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  1. I thought it was an open secret that Ricochet was on his way once this season of Lucha Underground was finished. Word was that he was pissed that they'd held off on airing the second half of the season for so long. They've seemingly liked Tessa for a while though, she popped in and out to job to Alexa Bliss, Carmella and Nia a year or two ago if I'm not mistaken.
  2. Didn't she get into some kind of set to with Reby Hardy?
  3. I don't mind Nigel as part of a 2 man booth. Thought he was good with both JR and Cole when actually calling the matches. He needs to stop telling me how all the Brummie lads had rough childhoods and that Wolfgang works in a pub though. Percy Watson seems to solely exist to make David Otunga sound like Bobby Heenan by comparison. Super happy to have Mauro back, ditch Watson and we'll be golden.
  4. I've seen Ohno in the flesh, of which there is, admittedly, quite a lot and trust me, you wouldn't feel quite so brave in person. He looks like a fucking Viking and puts his stuff in VERY convincingly. Although he's obviously not in the same shape as McIntyre, he's in there with him as one of the 3 most physically intimidating wrestlers I've seen at shows.
  5. They both look like they're wearing paper masks that are too small for their head.
  6. I loved Cheick Tiote. He was the definition of a full blooded, commited footballer. I'm a Mag and I'll always have fond memories of the twice yearly bet to see who got booked in the Tyne/ Wear derby first, Tiote or Cattermole. Too young and seemingly too strong to believe really. Gutted.
  7. Injustice 2 is rammed with single player content if you can get away with the game engine. Although the arcade mode is hidden away, it is there. A very rare full price purchase for me and well worth it.
  8. I've lived in Manchester for 18 years now and seeing as it's where my daughter was born, I very much consider it home. I love that everyone I know here has made it very clear that this won't shatter our community, won't make us hate our friends and neighbours and won't stop us living our lives in this beautiful, diverse city. Conversely I've seen a lot of people from outside Manchester use this as an excuse to score points on anyone who isn't exactly the same as them. My response is the same today as it was yesterday, Fuck You, I won't raise my daughter to arbitrarily be afraid of her friends, of the cabbie who takes us to nursery, of anyone. I've also got a friend whose daughter was at the show, but luckily left through the Cheetham Hill side exit so didn't get caught in it. His biggest point of anger today was the insincerity that he felt from certain public figures. The hard thing to do is be fair, but it's the only way not to lose.
  9. I think they're gonna give Jinder Zayn after this. It was Sami he screwed out of the title shot and they seem to be sowing the seeds of the perennial underdog story. Sami gets the Mysterio run with the title before dropping it to Corbin or something equally ridiculous.
  10. So it took Nigel all of 30 seconds to mention Wolfgang working in a pub!
  11. 1. Ditch the purple ropes. 2. Have some crossing over, even if it's in vignettes. They've referenced Tozawa and Crews being best friends before. Use that. Shit, put them in a damn tag team. 3. Let them work their style. There's the constant rumour of Ricochet coming in. He'd be a star, if they let him be Ricochet. If not he's just some guy not working New Japan anymore which is a waste for everyone involved.
  12. And now there's a bunch of people kicking off because now that Progress have got a bigger, nicer hall to run their big show out of, it's still not good enough/ too expensive/ seats aren't wholly allocated. Blimey, it'd be nice to get to a Progress show about now. Manchester seems to sell out before it goes on sale. If I could get to one show this year it'd be worth paying a bit more to get there.
  13. The GLOW documentary is up on Netflix now. Pretty emotional stuff if that's your cup of tea. So if I'm not mistaken it looks like Alison Brie is playing an analogue of Lisa Moretti/ Ivory, right?
  14. THIS. I remember watching that scene online before the film launched and thinking that if the rest of the film was that tone, that they'd have absolutely nailed it. As it was that scene and Rachel Nichols are the only things worth watching in it.
  15. Don't get me wrong, I think Ledger was great as the Joker in The Dark Knight, but not enough credit gets given to Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent. He's pretty much the backbone of that movie but gets ignored due to the circumstances and flashiness of Ledger's performance. I have many issues with Dark Knight Rises most of which are due to awful mishandling of characters.