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  1. Ah ok, I'd agree on that, although Celtic's model has been more along the lines of developing players to sell for profit and top up with Europa League money. I don't think the intention had been to focus on just the league. What stands out for me is how the decision making at Rangers has made such a difference. Celtic appointing Lennon straight after the treble treble final was the moment the momentum was lost and surrendered to Rangers who were on the upswing wih Gerrard. Sticking with Gerrard under pressure has worked out well, although you wonder what would have happened had the pandemic not come along. I still think there are some question marks over Rangers on not being able to win a domestic cup even after Celtic are eliminated. Champions League money would be huge but without it the squad is in danger of becoming a little too weighted towards players of around 27/28 years of age with limited sell on value. I expect a closer season this season but to win the league Celtic would need a Martin O'Neill level of impact from Ange who unfortunately doesn't have a Larsson to build around.
  2. Celtic have made something in the region of 60m in player sales in three seasons, Europe is absolutely not the only way to make money in Scotland. The investment of those earnings has been nothing short of disgraceful though. I think many see Ange as being a Deila type or even a Pedro but he's not at all.
  3. Brilliant read @PunkStep. My son is 11 and just before and then during the pandemic his club basically fell apart. Started with the head of our age group being removed for using club funds for personal things, theft essentially but difficult to prove. Then the club as a whole had this huge row between various groups over (of all things) a van that had been bought to help deliver food for food banks. This was all going on just as training was returning and I could see how it was all going to end up. We had another team that had started up locally and was being run by guys I'd known for years from when I refereed in amateur and semi-pro football. While a lot of the kids were new to it and the standard was much lower than where my son had been, he went along and trained with them for a couple of weeks. He loved it so much that he wanted to move there and we did, just about six weeks before the old team folded entirely. Even though he was playing down a level it's actually made him a better player as he had a tendency to hide when playing with the other boys at his old team, who were very close to if not at academy standard. He's thriving with the responsibility and another couple of strong players have joined. The upshot being that they only lost one of 13 league games when they restarted. Non-competitive of course in Scotland but it's been absolutely magic watching them developing as a group. All down to the guy coaching and the guy who oversees the whole club. Potentially looking at a pathway to senior football via the WoSFL as there are plans to register a team in the next few years. All completely impossible without the work of the volunteers.
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