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  1. Punishment Martinez’s mean face is hilarious. He looks like a cartoonish parody of a heel wrestler and yeah, totally agree he gave off Baron Corbin vibes. Also it’s funny that people have to call him Punishment as if that’s his real first name. Forgotten Sons are dogshit. I love Mendoza and Carrillo as a jobber tag team. Mendoza was already one of my favourite jobbers ever and the tandem only sweetens the deal. They both look passable enough as wrestlers and have decent gear but rarely outshine their opponent's look, they can deliver really exciting hope spots and put on a great 5 minute TV match and they're both great at being swatted/splatted by their opponents when they tire of all the flippidy dipping. They're also very clean and crisp in what they do. They seem like solid hands despite doing a lot of fairly risky stuff. I think they are perfect for the role they’ve been given and their only fault in this outing was perhaps having the heat for a bit too long and making the Forgotten Sons look like even bigger turds by comparison. I enjoyed the closing segment quite a bit but agree they should have Aleister talk way more sparingly. Ciampa was thoroughly entertaining. Totally echo Supremo's sentiment about Gargano too. I still think it was madness to turn him but he's doing a much better job with it than I'd anticipated. Dream is wonderful. Shayna is as well. I enjoy Riddle but yeah his presentation so far smacks of WWE latching onto one or two aspects of what does way too hard and diluting the appeal of it. I think Ohno jumping him will be a good opportunity for them to emphasise the "he's a pretty chill guy but don't push it m8" aspect of the character. Oh, and I love Undisputed Era as well. I think one of the most magical things about the group is that they've turned Roddy being a terrible promo into an asset for him. Him dropping "sick burns" and generally sounding like a lemon is in keeping with his new persona and it totally works. It's Heyman-esque weakness coverage and I approve of this. He's like the snivelling little Richard Hammond figure of the group when they do theiir promos.