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  1. Middle is pretty much how i scored the fight, except I gave BJS round 4. Those other 2 show he was never going to get a decision in the US.
  2. Saunders boxes beautifully last night I thought FIght was fantastic, shame it ended after the 8th. I had it a draw at the time of the stoppage. That uppercut from Canelo was nasty stuff. If he had come out for the 9th with the state of that eye, it was lights out for sure. Really enjoyable fight. Plant next for Canelo you would imagine, should be good but another victim for the resume.
  3. https://www.instagram.com/p/COWle2Mndt6/?igshid=biwri16zuhc3 This is ridiclous πŸ˜‚
  4. What an entitled clown Chisora is. The ego on the guy lol. Hope Parker smashes him now. If it was to drum up some extra ppv buys, what a strange way to go about it.
  5. Yeah man! There is no point right now, he is not going anywhere, just have to strap in and ride it out. This team is wild, you just never know what you are going to get from 1 week to the next. Couldn't beleive we were playing without a cf last night, in a semi final, a formation we have not played once under Arteta. Of course the first goal came from the left also. Hopefully we left Ceballos in Spain and hid his passport. Besides all this, we are still in the tie somehow!
  6. Couldn't believe when i saw this was a PPV haha. Interested to see Eubank now Roy Jones is training him.
  7. Ah randomly teaming up Riddle and Orton, will potentially win and lose the tag titles before one turns on the other.
  8. I see nobody has mentioned boycotting Spurs current sponsor as nobody knows who they are or what the fuck they do. Just they have a lovely red logo which is the perfect colour for a Tottenham shirt.
  9. Defo the sort of answer I would expect from someone who's teams level is the carabao cup
  10. The Championship is a minefield, how quickly you can go from playoff hopefulls to getting stuck in a relegation scrap season to season is crazy. Love it tho, my favourite division to watch! Be a shame if the same 3 teams who went down come back up, surely it's Brentfords time! My hometown locals Reading have dropped off now, can't see them getting a spot in the playoffs. Without a doubt didn't have a team to compete in the prem next season so continue to build this summer and make a run next year makes more sense or end up in a relegation scrap!
  11. That's mad isn't it! What a stat lol! Emery going to want our heads and we want his too, should be a cracking semi. We all remember the last time we played these boys in the semi. King Jens!
  12. Bring On Emery, not sure i can handle the pain if he knocks us out! Just got to keep Saka and ESR fit till the end of the season and we are in with a chance. This new system Arteta seems to have stumbled on the last couple of games is really bringing the best out of Partey
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