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  1. Pitcos is right. Remember exactly who goes to WrestleMania.
  2. Fuck Cagliari and their racist, monkey-chanting fans. And fuck the Italian FA for persistently turning a blind eye to it.
  3. Seem to recall it had at least one character in the first couple of seasons, played by Kris Marshall. Generic well-meaning idiot son he may have been, but when even he jumps off the ship, you've got to start questioning what's actually going on. That said, I'd still hold it above Mrs Brown's Boys. Since the thread title is about Rodney, probably worth mentioning Nicholas Lyndhurst's 'After You've Gone' which apparently had 25 episodes. Amusingly, its Wikipedia reads like that Norfolk Lives summary of 'Knowing Me Knowing You' where it blames the show's low ratings on clashing with News at Ten at its peak: Someone often seems to use a certain word quite often.
  4. Come on now. Contende ad Caelum!
  5. The promo following this all up on Being The Elite was great. He rips Moxley a new one and shows a newfound intensity, I feel. Perhaps one of the best heel promos he's ever cut. Shame he's pretty much supposed to be the company's top babyface, as near as I can tell.
  6. “I think that THE UNDERTAKER!!! ... Is great!”
  7. Ol’ Dave’s at it again. Want proof Roman Reigns isn’t over? Not one person popped for him in that film he was in recently. AEW would’ve gotten him over.
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