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  1. I can't find the March 2003 Broxbourne show, which is a bit gutting. The Jonny Storm Vs Jerry Lynn main event blew my tiny little mind when I saw it live.
  2. Objectively, The Dirt is bad. It fucks with the timeline of events massively and misses a lot of stuff out for the sake of a cleaner narrative, but it was a breezy watch for a film stuffed with the things it does cover. It doesn't paint Motley Crue as saints, far from it, but they do come across as sanitised. I almost wish it had been done as a mini series rather than a movie although I am aware that it would descend into nothing more than a catalogue of morally reprehensible acts.
  3. I'm not denying the existence of Anti Semitism in anything, just saying it's not the central thrust. I will admit to wording that wrong. I'll let the dictionary educate me. alt-right /ɒltˈrʌɪt/ noun (in the US) an ideological grouping associated with extreme conservative or reactionary viewpoints, characterized by a rejection of mainstream politics and by the use of online media to disseminate deliberately controversial content. "many in mainstream conservatism see the alt-right as a serious force"
  4. Not really. Alt right generally has fuck all to do with Anti Semitism and largely sets itself as the counter to what it considers mainstream academic leftism. It's basically a bunch of whiny cry babies being offended at the notion of not being cunts, doubling down on being cunts. Anti Semitism gets thrown at the left these days due to the sticky notion that Anti Zionism equals Anti Semitism. Again there seems to be a general disconnect between what was said and a notion of what you want to have been said.
  5. I've been pleasantly surprised by Ricochet on the stick to be honest. He's just the right side of cocky and let's face it gets a long way just by being preternaturally handsome.
  6. He explicitly said he's been attacked for his progressive views. The Jewish thing is a leap you've made yourself there. Outrage culture in full effect.
  7. It's you. Starr is everywhere for a reason. He's one of the most versatile guys around and can go with anyone as well as do some of the best character stuff in the Indies. I love that heel Starr in Rev Pro is markedly different to baby-face Starr in Progress, who is different to Starr in OTT. I'm genuinely astounded that he's not signed somewhere big based off his versatility alone.
  8. Took my 5 year old daughter to see Captain Marvel. She was a bit scared and confused for the first half of the movie but everything seemed to click with the Skrull reveal and she absolutely loved it after that. Got marched straight into the Disney shop for merch once the credits rolled. I honestly take shit like the manbaby trolling of films like this and the new Star Wars films as an attack on my little girl. Like some privileged little fuck is going to try and kill movies because he doesn't think a girl should be included in the fun. Boils my piss. Anyway, I enjoyed it a whole bunch as well. One of the better origin stories in the MCU. There were a couple of music cues that nearly had my eyes rolling out the back of my head but that's a comparatively minor thing.
  9. I feel like we know a half dozen characters really well and the rest of the Bridge Crew are essentially Tracy the barmaid from 'Enders though. I honestly feel like as much as I like her, I could know Burnham a little less if it got me a little closer to Airiam, Detmer, Oyo and the communications guy whose name I seem to have missed. It's a common complaint and sometimes feels like a petty one but the payoff this week would've hit a lot harder with just a little more investment in the secondary characters. That said the work they did within the episode was excellent.
  10. I'm double posting by default, but fuck it! The last two episodes of Discovery have been absolute stormers. My only gripe is that this week's pay off would be even bigger if we knew the Bridge Crew a bit better. You know you're getting a good one when they bust Frakes out to direct.
  11. Riddick Moss looks like family size Jay White.
  12. It was the first little morsel in a buffet of general aceness for me. As much as Discovery improved last season, it really feels like it's getting better and better.
  13. Is Jack Xavier still about? I'd pay good money to see Zebra Kid beat the H&M t-shirt off of him again. Poor bastard. Also, would a small tour work? It's been too long since I made the trip to Horwich Parkway.
  14. I consider myself a wrestling fan. I've always been more interested in stuff outside of WWE. I figure it's because my first exposure to wrestling was World of Sport and then WCW Worldwide. I've always liked fast paced wrestling and flashy mid carders. I never pretended to be Hogan or Warrior on the playground but I always wanted to be Owen Hart, Brian Pillman, Tom Zenk or Marty Jannetty. Even at 10 I was an insufferable hipster.
  15. Anyone picked up Trials Rising yet? Gonna get it tonight. Hopefully it's better than Fusion.
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