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  1. Hi We recently chatted with the wonderful Georgia Smith on the show about her Dad’s career (the British Bulldog) along with her quest to unearth his old attires & merch. We’re also pleased to announce that her mum, Diana Hart will be joining us in the next week. Along with the above, other recent episode/pod additions include our coverage of San Diego Comic Con, our review of GCW Homecoming and a whole host of others are now available. Playlist link: https://soundcloud.com/bbgwpod
  2. Na, well, some probs try to collect everything but it’s pointless. Mattel make limited runs of quite a few of them. Most are harder to pick up that the final green card hasbro series. The U.K. gets terrible distribution so hardly any of those announced will make it over here, and the ones that do are usually scalped by people who know exactly which shops are getting certain figs in, then sell them online for triple the price. Likewise, most U.K. online stores are sold out within a day, due to scalpers buying 20 at a time to sell on eBay for triple the price. A lot of collectors have have specific collections, some will only collect legend style figures of characters from the 90’s, some will only collect the MOTU style figures etc. I picked up a few of the retro figures that came out as they based on the old 90’s Hasbro line, but it was impossible to collect them as we only got a 1/4 over here, of what was released in the states. Even now, less than a year later, some of those are fetching anywhere between £50-£250 each, absolute fucking insanity. The toy manufacturers purposely dictate which figures they wish to make rare, by making chase figures, and limited edition, or store exclusives. Piss take for collectors but the market is clearly there.
  3. Yeah I agree, the Kenny in particular was a let down. I’m hoping that Pac doesn’t end up looking like Brutus Beefcake in the final release.
  4. So yesterday was WWE heavy with the reveals at Comic Con, today we’ve started to see some AEW...
  5. These were the highlights for me.
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