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  1. That's my hope to be fair. I'm one of the people who has dumped WWE Network recently for ethical reasons and I'm going to miss NXT most of all. I do pretty much need this to do well.
  2. My daughter was in the room. Didn't want to type cunts.
  3. Dean Malenko has been unveiled as Senior Coach/ Producer today. Hell of a get if not unexpected. I know I shouldn't be surprised by doofusses on the internet but there are people trashing this move. Don't know who else they've got, if anyone, but Malenko, Jerry Lynn, Billy Gunn and BJ Whitmer don't sound like a bad group of guys to steer the in ring product.
  4. Where have they said that? I've heard lots of 'wins and losses matter' but nothing about 'no draws or dq finishes'. Jim Ross has loudly crowed about them having time limits as part of the 'sports led' feel of the show. Enforced time limits certainly go hand in hand with draws.
  5. I've been thoroughly entertained by a few cartoons on Netflix. The Voltron reboot was very good. Really nice mix of action and good humour over it's few seasons. I've quite liked the two seasons of The Dragon Prince. It's a fantasy story from some of the people behind Avatar/ Legend of Korra and follows a similar structure. The art and animation style might turn people off, it being cel shaded 3D but the story is nice YA fantasy fare. Finally, if you've got infant/primary school age kids, especially girls, Hilda is fantastic. It's a gentle fantasy cartoon about a little girl who lives in an anonymous Scandinavian wilderness. It might be a bit too much of a cartoon for the almond milk latte set, but it's relentlessly charming and beautifully designed.
  6. The Bucks and Cody have been pretty up front about Being The Elite and AEW being separate things. BTE hasn't impacted their stuff anywhere else so I don't see why it would now. It's a promotional tool for a certain section of fans. It's never been central to their in ring work.
  7. Depends who you ask. He's either the future of the industry or a shitehawk getting by on Daddy's name. Personally I think he's decent. Fucking incredible mullet though!
  8. There's apparently since been a report that Pattinson is one of 2 actors shortlisted, the other being Nicholas Hoult. I'm definitely pro Pattinson on this. Hoult doesn't have a strong enough chin.
  9. She was one of the names on the concussion law suit, wasn't she? She also later alleged that she'd been sexually assaulted in WWE. Seems like she had a particularly rough ride. Pretty sad story. 39. Fuck.
  10. Apparently the first issue of Frank Miller and Jon Romita Jr's 'Superman Year 1' comes out next month. It's on DC's Black Label imprint which appears to be a rehash of the All Star line from the early 2000's. With that in mind expect issue 2 some time around 2024.
  11. They did a tennis one called 7 Days in Hell which is similarly silly. Worth a look if you liked Tour.
  12. The dream for me is a two hour show with arena matches interspersed with a Match of the Day meets Talking Smack style studio section to provide analysis/ further storylines/ let the guys talk. That would satisfy both the sports led and pro wrestling demands I would imagine. But y'know, it won't happen.
  13. They've already heavily hinted a game with by the Aki team who did Virtual Pro Wrestling/No Mercy. That's as big a reason as any, personally, for me to want this to succeed. One of the reasons I'm actually a bit pessimistic about this is that it feels like I’m exactly the audience that this seems to be targeted at and to be frank a lot of stuff that feels that way bombs commercially!
  14. Sho's winning this next year isn't he? 3 nights in and Sho seems to be the guy whose stock looks to be going up most. He's not winning but they're doing their damnedest to make sure he looks good coming out the other end. Poor Yoh, do you think he looks at Yujiro and thinks, ”That's me in 5 years."?
  15. Your mistake there was assuming that people would be prepared to be fair to AEW. They could announce Drake Wuertz and some people on here would be giving it, "Urgh, not that orange shit house!" If they learn from All In and just have Earl referee without putting a mic on him it's a smart hire. They've been up front about wanting to provide a wrestling show and a lot of wrestling fans will recognise Earl. No one's turning the channel on because Earl's there but to a lot of fans Earl will be like the Fox logo at the beginning of Star Wars, a familiar touchstone. Conversely if you're gonna change the channel because you see Hebner there, I honestly don't know what to say. I always loved Randy Anderson but I didn't stop watching WWF when Nick Patrick made the jump but Randy didn't.
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