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  1. Goldie David Blunkett Sadie (Blunketts dog) That was a wild party.
  2. Naa, they’ll just be distracted by celebrity jungles and will be too busy ridiculing his opposition based on whatever shoes they’re wearing. My faith in the general public was already pretty low from last time. This is verging on absolute comedy, but in the same way the final destination films were funny.
  3. He’s a fucking doink. In another post he tweeted later, he gives himself a big pat on the back for “surviving fake negative articles” and walking away from millions of $, and spending his own money on on his newest venture. Don’t be depressed, just be a bell end, moral of the story, I think.
  4. Here’s our interview with 80’s & 90’s WWF manager, personality & nerd, Jameson. We discuss the Booby Heenan show & Prime Time tapings, along with his friendship with Sherri and acting. ... And people not spelling his name correctly. He confirmed, it’s ‘E’ not ‘I’, but tell that to the WWE encyclopaedia. We’ve covered all (both) angles (spellings) 👍 https://soundcloud.com/bbgwpod/jamison-interview
  5. Marty Jannetty, signing some fans WWF 1990 Rumble vhs cover, with “Marty Jannetty WCW 98” tickled me far more than it should have.
  6. There hasn’t been enough Khali posts as of recent. So here he is in a pink shirt, chinos & new balance, in mid construction.
  7. We've just announced the winner of our twitter custom hasbro tournament on twitter. 11 judges voted and warrior won it. All of the figures are up for sale (some have sold) and every single penny raised is going to charity. Link to to the post is here, and here a pic of the winning figure. https://twitter.com/grapplearcade/status/1203681039064940544
  8. “There’s the Peado-mobile, smash it’s fuckin windows”
  9. Just an update on RetroMania. So the roster is still developing and we know they have a working relationship with NWA. The team have now just announced that they are opening another character slot for an independent wrestler, not currently signed to a promotion. The key is that the fans can submit nominations and so can the wrestlers. This will spark a tournament to decide on who will get a spot in the game. I personally think this is yet another brilliant way to gain some coverage & promotion. For a company with very minimal funds, I’m really impressed to see how they’re progressing. I appreciate I’m a bit biased, but I’m incredibly looking for to release day. https://mobile.twitter.com/RetrosoftStudio/status/1203094631392694274
  10. That this happened almost 3 years ago. Feels like yesterday.
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