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  1. Electrico could have been Excentrico (@ExcentricoLucha on Twitter). He's from Finland but has been based in the UK for the last couple of years.
  2. A bit extra on Hiroshi Arai. He went to uni in London and used to attend All Star events at the Fairfield Halls in Croydon. When he returned to Japan he began freelancing for Weekly Pro Wrestling magazine and also served as foreign talent booker for Michinoku Pro. In 1995 he returned to the UK to meet with Dynamite Kid for an interview and a match proposal (this eventually led to Dynamite's last match at Sumo Hall for Michinoku on 10/10/1996). Edit: Hiroshi also wrote a book, in Japanese, called Around The World With Michinoku that covered the Michinoku tour to Croydon and Portsmouth plus TAKA Michinoku and Hanzo Nakajima wrestling each other on an All Star show in Dubai (that also featured Johnny South, Drew McDonald, Little Prince and a Power Ranger).
  3. I remember that! Believe it was a flyer for a wrestling hotline. Remember getting a few different ones at WWF shows in Cardiff around that time.
  4. I don't remember seeing them on the high street but there was a shop in Bristol that used to import them. Had Curt Hennig myself IIRC.
  5. Looks like the Halls are closing for two years due to a major refurbishment
  6. The NXT Twitter featured a shot promo from Neville stating that he's looking forward to returning home for the NXT UK tour Link:
  7. Details on Bram's arrest inc the changing documents:
  8. No idea how much the Ballroom is to hire but the Roundhouse will set you back £24,500 + VAT for 24hrs. Link:
  9. It appears that for a wrestling show the capacity would actually be smaller than the Ballroom. I believe it's because the venue is designed for people watching a show on the stage. With the ring on the floor, a lot of the balcony seats wouldn't have a clear view. Also, ICW runs Koko. Went to the last ICW show there. Amazing looking venue with loads of balconies - standing only on the floor.
  10. Mark Andrews is set to appear on Sunday August 2 at Heroes & Legends 2015 at Margam Park, nr Port Talbot, Wales. Facebook page:
  11. The "third" Bulldog was probably Johnny Smith who went out to have a decent run in All Japan (as well as a small run in ECW). Believe I saw a version of that show in Cardiff.
  12. Aside from a few camp shows in the 1980's a Kiln Park, Tenby, my first live show was a Reslo TV taping at the Star Centre in Splott, Cardiff. This was just when WWF was exploding at my high school so a bunch of us went. Results - CARDIFF – 30/3/90. Filmed for Welsh TV…Dave Finlay (W) v Kid McCoy Cage: Danny Collins (W) v Richie Brooks El Bandito (Orig Williams) (W) v Blondie Barratt Colonel Brody (W) v Steve Regal Giant Haystacks/Klaus Kauroff (W) v Boston Blackie/Jamaica George European Heavyweight champion Pat Roach (W) v Ray Steele Jimmy Ocean/Ricky Knight v Tony Stewart/Gary Welsh Source:
  13. Time Out offers have reduced tickets for the Royal Albert Hall show - I'm looking forward to the RAH show - first time I've been there since the UFC show. I also went to, IIRC, two WWF shows at the Albert Hall - fantastic venue.
  14. Time Out offers have reduced tickets for the Royal Albert Hall show -
  15. I might be wrong regarding historical significance but I just believe it was 'just' a regular venue during the heyday of British wrestling. In Walthamstow Assembley Halls trivia, parts of the movie 'Ashes And The Quest For The Gamechild' was filmed there.