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  1. Probably worth reminding everyone that Steve Bruce was employed, at Sheffield Wednesday, when he sent his agent to sound out the Newcastle job despite the risk and reputation surrounding it. This was a job from which he had been given compassionate leave prior to actually starting in order to allow him to recover from medical work, which he used to go and watch the cricket in Barbados while his long-term assistant Steve Agnew took temporary charge. Bruce paid this good faith back by resigning from the Wednesday job in an attempt to subvert compensation rules so that Mike Ashley wouldn't have to fork out millions to have him in charge. All a fortnight before the season began, after multiple signings had been made by his team. I don't wish him ill will, but he knew full well what he was getting into when he went to the SportsDirect.Com Arena @ St James' SportsDirect Park, so all this crying over how poorly he's been treated is a bit much for me.
  2. It's Dune. It hasn't finished yet.
  3. Au contraire, mon frere: Distinctly remember TNA plastering "CHRIS JERICHO TO APPEAR ON IMPACT! in a music video" on some press releases at the time.
  4. Russell T Davies is returning as Doctor Who showrunner in 2023 - oddly not just for the 60th anniversary special as most might've anticipated, but for the series afterwards. I'm unashamedly excited by this. I know it's a children's TV show, but his first four series of the show were so enjoyable for me and they defined it for a lot of others. A shame that Jodie Whittaker will leave before then, mind you - I think she's been dealt a poor hand by the last couple of series and would've liked to see her get a second chance under a different lead writer.
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