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  1. Perfect toast should be only just slightly brown, toasted on dial number 2 or 3.
  2. Actually Vietnam has some decent breakfast options if you avoid the noodle soups. You've got the Banh Mi sandwich which can have pretty much anything in or everything if you get the "special". Or you can Bo Ne which is beef fillet, sausage and pate grilled on a metal skillet with fried onions and served with bread! Bloody lovely actually. Hash brown is American....got some thinking to do over that one.
  3. Changing your question as I disagree with it, is a hash brown necessary for a full English to be a full English? No in the same way that black pudding isn't, but it is a wonderful extra. How about what is the correct tea/ milk ratio in a cup of tea?
  4. Had a couple of attacks from wasps above the odd sting. When I was 6 at primary school we were playing on the field in the summer near the top end of it. Happened to be right near a wasp nest and several flew up my little school boy shorts stinging all around what would later become a very precious area. Second time was in my teens. We used to play cricket on a patch of grass up from my house with other kids. A sycamore tree was the stumps behind us. We had seen the wasps but didn't know where they were. I was fielding near the bowler when he hits the tree full on, a wasp flies out straight in my eye line dead centre flies towards me and stings me between my eyes. Didn't go near anyone else was like a fucking sniper attack. Probably because I was the fat sweaty one. I swear to this day my face is less symmetrical that it used to be.
  5. Do you bring the crisps with you or is it a reward post wiping?
  6. Interesting take on a company like that, yes shame about anyone losing their job. From their marketing i'd disagree with decent simply as they were targeting people in a certain demographic making them purchase products they usually don't need and way above the price range they should buy. I used to work for a debt management company (admittedly a scummy job looking back) and the amount of Bight House stuff on people's plans was horrendous. Usually it wasn't just a bog standard washing machine or other such necessities but high end TV's or sofas which were far above what would really have been needed. I even had clients balk at me when I suggested down grading to a cheap 14 inch TV that it wasn't good enough for their kids. As for the debt, although most won't realise and many won't be told they could, the debt being sold does mean they can get cheaper payment plans if they persist or if in a position too (which I doubt) pay it off in one lump for a discount. Been an interesting morning on the other side of the world. Been reading one of the Vietnamese news sites using translate. Turns out its basically the Vietnamese version of The Sun. Two articles caught my attention, one saying basically the everyone in the UK was still wondering around, crowding out trains in London etc and the other was a home based one which had used photos from Nha Trang beach making it look packed at the weekend however someone I follow on Instagram who lives there proved these photos were taken about a year ago and the whole thing was fabricated as a scare tactic!
  7. Sounds awful in the UK and I have sympathy for all members of the UKFF whatever your circumstances are. I was thinking about if I still lived at home with my parents like I was before moving to Vietnam. I'd definitely not get in the car and drive anywhere but i'd likely still sneak out for a quickie walk in the woods and through the local farmland as even in the summer you don't see anyone. I'd probably still gather with 2 or 3 select mates once or twice a week around one guys flat too for a beer but only as I know those guys don't go anywhere. That said going to his means crossing a well known park for youth drinking so I expect i'd be caught fairly sharpish by a police patrol. On the other side of the world, things looked to have clearly slowed down where I live in Vietnam, it's Tuesday morning right now and it's silent outside which is rare. Have to say i'm enjoying the peace. Get out of quarantine on Friday so will have a drive around but apart from doing a food run i'm going to stay in the complex I live as there's a gym, pool and restaurants so the need to go far isn't an issue. The only issues i've got are really if i'll get any anti-foreigner sentiment in the shop and if the local government bods will remember or "forget" to bring the release paper on Friday morning. Honestly at this point I would simply relish the opportunity to walk up my hallway to the window on the other side of the building and back for a change of scenery.
  8. This has cheered me right up but I have to side with the sitters here. Can I ask the standers is it wiping while straight upright or at an angle. Considering we are a forum of wrestling fans, mostly male and many on the huskier side if you are anything like me then standing up past a point would sort of smush the area together creating more of a poo sandwich between my rather large cheeks and making the whole clean up task a lot more paper heavy. That said I have in the past worked in places where the toilet bowls were shallow and somewhat German in nature meaning any attempt to wipe would at best end up with shitty bog water on your digits and at worst shaking hands with long brown turd. If you have one of those as your only home toilet then i'll excuse you but if it was by choice then you are an even bigger fucking monster!
