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  1. They'll give that entrance to someone else ...probably new "biker pirate" Triple H or even remove the thing altogether. Will be fun watching the online complaining about how Kairi is being buried. Being serious I do expect a much bigger light up pirate ship as part of the entrance next year. I was also thinking recently after watching the fountains in Kuala Lumpur that I'd love to see them use water cannons instead of pyro.
  2. No idea on ownership but a few were floating about on YouTube as I skimmed some a while ago. This included a few social club ones
  3. He signed in January for 3 years I think but not certain on the length. See i've got the opposite feeling with Ambrose as I reckon he'll head back to where his wife is but that said I could see them starting a family at some point and that changing things in the short term to who knows.
  4. AJ re-signed, Bryan re-signed Ambrose is taking time off from wrestling and I get the feeling he will come back to the WWE in due course
  5. I guess "It's wrestling" is the only explanation but fantasy booking wise i'd like them to say that when he wears transforms into the demon it takes all his energy and ages to recover (could be more poetical) then if you have him on Raw the next night have him sell how weak he is, he could've just about beaten Sami with the announcers stating how fucked he is from calling on the Demon. and yes totally agree him not using it against Brock is one of the biggest logic holes they've ever done and it has some stiff competition.
  6. David Lloyd clubs are doing a 16 quid for 2 weeks trial at the moment. Think the deal expires on the 14th (You can use the 2 weeks for a little longer). Would be a good intro to the gym for anyone looking to try it out. Comes in handy for me as there is one a few miles drive from my parents house an we're visiting for 3 weeks, all the other gyms are either 8-10 miles away of 40-50 quid a month, being home 3 weeks it means I can skip only 1 week and save a shit load of cash.
  7. I read earlier that Ambrose is taking a 6 month sabbatical before deciding what to do. I reckon he'll be back a bit later than that though although before next years Mania season. If for no other reason than his wife's going to be on the road full time anyway. Fairly sure we'll get Undisputed Era vs The Shield at some point down the line and with Ambrose gone perhaps UE will get a little but of time to build themselves up before being hammered by the Shield. If they debuted on Raw this week I would've expected Ambrose to hang on a few more weeks and have them battered at money in the bank leaving UE more like 3MB than anything worthwhile.
  8. I was thinking they had 2 of the most prominent 3 man teams in recent history each with one of the top belts and they go with that bait and switch. Can't believe they didn't have new day Vs shield. Ambrose can take the fall as he is leaving and it wouldve tied up the mania festivities nicely.
  9. Dull and disappointing are the two words that spring to mind. Woke up at 6am to watch it live my time and watched until triple h Batista. Caught the return later. Mix Vs Shane I noted but very thing else seemed bland. Perhaps it was the effect of most matches having limited or poor build up. The set was crap too just a big screen and limited special entrances. Also it was so red, red everywhere which actually made it hard to focus at times. I dont know who goes and accepts some of the seats at mania though some stands were behind the stage they couldn't have seen a fucking thing. Cena was ace and is miles above most on the roster right now. Overall it just felt like another show
  10. I get your point but mine was that if they use this hypothetical concept then shoving those from the night before show in the battle royal doesn't do any harm. I don't have a problem with everyone being on the card though just the length and match numbers. They do go hand in hand normally unless you have a big multiman match
  11. I was thinking they should keep the battle royal on the main card as then those who have to do the night before stuff can still have something to do on the main show
  12. What a twat! Hopefully no one gets into trouble for pounding on him, i'm sure it usually goes away because it's something like a trespassing charge vs an assault charge. In this case they would have assault from him as well so it all gets dropped I guess. Why the fuck would you pay all that money to go to something like the Hall of Fame and I am assuming Mania to fuck it all up for yourself.
  13. Couldn't agree more with this, it could easily be tied into the Hall of Fame i'd quite like to see the arena floor set up like a black tie dinner event with wrestlers, legends and their family watching at ringside. Have 4-5 matches tops that could be cut off of Mania, one could possibly be a bigger feature bout like AJ/ Orton or one of the battle royals this year. Would make the big show much more tolerable and from WWE's point of view perhaps slap off some of the other promotions benefiting from Wrestlemania as we know they'd much rather have the money and the viewers over the other guys
  14. Debt Management Companies might be a good should, i've worked for a couple years ago and every year they seemed to become more effective. However before moving to Vietnam in 2013 I was getting into a pretty sticky situation with credit cards and an overdraft after years of cash advances and having to make some big purchases. I worked out that with my initial reduced salary overseas (which still superseded the cost of living) I wouldn't have much to live on after rent and the credit card bills because of the insurance. In the end I actually got another credit card and played a bit of back and forth with the interest free balance transfers and cash advances (where they basically dump a load of cash into your bank account off the credit card). It was probably a bit silly because I ended up adding on another 5% ish to the debt but it took what would have been 350 quid a month in repayments mostly eaten up in interest to around 170 and that made a big difference. Quite quickly as I was only paying back the balance it ended up causing the repayments to drop quicker too. Once my life was sorted out and I was working more I ended up with masses of overtime and repaid the debt pretty quickly. I mostly chose that option as I wanted to keep my credit rating in good standing and I knew I only needed a temporary measure, took bloody ages to work out however as I had to move one balance from one card to another, then put a balance from another card on that making sure I didn't overlap and fuck it up.
  15. Sting's debut was a complete shock to me although not a return,however his reveal in place of the statue of Rollins was pretty surprising. Apart from that the typical Hardys and Rock ones spring to mind as heard nothing online. Actually I think there were reports the Mania host would be Justin Bieber Jake Roberts at Old School Raw in 2013 or 2014 is memorable as well
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