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  1. Gus Mears

    The Food Thread

    I did one of my favourite meals, A Big Roast Chicken, for the first time since eating some meat again and I haven't lost the knack, thankfully. Leeks, thyme and honey carrots, braised red cabbage and apple and cauliflower cheese are the vegetables. I'm already pumped for cooking a variety of roasts as we head towards Christmas.
  2. Gus Mears

    Trivial Things That Annoy You...

    I think some people equate it to being hard. Whereas I equate it with being a moron.
  3. Gus Mears

    Nasty Boy John Lydon

    Ian forgot to post the third picture from that set.
  4. Gus Mears

    Your Daily Commute

    What is your daily commute like? HOMEWORKER BOASTING POSTS NOT ALLOWED!!!!! Mine is shit, especially as we go into winter. I usually spend 70 minutes each way driving on a route that is just inundated with roadworks over the next couple of months. Or I experience the misery of getting the train and having to tack on an extra hour to my time in the office due to the idiotic timetable. This is on days when I'm not in London and instead get on delayed trains there and back anyway. No single organisation has caused me more anger in my everyday life than GWR; the atrocious, overpriced and soul-destroying subsidiary of First Group who have been ruining the trains I catch for upwards of fifteen years. When I am on my deathbed, I will look back and think about the days and weeks I could have had doing something I enjoyed as opposed to waiting for their shitty, delayed and cramped services. I hate this company enough that I am one of the saddos who frequently Tweets at them in impotent rage. I am on first name terms with their Twitter complaint team. I hate this company enough that I was recently quoted in a national paper outlining why this company is appalling.
  5. Gus Mears

    The Song Of The Day Thread

  6. Gus Mears

    Trivial Things That Annoy You...

    As an addition to this, people who decide to shit as loudly as possible when others are in the bathroom. Can you just hold on for twenty seconds before unleashing the guttural belch of hell? Especially as there is no escape vent in the bogs where I work, so it makes you have to sprint out the door with your face in your sleeve like someone has just fired mustard gas through the window.
  7. Gus Mears

    Which computer game character are you?

    I'm Ripto from Spyro 2 Short, angry and frequently carries around a sceptre.
  8. Gus Mears

    First trip to the cinema

    We went to see, an admittedly terrible, version of a Christmas Carol. Dad fell asleep and woke up some time around the Ghost of Christmas Past and proceeded to loudly say: 'This is right shit. I've had enough', before dragging a young Gus Mears out of the cinema.
  9. Gus Mears

    What is the best animal? (Jack russells)

    I presume after the professional wrestlers and the former Leicester manager?
  10. Gus Mears

    Good stuff you've bought - under £20

    I've got a Home Bargains next to a B&M! So hopefully one of the two will enable me to soup it up.
  11. Gus Mears

    Good stuff you've bought - under £20

    Where can I purchase one of these heavenly vessels for 79p Rick?
  12. Gus Mears

    Major League Baseball Discussion Thread

    That was fucking dynamite. Pissing all over the Yankees in their back yard and making it to the ALCS for the first time in five years. Houston is an entirely different proposition and they are a brilliantly rounded team apart from the bullpen. I don't know, I think we have got a good 33% or so chance. Last couple of nights have been wonderful though. A comprehensive hammering in New York.
  13. Gus Mears

    First trip to the cinema

    Exactly the same (barring the fact they never gor married so couldn't divorce). It was about as cheap a day out as we could manage after we had grown bored of going to the (free) Bristol Docks Museum for the 80th time and that mattered a lot when Dad was really on the bones of his arse in the 90's. Sneaking in sandwiches and drinks to keep the costs down and staying for two films after paying for one were pretty standard. I can still vividly remember the local adverts they had before the trailers. There was usually a furniture warehouse that came up that Dad swore 'was always burning down so the owners could claim on the insurance'. He's an odd bloke.
  14. Gus Mears

    First trip to the cinema

    That would make a good film.
  15. Gus Mears

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    Have they hooked up drums to the PA system again?