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  1. Kaz Hayashi

    Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    Late to the party... you bloody legend. It’s brilliant man. Nice to hear the positive feedback too. In regards to the other feedback you shared, what a bunch of fucking shite stains. Some fuckers just love to play the twat don’t they. However, the casino in a lake comment is fair. 👍
  2. Kaz Hayashi

    NJPW World (Streaming Service)

    I can’t watch live. Is it likely to be available in full on NJPW World straight after the live broadcast? cheers
  3. Kaz Hayashi

    Wrestling Pod Casts / Radio Interviews

    Hi all, I was recently on the following podcasts talking about wrestling games. Plan to be doing a few more of these with specific wrestling game themes/concepts in the near future. 2Bit Wrestling - Broken But Glorious (Spotify) - https://t.co/pJjjOvpPOM?amp=1 Ta
  4. Kaz Hayashi

    Mark Sloan

    Aye. I offered him some money for it but he refused so we agreed that I’d donate a few quid to a charity of his choice. I tried to link in with him recently actually about the Grapple Arcade stuff, and whilst he did respond he’s clearly stupidly busy. I’m really happy that it all seems to have gone well for him. He’s a perfect example of keeping his head down and who in check. Never heard a single bad word said about him. If you’re still in the north east Ian and have nowt planned on Tuesday, you should pop along mate.
  5. Kaz Hayashi

    The Grapple Arcade

    Sweet. Might be the last time we run it in this venue on a week night. Planning to move to a Saturday night.
  6. Kaz Hayashi

    Mark Sloan

    He’s a proper good lad. One of the better promoters to both engage with and purchase from. I’ve had plenty of good experiences with him. I remember on the build up to the NOAH show. I shared the event info on a number of sites etc. When I got to the event itself he presented me with a poster signed by everyone on the card. Was chuffed to bits.
  7. Kaz Hayashi

    Mark Sloan

    I think he’s highly involved with the RoH U.K. tour.
  8. Now then, Im running a competition on twitter and have mentioned it in the Grapple Arcade events page. https://mobile.twitter.com/grapplearcade/status/1001929537066819585 We want to people to design a wrestling character (think video games) and ultimately the winning design will end up on our future event posters, flyers, PR etc, alongside our character (El Grapp’el). The designer will be credited and we’ll promote their webpage, YT/Twitch channel, twitter handle, whatever they wish to shill. They’ll also receive a selection of a canny good prizes (some to be confirmed so we’ll save that announcement). Based on some of the cracking art bollocks we’ve seen on here over the years, I can’t help but think there’s bound to be a handful of brilliant and absurd possibilities to stem from this. Use it as a way to further display your artistic talents, or as a way to showcase that 7’5, 600lbs, green space farmer that you made on Here Comes The Pain. Whatever suits. I don’t care if you’re a brilliant artist or not, because the winning submission will be formatted by our designer to work with our theme (if required). Either draw free hand, use digital technology, or use the CAW mode in a game and screen shot. Be as creative, nonsensical, legitimate and beefy as you wish. I want a rogues gallery of CAWs Hopefully some of you might have an interest. Further details are on this poster. Cheers
  9. Kaz Hayashi

    The Grapple Arcade

    Had a really good laugh at the Ryton Retro games event on Saturday, but now we’re busy planning the next event. Less than 1 week away: Venue - The Giraffe Lounge- Newcastle. Tuesday 5th June, from 6.00pm - 11.00pm. Free entry & 10% off all food and drink, all night. See poster attached for details of what we’ll be playing. Also, our Create-A-Wrestler competition. Design a wrestling / fighting character, either by drawing, by digital design or by using any wrestling games CAW mode. Submit entry via our Twitter Page @grapplearcade and give us a follow and a like. https://mobile.twitter.com/grapplearcade/status/1001929537066819585 The top 5 entries go to a public vote/poll. The winner is announced at our NERG gaming event and on twitter, on July 14th. The wining character will be formatted and will feature on a future Grapple Arcade event poster/flyer/PR, alongside our character. See attached poster for full details. Cheers
  10. Kaz Hayashi

