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  1. simonworden

    Lock up your daughters, Ricc1PW is on the prowl!

    WIll Ricc end up spending out far too much on romantic gestures like importing 100 expensive perfumes each date to get the girl and then be bankrupt before the relationship really gets going? Who from the UKFF is going to step in after that and generally make the situation worse? I'll wait till the James Dixon book comes out for the inside details.
  2. simonworden

    Romance angles

    I think a few TNA ones need a mention here - So Cal Val, Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt was cheesy as hell and I kind of enjoyed it until they actually turned So Cal Val - Karen, Kurt and AJ was a bizarre mess if I remember correctly There must be more...
  3. simonworden

    Lock up your daughters, Ricc1PW is on the prowl!

    If he's ordering Egg mayo everyday I wouldn't get anyone's hopes up of romance
  4. simonworden

    Lock up your daughters, Ricc1PW is on the prowl!

    As you've got Valentines day why not just ask her what her plans are, if she's free ask her out. If you read this after ask her what she did and ask her out if she appears single. Again assuming you have the rapport to ask these questions. If not i'd start building it first or just whip your cock out on the counter and ask her if she has some nice baps to go with it.
  5. simonworden

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    I think Elias was spared by turning heel to be honest. If he was only going to have a chance to wrestle Lashley and Corbin for the next few months he's better off being a heel doing promos and hammy matches with Jarrett as at least it will keep him in the spotlight until a real programme comes along later.
  6. simonworden

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    I'm wondering with the 4 horsewomen gesture if they will have Charlotte take on askua to win the smack down women's title then have Bayley and Sasha win the tag belts and finish with Becky defeating Rousey with both sets of horsewoman being involved. Either way I reckon it's a strong possibility wm closes with the 4 of them on the stage holding belts. The end of takeover has me convinced as we've seen ideas from.nxt shortly transition to the main roster
  7. simonworden

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    It wouldn't surprise me if they rush it. If they haven't got someone like Trish and Lita prepped for the women's tag titles at mania then Bayley and Sasha could win them their from a heel team perhaps (shudder) Nia and Tamina. Preferably it would make a good post mania pov match I reckon to keep things hotter after mania. Then from there you could call up Shayna to be the next challenger to one of the women's titles
  8. simonworden

    Parenting question

    To be honest mate i'd say even one of your salaries you'll be ok. If not if you look objectively you'd probably see that you are spending too much. Me and the wife want to move back to the UK to raise children and we will be lucky if our combined income is equal to one of yours and even then that would be comfortable. I worry about this fact a lot but I know we'll make it work even if I have to go out and drive an Uber all night long or wait tables on top of a full time job.