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  1. People who fucked up but you still like...

    Shut up you daft cunt
  2. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    Next time you have a head ache ask him if he has any pain killers, then read the back of the box and loudly proclaim “Clangers Testicles?” On a different note I heard one bloke explain how a particular online betting payout system works to his mate today: ”The jackpot is in euros, but if you win, ya naa, it gans in your banks as coin”. I hope part of the bexit deal is that we officially change our currency to ‘coin’.
  3. Post a pic('s) of your pet thread

    Ha ha, that’s quality. It’s like a pile of hides.
  4. People who fucked up but you still like...

    Kim Jong Un Now, ‘like’ is a strong word.. amazingly intrigued is a better term. I’m in one of those.. ‘he’s a cunt’ much like the vast majority of people with such power are, but I like to hear about his ludicrous antics, then try and decipher if it’s true or western media spin. I always hope he’s no more of a cunt than the majority of western leaders, and like to believe that western spin makes him sound worse than he actually is. It’s a head fuck for me, because I can’t trust western media and that’s all to go on in regards to his apparent bullshit. Anyway, today he climbed a mountain in his loafers. Just look at that Grattan pose. I didn’t know wheather to post this here or in the living the gimmick thread.
  5. All Purpose Weather Moaning Thread

    Bit of frost up here. Nowt owa really. We were forecast snow, but my car just looks a bit colder than normal. Cold as fuck mind you.. like -2 and -3 but nothing compared to stoke etc.
  6. Help a lifelong wrestling fan appreciate football

    Fully agree with this. Up here we have the likes of Darlington, Bishop Auckland, Dunston, Soennymoor, North & South Shields.. I’ve got friends and fam in all of these areas, all of which are within a couple of leagues of each other, some in the same. I love non-league, a shit club house with 30 people in none of which you will ever want to get to know outside of that club house for various reasons but the footy craic is always great with a pint and a budget buffet.. love it
  7. Help a lifelong wrestling fan appreciate football

    If I were you I’d just keep your head down. ... and let your feet do the talking.
  8. Missed opportunities

    Indeed. As mentioned in another thread I was in a band for several years, we had a low key record deal, tours, album etc. Anyway we had an opportunity to sign a deal with Nike. I can’t remember the full details now but basically we’d supply music for a number of their football tournaments and was told it would be pretty lucrative with the option of potentially becoming in house. Problem was a lot of our content was left wing politics with a pop at corporate business. 20 something left wing mindset and in fairness I still hold similar views to this day. Due to which we turned it down because you know, it would have been a Soul wrencher at the time. While there’s an internal dispute about whether it was the right thing to do or not, morally the right decision.. it was still a missed opportunity
  9. Living the Gimmick

    Chris Eubank We all know he jumped on the bus and went west a number of years ago, but what initially seemed like a gimmick clearly took over his entire being. The idea of him wearing this, pulling up in this, in your Cul de Sac after a day of graft. Fuck off Chris. Aside from Chrith, the most recent one that has sparked a bit of chatter in other threads is Jumpin Jim Carey. The Netflix doc about Andy has a lot of people questioning Jim’s sanity and that it’s a work gone a bit wrong, whilst in other discussions I’ve taken part in people are simply saying it’s a very elaborate work and he should be recognised as a genius. I think he falls somewhere bang on the middle I can appreciate the concept of genius purely based on the fact the whole idea behind the doc, is a work based on a work but arguably more in depth. The part that asks you to question his sanity is the lengths he’s willing to go to in order to keep the work alive. Does it make him anymore nuts than the likes of the Jackass crew? Arguably because we’re talking about a psychological threshold rather than a physical one. We can all relate to physical pain and quince when Steve-O gets a fuck brick dropped on his bollocks for fame. But we are generally scared of psychological fuckery and are quick to brandish someone as losing the plot. Man, if nothing else he’s really really created a new lease of life for himself and the sheer discussion going on about him, almost in the form of an evolution of an eccentric is incredibly fascinating. He’s properly living the gimmick.
  10. Public Performance

    Your loss
  11. The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    Aye but they were produced in Hartlepool. They hang monkeys. An animal, a hawk and a bulldog had no chance.
  12. Can you challenge the king of all fat boys?

    I’m a fat cunt but I worry that if I train hard and eat real good I won’t meet the criteria to become King of the Fat Boys. If I lose the weight before the fight I’ll just be an average boy. I did karate for 6 weeks in year 8 at school and went to 4 capoeira lessons but quit because I think cartwheels are pussy moves in the fights and I’m sorry but if you do a cart wheel against me in the ring or the streets I’ll Show who is boss means business. If I travel from the north how do I go about claiming expenses? Or do we win the money back from prize fights?
  13. The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Haha,“Whole pig in his hands”,,. Bloody hell, that’s stuck now. He could sell his enemies ‘special stuff’. To be fair, I love the idea of him being a butcher. He should have his own set and segment like pipers pit. It could be a mobile unit like an old ice cream van or repaint that ambulance that Braun chucks people at. The show could be called “Let’s have a Butchers” and features clips he has sneakily recorded on his Nokia and uploaded to social media.
  14. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    Your daughters in to Kiss? Well Done.
  15. Random Thoughts III.

    Now, if Corgan and co can do exactly what Pat was talking about in regards to being different, use social media properly, keep pushing the heritage angle, keep a live studio visual and build to a proper unveiling event then it could stand a proper decent chance. Aye Rick, sure I read he is 37, fucker, he looked about 40 when he was teaming with Cade.