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  1. Interesting topic, shame about the opening story. If you go to a big gig and want to be within 5 meters of the stage then really you have to expect a lot of pushing, shoving, sweatiness as people have said. When I started going to gigs in my teens I used to try and be at the front because that was the place to be apparently. By age 19 i'd realised I would come out sweaty, deaf, tired and having no enjoyment of the gig. From then on I've been at least half way back with a pint in my hand enjoying the show. I like the space. I did once go to a Motorhead gig where some huge men had helped get their friend in a wheel chair to the front and formed a protective circle. Halfway through Slayer (the support) a floppy haired skinny teen was running and jumping into the people in front trying to push in. These gents gave him one warning that they had their friend in front and that he should piss off. Seemingly unable to understand this kid decided to go for another running jump and ran into an elbow following which someone scooped him away and dragged him off.
  2. I'd be happy if Gargano became filler on Dark to be honest. As AEW are now taping their D show from Universal they should go full on WCW and fill it with people who used had a run somewhere else and are now just a face to help keep a few channel hoppers sitting pretty until the next ad break.
  3. What a loser, he didn't even talk to you about Savage's IWA days or fighting Tenryu in Japan. He could have at least shouted and Ooooh Yeah loud enough to upset the Giraffes.
  4. Have you not tried faking a phone message meaning you stop for a couple of seconds and let the other person go ahead? Can be annoying if you have the urgency to win or you know your a tiny bit faster but it does break up that awkwardness.
  5. I was worried this would be another Big Show Show situation but with The Undertaker trying to escape being the character and just a normal old bloke in the suburbs. It would be watchable if the constant sub plot is Vince popping up everywhere trying to sneakily get Taker to sign on for one more match, things like him dressing up with a fake moustache and trying to pass a contract off as a bill in a coffee shop or something....now I see it's something that looks far shitter.
  6. Can't say I have a problem with the matches, not that I watch many these days. I also think she is in marvelous shape . But her promo's and general persona are absolute dog shite, she's like a shit actor trying to play someone trying to audition for a spot on the Glow roster in the TV show. Just the worse delivery. I actually hope I am wrong and proved so by her leaving WWE at some point and showing that she can do things differently but I doubt it. Even if she leaves I'd expect her to be done and dusted.
  7. I genuinely miss going to wrestling shows but more the family fun All Star type than the modern indie stuff and that's mostly because of the type of fans you get at them these days. I took a bunch of mates all bar one are your metal types to a Rev Pro show in 2013, all were casual fans and the more normal of them looked well put off by some of the types sitting around us. They all seemed to prefer watching Premier with a few beers locally to going to a "bigger" show.
  8. Haven't watched the matches yet but it's going to take me all week to catch up so had a look earlier. It certainly does make a statement that the 2 big WWE debuts are people who left by choice to come to AEW and not because they were fired. Definitely a good choice to have Cole fit into the Elite and adds a non tag team guy into the fold that can feud with someone on the side of Kenny. I wouldn't be surprised to see The Bucks win the titles back in a few weeks to line themselves up to perhaps face Bryan/ Punk and then eventually drop them to Jurassic Express early next year or I would expect Bryan to be Omega's next opponent if they have someone else in mind for Punk, hopefully they then bring Page back into the fold to begin the battle of the Adams as a gateway to Hangman Omega. There's so many directions they can take right now to get to where I expect they are going.
  9. Ross Kemp once swore at me because he had to break suddenly when I was crossing the road. He was driving a giant SUV and not paying attention.
  10. The stars really would align there for a rematch of the greatest ECW match of all time, Punk, Chavo, big body of water!
  11. People seem to do this on the machines/ in the areas which are limited too like squat racks, incline bench, leg press. I've been a sad git and timed people a few times. Longest "rest" I saw was about 15 minutes on the leg press. My old gym had a really good amount of benches to use but as it got busy in the evening they would usually become shelves for bags, phones, bottles etc.
  12. It reminds me a lot of Survivor Series 2011 which was basically sold on the premise of it being the Rocks return to the ring, nothing else was particularly mind blowing or of interest. They can sell this PPV on Punk's in ring return alone. It's an interesting way to do it with a hot babyface being the first opponent but probably more intriguing to many that if they had used Ethan Page or some other dispensable heel.
  13. Is this where all the shit British crime dramas that fill up Netflix come from? Interesting premise, alright suspense in the middle and then completely stick the landing with some bollocks ending. Basically the crime drama equivalent of me trying to pick up women at Uni.
  14. Is it me or is the entrance set slowly losing pieces as well, I could swear the tunnels are being stripped down week by week? It's like they lose bits between shows or something. I quite liked the metal frames version they use this week and I do love how the set has a different feel such as the ramp to the ring this week and in the past having one big screen instead of two smaller, higher up ones.
  15. I expect her majesty has made her way through the original FWA TV show and looking forward to Frontiers of Honour part 1 right now. I think the FWA footage had a mix of owners but has been well donated (I assume) and collated on the FWA Files YouTube channel. The Fight Nation guy I'm guessing has the rights to IPW or it's still with Sir Noncealot. As for 1pw, if you could figure that out then you should probably go for your PHD as I believe as said it's a big mess.
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