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  1. Fingers crossed this is a one off and they don't start making a habit out of it. As already mentioned, waking up and watching Sunday morning in bed is a hell of a lot more appealing than going to work on Monday, avoiding all spoilers and trying to to cram a 3 hour PPV plus finding the time to cook and eat dinner into a Monday evening.
  2. The main card is looking pretty tasty and now the prelims are looking better with the addition of Cody Staman. Also, for the betters amongst us, Overeem is a 6/4 underdog on Bet365. That's got to be an easy way to make some money surely? I've lumped £8 on him to win to get £20 back (£12 profit) just in case those odds change in the next week.
  3. Am I right in saying this is the next card now? There isn't a fight card next week is there?
  4. Michael Chandler arrived in the most spectacular fashion, he got it done in quick time and then cut a promo that will be used in every one of his video packages in the future. The first 30 seconds of the fight I was worried by how small he was and how imposing Hooker was. I thought it was going to be a long night for him with Hooker just touching him on the outside for 3 straight rounds. I also feared a possible knee to his chin. Thankfully, my worries were redundant and he blasted him into the ground. You can't get a better debut than that. Dustin winning was the cherry on the top, I had
  5. Great suggestion. I actually think no where is safe when Conor fights, I'm tempted to put my phone on airplane mode until i watch the show.
  6. That was a dominating display by Chiesa who has now solidified himself as a top contender now. I think he might be shooting high with the Colby call out as surely a fight with Masvidal or Usman is next for him, but neither of those fighters actually want to fight him so on second thoughts maybe Chiesa will be left as Colby's next opponent. If Edwards beats Khamzat then surely Edwards is next in line to face Usman. If Khamzat beats Edwards then I think a fight with Usman is too soon for Khamzat so that would leave Colby as number 1 contender. Colby vs Masvidal is the obvious figh
  7. Yeah as Jimmy said, it's all subjective. We're lucky that they don't have the same 3 man team week in and week out like pro wrestling, if we don't like one person, chances are they won't be on for another few weeks....unless that person is John Anik, if you don't like him, you're screwed. I love Bisping, DC and Anik and I am starting to love Dan Hardy now. He's incredibly informative and excitable. I like Rogan and Felder. Both are harmless to me. Rogan is annoying with his biased narrative at times but I still love the guy outside the cage. I am warming to Brendan, he has great chem
  8. This post contain spoilers from Holloway vs Kattar UFC: Heavyweight: Jon Jones. If he has his contract dispute sorted, I see him fighting for the title at the end of the year and winning it. The UFC just needs to get it off Stipe 'Fights once a year' Miocic to make it a reality. Light Heavyweight: Israel Adesanya. I can't see Jan beating him and I can't see Jones going back down to 205lbs anytime soon. Glover will unsuccessfully challenge in September time and that's it. Izzy will only fight twice in 2021. Title win, title defence. Middleweight: Robert Whittaker. I can't s
  9. What an absolute show, it feels so good to have UFC back, it feels even better to have the crowd there, and to top it off, we just saw the performance of the year and it's only January! Wow. Max Holloway is back! Watching live is such a novelty for me as I'm a 'record and watch on Sunday morning' kind of guy, what a show to watch live. Amazing.
  10. As close as they are, I think neither one will want to be the co main event to the other.
  11. That's very classy from Li. I enjoyed that clip a lot. This main card looks a bit tasty on paper doesn't it? The main event is going to be fun no matter what, neither guy is involved in a dud. I think a title shot looms for either guy next once Ortega gets his fight. The co main is a nostaliga dream, I love Condit a lot so I am really pulling for him here. I think both fighters are going to call it a day after this one, I'm sure I heard this is Condit's last fight on his contract. I can hardly see him getting signed to another contract win or lose and I don't think he would go to an
  12. Let's do it! And for added fun, rather than just say a fighter with no background, we could give the narrative on where we think they got to the title.
