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  1. MungoChutney

    The Food Thread

    I'm in Helsinki for work this week and the first couple of nights most of the group went to an Italian place and then a sushi buffet. Last night we delegated one guy to find us authentic Finnish food but not at Finnish prices. We ended up at a place that had about 30 seats and was a buffet but with with the food cooked by a wee Finnish granny. The plate below looks terrible I'm sure but it was incredible. Reindeer, chicken, pork and lamb with anchovies all present here. Edit: Pic not working, will try and sort that when I'm home!
  2. MungoChutney

    Chippy Tea

    Had this recently at a holiday park. How can any chippy get the sausages so right and then serve them with frozen chips?! Completely unacceptable.