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  1. I've enjoyed Ross in AEW so far. He's in his late 60s and not at his peak but he's a warm easily identifiable voice who gets things across. He will be especially important for the casual viewer when they get to tv. Excaliber has been great, definetly the best in this new wave of announcers.
  2. I can't believe I'm reading that the Young Bucks are psycological masters and El Generico ozzes charisma! Fair play to the bucks, they were one of the worst things I've ever seen as Generation Me, but got themselves over. When AEW started I wanted to like em, even gave Being The Elite a go, but all they do is flip. They look awful, can't work in the ring, can't work a crowd who arent smarks who already like them. Just terrible like. Cody is the polar opposite, fast forward material for me in WWE. Generic and cookie cutter. Now he arguably has the best psycology in the business. The fact that this new promotion has the bucks in such a key role makes me seriously doubt its future prospects.
  3. Bischoff filed bankrupcy not long back. I'd say he's glad of the role. He's more or less said he only does 83 Weeks cause he needs the cash.
  4. Is it April 1st? MADNESS if true. Would watch for a while just out of intrigue. Needs its own thread.
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