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  1. Stephanie is talking to Johnny Vaughan on Radio X at the moment if anyone is interested.
  2. Not the one who was in WCW - just to avoid any confusion.
  3. That alone got him to #4 in the SteelChair Magazine list.
  4. Because Tony Khan doesn't believe in nepotism.
  5. My wife bought it for me for Christmas even though I had it already. I asked for Gran Turismo.
  6. The YJK bug was just 20 years too slow. Don't get on a plane.
  7. Don't think I played one since the original version was out! There's a demo available so will give it a try.
  8. Been playing Uncharted 4 since I ditched Death Stranding. Never played any of the previous ones but really enjoying it so far. Think I prefer the Mission Impossible vibes over than deliveroo simulator. Got a Playstation voucher for Christmas and having a look on the store. Is Resident Evil 2 any good?
  9. A couple years back I took mine to a place on Tottenham Court Road, they charged me about £90 to fix it so reckon you can g t it fixed even cheaper now.
  10. Thinking about giving up on Death Stranding for now. Was hoping something more interesting would happen by now, but nope. Got Uncharted 4 for Christmas so might give that a go.
  11. We released a free online version of the latest issue of SteelChair Magazine yesterday if any of you cheapskates wants to take a look. https://view.publitas.com/vulturehound/steelchair-wrestling-magazine-25/ Includes the annual 100 Wrestlers of the Year list.
  12. Maybe they're going with a top 5-6 like the Premier League, where he can beat the midtable - relegation fighting teams but will never be the top team. Tottenham maybe? He should have been the man but has come across a bit like Ziggler so far.
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