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  1. Perhaps all this time fucking about with the New Day as faces might help him out massively in the long run as he probably knows better than some of the main even faces already how to keep an audience engaged and on his side. Would be nice as well if he has a bit of a backbone to tell people where to go with shit ideas. He's a big enough star to work anywhere he wants and has probably made a fair wack from merch over the years that he isn't so concerned with "losing his push".
  2. Comic would have been corny and shit, a live wrestling show with guys dressed as Marvel characters would have been worse. Who would play them? Power plant guys I guess and Russo would have been booking by the time it happened. Spider man would have unmasked and called his gimmick the shits and everyone jabroni's and marks. I would have thought the best cross over would be inclusion into a video game, perhaps instead of backstage assault. I could see marvel characters doing well as DLC in a WWE game these days.
  3. Always been fond of that Adrian Street photo. I think it was in Simon Garfield's book. Any idea where the one above was taken, looks like a big arena or outdoor venue?
  4. I'm not convinced either option would have been successful to be honest. We had already had 2 big PPV matches between Austin and Triple H recently, the second of which I found a chore to sit through, it might have gotten a pop initially but I think it would have petered out. A slower turn of HHH might have been the better of the two but there was no way he was going to go down that route with the Rock 's return looming. His absence felt like forever in 2001 to a 14 year old me but in hindsight it was a brief break. Agreed that the invasion derailed the Austin heel turn massively though but the lack of strong face opponents was maybe even a bigger issue. The Undertaker and Kane story line was ok but fizzled out very heatless in the end. I don't think Jericho and Benoit were an answer either as while they were over, Jericho had already lost his IC title to HHH in recent memory while Benoit's previous feud with Angle was mid-card at best. A few different booking decisions could have made it become more but the injuries alongside the Invasion buggered that up.
  5. Well neither women nor men should be accepting of that set up anyway. A venue should have at least two private rooms for separated changing whether that is their main purpose or not I feel. The only other way which I don't think fits the bill is if you have only one sealed room to alternate between when male and female performers can use it with clear signage on the door. This would be used in conjunction with a "clothes on" common area. Even toilet facilities seem lacking in some venues. There was one in which it felt awkward to go for a piss in a crappy leisure center I went to because the only toilets were in their only changing rooms, full of the wrestlers and I didn't think it was proper to bust in to the "backstage area". Went for a piss behind my car instead.
  6. Has the Crucible Theatre ever been used for a wrestling event? The floor might be too small but it looks like a wonderful place to run a show. I could see NXT UK doing some nice looking tapings there if they keep the lights up a bit.
  7. I'd say you've underestimated the paramedic cost there if you think the hourly rate is accurate. Even a 2 hour in the ring show would surely require the paramedic to be paid to work for some time before and after the bell as well as during any intermission. Outside of some family friendly shows i've been to, most are at least 2 1/2 hours long and many of those indies last time I checked had shows running 3+ hours. EDIT: Sorry, reading the thread backwards, this has been covered.
  8. I think wrestling live can be one of the most entertaining ways to spend an evening when it is done right and it can of course lead to higher ratings and profits as people become more invested in the characters they have seen live. But that said the live show has to actually be entertaining and feel like value for money. Being involved is a big seller of wrestling along with the razzle and dazzle of larger than life characters and ridiculous or engaging story lines. I never would have become such a huge long term fan of wrestling if it hadn't been for the live shows I attended and these were local family friendly shows. Being able to boo the bad guys and cheer the good guys so to speak was great fun and the variety of what you saw made it a must see every time a show was put on. This carried on until I left the UK and since then my viewership has been waning to the point i'm not even bothering with AEW anymore as I just want to do something else with my free time. I last went to a WWE house show in 2014 that coincided with a visit to my parents and some old friends. It was a Monday/Tuesday night B show card I believe and while the wrestling was solid it was an absolute second gear dud. I didn't want nor expect the wrestlers to kill themselves for a half full Bournemouth International Center but there was limited fan interaction and pretty much every match was wrestled like they would a C-show TV taping so it certainly didn't generate any further warm fuzzy love for WWE or Wrestling. So I don't think any live events or fan filled arenas will help them out, actually I think if they go back to the same old sets and ways of doing things most will say "oh it's nice to be back to it" in week 1 but by week 3 that sentiment will be long gone.
  9. I know it's already been mentioned that house shows will likely never return to the level they were but do you think they might even consider making more TV take place in a static location. Perhaps not the performance center but essentially the iMPACT Raw/Smackdown Zone? Even in the next year or so it probably isn't wish to start shifting your crew and roster around to different areas where they could be infected. Ratings are so low now and I think unless something drastically changes they are never coming back up as people have found far better things to do in their free time than watch wrestling.
  10. I guess in terms of product but I always got the impression Scott wasn't particular keen on Dixon perhaps as they were direct rivals. I know he was friendly with the Knights and WAW and he used a lot of FWA guys in latter years especially by giving younger FWA matches on shows including Alex Shane, Mark Sloan, James Tighe, Raj Ghosh and Andy Simmons
  11. As the minor news thread is shut and Scott Conway was loosely affiliated with the FWA for a time being it appears him and The Wrestling Alliance look to be making a comeback in the UK sometime in the future. He has an Instagram account and a YouTube channel "TWA Wrestling UK" which appears to be a mix of old photos and promos for stars who might appear for them. The promo pics are very very early 2000's which I hope is purposely being done, I also hope this is not just an online gag Scott or someone else is running as I quite enjoyed his shows way back in the day.
  12. Think I only met Elisar once briefly too but in recent years in this thread interacted with him about FWA nostalgia and he always came across as a very nice decent person which might not sound like much but in the world of wrestling is a rare thing. Very sad to hear of his passing and my sympathy and respects go out to his friends and family.
  13. Heard through a friend of mine who spoke directly to their pilots in passing conversation that some of the budget airlines in South East Asia have essentially not being paying staff. Foreign pilots get 10% of their salary while local pilots get nothing right now and the pilots are taking it as industrial action doesn't go very well on this side of the world.
  14. An odd one I admit but 20-30 minute main events, not big well promoted matches on TV but when it's things like thrown together tag matches. I can sit though snappier mid-card stuff but when I've got little investment in the story lines or it seems pretty obvious what's going to happen. I'll say to myself "right, that's it ill skim to the last minute of Raw and have look if I missed anything." but most of the time I haven't and saved around half an hour.
  15. Seems to be about 4 people watching Len, that's still not his most poorly attended show though is it?
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