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  1. Just played Patchwork Express after receiving this morning from Zatu. It was only 6 quid, which is about a third of the cost that it normally is. It's basically the same as regular Patchwork except it plays about 5 minutes quicker and is much more colourful if you're playing it with kids. It's a cracking little game and you can see why Patchwork has sold a fudge ton. If people are bored and stuck in with their families/flatmates/other halves it seems like a good excuse to get a cheeky game or two. From what I can see Zatu are a little bit more expensive than they usually are right now, but still largely cheaper than bricks and mortar stores.
  2. I had the chicken and chorizo ones and they were lovely, but fuck me I was on me own and even I thought they were obnoxiously loud. Thankfully the bag only lasted about 15 mins.
  3. There wasn't a whole lot that bugged me about Dynamite this week, but the second Matt Hardy sharted out, "Because I am maaaagiiiic!", I turned that shit right off. By far the shittest thing they've put out. I always feel like there's a disconnect between how Hardy perceives the Broken shit and how it comes across. We're constantly being told how groundbreaking it is/was when a lot of it is just a bit embarrassing, really. It feels like they think they're making Jaws, when they're actually making Sharknado. Or if we're being wanky that Hardy thinks he's Truffaut when he's actually Wiseau.
  4. I'm a big Star Wars fan and I say put them on the shelf for a bit and watch Jeff Goldblum learn stuff about trainers. Magical.
  5. I'm just starting episode 3 now. It's fucking batshit. The film maker absolutely struck gold with this madness.
  6. Walkers Max Double Crunch are arguably too crunchy. I'm trying to watch the Michelle Wolf stand up special and I can't hear it over the din of my own chomping.
  7. Well, as a career hospitality worker, I'm fucking shitting myself.
  8. It's on a show for a YouTube audience, quite a few of whom will be what is charmingly referred to on here as 'Dem'. I'd be very surprised if a large chunk of them weren't familiar with Bea from WCPW, AEW (where incidentally she's been pushed pretty strongly) or even just Ospreay's Twitter. All this besides the fact that for better or worse she's not long off a run with a major belt in Japan's biggest Women's promotion, the comparison to a prelim fighter on Invicta comes across as false equivalence bred by ignorance or just stubbornness.
  9. If I hadn't binned off Network last year I'd have been up for this! Seriously though, I can't think of a brand/promotion/whatever that has had a stronger or more consistent run of high quality PPV's than NXT and it would have been nice to revisit a random Takeover. I'll enjoy reading your reviews though lads. Likewise a review thread for the Cruiserweight and Mae Young Classic tourneys could be fun if you were gonna chuck in the UK ones. There's a lovely mix of great stuff and absolute guff across those 5 tournaments.
  10. Have you considered Keyforge? It's a Richard Garfield game as well, but instead of building decks, each deck you buy is unique, potentially making the buy in much smaller. Unless you buy a fuck load of decks.
  11. Oooh, clever. To be fair there's a healthy chance that she could throw a massive strop but one of the reasons we play games is to get that sort of thing out of her, both in the sense of blowing off steam and training her to think differently. Food for thought. Cheers gents!
  12. I've just ordered a copy of Grimm Forest for her, but I'm contemplating Quacks as 'One for Daddy' just in case. I'm also humming and hahing over Kingdomino. We don't live near our family, so she doesn't get spoiled with a mountain of chocolate over Easter, so it's kind of morphed into a third gifting holiday in our house, very much a distant 3rd, kind of a kids Mother's/Father's Day. The problem that we have is, like all six year olds now, she's got a YouTube habit, so she picks up on what games are hot, super quickly. She's been asking about Horrified as a bump into slightly beefier games as well. That's another that looks really cool, sort of a Universal Monsters take on a Pandemic style co-op game. The plan, originally was to get My Little Scythe but it's price was a little too steep for a small to mid level present.
  13. Is it going to make your average 6 year old want to punch you in the face? Mine has decided, rather randomly that she wants it, but I don't know if she's gonna understand it?
  14. They've always been that way. You only have to look at the difference in the DVD releases for the Warrior pre and post HOF/Death. The company line is king.
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