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  1. JLM

    Regional Dialect Quiz

    I was born in Hertfordshire, did some growing up in Lancashire, more growing up in Kent, then moved to Merseyside, then back to Hertfordshire and have now found myself in Yorkshire and settled here. My accent and regional dialects make no sense to anyone. I'm too Southern here in Leeds but too Northern when I go back to Maidstone. Regardless of my multi-regional open-mindedness when it comes to slang, I cannot accept the Yorkshire terminology for baked goods and have been persecuted for my beliefs many times since moving here. Muffins and fairy cakes are not buns and a bread cake is just the names of two baked goods thrown together. It's absurd.
  2. JLM

    Who would you turn for?

    Something very wrong with his beard also. It doesn't begin and end at the right points on his face or neck. Pillow talk would not be good either.
  3. JLM

    Who would you turn for?

    Orton has an oddly swollen-looking face that I can only imagine looks worse during sex. I'm out. Interesting that nobody is saying AJ Styles. Has his stock with THE GAY COMMUNITY??!!? fallen so far that even straight guys don't fancy him any more? Oh, also Shane Thorne. Absolutely not Nick Miller though.
  4. JLM

    Who would you turn for?

    Adam Cole’s hair line upsets me.
  5. JLM

    Who would you turn for?

    Drew McIntyre since he transformed into King Leonidas is quite a specimen of a man. Another +1 for Finn Ballor and Kota Ibushi too. Corey Graves, though with him I think it's more that his look is so carefully crafted to attract the sort of rainbow-haired/pierced/tattooed alternative type girls that I'm partial to myself. So maybe I'd want to look like him, rather than have him pound me mercilessly into the night and then let me be the little spoon when I passed out like with Drew.
  6. He played the ropes like a keyboard though. Did you consider that?
  7. Nice one, cheers for that. All the other weekly TV I'll just listen to the POST-Wrestling reviews and check out anything that sounds good, but I really look forward to NXT every week so am on high alert for spoilers. Clearly on *too* high alert. But yeah, nothing spoiled here, I'd have to read through spoilers to go and double check, so I didn't. I just mistakenly took a prediction to be a result. Sorry @air_raid
  8. **EDIT: Nothing to see here πŸ˜‰**
  9. JLM

    WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    The exact definition of Roguelike is a bit controversial. The strict definition requires the game to share more of the conventions of the term's namesake, Rogue (including turn-based combat, tile-based graphics etc.) so some folks prefer "Roguelite" to cover the many many games that borrow the permadeath and procedurally generated levels/level structure of Rogue but combine these with a completely different gameplay genre. The one thing they will share regardless of the pedantry of your terminology is that each play through ("run") will be unique and when you die it's game over. You get steadily better at it through repetition but you still have to think on your feet every time. This makes the "one more go" factor extremely strong. Would also thoroughly recommend Enter The Gungeon as another Roguelite. It's a legit masterpiece in my eyes, one of the best indie games I've ever played and absolutely crammed with content. Every time I play I'll still see a new gun, item or synergy between gun/item that I've never seen before, and almost all of them are some nerdy reference to another game/film/TV show/etc. The gameplay is super-challenging but also very responsive and never feels unfair. It's fantastic. Get it.
  10. JLM

    WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    Slay The Spire on Steam is THE game for me. It has dominated so much of my gaming time over the past year and has instantly placed itself in my top 5 games of all time. It finally comes out of Early Access today having already sold over 1 million copies. I have 550 hours game time and I still play it several times a week. The unusual hybrid of deck-builder and roguelike has turned out to be the most addictive thing I've ever played. Also during early access it has been patched every Friday with new content, balance changes and various tweaks to the presentation, so it has truly been the gift that keeps on giving. It's the first game in years and years that has amassed the sort of gameplay time I usually only throw into fighting games. It's currently only on Steam but is heading to Switch later this year. Once it's on Switch my life is basically over and I'll probably have to quit my job and give up food to make room for a portable version of it. I bought Tetris Effect and Beat Saber recently and I love them both, but the call of the Spire means even those games haven't been getting nearly as much love as they should. Cannot wait for my copy of Resi 2 remake to arrive though. I avoided the demo as I knew it'd be a day one purchase. Although I agree with the general consensus that Resi 4 is one of the best games ever made, Resi 2 is the one that holds the most nostalgia value for me. Stepping into that police station again is going to stir up all of the feelings. Bought it from Shopto so I'm hoping to get it either this evening or tomorrow. I am very disillusioned with a lot of triple A releases these days (I cannot be arsed with Rockstar games at all, for example) and mostly live on a diet of fighting games and indie titles, so it's great to be super-excited about a game delivery turning up again. 😍