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  1. I am fully on the Masvidal train along with you guys. I love the guy and I am so excited for this show. The live fans, the stacked card, everything about it just makes me giddy. I have no confidence in him getting the job done but between now and when the fight is I am going to talk myself into thinking he can get the job done. This card is so stacked. I love it. Live fans!
  2. 2020 submission of the year contender (flying triangle choke) and DWCS stand out Jimmy Flick has announced his retirement from MMA as he states the UFC is no longer his dream. Selfishly I am gutted as he was an exciting addition to one of UFC's weakest division but he is getting out of the game with no heath problems and he's not retiring due to any deep or dark issues. Fair play to him. I'd love him to come back though. From MMAFighting.com "Flick stated that he accomplished his goals in 2020 of not drinking soda, making $100,000 for the year, and making the UFC walk. After c
  3. Throughly enjoyable show that was. I love Holland but man does he need to move down to 170 lbs. Even if he fixes his dire wrestling he's still going to get man handled by the big boys at 185. He clearly is something special on his feet so if he takes some time off, fixes his wrestling and sorts out his diet he could quite easily go on a decent run at welterweight. Arnold Allen looked great in rounds 1 and 2, he kind of coasted the 3rd round and I liked how he was aware that he really needs a finish to get a big fight. Marquez and Alvey was great whilst it lasted, Alvey is a tough son
  4. Fair play to her, he's almost unrecognisable now compared to how he was in his Festus days. She's got a good memory.
  5. The show hasn't been uploaded to iPlayer yet so thanks Egg Shen for linking us to the direct link on youtube, it saved me encountering potential spoilers. Not a bad show, it was quite decision heavy but all the fights were relatively enjoyable.....saying that I have to admit to skipping the Liz Carmouche fight. Bader and Machida was not exactly fireworks but it was a pretty good technical display. I fancy Bader's chances in this tournament now, I think the weight cut for the Nemkov fight really hurt him and I feel a solid year at LHW will be very beneficial to him. I fancy him to mak
  6. Hopefully Alvarez and Lapicus run it back and hopefully One Championship continue to put their shows online for us Brits to watch. Fingers crossed the PFL follow suit when they start running shows again. In the Mighty Mouse fight, I had no idea grounded knee strikes were allowed, when I saw it happen I assumed we were heading for another DQ. I was very surprised to see it get called a Knock out.
  7. This is a pretty strong card from top to bottom, there's a familiar face in each of the fights. The card lost a bit of star power with Darren Till dropping out but I love Holland so I would love to see him pull off the upset and get a win here. Vettori is a pure meat head and he's pretty easy to dislike, he always seems to have a real chip on his shoulder and I don't think his fellow fighters like his personality much. He is exciting though and it's going to be a fun fight either way.
  8. Thanks Ebb. I will be watching on iPlayer tomorrow morning. What's the passing of Prince Philip got to do with them not airing a show live on iPlayer? If it was on BBC one I could understand that they'd want to air the news/tributes instead, but I don't see the link with iPlayer. I'm not really familiar with the two featherweights opening the main card but they've both got a pretty decent record. Diana Asaragova is quite the looker, if she gets a win I'd say Bellator start to put some hype behind her much like they do with Valerie Loureda. I don't see anything past a Bader win i
  9. Have you had good things about them from non Australian people? I just assumed they were an Aussie product bigged up by only Aussie people out of national pride. Similar scenario for Tim Tams (basically just a Penguin) & Vegemite.
  10. Poor Goldie. All hair King Mauro though! With there being no UFC this weekend I am pretty hyped to get my fix of MMA from Bellator tomorrow morning.
  11. From Wiki "On the July 22 episode of Raw, Van Dam unified the WWE European Championship into the WWE Intercontinental Championship after he defeated Jeff Hardy in a title unification ladder match. As a result, the European title was abandoned. On the August 26 episode of Raw, Van Dam also unified the WWE Hardcore Championship into the WWE Intercontinental Championship by defeating Hardcore Champion Tommy Dreamer in a hardcore title unification match. As a result, the WWE Hardcore Championship was abandoned." IC title unification with World "Kane began feuding with Triple H,
  12. Massive props to Diaz there. Leon is a tough opponent and will most likely smoke him, I assumed Diaz's next fight was going to be fighting a blown up light weight at 170lbs. Not the 3rd best Welterweight in the company. Not sure I like the 5 round twist. Will this set a precedent going forward?
  13. Great fight if Holland steps in but Marvin surely is just going to out wrestle him, the blue print to beat Holland is there now. Two weeks isn't going to fix that for Holland.
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