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  1. That main event was an absolute snooze fest. It seemed like both fighters were stuck in second gear and both were happy to just coast through it. The lack of crowd hasn't really hampered many of the UFC fights but maybe it impacted both Lima and Moose. The rest of the main card was pretty forgetful too.
  2. What he said! She looked ok in her fight on DWCS, she went the distance and got the contract but I think had she have been 30, male and American, I don't think she would have got the contract. I think Dana warmed to her because she's so young and is the first Welsh female fighter in the UFC. That's hardly a market Dana cares about but she definitely stood out. She also trains a little bit at Team Alpha Male, I think she bounces between her home gym in Wales and training with Faber. Jeff Molina was awesome in his DWCS fight, he had an awesome scrap that went the distance. He def
  3. Yea fair enough, I missed out RDA, that was before RDA went on his hot run and before he became champion. I think he was ranked 5 at the time so he counts as a top guy. I agree that a fighter can only fight guys in front of him but Khabib only fights once a year, he's had the championship for 2 and a half years and the UFC have had to create 2 new interim champions during that reign, obviously it's not his fault that there was a pandemic but he wasn't the most active guy before this happened. Before Jones went off the boil he was facing everyone, he beat who was in front of him, then beat
  4. How can a guy be so classy on Saturday and Tweet "Until I go up to heavy and win, that GOAT status is yours" and then go on a full on Twitter melt down and arguing with a load of Trolls. Twitter really brings out the worst in people. It's poison. Despite my criticism of Jones and his tweets. It's between him and GSP for me. They both have cleaned out their division on more than one occasion, Jones especially. Jones has a red mark against his name because we truly don't know how much he was doping but the fact he has so many title defences can't be argued with. Khabib is the grea
  5. Cracking card this is. I really like every fight and I have seen every fighter fight before apart from that Gooden chap and I'll be honest, I'm sure I have seen Alex Perez before but I can't recall his fights at all. I know you're not a DWCS guy but I am very high on the Cosce brothers. Here is what I had to say about them after the show: "The most memorable fighters to come out of the show this week were the Cosce brothers who both won their fights and both won contracts. They seem like a bulked up version of the Diaz brothers who are slightly more eloquent. I look forward to seeing
  6. I saw Yanez on DWCS and after his fight I wrote in the DWCS thread "Yanez looked incredible. He was definitely the star of the show." That's not much of a detailed write up but I liked what I saw of him then so I am excited to see him open the show this Saturday. Great opening post too Wand, that write up on Sivla is incredible. A lot of great memories were brought back reading that.
  7. I'm really excited to see how Chadler fairs n the octagon. I haven't followed Bellator for that long so the only times I have seen him fight were his loss to Pitbull and his win over Henderson. He came across great on the mic yesterday and in every interview I have seen of him this months made him come across like a star. He seems likes a star. I hope he fights before the year is up. I'd like to see him step in there with Dan Hooker rather than Gaethje.
  8. That was a very enjoyable show from start to finish. It had everything from submissions, knockouts and striking clinics. Robert Whittaker really impressed me with his showing and he's put the UFC in a very difficult position, the mauling by Izzy is still fresh in all our minds but there is no one else out there that is a credible number 1 contender. If Jack Hermanson spectacularly beats Darren Till then he could possibly overtake Bobby but aside from that I think Bobby is the man to challenge Izzy next. I was 100% on team Geathje but you cannot fault Khabib's performance at all. His
  9. Great news. I'm excited about seeing him fight again, although looking at his opponent I think he's been fed another scrub. He only has a 2-0 record which is similar to Hager's I guess but still no real step up on competition compared to his other fights. It's much of the same. I'm hoping he wins though of course.
  10. Nice video. His girlfriend is dressed like Vicky Pollard. Why did the Cagewarriors guy say "I've just signed you to the UFC" ? I know there is a partnership with the whole fight pass and Cage Warriors agreement but what power does he have for the UFC?
  11. That was a very enjoyable show from start to finish. The main event wasn't quite the barnburner we were expecting but it was a technical masterpiece. I think Zombie can recover better from the loss than Ortega would have. Another 3 wins and Zombie will be back in the mix. With Ortega I feel he would have gone down the Ronda route and he would have gone AWOL again as in my opinion he has a bit of a fragile side to his personality. I didn't predict that Andrade mauling but I was happy as it was a much better result for the division than seeing Kaitlyn win. Very classy of Kutateladze t
  12. I too would like to know the answer. I use my laptop and I can’t find it. The set up isn’t great. Since joining I have only watched DWCS, fightlore, a few CFFC shows and a few Jorge Masvidal early UFC and Strikeforce fights that I manually searched for. Would definitely like to use more to get my money’s worth.
  13. Damn, hope he makes a speedy recovery and I am glad to hear it wasn't covid related for once.
  14. I watched a lot of this on fast forward (analysis parts) as Twitter ruined the result of the main event for me so it always makes me go into the show on a bit of a downer. What happened to the Pitbull fight? Did it get called off on the day?
  15. Thank you, I had no idea the prelims started so early. I think I will stay up to watch the prelims and then watch the main card tomorrow morning like I usually do. It looks like I am the only one who voted for an Ortega victory. It's not neceessarly what I want but I just haven't seen many holes in his game. Holloway made him look basic but Holloway can do that to most fighters. I love Zombie but he has shown over the years that he can be beat where as Ortega is still quite a mystery. How the 2 year layoff has impacted him we will soon see, Zombie knows all about having a 2 year lay
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