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  1. It's a weird one with Bruce. I'm openly not a fan but he'd shown that otherworldly gift that Pardew also had, to get the players behind him just enough that when the pressure was properly on, they'd put in the graft to keep him in a job. Obviously he was on the way out this time the second the keys were handed over. Depending on what you read he's either 6 or 8 million quid richer today. He's taken some dogs abuse to get it though. Performance wise, a bit like his mate in Manchester, he clearly had very little clue what he was actually doing, beside being vaguely avuncular. He's taken no responsibility for the performance of the players, gotten involved in petty fueds with the local press and despite what his pundit mates would tell you, actually received better financial backing than his predecessor. Like @PunkStep, I'm not comfortable with the personal nature of some of the criticism but I've been unable to take him seriously since a pod cast bought up his resemblance to Brenda Fricker in Home Alone 2.
  2. When I saw the announcement for that, on this week's Rampage, I was stunned that no one else had bought it up already. The first match was excellent. I love PAC. Being from the North East I very much treat him as my 'home team' when it comes to wrestling and his match with Andrade was the best that Andrade has looked since his best of a thousand series with Rey.
  3. I really want Kings Dilemma but seeing as my gaming group consists of me, my 8 year old daughter and my disinterested wife it remains a pipe dream. Conversely, we had our first play of Kim Joy's Magic Bakery tonight. It's a co-op drafting and order fulfillment card game. It's not particularly crunchy, but if you have a young daughter and a disinterested wife it's a breezy, good looking way to kill an hour and with 10 different scenarios with different game mechanics it should stick around for a little bit.
  4. Well, it's done. I mean the club had already had it's soul driven out, so at least now, we might have some decent football to watch. Waiting on the absolutely daft transfer speculation to start now and whatever ridiculous coach they've got lined up to start. Bruce will be £3m better off and not getting bombarded with abuse. He's a fucking winner tonight!
  5. The Dynamite after Full Gear is apparently a hometown show for Hangman. I feel like it's Full Gear for Hangman. The PPV is named after one of his BTE gimmicks and then he comes out as champ on the next Dynamite to a proper megastar pop. Job done.
  6. I'm torn, honestly. The little lad that can still remember Kevin Keegan leaving St James' in a helicopter is buzzing. The grown man who spent the last 3 days wanting to spit on 70% of his customers for being horrible Tories will have to accept that the club he's supported from the age of 3 is now run by despots. I imagine Steve Bruce will be laughing all the way to the bank by the weekend though.
  7. Could be anything right now, especially with the furore surrounding the head coach of the Jaguars, the Kahn's as a PR machine, need a win.
  8. When the announcement of the AEW/Owen Hart Foundation deal was announced we all talked excitedly about Owen figures and characters on the video game, but no one talked much about the announced Owen Cup Tournament. What do people expect or want out of it? What should be the format? What should be the implications? I love a tournament and would love a G1 style tournament across AEW's shows, it's also the kind of geeky stat porn idea you could imagine Tony Khan going mental for as well as the storytelling possibilities that it would open up. I could also see how a one night elimination tournament would be apropos for someone as synonymous with King of The Ring. Any one else given this any thought?
  9. Marko Stunt gets nowhere near the credit he deserves for making guys look awesome. There's a level skill in that pop up sell that goes beyond just being skinny and little. I mean I think he's an irritating little shit, but he's fucking good at it. Caught my first proper good look at Gunn Club in a few weeks on Dark this week. Austin Gunn is predictably turning into a brilliant punchable dick head heel. I get Brian Christopher vibes off him in the best way.
  10. I watched a few clips this morning. Interesting to see that Parker Boudroux/Harland has been packaged as 'Creepy Man In Stands' and had his head and eyebrows shaved.This is the kid they've touted as a Lesnar level prospect and they've already saddled him with a look, that because of the shape of the lads head, makes him look like a massive penis. It looks like he's entering into a program with Joe Gacy. Dunno whether that's gonna be as allies or antagonists, but I don't know whether the stink of Gacy's gimmick is a millstone that you wanna put on a potential top guy, or even Gacy himself to be fair. I can't help but think that whilst there's a section of fans who will welcome the return of the 'Big Lads First' mentality of WWE, that people who watch the product are looking more likely to see a conveyor belt of interchangeable useless big lads like we got in the mid 00's than we are to see the next transcendant headliner. I mean I'll admit that what they're doing in NXT right now is about as far from my cup of tea as can be, but all I see when I look at Bron Breaker is Mojo Rawley with a famous dad. I also can't help but feel like these lads are gonna get brought up far too quickly. They're all alright now whilst they've got your Ciampa, Gargano, Grimes, shit even LA Knight there to carry them through matches but eventually enough of those guys are gonna leave, or worse yet, these kids are gonna get called up and we're back to having a load of Heidenreich, Snitsky, Luther Reigns or Rob Conway's on telly. I mean NXT 2.0 has been alright for a couple of weeks of ironic banter, but so was Wrestling Society X.
  11. When I started dipping my toes back into non WWE wrestling, ReDragon Vs Young Bucks was one of the matches that pulled me properly back in. I'd love ReDragon in AEW. Kyle and Bobby are also brilliant goofy dick heads.
  12. Right so I just finished the 'What If?' finale and have to ask, which episode do that version of Gamora and Iron Man come from? Otherwise, enjoyable enough fluff.
  13. Because they won't rest until they've paid tribute to every tag team from the 80's, I see FTR are coming out to The Midnight Express' old WCW theme. I wholeheartedly approve.
  14. I work near the conference and was delighted to find that someone picked today to pump the drains around St Peter's Square meaning that the area they were holding the conference stank of sewage. I mean so did my pub, but fuck the horrible cunts.
  15. Xander Cooper and Jack Gallagher are mates. Gallagher talked about it in a bunch of podcasts years ago, they both came through Future Shock. Likewise Jack's got a long standing relationship with the place he's working now. He was one of their main students when I passed through there about 10 years ago.
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