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  1. I watched the first half this week and skimmed through the second half. Nothing particularly off putting about any of it but I really didn't see the point in watching the second hour (maybe a bit less) so skimming through the final two matches was fine. As I said before it seems they are waiting somewhat to get closer to something. With only 2 weeks left before their Christmas break the creative work seems like the work ethic in most offices at this time of year in that it's just going through motions. The one thing I noticed which might have been mentioned before was the sound mixing is really off, during the matches the commentators are super loud but the arena is almost muted. It was hard to hear the impact of moves or anyone reaction to them which completely takes me out of it. Also is there any reason they fiddle with the set week to week. I'm not sure if it's to do with what the arena allows, to keep it fresh of they are still trying to find out what works. I actually liked this weeks set up a lot with the single big screen and the flat walkway from Full Gear
  2. I feel old when I realise we're not far off having people on the WWE roster who were born after WCW/ECW closed but that many on the current rosters have to be too young to remember them. When I think about that I do wonder what wrestling got them into the business. Someone like Tyler Bate must have grown up watching 2002 onwards in the same way many of us watched the 80s/ 90s. I do have to wonder what it was like watching those years without reading what people said on the internet.
  3. The cantankerous bastard in me always hopes we get them going back to an 8 man "diva" match that lasts 5 minutes at mania just to see the internet rage, even better if it gets cut or a returning Bella gets the pinfall on Becky!
  4. Hard to please? Where has that idea come from. 8-12 seem decent enough for me, I got into wrestling in the attitude era so used to around 12, more does get a little bit too much i'd agree. I don't think it has to be directionless but when 2 or 3 weeks go by with nothing but week to week build or even less it does seem directionless and gives me personally no motivation to tune in for the next installment. Loose example but I used to like the 2003 format when WWE started single branded PPV's and on the week of the other brand having a PPV the other show would usually have a few bigger matches pencilled for their TV show that week. Smackdown had some wonderful cage matches and the Angle/ Lesnar iron man match in those slots IIRC.
  5. Have they announced the next PPV or mini version yet? I've felt things the last two weeks have had a bit less direction as nothing is announced for them to direct to even big title matches or something on TV.
  6. I love this and would really enjoy the idea of bringing in a few legends to be on the committee while people like Drake Maverick do ridiculous things to try and butter them up each week
  7. My mistake, costume was very cat woman-esque from what I recall though, been a busy day. if that's enough defense.
  8. Congratulations, i'm not so much of a real teacher at the moment but I know how it feels to be observed teaching and get good feedback especially when learning or as a new teacher. Nothing motivated me more. Keep up the good work.
  9. I skimmed through this week after the first segment. As said it was all a bit off for me this week. A few things I haven't seen mentioned are I'm not sure where they're going with Kenny after that roll up win as it didn't feel like "redemption" and just left it up in the air to me. The inner circle seem to have two or three run in brawls each show with different groups. It's nice to have story-lines merge but I don't see the need to repeat things with different groups on the same show. They also didn't make any deal at all of whichever Jackson it was returning, he just simply ran in wearing a hoody. It's almost like their looking at WWE having no diverging story lines and going the other way but too far and not well. An analogy would be cooking a dish that is too salty so you throw a whole packet of sugar into it (not trying to make a "too sweet" reference here). I didn't like the Butcher/ Blade guys much really, who are they? I'll enjoy them if we get cat woman Allie on screen regularly through.
  10. That's a really interesting analysis, hadn't thought about brand damage to NXT. Completely agree on Rollins being easier to hate right now as well. Still not sure I want to see those to feud though really, glad it likely won't happen.
  11. Good point and he's riding on that big time right now but he has popped back over to the heel side a fair few times for feuds with Reigns, Rollins and Angle. I reckon most of the fans at RAWs would get behind punk in the feud to be honest. That said I'm not sure how much "heat" Punk would allow Triple H to get on him prior to the match.
  12. Norman's been an agent trainer with WWE forever now it seems, sadly never made an on camera appearance that I know of. Is Kendo Ka Shin over there permanently or just visiting?
  13. Might have been said before but surely if he did return in time for this years Wrestlemania he would be against Triple H. Despite all the dislike between the two that's where the real heat lies surely
  14. I didn't know about these until I saw one at a premier show between Joel Redman and 2 others which I can't recall. Really good match and the different concept worked fantastically in my opinion. I didn't know how the count for a rope break was up to 5 until much later into watching, always assumed it was 3 or possibly 10. Another one slighty off the topic was that Ric Flair had brought the big gold belt with him in 91. Although i'd gone back and tape traded my way through plenty of the 90's by 2004 it wasn't until I saw the photo in his biography of him in a WWF ring with the belt that I knew anything about it.
  15. My wife, who has recently become obsessed with the TV show friends 25 years late pointed out that Jennifer Anniston was now roughly the same age as my manager and another good female friend who is in her mid fifties. Those trouble free days getting random teenage hard-ons over 20 something years old Jen bouncing about on my TV seem further away than ever.
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