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  1. Well, he was at BT Studios a few weeks ago. I was thinking, with Ogogo being on Dark this week, he's not been over there this whole time either.
  2. I feel like we'll get to Boba, but I also feel like it'll take more time to get there. Mando appears to be very much part of the story that Filoni wants to tell, so I'm still not convinced it isn't a clone or something, especially if it is going on with Ahsoka and Sabine's story. I suppose I'm most happy that there are possibilities to both explore and subvert.
  3. The best thing about the reveal is that we don't actually know what it was. Cracking stuff. I always have time for anything with Timothy Olyphant and this was so simply and well structured and told. Sometimes the constant dropping of Easter Eggs makes everything feel small but I had a lot of fun with this episode.
  4. Lower Decks is class. Genuinely funny and obviously made by people that love Star Trek. Little details, like how the crew fight hand to hand with double axe handles and shotgun dropkicks like in TOS make me chuckle no end.
  5. This Ospreay making Okada wrestle Okhan angle makes no sense. If Ospreay really wanted Okada put on the shelf, he'd make him wrestle Bea Priestley.
  6. Just watched episodes 6 and 7 of Primal and I'm a little bit scared of what Tartakovsky said in that SyFy article. If episode 10 is going to be shocking and emotional after everything I've seen in the last 7, fucking hell. Such a good show though. Almost definitely his best work and I say that as someone who loves Samurai Jack. On a lighter note, the concluding volume of Kipo and the Age of the Wonderbeasts just launched on Netflix. Have loved it so far, so it should be really interesting.
  7. He's been at all the Daily's Place shows that have had crowds I think, going back to the first Fight for the Fallen. I think there was footage of him being super obnoxious to someone early on. I don't usually get too annoyed by fans but that guy boils my piss.
  8. That Everton Shirt Guy still manages to get his wanky fucking face on telly most weeks, sitting in the nose bleeds during a fucking pandemic. That's been the worst part of the show for the last few weeks for me. That said, I did fall asleep just before the main event this week and woke up for the final angle. I'm usually down for AEW's silliness but I find the Jericho/MJF interactions, just a bit awkward and cringey.
  9. Didn't he stop posting round the same time one of his main sparring partners, who can't be mentioned for legal reasons, got outed as being a scumbag? Maybe it wasn't as fun without someone who'd bite?
  10. Oh, I know. I, for one hope Everton hold this form though, they've been one of those teams where every Summer you question if this is the year that they've cracked it with signings, but this might just be the one. As for us, this weekends results probably took some pressure off Bruce. Trousering Spurs, (Albeit with some help) last week looks a bit of a coup after that!
  11. As a Newcastle fan, and so ostensibly a neutral when it comes to the top of the table, can I request that we never let fans back in? The football has been random as fuck since the restart last season and it's been infinitely more interesting.
  12. Watched the first episode of the pure tournament and really enjoyed it. Felt like what people expected when AEW touted 'Pure Sports Feel'. Whether that's what you want or not is a different matter but it was right up my alley.
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