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  1. MungoChutney

    Confusion in Wrestling

    Similarly I didn't understand what a fall was until I was in my teens.
  2. MungoChutney

    ITV World of Sport: Tapings postponed until July?

    I enjoyed it. Missed last week's episode after catching the first one and didn't have time to watch it before today. To me it's like going along to one of the many local family shows that run up and down the country, except I'm in my living room. My son is 8 and it's ideal watching for us just before we have dinner.
  3. MungoChutney

    Wrestling unpopular opinions

    The Bezerker and Repo Man gimmicks were brilliant. Especially the Bezerker winning by count out rather than pinfall because he enjoyed lobbing jobbers over the top rope.
  4. MungoChutney

    The cookery thread

    The missus and I are heading down to the Huddersfield Food and Drink Festival on Friday. We have friends down there and have timed our visit nicely to coincide with this. Judging by the website it will be a cross between this thread and the #EatClean one. If anyone has been before then recommendations would be very welcome.
  5. MungoChutney

    New wrestling figures!

    Their other lines look good not keen on the WWE ones. Plus, anything that is blind boxed and costs more than a fiver is daft.
  6. MungoChutney

    New wrestling figures!

    I got them all except Ted Arcidi. Somehow I had never even heard of him. I had two LJNs that I got from a jumble sale. One was JYD and the other was Tito Santana, although until recently I thought he was Rick Martel due to the purple trunks.
  7. MungoChutney

    The Why Don't You Get a Job Thread

    They'll probably prefer a reference from the second last employer here, Ralphy. The other employer can't provide a proper picture of your capabilities if you weren't there long. Be up front and give them the choice though.