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  2. Ah, that famously successful character trait. See also Benjamin, Shelton.
  3. Remember when for about ten minutes it looked like Harper might be in the WWE Title match at WrestleMania?
  4. I'm reckoning this too. Vince announces Brock, only for Roman's music to hit so they can do the "Brock ain't here, he don't care about the people like I do" thing that's worked so well for Reigns in their two previous feuds.
  5. I've only ever done the travel packages, which are definitely and clearly more expensive but also a much easier way to do it if you're going for the first time. Guarantees you tickets to the events and give you a fairly clear idea of where they'll be, plus sorts you out a hotel that you know will be a decent standard nearby. Not saying that's the 'better' option, but it's certainly the simpler one.
  6. Either that or Vince realised he's Derrick Bateman already.
  7. Or you could Sky Plus it so you don't have to sit through adverts at 9pm?
  8. Barton and Evans, but you pick out Ross Wallace as a cunt? Christ, Barnsley fans really hate Wednesday don't you? Fuck Barton. He's got serious issues. Worst possible type of person to be given a position of power.
  9. Well New Japan have already confirmed that they are turning Wrestle Kingdom into a two day event, and while I’m not suggesting that specifically will influence WWE, I do think in time they’ll realise they can make more from a two day event. The show is getting so bloated at this point that two 3 hour events would surely go down far better than one seven hour slog. Plus, double the ticket money (in theory), even if they do have to rent the stadium twice instead of once.
  10. I see both of your Michael Cole calls and raise you... "The Streak... is over."
  11. Very first memory of WM is WrestleMania X-Seven. I only actually became a fan at the start of 2001, but I was captivated by Rock and Austin going at it on the SmackDown before 'Mania. I was so excited for that match, even though I didn't actually see it until later that year when I was bought it as my first ever WWF VHS. Generally end up watching WMX7 around this time every year. Cliched, yeah, but it's fucking excellent. Favourite WM is... I think in a way it's WrestleMania XXX. I went to 29, which was so much fun even though the actual card was objectively a bit lacklustre. For 30, I remember sitting in a pub in Sheffield watching the opening promo and just wishing I was there. So many memorable moments. Least favourite WM is... probably WrestleMania 2000. For what's clearly a banner year for the Fed, good God this show is poor. So many multiperson matches, 'McMahon In Every Corner'... ugh. WM27, WM32... they're shit and long and boring, but 2000 is slap bang in the middle of such an excellent time that it's almost unfathomable they produced this. Favourite Mania match is... Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels from WrestleMania's 25th Anniversary, or, to those of us who know how anniversaries actually fucking work, WrestleMania 25. I think we were all a bit desperate to see this match after their 'mini-match' exchange at the Royal Rumble of 2007 and it turned out to be great. The year after was good but this is the one I'd go back to more often. Worst Mania match is... Cole vs. Lawler, obvs. But really, it's Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon, WrestleMania XXVI. How did it go so, so wrong that in fact Vince almost came across as sympathetic at the end? Fucking hell. Favourite Mania match for a midcard title (if not mentioned above) is... Cena vs. Big Show, Mania XX. It made John into Big Match John, to unfortunately quote JBL. Favourite Mania gimmick match is... TLC II from the aforementioned 'Mania X7. Mindblowing. Most under-rated Mania match is... I watched Batista vs. Undertaker again the other day but everyone else is saying it here, so I'll say Batista vs. John Cena from WrestleMania 26. This show should've rivalled the very best Manias in terms of their quality, but actually, this match is pretty good. If you could change one Mania match result... People like Booker SHOULD win the world title at WrestleMania XIX. Especially considering Trips went to get a cup of coffee after the pedigree and almost forgot to actually pin him. That was a 'strike while the iron is hot' moment. Booker never became what he could've been in WWE. Favourite WM set/setup was... WrestleMania 29. It had the Brooklyn Bridge AND a giant Statue of Liberty - plus I was THERE. That was my reward for being there live - seeing that magnificent set up close. Favourite WM image is... Rock and Hogan, SkyDome, turning to look around at the crowd erupting before they've even made contact. Austin vs. Rock is my favourite Mania main event of all time, but the Hogan match is just so iconic from minute one. Terrific entertainment.
  12. It definitely wasn't. I was at the concessions during New Day's match but was rushing back because I thought Enzo and Cass were going to debut. When the Dudleyz music hit I was very pleasantly surprised.
  13. My pal got stung for £30 off Customs ordering one, so you might want to factor that in also.
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