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  1. I probably need to be clear that I wouldn't expect the Ibushi match to be full of back drops and "Shall I?" chops. My point is more about risk and reward. In general I don't think moves on the apron are necessary in any match, although I totally understand the need to 'ramp it up' on the bigger stage in front of a smarter crowd. I think they could easily have left this particular spot out without harming the match at all.
  2. I didn't say they wouldn't but I will say that bumps like that are unlikely to add a single ticket sale. That bump in itself has actually garnered a very negative recation from what I've seen actually. Wrestlers need to be fit and healthy in order to perform so regardless of why fans choose to watch a product, safety should be the primary concern.
  3. I was watching an old BritWres DVD recently and saw a guy taking a vertabreaker (badly, it looked like shit) to absolutely no reaction. I was at a Brit Wres show just after this in a similar venue and saw a huge pop for a backdrop. There is no need for moves like the one Ibushi took, even if done correctly and Pat is bang on that others will feel the need to deliver similar bumps for much less financial or career reward. Wrestling is about generating a reaction that makes people buy tickets, I'm not convinced apron bumps are effective in this regard but that backdrop might have been.
  4. MungoChutney

    Chippy Tea

    Unsure about the 3 sauce approach. Max of 2 for me. I absolutely get your viewpoint on the cat being away etc. My missus is away this weekend and I already know that I'm going to get a chippy tea when I finish work on Friday, meet my mate for a few beers and then get a curry on the way home. Can't fucking wait.
  5. What's the FA stance on it or does it vary by region? In Scotland its all under the SYFA and roll outs and retreat rule are mandatory. It was good to see the kids in a competitive tournament. Clubs would get fined for playing in one of those if it was held in Scotland so we end up with loads of 'festivals' with no trophies etc.
  6. My son plays with a local club and it was hinted at that I could join the coaching staff last year but it's not for me. Despite spending 17 years working with kids in a professional capacity I think I'd find it too hard on two fronts. 1) juggling the commitments with work and everything else I have on would be too much. 2) I have a brilliant relationship with my son and I can give him feedback (only when he asks for it) which he listens to. The other coaches are all dads and although they are fantastic with the kids they seem to regularly fall out with their own offspring. I also spent a couple of years refereeing youth games before moving on to adult football in the amateurs and semi-pro grades. I saw some brilliant coaches and some dreadful ones too. @PunkStep sounds like the former but you can never tell! I do appreciate the work it takes and at my son's previous club I headed up the parent committee that dealt with everything except subs (all direct debits) and football-related matters. It meant fundraising and coordinating travel etc. was taken care of and it let the coaches getting on with coaching. As an aside, we had a tournament in England recently and it baffles me that you guys have such a good national side. U9s 7 a side and they had throw ins, direct free kicks, keepers allowed to punt the ball etc. None of which really help kids develop their game I don't think. In Scotland its kick ins, which are much faster, all free kicks are indirect and goalies can't punt the ball out until 9 a side. Both reduce the reliance on physicality and the bigger players who can launch or hammer the ball.
  7. Its not just the value. For me a pizza from somewhere that also sells kebabs and pakora always tastes better than from Dominos or Papa John's. In fact, the best value and taste combo is the DIY pizza counter at Morrison's.
  8. That menu is a great example of why Dominos and the likes are rip off merchants. Much prefer one of these spicy chicken bad boys for 7.50 compared to about 15 quid for some fancy (shittier) equivalent from the big chains.
  9. It's the most Scottish thing ever. One top level player and another with the same potential and they play in the same position. Meanwhile, we have Oli McBurnie up front.
  10. I'd say Robertson has moved ahead of Tierney but he's a couple of years older. I reckon if Tierney's recent surgery can get him back to 100% we'll see him surge again this season in terms of development. The first two seasons under Rodgers he was incredible. Easily the best Celtic full back since I started going to matches in the early 90s.
  11. That fucker would wake me up in the night with a thirst and sweats. I'd still order one the next week.
  12. MungoChutney

    Chippy Tea

    My son is playing in a tournament at Fleetwood's training complex this weekend and we're in a hotel in Blackpool. This should by all rights be the Mecca of chippy teas but I fear we could end up with sub-standard tourist shite. Reports to follow
  13. I liked it. In fact, I really liked it. Maybe I'm being too kind but I thought there was logic behind more or less every major end story. Grey Worm listening to Tyrion was for the same reason as the Lords did. He was talking fucking sense. Winter was shorter because the Night King and the dead were gone. Bran on the Throne is the only choice likely to bring the peace everyone wants. Sansa as QoTN and Arya sailing into a spin-off/the sunset were both perfect. Likewise Jon. He got exactly what he wanted, peace and a quiet life. Tyrion et al. sitting holding court was also funny and an example of some of the best humour that's been there through every season. Most of all I liked the calmness of the last 40 minutes after Dany died. It was the perfect setup for a culture that is heading for a generation of peace.
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