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  1. MungoChutney

    Chippy Tea

    I can't read this thread unless I'm either posting in it or have just eaten a huge meal. Otherwise I'm heading for the nearest chip shop. Given it's coming up lunchtime I am quite frankly playing fast and loose with my diet by just being here now.
  2. MungoChutney

    Chippy Tea

    Maybe in England. We do things differently up here. Vast majority of chippies in the 1960s Glasgow were run by Italian families and this order came from a place called Mario's. Fish and chips = Italian food.
  3. MungoChutney

    Chippy Tea

    I've had a really good start to the year diet wise and I'm down about 16lbs since 1st of Jan. Decided to have a blow out this week and after being out for a pint or eight on Sunday I had this for dinner yesterday. Half pizza crunch supper with curry sauce and a can of IrnBru Xtra. Batter on the pizza was better than it looks here but the chips, although well cooked, had gone a bit soggy during the delivery. Overall 7/10.
  4. MungoChutney


    I thought a few were quite funny and thought the social media staff handled some of then really well.
  5. MungoChutney


    Check out @CFCCommercial’s Tweet: New Vegan menu in Celtic's hospitality suite. Twitter replies are pretty funny.
  6. MungoChutney

    Royal Rumble 2019 discussion

    Exactly what I was thinking. There was nothing bad in either of the Rumbles but the lack of star power in both was so obvious. It's their own fault with the way they book now. I didn't think anyone except the winners came our of either Rumble looking stronger. Maybe Ali but then he was dumped by Nia Jax.
  7. MungoChutney

    Early Nights

    I'm usually out the door by 7am and I like to eat breakfast at home so will get up at 6 to let me shower and sort some food. I also need 8 hours sleep to avoid being grumpy so try and be asleep by 10pm most nights. Weekends I'd love to say I stay up later but 11pm is usually as good as it gets. My son is an early riser and never gets up later than 7.30 or 8 at a push. I like to get up and have a coffee before he's up and wanting to the get the wrestling figures out.