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  1. MungoChutney

    Stuff that happened as a child that really shouldnt have.

    Aye, that might explain it then!
  2. MungoChutney

    General Adnan's Football 17/18

    Cheers, no idea how I missed that!
  3. MungoChutney

    General Adnan's Football 17/18

    And @Teedy Kay mentions them having all highlights but he may just mean for those 20 games. The BBC article explaining who won what didn't mention highlights at all I don't think.
  4. MungoChutney

    Stuff that happened as a child that really shouldnt have.

    What schools did you go to Baz? It must have been in the east end of Glasgow? I went to St. Andrews in Carntyne and never witnessed anything like that in PE. I was always near the top of the class in primary school sports but at secondary school the bigger range of boys from all over pushed me down to above average, especially in athletic type stuff. But I was also in the War Gaming and Chess clubs so definitely at the bottom of the social ladder in that respect. In fact I got quite a hard time off a few kids at the start of first year until we got to the football block in PE. I was quite a physical player for that age and I think it took a few of them aback. After that I seemed to get a little less hassle but was still tarred as a geek and regularly tripped up or had my chair pulled away as I went to sit down etc.
  5. MungoChutney

    Stuff that happened as a child that really shouldnt have.

    I was assaulted not once but twice by fully grown men when I was 12/13. The first one was when we were having a kick about and my mate and I started a squabble that turned into a bit of a scrap. Nothing major but I ended up pushing him hard and he went right on his arse. The next thing I know his crazy Italian uncle has run down the street and jumped up and fly kicked me. My brother saw this unfolding from the window and ended up chasing the guy up the road. Second time we were playing wrestling and two brothers bumped heads and both went home crying. I was lying on the ground about 10 mins later just chatting when their dad appeared and started doing his best Steve Austin impression by literally stomping on me full force while I lay on the ground. I got up, ran home and my mum called the police. We didn't charge the guy in the end because it wasn't really the done thing and the tongue lashing my mum gave him was punishment enough. Still to this day I see the guy in the pub occasionally and he can't make eye contact with me. I have no idea why these guys thoughtit was ok to physically assault a kid who had barely left primary schools. I was always quite tall and was 5 feet 8 by the time I was 14 and I seemed to just stop growing but fuck sake I still looked like a kid.
  6. MungoChutney

    The cookery thread

    I've always struggled with rice so tend to opt for boil in the bag stuff. Can'tsay I've ever noticed any difference between that and even getting boiled rice in a restaurant.
  7. MungoChutney

    Jamie Oliver

    I saw an article with the headline 'Jamie Oliver's answer to childhood obesity is to starve the poor'. That sums it up in a handy sentence.