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  1. Don't think that's entirely accurate. If they go straight to the Ohno programme, where else does that leave them? There's Drew... and no-one else? It's not a bad idea to save some of the bigger names for later title matches. Especially if Roode or Itami get moved up.
  2. Pandemonium? PANDAmonium? PANDA?!?
  3. How ironic. Think there's an element of that though in all seriousness. I remember reading he was considering suing them for lost earnings also so I'd imagine this would put that possibility to bed.
  4. This took me longer than I'm proud to admit.
  5. Sheffield United in talks to re-sign Ched Evans A bit bizarre this one. He's nowhere near Championship level and has only scored five goals in League One this season.
  6. Where did you get that from? Not about the Dumpster match but I'm confused as to why anyone would think it worth noting that Lesnar wasn't advertised considering his contract situation and record.
  7. I'm fairly confident that might be 'Regal', not 'Legal' in that penultimate sentence.
  8. So after the general mania of WrestleMania season, we settled down to watch a film on the podcast this week - specifically WWE Studios' "Countdown", the cop film with Dolph Ziggler and Kane. Was interesting to say the least (we even had a cliche counter) but there's plenty of directly wrestling-related stuff on this week's show also, including reviews of ICW and Fight Club Pro as well as a general discussion of what Jinder Mahal might mean for the FUTURE OF THE BIZNESS. Give it a listen here: https://royalgrumble.podbean.com/e/grumble-film-club-wwe-countdown-jinder-mahal-and-fight-club-pro/ - and enjoy!
  9. Lol, you sweaty virgins must love Samoa Joe right? And Kevin Owens? Lol. Why not go outside and meet a real woman, you gay sweaty virgins who for some reason want to have sex with women but also never have. Or listen to Russo, apparently the two are equated for some reason.
  10. Oh, that makes it okay to say he should've done a rape then. Silly me.
  11. You're right, in fact in this he says he wished he did rape her for his sentence, so in a way it's much worse.
  12. Gunner and Crimson are really shit names, and not in that way where someone has a shit name but it grows on you after a while because they're good to watch. They deserve a repackage.
  13. Don't be absurd, it happened to 1PW a few times and they're right as rain now.
  14. Nintendo expected to announce Classic SNES Mini Silly me...
  15. I went to see a double bill of Batman Begins/The Dark Knight and that had a ten minute intermission, which made it pretty bearable all told. Not sure I could do a full-on marathon.