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  1. Agatha Christie's Paige discussion.

    Could’ve been worse, she could have had Sara tattooed across her throat. Not only will she wear gloves, they will probably have a print on them saying “Talk S**t, Get Bit”... and she’ll probably sell a fuck ton of them.
  2. Today I learned...

    Amazing for tackling stubborn rawl plugs mind.
  3. 2018 Coil-Shuffling Thread

    I agree, incredibly sad especially at the age of 53, I assume natural causes possibly includes complications with some ill health, meaning not foul play. Either way, 53 is incredibly young and can only be seen as tragic.
  4. The Beer Thread

    In which case the vast majority of delivery beer companies will be right up your street pal. Take in to consideration that whilst the selections are decent beers, they aren’t premium. But you can usually pay more for a selection of more expensive beers. Beerhawk is the one a couple of my mates use. However, if you fancy a gamble, specifically on German beer including pilsners, wits and dunkles, there’s currently a ‘beer box’ on group on. £42 for 24 500ml mixed cans. Sign up with a different email (unless you’re new to it and get 15% off first order. Meaning it will cost roughly £36. https://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/beer-tasting-box-24-cans Arguably going to be similar to the ‘german’ beer you can buy in Aldi for a quid each mind you, but with several gems.
  5. The Orange Cordial Thread

    Get the fuck in mate. Sterling effort. I haven’t attempted a stop altogether approach. But I did want to lose weight a save money. I ended up not drinking from New Year’s Day until first week of Feb, and only had a couple on each weekend since. Huge improvement for me. But now I plan to cut it out again for another month. That combined with better eating meant I’ve lost a stone this year. I’ve saved fuck all money like.
  6. The Beer Thread

    In general, I hate them if I’m honest (the 10 bottles for £8 types). Unless you like everything from pale to stout to sour, you’ll only enjoy half the package for the price, making it barely worth it as it’s random picks from them. If it’s all brand new to you and you have no preference or knowledge, I’d suggest going to a decent craft pub and sampling one of each type. Almost every pub is happy to pour you a shot for free with no bother. Much cheaper way of finding out your preference. There is However one or two Mail pack companies in which they let you pick the styles you prefer, for example, pales, IPAs and Ruby’s. I’d 100% advise finding one of those because they send you a selection based on your preferences.
  7. Today I learned...

    You missed a blinding chance to say “try it, it’s mint” there mind surf.
  8. Today I learned...

  9. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    Absolutely. Must’ve been fucking terrifying, amazing how instincts kick in like that, even when you’re guessing. The advice above are great routes for free training. Stick with well known charities such as above. Some private companies try to charge for this kind of thing, which is equally ridiculous and baffling. As all have said, lovely to here she is recovering well mate.
  10. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Was there an angle in the midst of this where Jeff and Karen were leaving a theme Park?
  11. The UKFF British and Irish Hall of Fame Class of 2018

    Pardon my ignorance, but is there a physical event for this? I know there has been reunions over the years in which a number of the golden years wrestlers attend. Just wondered if there was indeed an event for the HoF concept and if so, can you share the details? Cheers
  12. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    It tends to be Moo who deals with said transactions.
  13. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    There’s only one man for the job, and ain’t he great? The idea of him introducing Jeff by spelling his name means it has to happen.
  14. The cookery thread

    Making a ground almond based banana bread as we speak. Can’t wait.