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    Stuff that happened as a child that really shouldnt have.

    Must have been a crop of the old guard ready to drop in schools around 1991/2 as I had a few awful old teachers at primary school who seemed to take it in turns year by year to retire. Every lunchtime we had to say a prayer before we were allowed to leave the classroom, one day this old bat decided I wasn't committed enough to the prayer and decided to grab me really fucking hard by the collar while i'm wearing a thick round necked jumper choking the fuck out of me. In a moment of natural reaction I grabbed my already prepared lunch box and clocked her in the face with it to get her off. I don't remember much following that until I was out in the corridor probably in tears being consoled by even the boys from the rough streets in the village. I guess the old bitch ran off maybe in tears herself or certainly shock. I came back nervously after break to find all I got was the second lowest punishment, name on the board with a tick (you had to get two ticks to see the head and three for your parents to be notified). I remember thinking that was odd back then but just feeling glad it wasn't going anywhere, she snapped at me about how lucky I was to not have it taken further too. Looking back now if I do remember things correctly she must have shit a brick that she had choked a kid. She did eventually tell my parents at parents' evening but they didn't seem to care much although they took her side in it until it came up a couple of years ago and I refused to let it drop until they figured it must have happened. I expect she is long dead now though..hopefully anyway, not for laying a hand on me but for generally having it in for me after that and making me think i'd done wrong by having a fidget during a fucking prayer and then defending myself. Few years later my sister was at the same school and a teacher had slapped her and two others on the wrist for blocking the way, he was one of the few from that old guard still there and I actually pressurized my sister and mother into grouping the other parents and taking it to the school, the bloke actually got fired which was some retribution against the group of teachers from the time I was there
  2. simonworden

    The Health and Fitness Thread

    Since getting back from the honeymoon where my diet consisted of every delicious high calorie food mainland Europe could throw at me including a day of 2 pizzas and a pasta in Rome where I found I can put on weight as quick as lose money I've been back in the gym everyday for a least 30 mins often up to an hour. The thing is while people have said I already look better I haven't actually lost much weight at all if i'm on the scale. I've googled a lot about this and get the usual answers but wondered if it was actually because i'm doing a lot of weight training, putting on muscle at the same time. My wife seems to think it's the protein shakes which I pretty much only take once a day before a workout. I'm doing cardio for only 10-15 minutes on average every session too. Personally i'm not massively concerned what the scale says as long as i'm looking and feeling better which I am but just want to see if some people without an agenda to sell me something think its normal.
  3. simonworden

    Facebook updates that blow your mind

    I've seen one scorpion on the streets in almost 5 years in Vietnam, some guy wrapped it in a sack and drove off with it probably to eat. Heard from colleagues who have lived in more rural places in the region they can be a daily occurrence at this time of year as they like the air conditioning. Just got to learn to scoop them up, nasty stings but not deadly.
  4. simonworden

    Roman Reigns *Spoilers and all that*

    For a long time now he has been skip over material unless he has been in a big match, I don't hate the guy and I don't love him but as a 32 year old man with limited free time he isn't in my must see and usually I wont even bother with the you tube clips. It seems like its not just me but a large portion of the audience that feels that way and thats a big problem long term for the company in my opinion. I'm sure unless he is a vacuum of a man he can't be happy with the way it's going and he needs to push to be able to show some of that emotion in his performances if he ever wants to get out of this current situation. To be honest the best thing for him would be to take some time off maybe a year or even more, I don't wish this on anyone unless I had a personal grudge but honestly for his career a big knee or shoulder injury might be the best thing to make him take some time off .
  5. simonworden

    So, this mental Saudi event coming up...

    I am shocked that WWE with the money they were allegedly paid would make a balls up.and show any of the women or promos in the arena. I even wondered if those backstage rumble hype promos were going out to the arena as I didn't hear any pop at all. Plus Jericho had a crucifix on his scarf and Mysterio had a typical one on his outfit which I found surptising. I'm not sure on Saudi law for religious symbology but I know from teacher friends in the region you have to be careful with wearing anything along those lines.