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  1. Tom Lawlor has been great in MLW since turning heel on the Von Erichs. Bored me to tears beforehand but his recent schtick has been very entertaining.
  2. Tag was the most I've been invested in a match since Punk Cena at money in the bank. Nearly 30 and I was proper on the edge of my seat. The Bucks are interesting, when they just flip about in a cold match it does nothing for me but with a story they are great. Second PPV in a row their match has been my favourite. They've done a great job making me care about Page after a bad start, have loved this angle. Think putting belt on Moxley is a mistake though. He's one dimensional while Jericho is in top form character wise. 9/10 show, while AEW started off patchy they have been on a great run since the Dark Order beatdown shambles.
  3. Would have still been Fields brothers running Gulf Coast in 76 before selling it to Fuller. Two of them are on the card.
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