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  1. So, McGregor vs Gaethje? Who would like to see that? I know I would. I actually think that if we seen the Conor who fought Eddie Alvarez (I know that's a big if these days) that he could potentially make Gaethje look rather silly and beat him within two rounds.
  2. Decent little card in my opinion that has snuck up on us somewhat due to the great fights we've had of late. Obviously I'll be rooting for big Paul Craig, but I don't hold out much hope. I think he could have done with looking into training camps in the US with more established coaches to be honest, because as great as the guys are that got him here, Coatbridge isn't exactly a hotbed of MMA talent. Calderwood has come on leaps and bounds since she decided to make the move from Scotland to Montreal, and I think Craig will look back on it as an opportunity squandered to be honest. The main event should be a decent fight, Jeremy Stephens, despite being a complete prick by some accounts, is always exciting to watch.
  3. Here's an idea. Just don't donate? If you believe it to be a bit off then simply don't take part. In all honesty, reading you constantly banging on about it actually makes me want to start up a fund for donations to pay your internet provider to cut you off.
  4. David

    Boxing Thread

    That's why I've said numerous times that the very fact he's where he is today considering the mental health issues he's dealing with is astounding. Even if he goes on to lose to Wilder and call it a day, he's still succeeded to a certain extent. More important than his boxing career is him managing to maintain a healthy lifestyle out of the ring.
  5. David

    Boxing Thread

    It was always a possibility that he'd end up over-training considering the amount of times he's fought in the past year and a half. I still don't think it'll make too much difference if and when the Wilder rematch happens. It'll go down one of the ways I mentioned.
  6. David

    Boxing Thread

    It doesn't really. The Wilder/Fury fight is as cut & dried as can be. Can Fury outbox Wilder and potentially stop him late into the fight or take a decision? Or will Wilder land a huge shot that can put Fury on the floor for the ten count? That hasn't changed. Wallin is a much better boxer than Wilder is (Wilder is a shit boxer in all reality, he gets by because he has ridiculous power), and that cut was a bit of a game changer. The positives to take from that are that Fury dealt with a major issue mid-fight, and he was pushed for much of the 12 rounds. The 2nd fight between Wilder and Fury will be exactly the same as the first as far as tactics go. It really comes down to Fury either being sharp enough and fit enough to take advantage of the times he looked like he had Wilder in trouble, or Wilder landing a big shot that puts Fury away. I can't see it going any other way really.
  7. The question is, is he seriously expecting people to believe that he has come out of prison after a few months in that condition through anything other than choice? He wasn't doing his stint in fucking Morocco or Abu Ghraib, he was in exactly the type of prison that him and his followers refer to as "holiday camps" most of the time. He's blatantly avoided a trip to the prison barbers and skipped some meals and a shave so he could play this angle upon his release.
  8. Pereira will need to change shit up a bit if he plans on keeping his job beyond three or four fights. The choice is his. If he continues as he is, he'll get handled another couple of times and released, and those flips and cool kicks will mean fuck all. If he can temper it a bit, making it more effective then he can maybe carve himself a career in the UFC. Time will tell.
  9. Well, Pereira was the drizzling shits, wasn't he? A lot of cool, flashy moves but fuck all really of substance. Entertaining, but I don't see him doing much unless he's able to up his game. The Canadian lad who bested him wasn't exactly a top level fighter either.
  10. David

    Boxing Thread

    Was far more entertaining than I had hoped, and he got more out of that than he would have if it had been a three round showcase. I honestly thought there was a real risk of the fight being called due to the state of his eye, and it didn't help matters that he kept fucking pawing at it and removing the vaseline that the cutman put on it. John Fury needs to wind it in. Only a few months ago everyone was talking about Ben Davison being one of the best coaches out there, and now he wants him sacked? Fucking hell. Hopefully he'll wake up this morning and realise he was talking shite. Fury looked like Fury until the cut. He was fighting on the ropes, feinting and measuring his distance. The cut changed the fight, and you simply cannot account for that. Even so, he hardly looked as though he was in danger of losing. Wallin put in a great effort, and looks a decent enough prospect, but the class was there for all to see. Onwards to the Wilder fight now I think, the comeback bouts have all been completed, and he's been in all number of positions over the past year and a half. Time to step it up.
  11. Holy fuck, I'd never heard of that Edler lad until now but I've just read those screen shots. Seriously mate, as one adult male to another, what the fuck is wrong with you?
  12. David

    Boxing Thread

    Not sure I'd blame Warren for that, think it was more a case of Saunders being an almighty prick.
  13. David

    Boxing Thread

    I wouldn't buy it for that, but BJS is a strange one, isn't he? Take away all his cuntery outside the ring and he's someone who should be on top of the world. His career is weird as fuck at the moment.
  14. Absolutely, which is why I've amended your sentence for you. You're welcome.
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