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  1. It's a wonderful channel and I've discovered some great films as a result. Was worried when I heard Covid-19 was causing them financial bother.
  2. Shamrock vs Austin done properly in 98 or early 99 was a massive missed opportunity. If they built Shamrock it would have drawn huge IMO.
  3. Don't they have Matt Conway involved who was with TNA for years? Seems Billy's likely new number 2.
  4. Watching Judgement Day 98 and finding it mental that two people, Dustin and Billy Gunn, wrestled on this week's Dynamite 22 years later with JR on commentary. Edge and Christian have been on Raw the last week or two also.
  5. He did it to Magnum TA as well. Magnum tracked him down and got broke in pretty much immediately.
  6. Tony Dalton from Better Call Saul is the guy for the Rick Rude movie.
  7. How's that not a great carny wrestling story from yesteryear? Shows the popularity of the territory and II also.
  8. Mr Wrestling II Johnny Walker has passed away. Was a huge star in Georgia. Jimmy Carter connection is an interesting one too.
  9. Did anyone else find Marc Mero endlessly entertaining in the WWF? He was great at showing arse.
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