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  1. I always thought it was odd that the announce desk faced the wrong way but I guess it was there more as a presenting desk and it was better to see the fans behind them. Also I assumed they would all swivel around and dangle their legs off the stage for comfort while they watched the matches.
  2. Does anyone remember the period where WWE.com was posting indie wrestling and TNA wrestling results? I think the idea was they wanted to bring in all the traffic that was going to the observer and alike to their own website.
  3. Vegas would be a great shout, that new stadium is looking stunning and I'm sure the glitz and glamour of Vegas would be great around Mania. I think having one in Vegas would be about the only thing that might tip me to go live these days, I think this has been the case for all AEW fans and I'm guessing NXT as well. Going back to the previous talk of one day or two days. If they couldn't have anyone in attendance I would even prefer they did it as a bloody week long event with an hour each night including one match and a bit of extended build...Wrestlemania the miniseries...they co
  4. These days with the network I genuinely don't see the problem with having it over 2 nights so long as they dont become 4-5 hours each. 2.5 -3.5 hours for each night is fine. If someone wants to watch on the same day (and WWE don't spoil the fuck out of it on their own network) they can stick the first part on in the run up to the second. If not for a lot of the world who want to watch it's 2 nights of entertainment in lockdown.
  5. No direct feud but there were elements of it at the end of 2001 with Survivor Series coming down to Rock/ Austin plus we did get a singles match with those dynamics at Insurrexion 2001 which I remember being decent.
  6. I was thinking earlier today how in 2018 or 2019 one part of the quick fix that came with the 24/7 title was Mick Foley dimming the lights and saying how the last hour was going to be Raw "Dark" or something and that anything could happen. Did they ever actually do anything with that after the promo? Surely in a few years Raw Underground will be on this list as a mock fight club that did very little to make anyone and never really went anywhere? Plenty of TNA ones I'm sure such as the time they said all X Division matches (or at least title matches) have to be three ways or the fact
  7. I always remember a couple with Crash Holly involved in 2000. First at King of the Ring when he runs out and wins the hardcore title during the evening gown match although that might have been due to the fans being so bored it was a pleasant surprise. Second was later that year when he won the light heavyweight title on heat from Dean Malenko. I popped for that as a young lad and I remember the audience giving it a good response too.
  8. Imagine if a similar finish had been done in the Austin/Michaels Wrestlemania 14 match. The ending to that match (alongside the fact it HAD to be a 3 way) is as bad as they ending of Starrcade 97 in my books.
  9. Hard to tell, it merged into Flo -Rida and Machine Gun Kelly's concerts and it's hard to tell who is doing what now.
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