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  1. Speak of East Asian countries....hello. Thought I'd wade in today as had my first AstraZeneca jab. Luckily my university managed to organize vaccinations for all staff so i've managed to jump a very very big queue in Vietnam with the situation deteriorating (after a wonderfully open 2020). We are now in a serious lockdown and will get on the spot fined if we go out for anything but food/ medicine/ hospital visits. If you're in an area with a patient it's locked down for 2-3 weeks. My parents-in-law have literally been barricaded into their small street by barbed wire and police. They're ok as they are fairly wealthy but you've got some people living in one room apartments as big as your typical en-suite bathroom who have almost nothing to eat because they live day by day. Cases are actually still minor compared to many places but the city is certainly tense right now. As for the vaccination generally felt fine until I needed a UKFF worthy vacate of my bowels about an hour ago (right in the middle of teaching an online class) which felt like I'd been given an enema to induce it but otherwise feeling fine. In an update, late afternoon it started to flatten me. Felt absolutely bizzare through the night and now have a splitting headache.
  2. As people have stated i'm up for Bryan coming in especially if he slips into just having fun matches as a veteran with younger talent. I reckon after a quick tussle with the Elite they could settle him into being on TV every few weeks with one week video package of him and another opponent talking about why they want to wrestle each other and then the match. Have that be his role for at least 6 months before picking up a storyline again. I'd be happy with 20-30 min belters every few weeks.
  3. I thought someone was making a full sized one for a second, love to pop that in front of the inside of the front door
  4. I wonder if the set will be some mad structure that doesn't look like much to the live audience but allows them to CGI in different entrance sets or structures for TV with different wrestlers have completely different customised backdrops. They did it for that throwback smackdown so it could be something they though was absolutely brilliant and should do regularly.
  5. I'm guessing it was designed that way to sit flush with the stage as in that photo above but then I think it got used again later but suspended in the middle of the stage which made the cut off look ridiculous. Starcade 89 which I think was the first ever big set in wcw and perhaps generally in America looks fantastic.
  6. This seems really odd. I'm taking a wild guess but they'll be having an earnings call for Q2 soon I'd imagine and no idea how holding onto documentaries helps them but could be related.
  7. You could have members of the Elite in matches through the night and use them or other methods to slow the show down like to going for a pinfall on an easy opponent, cutting overly long promos etc so there's only 10 mins for the match. Then have Hangman almost do it right before the final bell. Kenny can then say Hangman had his shot to build to a 60 min time limit ppv match.
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