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  1. Yeah, it's an interesting subject to me (as you may have noticed) and I'm a big fan of looking at what happens behind the scenes as best I can. But yeah, she probably should learn to cut weight properly, Herb fucked up, and poor old Bektic got clobbered.
  2. I do, yeah. The truth is they're easily accessible on the Commission websites. The truth is, the doctors know this. They're doctors for fuck sake. The truth is, there was no reason not to license Punk. He was facing guys with a similar record to him, and he also passed the medicals and conditions required to get a license. The truth is, this was a one-off. McGregor may not have been a boxer, but he'd been licensed many times previously as a combat sports athlete, and was an MMA champion at the highest level. There was no real reason for the commission not to sanction that fight. The circumstances all came together perfectly. Yeah, I know you're being funny here, but that won't happen. The commission and the doctors aren't going to bend to the promoters wishes on matters like health where someone could get seriously hurt. Not because they really care about the fighters, but more because of who the blame will lay with if shit goes south. The promoter can just say "well, the commission licensed them and the doctor okayed them to fight. Fuck all to do with me, guv, I'm just running with the professional opinions given to me." The truth is, the Commission and the doctor would be held responsible, and ain't no one wanting that. Well, tough shit. So long as weight cutting is a factor you're going to see depleted fighters. And so long as there's promoters offering decent change to washed up fighters you'll see them step in there and make a roaring cunt of themselves. My point is that the commission or doctor can't be held accountable on either. They're doing their jobs for the most part. It's down to the promoters who take advantage and put on the shows, and the fighters who allow it to happen in order to chase personal gain.
  3. David

