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  1. Fulham have hardly any fans though, at least with Bournemouth and Brighton they have a whole town/city behind them. With Fulham you have Chelsea a mile down the road, not to mention every other club based in London. Fulham also has lots of people living in the area who are not actually from London so they don't actually support the club (I live in Fulham). Being a yoyo club is exactly what a club the size of Fulham should be content with and that's coming from someone who would class them as my second team.
  2. I'm glad you like Molina and see the upside in him. The kid can scrap. Very solid main event here with a weak undercard. I'm starting to feel a bit like a broken record now complaining about the Fight night shows. They weren't this weak 3 months ago I am sure. Every apex show used to have at least 4 or 5 must see fights on there. They have really dropped off a cliff now. The sooner they leave the apex and start touring smaller cities the better. Dana has given no indication that will happen anytime soon, they are definitely in the Apex for the rest of 2021, whether that changes in 2022 we do not know yet. Bruce Leroy being on the main card says it all, he has been prelim fodder his entire career. I can't say I remember watching any of the two guys in the co-main. They both have decent records though. Costa vs Vettori will be wild, but Costa has pulled out of way too many fights for me to get excited just yet.
  3. Here's a clip from GAD's twitter where he and Tyson speak about that question regarding depression. https://twitter.com/GarethADaviesDT/status/1447333965505855492?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  4. Ah damn, that's annoying. I was looking forward to seeing Rockhold back in the octagon. The UFC cards lately have been dominated by a lot of no namers/newbies that I was kind of excited to see a name back in the cage. Hopefully Strickland stays on the card, he's the type of guy that will take any kind of replacement even if they aren't ranked.
  5. Sorry @wandshogun09, but chalk me up as another one hoping for a Colby win. It makes the division more interesting, Usman has practically cleared out the division and a Colby championship run would have some great fights/build up with the likes of Leon Edwards and Jorge Masvidal (I know he's lost 2 title fights but this is the UFC).
  6. Quite a boring main card. I skipped the prelims and I haven't read any of the results so I hope I didn't miss any barn burners but the main card was pretty dull. I enjoyed the main event though. It was quite tense and as I wanted Dern to win a lot, the fight meant more to me. It was a chess match the more it went on. Dern really is special on the ground, she just couldn't quite match up with Marina's very obvious superior striking skills to get her on the ground though. When ever it did get to the ground though it was exciting stuff. This main event was a lot better than the Santos/Walker fight last week. The rest of the card I can't really say much on as it was pretty boring. Agapova got herself a nice finish and Randy Brown is a tough guy to fight with a dislocated toe and seeing him try to fix it with his other foot was gruesome. Hard bastard.
  7. Good grief that looks like a weak card. I can't say I recall ever seeing Norma Dumont fight before. I know she gets stick but when Holly fights it at least feels like a main event.
  8. Any idea how much he gets for one buy? I am guessing it's more than a dollar but have no idea.
  9. Very happy to hear that, from all the interviews I heard afterwards it looked like Daukaus was pushing for a December rematch, or even not a rematch at all so I am happy and surprised to see it's taking place so soon.
  10. Yeah, bit of a weak card this one. Despite how weak the card is, I am surprised to see Romanov on the prelims, an undefeated heavyweight prospect who's had a few UFC finishes on his record. Maybe it was the fact he couldn't continue his last fight due to a groin strike that has made them put him on the undercard. I'm with you on Deron Winn, he is too short to be middleweight and he's missed weight a few times at that so he has no hope in making welterweight. That main event is pretty decent however it doesn't quite get the juices flowing completely. It would be a great co main event on a fight night but I don't think it has the star power to have a card built around it. I am sure it will be fun though.
  11. The posters were pretty simple as well. They contained only Lima and MVP's face and said: "Lima vs MVP 2.....Bellator MMA" Followed by the date, location and the mention of getting tickets via ticketmaster or one of those sites. There was no mention of cage fighting or even a picture of a cage if I recall correctly. Tickets were not cheap either so I think you'll struggle to see casual "just bleeders" pay that kind of money for a simple cage fighting event.
