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  1. My daughter's gone mad for Japanese food so our last 2 takeaways have been Japanese, (I live in a marginally smug part of Manchester/Stockport, so I get options). Last night I had a Tataki Beef Donburi and some Korean Fried Chicken balls. The little one had a Salmon Teriyaki Bento Box, which whilst being a bit ostentatious for a 7 year old went down a fucking storm! I looked at the Just Eat list for my old home town in County Durham and it made me realize how different a world my daughter is growing up in terms of food than I did. We can get pretty much anything we want delivered to our d
  2. Infrared had more twist but less backward rotation. And yeah just watched him squish Quiet Storm's head with it.
  3. Mira Furlan from Babylon 5 and Lost has died. Was a fan of B5 when I was a teenager and her performance as DeLenn was actually pretty good on reflection. I think I'd checked out of Lost by the time she showed up on that though.
  4. It's a backwards 450 Senton with a full twist. I dunno what the fix is for that landing though. Would it be any better for all involved for Storm to be further out?
  5. When it stops making that little kid and his family feel better.
  6. They're back at it. Rebel Yell by Billy Idol this week. I'm not sharing it, cos she still hasn't found her voice or the controls to the thermostat.
  7. They don't open the Thursday to fans. They've been doing it for months. You can tell the taped shows because they use canned crowd noise on them.
  8. I really enjoyed Striker in Lucha Underground, well the first season anyway. I thought he did a really good job of calling the action and putting over stories, sometimes essentially by himself because whilst Vampire could sometimes be wildly (intentionally?) entertaining, as often as not he'd be a fucking hindrance.
  9. Some very, very good stuff on that show and I largely really enjoyed it. The post match bit on Cody/Sydal and the whole Shida/Abadon match were proper hokey bollocks though. It's a shame because as I said I thought pretty much everything else was top notch and I was pleasantly surprised by Wardlow Vs Hagar and even got invested in Cody Vs Sydal. Kenny Vs Fenix was, as advertised, tremendous and at times got me off my couch. Be interesting to see how things shake up with The Elite. I'm not convinced the Bucks will fully turn. On a side note can something please actually happen w
  10. Woolworths used to have loads of these, or at least the Peterlee branch did.
  11. One little tidbit that I think has been missed on here is that Tony Khan has bought the rights to 'Ol' 55' by Tom Waits, in perpetuity so that the tribute video will remain untouched. You get the impression that Khan is genuinely grateful to guys like Brody because they aren't just taking a bet on themselves, going to AEW, they're taking a bet on him as well. I watched that whole show with a smile on my face and a tear in my eye. Great stuff, any misgivings I may have had are trivial enough to ignore in the context of this show.
  12. I want nothing more than a tearful John Silver to smack Hangman Page with a roll of paper and tell him to pull his head out of his arse.
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