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  1. Horrific, devastating news. RIP.
  2. Lesnar/Reigns 3: One Hour Ironman
  3. Ever so slightly disappointing.
  4. I might be wrong on this also but I'm sure I read that they were on the verge of splitting up just prior to his death. Not saying that excuses or even explains this, but I'm convinced I'd seen that noted.
  5. He had a belter of a match against Chris Ridgeway for Breed Wrestling at Sheffield City Hall just prior to his WWE debut. I'd seen very little of him prior to this but yeah, he's great. Intense and exciting. The whole match is here:
  6. Daaaaaad!

    NJPW World

    Does anyone know what time Royal Quest is estimated to finish? I know doors are at 4pm with the show starting at 6, but didn't want to count on it being done by, say, 9pm for trains unless there's some sort of evidence that would back that idea up.
  7. Per mysterious “sources” so it’s to be taken with a gallon of salt, but I so hope that this is true.
  8. Which makes it all the more depressing for me. Blackpool felt like a special event. It felt like a proper Takeover, despite theoretically lacking the significant talent. That they are happy to just let this one go out against whatever else is available that day speaks volumes. Especially when as noted Cardiff will already be rammed that day and hotels will be at a premium.
  9. To me it feels like both a classic WWE move and a terrible move also. I had a great time at Takeover Blackpool and would probably have bought tickets for this as I really like Cardiff, but I’m already going to NJPW so that ruled me out before they even announced it. Why would you intentionally limit the number of tickets you can sell? Well, we all know the answer to that – to try and affect the competition.
  10. I haven't listened to Andy Quildan's podcast so I could be dead wrong on this, but I'm pretty convinced there was a key point at which RevPro basically had to decide whether they were going to lean into their WWE relationship (their footage has been used on NXT and WWE TV at times, and there was definitely some sort of relationshp there) or into their relationship with New Japan. Obviously they made their decision and are seeing the relative merits and demerits of it.
  11. You can come stand next to me if you like, although I'm afraid we might get picked on once or twice.
  12. Horrific. Proof, were it needed, that some store managers are absolute sadists.
  13. Gamestation for me. In Doncaster we only ever had two game shops - Cool Spot, an independent which is still going today but was too far away from the market for me to go without my Dad, and Electronics Boutique. So when Gamestation opened right next to the market, just opposite where they sold the cockles and prawns, it was a massive, massive deal. Now not only could I go in and browse every week while Dad slurped down seafood, but the games were always at least a fiver cheaper there than EB so I could actually afford to buy some. Just from memory, I bought Metal Gear Solid 2, Championship Manager 03/04 and even my entire GameCube console on the day The Wind Waker came out from that shop. I still have all of these in my house to this day. Plus Gamestation offered a loyalty card which actually benefited me as it gave you lower prices on games, unlike the later Game loyalty card I got which I never seem to use. Overall, I can’t even properly qualify it, but the whole shop just felt a lot more friendly and welcoming than the cold EB and Game stores that arrived in the Frenchgate Centre later on. When I discovered that Game had bought Gamestation and all their stores, I was gutted, even though I think by that point the Doncaster one had been shut for a few months.
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