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  1. I bought the collection bundle on PS Store the other day as my son is getting really into superheroes now, and I can’t believe how much game you get for £19.99. All three Lego Marvel games as well as every single piece of DLC for each. It’s remarkable value. Just hope they’re good!
  2. This would be my concern with both. As much as I’m excited to see them back (and I am) I don’t see either one wanting to stick around for many years. With Danielson in particular, there are so many matches people would like to see him in that I could definitely see a few being “burned through” in order to ensure they get them in. With Punk, on the other hand, I don’t see him being a particularly regular TV wrestler, so I think his selection of matches will probably be more limited anyway.
  3. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/vince-mcmahon-scripted-series-wwe-blumhouse-1234988149/ With Dunn on production (look out for camera cuts galore) and Vince as a producer, I can't wait for this realistic and even-handed dramatic recreation of the events of 1994's steroid trial. Particularly enjoyed the show's logline: “with his liberty at stake, two school-aged children at home and with WWE on the brink of bankruptcy, [McMahon] refused to take a plea deal. Ultimately, McMahon stood trial and was acquitted unanimously by a jury of his peers and went on to build a multi-billion-dollar global sports entertainment empire.” So I guess the big question is, will Vince play himself like he's DeNiro in 'The Irishman'?
  4. Are there two different types of Dreamcast there, @chokeout? Could just be the angle but one looks more square while the right one looks more rectangular.
  5. Does it come with crown as illustrated?
  6. I think this is different, though. I imagine, for example, an athletics fan will still enjoy it all regardless. But for me (and countless others no doubt) who’s only a very casual observer, many sports which I would’ve ordinarily enjoyed will probably lose some of their appeal without crowds around. The best example I could give is Gemma Gibbons in the Judo nine year ago. I’m not a judo fan but watching her defeat opponent after opponent while the crowd cheered her on would’ve had a very different impact if there wasn’t anyone there to give it that big event feel.
  7. This is surely going to be a shit show for Japan in years to come, isn't it? Half the reason anyone hosts the Olympics is because of the tourist benefits, considering it costs a bomb. Tokyo will get none of the benefits and all of the hassle, and even the participants will be on edge because surely there'll be plenty of quality athletes who aren't travelling or will miss out due to positive tests or isolation. I get that they won't want to cancel, especially considering there will definitely be athletes for whom this is their last Olympics, but I can't imagine it being any good to watch.
  8. I haven't watched a lot of wrestling lately, but I caught SmackDown from Friday knowing that there were fans back in and so progressed to watch this. Perhaps it's just watching it with an uncynical eye, but I enjoyed it a great deal. Nikki winning the briefcase was lovely. Surely her vs. Alexa could be some sort of hero vs. villain feud? They didn't play that up enough for me - instead of having any sort of standoff, they just went to kicking each other about. Oh, and the hypnotism shite can get in the bin. I haven't missed that at all. Omos is green as goose shit isn't he? I swear he looked better than this at WrestleMania. Weirdly awkward and slow for a guy I know a lot of people enjoy. The crowd seemed keen on him. Fun to see Lashley bringing back the Dominator. Poor Kofi, mind. Oh good, a Charlotte Flair title reign. How far off her Dad's number is she? I assume they're racing to get there. Glad to see Drew not getting booed as I thought he might, although I can't imagine this potential feud with Jinder fucking Mahal will do anyone any good that's not one of the XL sized Bollywood Boys replacements he's got now. Ricochet was good in the ladder match, but I'm delighted Big E won. People seemed to be well into him, as they should be. Hopefully that puts paid to this idea that 'Vince doesn't believe in him' that I read somewhere else. For a match I had little to no interest in seeing at WrestleMania originally, Edge vs. Reigns became really enjoyable. I might not get what everyone else is seeing in this returning Edge, but I did think he brought something that few other challengers potentially could to a match with Roman. Of course Seth had to get involved, which was something of an eye roll. I am not excited about that particular SummerSlam match. And now we come to the real main event. I'd accidentally spoiled myself for the Cena return at the end so I knew it was coming; yet oddly, and I can't fully explain what happened here, when his music hit and everyone went mental I caught myself with goosebumps. In fact, I actually had a surprisingly emotional reaction to seeing that entrance altogether. Perhaps it's some form of nostalgia, or delayed reaction to how the pandemic has virtually cut my interest in WWE out altogether. But seeing John Cena enter to rapturous ovation in front of a full arena... man, it just made me feel happy, you know? I know it was predictable. I know it was inevitable. And I imagine it's probably coming in for criticism from those who are annoyed that WWE try nothing new, or are just going back to part timers. You know what though? I don't care. I'll watch SummerSlam for this now.
  9. Pat is surely the logical extension of Vince's ultimate theory; he doesn't want you, unless you don't want him to want you and then he wants you, so long as you don't want him to want you while he wants you, and make it clear that you don't need or want him to want to need or want you. Then, you can do what you want, even if that's not what they want you to do. Oh, and he did real sports for a bit.
  10. I imagine those horns at the beginning would be at least as popular as Austin's 'glass shattering' sound effect, except with more gravitas.
  11. I thought Seinfeld was supposed to be on Netflix by now? Any inkling as to when that'll be?
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