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  1. Hasbro adverts, no surprise there really. But as a random (kind of advert) this promo for Toys R Us.
  2. Yeah, that photo is from Pancrase. He was an interesting guy to get on and to be honest, there’s a few things he said that I’d question. But that’s part of the craic. It’s very difficult to find people who are willing to chat who haven’t done the rounds. We’re not at all interested in doing the same interview that has been done, and aren’t interested in asking the same questions. I’m sure everyone feels the same. Glad you enjoyed it mate.
  3. There’s a photo of it for sure. Haven’t spotted the video on there yet, but may have scrolled past it. We recently sent Richard a big bunch of 1987 original master tapes, containing loads of market specific promos, outtakes & raw reel footage. Not sure how much he’s uploaded yet, but when he does, give them a watch, there’s some great stuff. Always happy to send him stuff to digitise.
  4. Appreciate the feedback. Our approach won’t be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s absolutely fine. Just to answer some of your points. We were indeed absolutely happy for him to be on the show, and we’re very happy that came through on the podcast. There’s nothing we want more than for the guest to feel comfortable, stay 30 mins longer than scheduled, and promote our show to their peers as a positive experience. So for us, an opportunity (or several) gained. Much like when we had Ahmed Johnson, Savio Vega, Todd Pettengill, Rick Bognar, Barry Horowitz, etc on the show. Specific to this interview, we’re highly aware of the product, we’re very familiar with 1PW, we attend at least half of the 1st two years of shows and knew the ground we wanted to cover in the 1st interview. You need to bear in mind, the next show is a fan Q&A. We planned that going in to the first interview. Due to which, we also planned for the first interview to be a light hearted chat, as we knew the grit would come from the 2nd interview. Why cover the same gritty points in two interviews? And by all means, submit a question 👍
  5. Our follow up interview with Steve Gauntley will be in Q&A form. If you have any questions about 1PW’s past & potential future, feel free to message me on here, or ask on twitter. We’ll be recording on May 30th, so get your questions in👍 https://mobile.twitter.com/grapplearcade/status/1130763711201849344
  6. Join Pablo and I as we interview the back slapping enhancement legend, Barry Horowitz. https://grapplearcade.podbean.com/e/turnchuckle-special-guest-barry-horowitz/ The TurnChuckle show is presented by Grapple Arcade. Stay tuned for many more interviews.
  7. A ‘friend’ surprised me with tickets to the show. All I was told was to get in the mega bus, go to the studio and keep your headphones in. It was only when we got in the studio I realised where we were. I’d seen snippets of the show and had never expressed any fondness of it, fuck knows why she thought it would be fun to do. As expected it was completely grim. He sat on women’s knees in the audience as part of his own warm up, the utter slimy slink. On the show, two lads were on stage arguing over a woman, they started to fight, got pulled apart, dragged to opposite exits. They then stopped filming, told the audience there was a slight lighting issue and fixed it after 5 mins. They then let the lads back out to fight, presumably in order to record it again with the fixed lighting. It was a horrid experience. We couldn’t leave while recording either.
  8. I went to a Vic Reeves art exhibition yesterday. As you’d expect it was full of gems. Staple favourites such as ‘Car, Fire, Bear, Man’ was on display. I’d say the majority of people there were there because of art, and were unaware of who Vic/Jim is. The Gallery staff clearly didn’t really know either, as they tried to explain to the elderly “this art isn’t for everyone”. That’s pretty much where their knowledge ended about the artist. The price list was a thing of genius too.
  9. We had Green Ant from Chikara and games developer Dave Horn on the BBG show last night, to mainly chat about the upcoming Chikara Action Arcade video game. Fun chat. Link to the episode in the tweet! https://mobile.twitter.com/grapplearcade/status/1126629663349051392
  10. Hasbros Merlin Sticker Books WrestleFest Arcade Basically, my garage.
  11. My top 3 mega drive games: Kid Chameleon - Absolutely wonderful and is still very difficult to play today. Your character encounters an array of baddies, some solid levels and you also need to be strategic about when to use your masks. Much like how Mario & Sonic pick up special abilities during stages, so does your character in the form of masks and helmets, each providing a different power. Some of these are crucial in order to complete a level. Skitchin - Under appreciated clone of Road Rash. And although I’m a BIG Road Rash 1 & 2 fan, Skitchin is arguably better. Very similar aesthetically, the courses have a similar look and your racing against competitors, on roads, with cars causing you grief. However, you’re on Roller Blades, you can grab hold of the back of cars for an advantage (skitch), you can fight competitors, the driver can pop their boot, some of he roads have ramps for bonus points and you can buy replacement gear from the back of a van. It’s excellent. Alien Storm - I believe this is the most under appreciated side scroller in existence. Take streets of rage, but add aliens and laxer guns. Occasional levels turn to 1st person for bonus stages etc. It’s such a fun game.
  12. 👍 It’s interesting, there’s a pod show called Fully Poseable who have a decent following and were about before Zack & Curt started theirs. Zack & Curt have been accused of stealing content and having a dig at collectors who unearth treasures before they do. There’s like a bit of a battle going on between the FP fan base, who are arguably more serious collectors, and Z&C’s fan base who are more WWE fans so to speak. I must apologise at this point for starting this post with “it’s interesting”.
  13. We decided to do an ECW wrestling figure special. We look at each figure from the original OSFTM line and discuss follow up series with ECW stars in other companies, along with unreleased prototypes. We also discuss other ECW merch, including the horrific computer games! We’re joined by our new broadcast journalist and ECW golden tongue... Joel Gertner. There’s also a cameo from the King of Old School, Steve Corino. Here’s the video link: And here’s a link to our general Twitter post. We’ll more than likely be announcing an ECW competition soon! https://mobile.twitter.com/grapplearcade/status/1125684755192741888 Also, we always appreciate a follow, like & a sub on YT etc. We’ve plenty of fun things in the pipeline, in video form, podcasts and live events. cheers all👍
  14. We’ll be doing a 2nd interview with him very soon, which will be a listener Q&A style show. So yeah, feel free to DM me with some questions.
  15. We took a break from interviewing WWE legends of the 90’s and instead chatted with a very frank and candid Steven Gauntley. Join is for his first interview in over 10 years about 1PW, what went down and his future. 1 or 2 slightly audio difficulties couldn’t prevent us from getting this one up. https://pppodcast.podbean.com/e/turnchuckle-special-guest-steven-gauntley/
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