    The Grapple Arcade

    Aye up! Last update before the next event: The remaining few tickets (10-20 left before total capacity) for our Ryton Retro games event are available. Anyone who buys a ticket online is entered in to a prize draw to win a brand new table top arcade machine worth £650. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ryton-retro-retro-gaming-event-tickets-44599467207 Also, I’ve finally expanded the Grapple Arcade team. We’ve been busy with magazine interviews and podcast chatter in general. In a nutshell and if it’s of interest: We interviewed Ryton Retro about the upcoming event for VultureHound: http://vulturehound.co.uk/2018/05/ryton-retro-games-event/ We reviewed SmackDown! 2 on the PS1 as part of our new regular feature (retro wrestling game reviews) http://vulturehound.co.uk/2018/05/smackdown-2-know-your-role/ We chatted with NARC magazine about our top 5 wrestling games: http://narcmagazine.com/feature-grapple-arcades-five-favourite-video-games/ We ran a poll with the Broken But Glorious Pod team and discussed the publics top 5 wrestling games (Spotify pod): https://t.co/pJjjOvpPOM?amp=1 We discussed Wrestling games in general with the 2bit podcast team: ... and last but not least the CWrestling UK team randomly knocked up a little promo vid, which was very kind of them. Finally, I’ll be running a competition soon, so I’ll be back on here asking for you to get involved (and designing). Thanks all.
  11. Kaz Hayashi

    The Grapple Arcade

    UPDATE: 29th APRIL 2018 Upcoming events • Ryton Retro Games Covention - 26th May 2018 https://www.eventbrite.com/e/ryton-retro-retro-gaming-event-tickets-44599467207 • Giraffe Lounge (free entry) - 5th June 2018 • NERG games convention - 14th & 15th July 2018 https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/nerg-2018-north-east-retro-gaming-july-14th-15th-2018-tickets-37981814630 ................................................. previous events ................................................. The Grapple Arcade Venue: The Giraffe Lounge - Newcastle upon Tyne Date: Wednesday 18th of April (7.00pm onwards) FREE ENTRY 18+ only The Grapple Arcade is a retro wrestling games competition night and will open its doors for the first time on the 18th of April. The concept is very simple, if you like the idea of watching wrestling, or playing wrestling games in a nice comfy bar atmosphere, feel free to pop along. What's happening: Two simultanious games competitions: One of which will be 'The Legend Killer' - Put your name on the board, winner stays on, the person with the most consecutive wins by the end of the night is crowned champion and will win a prestigious Grapple Arcade gold medal, and i'll buy you a pint. (Free to play/enter). The other game is K.I.N.G, which is a King of the Ring style 8-man tournament. (This is £2 to enter). If more than 8 people wish to enter, then all names will be added in to a hat, 8 names will be drawn at random, with a competition start time of 7.30pm. The winner will not only recieve a Grapple Arcade gold medal, their spoils will also include: - Drinks vouchers for the bar - 2x gourmet sunday lunch vouchers for the Giraffe Lounge bistro - Craft Ale gift set from the lovely people at McColl’s Brewery - more to be announced ** GAMES AND CONSOLES FOR BOTH COMPETITIONS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON THE NIGHT ** We will also be showing some fantastic wrestling events on our cinema screen from our wonderful friends at: North Wrestling NCL, Tetsujin: Hybrid Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Choas and New Generation Wrestling. So if you're not so bothered about the games, you're very welcome to get a drink and some food if you wish, chill out on the sofas and watch some incredible UK wrestling. - What's that?... "Will there be Wrestling Top Trump battles?"... why yes, yes there will. - Hang on... 10% off all drink and food for all attendees... go on then. If you can, we'd love a like, retweet and a share. Much appreciated. https://www.facebook.com/thegrapplearcade/ https://twitter.com/grapplearcade Update 19.03.18 - New affiliates announcement: I’d like to welcome both Tidal Wrestling and Empire Wrestling to the Grapple. Recent shows from both promotions will be showcased on the cinema screen at future Grapple Arcade events.
  12. Kaz Hayashi

    2018 is bloody lovely

    Bit of a side-stepper from the 2017 was shit for the majority thread. This is to record, as frequently as you want, the good craic that happens to you throughout this year. Hopefully when it gets to the end of the year we can look back and some of the posts in here and realise there were some marvellous times had, it wasn’t all shit as we tend to convince ourselves. It doesn’t have to be big things such as a new job, marriage, bairns etc, although those things will be fantastic news and are very much welcome, the idea is to post nice shit that has happened to you in general, the small things that make you feel boss. Only rule is no negativity, take that to the doomed megathread. Keep the vibes positive in here you daft hippies. I’ll start... My 1 year old found my stash of old WCW figures and they have now become her bath toys. This started on New Years day and it’s ace. She also thinks they should be Christmas tree decorations. Stage 1 of getting her in to the grappling.. complete.