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  1. I like root beer

    What gigs are you going to in the next few months?

    I'll be seeing KRS-one in Sheffield Sunday 14 th October. Have a spare ticket too. Don't want a payment just be happy to go with a fellow Hip Hop and wrestling fan. Msg if interested UPDATE today I got an email from ticketmaster saying KRS-one has moved the date back to May 2019. So they'll be no show this Sunday. Thanks for all your interest
  2. I like root beer

    Super Show-Down (Showdown? Show Down?)

    I felt the crowd weren't that responsive to taker v HHH, when taker had the game in the hells gate and the game grabbed his sledgehammer to throttle taker the crowd barely seemed botherd. Hells gate used to finish everyone off so when the game gets out of it in such an innovative way why no reaction from the crowd? I would have expected a more rowdy crowd with it being in oz and especially given the magnitude of the event.
  3. I like root beer

    UKFF Hip Hop Thread

    Chest Rockwell Sorry about that I'm new to UKFF. Did not mean to be irritating.
  4. I like root beer

    UKFF Hip Hop Thread

    Anybody know who raps Taynara Conti theme song. It's a grime track just can't make out who it is they sound familiar. As far as British rap I'm only really into Bugzy Malone and Skepta and a handful others so someone may know who raps Conti's theme. There is a possibility it may be a big name I know lil Kim did trish stratus theme back in the day
  5. I like root beer

    UKFF Hip Hop Thread

    Lil Wayne dropped Tha Carter V finally after years of delays today. On his birthday.
  6. I like root beer

    UKFF Hip Hop Thread

    Wiz Khalifas rolling papers 2 is a good LP worth listening to. Penthouse with snoop dogg is my fave track.
  7. I like root beer


    Check out Chris Tarrants show extreme railway. It would be a good watch if your into interrailing
  8. I like root beer


    Has anyone had any good/bad experiences with eHarmony?
  9. I like root beer

    UKFF Hip Hop Thread

    Too Short - Go short dog is a new track y'all need to check out. its one of them reminiscing songs that a legend rapper dose, highlighting their career. Its like cypress hills kronologic or Hopsins Fv till I die Bottom line check out the track and video on YouTube.
  10. I like root beer

    Documentary Thread #2

    Mark Kermodes sercerts of cinema was Brill! reminded me of media studies back at school
  11. I like root beer

    So... Who’s been to Japan?

    A third recommendation for Jn listers book. It has inspired me to look into my own Japan trip.
  12. I like root beer


    Wow that booker t v Austin supermarket fight brings back memories. Total forgot about that hidden gem.
  13. I like root beer

    Best and Worst Non Wrestler...... Wrestler

    Yep July 13 2009 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ACfBfD1av2k here is is match highlights from the Seth green raw match
  14. I like root beer

    Best and Worst Non Wrestler...... Wrestler

    I liked Seth Greens match on raw years and years ago a quick guess without looking it up would be 2009 the 6 man tag match. On the top off my head with looking it up I think it was Seth green, John cena and HHH vs legacy