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  1. Makes sense. I think Wilder would beat Usyk simply by virtue of him eventually catching him over the course of the 12 rounds. I don't think Usyk has the size, length or weight to trouble Wilder the way Fury did. I could see Usyk starting well, winning the first five or six, then being clobbered and stopped.
  2. He's put together four wins on the bounce, maybe he deserves the main card slot? He looked very good against the much-vaunted Chase Hooper during that run, giving the lad a lesson in MMA striking if I recall correctly. You're right, his record has been patchy for most of his UFC run, but since early 2019 he's been on a roll and surely deserves to move up the rankings and the card to reflect that? A win here and he must be in line for a top 15 opponent next?
  3. Would you honestly pick Joshua or Usyk to beat Wilder?
  4. If he'd said something similar after the 2nd bout as well he'd have been held in far higher esteem by all. Glad to see he's made that comment, even if I fully expect (and wouldn't blame him) for playing it down in the build up to his next fight. He absolutely showed me why he's ranked #2 in the world. I don't see many beating him, including Usyk or Joshua.
  5. I'm a big fan of the House of 1000 Corpses/Devils Rejects movies, but honestly believe those were only good because of the underrated Bill Moseley and Sid Haig. Three from Hell was a win because of Moseley once again, and the awesomeness of Richard Brake. The Halloween remakes would have been fine as standalone horror movies, but as part of the Halloween franchise they blew big-time. Basically, I watch Zombie's movies because I know they'll likely feature actors I like, but it also means I have to put up with his talentless wife being shoehorned into a prominent role as well, which irritates me.
  6. If you're a fan of the documentary type stuff, get a VPN, set it the US, and access shudder on a FireStick. Far better selection from what I recall.
  7. Well, it's how it should work. They have an official outside counting, so why not have him continue? It would be helpful in instances like the one you mention.
  8. Meh, I'll watch some of it if I'm at a loose end. As Uncle D says, it is what it is.
  9. Sounds like it could be a far more complicated situation than many first thought. Always sad to see families affected by mental health issues, let's hope they get the privacy and help required.
  10. Yeah, I mean distracted at the beginning. There's very few occasions when a referee gets to four, five or more and is then distracted. Most distractions come initially, so that's on Wilder himself, not the official.
  11. There's a lot more to Marciano's impressive record though. He was quite undersized for a heavyweight, even at a time when the top heavies weren't exactly giants. 5'10 and around 190lbs for most of his fights, which would qualify him to fight as an undersized cruiserweight today. In fact, he could very likely make light-heavyweights 175lbs limit if he tried. What impresses me most about his record is that he wasn't a skilled fighter. At all. He made Wilder look like an olympic champion. Despite that he not only won every professional bout he fought, but won 43 of 49 by knockout. He essentially won every fight using nothing more than sheer willpower and heart coupled with his two real weapons - an iron jaw and sledgehammers for hands. So hard a clubber was he that Carmine Vingo was actually taken to hospital and given the last rites after Marciano landed an uppercut that almost killed him. His punching power was tested in the early 60's and it was said a hook from Rocky represents as much energy as would be required to spot lift 1000 pounds one foot off the ground, which is astounding for a man who stood 5'10 and weighed less than 200lbs. His durability was on show when he faced Ezzard Charles in September 1954 and was the recipient of a nasty elbow that split his nose open... That happened in round six, and reports are that the referee and ringside doctor basically told him at the end of the round that due to blood loss and concern over the cut they would give him a few more rounds before stopping the fight. Marciano proceeded to come out in the 7th and absolutely go to work on Charles, with the round ending with Charles in trouble. He then dropped him twice in the eighth, the second time knocking Charles out. I wouldn't rate Marciano as top five in the overall best heavyweights of all time, but I'd rate him undisputed number one when it comes to heart & determination. One of the dream fights I'd love to see is Marciano against one of my all-time favourites, Joe Frazier. Imagine those two in their prime going at it? Fucking hell.
  12. If it's someone who's blatantly a lot better than they're being given the chance to show, then absolutely.
  13. One thing I don't like about modern boxing is this fascination with fighters not losing, and if they do they're considered out of contention. For example, Wilder losing to Fury, and Joshua losing to Usyk. You're talking about four of the top five heavyweights in the game today. It's certainly not great for whoever loses, but they can always bounce back. If Joshua beats Usyk next, does that mean Usyk is out of contention? No way. He's still a force at the top of the division.
  14. For me the Apex shows are mostly up & comer fights, with a bog-standard main. Nothing more. They clearly save their top fights and attractions for the PPV's and rightfully so.
  15. Not necessarily. There's plenty of fights out there if he wants them, it depends on if he feels physically able to step back into the ring. I personally would pick him to drop and stop Joshua within six rounds if they fought. And I'm not sure Usyk could stay away from him long enough to win a decision. The only man I'd pick to beat him is the man who has beaten him.
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