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  1. simonworden

    Developmental wrestlers who never made it

    Feel I have to reply and say no my shoulders are fine and I definitely do not have those armpit hairs!
  2. simonworden

    Developmental wrestlers who never made it

    I've been looking for a way to describe my body type after 6 months in the gym...I have genuinely taken myself to Buck Dixon fit and I really hope that's not my pinnacle
  3. simonworden

    Physical Altercations

    Last time I had a physical altercation where I had to physically fight back was 2012 I think. Been out drinking heavily with the people I was working with at the time. We were a horrible obnoxious group of men and I really hate myself back then as my body and attitude were pretty ugly. We were drinking in a pub near a local crossroads popular for a night out alternative to central Bournemouth. Mostly with middle aged people or the sons and daughters of rich arseholes. Coming out the pub I was super pissed and cocky as there were 5 of us. I think I saw a woman walking up the road and said something derogatory, it blacks out here then there's a man standing in his doorway shouting and threatening me. We end up fighting I throw a couple of what I assume are weak shit blows being pissed up and a flabby waste of space he hits me several times, hard and then I don't go down. Next thing I knowy colleagues have come back he has gone into his house, has a meat cleaver and wants to cut me up. One colleague tells me to fuck off even after I've calmed down and want to apologize for being a dick, I guess the adrenaline has brought me to my senses. Hearing the knife news I walk round the corner flag a cab and put 12 miles between me and the incident. Never found out what happened but knowing the area the police must've seen it happening so I'm glad I got away before being cut up or thrown in a cell as that would've impacted me changing career which would've impacted me being married or where I am today. moral of the story, know your limits, keep a check on your mates and if things turn ugly leave asap
  4. simonworden

    TLC - it’s really soon

    Or tries to enter the wrong rumble
  5. simonworden

    The Post A Pic Of Yourself Thread V2

    First thing I thought was how old he looks now and secondly look at his teeth! Oliver I mean!
  6. simonworden

    The Languages Thread

    I'm not a great language learner which is ironic considering i'm a language teacher. I do speak Vietnamese to some degree though, enough to have a quick chat with the wife's family but not enough to go too deep and them realise i'm a waste of space who is no good for their daughter. I tried using duolingo and memrise for that but it didn't click. I ended up finding a teacher and very quickly picked up the language, even by going to a country I really feel most people need a teacher and a class to work with in order to hammer things like pronunciation and real comprehension. Apps are really coming along but in a really language there are so many variables of how someone can say something which a computer programme can't teach you but if you have a passing interest in learning a language casually they are great!
  7. simonworden

    Shitting Thread #374

    When I worked for a company situated in the front office building of a scaffolding company, someone had left a tennis ball sized perfectly spherical turn in one of the bowls. Flushed it down but it reappeared through the day in the other two cubicles at separate time. Either that or they were part of a set of three shitty tennis balls, perhaps they come in a pack like Wilson sell them.
  8. simonworden

    Getting a Curry in, what you having?

    These days the curry houses are a little limited compared to the west unless you pop to Singapore or Malaysia and can go all out like my first visit to Kuala Lumpur where in a proper Muslim- Indian restaurant I had proper homemade Kofta Lamb Meatball Curry with 2 Naans and Rice, best curry i've ever had. For take away I usually order either a Jalfrezi or a Tikka Masala or even a Korma if i'm feeling really lazy. Cook my own rice to save a few pennies and get a peshwari naan and either veg samosas or onion baajis usually comes to about 6 quid equivalent which is wonderful!
  9. simonworden

    The Why Don't You Get a Job Thread

    I did, I wont bore you with the details as i've written about it one here before. I'd recommend getting involved with the national careers advisory service (not sure if I got the name correct). I had a meeting with one women who made a few good points, I had kind of figured it out on my own before the meeting so it didn't go too far but she was really helpful and followed up on me. My advice before going to a meeting though would be to do their online quiz thing to get the suggested career paths from your preferences as otherwise they will push you to that in the first meeting making it a bit of a waste of time. Go in with it done and printed an you'll skip a good step.
  10. simonworden

    Mams & Dads question

    Do they not make double height gates or anything these days to prevent little climbers? I'm worried if we stay out in Vietnam and have one about stairs as they're not wooden carpeted things here they are usually made of some type of stone which would smash a kids skull on each step.
  11. simonworden

    The Walking Dead Thread * US-Pace Spoilers*

    Really enjoyed this weeks episode what with unexpected deaths and a real horror feeling to its production. I'm wondering now how the second half of the season will play out. Part of me wonders if the whisperers will be a single event spread over the rest of the season rather than an ongoing thing which is spread over multiple days/ weeks months in the timeline. So we come back to the main cast in the graveyard and each episode is strongly focused on their escape/ battle to get home. Have we had any explanation as to why the communities are a bit divided, it's obviously to do with Michonne losing her cool about something but I don't think they have explained what. Finally did Negan actually look like he was going to scarper or just grab his ball and get back into the cell?
  12. simonworden

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    I wouldn't be surprised if TLC is used to move the Smackdown Womens' belt onto new people and then leave Charlotte to take on Rousey at the Rumble and Becky free for Mania perhaps with Charlotte as the challenger on Smackdown for Wrestlemania
  13. simonworden

    What if?

    What if John Cena hadn't rapped on Smackdown's Halloween episode or Vince on a whim hated the rapping? Would he have risen up or been released, he hadn't done much that autumn. Who would've taken his place and eventually dethroned JBL at Wrestlemania 21?
  14. simonworden

    Lars Sullivan on the main roster

    This, I want this more than anything in wrestling right now
  15. simonworden

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    With this now not being Champion Vs Champion i'd have it turn into a title match with Becky costing Rousey the title and then you can move Charlotte out the way to Raw before the writers get a lob on for her again in the run up to Mania while Rousey wins the rumble to challenge Becky in revenge. She's kicked about the heels on Raw plenty, the stuff with Steph is worthless and you can switch a few dynamics on the Raw side to freshen it up for when they decide they need her on Raw again in 6 months time while we get her vs Asuka and kicking the shit out of the Iconics for a few months after Mania