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  1. And then all of 50ft up the road was the Railway, which is still open and is still terrible. If that was the first place you visited after getting to Salisbury, you'd immediately turn around and go back to the station. Yet more reviews with phrases like 'proper boozer', which is like a clarion call for awful pubs. Again, I went there probably far too much, but that was largely because the landlady was the most miserable person I have ever met and I found her hilarious. She must have been at ;least 75 and had an inveterate hatred of serving drinks and absolutely despised people of any kind. But, always had an analogue TV set on the end of the bar and kept it on ITV 4 the whole time, so I used to enjoy watching repeats of Poirot and Miss Marple with a pint which is pretty much heaven for me. The absolute pinnacle of this was during the launch of the 2012 Olympics, where she flat out refused to switch the TV to the opening ceremony until an episode of Touch of Frost had ended and we missed almost all of it. .
  2. It's mercifully been shut down, but the Cat Tavern was my go to shit pub and I spent far too much time there after I was 18 I guess due to misguided loyalty as they served me underage. Great memories like Andy Duval taking loads of Ket and attempting to climb into the trough urinal and Chris Taylor putting on 'Union Song' by the Strawbs ten times on the jukebox and getting punched in the face. The alcohol selection was better than some mentioned in here, in that they had at least one local ale. Though I chiefly remember drinking Black Rat cider because it was about 8% and meant you forgot more rapidly that you were drinking at the Cat Tavern. I also used to stay in the rooms upstairs as they cost 20 quid a night and I didn't want to get the train home at 10PM. God, they were grim, the window of one was propped open with a Bible once (the one in the top right of the picture) and the lights didn't work at all. Tom Wood's Dad was a resident there at one point and used to sell Benzos out of the window.
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    This account is the best account. Rock and Roll Express
  4. 24 hour ribs sous vide. Rub of paprika, smoked paprika, coriander seeds, salt, pepper, garlic powder and oregano. After the sous vide, reapplied rub and then basted with BBQ sauce made from the meat juices. Side of dill potato salad. Very nice, although I preferred the pulled pork the other week. I don't know how I lived without the water bath. It's glorious.
  5. Gas hob, electric oven. The cooker of champions.
  6. Probably. Ballance scores a bunch of runs against County plodders. Ballance gets called up to the test team. Ballance gets found out against quality pace outside off stump. Ballance gets dropped. Ballance refuses to try and alter his technique. Ballance scores a bunch of runs against County plodders...
  7. Gary Ballance coming in at 3 because he's definitely improved his technique against pace this time.
  8. If that's what happens when you do your back in then I'm jumping down the nearest fight of stairs. Brilliant knock.
  9. Gus Mears

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    I'll do that after having a few smokes of the dried banana skins.
  10. Gus Mears

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    Already got some but thanks for the tip! My Aunt, bizarrely, is one the UK's foremost experts on Asian vegetables and spices and sends me occasional care packages of rarely used/interesting cooking ingredients. Few months ago she sent me a big block of what looked like hash but turned out to be solid tamarind.
  11. Gus Mears

    Chippy Tea

    That's really one worthy of the 'Today I Learned' thread. Makes complete sense now that you mention it and I never would have guessed otherwise. I'd happily mainline tamarind, so probably explains why I love HP.
  12. I'm getting relatively close to the end of my 18 month odyssey of reading biographies of every US President and am currently reading David McCullough's Truman, which is an outstanding book. Firstly, McCollough is one of my favourite historical writers anyway, and his book on the Johnstown Floods is one my all time favourites, secondly, Truman is a fascinating subject matter who is interesting enough to barely need a biographer as talented. The rise from farm boy to president is an incredible story and while it is rightly easy to scoff at the 'American Dream', if any one President in the twentieth century embodied it, it was surely Truman. Doubly so when he didn't even touch politics until his mid 30's and seemed for all the world to likely end up just running the farm for the rest of his life. The story of his seemingly doomed campaign in 1948 leading to one of the all time unexpected presidential victories grips like a novel. Also finished Dostoevsky's Demons last week, which is my favourite work of his and managed to surpass Crime and Punishment in my mind, which is an achievement. One of the greatest novels I have read, rich and fascinating characters and while it basically lampoons anarchist politics, it never descends into farce and feels palpably real. The character of Stavrogin is magisterial and has incredible depth and there are few literary creations I have disliked as much as Pyotr Stepanovich, who is one of the oiliest and nastiest shits ever committed to paper.
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