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  1. I have my 4 combo tickets available to download via my Ticketmaster account as PDFs.. and the WM ticket is available as a mobile ticket.. didn't see the delivery option?
  2. Actually ignore me. I got my timezones mixed up and the game showed as 10th April 1am.. but that's 9th in US. Knicks are at MSG on 10th
  3. I think Knicks are in Chicago on 10th.. The 5:30 start time for WM includes the pre show right?
  4. I'm having to watch these episodes about 3 times to catch all the subtle brilliance! The moment where they realise what the song at the end was about.. and how the co host mouths 'IRA' to Alan was timed to perfection. They've taken subtle to another level. Its genius.
  5. So.. United and Chelsea finish 5th and 6th.. both win their European comps.. Arsenal finish 3rd and Spurs miss out on CL by finishing 4th.. sounds hilarious.
  6. Agreed. Should have been Aqwoman instead.
  7. United are going to be home first because of the local authorities not wanting City and United to play at home in the same week. City get priority over United because of last years league position. Annoying.
  8. I've watched each episode twice.. and on second watch I spotted so much more than the first. It's the subtle brilliance that makes this show superb. The co host is ace too, some of her subtle reactions are timed to perfection.
  9. Football. Bloody hell. Depleted squad.. Bring on Chong and Greenwood.. Do what nobody has done in the CL. Rashfords bottle. Lukaku stepping up. Mbappe being sorted by Smalling. Biggest home defeat by PSG for god knows how long. An unbelievable night!
  10. When The Rock returned in 2011. Don't think there is a post Austin pop that comes close Would have loved to be there when Goldberg squashed Lesnar too. Everything from the original entrance.. to being cheered instead of the expected boos.. to smashing Lesnar in under 2 mins
  11. Draw in the Spurs/Arsenal game is probably the best result for United.. the top 4 race is looking very tight now. Probably the best I've seen Arsenal in a big away game for a while.. shame the strikers didn't have their shooting boots on.
  12. Imagine if Spurs drop out the top 4.. got a pretty difficult run in too.
  13. Uniter showed steel. Same unfortunate first half circumstances against PSG but we folded. This took guts. Probably had the better chance of the game and gave them nothing. Should have brought Sanchez on to provide something...
  14. He'll probably completely forget that if it meant he becomes the champ though.. They could do a similar scenario to Brock/Eddie.. have Kofi beat the champ.. Bryan goes on to face Bray in a Rowan and Harper on a pole match.. and Kofi faces the veteran Orton who cant take him seriously as a champion.
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