  12. Great summary Wand, but you nearly ruined it by reminding me of the fact that Eye vs Cynthia was a fight night main event. Lawler vs Price would be a great next fight for both guys. Lawler must know that his time fighting top 10 guys is no more. He was only given the Diaz fight due to the history and the fact they are a similar age.
  13. Yea Dan made the right call but if it wasn't for Herb Dean getting in his ear that finish would have remained as a Daukaus win. I love Kevin Holland so much but he really needs to go down to Welterweight if he can. He weighed in at 183.5 lbs and I'm guessing he probably was 185lbs or so on the night of the fight. Some one really needs to get in his ear and persuade him to drop down.....unfortunately that person won't be Travis Lutter or Johnny Hendricks as they are both notorious weight missers. Or maybe he just needs to bulk up outside of camp so he won't be undersized by all these middleweights. The less said about the main event the better. Coach Kavanagh really needs to take a look in the mirror tonight, the advice he gave Walker after every round was mind boggling "you're doing great, keep feinting and touch him to get points."
  14. I also was impressed by the turn out, tickets weren't cheap either so they've done well to fill that. Although I have walked past an MVP vs Lima poster every time I leave my home in the last month. They've heavily advertised for it in London. I only watched the last 2 fights and annoyingly the BBC website ruined the result of the main event for me so I only half watched it and didn't really pay much attention to it so I can't comment on the judges decision. Had I have known that it would be a razor tight decision I would have focussed a bit more on it. Leah McCourt is probably one more win away from a shot at Cyborg.
  15. RDA vs Islam is the new version of Khabib vs Ferguson. Stil a strong card though.
  16. Woah! Dan Hooker has got some heart on him. Fair play to him. I hope he can pull off the upset.
  17. Fair enough, but it's not like this was on ESPN though or a mainstream channel. Only hardcore fans like us are watching that. He wouldn't use that sort of delivery if he was talking to an audience of non fans.
  18. Which part in particular from the video did you not agree with?
  19. Is anyone going to the show? I really wanted to go but in the end didn't fancy either going alone or trying to persuade a non fan to join me.
  20. Great write up Wand, I was worried you had forgot about this card. This card should be good. Kevin Holland is one of of my current favourites so I am glad to see him fight. I am very happy they have given him a step down in competition too, he really needed to go away and work on his wrestling. He's been training with Johnny Hendricks a lot on it and I think he might have trained a little bit with DC (that was the plan, not sure it happened). As you said, the main event could go either way, it's hard to predict anything with Johnny Walker and it isn't obvious whether Santos is on the slide or if he has just been up against the elite of the division. A win for either guy would suit me. Price vs Brazilian Cowboy is awesome too. I'm glad they have given them a spot on the main card and not buried this fight on a PPV prelim. Good card for a fight night, it's all about Kevin Holland for me.
  21. That was very quick and a huge step up for Chris! Nice work. It's a shame though that I became a fan of his after his awesome showing on Saturday and now I already want him to lose because of who he is up against.
  22. He's been brilliant on Twitter for the past few months so maybe people have seen he does have a personality.
  23. Sterling has posted about it on IG and has said he has asked the UFC for more time and has asked Yan to wait and ended the post with "The UFC understands how serious spine surgery can be and are allowing me the extra time to get my body right so that there are no excuses when I fight again." From reading that it makes me think Yan won't be fighting Sandhagen. Not sure if the colour of his skin has anything to do with it though, he wasn't exactly picking up any unnecessary abuse before the Yan fight. I think it's a case of internet trolls being internet trolls and people like Helwani and DC (on their podcast) giving him a bit of criticism for posing with the belt at a house party after the fight. So then other fans got on board with the same sort of criticism too. But back to the original point. I really hope whoever Yan does fight ends up giving him an absolute pasting.
  24. Agreed. Yan and TJ are definitely the heels in this story. Sterling and Sandhagen are the babyfaces.
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