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  1. Things that you know will be terrible before you watch them/listen to them. Inspired by this forthcoming show straight from Alan Partridge's dictaphone.
  2. It is the Double Decker, which must surely rank somewhere near the wheel in terms of brilliant inventions. I've just picked up the attached four pack and am about to head down to Decker town. It has it all; chocolate, marshmallow and that crunchy stuff. A masterpiece. I would still like to hear alternative opinions and then explain why they are wrong.
  3. I know we have the social media directory, but frankly I didn't want ruin it by spamming Tweets from McFadden's Cold War, AKA the best Twitter account in history. It's the same joke over and over again and I don't care. It's brilliant. Anyway, what Twitter accounts should I be following that aren't McFadden's Cold War?
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