  13. I'm sure it's been mentioned in another thread as I remember seeing the banner with all the timings on, but when is this on in the UK? I've checked the TV guide and the first showing I found of it was around 9pm on Thursday night and it wasn't called "UFC Live Chiesa vs Magny." It was called "UFC Chiesa vs Magny."
  14. I agree with this. If he set foot in the Capitol building then I have zero sympathy for the guy and he deserved the boot, but if he lost his job because he attended what he thought was a protest in support of the President then it's cancel culture at it's fullest and it's a dangerous precedent that is being set. We are incredibly lucky that our views and opinions are on the "correct" side of politics because I would be extremely scared of the system right now if I held different political views. Just because some one has different opinions and beliefs to me, as long as they are not breaki
  15. Interesting read and sad read. I'm very familiar with the town of Sylva, NC that gets mentioned a lot in the article, the place he used to live and train in. I studied there for a couple of months a long time ago. I had no idea the town had any MMA connections, that was pretty cool to read despite the rest of the sad story.
  16. I've just checked, are you referring to "Such Great Heights"? If yes, it worked for me. Thanks for asking, I've just discovered a load of free MMA related documentaries on prime. I had no idea they existed.
  17. This is an absolutely stacked card from top to bottom which makes me happy to watch but also sad that they waste Cruz and Joe B on the prelims when they have some real dross on the main cards of some fight nights. I get that they want all eyes on the PPV and they don't care as much about the fight nights but it really annoys me when a PPV and prelims have a stacked line up of must see fights and then a fight night only has a few decent fights with no real credible co main. Sounds a silly thing to complain about I know. Guess it's the wrestling fan in me. The 3 main championship fights all
  18. Gaethje has just fought and lost for the title so in my opinon it wouldn't be fair for him to get a shot ahead of some of the other guys on win streaks that you mentioned. However, we know UFC don't like waiting around in having belts vacated and those two are the only fighters in the top 5 who don't have fights booked already so I think there is a strong chance your idea comes to fruition. It's a bit of a mess, it depends how quickly they want to crown a champion. I would personally wait and have the winner of Poirier/McGregor fight Oliveria for the title. I'm just glad they haven
  19. If Lewis vs. Blaydes was a 3 rounder I think it would be semi ok, a 5 rounder will be terrible.
  20. The general consensus here is we all want McGregor to lose right? He adds a huge buzz to the sport when he's fighting but without meaning to sound like a grumpy grouch, UFC is a lot more enjoyable with out him and all the fan fare he brings. His constant talk of retirement and then the next night calling out fighters on twitter he has no interest in fighting has made him a complete parody of himself. I love to watch him fight but I think the McGregor story is over for me now. That's my opinion without thinking about the rape allegations, fighting old men at pubs and general drunk behaviou
  21. That's a pretty strong main card which I am excited about with a very weak pre lim line up. Aside from Johnson, Guida, Nicco and Molly McCann I can't say any of those names were familiar to me. It was only reading your write up that I realised I have seen some of them fight before. The main event seems like a fight that has happened before, I guess Overeem has kind of fought everyone and Volkov has been about a while, it took me by surprise that this wasn't a rematch. I'm looking forward to seeing Michael Johnson vs Guida, I always state this but I love watching the veterans fight de
  22. Wonderboy hurt his leg in his last fight so I can't see it being him, I've not checked to see if it was a bad injury but he was limping in the 3rd round. Bumping either Chiesa or Magny to the main event to face Edwards would be unfair on the guy who is left out. The UFC don't tend to mess around fighters like that this close to a fight. Looking at the top 10 I think Luque is the only one who would realistically want the fight on short notice and seeing as he is coming off a loss and Edwards has already beaten him I don't see why Edwards would accept. It all depends if Leon is ha
  23. Brett Okamotto tweeted about Holland vs Brunson and Kevin Holland tweeted "Lets not get ahead of ourselves, Leon needs an opponent....big mouth is calling." What weight would they even fight at? Holland is a middleweight and Edwards is a welterweight, Leon has no reason to accept that fight if it's not even in his weight class.
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