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  1. The best thing about that clip is Hardy takes a legit chair shot that busts him completely open with out the use of a blade and then you have JR on commentary completely downplay it "luckily for him he got his arms up."
  2. I am recording the main show on Sky Sports and I will watch it tomorrow. How would one go about watching the Loureda fight in the morning? I won't stay up but is it available on their youtube channel afterwards?
  3. That was my first time watching an episode of DWCS as I did not have UFC Fightpass before but I subscribed to it during lockdown out of boredom, I have to say I am hooked. I thought it was brilliant. For some reason I thought it was going to be a bit more rough and ready like the fights on TUF with a lot of editing but it was not like that at all. Unbeknownst to me it is pretty much like a UFC show with all the analysis, hype videos, commentary and interviews. I think the fact UFC shows are empty now and these shows are empty leads them to be very much alike, it didn't feel like a show full of amateurs at all, I loved it and I will be tuning in every week going forward. Jordan Leavitt was impressive and I think he might make the top ten within a year or too, I think his personality will lead some people to dislike him but I kind of like seeing a different character like that in the UFC. Uros Medic pretty much had a perfect performance and I am excited to see what he does next. It was a shame to see neither of the Flyweights get contracts, that division needs some new blood and they both put on an exciting back and forth fight. I feel it was kind of harsh that because neither won convincingly that neither of them were awarded contracts, but I guess that's the nature of the show. I'm assuming there will be some weeks where only one fighter gets a contract. Out of interest, what kind of contract do they get? Do they all get offered the same sort of contract? x amount of money with x amount of fights or does it vary for each fighter?
  4. Heartbreaking loss for Calderwood. I hate to see people who are brave and put their title shot on the line come up short, it validates the people who sit out and wait and hold up a division. It was a fantastic win for Brunson and a loss that Shabazyan can learn a lot from, in particular he needs to work on his cardio and some how manage to learn what to do when Plan A isn't working. Why his corner sent him out for the 3rd round I have no idea, the doctor did not look convinced so I am not sure why he let him either. Great stoppage from Herb, I think with his massive errors last week he should get some credit for this. What a performance by Green and Lando. I love Green so much, I am drawn to his personality. I saw a brief clip afterwards of maybe a press conference or a scrum and he was just as inspirational as he was after the Clay flight. He's quickly become one of my favourites to cheer for. I never really took much notice of him before.
  5. Yeah Β£19.99 is a pretty standard price for a collectable action figure these days (Marvel Legends, Star Wars Black Series, WWE Elite). Even then, I think 19.99 is pretty good value considering the costs that go into making the product. The Β£19.99 price point is aimed at the collectors (adults) who have some disposal income. They aren't competing with a Β£9.99-Β£12.99 basic Star Wars toy/Marvel toy/Power ranger so although it seems high vs the toys we used to play with as a kid, it's not primararily aimed at kids. I think Jazzwares/AEW have done a tremendous job in even getting the figures in Smyths, major props to them for that. I would like to see what kind of shelf space they get in store there. I wonder if any other shops in the UK will sell them. I reckon you will start to see the 1st wave get sold in the Entertainer when the 2nd or 3rd wave comes out.
  6. Great write up Wand. DC is one of my all time favourites so I am crossing every finger and toe that he retires as the heavyweight champion of the world. I love the guy so much. The rest of the main card looks awesome too, I'm fully on board the Sugashow, I hope he puts Chito away in similar fashion to what we are used to, this is definitely a step up in competition (no disrespect to Wineland) but it's also interesting to note that O'Malley is actually ranked higher than Vera. O'Malley is 14th and Vera was 15th up until this week and now he is unranked. I wonder what fight from the prelims will take the place of the Edgar/Munoz fight if it is indeed postponed? Hopefully the Dodson fight as I love the guy and think he's a great chap.
  7. What a great night of fights. Chimaev is a scary prospect. Lets hope they get him back in the cage ASAP for some more maulings. Ideally not against people from the UK. I think Darren Till is at the Kevin Lee level. Full of hype from the UFC but never able to get the job done. Then one win will propel them back into the title mix and talk of how much potential they have. Bobby vs Jared is the logical next step and the winner of that should get the champ. I was gutted to see Gus lose so quickly, hopefully we see him again, I don't mind if it's it LHW or HW, he's always exciting to watch win or lose.
  8. Mill Muertes is only 5 foot 9? I refuse to believe that!! The guy is a monster! That is amazing production/camera trickery by LU if that is a case. What happened to LU? Why did they close doors? Did Rodriguez cancel the show on his El Rey network? I remember reading that the backers decided to stop pumping money in, but who were the backers and why did they stop?
  9. I was more wondering what in particular did Masvidal say that you hated but from reading your reply it's more in what he didn't say. I just don't like the view you have that "If you support Trump then that makes you a bad person." I hate Boris Johnson with a passion, I think he ruined our country pushing for Brexit and I will never forgive him for that and I think he's ruining our country as PM now. However I am surrounded by friends/colleagues who have fallen for his faux charm and actually like him, I wouldn't dream of calling them cunts though. They don't support all the bad shit he does, they ignorantly support him due to his charming demener and they believe his rhetoric. I can't hate on them for being gullible and ignorant, there's far greater evils in the world to spend my energy on. It's the same for Masvidal in my view, he likes the good that Trump has done and he ignores the bad because it seems he doesn't quite believe the narrative put out in the media. To criticise him for that though is one thing but to label him the same as a nazi and say it's people like him that got Hitler into power shows that we're not on the same wave length on this matter and we never will be. I'm not as clued up on American politics as you are and I don't have the knowledge on all of Trumps policies that have made him the devil in your eyes so I can't really dissect your post.
  10. That was a hell of a lot of "JUST LIKE THAT" phrases. Great video though and thanks for creating this thread.
  11. Which view in particular of Masvidal's do you deem reprehensible? What policy did he reference that harms ordinary people and how? Lumping him in the same group as nazis, fascists and white supremacists is a little bit steep. In regards to where he goes next, I don't quite buy into it that he wants an immediate rematch, I think as soon as the Conor and Nate rematch gets floated in front of him I think he will snap up the opportunity. Besides, hasn't Dana confirmed that Gilbert will definitely get the next shot at Usman or did I imagine that?
  12. I like these additions a lot. I have a soft spot for Ed Herman as TUF 3 is the reason I got into UFC in a big way so to see him still around is awesome. I also enjoy seeing Meerschaert fight. I like this fight a lot. Also love the addition of Vannata vs Green. Ever since Bobby's last fight where he cut that promo with his dad (the man who raised him), I decided from then on out, I will never cheer against Green again.
  13. Is there anything you particularly take umbrage with in what he said? I listened to the full interview and reading it in text I can't really fault what he says. He has his views, he expressed why he has those views, why hate on him for that? I don't agree with all his views but he expressed them in a way that made me see his side of the argument. He also kept his cool despite his so called friend Dan Le Batard constantly berating him for his political beliefs .
  14. I love going to see Progress live but my god, they have the worst cameramen/production in all of wrestling. It hurts my eyes watching.
  15. I was joking using that as an example. The ending of the Bisping vs Belcher fight could be what he's referring to. I seem to remember Belcher was winning that and then he got poked in the eye and Belcher couldn't carry on. Bisping was awarded the victory. Memory is hazy. I think Belcher was winning it.
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