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  1. I enjoyed the episode overall, left enough on the table to keep me intrigued and really loved the different feel to it. In other news I see Trump's new space force logo is very similar to Starfleet's which I have to say is kind of cool.
  2. I take a set of 35 pairs of socks with a different moment on each, it would also be wonderful to save on the washing but tragic as certain ones go missing.
  3. - Definitely book in advance for the Colosseum, the lines were huge but we got to skip to a smaller line. They'll be tour guide kind of people buzzing around who need an extra fee. Unless you really want to bounce off someone in conversation the audio guides are fine. I would also consider booking to go to the extra bits of the building, we left it too late and couldn't. I can't remember the names but there's the extra tour where you get to stand right on a new floor in the middle of the Colosseum which looked awesome and I think go down underneath. Then there is the one on top of that where you can go right up to the top gallery, that doesn't look so interesting through but I was sore about not getting to go underneath etc. If you are going to day trip to Florence or Naples on the fast train then book in advance as it's almost 100 Euros on the day. Speaking of the Spanish steps at the bottom the little alley to the metro station has a lovelly cheap gelato place better service and a lot cheaper than the one opposite the steps. We also really enjoyed Castel St Angelo, great city views and an interesting enough building to wonder around. Off on my annual motorbike trip around Vietnam again tomorrow, looking forward to some mountain driving as always but a little afraid of being screwed over on accommodation as it's the Lunar new year and hotels take your booking then decide to shut or sell the room to an on the spot arrival willing to pay 3 or 4 times the price. Packed a back up hammock just incase I get caught out. Then off to Bali in March if anyone has any recommendations.
  4. Got promoted into a management role at work this year which was a real step up and personal acknowledgement of the hard work I've put in over the last 6 years in 2 different companies. Also passed the second module of my diploma with only the last bit to finish off this year which is going well so far. Hopefully got a bit of break as we move cities later this year and can do some travelling and kick back a bit.
  5. For me at the time RVD was still a notch beneath even Angle and Jericho crowd responses aside, this was the view of a 14 year old boy. He was also very much an unproven commodity for the WWF at the time and I doubt even if they had decided to do the switch it would have been anything positive. Jericho filled a heel role against Triple H, the two had had a barnstormer a couple of years earlier so on paper a Mania match would have been a great idea. Sadly it was the weakest of all their matches in my opinion. Although it's been years since I watched that one. Although not the initial plan, Hogan took the belt of Triple H in short order, an RVD/Hogan match fits even less and is definitely not something I would want to see. Then you needed the title on Rock in short order to put over Brock at Summerslam which still required a hot potato situation from Hogan to Taker to Rock but essentially made Lesnar as a maineventer. Instead I reckon the timing was better in 2002 when it was rumored he was unifying the titles on Raw to end up taking the new World Title. A tournament final of some sorts Vs Triple H at Unforgiven/ No Mercy would have been far better, keeping the belt into 2003, winning the Elimination chamber while Shawn and Triple H slug it out in non title matches elsewhere on the card.
  6. I used to work in a couple of jobs where it was "expected" you would do this unpaid overtime. I blame a lot of that for being catalyst in my own weight gain and lack of a social life around that time as once 5 or 6, 10 hour days were done I had no motivation for anything else. I also worked in a few jobs where you had to work 9 hours a day with a 45 min lunch break. I look back on that now and think really that's a stupidly short time to unwind and recharge before the second half of the day. I certainly think salaried workers could be targeted and encouraged to become more productive so that they can have a 4 day working week but the responsibility needs to be put onto the employee to finish their work so they can be free. Rather than have them stuck in the workplace to do their hours the average human being would benefit from being able to go spend time with friends/ family, pursue education, exercise or even if needed do extra part time work. I work a 40 hour work week but I can fit those hours in however I see fit with an 11 hour window each day to do so. However in my profession it is more common to only be paid for teaching hours at rate that allows for planning and marking. As long as i'm getting enough teaching hours I do prefer that as I can push through my admin work to maximize my free time.
  7. Finally managed to have an egg coffee in Hanoi last week. Was a pleasant experience. The egg is mixed with cream and it's more like a very creamy Cappuccino than anything. Can't really taste the egg. Will post a photo later if I can get it to work.
  8. Cheers, interesting read. I'll probably fork out for a new hdd or ssd then.
  9. I noted that my laptop has a TF card slot on it's side, I was wondering if it was possible to insert a 1TB or 500GB TF card in the slot to use as essentially an extra hard drive for media rather than having a proper one cabled up or would it cause problems?
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