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  1. Aside from doing the blast of heat from the oven thing, I also have an issue with plugs. In the living room one of our sockets has two extensions plugged in. One is for my work station and the other is the router and house phone/answer machine. Guess which one I keep turning off at night by mistake? Clue: it's the one that takes down Netflix and Xbox Live in one fell swoop.
  2. They are in Glasgow. Hamburger supper a staple of every menu. Place near me does a cheeseburger supper, which has the cheese inside the burger itself.
  3. I truly feel we won't see whether Speaking Out had had an impact until fans can return. Either it will have a huge impact on attendance or we'll find out that the vocal social media fanbase isn't big enough to make a difference. The family-based shows will continue even with people involved who shouldn't be because the target audience is very unlikely to use Twitter to follow wrestling.
  4. That reminds me of being at a TNA show in Manchester around 2010 or 2011, the one where Hogan had his last match. The woman behind us was there with her son and his pal who were about 8 or 9. She clearly hated it and when we were chatting she told us she'd only agreed to bring them because they said Randy Orton would be there.
  5. Had the Zinger flavour KFC crisps today. Don't taste like a Zinger but very nice and quite spicy regardless.
  6. Carol Smilie came to my old nursery to open the summer fair when she was on Wheel of Fortune. Although I was about 7 my mum still worked there so I was at the fair too. Then about 18 months ago I went to the funeral of my old boss and Carol Smilie was the Humanist celebrant giving the eulogy.
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