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  1. I got a LG OLED 48" at the start of the year and would usually feel bad spending as much as it was but 0 regrets. Do it.
  2. Forza 5 looks amazing. Out November.
  3. Yeah learnt that at the World Cup! Hopefully we'll have something to cheer about.
  4. All the games on BBC are in 4K through the iPlayer app on your TV.
  5. Is anywhere doing an easy to set up sweepstakes? I was going to suggest one for work but don't want to do it myself.
  6. I got the Series S after never having an Xbox really great little console of you have the Gamepass. Really fast loading games and huge selection including EA games now. Feel like I got my money's worth for a year already with Doom Eternal and a couple indie ones my wife played. Looks like a decent trade in deal at Game at the moment if you have an old console. https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/game-uk-will-swap-your-old-console-for-an-xbox-series-s-for-as-little-as-40/amp/
  7. I may have dreamed this but I'm sure I heard Edgar Wright might be doing a remake.
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