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  1. Things that you know will be terrible before you watch them/listen to them. Inspired by this forthcoming show straight from Alan Partridge's dictaphone.
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    I know we have the social media directory, but frankly I didn't want ruin it by spamming Tweets from McFadden's Cold War, AKA the best Twitter account in history. It's the same joke over and over again and I don't care. It's brilliant. Anyway, what Twitter accounts should I be following that aren't McFadden's Cold War?
  3. Depending on how you look at it, this time of year is either great because you see family members, or woeful because you have to see family members. Like most, it's a bit of both for me. Although I make great pains to not see the ones I dislike more than once a year tops. The bad Racist Uncle John: Claims that Southampton was great before the Chinese moved in. Once winked at me and went 'good thing about Wiltshire is that there aint many wogs'. Probably has a picture of Oswald Mosley in his khazi. Tosser. A thick one at that. Ian (not the one on here): Still lives in his parents house, despite being 42. Obviously has some mental condition, but his parents won't admit it for some unbeknown reason. Once tried to chat up my Mum who he is related to. Should probably be in prison. The good My Gran is an absolute tower of strength, despite being older than Methuselah. Still cooks a Christmas dinner for 8 on the big day and still gives tours of local historical landmarks to confused tourists who probably wonder why they are being shown the Tythe Barn by Ms Marple. Despite her shrivelled up, ET like appearance, evokes the power of a tough upbringing in North Wales when provoked and could kill someone with a glare at ten paces. Uncle Stu: Used to be a postie and sadly got ran over twenty years ago, causing a degree of brain damage. Despite this set back, raised a family and is a lovely, albeit slightly dimwitted bloke. Him secretly coming outside for a cigar with me and Dad behind his wife's back is clockwork regular whenever they are down, as is him absolutely tanking any wine provided at a family meal as my Great Uncle desperately tries to instil him with knowledge about it's bouquet. He kind of nods for a minute, before quaffing an entire glass in about five seconds. Anyone with good/bad anecdotes and relatives? Surely we all have them.
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