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  1. Weezenal

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Where's the major gossip post?
  2. Weezenal

    WrestleMania 50

    At the very least it wouldn't surprise me if it's over two nights by then. Or 5 nights in 5 cities (in Saudi).
  3. Weezenal

    WrestleMania 50

    In just over 15 years (if all goes well) it will be WrestleMania 50. So, for a bit of fun let's hear some predictions. Some random ones to get you started, please come up with better: Roman Reigns V Brock Lesnar will main event Triple H will be retired by The Undertaker AEW WrestleMania 50 It will be held in Saudi Arabia Vince will take a stunner aged 88
  4. Weezenal

    What is the best drink?