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  1. Careful, the pubs are open in Luton again. He’ll hear.
  2. I’ll be delighted to see the uproar if Undisputed Era debut and are immediately designated as Shane O’Mac’s Mean Street Posse 2.0
  3. They so, so almost had that ending perfect. When the Fiend music kicked in I was like “oh shit”. Perhaps one of the better times they’ve done the ‘horror’ aspect in a long time. Then there was the slow tension build as he threatened the mandible claw. It was all falling into place... and then the minute he locks it on, the crowd noise from Windows 98 kicks in with its fake BOOS, and I was completely out of it once more. Bah.
  4. Someone said after WrestleMania that because the Boneyard match was so effective, they'll definitely just take the wrong message and decide to completely overdo that, like they do with anything that has an iota of success. Well...
  5. And like Hot Fuzz on ITV2, this is a weekly rating
  6. What a prick. But fucking hell, who knew Matt Hancock had a backbone? Where the fuck's he been hiding that?
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