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  1. I assume nobody has dropped some photos of her in TNA and the like infront of Vince yet. The moment he gets a sniff of that she's on the main roster and as far away from her husband as he can get her!
  2. I'd say at some point working for Vince McMahon might be a big fucking skeleton to leap out of the closet with a steel chair whether The Rock is related to it or not.
  3. Perhaps another step might be to actually do something pro-active personally in the future working with anti-bullying campaigns or volunteering for support groups for young people affected by bullies as it seems from what you are saying that the reasons behind her death are what have been upsetting you and perhaps being actively involved in preventing it from happening to others might help.
  4. Ah the first month of Thunder set, I think Bischoff touches on this on his podcast possibly the Thunder episode and if I recall the initial idea for the feel of the show just wasn't working so they switched it up. Hardly surprising as it looks simply like the Dungeon of Doom's layer crossed with a shit fairground ride. The worst part is that the central opening had a big movable boulder that was moved about by stage hands manually and quite visibly to let wrestlers in and out.
  5. I guess for those that want to work right now there are limited places to go. It's not like Gallows and Anderson can go to New Japan right now and outside of perhaps Rusev and Ryder, the latter of which seems a dead cert at some point due to his friendship with Cody I can't see AEW picking them up. It may be new management but let's be honest it's likely going to be a stable of disgruntled ex WWE employees (Gallows, Anderson, EC3 and Young) wearing black threatening to take over and claiming that Impact is real wrestling. That's still better than it being dodgy Del Rio though.
  6. Two that spring to mind are Sean O'Haire and this was pre 2003 I always thought he had an awesome look but not sure why he stood out to me above the rest of the powerplant dingbats in the Invasion. The other was Michael Shane who I thought was a huge AJ Styles lever star in the making in early ROH and TNA then they seemed to realise he wasn't and he had to become Matt Bentley and that was the end of mine and any hanger on's interest in him
  7. Absolutely crying with laughter over this wording
  8. The only issues I saw with the setup was that it looked like a real audience would struggle to see anything due to the massive scaffolding holding up the platform around the top of the cage. That might need a rethink for a future use although i'm sure they just didn't give a toss about that for this one with the current circumstances.
  9. I went to the TV taping in London and although we basically got the same interaction patterns as the match after the cameras went off it was never recorded as an official match and I have to say I felt less special. Last night I was talking with colleagues and one girl from the US mentioned her friend had dated a wrestler back in California, she couldn't remember the full name but said it was likely Joey and I followed it up with Ryan being that she's from PWG's area and of course it was.
  10. Ah fair enough, cheers for further clarification. Such a strange little time 2001outside of wwe looking back
  11. Thanks, i've got no real desire to watch it, much like late ECW but I was curious as to who ran the show and why?
  12. Might be risking a beating from Punkstep here but I think this is newsworthy enough to be mentioned. Saigon Pro Wrestling Club have decided to do a show in Ho Chi Minh City next month which I would guess is currently going to be one of if not the first pro-wrestling shows with a paying audience since the world went into lock down. That said i'd hardly call it a wrestling show considering they wrestle on a mat, have very little training and genuinely terrify me when I see clips as it looks like someone is going to break their neck on even the smallest move. To add to the wrestlecrap it's being advertised as a joint wrestling show/ birthday party with one of the "wrestlers" very underage looking girlfriend who does ring announcing.
  13. Was just trying to clarify a response i'd made in the Random thoughts thread and came across this event from 2001 on Cage Match "ECW Reunion Show"- Elks Lodge 8/7/01 Singles Match Chilly Willy defeats Tom Marquez Singles Match Kid USA defeats The Mighty Finn Singles Match Nova defeats Chris Chetti (w/Elektra) Singles Match Mikey Whipwreck defeats Swinger Singles Match Balls Mahoney defeats Jack Victory Tag Team Match Danny Doring & Roadkill defeat The FBI (Guido Maritato & Tony Mamaluke) Singles Match Sabu (w/Bill Alfonso) defeats Angel Singles Match Tommy Dreamer (w/Francine) defeats CW Anderson (w/Lou E. Dangerously) Anyone got any info on this as it seems like it was a a good chunk of the final ECW roster that wasn't signed to WWE (and Dreamer), mostly curious if it was an ECW booked event that someone on the card took over.
  14. I'd have to guess that he didn't want to go, maybe not for political reasons. Could have been that they didn't want to take him off house shows for the time surrounding it. Couldn't tell you who he was working or what he was doing on TV then either. I always remembered them being Raw shows in the early days but it seems they were Smackdown. Mental when you look back at that match on paper isn't it? Must be from 2001 or very early 2002 i'm guessing when Punk was a regular main eventer in IWA-MS, Guerrero was out of WWE and working on getting back in and that short period of time between Rey's Time Warner contract expiring but before he signed with WWE. I remember looking at tape trading lists and there were a few shows from 2001-2002 from random long dead indy promotions using talent before WWE picked them up. I always wanted to watch one from around Wrestlemania 17 time that had RVD and a few others on the card before the invasion started.
  15. It's the emphasis on the word "wrestling" that concerns me. With how Vince feels about that word, even if it has been used more liberally in recent years it really does feel like it is a set up for something i'm just not sure what direction they are going to take it in although if it is just a huge finger up to Meltzer I can get onboard with that. Throw in ridiculous moves and flips using wires, trampolines etc but make them completely obvious, have stunt doubles that look nothing like Edge and Orton and huge bumps being done by mannequins wearing their ring gear. Yeah it would kill the feud dead, if it is really alive now but bat shit mental stuff is all I'm enjoying these days anyway.
  16. Has it ever rained at a Wrestlemania either in an outdoor venue or one with a huge roof that would make an enormous sound? I was curious how they would deal the sound of heavy rain on the roof.
  17. It wouldn't surprise me with things on the downturn and no live show business etc that having a talent go off an only be on their downside for a while is a bit of a relief for now (ignoring how much cash they allegedly have). I doubt having Roman, Brock, Becky or anyone would really move the needle at the moment. Even the Rock appearing I don't think would do much. I'm surprised Vince hasn't gone 2/3 falls match or even iron man match crazy already just to fill time.
  18. Just discovered there's a village called Wrestlingworth in Bedfordshire, surely some smart arse promoter has run a show from here at least once?
  19. No idea but I think he had all new gear for the most part with a few instances in 2003-2004 of using old tights and by 2005 he was wearing the baggy pants. Could it be he wanted to distance himself from that time in his life or perhaps i'm just looking into it too much.
  20. Absolutely! The Rock and Austin used to do the staredown and just lay into each other such as in the 01 Rumble and Survivor Series 01. The pause for reaction promos they do these days annoy me feeling very disjointed. Also a regular one in never having the main event set as logically if you are running a wrestling show you would always have a main event scheduled but often it's made up in the 30 minute opening promo. Add another match on by all means but have some organisation!
  21. That's a shame I couldn't place it as thought it might be late 98 or early 99.
  22. That's awesome if it's real (and I really hope it is). I can see these two having an awesome feud down the line and hope shit like this gets brought into it too.
  23. I once stood in line to get a leisure center coffee behind Shane Douglas and passed him some sugar and one of those plastic stirrers for his polystyrene cup. He couldn't have been nicer however that was luckily before he tried leisure center coffee in Reading thankfully.
  24. Think we'll have to disagree on that one then. Could I know where this corner shop is as if no one is buying it I might pop by one day and pick it up!
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