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  1. I succumbed to an unboxing vid, specifically in relating to a full shop case of Funko Mystery Mini Figs (mini funkos, in a black bag, in a box... mysterious). There’s 12 figures in the series, there’s 12 figures boxes in a case, is it possible to complete the set with 1 case? That’s the challenge. Oh and it probs goes without saying, these will be added to the prize pot, for our canny big free to enter competition, mentioned in our pinned tweet: @GrappleArcade The vid:
  2. Yes, figures are at their absolute height in terms of worth. I do however think that this will all crash on around 5-10 years or so, when our generation of nostalgia collectors has its fill. The younger generation will be nostalgically collecting Titus O’Neil Elite figures by then. Look at completed/sold listings on eBay rather than what people are wanting for them.
  3. I was sent an original WrestleFest JAMMA by Ashens last week and met up with Phil who runs NERG (North East Retro Gaming Event). The aim was to see if we could fit the motherboard in to an empty JAMMA cabinet. I plan to run a WrestleFest tournament at NERG in July, and the following short, 3 minute video documents the upcoming event and our efforts of getting WrestleFest up and running. I’d appreciate a watch if you have a moment. Ill be running a competition (shock horror) for some free tickets to The NERG event. I love this game so much and I’m overjoyed to have an original in my possession. Just need Superstars now 🙂
  4. Great shout, a few plastic ties and you’re sorted
  5. I hated those original BCA Jakks figs when they came out, due to being such a Hasbro fan boy. Far much more of an appreciation now. Hugely like the mini jakks figs & sets that came out however.
  6. We’ve just uploaded the 2nd episode of ‘Hands Off The Merchandise’ where we try and complete an empty 1992 WWF sticker album with 65 packets of sealed stickers. We’re running a huge competition including Hasbro figures, pin badges, sealed packs of stickers, via the pinned tweet @GrappleArcade So the point of the show is nostalgic wrestling tat. We’ve got garages full of it and a lot of it new/old stock. A chunk of which are figures. I mean you get a taster of the absurd amount of stuff we have from the intro video, it barely scratches the surface. So my question to you lot is, whether you collected figures or not, which line did you like the best (apart from Hasbro)? Now I know it’s going to be influenced by age in most cases, but there’s a hell of a lot of lines if you count Japanese lines, WCW lines, ECW, Lucha, indy, JAKKS, Mattel etc etc. We want a bit of feedback as we’ll be adding more prizes to the pot. Nice one!
  7. Kaz Hayashi


    This massive fella was at the Indian WWE tryouts. I think he deserves his own thread. He’s 7’6 (nearly a foot taller than Braun). Cant help but think they’ll fast track him. That bottle of water in his hand.. Jesus!
  8. I was given a few sealed packets of the chewy the other day actually. Hadn’t seen packets in person since back then. I think the lad who give us them thought we’d do a taste test video or something, the daft sod.
  9. That was the 95 album mate, with diesel on the cover.
  10. Thanks very much man. As I say, loads more to upload, including ring worn items (Bobby Heenan jackets etc). So aye, lots to crack on with. I assume kids aren’t as arsed about sticker books now due to tech etc. But 1990 - 1995 sticker books and trading cards were like crack.
  11. Hi all I’m part of a new show called ‘Hands Off The Merchandise’ in which we’ll be looking at loads of very random, official, retro wrestling tat. It’s arguably the most nerd/geek thing I’ve sver done, and I love it. We’ll be featuring a number of special guests going forward, including wrestlers, fans & collectors of 90’s wrestling guff. Our first episode, which is part of a mini series, looks at attempting to complete an empty, 1992 WWF Merlin sticker book, only using 80 unopened packets of stickers. We share our knowledge of the albums, the international variations and anomalies. We’ll be announcing a free to enter prize draw very soon, including unopened stickers, hasbros, pin badges etc. We’d hugely appreciate some views, some follows and if anyone wishes to part of future episodes, don’t hesitate to let me know. Mic quality is sorted for upcoming episodes. Trial & error! Cheers
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