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  1. I've got my first kid on the way now, honestly I'd just begun to deal with the idea of being a father and believing I could do a good job. Now I've read the done thing is to have to take the bugger to school and back until 18 and I'm back to day one ball of nerves!
  2. I saw that rumor and an addition saying they want to have Belair or McIntyre out first. I'd say Belair is a better shout incase of the fans turning on Drew but then they might be that excited they forget about the shit he's been put through. Well Roman was back in a few months and not neck related so they could have had Roman saying how he could have died, he doesn't have fragile bones etc I could see Roman doing that right now.
  3. The BIC in Bournemouth is like that with 90 percent of tiered seats on one side. There's the Roman collesium in France they ran a show and a bull ring in Spain. They looked pretty unique. I always thought it was odd they ran Coventry SkyDome in 05. I know it was rumoured to derail Universal uproar but I wonder if it was to capitalise on more tickets in the Midlands if Birmingham sold out?
  4. After thebfeud with Taker the shine had gone, mostly due to booming an injuries I think. He came back and jumped about in feuds from Triple H, Jeff Hardy and Cena with the big gold being hot shotted around. The Mania match with Cena and Show had a build worth of a midcard b level ppv too. Then after his injury pretty much all his booking was rotten until the end.
  5. But are they leaving a space open to have a final chance ladder match in the final week?
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