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  1. I think Nixon's a lock for the Women's Tournament. Don't know if they'd debut her before that. Unless they're super high on her and want her going in with some momentum?
  2. His match with Scurll in Progress last year was an absolute belter. Actually all his work in Progress last year was stellar. I'm not sure he's a 3 minute TV match worker, but he's genuinely one of the most versatile and believable wrestlers I've seen, live or otherwise. But yeah,tuck out the jersey.
  3. I know Progress crowds can be a bit uppity. But I was at last nights show and I'm waiting for WCPW Manchester to start and the pissed up knobhead ratio is already up considerably.
  4. I'd put good money on him being in NJPW by the end of next year.
  5. Any danger of any new faces? Or even the good guys they've got being used well?
  6. All you need to know about scotswizard. Do you know what I love about The Big Bang Theory? All the hot lasses with their tits out.
  7. Lucha Underground? Vinny Ru likes it. You can't accuse it of having 'just wrestlers' either. Although they do actual in ring moves and not one of the characters is Scottish last I checked.
  8. So what do you want your characters to be, realistic or larger than life? Do you want them to be complex or crudely drawn cartoons? You go on about all the great characters of the 80's and 90's but if we're honest you're looking at them through the lens of nostalgia. My daughter will always have an affinity for Peppa Pig or Skye from Paw Patrol, but it's not like they're Shakespearean figures. Neither is the Big Bossman. Conversely you dismiss one of the most well drawn characters in wrestling in years as a fat waste of space or 'just a wrestler'.
  9. I don't think Blake and Murphy ever got the respect they deserve either, although I do think Murphy on his own is well worth a shot, he looked excellent against Ibushi although y'know, Ibushi. Rumour went around a couple weeks ago that they're repackaging Blake and Murphy as a team again though.
  10. I love Buddy Murphy. Really crisp, really good look, strong, fast, it's a crime they haven't found anything for him.
  11. For me I'm happy to boo the heel and cheer the face as long as I'm given a consistent and compelling reason to do so. However if you look at Rusev, for example, in at least 2 arguably 3 of his major fueds he should, by any reasonable standard be the sympathetic character, outside of jingoism. I'd hate Americans if they all objectified and slut shamed my wife! I feel like I had more reason to cheer Rusev than I did Reigns, Cena or Ziggler.
  12. Word was that WWE don't want guys doing ippv for other companies.
  13. I have more love for Tom Zenk than I should because of the ITV 'Night Time' block in the early 90's. Pillman as well. For years, to me, the 4 Horsemen were Flair, Arn, Windham and Sid. Ultimately though Sting was WCW.
  14. For all he talks about 'Real Men' and 'Legitimacy' Scotswizard appears to have never seen an actual combat athlete. Connor McGregor et al look nowt like Warrior or Barbarian. Shit even Haku, the toughest, most legit scary wrestler of the 80's looks as close to Owens as he does to Goldberg. Daniel Bryan looked like a legit combat athlete, mostly because he trained with legit combat athletes.