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  1. Why? If anything he's likely to mention it in some pro-wrestling attempt to 'tempt' Punk into a feud.
  2. I didn’t write this tweet thread but it does sum it all up for me. For the record I hate Mauro’s commentary, but this is a reasonable perspective on the situation:
  3. So, he's back (but not really). There's a full video of his first segment/interview with Renee from this week's Backstage which is pretty interesting all told, although I wouldn't say it provided any grand revelations. He's clearly had at least a bit of time to catch up, though, as he's already firmly on the 'Seth Rollins needs to stop tweeting' bandwagon. Think it'll be fascinating to see him going forward. I don't think anything he says points to a close return, but I'm sure some people will be taking what he said that way anyway.
  4. Exactly what I was coming to put. I completely get why many dislike Vince shouting down his announcers’ headphones, but if this is the alternative? Eugh. Embarrassing.
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