Credit where it's due, setting up an account and waiting 15 years to defend a sex pest is the kind of storyline that lost chikara 90% of their fan base.......
  5. Will it go on netflix with the network change?? I love B99, and I think it's the fact that unlike other American sitcoms, the characters have actually evolved rather than become a one note caricature (everything chuck Lorre is involved in) and it truly is an ensemble piece. The racism discussion between Terry and holt and the box are gold standard television in any genre.......
  6. Well, that was a thing that happened.......
  7. I hated cheese with a passion up until about 5 years ago, now I fucking love it.....
  8. On dark? Then Anna Jay attacked her on her cooking show? Then they had the dog collar match where they got involved......... Then nothing. Why didn't brandi jump anna Jay when she slid the chair in? Why wasn't she out there with the nightmares when the butcher and blade had allie? I'll give aew credit, they've done a good job, intentionally or not, of retconning mistakes. But I honestly think the run sheet says "Brandi, 5 minutes, whatever....."
  9. Was their any payoff to the brandi/allie thing? A blow off match on dark, A promo, a tweet? Was there any payoff to brandi/Anna Jay, they were out for the same match last week The biggest problem with Brandi is Brandi, she gets bored halfway through a story and just moves on. And Cody's too doe eyed to tell her no.
  10. Mania 38, cena vs orton in the finals of a tournament, both gunning for #17, ric flair is wheeled down like Linda mcmahon, pulls out his catheter, blades, 2 low blows, blades again, struts, drops dead, cena and orton finish the match over his dead body....... I'd pop....
  11. I like the switches, if the road to wrestlemania is what we all think it is, nice that they've taken the scenic route. Also 2 months of seamus and drew knocking each others cunts in is alright by me.
  12. Caveat included: Morgan is a cunt That was one of the most beautiful 90 second destructions I have ever seen. All facts as well. Fuck me sideways.
  13. What's blacks visa status? Obviously he should stand by his wife and leave, but if wwe can fuck up his immigration status, might be best to keep the head down. If he's got legal status through his marriage though, he should shit on vinces desk as he quits.
  14. Talk about Katie you British bastards........
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