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  1. Bams IG is a mess, I swear every time I open the app there 7 new posts of boycott Jackass 4 t shirts.
  2. Just had a feeling! Didn't think Usman would want to go to the ground and seeing he was training with Justin and after what he did to Colby fancied him to finish it on the feet. No money on it unfortunately!
  3. Of course Weetabix is popular but it brings the brand to to the forefront of the consumers mind. Even the biggest brands in the world run awareness campaigns. A campaign like this is not measured on a short term upturn in sales where people are going to rush out to buy Weetabix but rather longer term awareness of the brand where you will pick these brands over others as it will still be in your mind when out doing your weekly shop etc.
  4. Brand awareness serves a purpose on its own, not just based on a rise in sales even for brands such as Heinz and Weetabix and considering the low cost I would imagine running a campaign like this cost, they have every right to celebrate.
  5. Do we think they are cold beans or warm?
  6. I haven't watched WWE in a long time, the commentary is absolutely hideous these days and makes it so difficult to get into anything, this along with the annoying piped in crowd noise, has WWE ever been worse? Let me add, I meant watching the rumble was my first time tuning in for a very long time.
  7. Not mentioned but would you consider Rusev a contender for this?
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