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  1. Yeah not to spite her. I mean she has been happy moving on, getting on with her life while I have been the one chasing and her knowing she always has me on the back burner and I don't think there was any chance of a reconciliation in the future until she realised what life is like without me in it at all, so took the decision to remove myself completely from her life and at the very least it will also help me move on. If she contacts me so be it but I needed to show im not just going to wait around for her anymore. It's wasn't healthy at all. Also thanks @deathrey!
  2. Going through a break up atm! We were together 2 and a half years. Completly in love. lived together but covid times were hard with work etc and we drifted apart. We both moved out and went our seperate ways. A few months later we tried again but the same issues cropped up which were - saying I act like I don't care enough and didn't seem to be bothered about seeing her when lockdown ended. I was just struggling to to show it the same as the first year we were together due to certain things which happened in the relationship. We were great together understood each other on a level like no other. I adored her and she thought I was the best thing since sliced bread but I can admit I didn't show it enough towards the end and I think it pushed her away. So mutually we went out separate ways at the end of March. First month was OK then I really started to miss her and tried to tell her as you do lol but she was not interested. She said the old I need to focus on myself etc. A couple of text exchanges happened. I came across a bit needy im sure! Sunday night I decided I needed to delete her from my socials otherwise nothing will ever change. So I did that then she messaged me yesteday wishing me a happy birthday and asking why I deleted her. She found it odd as we ended on good terms and didn't think we had to delete each other but if that's what I wanted to do then all good. All very strange! I said you know why but you have my number if you ever want to call and talk to me and I'm not going to just sit around in the friend zone and we left it that. Just a weird feeling now as not been able to look at her socials but I'm sure it's for the best. I would love to get back with her at some point but think this was the only option. Had to let go completely and if she comes back so be it. I was making the break up far too easy for her and felt it needed to stop. Just looking for some reassurance I made the right choice here lol.
  3. Turn it in your miserable man! We were just enjoying the moment. A reason to smile after a horrid 18 months. I was in picadilly circus, everyone was so happy, buzzing and it was great to see, one of the best nights I have had.
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