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  1. Tempting fate in the current climate, but Labour are on board (dependent somewhat on the date), so it's probably happening. For those who have enjoyed it in the past (basically @HarmonicGenerator), I'll be loading up on caffeine and having a fun old 24 hour polling day, likely running data in a committee room before attempting to not fall asleep at the count. Excited for a month of the high-quality political debate, both in this thread and the wider nation. EDIT: Now with a poll because I love Keith. Sorry if you're from Northern Ireland (blame Moo).
  2. New Year, new deaths to talk about. As mentioned in the 2018 thread, Bob Einstein gone at 76.
  3. Spotted while having a browse on Wikipedia. I would have changed my name to Roy Jones too. What are great names you have come across? My favourite in my friend circle is the mighty Asher von Hippel, a name I can only imagine his (German) Dad and (Indian) Mum designed after each being given half naming rights and deciding upon it entirely in isolation from each other.
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    I know we have the social media directory, but frankly I didn't want ruin it by spamming Tweets from McFadden's Cold War, AKA the best Twitter account in history. It's the same joke over and over again and I don't care. It's brilliant. Anyway, what Twitter accounts should I be following that aren't McFadden's Cold War?
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