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  1. To be fair if you stay away from your average comments section you'd be forgiven for not knowing that it's actually Brandi Rhodes.
  2. Tomorrow at some point between 7 and 10pm.
  3. Pre. It all came out after Little Seth gave her a bit of notoriety but before she made her TV debut as Sami Callahan's incesty sister. It got her fired and left Callahan with nowt to do. So it pretty much did for him as well. According to the sitez at the time anyway.
  4. Rollins was caught out with an NXT dev lass, who had a bunch of Nazi themed 'My Little Pony' stuff on her insta. It's the lass he sent the dick pics to. The same girl later started dating Sonia Deville. Dunno if she still is.
  5. I think if they're gonna do them as a semi regular thing, then yes, you put them on Dark for no better reason than you aren't gonna freak out TV sponsors if it's not on TV. Also as I said above, if you put meaningful matches on Dark it'll drive live attendance if the fans are confident that they'll get MEANINGFUL surprises. Also, why wouldn't you use all of your programming to further your agenda? Be that win/ loss records or in this case furthering a story.
  6. The treatment of guys like Gable makes me wish for a list of guys in the last 18 months of their contract.
  7. In kayfabe because Kenny hasn't been feeling like himself, so he booked himself in a match where he knew he'd be pushed to the limit in a bid to get himself out of the funk, according to the brief promo segment at the top of the show. I like the fact that they're integrating Dark into the storylines. It's a nugget for people who want to dig a little deeper. In real world, I think it's a clever way to drive live ticket sales. If there's a chance that they're going to drop meaningful surprises like this I'd be more amenable to attending live and sticking around.
  8. If you are, I'm deferring the responsibility of telling you about Kairi Sane's heel turn to your Mum. Don't need that drama twice.
  9. Yeah, I remember thinking that it was ages since Jericho was pretending to be Nick Bockwinkel and JR still hasn't cottoned on.
  10. My little girl was genuinely heart broken at that Bayley turn. She kept asking me if that was the real Bayley and repeating over and over that she'd ruined everything. It was awful.
  11. Well, it seems to be an open secret that AKI/Syn Sofia are doing the AEW game, so we'll all be a lot happier then. Or at least happy to have another game to grumble about.
  12. When I watched All-In, my big take away was that, presented the way he was, with that music, Penelope Ford, the swagger and that ridiculous match, that Janela should be a star. He just came across as that guy who is dangerous and unpredictable because he genuinely loves being a fuck up. Of course, Penis druids, losing a ton and that Pythonesque 'fight' with Enzo will pour water on that, but for a moment, a moment, I believed Janela was a star.
  13. I think a lot of the crazier 'stunt show' stuff will be on Dark if I'm honest. Should it be on PPV Garth? Well yes Garth, yes it should, but I think they realise that they've got guys who want to scratch that itch and it plays into the Mox/Omega story of them both trying to walk each other's path in preparation.
  14. Havoc and Nick Jackson need to have a hair Vs hair match that ends in a double count out. Their hair lines upset me.
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