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  1. I've heard nothing but great things about Jim Davidson's Sinderella .
  2. Wish I had bothered to so a slightly better picture of this because it was one of the best things I've cooked in ages. Back using the water bath on pork chops this time. Mixed them all around in an olive oil, garlic, thyme and fennel seed mix and put them in for about 80 mins at 59 degrees before searing. Been really getting into aubergine recently for side dishes, did roasted aubergine and red onion with chilli flakes and lemon peel (you mix the peel in after it comes out of the oven). Asparagus tips with olive oil, lemon juice and parmesan. Nice 70's dinner party dijon, white wine and basil sauce. Lovely stuff and made much better by dolloping in the meat juices from the sous vide bags. Roast potatoes because I didn't want to think too out of the box with that this time. BONUS AUBERGINE ACTION. The last photo is a midweek dinner that's similar to the above aubergine one, but with chick peas and cherry tomatoes bunged in the roasting dish at appropriate times. Cheap, healthy and delicious. Just garnish with parsley or something at the end.
  3. Plug the Uno into the wall, then plug whatever slow cooking device into the Uno. The Uno then regulates to the temperature of the slow cooker to a temperature of your choosing by switching it off and on at appropriate points.
  4. Don't know if it would be any financially better to go the Uno route with a slow cooker like I did? https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Creative-Cuisine-by-Grant-Compagno-PAIOLO-Heated-Pot-UNO-Sous-Vide-Controller/19010382664 40 quid all in. Got it as a Christmas present from a few people and it's done the job admirably so far.
  5. Nah, that's all Quorn mate... @Carbomb it really is all it is cracked up to be as a cooking method. Those weren't especially expensive steaks and they practically melted. So much rosemary flavour in there as well.
  6. Recent stuff. Beef Bourginion, crispy shallots and mange tout. Plus sous vide steak with rosemary and garlic and a stilton and peppercorn sauce. Vegetables and chips obviously home made and not from Lidl (I was preoccupied with a new sous vide set up).
  7. New Year, new deaths to talk about. As mentioned in the 2018 thread, Bob Einstein gone at 76.
  8. There's been enough discussion across the forum to justify it's own thread. I've long maintained that Bob Mortimer is in reality what Vic Reeves wishes he was. I never feel like Mortimer is trying too hard and that he really is just 'out there' (his turns on Would I Lie to You seem to prove this). This really is a very good podcast that is a great vehicle for Mortimer to be Mortimer, while Andy Dawson is solid and does good work in compering the whole thing. I've caught up on it over the course of a couple of months and have probably enjoyed 'The Adventures of Mark Lawrenson and Robson Green' the most. Some of hits, some of it misses, but enough of it is quality and it's a breezy 40 minutes. Who listens? What are your favourite segments? Is BomberPat going to buy that statue of Steve McLaren and Caspar for his Brother this Christmas?
  9. Gus Mears

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    I know we have the social media directory, but frankly I didn't want ruin it by spamming Tweets from McFadden's Cold War, AKA the best Twitter account in history. It's the same joke over and over again and I don't care. It's brilliant. Anyway, what Twitter accounts should I be following that aren't McFadden's Cold War?
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