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  1. For some reason Snoop Dogg is well-liked in MMA circles. I think he's a fucking joke. The guy should never be near a booth during an MMA event.
  2. The early style days where both fighters were forced to fight only one strict style? It was nothing like the early UFC days, and was more like that white collar boxing pish you see occasionally.
  3. This isn't Floyd Mayweather though. A loss in a boxing match outside the UFC to a legend like Mayweather did little to hurt the credibility of McGregor, and his financial viability to the UFC. Imagine if they followed the same approach here? Dana White sitting on stage while Jake Paul acts like a fucking goon, only for him to then go and somehow take McGregor into the later rounds when McGregor gasses and loses? To a YouTube guy? Never going to happen in my opinion.
  4. Bill to win by stoppage. You heard it here.
  5. Unless Paul signs a UFC contract he's not fighting anyone who can throw a punch that's currently in the UFC. It's that simple. Besides, the guy is clearly working the gimmick while being very smart about who he fights. He's calling out Diaz and McGregor because it gets headlines, and he knows it's absolutely never going to happen. He's a YouTube personality who's taken up boxing, he's not an actual boxer. I know a lot of his followers are too stupid to realise that, and it's them he's cashing in on. Again, even if McGregor wants to fight this guy (and I'm not all that sure he doe
  6. Who is this Paul character tied to contractually? I think Dana White should bring him in. Fuck it, why not? We saw CM fucking Punk get his shot, didn't we? This Jake Paul guy is far more legit than Punk ever was.
  7. Check out Ebb, busting out the witty gifs. You've grown, son.
  8. Just a shame he's not fighting mitts on the 17th.
  9. Yeah, my comment aged well. Bloody hell.
  10. Well, we'll all see who's laughing when McGregor sparks Poirier in a round and his fans swarm all over Twitter like flies on a big, 'orrible shite!
  11. So, McGregor vs Poirier 3 has been announced for July. What's everyone's thoughts? I'm gonna go ahead and shock the fuck out of you all by saying that I'm rooting for a KO win for... Conor. I know, mental, eh? But hear me out. If McG drops another loss to Poirier there's a good chance he goes away for a while. Maybe even permanently. A good thing, you may think. But is it really? I like Dustin, but I'm not overly amped up to see him fight. Sure, he's entertaining, but there's a lot of entertaining dudes on the roster. He's also a stand up guy. There's a lot of them on the
  12. I also like Goldy as a person, I met him once and he was as nice a fella as you'll ever meet, but he's been phoning it in for years now.
  13. Make all fights five rounds and give us less of them on a card, cut away 50% of the absolute shite we are given on a weekly basis.
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