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  1. Fury by stoppage. Probably after the 8th round.
  2. Can't blame him for putting his name out there, can you? Nothing will come of it of course, but it gets news articles and clicks on his name that don't involve him losing. He'll chat this shit up for a bit before accepting a match against another welter.
  3. OOFT! That's got to put a bit of a dampener on the card now, surely?
  4. Ah, fuck. This is the time when Jones is going to lose, isn't it? Just as he's entertaining a move to heavy. He better fucking win now or i'll cry.
  5. David

    Boxing Thread

    There's no excuse for that kind of behaviour, Ebb. The guy's a cunt.
  6. For once I agree with you, Ebb. This is what Stephen A. Smith does. He's ragged on athletes with far bigger profiles than Cerrone. NFL, NBA, MLB, he's hammered them all. I don't quite know why Rogan thinks MMA fighters should be treated differently by the media? He was saying shit like "Cerrone's grandmother was there, you have to respect him." Fuck that, Joe. The UFC want mainstream sports coverage? This is it, man. Cerrone failed big-time, and he'll have to take the pelters. Roll with the punches. Or shoulders, even.
  7. I'll actually be rooting for T-Ferg in his bout with Khabib. Imagine Conor going in there with crazy Tony? We wouldn't just see him get tapped, he'd likely get seriously fucked up.
  8. @Egg Shen February 22nd, not January 22nd.
  9. David


    People threaten annoying, intrusive journos all the time, it has nothing to do with Brexit. The media lad there was obviously looking for a soundbite that he could use against Cummings, so you can hardly blame him for not inviting the guy in for a cuppa and an exclusive interview.
  10. David


    You kind of asked for it, to be fair.
  11. You mean to tell me that the professional athlete looked a bit unsure about confronting a known street fighter in an uncontrolled setting? Who woulda thunk it, eh? Imagine looking like "a bitch" for not wanting to engage with a knob in a hotel lobby like some fucking neanderthal. Next thing you'll be telling us that he should have been prepared to "throwdown" with him, right? That's what a real man would have done.
  12. Nice write-up @Egg Shen, you're the resident Bellator guy from here on out. Looking forward to seeing Amosov as well. I may be alone, but I'm not all that convinced by Ruth. I didn't think much of him against Gracie.
  13. David


    It's my Proper No. 12 I'm opening tonight πŸ˜‰
  14. David


    The Scottish thing isn't the norm though, it's all based on the carrot & stick of independence. The SNP are running Scotland into the ground in all honesty, but the evergreen promise of independence keeps people electing them. Yeah, but you'd think if everyone who voted to leave thought he was the mutts nuts they'd surely vote for him in greater numbers come the real elections? They don't though, because while people like to watch him do his thing, he isn't taken all that seriously. And he seems fine with that, he's found a niche that works for him. As for the likes of Bannon, and even Dominic Cummings, you can't really blame them for being nasty pieces of work. They don't hide that fact. What the real problem is, is that the left don't seem able to reach into its bag of highly educated types and pull out someone who can match these guys move for move. The left are all too busy arguing among themselves to do that. There isn't 19 odd million people out there physically attacking people though, is there? It's a relatively small minority. I'm not talking about trying to reconcile with them, that type are scumbags. I'm on about the rest of the majority who voted leave for various reasons. The pensioners, the working class types who don't abuse people on the streets. Exactly, which is why it's almost time to get the whiskey opened and get the Thistle game on the set.
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