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  1. I think it's technically supposed to be a side but they didn't have any of the bigger boards left so chucked it on top. I didn't complain.
  2. Had this on my local pub on Friday. It's a chain pub, used to be John Barras and is Belhaven now I think. Still, decent pint and it's all locals who use it. What you're looking at is their Pizza Platter. Meat Feast pizza under there with pepperoni, chicken and ground beef. Topped with pulled pork, garlic bread and deep fried 4 cheese ravioli. It was up there with the best meal I've ever eaten, and not just in a pub.
  3. Cobra Kai is brilliant. It's only the second TV show that me, the missus and my son have watched all the way through together. Subscribe to YouTube premium and watch the second season right away, it's even better than the first and starts off from the point mentioned in your spoiler.
  4. The electorate aren't to blame for this. Parliamentarians from every major party have behaved appallingly since the Tories won a majority and declared a referendum. Careerist politics have been at the forefront of Labour and Lib Dem policy across the whole issue and the leadership shown by Corbyn has been non-existent. Even the SNP, who have been at least consistent in their policy, are treading a dangerous path. I find it amazing that they are calling for a vote with Remain as an option while continuing to say they'll use a mandate for indyref 2 before 2021. How can they expect people to believe that a vote for Yes would ensure independence with a smooth transition while this shit show is going on around Brexit? The people who will be most affected by food shortages are the ones the furthest removed from the policy making. In fact, many of them are already experiencing food shortages and are using food banks as a result of welfare reform and austerity. All this while the Parliamentary Labour Party can't agree on a coherent strategy to address the damage being waged by a Tory government.
  5. As would I of course. Food and medicine shortages could be catastrophic. Although, so could a majority Tory/Brexit party government and almost certainly for a longer period of time. The number of deaths attributable to welfare reform alone is already horrific. It's a bleak, bleak outlook across the UK at the moment.
  6. The frustration that I feel makes we wish it was over, that doesn't mean I'd be happy to settle for a no deal Brexit and the problems that may bring just so it would finish tomorrow. However, the current situation as it stands is very likely, in my opinion, to create more opportunities for the far-right to gain momentum. If we're not very careful we will be creating a political environment that I would much rather my son didn't grow up in. It's incredibly easy for Farage and his supporters to make this look like middle class lefties are stopping the will of the working class people being followed. This country has neglected working class communities for decades and Brexit has provided the perfect opportunity for the worst kind of of political views to become common place and even accepted. So yes, I'm pissed off and wish it was over and then we can face that situation because not having it over in the short term is also going to have long term consequences that I don't fancy much either.
  7. This has been one of the craziest weeks I've seen since I started following politics when I was 7. Partly I was a weird kid and partly because my sister was a Labour activist and worked for an MP. My first memory is of the 1992 GE result coming in and the shock that the Tories had won. I voted to Remain in 2016 after a fair bit of going back and forth but ultimately didn't think Leave would be the success it was made out to be. That turned out to be right and I reckon I'd still vote Remain tomorrow if given the choice. Saying all of this, I think Brexit has been one of the worst things ever to happen to this country. The level of blatant sexism, racism and misogyny that's being tolerated in every day life and particularly from our elected members is as frightening as it is disgusting. Dunno about anyone else but I'd like to just get it the fuck over with now and then deal with whatever comes next. The current parliamentary situation is embarrassing and the fact that Jo Swinson and Chuka Umunna are at the forefront of a political party that is gaining in the polls is something that actually does speak volumes.
  8. I felt quite bad for Ken Clarke tonight. I know he's a Tory and they're cunts as per the thread title, but he comes across to me as a guy with integrity who is genuinely sad that Johnson and co. are dragging the party towards a far more right wing ideology than they've ever had in his 5 decades in parliament. On the Tory cunt scale Clarke is way towards the lowest point for me.
  9. 1994 Rumble maybe? I haven't watched it in a while but definitely think it had them clock each other and started swinging.
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