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  1. I didn’t realise you did that, but you’ve nailed it. My team is called Progression and Engagement Team. We run a wood workshop, music production sessions, arts & crafts and other basic enrichment stuff such as cook & chat sessions (we invite them in to cook with us and have a roast dinner), also a video games club. It’s all just a way to spark up engagement, get them chatting. That then leads on to employability sessions, we put them through training and pay for CSCS cards for example. I have to apply for funding for every project but it’s so critical as I’m sure you’re aware.
  2. Indeed. The vast majority of homeless people I work with, approx 85%, have addictions or substance dependencies, hence why we run a needle exchange in our drop in/health centre. Most of those also have criminal records associated with struggling on the streets. I imagine they aren’t deemed real homeless by the Britain first lot though, even though almost 100% are classed as white British. These homeless aren’t fluffy enough, or not all served in the armed forces etc. There will always be a caveat as to what meets their standards for who truly needs support.
  3. Before I fucked FB off, I had a random habit of finding posts/threads, knowing there were going to be “look after our own” type posts. I found plenty and attempted convo around 20-30 times, around the time of the Banksy boat. The discussion would usually be along the lines of: Them: “Send them back, we need to focus on our own, there’s no room, put them up in your own house, we have too many British homeless people to as it is.” Me: “I work for a homeless organisation/rehousing association, and you are correct in that we do have too many British homeless people. Do you want me to
  4. How’s it going. I’ve barely been posting much online as of late, I had one of those hating the internet phases. Sacked Twitter and FB off and stepped away from all pod/events stuff. Can’t be bothered anymore. It’s nice to be able to just focus on my job and music, it’s a complete weight off. I also started to get back in to my art stuff again, it’s been years, I was never that talented, but it’s just nice to do, stress free, no hassle. I’ve just been doing quick pen sketches and some basic acrylic pours in the house with my wife, it’s been really lovely to be honest. I might try and
  5. I’ve looked through the past few pages and couldn’t find a dedicated thread. Apologies if I’ve missed one. There we’re several very interesting points mentioned during Tyson’s latest Joe Rogan pod appearance. As I’m sure everyone will know, Mike has been touted for an in ring return for the best part of the year. Rumours started with a match against Bob Sapp, then Tyson Fury and several interesting names later the world settled on Roy Jones Jr. So here we are. What we know: - Fight pencilled for November 28th. - £30 mil payday for Mike which he’s giving to chari
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