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  1. Is no one mentioning that fucking SAMOA JOE is gone?? what a shit show edit: apparently they are announcing names as they go but srsly fuck this
  2. I think it's also remarkably difficult to get past the fact that he's clearly a massive, massive cunt.
  3. I did go out of my way to watch this, and I'm very glad I did. Talking Smack is a thirty minute programme, apparently, but I wouldn't have known if I didn't check. He appears about ten minutes in and then it just flies as you're engrossed in their interaction.
  4. Ironic that at the first WrestleMania since Undertaker officially retired, we might see actual lightning.
  5. Boo. We all know that the REAL main event was Drew vs. Big Show.
  6. Bianca vs. Sasha has been confirmed to close out Night One.
  7. I have a wacky theory behind this, seeing as this week's Raw suggests to me that this isn't, in fact, a clever angle (surprise surprise). First of all, according to the DIRT SHEETZ~! both MVP and Lashley have been at Vince about this Hurt Business break-up as, clearly, they also know it's a terrible idea. Vince however has decided to push on with it regardless. My theory is: Hurt Business was a great heel stable and made Lashley a semi-credible WWE Championship challenger Vince knows this and wants Drew to get all the cheers at 'Mania Vince fears that Lasher will get che
  8. He tweets lots of good shit, but you have to sift through so, so much that it's really not worth it. Better to wait until someone worthwhile retweets him.
  9. My friend theorised that they were changing the style of the belt so that... Guess he was right. Also, is thread spoiler proof?
  10. I thought it was Broken Skull Sessions... think the smashed forbidden door sessions would be something else entirely
  11. It takes some real effort to be completely blacklisted by every major promotion, but Austin Aries makes it look easy. I’d actually forgotten he was in WWE as recently as 2017.
  12. G€€, that’$ a r£all¥ tricky one.
  13. Look at the state of Drew’s poses on this animated match graphic. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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