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  1. I absolutely love in that clip the totally blase way in which Richie Benaud (I think it's him) does fuck all for an age before saying "side of the jaw".
  2. That's quite depressing. People forget about Patterson in the midst of the Garner's, Holding's and Marshall's of this world, but a cracking express pacer who would have played a fair bit more without the discipline issues and the incredible quality of his peers. Though for my money the absolute best of the almost forgotten West Indies seamers will always be Sylvester Clarke.
  3. I enjoyed my lot thrashing Arsenal 3-0 yesterday in the, totally representative, pre-season friendly. A nice start after the utterly wet performance in the FA Cup. Batshit was very good, as he has been during every chance he has had over the past few months. If we keep Remy, or stay true to form by signing a crocked has-been striker on loan, then I think we'll be set between him and Morata. David Opsina is a cunt.
  4. Congratulations Duke!
  5. Yes Keith! I will be submitting a list Matrix. No spoilers, but it might be containing serious traces of Boon.
  6. The local independent cinema is showing Spy Who Loved Me in a week or so, got a couple of tickets for me and a friend. I am going to well up like a baby when that theme music hits now Saint Roger has passed away. 'Nobody does it better'.
  7. I do love Brutalist Stigloe, and the other one with with Kevin Webster in far-left warzones throughout history. This was liked by Viz, but holy shite, that Wetherspoons magazine is beyond awful.
  8. No, but he was muttering about his pasty very loudly though. Going "oh yes, that's lovely that is, oh yes, very tasty indeed". Flaky bits of pastry flying everywhere as he was doing this. Like a plague of bees.
  9. He was awful at times (stamping Skrtel), but as you say, he was a bit typecast. If I remember right, he got booked for diving within the first 30 minutes of his Chelsea career after he was clearly fouled in the box. Right old shit, but also sometimes hammered on reputation.
  10. It's that weird voyeuristic and puritanical aspect from yesterday that I feel somewhat bad about enjoying. I was pretty much in the same boat of thinking 'well, yeah most of them are probably worth that in market cont....NICK KNOWLES IS ON WHAT!?'. As I think I alluded to earlier, it's a bit of tightrope between ratings and stuff that's just public good. It can't all be just driven by one or other. It's an incredibly tough situation to get right and the BBC do a pretty decent job of it by and large in my view.
  11. Yeah, that's a superb account, good shout Lister. My personal favourite from that will always be the following:
  12. What they need to do is save money by flushing out the expensive dross like Chris Evans and Graham Norton and get in some real celebrity names who will come in for the cost of a bag of chips and 20 Benson and Hedges. 'The Radio 2 Breakfast Show' with Keith Chegwin for my morning ablutions and 'Late night with John Virgo' before tucking myself in to bed for the evening. They could spend the money saved on contracts on bringing back Howard's Way. EDIT: While looking at Keith Chegwin on Wikipedia after posting this, clicked on the, page for his ex-wife Maggie Philbin, which contained this absolutely superb picture.
  13. I loved that he was in full gimmick gear too. He's like one of those 80's wrestlers who's so past it, they can't separate reality from who they were on the telly. Assume he must have been filming something somewhere nearby (that wasn't Swindon).
  14. Forgot to mention another bobby dazzler in Swindon recently, quite literally! David Dickinson, bronzed like a mahogany sideboard, minced out of Cornish Bakehouse brandishing what looked to be a Steak and Stilton Pasty. Not enough vegetables in sight for it to be considered a regular one. Crumbs absolutely plastering his snappy lilac pinstriped suit and pink tie number. It wasn't 'cheap as chips' though for David, as he only appeared to have pasty in hand and not fried potatoes in a packet.