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  1. Whenever I watch Football Focus I get super angry that all this extra texture and detail isn't on Match of the Day. Oh wait.........
  2. I don't know what people expected out of a cruise that's being sold on wrestling, bad metal and the chance to meet Conrad Thompson and Meltzer in the flesh, but that picture would be exactly what I'd have been banking on. With that said, that's a fairly tight picture so for all we know all the Victoria's Secret models and hipster intelligencia who go to PWG could be just out of shot. They're not, but they might be.
  3. We've just finished Avatar: The Last Airbender and are about a third a way through it's sequel series The Legend of Korra. I struggle to think of many shows in any medium that tell such a great story in such a beautifully realised world. Proper all time stuff for me and for the little one who's gone all in on it. A bit nervous about the upcoming Netflix adaptation, but it can't be as bad as the film, right?
  4. Yep. My sister is a massive Supernatural fan and used to go to the cons for it. Even she's of the opinion that it should have been ended years ago, but bizarrely the audience has just never gone away.
  5. The 80's Thundercats series is still easily accessible as is the 2011 show, which like the early 00's He-Man reboot is arguably, at least in my opinion, a better show. My daughter has been keeping track of this and really wants to watch it. Again, like Star Wars, a lot of the hyperbolic outrage about shit like this infuriates me. So fucking what if it's not your Thundercats? It's someone else's and they have every right to enjoy it. That said, it's not my Thundercats, but meh, who does it hurt really?
  6. It gets better and better. I don't want to say much more, but it goes to some places I didn't expect or was ready for. Top drawer stuff.
  7. He looks like the Clown/Violator from Spawn.
  8. Isn't Dash 2 days as well this year?
  9. I immediately watched 4 episodes on the bounce, loved it but had to contend with my wife who was apparently bored shitless. I go through fits and start where I either want to watch everything or nothing and I'm a bit worried that I'm going to forget about it whilst I'm trying to catch up with other stuff. But, yeah an absolute joy and breeze to watch. Between this and Gummidge I've got a new appreciation for Crook.
  10. I've played that a few years ago and had a great time with it. She had a little bit of Christmas money left today and after watching about an hour of Dice Tower best of video's yesterday she decided she wanted another game. We had a bunch of stuff in hand at various points, one of which was 'Hey! That's My Fish.' but she settled on Elementos. It's a nice light strategy game with baton relay, tile flipping and rock,paper, scissors elements. I quite like it but I can see it being a bit much for the mite. The tiles reminded her of Avatar: The Last Airbender, though so it was a done deal.
  11. Got a mini haul for little Brody over Christmas. 4 very different and accessible games, 3 of which have gone down very well, one takes a bit too much time for your average 6 year old girl. Slide Quest is a lot of fun. Like a co-op version of the old tilting labyrinth games or Monkey Ball. It comes with 20 different level cards many of which have differing mission goals. If you're near a Traveling Man, it's on sale for a tenner at the moment and is a proper steal at that price. Cobra Paw seems to be everywhere at the moment and is a cool-hand eye coordination/ tile grabbing game. A bit like snap with a Far East/ Cat Ninja theme. It's super easy to learn but comes with some interesting rule modifiers to make it more interesting for older players. Too Many Monkeys is a straight up kids card game where the aim is to get rid of the monkeys jumping on the bed by turning over your deck in sequence. It's super simple but the structure of it's rounds keeps the game going for a decent amount of time and it's really easy to get to grips with for younger kids. You're not going to bust it out with grown ups but especially with primary age kids, it's excellent. The other game was the board game version of Brain Box. It's like Trivial Pursuit with memory retention games and is somewhat dry in comparison to the other 3. It also seems to take ages. It's perfectly fine for an afternoon with the family if you're trying to pad out some hours but it feels lazy and old fashioned compared to other games on the market for kids/families. Anyone else got any suggestions for good gateway games for the young 'uns?
  12. This guy. Also quite a lot of wrestlers, although the fashionable thing to say is that you prefer Virtual Pro Wrestling 2, because Japan.
  13. Never watched The Detectorists, which I know is tantamount to blasphemy on here, but Gummidge has been good enough to make me interested. I knew that there'd be fucking bellends kicking off about it though. Probably the same dicks that kicked off about War of the Worlds for featuring, shock, a woman!
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