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  1. I'm watching it on Eurosport player through Prime. You can select individual sports, rolling category streams and magazine shows but it can be a fuck on to find stuff. The virtual studio is every bit as abominable as the BBC's on the magazine shows but you do get the bonus of Reshmin Chowdhury though.
  2. You get the impression that some of the skateboard lads weren't comfortable with the formality and pressure of being involved in the Olympics and indeed that the Olympics aren't comfortable with the vibe of skateboarding. You saw very little of the camaraderie that you see even at the highest level of pro skateboarding and at least one of the finalists alluded to that in his post final interview. Nyjah Huston not medalling will be abig deal in the sport, like if prime Usain Bolt shat the bed in a major athletics championship. If this is skateboardings big play for mainstream appeal, the sport's stars coming out is essential, so all eyes will be on the women even more now with all the hoopla surrounding Sky Brown and Leticia Buffoni being super marketable.
  3. He was booked as a single during the early pandemic shows and Tony Khan thought him and Pillman would look good together, same as The Acclaimed. Having listened to a couple of Podcasts with them on, Garrison seems the more humble and sensible of the two. He's absolutely crying out for some longboys or something though, he looks awkward as fuck in trunks.
  4. Probably a by-product of calf kicks being the current trendy technique. You stand a bigger chance of going shin to shin when you're walloping the leg kicks below the knee.
  5. https://images.app.goo.gl/LfELRPJLJgxaMBDV8 New Castore Newcastle shirts apparently. Dunno, wish the band on the collar was a bit thicker. Like the purple one, not keen on the home shirt.
  6. I don't know how much of that video is meant to be Easter Egg for future AEW stuff but it's worth noting that the inmate who injured End by pushing his eye into the stairs was called Matthew. Buddy Murphy's name on the Australian Indies, was Matt Silva. Murphy and End are mates by all reports. Could be something, could be nowt.
  7. Hangman failing this time would feel more like a Gedo move than a WWE one. That's not to say it'd be the right one, but I'd certainly associate that kind of move with New Japan rather than WWE. But yeah, All Out has to end with Page lariating Kenny out of his boots.
  8. Go easy on Bea, she's really got the potential to drop that whole division on it's head.
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