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  1. Even if it's not the actual story, it certainly worked out that way, for reasons I've mentioned above. Watching someone like Rickson smash through everyone wouldn't have been nearly as impressive as watching Royce do it.
  2. David


    Hopefully he's a tad better behind the wheel.
  3. The story makes perfect sense. Even more so when you hear the guys who fought in that event when they're looking back, as to a man they all say "I was wondering who this little, fresh faced guy in pyjamas was" and shit to that effect. You think they'd have said the same thing with this guy standing across from them? As was mentioned, he was doing shit back then in training that we're seeing done now. Unlike most of the guys from that era, he looks in that photo like someone you'd see today in the UFC and think "Christ, that looks like a star in the making." Having someone who looked like Rickson going in and absolutely demolishing everyone (as he undoubtedly would have done, although seeing him against that era Shamrock would have been awesome) wouldn't have shone the spotlight on Gracie BJJ as much as we saw happen with Royce. You see a guy like Rickson choke out people and you kinda expect it. He's a bad looking dude.
  4. David


    @wandshogun09 truly is the Jon Jones of the MMA section.
  5. Which is what makes Kron so interesting a prospect. He could essentially be Rickson 2.0.
  6. Well, in 2000 he'd have been 42 so more than likely on the slide at that point. My main argument is that he had both the mindset and athleticism that modern MMA fighters require, and if he'd been around today, for example, I have no doubt he'd have expanded his skillset and been a force in the sport.
  7. I'm not so sure it would have been downhill, and more a case of him doing what most of the top guys do. Trade wins and losses. Would he have been unbeaten? Absolutely not. I don't buy into a lot of the claims we saw from back then of undefeated streaks going into the hundreds, but he had all the qualities to be a force, including the one thing Royce didn't have. Athletic ability. Royce wasn't an athlete, and for much of his career he looked like he'd rather be surfing or teaching seminars. Rickson looked like the kind of dude who just enjoyed fighting.
  8. Not to mention that I'm a lazy bastard and prefer not having to open another tab and check MMAJunkie.com ๐Ÿ˜
  9. David

    Alex Jones is going down

    Oh, Jones being "silenced" is most likely exactly what he wants. His stock will have never been higher than it is now among his followers, as he's banged on for years about the "evil forces" trying to silence him, which the more sane among us could laugh at as him being a paranoid loonball, but now he can twist this shit to say "see? This is exactly what I said would happen! I was right! Getting too close etc etc" and some people will buy it. There will always be another Alex Jones out there, always. There's absolutely no way of silencing them, and any real attempts to do so just plays into their narrative of a fascist state who don't want people to know the truth. The thing is, it won't matter. The people who see the nefarious goings-on behind the infowars platform as being disturbing and fucked up are the people who knew it was fucked up and disturbing already. We don't need convincing. Those who buy into that kind of thing aren't going to see this evidence and go "Golly, I never knew that! Thank God that state-puppet snowflake Judge who's obviously trying to bring down Jones and silence ~the truth~ has revealed this information!" That type are simply going to dig their heels in even more, as they'll see this attack on Jones as the work of a corrupt Government trying to silence the truth.
  10. @wandshogun09 can I also add that you including the date of the event in the title is a good thing, as it lets us see at a glance when a show is. Another feather in your already well-feathered cap, fella!
  11. Kron is also the son of undoubtedly the most legit Gracie that there's been. I know Royce gets all the plaudits, but the truth is that Rickson was the legit killer in the family. There's a reason they decided against entering him in the first couple of UFC events. He'd have not only smashed the living shit out of everyone else, but he had the look and athletic ability to go with it.
  12. What I would say is that the photo up there (TJ) has been filtered to within an inch of its life. I know guys at the gym who do that. They flex, and then they crank up the contrast and shadow effect to really pop the definition. Look at the shadows behind them.
  13. David

    UFC 232: Jones vs Gustafsson 2

    He'd look even better if he switched up from the Legoman haircut.
  14. I think we see Cain win, and win big in this fight. Short of him being caught behind the ear like he was by JDS I don't see how he loses this fight. He's a cardio machine, he's a wrestler, he's got heavy hands, he's got a grinding style. That's all assuming he's still the same fighter he was before his sabbatical. He's been gone for close to three years, which is a long time, but even so I still fancy him to get the job done. There's some tasty little TV-type fights on this card so I'll likely watch most of it. I literally know who one of the female fighters are, and that's because she was the tall one from a season of TUF a while back. Much like my interest in 95% of female MMA, I have zero interest in any of the women's fights on this card.