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  1. Watched the Danielson/Omega match with my three year old in the room. Yes I am a terrible parent, but the point of this is that when CM Punk came on after she randomly said 'I want to be like him'. She's never said that about Bluey, Disney or Cbeebies character.
  2. Ghost in the Shell is on at an Odeon IMAX near me this week, probably on at others so might give it a go as never seen.
  3. I think if anyone is overly worried about covid they shouldn't be going to a gig. They especially shouldn't be at the front.
  4. Because all the games you said you don't like were excellent.
  5. ITV made Gold look stupid by getting episodes of the The Bill years before them.
  6. Looks like it's available to pre-order on Zavvi over here - £59.
  7. They used to show Friends at its height as well. I don't think it's ever been shown anywhere else since... Seems a bit of a pointless rebrand really.
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