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  1. That's how I remembered that as well, he definately entered the ring for a promo with Cena and/ or Edge for Raw in Wembley 2006 though.
  2. I've always preferred the idea of having one overall world champ rather than one for each brand as it makes the belt much more prestigious in my eyes. However I understand having more belts in some people's eyes makes more "stars" not that I agree with that statement. The old "house shows" need the champ thing doesn't really fly these day either I reckon. The tag and women's belts should be the same, especially the former as they never have enough teams meaning at least on of the belts ends up being a prop for singles stars rather than well utilised. You could then add in 2 women's secondary belts too if you wanted. The other singles belts (discounting the 24/7) should be on one brand only as a way to make them the important belt on that show essentially. Divided up it could be Travelling Championships- WWE/ WWE Tag/ WWE Women's/ WWE Women's tag Raw- US/ Women's US Smackdown - Intercontinental/ Women's Intercontinental NXT/205 - NXT/ North American/ Tag/ Women's/ Cruiserweight NXT UK - UK/ NXTUK Tag/ NXT UK Women's
  3. I am calm, curious that was all don't worry about it.
  4. Maybe but my question was in the same light as asking someone about a football match "was there really no goals in the first half?" When I haven't seen it or questioning something you've heard about a movie you haven't watched. Anyway this is silly but could you endulge me in why I've clearly upset you so much as I honestly didn't mean to and it would be nice to lear from my apartment mistake?
  5. Not complaining, just making a comment regarding the content. I never said it was a bad show. A more constructive reply would be to tell me if it was actually a good or bad show.
  6. Just had a look at the results. The show only had 4 matches over 2 hours including a decent sounding 6 man and Sasha vs Charlotte. With some many wrestlers on the books right now those matches could be saved for the bigger shows and let some others get some TV time surely. They must have been lengthy matches too.
  7. It's prob harder than ever to get a real idea of the size of the fan base to be honest. Also its much harder to define a fan. In the past you had two options essentially switch it on and watch it through or don't and then you missed it, if your mates mentioned something happened then you knew you had missed out. These days it's so easy to watch something at a click of a button. I can watch the bits of Raw I want to on Youtube and save myself 2 hours 45 minutes in the process. I still consider myself a fan but I choose what I watch. I do wonder how many people are exposed to the product through 'clicks' and watching 5 minute videos, I do know of plenty of old fans who watch things because they pop up on social media or youtube feeds and curiosity gets the better of them. Perhaps the new business model is getting those 'clicks' to be something people pay for, reminding people the Rumble is coming up for example, getting them to watch highlights and paying for the network for a month or two to watch it. The latest clip of The Fiend has 1.3M views already in 24 hours, that's a great number if they can convert it to something monetary wise. Broadcasters want WWE because they know generally its an almost guaranteed number of people that will watch the advertisements. WWE have to keep that up to what they promised which is what they should be worried about now, however TV in my opinion will eventually only be used to create the 5-10 awesome clips most viewers take the time to watch each week, those watching the TV are going to be the die hard fans, those with nothing else to watch and channel hoppers I guess. WWE just need to make sure enough of them stay watching to keep the average quarterly or yearly ratings up. I imagine even they know that a few 'special Raw's and the run up to Mania will suffice in doing this though. If we take young people for example, I meet a lot of younger teenagers as a teacher and i've noticed that a few years ago they were very into TV shows like 'The Walking Dead', 'Game of Thrones' and even things like 'X Factor' or Korean dramas, taking the time to watch them on TV. Now however they all have some form of interactive screen which expands what they watch but reduces the time they spend watching each clip. Besides that they spend a large proportion of the screen time playing games over watching things. It made me think the games are really even only for hardcore fans these days, no wrestling offerings really appeal to kids do they? Some form of snappy online multiplayer game would go down a treat but any incarnations I can recall are terrible or too gimmicky to be a real wrestling game.
