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  1. David

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Of course not, but the end result is the same, isn't it? COVID-19 doesn't give a fuck if you're protesting racial inequality or enjoying a pint of cider. As much as I'd love things to be that simple, you can't just tell wealthy people to pay more tax. Well, you can, but they inevitably won't. Do you think they're going to just accept that? With wealth comes power and influence, and it's incredibly idealistic to think that anyone who comes close to a position where they could stage a financial coup on the extremely wealthy is going to be allowed to carry out such a move. Life doesn't work that way, sadly. We'll see the fine line between what's needed economically and what is viable medically tread over the coming months. There'll be surges in COVID cases, and further declines, but that's to be expected. I expect the economy is already fucked to a certain extent anyway, but there's going to have to be some sort of recovery implemented, and that's going to require people being back at work and paying taxes.
  2. David

    Covid-19 Megathread

    Not that I'm a fan of Johnson or the 'Tories, but isn't it more a case of having to get back to some semblance of normal sooner rather than later? I mean, how long can we realistically expect to keep pubs and the like shut before we start seeing businesses collapse and people who are already paid very little for the shite they have to put up with ending up on the unemployment line? Or do we think the government can just keep paying people to stay home? That isn't a feasible answer. Apart from that, as someone has already said, we've seen beaches full of people, we've seen protesters completely disregard the lockdown and social distancing, so it's not as if this weekend can be held up as an example of why the infection rates rise. Anyone getting all indignant over this weekend, yet staying silent on the matter during the protests is a hypocrite. The social distancing situation was fucked long before "Super Saturday."
  3. Perhaps not technically proper horror, but I'm getting stuck into the three-part adaptation of The Shining tonight. I've recently watched the Kubrick movie, which is awesome, but the three-part series is closer to the book in my opinion. Not seen it in years, so I'm looking forward to it.
  4. Masvidal would probably want even more ridiculous money coming in this late. No way Dana would cave to that extent I'd imagine. The likes of Jon Jones are watching on with interest.
  5. Usman would be insane to accept a replacement this late in the game. He's the champion, he doesn't need to chase fights, and he certainly doesn't need to be taking on guys on short notice. If I was Usman I'd be like "You want to throw Covington or Masvidal in there with me? Cool, but I'm taking the time I need to prepare. I'm the champion, I don't need to fight anyone on a weeks notice."
  6. Let's hope that whoever is living with Conor has taken his phone away, especially if he gets a few lines and a bit of his whiskey in him this weekend.
  7. His head is starting to look a bit "Stallone with a perm" these days, isn't it?
  8. David

    Covid-19 Megathread

    I guess that's true. I'm going to leave mines until as late as possible before cancelling. Nothing to lose really in doing so.
  9. David

    Covid-19 Megathread

    When were you due to fly out? I'm heading to Spain at the end of the month and still have every intention of going.
  10. David


    Oh, come on now. I know there's a smug superiority that us Scots feel when we compare ourselves to the nasty, racist English down the road. Turning our noses up at the English who "voted for Boris," while we're so progressive. It's bollocks. Make no mistake about it, if this incident is eventually reported as a refugee or asylum seeker losing the plot and stabbing innocent people there'll be right-wing factions all over it like white on rice. Glasgow is fuck all more tolerant than other areas of the UK. I live in Merchant City, a stones throw from George Square where right-wing thugs have been kicking up fuck about refugees for weeks now. I've seen and heard the Chinese students here put up with absolute nonsense due to the coronavirus, and I've seen Asians treated terribly by locals. I have a friend born in Scotland of parents from China who regularly gets shit in pubs when we're out at the weekend. Dude has lived here all his life, with as Scottish an accent as me or anyone I know, but still gets the "Aye, you're living here now, but where are you really from?" and because he has a western name he gets the old "Aye, but what's your Chinese name or wherever the fuck you're from?" People get quite fucking angry when he won't admit to being Chinese or pretend that he has a foreign sounding name. We're certainly no worse than anywhere else, but let's not perpetuate the shit that the SNP peddle about Scotland being "one country, many cultures." We've long had the stain of sectarianism on our streets, where our politicians actively grant licenses for marches that promote divisiveness and bigotry. "Marching season" usually means a plethora of stabbings, slashings, and beatings dished out from both sides of the religious divide. Glasgow is no different to Manchester, London, or Liverpool. We all have our issues, and to hear Scots smugly claim we're better than our southern neighbours isn't just irritating, it only provides a misplaced complacency that we're "not as bad" as other UK cities. If this does turn out to be the actions of a refugee or asylum seeker suffering from mental health issues then we'll need to be vigilant, because the right-wing trash will be looking to whip up a frenzy, just as they would anywhere else.
  11. Well lads, what a day to be alive. I dusted off the old grey Candy Liverpool shirt with 4 and Nicol on the back for today, only for the heavens to open up. Maybe next time.
  12. I'm no expert on the politics of the Middle-East, but I have seen a lot of Facebook and Twitter posts from people I know who are active in various socialist parties and groups saying that the tactics used by the US police that saw the killing of George Floyd are indeed fairly common when it comes to Israeli police or army when they restrain Palestinians. It amazes the shit out of me how someone can post images of the exact same thing happening to Palestinians (often Palestinian children at that) and the same people roasting the US police for systemic racism immediately start branding the poster of such images as antisemitic and racist. I think I'm getting too old for social media.
  13. I hear that was secret footage of his reaction when he heard the UFC events had been cancelled due to COVID.
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