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  1. So, is shanna just completely shite, or is her inability to hit her own finisher properly one of those aew in jokes I'm missing?
  2. I'd say moxley is very very happy he wore dark trousers.....
  3. The Idea that Kevin Owens has been killing himself for the last few months, all building to a wrestlemania moment where he jumps off the pirate ship, only for Shane mcmahon and his bouncy castle with plywood on top to rock up and cockblock him, is both the best and worst thing I can imagine.......
  4. Seems like the funker ain't doing so well. Hopefully just a blip in the road. Everything you could want in a pro wrestler and then some.
  5. https://www.dhgate.com/product/mighty-ducks-d2-movie-team-usa-hockey-jersey/391293654.html?d1_page_num=1&dspm=wapen.sp.list.1.8NHy7TPMIfgE7qX4kFzE&resource_id=391293654&scm_id=search.LIST...NDBADF|0|0.#s1-1-1;searl|3184883462:1
  6. Define proper? I picked up a mighty ducks jersey off one of the dodgy Chinese Jersey sights for 30 euro 5 years ago and its still in solid nick.
  7. This lad has ripped together recordings to make live versions of every bruce album. I'm sure they exist somewhere in downloadable form, but it's easy enough to rip.
  8. I hope she's happy now, and hopefully her anti mak qanon bollocks is a symptom of her deep rooted unhappiness..... But if not, fuck her.
  9. I vaguely remember hearing somewhere that tanhashi and okada were big smokers, but I've no memory of where. (also nakamura, but that's less surprising)
  10. Bianca and bayley are going bell to bell, I'd bet money on it..... (but no one will let me)
  11. Big fan of Sam the cooking guy, I wish I had his setup, but most of his recipes are attemptable. He also cooks to eat, rather than admire like some of the others (I'm looking at you Joshua weissman)
  12. So yeah, Tampa, Dallas and L.A. Interesting that this year's is a 2 nighter in a stadium, surely they've gotta be planning on some sort of attendance?
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