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  1. Best on screen wrestling show for me, at present. Great 2nd episode. MOTN: I think the woman’s match was arguably the best match of the night. Stevens promo was great, can’t wait to see him go at it. I think NWA will suit his flower, methodical in ring style to a T. I popped for Murdock. I’ve always loved the big lummocks. I assumed he would have won. I’d like to see him go for the National title at some point. Have no idea why James Storm shit over his own belt. It’s the only fault I can pick from the first 2 shows.
  2. Here is our interview with Paul Diamond. We chat about his entire career, including his time as Kato and Max Moon in WWF. This was recorded just before he went in for some major surgery. Wishing him a speedy recovery. https://soundcloud.com/bbgwpod/paul-diamond-interview https://bbgwrestling.com/
  3. Well if you put it that way, 99% of wrestling fans & workers stand corrected.
  4. Austin Idol is absolute quality. We had to edit a fair bit of our interview with him as it was close to 3 hours at one point. He has been sorely overlooked as an all time great in wrestling, I truly believe that. I appreciate he partially retired for almost the entirety of the 90’s, so didn’t benefit from that time frame but yeah, underrated and not talked about to the same degree as some of his peers. I hope this gives him a bit of positive spotlight and recognition, especially to those who only ever knew WWF/WCW.
  5. Brilliant. I was hoping for something like this and they delivered. They’ve got my time every week. We’ll see how quickly the ‘real men’ verbiage lasts until it wears a bit thin, other than that, absolutely great presentation & Wrestling. Those brooch / lapels look amazing on those suit jackets.
  6. I’m gutted about this. It’s becoming Mandela effect territory. I was absolutely positive I’ve seen a clip/vid of him, possibly even overdubbed VHS or something, maybe even a build up vignette, with Gold Medal.
  7. He did, and Slaughter has used it at least once, but I’m positive Henry used it at least once. It’s a head blag.
  8. I need your help. Me and a mate are in a long term debate and whether or not Mark Henry once used Kurt Angles generic/original ‘gold medal’ theme, back in the early Mark Henry days. Either on an event, on a vignette, or possibly on a home video exclusive kind of thing. Either way, we’ve asked a few people including the likes of Richard Land, but we’re getting a few mixed responses. Some people say ‘no, can’t remember that’. Others can clearly remember it but can’t remember where from, so no proof. Can anyone on here remember him using the theme at all, and any guesses as to where/when?
  9. We were joined by Colby Corino recently. We chatted about his incredibly young debut, his stint with 205 live, his experience so far and about his dads wrist tape. https://soundcloud.com/bbgwpod/colby-corino-interview
  10. I’ve been told they’re eastern. It works out at 11.05pm I believe.
  11. I’m really looking forward to this. I’ve not been that arsed about current mainstream wrestling in ages. I’m a bit excited for this. I think I’m going to be posting in this great quite a bit. Fair warn
  12. At 0.15 in, they use a guitar riff, which is note for note the same as the Hendrix song Hey Joe, albeit faster.
  13. We’re hosting an evening with Paul London in Darlington on October 18th. We’ll be discussing all aspects of his wrestling career and his upcoming movie, ‘Tiger Man’, in which Paul plays the part of Elvis, avenging the death of Bruce Lee. We will be recording the event for an upcoming podcast show, and welcome questions. For event and ticket detail, head over to the FB event page: https://m.facebook.com/events/723656798047307/?ti=icl
  14. An evening with Paul London on October 18th. More info on the FB events page: https://m.facebook.com/events/723656798047307/?ti=icl
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