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  1. That Youth Unemployment book her photos are published in, is one of my favourite ever books, to the point I own 2 of them. Fabulous book. I’ve always loved this pic due to the lad on the left being the spit of a good pal of mine. Great book and set of images, highly recommended.
  2. Not cooking, well, I melted some chocolate, but I made a batch of crisp cakes with the nipper, as we do every month. However, the point of this post is to say that strawberry flavoured coco pops is a thing now, and as she was the one who pointed them out to me as she sat in the trolley, it felt ridiculous to put off the inevitable. Dairy milk chocolate, strawberry coco pops, mini eggs and broken giant milky buttons. Arguably the best thing I’ve posted in here.
  3. And that was that. I really liked the Haru, and thought it was more enjoyable than the Hatsu. The rest in spoilers... So on the back of that, we’ll be back in May and for any of you who are interested, it would be cool to hear from you. We’re pleased there’s been so much interest. Also, we really encourage you all to pick a 5 person stable as part of the Kachi Clash game. Get involved... It’s really simple, free, straight forward and a laugh. Anyway, really fun Basho.
  4. Been ill in bed for a couple of days, decided to get up and have a paint using some new mixing methods. It’s a start and a technique I’ll build on.
  5. I last went to Evil Eye around 6 or 7 years ago at a guess. They had some good import bottles just before the huge craft boom and their signature spicy Thai rice and noodles dishes were absolutely brilliant. I usually sat in the back courtyard, as the bed situation upstairs was too weird for me. Not sure if Neil was there at the time, didn’t see anyone waking though. Did it close down?
  6. I unintentionally let a random angry dog start a fight with David Blunketts guide dog, while he was holding its lead. The ordeal was almost shown on BBC news. Thankfully we persuaded them not to air it.
  7. Never noticed it properly discussed on here, so this might end up on its arse, either way, I thought I’d post it. I’m a pretty big follower of Sumo Wrestling and have been for years. Watched it as a youngster on Eurosport, and got my head in to it a bit more when I was in Japan in 2006. I became much more of a fan a couple of years ago and now it’s arguably my main sport passion. We’re currently at day of this months Tournament (Basho) and the results so far are pretty crazy to say the least. The Ozeki who won November’s tournament with a record of 13-2 has yet to win a match t
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