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  1. An additional one that is almost completely forgotten is about 2 or 3 weeks in 1997 where Raw had the middle rope black with red on top and bottom. Always thought that was pretty cool. I'm quite the sucker for different colored ring ropes. I always liked the FWA rings especially the blue roped version. I know the ring was knackered by 2005 but it seems more than coincidental that when the FWA stopped using their own ring and the entrance sets with barriers in 2005/06 that people lost interest it not only didn't feel like the FWA in ring anymore but had a clear visual representation.
  2. I think plenty of independents from the early to mid 2000 should have asked that question a lot more. I'm sure I heard somewhere that getting the ring canvas printed on is quite expensive and the logos get damaged quite quickly so it's a lot more noticeable on TV and they aren't able to change up the canvas mid show like they used to often do during a TV taping. If you watch Wrestlemania 12 you'll notice just how rank the canvas looks by the end of the main event. My favorite WWF set up is the black and gold from Mania 9 and 10. So different to their normal TV which made the shows st
  3. For a time around 2005-6ish they were going online for well over 50 quid a box, even up to 100 in some cases. Then WWE started uploading them on their website for one off purchases with WWE 24/7 I think a few years later and people stopped buying them. I had the boxset too as it was the only way to get the Great American Bash 2000 tape to complete my collection of all the UK release Warner Brothers WCW tapes. I look back on that now and genuinely wonder where my priorities were as a young man.
  4. Cheers Bacon need to check my maps more thoroughly! Now I know I must get home more often. Did make me crack right up though.
  5. What are you referring to Keith? Bournemouth's my home town but I'm pretty out of the loop these days and I can't see anything I'd directly relate to your post.
  6. I'm assuming this isn't the case but still worth asking if you are an avid screen user before bed (at least an hour before) as that can really affect people. Have to admit I fall prey to this occasionally where I've been messing about on my phone in bed and then struggle to sleep. It's delayed my sleep a bit but it has affected my wife in a similar way to you which was solved by her getting into more of a routine of reading and using a filter on her phone if she must be on it.
  7. Is that in the JCB arena? Might have a different name now.ovelly looking venue
  8. Yeah it's called Blue zone, it's the second version they've used. They had another information and hotspot warning version back in April but bluezone came along sometime this summer during the second wave. I haven't installed it as there's been so few cases (few thousand tops) here I see little need to do so unless something changes
  9. Not really looking for a complicated solution if that's the simplest answer and really it was probably more of my own inner monologue on the matter verbalised than anything.
  10. Surely theirs a big flaw in the system which may have been discussed before that if I just leave my phone at home they have no way to track or trace me either before contact or after? I do agree people should isolate upon contact but this seems to leave a big hole in process if I can look as if I am staying at home.
  11. Honky is known for talking shit and basically trying to work anyone interviewing him for shoot interviews etc. No real idea about Rude but i'd guess if he had major problems they would have been more common knowledge by now.
  12. That would be fantastically different and a great use of the Thunderdome.
  13. Yeah in hindsight my previous post was pretty selective, I was more trying to highlight the non-wrestler wins the big title element without analyzing it further. Although I think DDP chasing the title to losing it was only a few weeks actually, there would have only been 3 Nitros and 3 Thunders between the two PPV's looking at the dates which makes the whole thing seem even more insane. As for the payoff it was also the second of three PPVs where someone turned on DDP sandwiched between his wife and Kanyon.
  14. I wonder if there's a bit of flexible booking being put into place here. While Big E vs Roman for the title at Mania is fine by me I can see how it will need to be a hot ass feud which they struggle with these days. My view is they won't bring in The Rock if they can't run a big ass arena somewhere and Big E/ Roman would be the main feud for the title but if things do improve then I could see the title being taken off of Roman by either Big E at the Rumble or before and then he moves onto a feud with someone else (possible Rollins) or they take the MITB briefcase off of Otis and have that heel
  15. As quite a few people on here do, I have an odd fascination with 2000 WCW from the Russo reset until the end. The Slamboree match as you say wasn't that bad and is actually a fairly entertaining gimmick match. One thought for me on why it gets shitcanned as an angle is that it was so far removed from what many WCW fans took to be WCW's style of booking especially in it's good years. However there's plenty of worse dross throughout the companies history that really makes the Arquette title win no surprise. As someone who was only just getting into wrestling in 2000 it surprises me still to this
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