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  1. simonworden

    WM 35 - Gimmick Battle Royal II

    Mine would be The Goodfather B Squared The Boogey man Pirate Paul Rob Conway as the Con Man La Resistance Muhammed Hassan and Davari Mordecai Kenzo Suzuki Sandow Jimmy Wang Yang Festus (Wink Wink)
  2. simonworden

    Random Thoughts III.

    That assuming there isn't some "understanding" between him and his wife. From what I've heard it's not a rare occurrence and I can't imagine this is the first time he's been caught out to be honest
  3. simonworden

    TN-EH? Discussion Thread.

    Are they taping this week again in the same place as the last lot a few weeks ago and slammiversary was held? I'm not surprised ticket sales are down to be honest as even with a better product they've probably exhausted the ticket buyers. Also the venue was novel for a one off show but it stillooked quite small and amateurish to me. Probably best to shift on again.
  4. simonworden

    Sega Mega Drive vs Super Nintendo: 16 Bit WarGames

    I was a SNES lad through and through. Probably wouldn't have kept same if my parents hadn't bought me it for Christmas 92 or 93 when I begged for it. I'll add photos in later if I get time but these were probably my top 5 games. 5. Street Fighter 2 Turbo Probably my favourite street fighter as it had all the characters playable, different colored sprites but still esentially the arcade classic. Getting out the instruction manual and learning all the moves on 2 player was frustratingly fun. 4. Zombies ate my neighbours I found this game on demo in a comet store while my parents were shopping for some big purchase. We played through the first 10 or so levels and became hooked. Such a good game especially 2 player if you could communicate well enough not to be stuck trying to move the screen in the opposite directions. The characters were awesome horror parodies and the selection of weapons insane. When I eventually got a copy for home I think I got to level 35 or something before it was too difficult if you didn't have a shit load of potions and weapons. Being around 10 having the time to do that wasn't easy with my mum so I just replayed what I'd already done. 3. Chrono Trigger. I'm actually cheating here as I never played this as a kid sadly but picking it up as an adult this still holds up as one of the best RPG games ever. How this wasn't a final fantasy I don't know. 2. Super Mario World Great graphics, secrets and challenges. It was so similar to smb3 but aesthetically different and still pleasing. The music still cheers me up alone. Sadly it's one I feel never plays quite right on emulation, the response time is never quite right so you have more accidents when jumping 1. Super Mario Kart Never owned it but borrowed very regularly from mates. For me this was the first modern racer where the track actually felt like it had depth and was really there. Other racers I'd played before that it was more the ground was moving and you were standing still like outrun or road rash style graphics. So having more visible twists and turns was wonderful. The battle games were fantastic 2 but am I right in thinking that was only 2 player not single player. Other honerable mentions include star wing, Zelda and the doom port. The mega drive was always what some friends had and was a good crack for an afternoon on something different has never had the playability for me lo g term bar sonic. I remember going to play Street fighter and thinking what the fuck when my mate tolde I had to press mode to change from punch to kick.
  5. simonworden

    Facebook updates that blow your mind

    Over in the UK apparently. I did do a search and a company offering the services came up. A pretty white pony would have a worse fate over here.
  6. simonworden

    Facebook updates that blow your mind

    My friend's mother posted up something to sign a petition against something called Pony painting parties. I can't believe it's a real thing to make a horse stand there while a bunch of kids scream and paint it. Anyone else heard of this bizzare act?
  7. simonworden

    MDickie - the world's finest game developer

    I think a mobile port of EWR might put my marriage at risk though
  8. simonworden

    I'm old now

    I'd been doing a presentation project with my summer students a few weeks ago. They were all using computers and I realised they're having a fucking hard time with a keyboard and mouse. About the same diffuculty in reverse I have with a large touch screen device. It was buzzard to watch but realise they're training their hands to work with different equipment and what I use will eventually be obsolete. It was also reassuring to know in 30 years their kids will have something for them to struggle with. I didn't even know who G Eazy was and that always makes me feel old if I don't know of a well known musical act but then that's been happening since about 22.
  9. simonworden

    MDickie - the world's finest game developer

    I agreed about EWR until I played the recent TWR although I'm playing as an indie right now so 2/3 shows a month is manageable but a big company schedule might sour me on it. I'm curious what you mean about Tulane being sulky as I've been curios why we don't have a mobile version of any of the games yet. I also noticed he charges again for the original TEW which was on offer for free for a while.
  10. simonworden

    That Star Trek thread somebody was talking about

    I wonder if they will show the inside of the Enterprise or if they are keeping that away to save casting characters but I noticed Pike's uniform was different so it would be nice to see if Discovery is super high tech compared to the Enterprise in this version or not as it was a huge thing many got upset about last year. I assume Spock will be cast and introduced later on in the series too.
  11. simonworden

    MDickie - the world's finest game developer

    The wrestling games are basically the same control set and system to the prison game in lot of ways. They did for a time have a fantastic version with real world characters (around 2009 I think) which allowed you to transition between Raw, SD, ECW, TNA, ROH and a made up small time indy but it's all rip off versions now. On a side note I picked up the latest version of EWR now known as Total Extreme Warfare, it's been marriage threateningly good as it's easier than the earlier paid ones they made but has so many more options.
  12. simonworden

    MDickie - the world's finest game developer

    I played the utterly chaotic prison one but not played any others. I've got one I think about the music industry on my phone but never played. The wrestling games are great fun too if you haven't played them (i'm sure you have). I don't really get the time to play games on the PC too much these days though and some of the mobile versions are fucking hard to control with my old fingers
  13. simonworden

    Let's talk FWA

    I know it's easy to forget the tech was expensive back then, even DVD writers and software would set you back a bit. I was listening to Erich Bischoff's podcast yesterday about Hogwild 96 where he said he paid about $150K to have a helicopter do a fly over with a camera and now you can do it yourself, well, for $800 and keep the equipment forever. But previous comments have made me wonder if perhaps the FWA had dropped an import or two in favor of buying some good kit to make DVD's they could have sold a lot more at shows and perhaps distributed them to some American indys or RF video to sell overseas. It's hard to know if it would've been worth it through as things were really different 15 years or so ago. In terms of DVD vs VHS, if the North is so poor why not just make both.
  14. simonworden

    Let's talk FWA

    Looking forward to hearing about the very early days of the FWA but there must be so much to tell. It would be good to get a podcast on it with a few of the key people involved discussing everything I reckon. I'd have a good time listening to a Pritchard type podcast about the FWA with less Conrad Thompson.
  15. simonworden

    Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    I don't mind if something has the durain flavor artificially but those fuckers stink. We were upstairs in the wife's parents house last week and her mum opened one up and it filled the entire place with the stench. Anyone who tries to bring it on a bus, train or plane deserves to have the spiked outer skin rammed in their face.