    Boxing Thread

    And you were told you were wrong, which you are. Why the fuck would Khan "give up on it" when there's a chance that not only could it happen, but that he'd be making a shitload of Saudi money in the process? It's obvious from Pacquiao's statement that he's waiting to see how his own fight plays out before committing. If he beats Thurman he'll see what's on the table before deciding, and if he loses he has the Khan fight waiting for him. But from Khan's perspective he's playing it exactly as he should. He's got the deal ready and waiting depending on Manny's fight against Thurman, but there's a good chance it could happen. Only a complete fucking moron would give up on anything when there's the kind of money involved that the Saudi's are no doubt offering.
  4. But Ladd was fine, so it was the correct call to let her fight. Oh absolutely, he shouldn't have been fighting in my opinion, but that doesn't mean he should have been prevented from doing so if he passes the required medical tests. I didn't think it was something he had to be doing at this stage of his life, but there's a difference between me saying he probably shouldn't be doing it and actually stopping him. It's his call, he's a grown man and if he wants to be a fucking idiot and go in there and throw hands at his age then it's his choice, providing he passes the medical tests. Which he did. Yeah, the information that wasn't disclosed by the commission relates to tests and medical information that is held by two other medical practitioners who have different procedures when it comes to releasing sensitive information. I'm sure I'd read that they made the information available to authorities in case of any investigation, but weren't happy with it being made public. The truth is, if there was some sort of dastardly plot at play we'd have heard about it. There'd have been criminal investigations, lawyers, court cases and people getting sued. The reality is, there was nothing to suggest that either man shouldn't be fighting. One thing we need to bear in mind is that this is fighting. I could pass a medical in hospital tomorrow, then get into a fist fight the day after and end up suffering medical complications due to that. It's how it goes, sadly. The only way for anyone to know how Harris' body was going to react to being in a 15 minute fist fight in a high pressure situation would have been to put him in a 15 minute fist fight in a high pressure situation. There's only so much that a doctor can test for, and at the moment they're carrying out testing to make sure that when a fighter walks into the cage they're healthy and have no underlying issues. But this isn't ballroom dancing, its two people knocking the shit out of each other. When you actually think about it, it's probably surprising that more people haven't died. Someone removed from the MMA bubble would probably view such news as "well, if you get into a fucking fight with someone in a cage there's a chance you'll do yourself some serious harm," while the MMA fan would look past that and say "well, why didn't the doctors pick up on any health issues? It's the commission's fault surely?!?!" Why do we look past the obvious? Because in a way we watch so many of these fights that we see them as normal. That's not the case for the average person. My other half still shudders when she sees UFC fights with guys getting punched in the face and kicked in the head, and rightfully so. I've just become numb to the actual horror of it because I've watched it for so long. Well, you'd said that maybe the commission shouldn't have sanctioned Belfort to fight? I was just pointing out that they didn't really play a part in any wrongdoing. If we all take a step back for a second the real truth is that no person should be entering a cage to fight with another human being. The whole thing is fucking terrible in reality. Two people in a confined space trying to hurt each other while a paying crowd bay for blood and lose their shit when one fighter gets knocked out in brutal fashion. It's sick. When we consider what it is we're actually watching we realise that there's only so much a doctor or a commission can do. The fighter is taking a huge risk by doing this stupid shit, so the onus is really on them, not the state or the doctor to prevent them being seriously hurt or even killed. Same goes for weight cutting. If people like Ladd are hellbent on treading that line between being healthy and destroying their own body in order to gain as much of an advantage as possible when they go into a cage to try and hurt another person then who's really to blame? If a person is intent on being stupid is it really the authorities job to stop them? If you ask any doctor worth their salt they'll tell you that weight cutting isn't healthy. What these medical professionals are tasked with is monitoring these dumb as fuck individuals to make sure they don't go too far. That's it, simple as that. Ladd made it through the ordeal with her vital signs still in good shape, which means the doctor did his or her job. If she suffers any lasting health issues in later life that's on her. The doctors will always tell you that cutting weight is a bad idea.
  5. We can have the opinion that the frameworks in place aren't stringent enough, but I'd assume that the CSAC are liaising with professionals when those frameworks are put in place. I seriously doubt any commission wants a death or serious injury on their doorstep. I don't see any corruption there. They can't deny someone a license without good cause though, especially someone as seasoned and popular as Liddell. This wasn't some schmuck in his 40's looking to fight, it was a guy with a 20 year career who's been in there countless times and who has the resources to make sure he's prepared properly. The fight wasn't a mismatch either. It was two older veterans facing each other, not Liddell facing a young up & comer. Was Ortiz the favourite? Yeah, but would we have been all that surprised if it was Liddell who caught him first and the fight got stopped with Tito turtling up under a barrage of shots? I wouldn't have. I wasn't a fan of the fight, but I strongly believe that if a fighter passes the required tests and is deemed fit and able then he should be allowed to fight if a promoter will entertain him. It's always going to be the case that some commissions find it harder to provide the service required, be it down to funding, the popularity of combat sports in that state or whatever, but I honestly believe that the doctors who are working with those commissions are doing their jobs. Should Kimbo and Dhafir Harris been allowed to fight? Again, it was shown that Kimbo passed the medical required to fight, and he had his heart checked and the results recorded as "normal" for an adult. There's every chance that Kimbo would have died regardless of him fighting in February. Sometimes shit happens, especially when you're talking about a gap of four months between the fight and his passing. With Belfort, I don't think that the issue was a commission decision to make, was it? At that time it was between the fighter and the UFC I think? We were back in the days of TRT exemptions and suchlike, so it's hard to really blame the commission on that occasion.
  6. As harsh as it sounds, some people just have a lower threshold for that kind of thing. Ladd looks pained and as if she's on her last legs, while the likes of Conor and DC can take shit to the very limit of human endurance with a steely determination. Different strokes for different folks I guess. My point is that regardless of how many times she grimaced or how hard it looked for her, she'll have been getting monitored in the same way that has seen other fighters pulled, including the likes of max Holloway if I recall correctly. If she had been in danger the docs would have known.
  7. The issues with the Chuck fight had less to do with corruption on the part of the CSAC and more to do with the framework put in place for fighter medical clearance. The truth, and it's something most fans didn't want to hear after the event, is that Liddell passed all medical tests without issue. It's not as though the Commission just looked him up & down and handed him a licence, they ran him through the physical, ophthalmologic and neurological testing they do every fighter who applies for a licence to fight in California. Neurological testing that can only be carried out by a fully licensed neurosurgeon or neurology specialist. Liddell passed. What should they have done? Ignored the green light from a neurologist and deny him a licence based on him "having a dodgy chin" eight years previously? Have Commissions been known to bend the rules in some ways? Of course, there's no doubt higher profile fighters are given more leeway when the procedure involves the actual Commission itself deciding on punishments and so on. But in the case of medical clearance we're then suggesting that either the practicing and fully licensed specialists who operate as a medical professional in their everyday job is willing to fudge a medical and risk someone's health, their livelihood and even a prison sentence, or that the Commission would actively ignore the results of these tests in order to proceed with licensing anyway. That's not happening. This is why I consider the Herb Dean situation different from the backstage medical authorities on weight cutting. Is Herb a professional referee? Yes, but that's nowhere near the level of expertise that a physician has in their job. And the physician didn't see any reason to pull Ladd from the event. Was it tough for her to make weight? Absolutely. Was she happy to be doing it? No. Was her life in danger? Unless we're accusing the doctors of sleeping on the job, the answer is no. Again, if average Joe's like us were looking at her and thinking "damn, she's suffering" there's a good chance the doctors had been keeping a close eye on her.
  8. David

