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  1. The prospect of watching this go to shit has made me more interested in dropping a tenner on Network than anything they could possibly put on the card.
  2. There's something that bugs me about Tay Conti and it feels ridiculous to bring up, but she has really lazy arms. Like in transitions and stuff she kind of meanders around with her arms flopping by her sides like a huffy teenager who's been asked to bring the bins in. She's the only person I really notice it with but I'm genuinely surprised that no one else brings it up. Proper kills my immersion in her matches.
  3. Liam Slater and Nathan Black. Were either of them named?
  4. It's NOAH with Mutoh, Shiozaki et al on top. A lot of their new stuff shows up on YouTube if you want to sample it first. Kaz Hayashi is part of the office for GLEAT, the new promotion owned by Lidet, who had previously owned NOAH.
  5. His knees were just about holding on in 2002. I've not seen the Shiozaki match, where he picked up the GHC belt but it's apparently a corker. I haven't seen any of Shiozaki's latest run but he must be on the best form of anyone ever 'cos Mutoh's defence against Kiyomiya was pretty dire. Fujita having the International (?) belt is funnier. I watched his match with Kenoh and it's genuinely fucking audacious and I'm still not sure if that's a recommendation. Getting back to New Japan it feels like they need a full refresh. Obviously another Tanahashi isn't gonna fall out of the sky but
  6. Considering New Japan have spent the last 15 months pissing all their goodwill up a wall and NOAH's top two title holders have a combined age of somewhere between 108 and 109 years old, I'd say now's the time to give them a chance!
  7. Found an app of Patchwork and now my life is ruined.
  8. They seem to have absolutely no faith in anyone at the moment and they're losing fans in Japan pretty alarmingly by all accounts. Weren't they outsold at Budokan by both Stardom and NOAH? Don't know if I heard DDT did as well, but that's pretty alarming.
  9. Just lost to my seven your old in our first game of My Little Scythe. Legit lost as well, no lying down for the young 'uns in this house. I'm quite proud because I thought she'd struggle to keep track of what was going on. It's the first Stonemaier game we've got and it's a beautifully produced game. As far as mechanisms go it's certainly at the top end of what we'd be comfortable with for primary age kids and my wife looks genuinely boggled by it but it's basically a perfect gateway game. I'm also gonna order Fairy Tale Inn which looks like a hobbyists take on connect 4. The Dr Orch
  10. After a bit of digging it looks like it's not. There were nebulous links between Castore and Frazer Group/Sports Direct, and Sports Direct apparently jumped the gun on announcing a distribution deal for Castore. The brothers who own Castore were forced to release a statement denying any Ashley involvement after Rangers fans predictably went mental. Some Newcastle fans did the same thing when the Castore deal was announced and to be honest I didn't look any further into it, I'm done being outraged with Newcastle now and I'm kinda resigned to whatever we get.
  11. They've got Newcastle next year as well. The company have ties to Mike Ashley, so obviously it's caused a massive stink. I don't think that helped with Rangers either to be honest.
  12. They made a moderate fuss of his signing in the early/pre Dynamite days, but haven't done a whole heap since. There's been footage flying round of him doing angles at UK shows for what feels like years and Jericho has said on more than one occasion that he was the initial option presented to him for Hager's role in Inner Circle. I'm actually quite excited for Nightmare Family Hollywood, if only because I've always rated Aaron Solow as a decent dickhead since his cameo run with Starks in Progress. Don't get me wrong, he's eating all the pins but I'm happy to see him there.
  13. It doesn't redeem the last 8 months of a really quite awful feud but Arcade Anarchy was a hell of a lot of fun. There'll be stuff that will get on some people's nerves this week, no doubt but I actually watched pretty much the whole show with a smile on my face.
  14. I like the belt, it looks like something from an old animé from the 70's or something. My only gripe is that I wish it was bigger. The previous run of IWGP belts seemed massive to me and I'm a bit concerned that next to the US title this is gonna look a bit piddly.
  15. I'm enjoying it loads but then the Captain America films are probably my favourite corner of the MCU. The things that I'm enjoying most are the deeper dive into the characters but mostly the lore. My wife hates it for the exact same reasons!
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