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  1. Iโ€™m as hardcore as Iโ€™ve ever been. I never miss a UFC show and despite the odd fight night not having a great card I still watch the main card. However, I donโ€™t watch the prelims of any show or tune into TUF anymore. Only when former main event fighters like BJ Penn or Diego Sanchez appear on the prelims will I tune in. Iโ€™m starting to get into Bellator but the cards need a big name fighter to draw me in. Iโ€™m slowly getting more hooked I have never read any MMA news websites. Wandshogun posting on here is enough to keep me informed on any upcoming card so I have no reason to go else where for news.
  2. If the fight goes the distance I'd say it's a certainty the fight ends up being in the top 5.
  3. Thanks TildeGuy. I now have it at 100% complete for that show in that section.
  4. Will it make the main card? I'm happy to see Ed Herman on the card. TUF 3 is the reason I first got into the UFC as I was channel hopping and saw Ken Shamrock was on a weekly show on Bravo, I've been following UFC ever since, as a result, I have a soft spot for anyone from that season.
  5. Which section do I make my picks in?
  6. I'm really excited for the two championship fights. The rest of the undercard is pretty weak in terms of name value and possible contenders emerging. I have no idea how either championship fight is going to go, I 100% echo wangshogun's thoughts, Kelvin is an underrated beast and I guarantee he is up for this fight. Israel is an enigma and who knows just how great he actually is, there might be far more for us to see of him. My gut feeling says Kelvin is going to leave with the title but that's just a feeling I have. The main is also a toss up, Poirier has looked a star in the making for a while now in winning fights he was supposed to lose. I promised myself I would never write off Holloway again after he tore apart Ortega so I am going to go with a Max win. Again, this is just a toss up and Poirier has a lot more experience at light weight but I still think Holloway has the tools to defeat him on the night. Even though this card is not stacked like previous PPVs I am very hyped for it and I am uncharacteristically wishing my weekend away as I want it to be 9am on Sunday morning right now with a cup of tea in my hands watching the replay spoiler free.
  7. Are there any plans for DAZN to launch in the UK? Is it possible to subscribe over here or is it Geo blocked?
  8. Apart from the main event, that was quite a boring show with most fights dragging on and on. I'm glad Showtime is back in the win column but I was sad that it was at the expense of Wonderboy. Wonder boy won every single second of that fight apart from the last 2 seconds, but that's the fight game and now Wonderboy has to build up a few more wins. I don't think he is completely out of the title picture but with the killers at Welterweight right now it will be hard to become a number 1 contender any time soon.
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