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  1. Apple TV+ is available on PS4/5 now. You can get a 7 day free trial.
  2. Weezenal


    This is what I wanted to hear.
  3. Weezenal


    Anyone getting one? I pre-ordered it but realised there aren't loads of games out I'm interested so I'm more interested to see how fast the PS4 games load and how they're improved as I have a backlog. Think the only game I'll be getting to begin with is Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Also as it's my birthday the day before I've asked for a few 4K Blu-Rays to obsess over the picture quality.
  4. Weezenal

    Disney Plus

    With Disney Plus due to launch in the UK on Tuesday thought I'd start a topic to see who's getting it and what are you planning to watch first? Please share some hidden gems and recommendations.
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