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  1. I've got Friday off work. Going down the cricket with a few mates and then we've decided to bring the beer-based refreshment back to mine for a Roger Moore Bond marathon. I am going to blub like a baby when the theme to The Spy Who Loved Me hits. As others have said, lovely, lovely bloke by the sound of things. That story above brought a tear to my eye earlier Wretch.
  2. You're probably right. I'm doing this:
  3. I just loved his Bond films. Total escapism and all the more welcome for it. Some of my favourite nights out with friends end with bunging on Live and Let Die, Moonraker or View to a Kill at about 1AM after a few sherberts. You can't help but enjoy the experience, it's all so brazen and bonkers. Sad day, I kind of never felt that any of the Bond's would die, as silly as that sounds. There hasn't been a year of my life without a few hours watching Roger Moore in Bond and I doubt there ever will be.
  4. Big part of many of our childhoods ripped out I would imagine. Top knock, but very sad nevertheless. His Bond films were just the most wonderful pieces of escapism.
  5. Sorry to mega-quote.
  6. I'm going to the RLODC (Christ, what an acronym that is) knock-out game against Essex and I believe they are utilising it for that. Would imagine it will also be there in the unlikely event that we get a home semi-final. If you're going to a County Championship game during the latter part of the season, think you may well be OK. Otherwise, have to say that they have done a pretty good job with the new Tribute stand. No, it isn't traditionalist, but it's a bloody great view. Not sure when the last time you went was man, but would highly recommend the lower part of it to sit in. Great view of behind the bowlers arm and it isn't a members bit (top part of the stand where my photo was taken is).
  7. Children going to see their favourite pop singer. It's beyond cruel and impossible to articulate the full depth of debasement and barbarity in the mind of the person(s) responsible. This should have been one of the best nights of many of the attendees lives. Sat again in impotent rage, sad and frustrated by the fact that there is absolutely no justice in the world. Feel so, so sorry for all of the people and families involved in this.
  8. Lube me up, I'm going in.
  9. I agree with regard to his popularity for sure. He is absolutely miles ahead of most of his contemporaries as a performer and writer. When I first got into him years back, I didn't quite understand why he wasn't one of the most popular acts of all time. The fact that he was a not very attractive bloke who didn't move much on stage surely played a significant role. Definitely added a certain mystique to him and his songs though. Some terrible vulnerability that you couldn't quite put your finger on. Cheers for the Iplayer tip, Shoe, will take a look.
  10. Dave is still there and that's all that matters. I don't know whether it was because of where I was sat or the fact I was merrily plastered, but seeing them last December, Dave Hill looked like the smallest bloke on planet earth. I'm 5,6 and felt like Andre by comparison. I'm also relatively sure he was stood on a box during the gig.
  11. I'm not going to claim I know what the fuck is going on as I haven't even watched a PPV in over a year, but is this this biggest catapult to the WWE title since JBL? I barely even knew Mahal was getting a push until about a month ago. I knew he was back, but only really remembered 3MB and his abysmal Khali feud from a few years ago.
  12. That sound absolutely cracking and I was also contemplating getting some tickets to their tour. As is, going to stick with Chas and Dave and probably see the Divine Comedy for the third time this year in Bristol. The big question is do I see the decaying corpses of Slade over Christmas again?
  13. I've been watching old David Lynch films in preparation for new Twin Peaks. I forgot how much I love Roy Orbison. In Dreams A phenomenal voice that is both powerful and vulnerable at the same time and he wrote some of the most impressive chart pop songs going. Everything Orbison wrote was something beyond a normal pop hit, In Dreams being a great example. No melody, no real structure, no chorus, 10 or so distinct 25 second chunks with an increasingly astonishing vocal performance on top. All of his hits are like this; insane key changes, beat changes, majestic. Plus a bunch of his best known numbers were put together when the majority of US chart music was still 'dooby doo, I love you'. Roy Orbison <3