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  1. Daaaaaad!

    Disney Plus

    Pirates 4 I believe started as a different film called (of course) On Stranger Tides, which Disney bought and retooled to include Jack Sparrow. I thought it was 'fine', definitely no worse than 2 or 3.
  2. Wasn't this filmed by BT Sport themselves? I bet, for that exact reason, they don't.
  3. I mean, apart from when Mickie was pushed in front of a train: (I realise this makes me come across as a bit of a dick, but ffs TNA don't do a literal 'thrown in front of a train' angle)
  4. We were out in the street clapping like everyone. It's a strange, strange feeling; on one hand there's an overwhelming sense of togetherness in terms of appreciation for those who are helping to run the country, but on the other hand, I think tonight is the closest I've felt to that 'war time' sense of danger. I realise, of course, that there are people who lived through far worse conditions in relatively recent living memory, but since lockdown began, tonight's felt like the first 'fuck, this is a really big problem' moment for me. And that's as someone who has been vehemently following the rules!
  5. Unsure who this was referring to, I googled it in case it was a well-known nickname of someone. One result; you, three years ago. Fortunately it was plenty enough to let me figure it out.
  6. Could it be something to do with this, which I hadn't heard about? https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidbixenspan/2020/03/07/wwe-sued-over-saudi-arabia-deal-by-another-retirement-fund/#72b534fb5024
  7. Daaaaaad!

    Disney Plus

    Just loaded up The Mandalorian. Only two episodes on there. Nice one. 😐
  8. Have you seen WWE recently? They throw out about a million cuts for a fucking ten-punch.
  9. Seems oddly coincidental for me that everyone's talking about Football Manager - Peter Whittingham was a mainstay of my Cardiff side that got promoted on FM07, so as a consequence I've always had a sort of a soft spot for him. Terrible, tragic news; may he rest in peace.
  10. If this leads to them splitting it up in future and giving us a couple of digestible 3hr shows instead of a 7hr sloggathon, I'm all for it.
  11. That's the plan. Unsure if Trump's latest announcement changes anything.
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