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  1. As much as those matches were wanted decades ago, I would much rather see Austin/ Taker and Goldberg/Sting. Perhaps muscle memory would lead to better a better match in the case of Austin/ Taker less of a chance with Sting/ Goldberg.
  2. Haven't heard of many of the girls as i'm pretty detached from the UK scene these days, I would expect them to snap up Mariah May, something got shared on my instagram regarding her or from her a while ago and I said to myself then she's exactly what they traditionally look for and vince would "Apollo Crewes" her if he met her. Never seen her wrestle so not making comments on that good or bad.
  3. Fairly sure the Fightmare match was planned perhaps even before Cody Dustin and regardless of that we would have seen these two brothers hug.
  4. Is there any info on their TV yet. Can't remember if it is live or taped. Also I do wonder where they will film as I can't imagine at first they can get all the hardcore fans at every taping if its massive arenas hopefully they use 3000-4000 seat venues or a bit smaller like Nitro did at first perhaps in what WWE considers 2nd rate towns not good enough for TV as that could pay off in the long term
  5. Crap response but Eric Bischoff has mentioned him on his podcast. I think the answer is no he is doing something else which Easy E is happy about. If he is doing anything it's super low key independent stuff on the weekend.
  6. Not watched in a while so may be wrong but reading results everything seems on par, nothing is coming across like a major segment or a minor one. Everyone feels like an afterthought like the whole roster is a big mid card mess.
  7. Speaking of old style markets they used to be great round my way for wcw VHS tapes in about 2002, managed to get loads of ppv ones and if they were out the highlight tapes were usually there. Woolworths stays in my heart too because of probably the last time I went in one they had a bin full of wrestling tapes including some wcw and ECW ones although I'm sure the wcw one was bash at the beach 1999 so maybe it wasn't quite as good a find as I remember...
  8. simonworden

    Hot Drinks

    Yeah, I've not tried one yet (in 5 years) actually. They're more of a Northern thing so haven't had many opportunities. Next time I have a chance to do so I will let you know what it's like. Tried a coconut coffee which was lovelly. Also had a cold drip coffee (admittedly not really a hot drink) left me wired for hours!
  9. First place that jumped into my head was Borders, we had a massive one in the center of Bournemouth. It was fantastic, had a great range of books including loads of independent wrestling publications when places like smith's only stocked WWF published ones. I bought a copy of 'The Wrestling' by Simon Garfield in there which I then took for 2 years to any British shows I went to and got about a dozen or so signatures and had some really good conversations with people from the World of Sport days. My mother then threw it out with a bout half a dozen other publications accidentily. Still hurts to this day. Aside from that the music and games sections were pretty good and they had playboy magazines on lower shelves meaning 14 year old me could pick one up, pop it inside a copy of Power Slam and have a good half hour read.
  10. He opened at least one WWF show, I think an In Your House by playing the national anthem when he was Man Mountain Rock with the WWF logo guitair.
  11. Would it be ruined if they hold off things like that until the TV show? They don't have to make him a plant just get him out in the ring on some pretense and then go from there. I feel like the first few PPV's and in-between shows (not sure how they are being broadcast) are helping to get a bit of buzz, some footage to use as highlights and something for the more enthusiastic fans to sink their teeth into until October. i'm not expecting masses of serious story telling until the TV starts to be honest.
  12. I dont think so, woke up today and I can feel the tendon (feels like a wire in my leg) is a bit sore and tweaking but no real pain behind. I certainly wont be doing any cardio for a while on it either. Thanks for info
  13. Fell off my motorbike today while attempting to turn around on a pavement (quite normal here), the wheels slipped out on some wet carboard and i've done something to my knee. I'm guessing a slight hyper-extension. I can walk on it just about with some discomfort and it hasn't changed color or swollen up yet so i'm guessing it's not that serious. Anyone got any idea how long it might hurt for?
  14. Glad your having a good time but I have to ask, are all the wrestlers and you hanging about the MGM because Vegas is a fucking massive place so it can't be easy finding all these people. That said on my Vegas trip I did run into Pete Rose at an empty signing in Ceaser's palace, we chicken'd out of shouting "it's Kane" and went back to enjoy the spiral esculators again...other people have good wresting Vegas related stories too!
  15. Drake Maverick being crash holly or Braun holding it for ages batting people off like flies are all I really want to see from it now.
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