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  1. Murtz

    Planning Wrestlemania 2019

    Any idea why some 200 blocks are more expensive than the 100 block right below it? I'm assuming it's a case of 'too close is worse'?
  2. Murtz

    Planning Wrestlemania 2019

    Will there be a presale this year for WM tickets? Or will it just be the general sale date..
  3. Murtz

    Planning Wrestlemania 2019

    Blimey.. didn't even read the small print. Resort fees for me are coming out to £115. Still, 915 isn't too bad for a centrally located hotel.
  4. Murtz

    Planning Wrestlemania 2019

    I'm staying at Hotel Edison. Right on Times Square with good Tripadvisor reviews. £800 for 6 nights with twins beds.
  5. Murtz

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    Absolutely devastating news. I live in Leicester and quite frequently go to the games.. the treatment the fans got under his ownership is unreal. Free drinks and goodies on special occasions is unheard of at the big clubs. I was there when City lifted the title.. and the visual of the owner and his family doing a lap of honour with him hoisting the trophy over his head will forever be iconic.
  6. Murtz

    Best horror movie baddies.

    Who would have thought he'd end up at Arsenal and use his powers to convince the board to keep him around the last 10 years.
  7. Murtz

    Roman Reigns has Leukemia?

    Devastating news. Really hope he pulls through. Confused as to why the commentators were still talking about his match at Crown Jewel.. surely they knew what the news was and if so there wasn't any need to carry on with the kayfabe aspect??
  8. Murtz

    Your philosophy