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  1. Quite a lot can depend on your style of play, it's easier to get players if your scouts come back with their information, this means your scouts have already made preliminary inquiries, but very often you're going to get players who would fit into your team instructions. If you're insistant on a particular player I'd do an advanced search for him and then once you know where he is send out a scout to whichever country he's playing in with instructions to look for his position and then wait until he pops up. You may also have to change your team instructions to suit that player, which can absolutely fuck your team chemistry though.
  2. Are you using your scouts? Also nicking some free agents is a good way of building your squad, although they can be a dick to integrate.
  3. If Lance Archer, Albert, DBS Jnr, Tanga Loa, Gallows and Juice Robinson can do alright in NJPW, specifically the tag division, I reckon the Ascension lads have a decent chance. Also, I don't think any of the lads who've been released expect to be big needle movers elsewhere, just given a chance will do I'd reckon.
  4. How can someone that tall get pants that are too fucking long! He'll have got them custom made as well. Madness! Unless of course his sartorial idol is late 90's Chino Moreno from Deftones, in which case, well in lad.
  5. Well that seemed like the most typical post USADA performance ever from Overeem. Imagine hitting someone with some of the shots he landed on Rosenstruick and them barely phasing them. Then getting caught with that absolute murder fist of a hook. Heartbreaking. I love The Reem but it might be time to consider his options.
  6. There's a significant time jump it doesn't follow directly. The main bone of contention would be the squid but it doesn't really become apparent where the threads continue til around ep 3. I would heartily recommend a reread of the comic though.
  7. Yep. And I've been thoroughly enjoying the Mandalorian. Unsurprisingly though there's a lot more meat on the bones of Watchmen. The one caveat I'd have is that it follows the comic rather than the movie so it's better to have either read the comic or go in completely fresh if you confuse easily.
  8. Am I the only person on here that's been watching Watchmen? Despite some initial scepticism I've found it to be consistently the best show I'm watching in a period of time where I've got quite a lot of appointment viewing. I'd find it hard to talk about without spoiling stuff, but it's better than it has any right to be by a comfortable stretch.
  9. Watching WOS with my Gran on a Saturday afternoon in the late 80's initially and then around 90/91 everyone went mad for WWF but I didn't have Sky so it was out of bounds for me. So my first memory of watching American wrestling was on my mates 9th birthday and we went round his Nan's house on a Saturday afternoon to play on his new NES, and WCW Worldwide was on telly. I think Doom, The Nasty Boys and Junkyard Dog were on. I loved it and I'd just got my own (fucking massive) 21 inch telly in my room, with a VCR, a so when it almost immediately moved to ITV's Night Time (sorry, Neeeiight Teeeeiime), block in the week, I was set. From there it was the Galoob WCW ring, Wrestlemania 7 and various other Silver Vision tapes and a shit load of Galoobs and Hasbro's at Christmas. My local News agents also used to get the WWF, WCW and some kind of Apter mags in and I'd get them all. That's where I first saw Jushin Liger and I remember thinking how cool he looked but I wouldn't actually see him wrestle until I moved to Manchester in 99 and found Extreme Central, which is when I went properly down the rabbit hole.
  10. Me and the wife love carrot cake so much, we had one as our wedding cake. It's the absolute fuckin best.
  11. Been playing Lonely Mountain: Downhill on PS4. A bit like Trials but isometric and low poly. Unless you're a pervert for this kind of game I'd wait for it to drop in price, but in terms of mood and the concept of exploring for lines, it's brilliant.
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