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  1. Probs more common knowledge than I realised, but TIL that when Harold swept up on the beach as ‘Ted’ in Neighbours, the name is a reference to his character Ted from Cell Block H. No idea how I never linked the two before now.
  2. Not yet, but now we have a new project for the Monday afternoon group 👍
  3. Both @Onyx2 & I are going down the pizza route tonight. I ended up going to Morrison’s for a ‘make your own’. I didn’t know what to get so got loads. I’m meant to be sharing it... am I fuck. 14” for £5, that’s an amazing deal regardless of the product.
  4. The other bloke I’m running the wood workshop with brought some of his work in today, just to put on display for when I bring people over for a visit, with a viewing of the attending our sessions. Look at some of this magic, he’s a wizard...
  5. I’m equally as surprised they left out the offensive bit.
  6. He’s basically the head of a company, taking the piss out of a female employee, suggesting she might have some kids she doesn’t know about, based on her sex life. A sex life that was shared on the internet in graphic detail without her consent and caused her to have some wellbeing issues. That’s why it’s not the same as a dad joke. He’s not her dad, he’s her boss, and it was insensitive and unprofessional. He’s an idiot for saying it.
  7. My much older brother and his girlfriend, coming home from an all night session, walking in the living room at about 6.00am, while I was watching the WM12 from the night before, bang at the point of Piper stripping Goldust. Him: ”The fuck’s this?” Me: “.... errrr... they were really fighting in an alley with blood... and the car chase... and errr” Him: “Sort ya life out ya cretin”
  8. Why are you carrying your shoes around? Still pissed? Jokes. Looking Sharp man, good effort.
  9. Aldis looks mint, carries himself brilliantly, knows what to say, knows how to look at the camera and has improved a lot in ring. He’s 95% nailed it for me. If I was to criticise anything, it would simply be the tone of his voice. There’s no grit in it, he’s very softly spoken, so when he’s angry or agitated, it doesn’t always have the bite it needs. Such a small thing to bring up in the scheme of things, but it’s the only negative I notice, meaning he’s doing a lot right.
  10. Stage 1: Reducing funding, close surgeries, force pressure on other surgeries. Stage 2: Blame the rise in waiting times and pressure on foreigners and the ineptness of the NHS, to get the general public angry. Stage 3: Use this anger as rational to privatise new and remaining health care facilities. Stage 4: Scrap Brain Zone.
  11. I think there’s a lot more to come from Starx. I think he’s a bit green at times and his promo timing is a bit off, but there’s elements of a young heel HBK/model Martel hiding in there. He defo should be heel because he’s believably smug. He posted a video of twitter himself of himself dancing outside a few months back, and it painted a bit more of a picture of his persona. I want to see more of that character in NWA.
  12. I assumed the author is a he. Shit, not sure now. Hang on, is this some evil plot to get us to check by reading it again?
  13. Telling the story the way he did, tells me he’s more of an attention seeker than she is and that he’s probably made it up for attention. She blows on strangers necks and doesn’t exist, yet comes off as a better person.
  14. They both look absolutely incredible lads. I’d absolutely destroy both of them, right up my street. Out of curiosity, would would be your accompanying drink/drinks of choice with said cakes?
  15. All the images linked to this are tremendous, but this one is the best.
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