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  1. If you could bring back a TV show

    If you had the ability to bring back one TV show from any time period, what would it be? Assuming that the original actors/presenters have carked it, who would you replace them with and why? I have a pretty poor taste in television, so no 'critically acclaimed' this and 'not presented by a racist' that for me. I'd be bringing back Big Break, staple of my childhood. Unlike other similar game shows that I think would be atrocious if resurrected (Bullseye, Supermarket Sweep), I get the inexplicable feeling that Big Break would be OK. Largely, this is because I'd bin Jim Davidson, allowing him to spend more time being a racist on Twitter. In his place, I would call up Johnny Vegas, who almost everyone hates other than me. John Virgo is still going, so I'd keep him as co-presenter for a few years. Assuming divine intervention, or the BBC retaining the show for more than 3 episodes due to tax purposes, I would eventually replace Virgo with Ronnie O'Sullivan, who I reckon would be brilliant value if he managed to lay off the gear post-retirement. It's not exactly like bringing back Breaking Bad, but I know I would get infinitely more enjoyment from this than anything good. What would your choice be? Who would be involved and why?
  2. Major League Baseball Discussion Thread

    I'm absolutely loving it right now. Doubly so, as I tacitly support the Mets in the NL (love their rotation). This will end at some point, but it's incredibly satisfying watching Boston at the minute, the exact opposite of the dull brand of baseball Farrell encouraged. Stack loads of homers, players encouraged to swing on the first pitch, four fucking grand slams when we had none last year! So pleased to see Rick Porcello looking like that picture who surprised everyone with the Cy Young in 2016. Massive fan of the guy. Martinez has fit in well and we still have Xander and Pedey to come back. Still too early to say anything conclusive, but I can't help but be optimistic with both the quality of play and determination (Joe 'fight club' Kelly, the come back again the Marlins). Cheers for the link, Keith. Will definitely have a look when I'm back at a desktop.
  3. The Cricket Thread

    After all the shit from the ECB this week, can't describe how wonderful it is down in Taunton today. Why on earth would you try and actively kill this?
  4. All Purpose Weather Moaning Thread

    If you've ever worked at/visited Parliament, you'll likely have gone through Portcullis House, which has a lovely glass atrium. Wiltshire Council decided to waste a bunch of money of their own shit version of it, except without the air con, or any appreciation of what time of day the sun would shine through it. They had to put up a load of parasols inside the building so that people didn't collapse while waiting to see social or visit the registry office. Glad I spent most of my days spamming my friends work phone with insurance call back services, because actual work was impossible in that heat.
  5. The Health and Fitness Thread

    Endorphins are the answer. Basically happy pills that get secreted by your pituitary gland when you do exercise. Afraid there isn't any way to keep the buzz longer. Edit: Daz beat me to it.
  6. All Purpose Weather Moaning Thread

    We can't all walk around wearing rejected suits from Miami Vice.
  7. All Purpose Weather Moaning Thread

    I've already got some sort of heat/sweat mark on the inside part of my thigh, just below the bollocks. Had a long walk in the sun to the doctors yesterday and my jeans combined with sweat to basically sandpaper large parts of my right leg.
  8. 2018 Coil-Shuffling Thread

    I'm genuinely gutted about this. Supermarket Sweep was about one of three positive memories from my childhood. Loved Dale Winton, my favourite 90's TV presenter by a mile.
  9. The Cricket Thread

    So fucking shit. A rare occasion where I will (Geoff) boycott something. Of course, by the sound of things everyone's mate, David 'T'up North, one of the lads' Lloyd' appears to be involved. What a total fucking knob that bloke is. There is no bar so low that he would not stoop himself below it for 50 quid.
  10. RIP Bruno Sammartino

    Ahhhhhhhh fuck. I loved watching old matches with Bruno. I just enjoy the old MSG and shows from that time period full stop. In a world and business that increasingly seems to delight in characters that are shades of grey, I really enjoy going back and seeing Bruno as a proper babyface and a massive deal, especially for those from an Italian background who saw their boy do good. Still unexpected, despite the age. Always took care of himself and sounded fantastic for an octogenarian when I last heard him on Meltzer's radio show, he was still lifting weights at the time! Also, a massive, massive, massive draw. It's easy to forget because it was pre-Vince and there is less tape, but the bloke was a megastar in a sizeable part of the states for a long time. How on earth Superstar Graham is still going and Bruno isn't is one of great philosophical questions of our lifetime.
  11. The UKFF Betting Topic

    Lobster Roll winning the whole job kept me in the clear this year. Got enough in the account to have my annual bet on the Masters and National. Looking forward to my yearly 20 minute phonecall to Paddy Power after I forget my password.
  12. The UKFF Betting Topic

    After studying in depth how much I like the names this morning, I can confirm that Tiger Roll and The Dutchman will both place.
  13. So, this mental Saudi event coming up...

    Call me a cynic, but I'm guessing that Undertaker vs. Rusev in a casket match has less to do with Saudi Arabian liberalisation than the fact that they have a new ruler who understands that the appearance of moderate liberalisation will benefit his regime.
  14. So, this mental Saudi event coming up...

    No, it really isn't. Comparing a democratic regime with a number of hard line policies with a nepotistic dictatorship that has arbitrary law dressed up as Sharia is not accurate. The industrial subjugation of 50% of the population is not comparable with a right wing immigration policy. For what it's worth, I do think the new regime is (and has been) liberalising somewhat and I'm not necessarily against the argument that stuff like this might aid the process. However, I think we'd all have to be massively naive to think this is anything other than a cash grab on the part of Vince and that 'they might have women in the stadium' is some cause for celebration when the best performers on the roster can't go on because they have the wrong genitals.