  8. I think if you could expand on some of the points above with reasons it might help people discuss things with you. If you are looking for a brutal argument you've probably come to the wrong forum as most people on here these days tend to be pretty civil with each other. But I will comment on a few of your initial points. Before you make any assumptions i'm married, full time employed and starting a family next year once our higher level studies are complete. In some respects the base form of pro-wrestling also transcends language, I could go to anywhere in the world and watch a wrestling match and understand what is going on. When we expand to the non-wrestling story telling element then yes, it doesn't work as well but it depends on what aspect you are talking about which brings me to the next point. I genuinely think a pro-wrestling match in its base form of an in ring match can be considered an art form, however so much of what surrounds it these days and for a long time take away from that. Is Mae Young giving birth to a hand art, no that is embarrassing, however what about Bret Hart vs Owen Hart at Wrestlemania 10? There's multiple elements in there that I would consider an art form from both the movement in the wrestling and the telling of somewhat of a classic story. Wrestling is a low level attraction, it came from same places as circuses, music halls and travelling fairs. Essentially everything since then has been added to it to benefit the TV audience and keep it interesting and relevant. It will appeal to the same kind of people who go to a pantomime at Christmas or go to watch a Demolition Derby. Should we look down on people who do that? No just like we shouldn't to those who watch X Factor and the like. I'm unclear on where you draw the line with emotional attachment? At times I can get very drawn into wrestling and where something is going, it excites me and is actually a little bit of escapism. Take it or leave it is a good way to describe how I feel about the product these days, i've been sat on All Out for weeks as i'm too busy to watch it, but then I've followed the set up of AEW and their new TV excites me. I don't really see how the four things you listed as going through apply to taking or leaving wrestling to be honest, i'm sorry if you have gone through those and I've experienced a couple myself, I actually found going to a wrestling show or watching some old shows to actually cheer me up to be honest. Finally to go back to the OP question, i'd say its both depending upon what aspect you are looking at while perhaps speaking to different people would give you a different side of the coin. There's plenty of avid fans who would argue its up their with international ballet, high class theatre and football however that really isn't true. It does have the benefit of having elements of dance, theatre and sport, it is simply Wrestling. However I think more people should also be less dismissive of it as something that does bring joy to many people especially the young, old and unwell, it's for everyone and i'm sure a few more would enjoy it if the stigma wasn't there but that's not going away anytime soon.
  9. As far as The Rock and Triple H go neither were at a point where a loss would have been of any benefit as both were in the title match at SummerSlam, Triple H had lost the WWF title a month earlier and the Rock only just won it. A case perhaps for Angle but the skits built his character so well and he did get his win back later on in the year. As Accident Prone mentioned both Benoit and Jericho came out of it looking like stars to me. Not sure its in the same vein but ROH's initial tour over here in 2006, I had tickets to the Broxbourne show as it was down the road from my Uni. I remember getting more and more pissed off that they simply planned the Liverpool show down to the letter and mentioned nothing about the Broxbourne show the next night. Even on the night getting 2 Bryan Danielson title defenses of supurb quality, a brutal match between the Briscoes and Richards/ Sydal and all over matches being decent. I went home annoyed that it was basically a glorified house show instead of a top level ROH spectacular like the night before.
  10. Diana I was 10 or 11 at the time, I remember my dad mentioning it but I really don't think I cared or understood the impact at the time. 9/11 - i'd been at school all day and the teachers hadn't mentioned it in the classes I was in. I remember watching clips with my mum in the afternoon however as she had it on when I cam home from school. 7/7- My mum woke me up to tell me as my uni was on the Kings Cross line into London and lots of my mates were doing their medical placements at the time commuting through. Spent the day working in a pub waiting for a few close friends to get back to me by text, they all did thankfully.
  11. Is there anything that can be done to force her hand. How old is this kid, surely if there was a strong enough argument that he will turn into a physical safety risk for other kids he would have to be moved.
  12. Was it on more standard pov outlets too? I don't know these days of that's considered a good number. What do ROH and other companies do? Comparing that to the estimated 5000-20000 TNA used to do it's decent I guess. 390k for a preview show with no original matches on it on a Friday night. I'd say that's pretty good to be fair. I watched All Out and like many PPVs I don't have time to watch supplementary shows surrounding it. I expect lots were the same. Until we have about a 2 month run to get an average of their show on TNT it will be hard to guage popularity
  13. Hand writing, although ideally it has to be legible to some extent, I remember the fucking time spent even at secondary school writing fucking bollocks. I remember in primary school we had to write our own summary version of some Greek myth (it was definitely a shit one) for display on the wall and my teacher was so furious with the state of my handwriting she intended to make me come back at break time to redo it. From memory I hadn't been lazy but my dyspraxia hadn't been diagnosed yet. I can remember she shouted all this to me in class and even now when I feel backed into a corner I can get snappy at people. The dialogue went something like "How are you going to get a good job when you're older if you can't write nicely" and I spat out something like "I won't need to i'll use a computer". This was in a village in 1993 so of course the old 60 year old cow laughed at me. Part of me hopes she is still alive and thinks about all the gadgets and computers she see's every day and how that blonde haired boy must be using the computer to not do his job but to procrastinate on a wrestling forum! I always think about that when my students have trouble using a keyboard and mouse as they can do the same tasks on a tablet much easier so I try not to make them feel shit that they can't use something.
  14. One that sticks out in my head was a very quite young mother to be who came into a pub I worked in (18 as she had a glass of wine! and I checked her ID). Her friend asked her what she was going to call the child and she responded by AJ. The friend then tried to clarify if A and J stood for something and the girl responded "Nah it just means AJ just the two letters". I know there's worse fucking names given to kids and we have our beloved AJ Styles but typically the letters mean something and with the voice she had I was struggling not to crack up 10 feet away at the bar.
  15. I don't think he has ever used it as a full entrance song for a match, it's always been a prelude or for non-wrestling segments. He was definitely using it that way post WM22 but then I don't recall it being used from after the DX reunion of 06 until he became an onscreen authority in 2011. Even then I couldn't pinpoint when that happened as I didn't watch Raw regularly again until 2013 around when he turned heel and was using it as his "in-suit" music.
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