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  1. Recently they've had some pretty good games. I heard April's will be Uncharted 4. If you get it soon the current games are Shadow of the Colossus and Sonic Forces and you can keep them for as long as your subscription lasts. Edit - sorry this is Playstation Plus.
  2. Is the one hour highlights show not on channel 5 any more?
  3. I've just reordered Death Stranding with the voucher I got selling it to CEX. Need a walking simulator now.
  4. Weezenal

    Disney Plus

    Yeah it was there on mine this morning but noticed Sky Q trending on twitter this morning as it wasn't on everyone's so you may need to update the software if not.
  5. Weezenal

    Disney Plus

    Yeah I tried it on LG TV first and the system is really slow. Tried on Sky Q and it works fine.
  6. Weezenal

    Disney Plus

    I remember watching X-Men when it was on originally not knowing what happened at the end, probably due to the ordering. Definitely going to watch again. Thanks @Bicurious Dad for the correct order.
  7. Weezenal

    Disney Plus

    With Disney Plus due to launch in the UK on Tuesday thought I'd start a topic to see who's getting it and what are you planning to watch first? Please share some hidden gems and recommendations.
  8. WrestleMania is gonna be over two nights?
  9. X-Pac could main event tonight's Elimination Chamber.
  10. Weezenal

    WWE HOF 2020

    I can't see how Vader can go in before actual proper WWE champions like Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio and Jinder Mahal, it's just not right if he did.
  11. Bought Gran Turismo Sport. I've never played a GT game before, it looks great but I think I need to stick to Mario Kart.
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