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  1. One of the very few good things about following several thousand news outlets on Twitter is that I get good amounts of daft, mostly local, news stories to laugh at. https://www.thisisinsider.com/angry-santa-swore-at-children-2018-12 A place to post good stories you come across. Bonus points for really shit local news.
  2. Small things that you really enjoy or appreciate in everyday life, especially those which are in theory pretty mundane. Think bubble wrap and things like that. I just got a totally disproportionate level of satisfaction from watching two bits of toast go popping out of the toaster. While it's evidence of the fact my neck is fucked, I also enjoy the ridiculously loud crack it makes after waking up, though I realise this makes me little better than knuckle crackers. Any minor things like this you really enjoy?
  3. Where are the best sunsets you have seen and where? Are there pictures? If so, post said pictures. Woolacombe in Devon was shockingly good last week and produced these stunners on a nightly basis:
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    I know we have the social media directory, but frankly I didn't want ruin it by spamming Tweets from McFadden's Cold War, AKA the best Twitter account in history. It's the same joke over and over again and I don't care. It's brilliant. Anyway, what Twitter accounts should I be following that aren't McFadden's Cold War?
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