    Boxing Thread

    The comparison is visual for the most part. In a world of boxers who wear long, brightly coloured shorts plastered with sponsors, with the modern, standard boxing boots with socks, Dubois is wearing the relatively plain black shorts with the throwback ankle high black boxing boots. I'd be absolutely astounded if his ring attire wasn't a nod to Tyson. He's also heavy-set with an impressive physique, and he throws with bad intentions. There's no way he steps foot in the US and the fight commentators don't draw that comparison, and that's a good thing as it sets him apart, doesn't it? Even fighting in the UK, if & when he starts getting some coverage on the US TV networks it'll be something that helps him stand out. It was the first thing that occurred to me when I saw him, and it's why he stood out to me very early on. He was the guy who looked like a throwback Tyson.
  9. I get your point, but there's a bit of a difference in watching a fight and seeing if someone is in real danger, it's a tad easier for the layman to take a somewhat educated guess at those matters, and being privy to the methods used by medical professionals to keep tabs on a fighters well-being. We've seen fighters being pulled from weigh-ins before, so it's not as if the doctors are under pressure to allow fighters to compete. My main point is that the doctors will be using more than their eyes to track a fighters health during the process.
  10. Yeah, but the untrained eyes of the likes of you and me don't matter. It's the medical professionals who are deployed by the commission who make these decisions, and we've seen them pull fighters during the weight cutting process before. I have absolutely no doubt that if Ladd was in serious medical danger she'd have been pulled. What makes you think they're ignoring anything? What do you think the doctors are doing during the weigh-ins? She's being monitored like all the other fighters. If there's a problem, they'd have zero issue pulling her. We've seen it happen before, and it'll probably happen again in the future. Well, that would insinuate that Herb is also second guessing the medical professionals. I'm assuming he's not a doctor, so if he has taken how she looked at the weigh-ins and allowed that to play a part he's been incredibly unprofessional. It's his job to officiate the fight, and Ladd looked fine coming in, she wasn't rocked or hurt after that shot. It dropped her, but she didn't look to be in any trouble at all. I personally don't think Herb has taken the weigh-ins into account, I think he just dropped a bollock in this fight and fucked up big time. One of the worst calls I've seen in a long time.
  11. Don't think either stoppage was even remotely comparable to be honest. Fucking hell Wand, that's a shitload of guesswork on your part. I've seen others say the same, and it's ridiculous. You can't justify a fucking terrible stoppage on her finding it tough to make weight. The bottom line is that she made weight, and she'll have been checked over by commission doctors and so on. We've seen instances in the past where fighters have been pulled during the weight cut for health reasons, so if she was that bad I'm fairly certain the medical team would have stepped in. But yeah, we're assuming that the fight would have developed into De Randamie dishing out a beating and Ladd being in danger of dying. Think we need to dial it the fuck back a little. The stoppage was ridiculous, and that's on Herb and Herb alone. Fuck all to do with weigh-ins, it was a terrible call, and one that he should rightfully be pulled up on. It's not even like one of those stoppages where the fighter was rocked and looked out for a second or whatever, it was just plain rubbish. A punch to the head drops her, she then gets on all fours and is visibly waiting to see what De Randamie would do next (probably hoping she'd try and take it to the ground) then after a punch to the fucking shoulder the fight gets called. Absolutely laughable. Do you know who should be making that call? The medical team employed by the commission who monitor each fighter during the period of time pre-weigh in. We've seen fighters yanked before by the doctors, and I'd like to think that the doctors will know a bit more than us about how safe she was. We saw her for a few minutes on a scale and have made the medical diagnosis of "hold up, look at her face! Pull her from the card!" If she should have been pulled, she would have been pulled. It's that simple.
  12. David

    Boxing Thread

    Yeah, but what that comparison brings is something to differentiate him from the rest of the division. And that's always a good thing.
  13. Yeah, he cost me some beer tokens for sure, the curly-headed twat.
  14. David

    Boxing Thread

    If he continues to progress as he is, you can bet that his US debut won't be far behind, and he's immediately going to catch the eye over there for his ring attire alone. The black shorts and old school ankle-length black boxing boots coupled with his physique will immediately draw comparisons with Tyson. And while he may not be quite as menacing as Tyson, his ability to put opponents away is equally impressive.
  15. David

    Boxing Thread

    Imagine that fight last night had been Dubois going up against a Bulgarian journeyman with a lukewarm record who looked and fought like Gorman did. We'd all be saying this morning that it's fine beating guys like that, but it's time to step up a bit. That's how good he looked last night. It wasn't even a competitive contest. It was only a matter of time before Gorman got caught and put down. I really like the look of Dubois, I think he's going to be the real deal.
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