  9. A lot on social media yes but I've heard and seen plenty to back it up sadly. This article gives a little information https://tuoitrenews.vn/news/society/20200319/vietnam-issues-warning-over-discrimination-against-foreigners-on-covid19-grounds/53559.html Living here for 7 years I can safely say a lot of it is true and the sentiment will be expanding as time goes on. Of course it's not everyone but a large enough minority for it to be concerning.
  10. Please don't take this response as a defense for those abhorrent comments and actions in your post Zeb but it's actually happening in reverse in Asia. I think I mentioned that a couple of flights from Europe, one from London in particular had Vietnamese carriers on who were flagged immediately upon returning. Some Brits caught it from her and others it was likely from what I've read might had already had it too. I've read so many different reports i'm not sure. Anyway the local media has done a very good job of essentially blaming British people especially for bringing the virus back into Vietnam and spreading it everywhere as they traveled around. This also included fabricated stories about one young backpacker "on the run" when actually he had only been in the country for a few days and moved on. Then with mandatory mask wearing in place in crowded places a lot of the local media and online commentators have been labeling westerners as "dirty dogs" for not wearing a mask when it's mostly tourists who are not doing so as they haven't been told yet because there are no signs or warnings anywhere and the local bobbies can't really be bothered. So "foreigners don't care and try to make us sick" has been the nationalistic rhetoric here even though in a lot of the photos there are plenty of locals doing the same. This has led to foreigner bans in restaurants, hotels, gyms and even reports of gangs of Vietnamese men trying to kick anyone not Vietnamese out of public parks. My colleagues who are not locked up are being treated pretty shit by people who know they live here and should understand they are as likely to have the virus as the next person. Thankfully there have been no violent incidents reported yet, however that's likely as most people are not out getting drunk and looking for a fight right now. However the aftermath genuinely scares me that there's going to be rising nationalism leading to racism here. Before the only racism would be stupid things that are easy to brush off, comments about weight, stealing women from locals and It used to be that unless you irked someone with violent tendencies you were quite safe from physical attack, however i'm not sure that will be true anymore. I hope not. It's sad that when there is a situation, people turn against each other globally and start pointing fingers.
  11. Might as well just stretch it out over a week (the only way I can watch it normally these days), have 1 or 2 matches on each day. Not big on trusting Meltzer but would love to see where they put different matches if they are going to be all over the place. I reckon they'll do the Wrestlemania matches here and then as soon as they can do another show in a big arena or stadium with most of the same matches again simply to try and claw back what they can financially it'll be called Wrestlemania Redux or something, then again if it goes on a long time we might get Autumn Slam. Survivor Series could be an apt name this year too.
  12. If they don't have a sausage will a bit of tape to the fridge work?
  13. Not sure if I really want to watch it or don't want to touch it with a barge pole out of protest. I'd rather see the real Wrestlemania postponed to a later date and some sort of Wrestlemania special airing in it's place. You could have pre-taped hall of fame induction packages and speeches and then combine the top matches from Takeover with some of the Mania matches that are less important like Owens/Rollins, an IC title match and a US title match. Hell even have a big multi-man tag or stick some of the big names in the Andre battle royal that can be there too. Run it like a telethon with legends sat taking calls from donators to fund hospital beds or something and sit them where the audience should be and let the fucking thing go on all night. Then when real mania comes around you do another rush HOF, a new takeover and the main show.
  14. Just getting messages from colleagues who were quarantined too but due to having contact with someone who turned out to be negative for the virus. They are being let out after 6 days. I doubt the officials will come to see us just yet as we were due to flying and considering many of the cases here are transmission in planes they will be extra careful. Annoying but understandable.
  15. I'm in Vietnam Duke so the staple foods are a little different, pasta is easy to come by. It's been instant noodles that people are buying by the palette load here. We are in quarantine as I mentioned due to visiting Bali and returning on Friday and not being informed of this policy at all (in place for at least 3 weeks!). We managed to do an online shop and stock up enough to see us through most of it so should be ok.
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