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  1. Gus Mears

    Dave Meltzer

    Even with the popularity of wrestling at the time, no way they get 200,000 people into the Silverdome that night unless Hogan headlines.
  2. Gus Mears

    Comedy News Stories

    One of the very few good things about following several thousand news outlets on Twitter is that I get good amounts of daft, mostly local, news stories to laugh at. https://www.thisisinsider.com/angry-santa-swore-at-children-2018-12 A place to post good stories you come across. Bonus points for really shit local news.
  3. I'm voting Tory. Partly, so I can mow down the common people in my big gold plated bus. But mostly so I can live up to UKFF stereotypes.
  4. Gus Mears

    Top Twitter

    Having watched the film again on Saturday, I laughed a lot at this.
  5. Gus Mears


    Likely won't be able to as I'm working, but will endeavour to do some sort of write up tomorrow when I've got a spare few minutes!
  6. Gus Mears


    I'm hardly going to be getting scoops and I won't be able to live update because I'll be busy, but will do some sort of write up in the next few days. Going to try and get towards committee room 14 where the 1922 are meeting if I can before dinner. Edit: Anyway, my prediction is the government won't collapse and between 70-80 Conservative MP's vote against May. With the way politics is now and the somewhat similar precedent of Corbyn and the PLP, think it would take very, very close to a majority for her to actually resign after the vote.
  7. Gus Mears


    This is is entirely selfish, but I'm in Parliament this evening for work while the vote is going on and I'm very excited to potentially be there as the government collapses.
  8. Gus Mears


    This wasn't what I was getting at to be honest. It was about John Bercow lecturing about discourtesy and respect after stonewalling investigations into his bullying of Parliamentary staff. The content of what he said earlier was entirely accurate, but I find it somewhat absurd that he is saying it.
  9. Gus Mears


    Irrespective of whether you think this is true or not, there is no point in having a thread discussing political issues if it's just going to end up as ad hominem attacks against people you happen to disagree with politically with no argument whatsoever stapled onto it.
  10. Gus Mears


    Give it Giggsy till end of negotiations.
  11. Gus Mears


    That was a complete farce. May delaying her own vote to get nonexistent concessions is farce. The Labour position within Corbyn's rebuttal was farce. John Bercow pontificating about 'decency and respect in a workplace setting' was ultra-farce. Basically, the vote has to take place before January 21st before additional Parliamentary powers to influence the process kicks in (probably). Edit: I may be wrong on that now. It's disputed, but it could mean we can kick the can all the way until March. Yippee!
  12. Gus Mears


    I moved house over the weekend and just realised it means I am but 300m from a Morrison's. I'll be partaking in this monstrosity in the next few days and will let everyone know the results.
  13. Gus Mears

    Paul Hardcastle's Domestic Football 18/nuh nuh nuh 19

    That seems more like UK Kat Von D's Team of the Week judging by the amount of irrelevant namedropping in there.
  14. Gus Mears


    Morrison's is doing a three course Christmas pasty, yay, or nay?
  15. Gus Mears

    Major League Baseball Discussion Thread

    Away from the wonderful world of Ticketmaster being useless, some interesting trades/signings over the past few weeks. Corbin to the Nats was something I wasn't expecting, but fits perfectly with their strategy of packing the rotation. I still don't think it's necessarily the area they needed to spunk $150 million dollars, but it'll certainly be cracking to watch a front three of Scherzer, Strasberg and Corbin, even if four is an increasingly dross Tanner Rourke. Eovaldi back with the Red Sox. He's probably increased his value by $25 million based on post season and I'm still not entirely comfortable with a four year commitment to a guy whose arm seems liable to fall off every other day. Still, ensures we retain a formidable rotation for another year until Porcello/Sale hit free agency. Yankees picking up Paxton is a good fit (especially with Grandpa CC signing for another year). Still isn't enough though and I would be shocked if they don't pick up another front line arm, whether that be Happ or another guy they can slot in 2/3 in the rotation. Also, the signing 93 year old Robinson Cano, irrespective of whether they are doing it to get Diaz, is the most Mets signing ever. Most interesting acquisition so far is Goldschmidt to the Cards. Seriously underrated player and probably one of the top 3 in the NL over the past few years. I think they overpaid considering the prospects package they put together to get him for one year, but wouldn't be shocked to see them reach the NLCS/World Series if they can get an arm or two.