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  1. Gus Mears

    Misheard Lyrics

    Song 2 by Blur: "I got my head shaved, by Ed Trombone-Chair". Absolutely miles off. At least it's sort of meant to be unintelligible.
  2. Gus Mears

    The World Cup

    I have watched 270 minutes of unalloyed boredom today
  3. Gus Mears

    The World Cup

    No idea who she is, but she is about 100x better than the triumvirate of turd clagging up the studio.
  4. Gus Mears

    The World Cup

    Big props to the Beeb today for trotting out the shittest pundit lineup I've seen in a long time. Jermaine Jenas, Kevin Kilbane and Matt Upson.
  5. Gus Mears

    The Cricket Thread

    Wildly entertaining stuff yesterday. It's Englanitis, but I just can't help but feel this was all explode in a cloud of misery when we get to the actual World Cup.
  6. Gus Mears

    The World Cup

    Exactly, it's been delivered by numbskulls. I refuse to believe football is unique in its inability to have decisions improved by technology.
  7. Gus Mears

    The World Cup

    A rare occurrence of a team getting what they deserve, Arch is spot on describing Tunisia as shithouses during that one. VAR in its current guise pleases absolutely no one; you get the same massive errors but while wasting time. We had Bill Goldberg hit the penalty box during England corners and go 'You're next' to Harry Kane and it still got missed. Useless.
  8. Gus Mears

    The World Cup

    How are you feeling now?
  9. Gus Mears

    The World Cup

    Enjoyed the Germany game a lot yesterday. Yes, Germany were shit, but some of counterattacks by Mexico were glorious. While Brazil were not at their best in the later game, I do think they win that 7/8 times out of 10 based on the performance and I wouldn't be cacking it yet if I were then. Onwards to England, and a glorious 1-1 dullfest.
  10. Gus Mears

    General Adnan's Football 17/18

    If you're got 15 minutes or so, would heartily recommend taking a look at this excellent overview of the career of Lev Yashin on the BBC website. Didn't appreciate the extent to which he is still a Russian national icon and it's a nice overview of a player who is almost semi-mythical due to the time he played and the country in which he mostly did so. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/resources/idt-sh/yashin
  11. Gus Mears

    Pope Ted

    If you think that was bad, his performances as the lead in Death in Paradise make Dev Alahan look like Orson Welles. @Lion_of_the_Midlands Thing is, Alexander Hamilton had a genuinely fascinating life worthy of a musical. Discounting that, Hamilton wasn't written by the man who used to be Graham Lineham.
  12. Gus Mears

    Pope Ted

    Yes, he was good as Dougal, but dredging up the remaining cast members is not worth it because it would mean having to give the fucking useless Ardal O'Hanlon a pay cheque.
  13. Gus Mears

    Pope Ted

    This is so true. 'It's going to be the true final chapter of Father Ted'; if this had been the plot for the legitimate final episode, I would have assumed that Lineham had fallen over and hit his head on a table. The claustrophobia of Craggy Island is such an intrinsic part of the show. Saying that, it arguably could be ever more shit if it was based there, as the atmosphere doesn't lend itself to a musical format whatsoever.
  14. Gus Mears

    Pope Ted

    Think this is thread worthy. UKFF favourite Father Ted is coming back, in musical form. From the Beeb: Everything about this is ticking the right boxes; has the original writers and the outstanding talent that is Neil Hannon doing the music. Despite that, in my heart of hearts, I think this is going to be fucking awful. What are you thoughts and expectations? I'll probably post updates as they come.
  15. Gus Mears

    Major League Baseball Discussion Thread

    Splitting the series against the Astros away, while not having Mookie Betts to boot, is a real shot in the arm. Those are the sort of series we have to be proving our worth in, it's no good cleaning up against the Rays and the Orioles and then getting swept in October again. Considering the pitching match ups weren't really great for us either (starting off the series with the lumbering mass on incompetence that is Drew Pomeranz), it's a handy result. Going to have to watch the highlights of that Wacha performance. Nothing worse than watching a no-no busted in the 9th, although I would have been fine with it if it were the one we had against Sean Mania earlier in the year