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  1. Didn't he end up getting smacked by Joey Styles or something?
  2. This is something that's often occurred to me. I've seen someone in this thread mention him possibly going on to get the belt, which I find ridiculous. It's obviously a terrible shame what happened to him, and he seemed like a thoroughly lovely guy outside of wrestling, but I think in situations like this fans tend to overestimate the legacy that would have been left behind had nothing happened. He was a very talented worker from what I remember, and great at certain kinds of promo work, but back then with the talent kicking around? He was always going to be an upper-mid carder at best I think. His run as the Blue Blazer was decent enough with the promos of him appearing next to Jarrett who was wearing the Blazer costume and so on, but I don't think he'd have come through that angle and made a serious run at the belt. Maybe an Intercontinental run again at some point? Perhaps.
  3. David


    In all honesty, what serious, ambitious politician would want the job right now? With Brexit and everything the way it is they're on a hiding to nothing. Better to let Boris take it, faff about and fuck shit up for a bit then someone more serious steps in to save the day later when the water is a bit calmer.
  4. David


    So, who's next? That's the real question.
  5. And apologies for the double post, but...
  6. How you approach it is key. While you don't want to accuse her, you have every right to let her know what upsets you, and she should react accordingly, especially if it's not something she's really invested in. If it was something that she considered important in her life then fair enough, you'd need to talk it out, but if she's just watching this shit "for a laugh" then she should have no issue just binning it if she knows it causes you anxiety or upset. You're entirely in the right to let her know it bothers you.
  7. What I would do if you're really concerned is to frame the discussion on yourself rather than her. Next time an opportunity arises you could mention how angry these types make you, maybe even highlight the repercussions that their hate-filled shite causes for ordinary folk. That way it won't appear that you're telling her what to do, but are more making it known that such people upsets you. Chances are she'll take that on board and share your disgust. Oh, and point out that these fuckers actually earn money through YouTube with every view. I think some of them make a fair whack of dough in that way, so maybe if she knew she was somehow supporting them by watching she may not be so keen. That's something I'm acutely aware of, no matter how much I like to laugh at what these fuckers are doing and saying, I know I'm adding to their cause by watching.
  8. Here's the thing. If you discuss this with her, question her, or even put out a slight whiff that you're not sure where she stands, you'd essentially be calling her a liar. She's told you she's watching it for a laugh, and that she disagrees with everything he says. If you've been with her ten years and you can't take her word on it then I don't know what to tell you, because that suggests slightly bigger problems than some YouTube videos. If she was actually taking any of what these types say seriously, and she knows how you feel about them, she'd not have told you most likely.
  9. David


    I'm still not happy with the idea of seeing new laws proposed by the people who are nominated by the people the public nominate, rather than proposed by the actual people the public nominates. I'm a huge fan of decentralisation (within reason obviously), which is why I'll never agree with the way the EU operates. We already have enough fuckabouttery with the set up we have in the UK without more layers of it on a European level.
  10. David


    Sadly, that's true. You could hit some of those ignorant types up with a full-on Power Point presentation on how immigration is a net benefit to the country, but it wouldn't matter.
  11. David


    The down side of democracy I guess. People get to vote on matters according to whatever they deem important to them.
  12. Exactly. If the so-called dodgy lawyer was getting her to make shit up, surely it would have been more sensible to make shit up about the head trauma? That would have given them a chance of winning, right? The idea of him convincing her to make up a fucking rape story is ridiculous, and by saying what they did WWE are essentially not just calling the lawyer a scumbag, but claiming that Ashley was a total mug and easily led to make up such a story.
  13. David


    I think the level of political debate reflects society in general these days for the most part. Very few people are willing to listen to or acknowledge another point of view, we all operate within our own little bubbles on social media where we rarely have to interact with someone who has opposing views save from the odd social media encounter which usually ends with people being called snowflakes or racists. Of course we've seen people question the leave sides "patriotism tree." Certain sections of the media do it constantly, while other sections don't. The sections who do are usually the ones who turn a blind eye to Corbyn and his money tree, and vice versa. Again, if it went the other way we'd all be telling the bad losers on the leave side to piss off back under their rock, wouldn't we? The people have spoken Nige, you lost! So bugger off! Deal with it, you racist mentalists, etc etc. That's how it seems to be these days, sadly. What will happen though, is the shit that we heard our politicians lay at the door of Brussel's previously will now have to be answered for, won't it? Our elected representatives will be held accountable, which is a good thing, right? As a nation we can democratically elect a Government who will take charge post-Brexit and set about finding Britains place in the world. No more excuses about the EU, it's on them.
  14. David


    That's my point though, it wouldn't have been the last we heard about it from either side. It's the same with the Scottish independence referendum as well.
  15. David


    Yeah, but both sides were always going to play it that way regardless of the result. If we'd seen a win for remain by that margin do you think we'd be giving the time of day to those who voted to leave and who claim that it's not a huge political mandate? Of course not. We'd be telling them that they got their silly vote, Farage and his pals lost, so bugger off and get on with it.
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