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  1. I still hum this spontaneously on occasion. Why does he say Thursday twice?
  2. Is this the general consensus then Butch? It makes sense to me but I keep seeing things shared by some 'alliance' or other who want the season finishing. It's supported by Hashtag United which immediately sets alarm bells going in my head.
  3. edit; you won't be laughing when Wolverine and Charlie Day take over East Stirlingshire
  4. It's a remarkable turn around. Reckon Vince has gone a bit Howard Hughes/'Spruce Moose' Mr Burns?
  5. I can’t believe I’m asking this, but... source? Haven’t seen anything about that until this post.
  6. Not done this for many a year, but here we go... Gary Sparrow The Thunderdome must have an outlet through Duckett's Passage, because Gary's here and he's runnin' wild! As a hero of World War II AND a successful 40s memorabilia dealer from the late 90s, Gary knows a thing or two about old things that don't belong any more. He eliminates Goldberg. BUT WAIT! Is that the soothing jazz melody of Jamie Cullum circa 2007? That can only mean... Jimmy Venables Yes! It's handyman and notoriously average dad Jimmy Venables, who will surely be left standing as the winner After
  7. Sounds like the sort of thing a communist would say...
  8. I know whether or not I'll want to watch something based on Supremo's posts. That's how much I trust his opinion. His posts are always informed and fair for AEW, WWE or whatever else is out there. So that's where my vote has to go.
  9. Come on, it's got to be Money in the Bank, hasn't it? WrestleMania was disappointing to a huge degree, but they took some good steps to both a) ensure one actually happened and b) mitigate the difficulty of it, e.g. Boneyard Match, splitting it over two nights, putting John Cena in a time machine. I don't often give WWE credit for much because they often fuck up so easily, but put under the stress they were under, they actually dealt with that one solidly. Money in the Bank though? Ugh. If anything overpromised and underdelivered, it's that. They'd had some time to think for this one, so t
  10. Nope, you haven't, although he wasn't a performance centre trainee but an actual ex-sumo called Hiroki Sumi. Word had it that Yoko was a massive favourite of someone in the Saudi ruling class, iirc.
  11. He can, currently, hence why impeachment is being sought out despite him having little time left of his presidency.
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