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  1. MungoChutney

    It's Political Correctness Gone Mad!

    Wanted to go full on and Tweet from my professional account and try to get the papers interested. Missus talked some sense into me unfortunately. I did actually email and say that I thought it was a stupid word in a kids book though and they replied giving the reason I said before.
  2. MungoChutney

    It's Political Correctness Gone Mad!

    A few years ago I complained to Roald Dahls publisher because the word slut appeared in the book I was reading to my son. They replied saying they wouldn't change it as when it was written slut simply meant dirty or unkempt woman. Well, that's alright then eh. 😕
  3. MungoChutney


    Well, I think that establishes your pizza connoisseur credentials. Quality toppings and well thought out design.
  4. MungoChutney


    Just because Nduja doesn't look like a word doesn't mean it isn't one. What's on your soon to be delivered pizza?
  5. MungoChutney


    Worst - pineapple by a mile. No need for fruit on a pizza. Best - nduja sausage. Much better than ground beef or similar. Pepperoni is also overrated.
  6. MungoChutney


    This makes the assumption that people can afford to buy in bulk. A lot of families live day to day and eat what they can afford on that basis.
  7. MungoChutney


    I'm yet to be convinced that it's cheaper to make a vegetable curry from scratch for 4 people than it is to buy frozen pizza and frozen chips that will feed them same 4. You guys obviously have much more idea of cooking on a Vegan diet than me though, are there any article or reports that compares the cost?
  8. MungoChutney


    Yeah, Butch has picked my point up. Just as a very quick example, 1L of almond milk in Tesco is £1.70 and 2.7L of semi-skimmed cows milk is £1.09. If you're a family in some kind of financial hardship (hello Universal Credit) then you're not able to afford the vegan option in this case, or in fact many others. Take the square sausage I was on about too. That's a common breakfast item up here. Those vegan ones can be bought in a pack of 4 for a fiver. A pack of 4 pork ones will be less than half of that, even for a decent brand or direct from a butcher. The other issue for low income families is that convenient, easy to make food, is much more readily available to them. If you're a single parent with a couple of kids you're unlikely to have time to get out the cook books and do a low cost vegan recipe. Much easier to buy processed food that is cheaper and easier to make. This is a point that is also missed by Jamie Oliver. Basically, I think there is so much more to consider in the argument for a plant-based diet than simply the ethics of eating meat.
  9. MungoChutney


    I'm not a Vegan by any manner of means but popped into Rose & Grants in Glasgow today to try their Vegan square sausage. Square sausage or slice as it's known in the Ayrshire backwaters is a major delicacy up here. This was reasonably tasty but much more expensive than the usual £1.50 pork version made up of pigs ears and feet. Wasn't as tasty either tbh. I find that's a huge issue currently with Vegan options in that they're much more expensive than the processed meat alternatives. We really can't expect families in deprived communities to be switching to a plant based diet anytime soon.
  10. MungoChutney


    I accidentally Garth quite regularly now 😳
  11. MungoChutney


    Sympathy for Theresa May? No. Sympathy for families pushed into using food banks by her party's policies? Absolutely. Political discourse is fine but there is absolutely nothing I find admirable about that woman.
  12. MungoChutney

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    Two Hearts fans have been arrested for abusing a Motherwell player yesterday and then there's the 4 or 5 incidents with Scott Sinclair that have involved fans of different teams. Totally agree with Keith that racism has been increasingly legitimised of late. Tommy Robinson was planning to come to a Hearts game but I don't think he did. A few decent fans got a bit of a backlash going and it seemed to fade away. Football fans are still predominantly from working class backgrounds and that's where he likes of the EDL target their xenophobic propaganda.
  13. MungoChutney

    The Official ICW Discussion Thread

    Super Smoking Thunder Dome from around August 2012 or the show before that as that's the start of Gradomania. The Square Go that has Drew vs Renfrew and Joe Coffey vs Jack Gallagher was also excellent. Might be 2015?
  14. MungoChutney

    Vince has BritWres in his pocket.

    I don't think any of the imports were ticket sellers to be fair. I was keen to see the Storm vs Grado match but no interest in the Briscoes. Previous imports like RVD, Angle, Nash, Foley, Dudleys and Rey were much more integral to the draw. The flip side is that some folk maybe think why pay 35 quid for a number of matches you could maybe see for 15 at the Garage? Personally I really liked the show. It felt like an older ICW show from around 2012 or 2013. Stories made sense and progressed and I think in a smaller venue some of the crowd reactions would have been incredible. Was a wee bit muted by the size of the Hdyro even with the sections curtained off.
  15. MungoChutney

    The Mitchells are Stone Cold, Danny Dyer is DX

    Isn't Phil in that car that's upside down on the front cover? Driven into the Thames by Grant down by the Millennium Dome?