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  1. simonworden

    The Why Don't You Get a Job Thread

    As someone who could relate to both situations in the past I have a lot of sympathy for you both. I sacked off the UK back in 2013, made the decision about a year earlier. Did some quick training to teach English and ended up loving it, now doing proper qualifications to cement me in this career path for the long term as I really can't think of anything i'd enjoy more day to day. There's loads of work overseas if you look at the right areas and the quality of life is usually a lot fucking better. I'd seriously advise you to consider it if you haven't got anything tying you to the UK. Your family and friends will support you and if it doesnt work out you can always come back.
  2. simonworden

    Official ROH Discussion Thread

    Have they run the Orleans before? Thought they ran that Sam's Town place that was more of a theatre
  3. simonworden


    Good for her, nice to hear when people in those type of industries put their money to good use as you often never hear anything of them unless they marry Peter Andre. Good luck with your next date!
  4. simonworden


    Not to push this too much further but what does an (assuming) ex-glamour model for lack of a better term in my head do once the lad mags have dried up? I genuinely don't know her age or time frame either. I'm assuming make a ton of instagram and other such things.
  5. simonworden

    First trip to the cinema

    I think it's the hispanic son of one of the residents. Fairly sure his name was Ricky and he was meant to be some sort of low level gangster hits it with a bat and then the black man fixes it. Used to be telly all the time that movie, it was shocking when I watched it as an adult how much I had mis-remembered. First trip to the cinema was apparently the local community one screen place to watch a rerun of the jungle book. I don't remember it but apparently didn't behave well. First one I remember was going to see The Little Mermaid in Bournemouth. Most notable was the unusual looking brand new Asda that caught my attention with it's wow factor. 28 years later the thing is a fucking eyesore but holds a place in my heart because of that trip to the cinema.
  6. simonworden

    Trivial Things That Annoy You...

    I think you need to get off social media, fella. What the fuck does this even mean? Please explain. Are you trying to order mashed potatoes from Subway or something? I can almost guarantee that this didn't happen like that unless you went to a dodgy shop. I worked at the tech department at a computer store for seven years and we never installed anything without asking first. I think you just gave into their 'laptop setup' sales pitch as they would charge for any installation services (which you obviously had to agree at some point). No store worth it's salt is going to spend time sticking software on a machine for free. At the most it takes 10 seconds longer to pay by card than it does with cash. C'mon now, lad. Yeah, God forbid people have a group of mates for moral support when working out. On the subject of the gym, what irritates me is people who don't follow urinal etiquette when it comes to the treadmills. If there are big gaps of machines elsewhere, don't pick the one right next to me. This happens constantly. Social media noted and for the record i'm not spending hours trolling through it getting pissed off, doesn't mean it doesn't annoy me. You've got the gist of the food one now. You've obviously missed the point that the electronics thing is not in the UK, unless you have a in-depth understanding of South East Asian electronics stores, economics and psychology, take my word for it mate. It's fucking annoying! Admittedly it's been a while since this has been an issue. 5 years ago working in a restaurant/ pub it was all still chip and pin at a snails pace if you weren't a big chain. Now with the contact less stuff and an upgrade I admit it must be easier. Finally, do you really need 3+ people standing around you, waiting at all times in the gym? I don't need that type of moral support in anything in my life. Yes some people go to the gym in groups but machine hogging like this is a pretty valid point. Anyway I don't think I really need to justify what annoyances I have that are TRIVIAL because I know they are TRIVIAL and some are ridiculous to others but these are mine
  7. simonworden

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    It would probably be much better than the Austin Vs McMahon style storyline they're trying to run on Raw with Rousey
  8. simonworden

    Trivial Things That Annoy You...

    Going to start with a few online ones that annoy the piss out of me. - People who post selfies every fucking day - People who put up pictures of themselves looking soulful or doing yoga etc with the caption being some fluff advice or quote that deep down doesn't make any sense - People who do the above but actually spend the time to write the quote stick it on a photo of themselves through photo editing software and post it online thinking they are important enough to do that. Fuck people who are inspirational don't do that themselves so just fuck right off. - People who do the above but with other peoples quotes Offline - Restaurants not having things on the menu in with no justifiable reason apart from the kitchen is run by a bunch of twats. -Electronics shops who think I need them to set up my new product and then do a horrible job of choosing the settings and software. Had to reset my new laptop before using as the fuckers had put all this Vietnamese designed shit onto the computer when my back was turned as they refused to give me the product without setting it up. - People in public places playing music or videos through their speakers on their phones instead of using headphones. I never want to hear your music and i'm sure you don't want to hear mine, just buy a pair of cheap headphones and keep it too yourself. - People who pay for 1 drink in a busy pub with a card - Men in the gym who go round like a group of muppets all taking it in turns to use the same machine and pat each other on the back - People who sit on machines like chairs in the gym to use their phone and rest -Slang terms like Famalam instead of family, Squad instead of my friends, and Goals, anyone who puts a noun followed by goals needs shooting. I'll stop there for now.
  9. simonworden

