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  2. Doncaster. (unless that's the joke somehow)
  3. God bless you, chokeout.
  4. You can almost see him die a little inside upon answering that question.
  5. I'm pretty sure they went under completely didn't they?
  6. To be honest, I've seen far, far more reaction from people pre-empting a sexist backlash than actual sexist backlash. However, I imagine there might've been at least slightly less of a reaction if Phoebe Waller-Bridge had been announced instead. If the Doctor was going to be a woman, I would've preferred it to be someone with a mysterious quality like her. EDIT: oh and i'm delighted Kris Marshall isn't getting it. Fuck Kris Marshall and his stupid BT wife.
  7. Lovely idea in theory, pretty much impossible in practice as far as I can see. Stuff like this tends to leak, so it's more about controlling how your information is released for the BBC. Sometimes it's done well, like the Matt Smith reveal. Sometimes it's not done quite as well, like the John Simm one earlier this year.
  8. When I first found out today I did feel a bit odd about it, but to be honest I've only watched about three episodes of this season anyway so to say it would putting me off watching in future is a bit disingenuous. I have really loved the series at times but really I think I'm just a bit over Doctor Who in general by now, so ultimately it doesn't make a big difference to me. If I hear she's fantastic and the series is tremendous, I'll probably tune in again. Be interesting to see what they do with the companion now mind. Will they go for a male to 'balance' things out?
  9. This week's Royal Grumble looks at Great Balls of Fire, as well as a live review of RevPro's British J Cup, whether Big Cass is just a reincarnated Test, what Kurt Angle is REALLY going to reveal tomorrow on RAW and just what punishment should you get for trying to kill a man in an ambulance? Link is here: http://royalgrumble.podbean.com/e/great-balls-of-fire-revpro-british-j-cup-iscassstilldead/ - please listen and enjoy! EDIT: also we're doing Ric Flair's retirement tour next week, which I'm looking forward to immensely.
  10. Actually gutted since that basically replaced my actual watching of SmackDown most weeks.
  11. I prefer Always Ultra.
  12. It's awesome, but enjoyable isn't what I'd say! Man alive, it's a powerfully difficult watch. He certainly doesn't hold back when talking about his issues. So glad to see him now though, he looks so, so happy to be there every week.
  13. I reckon they're about level. Spider-Man 2 is a personal favourite of mine but it does have some issues, whereas this one probably holds together a little better but might be suffering from the fact that so much Spider-Man stuff has already been done on screen. Great fun though, way more fun than the other films and really enjoyable throughout.
  14. Fair play, I'm phrasing everything horribly. You've nailed it there Herbie.