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  1. Jesus, all that excitement I posted about the other day about seeing him fight has kind of been deflated from watching that interview. He does not want to be there at all, I don't even know what his energy levels will be like on fight night. He looks beat already.
  2. How did Henry Cejudo become co host on Tyson's podcast, it seems weird and I can't tell work out how their paths would have crossed. The only thing I can think of is they both appeared in AEW together but they must have had a relationship before that.
  3. Makes you wonder why the UFC don't play ball with either of the brothers. They clearly bring in the views and the clicks (and maybe the PPV buys), why do they hate dealing with them so much? I feel they do it out of principle as they don't want to set a precedent......in typing this I guess I have answered my own question there. That's exactly why the UFC don't play ball.
  4. This card is stacked and I cannot wait. One criticism is that it's too stacked and it's annoying to see a former main eventer like Hooker buried on the prelims when there a few recent fight night cards past and in the future that could really benefit from having his name on the main card/main event. The main event is very intriguing, Volk is the favourite but I actually think Ortega might just edge it. It's so hard to know for sure though. It's always fun to see Valentina fight, even if they are one sided, the anticipation/nerves will always there that there might be an unfortunate slip up at any moment during the fight. For me though, the return of Nick Diaz is the main event for me, I cannot wait. It's going to be so much fun. I am going to inject every bit of Nick Diaz content the UFC put out into my veins this week! I can't wait for embedded.
  5. Bit of a weak card on paper turned into a bunch of fun fights on the main card. Out of the 6 fights the judges were only needed twice. It was nice to see Buckley get back on track, he was about to lose on points so he did well to get it done in the 3rd round. Anthony Smith winning is always nice to see, we saw a side to him after the fight that we don't usually see, obviously something Spann said in the build up must have got to him. He's on a 3 fight winning streak now after scaling back the level of his opponents and now he's in a position where his next fight is going to be against that level of opponent who have known to give him problems. I know he called out Rakic but I would much rather see him face either Dominik Reyes or rematch Thiago Santos, both are (currently) ahead of him and both are on a losing streak....I really don't fancy his chances against Rakic or Jiri. Side note, Smith has main vented 8 of the last 9 shows he has appeared on. Crazy stat for a guy who's never held a title.
  6. Yeah this card just doesn't grab my interest at all. I'm surprised as having a weekend off last week usually makes me hyped for the cards even more than usual. I love Anthony Smith and always love his fights but it's clear he can't hang with the top 5 anymore so when such a weak card is built around him, it doesn't get the juices flowing. I will be watching of course but I think a lot of the prelims might get the fast forward treatment. I'm intrigued to see how Buckley responds to his loss, does he come out and try and play it safe and win or does he go back to try and look for the flashy highlight finish?
  7. Great fight. I know Moreno handily beat him in the rematch but it's too good of a fight to pass up. Pantoja must be praying for a Moreno win.
  8. The was such a great show from start to finish. Anyone claiming it is average or trying to pick holes in it is going to find fault in everything and should probably not watch it going forward. I was absolutely furious with AEW for putting Adam Page on ice and then having Christian (and I love him) in the main event of a PPV in a match we already saw 3 weeks ago, I couldn't quite fathom it. I could understand WWE doing it as they have a PPV every month but when they only have 4 PPVs a year I couldn't believe they wasted it on a match with zero build up. A bit like they did at the last PPV with Pac and Orange Cassidy in a triple threat with zero build up. After what went down, I totally get it now, it was perfectly executed.
  9. Yea fair point about Brunson being on a 5 fight winning streak vs Whittaker's 3. I still think Whittaker gets it mainly due to the fact he is the ex champion and there's a better story to be told, Izzy for some reason really doesn't want it though. I would love to see Lewis flatten Hardy but unfortunately if that fight were to be made, it would most likely be a main event fight and I want Greg Hardy no where near the top of the card so I'd much rather see him face Aspinal. Bahamondes vs Pimblett would be great, but unfortunately Bahamondes's tweet proves Pimblett was right when he said in his post fight interview "I'm the guy people are going to be calling out now." It will just feed his over inflated ego.
  10. Thoroughly enjoyable show from start to finish. Jack Shore impressed and looked very good, he's at 15-0 now, surely it's time they stick him on the Fight Night main cards and not have him buried on the prelims. Like Wand said though, him going the distance twice in a row won't help his cause too much. I don't think Darren Till is a bum but I would class him in the Kevin Lee category of receiving unwarranted talk of championship potential when the fights/results say otherwise. Don't get me wrong, he's not a scrub and I don't think he's finished but I could never quite get all the hype around him, his left hook is an absolute piston but once a fighter finds a way to avoid it, he will struggle. I would like to see Till paired up with Kevin Holland next. Both need a step back in competition and both have a similar fighting style that both of their teams might see it as a favourable match up. They can easily headline a Fight Night with that one too. The pre fight talk would be a lot of fun too. However, I would much rather see Holland drop down to Welterweight. Brunson looked great, but with a loss to Izzy already on his resume I don't see how he thinks he has the bargaining power to sit out and wait for a title shot. Bobby Whittaker is quite clearly number 1 and as an ex champ should get the nod ahead of him. And if he sits out too long, a couple more wins for Sean Strickland would shoot him right into the mix as being a fresh challenger to Izzy (if he gets past Whittaker). Paddy is going to be a very marmite character and I like that, put me in the camp who wants to see him get knocked out. He's enjoyable to watch and I look forward to seeing him fight again and I especially look forward to backing whoever that person is. I will be avoiding any podcasts/youtube videos next week where he's getting interviewed as no doubt he will be all over the MMA podcasts next week gloating about his win and talking himself up. Tom Aspinall looked amazing again, I know it's massively early days but I would love to see him face Cyril Gane one day, both get described as moving like middleweights and both are incredible boxers, that's still a while away. Put him in there against Greg Hardy so we can see him get smashed one more time before hopefully the UFC cut ties with him. I really like Khali Rountree so it was great to see him win. That kick was vicious and it was even more scary hearing him talk about how he planned it in his post fight interview.
  11. You wouldn't know it from looking at him but he is actually a light heavyweight.....and Dana thinks he should cut down and fight at middleweight too! I will give my thoughts on the show tomorrow.
  12. I see the resemblance now that you mention it but it didn't look right. I hope he grows it back to help protect that chin of his.
  13. So season 5 starts tonight and it airs exclusively on ESPN + in the USA. I don't know what that means for us U.K. fans as I can't seem to find anything online about it. Hopefully I will be able to find a way to watch tomorrow after work. The last season was on UFC fightpass but i can't seem to find anything about it this season. This is tonight's line up. Unfortunately I don't really have a clue who any of them are so the write up will come after I have seen the show. Light Heavyweight Azamat Murzakanov vs. Matheus Scheffel Featherweight Diego Lopes vs. Joanderson Brito Flyweight Victor Altamirano vs. Carlos Candelario Welterweight AJ Fletcher vs. Leonardo Damiani Anyone have any idea how to watch it?
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