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  1. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    On a loosely related topic, Dave Meltzer is coming under fire on Twitter for responding to allegations about Michael Elgin by linking to a chedevans.com-esque "the real truth" Tumblr which essentially blames the victim 100%. Of late Dave's had a very "old white guy" sort of approach to these sorts of things. I'm not saying it's impossible for anyone to spontaneously decide to falsely accuse a wrestler of these things and create fake evidence to go along with them, but you'd think that wrestling's supposed prime journalist would seek out better sources than just a single Tumblr account.
  2. Agatha Christie's Paige discussion.

    Not sure whether this is really the right place, but seems as good as any; there's rumours on Twitter that Paige's latest injury will mean she has to retire from in-ring competition at the age of 25. Horrid news if true and so upsetting for one so young. Of course, though, her safety is paramount. I'm sure many others would join me in wishing her the very best no matter what the situation is for her.
  3. The 2018 UKFF Royal Rumble Lottery (And Thunderball!)

    I'm going for: 7, 10, 19, 22, 26
  4. Random Thoughts III.

    Your name suits you.
  5. Moment of the Year 2017

    The return of the Hardyz was absolutely fantastic, but the culmination of the list angle with KO and Jericho was just too good.
  6. Wrestling Podcast of the Year 2017

    OSW simultaneously makes me want to keep podcasting and to quit completely because those guys are hilarious. A great bunch of lads.
  7. Worst Match of the Year 2017

    How did NINE people think Roman vs. Taker was worse than two separate Orton vs. Wyatt matches? House of Horrors inches it for me despite WM33 having projections.
  8. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    "should of" and "would of" used within this supposedly professional statement. As a grammar nazi, this is unforgivable for me. Shame about Lucha Forever but I must admit it did seem like a bit too much too soon.