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  1. Not sure I can record the repeats though. I dont think I'd be able to sit through the whole show without purely spanning from curiosity..
  2. Is there any way to get this on demand? Not sure if ordering through Fite TV will give me this..?
  3. I always thought Samwell getting so much screen time during the seasons would actually amount to something.. but he was just pretty useless overall wasnt he?
  4. De Ligt would be a pretty good replacement.
  5. Not sure you can remember that long ago...
  6. Proud of the players.. good lord. Liverpool spent more than anyone in the summer! They were 10 clear at one point.. 7 clear with the same games played. It's not bottling as they were still hanging in it.. but they've definitely blown it. The blew it when they couldn't beat a shit United team with several key injuries.
  7. Thank fuck for that. Hilarious hearing some Liverpool fans go on about how they care more about being entertained than trophies.. don't really mention Istanbul much do they? Quite funny how the title was sorted on page 197 and 198 on this thread.
  8. How the heck did Liverpool and Spurs do this without their top scorers? Itll be harsh when Origi and someone at Spurs is dropped for Salah and Kane. Stunning year for the CL. These 2 games.. United's PSG comeback.. Ajax at Real and Juve, Spurs at Man City drama. Just unreal. 5 of the top 6 could achieve something brilliant this year.. bar United. The useless shits.
  9. Bloody horrible feeling cheering City on as a United fan. Yes I celebrated that Kompany cracker. It's all about the bigger picture though. Anyone But Liverpool
  10. Avengers last night, Game of Thrones tonight.. not sure I can handle this much tension and emotion! The ending was fantastic. It was a split second between being sure that was the end of Arya to being the Night King who got it. Stunning stunning moment, up there with the best ever in GOT.
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