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  1. I'm one of those huge Undertaker fans that some people have mentioned. I loved the gimmick, there's a shitload of matches that I can look back on throughout my younger years that I loved, and I'll always be a fan. From the whole Survivor Series carry-on with Hogan and Flair, to the Hell in the Cell, to the American Badass stuff. When he started making moves to come out of the character mystique he's had over the years I had absolutely no doubt he'd sound like he does. He's an old school Texas guy who's spent most of his life living in a weird bubble where he never really stopped acting th
  2. Dana White has long fashioned himself on Tony Soprano. He's a cock.
  3. Exactly. Which is why we need McGregor to be less focused on his clothing choices, insults and pre-fight shenanigans and to focus on training and fighting on the reg the next year or two. He needs to, as the kids say, get back in the mix.
  4. I'm exactly the opposite. I could never really be arsed with all his shite outside the cage. His coked-up bollocks before the Khabib fight and his fake patter in pressers for fights before that. I've always felt that he was an exciting (if overrated) talent in the cage, and I still look forward to his fights. He's never in a boring scrap, and I have always looked forward to a McGregor fight once the bell rings. This is no different. I'm glad to see him be respectful of Poirier. What exactly do those who want the shit-talk expect him to say? He's a family man who does a ton for charit
  5. I don't think it's a coincidence at all. White is a huge Trump supporter, and it wouldn't surprise me if he has scheduled this event to clash with the inauguration. As I said though, I doubt many MMA fans will have a hard time deciding what to watch. And I include myself in that group, even if it's not for political reasons.
  6. Will UFC fans even be interested in Harri...I mean Biden's inauguration? Unless they're there throwing haymakers and fighting the good fight, of course. Nah, UFC fans aren't going to be interested in sleepy Joe's moving-in date.
  7. Worth bearing in mind that the OP said that Miletich had actually lost his job already, and a few MMA sites were running with that news. It was that caveat that my initial viewpoint was drawn from. If the original point had been that he's being investigated, then I wouldn't have bothered posting most likely. As it's a non-story until it's proved he actually did anything heinous.
  8. If he set foot inside the government building that obviously changes things. He'd no longer be protesting, he'd be carrying out a criminal act.
  9. If he hasn't been fired then all is well. At most he should be pulled aside and told that as a somewhat public figure he needs to be careful who he's seen mixing with. He should realise that while attending a rally isn't wrong, he has extra responsibility that comes with his position. As far as the guy in the photo, again, I'm not sure many celeb types pay that much attention to the fans who ask for photos. It's more a case of "sure, no problem" smile with the obligatory fist at chest level MMA stance, then off you go. I've said it before, MMA attracts the worst of the worst, both i
  10. Wasn't it a rally that became a terrorist act though? I'm not sure that everyone who attended had prior knowledge that storming the building was going to be the end result. Unless Miletich actually took part in the criminality I'm not sure I'd hold that against him. Although the idea of seeing Pat Miletich in the middle of the chaos with a Federal agent in a kimura does appeal somewhat.
  11. Which is also ridiculous, in my opinion. Someone with Union sympathies should not lose their job because of it. Just as someone who supports Trump shouldn't either. Two wrongs don't make a right. What we end up with is people bickering over such instances, while those at the top who want to silence everyone end up with the win.
  12. Yeah, I'm not closely following the Miletich situation, so I don't know if he was actually part of the group that stormed the property. If he took part in that, then fair enough. But if he simply attended what initially started out as a protest, then I have no issues with that at all. I'd be incredibly surprised if everyone who attended the protest knew that an organised action such as storming a building was in the offing. And if he was stupid enough to support the actual criminal activity publicly, then he's put himself into a position where he could be fired. My point is, w
  13. Kind of disturbing that people lose their jobs for political views or protests. While I don't agree with any of the shit that went on at the Capitol, it's a fucking slippery road we're heading down.
  14. Seriously man, no one is buying this event because it has Hakeem Dawodu on the undercard. This is a Conor McGregor fight. That's why people are buying it. No other reason. Just the same as people buy an Anthony Joshua fight, or a Mike Tyson fight. The UFC could remove all of the undercard and replace it with people we've never heard of and it would still do the same amount of buys.
  15. This. I can't recommend this enough. Twitter in particular is a toxic, horrible playground. It's always been terrible but lately with all the Trump stuff and the COVID situation it's become a place where the worst in society vent their frustrations.
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