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  1. More youtube awesomeness.

    Arguably the finest YouTube video title ever:
  2. The cookery thread

    Are potatoes old fashioned though, Onyx? That's the question on the lips of the nation.
  3. The cookery thread

    Good to see @Onyx2 is now commissioning YouGov polling (no idea why, but I don't seem to be able to imbed this) https://imgur.com/a/GazcV
  4. Bomber Pat is the Steve Justice of Biscuit eating

    What if someone writes 'Waburtons' on the bottom of the toast? Does that then become the top in your eyes? I agree with Rey, why piss around with fancy-Dan "knives" and such, when you can just fold it over and make your own personal sandwich?
  5. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    We do pay attention to FFP though. I'd say we are one of the few large clubs that really has. The entire point of the loan system was to be an additional money maker so that we complied with it. We also started selling players off at high value more frequently to cover the fact that we don't have the revenue stream of someone like United, or get directly sponsored by a country like Man City. I'm not going to plead poverty, but we can't financially compete with either of the Manchester clubs in a straight shootout anymore. It's not just a revenue thing, we're trying to tighten the purse strings to pay for the ludicrously expensive Stamford Bridge redevelopment, until that is finished, we still have a small and not especially well equipped ground for a club of our size that doesn't bring in enough money. Add to this the fact that Roman has gone through an (apparently) financially damaging divorce and has noted openly how he wants the club to be self sufficient at some point, and the money available is nowhere near it was a decade ago in relative terms. In all honesty, as PunkStep said, the dread was because we've been here before. Every fucking time we have won the title we have sat on our hands. I'd still say the window last Summer was better than when we eviscerated Ancellotti's double winning side in favour of Benayouyn and Josh McEachran. That was soul destroying. I actually preferred that title winning side to the Mourinho versions (despite the fact it wasn't as good). Brilliantly incisive and clinical attacking play with Drogba and Lampard having their best seasons statistically.
  6. Bomber Pat is the Steve Justice of Biscuit eating

    No mate, you always put the cat at the bottom.
  7. Bomber Pat is the Steve Justice of Biscuit eating

    Or you could just not be a complete spanner and eat the biscuit the way God intended, chocolate (top) side up.
  8. Bomber Pat is the Steve Justice of Biscuit eating

    Right, so if I buy a Fray Bentos that has the branding on the bottom, does that mean I should be tucking in to the tin bit 'because it's the top'? Of course not. Astro is right, the addition of chocolate reverses the biscuit polarity.
  9. Bomber Pat is the Steve Justice of Biscuit eating

    This is one those UKFF conversations where you really shine a spotlight on the complete mentalists. Pat's wrong, but he's still a darn sight better than this horror show. The fuck is this lunacy? With this approach you get a 'good melty lick' of the table you're putting the chocolate side on too.
  10. 2018 Coil-Shuffling Thread

    Gutted about this one. I only really knew him from Frasier, but it's probably my favourite ever American sitcom. It's so difficult to play someone as eminently likeable as Martin Crane, a genuinely nice, charming and funny character.
  11. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    Similar level of atrocious. Also similar in that he had the first touch of a crippled donkey and is best remembered for being sent off. Can I also say it's time to get Gary Cahill off to the glue factory. Flailing around like Beaker off the Muppets and seemingly intent on giving away scoring chances by the skinful every match. Thanks Gary, but you're patently done. Look forward to seeing him turn out for West Ham of West Brom next season.
  12. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    I can't think of a worse starter we've signed under Ambramovich (who's played for that long). Six months of utter uselessness. I'd take the incisive passing and thrilling attacking play of John Obi Miklel over that useless pillock every day of the week.
  13. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    Yeah, I've had enough of being reasonable too. We probably can't get anyone better in at the moment, but I'm bored to fuck of seeing right backs at left back, Eden Hazard up front and Tiemoue Bakayoko lumbering around the pitch like a brain damaged Ent. I really have found this the most mind-numbingly boring season in forever, and would welcome it being shaken up a bit. Obviously, Old Mother Guus is the man to do that... Farewell, you handsome devil:
  14. I can totally foreee a situation where Vince hasn't attended a non-wrestling event since the 60's apart from every single ZZ Top gig. A hermit-like existence would explain his utter lack or cultural awareness at times.
  15. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    Tell you what used to tickle my tinsel, these bad boys: Quite similar to Milka with Daim, but with the additional Ken Boon of a creamy praline filling, in which random chunks of hard caramel were deposited. Miss them wildly.