    Doug Williams

    Doug was the pre-interval match on my first ever Britwres show way back in 2002. I think he wrestled someone Angel, Adam or Andy. Doug was the heel but even then it was clear he was a step above a lot of the people on the show. I can really only remember him and Robbie Brookside from that card now. In a way it was those two that got me into British Wrestling and Doug was a big part of me getting into US Indy wrestling and even later the Japanese scene. I certainly wouldnt have bought copies of Glory by Honor 2002 and Scramble Madness 2002 if it wasn't for Doug being on the card. I watched the latter which was almost an ROH B show multiple times back then, Doug wrestled the now Daniel Bryan in I think the 2nd of their 3 major match ups back then (no idea how many they had). Doug had the fantastic ability to be almost 2 wrestlers, the hammy Britwres guy for a family friendly Sunday afternoon and then the more serious beloved technical guy. I actually used to enjoy seeing him be the pantomime heel and slowly as the match went on mix in more technical wrestling getting more serious. He would often do this in his All Star matches in Southampton. One time springs to mind where he started the match at the ring announcements by asking the MC to tell everyone to be quiet because he had an ear infection. It's something me and my friends still remember to this day. Of course his more serious in-ring work speaks for itself and I think others have done a great job talking about it. Better than I can do but his character work being mixed in is what i'll remember. On a side note back in my teenage years we were outside the guildhall waiting for a show to start and just as one of my friends threw a haribo fried egg at another they ducked and it hit Doug square in the face. Luckily he didn't see where it came from but if you read this Doug and remember it from 2003 we are very very sorry!
  10. simonworden


    Ian's story reminded me of years ago at uni, i'd been going through a dry spell but had got myself into pretty good shape and was rocking a really awesome mohawk at the time when I got talking to this girl in the union. She seemed pretty attractive to drunk me but sleeping on a couch as I lived one town over I decided to just get a phone number, later queueing for a rank burger I see her and she's barely 4ft tall. Somehow I forget this and text her the next day where it turns out she's in St Albans and i'm doing an evening bar shift. She comes in and can barely see over the bar. Anyway we chat a bit by text, I try to forget how short she is as it really is bothering me, I think I popped over one night leaving the campus to chat to her as I was pissed again (she must have been fucking desperate to stay interested in me then as I was a complete dick) then I think the following friday night she invites me to come and stay over while i'm out again at the students union. She isn't but wants a drunk giant man in her single bed that night I guess. We get to it and I get her clothes of, she seems to barely know how to touch a penis in anyway and seems reluctant to do anything, I happily go down on her. She's got the curliest longest public hair i've ever seen to this day, looked like a wizards beard. Anyway she asks me to slip on a condom and I get like one pump in before I realise i'm not into this at all. I claim tiredness but it's actually a mix of the fact i'd had no reciprocation, kissing blackbeard the pirate and the fact that where I expected to hold this girls knees were her fucking feet. We ended up laying there for the rest of the night and I went home at 6AM, as a student I didnt know what 6AM looked like normally. She tried to get together again a few times but I ended up claiming to have dropped out and gone home. One time she came in the pub I worked in and the manager let me hide in the cellar for 30 minutes and sort out the barrels.
  11. simonworden

    Random Thoughts III.

    Terri did manage Raven for all of a week in September 2001 I believe druing the Raven/ Terri vs Saturn over moppy feud. I'd forgotten until I read the above
  12. simonworden

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    Did Earthquake actually appear? I can't remember him being on the card in the end when I watched the VHS many years later.
  13. simonworden

    All things WCW/NWA - from 1985 to 2001 on the WWE Network

    I'm slowly watching WCW from the night after Starrcade 1997 through 1998 as it's 20 years ago now and i've seen plenty of the 1997 TV shows but very little of what happened in 1998. Some of the highlights have been The beginning of the breakdown of the nwo with savage going mental. Kevin Nash being an absolute dick to the giant and following on from the horrific botch at Souled Out Chris Jericho's heel turn, it's somewhere now in February in it's whining mommies boy phase but also trying to still be a "face". The randomness of appearances by people such a Bulldog, Neidhart and Martell The spectacular Thunder set, finally got rid of the plastic cliff face with people moving the boulders for the industrial set which i'm a big fan of. However some things I find myself losing focus during have been Anything with Benoit, not due to what he did but I actually find him characterless following his brief feud with Raven Raven and the flock who I used to be a big fan of, they're just the shits though looking back now. The fact that the clear lines being drawn in the nwo at times are different to what they ended up with in Wolfpack and Hollywood. Hopefully it will make more sense later but right now it's annoying me
  14. simonworden

    What is the deal with Pepsi outside of the UK and US?

    So I finally tried the coke with coffee we have in Vietnam. I'm typing on my phone so can't upload the photo of the can right now but it's pretty much what it advertises itself as. Coke with a bit of coffee flavour but it's quite creamy like it's been infused with more a Vietnamese milk coffee (which uses condensed milk). I don't really drink full sugar coke so I can't say it will be something I have regularly. Much prefer vanilla coke as a treat when I go off to Malaysia or Thailand.
  15. simonworden

    Let's talk FWA

    Ah i'd forgotten about that 6-sided FWA ring the academy used always disappointed I never got to see it used or got to check out an academy show but Portsmouth was always a bugger on the train and everything was all over by the time I had a car.