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  1. The fact that either fighter, and I include Woodley in this, because he knows that by throwing up BLM at his presser the kind of reaction he was going to get from Covington, is using this line of schtick is fucking sickening. The way Usman played the build up to the fight with Covington was perfect. Don't give him any ammunition, play it smart, then just get the job done. Woodley has sadly allowed himself to be dragged into the Covington world of absolute bullshit. Thankfully there's no fans allowed for this one. Imagine if there were? Covington wins, his fans start to celebrate, and
  2. That shit right there is a big reason as to why boxing is in the state it is. Ridiculous.
  3. Lobov is always a dangerous opponent for anyone outside the top ten. He's become a bit of a caricature of himself, but he's got heavy hands, decent cardio, defensive wrestling that isn't great, but isn't terrible, and a chin. That combination will give anyone outside the top ten problems.
  4. An expression that strikes fear into the heart of whoever is unlucky enough to stand across from him in the cage. Well, from 2005 to 2010 anyway.
  5. Some would call them highlights. Others would call them a beginners guide to success in life, but whatever bro.
  6. Sorry lads, but a few poxy mentions in a random Bellator thread about one of the all-time greats retiring just isn't going to cut it. We're talking about the best welterweight on the planet not named GSP from around 2005 to 2010, From July 19th 2003 until he faced GSP on August 9th 2008 he went undefeated. Utterly dominating his way to eight fantastic decisions, four TKO/KO wins, and three big wins by way of submission. Wins over the likes of Josh Burkman, Thiago Alves, Ronan Carneiro, Diego Sanchez, and the legendary Chris Wilson saw him thrown in against GSP for the welterwei
  7. If Jones drops out, it has to be Shannon Briggs. No question.
  8. It truly was the end of an era. One of the all-time greats. His retirement certainly hit me more in the feels than that shite from Cormier.
  9. Jones is just the support act though, isn't he? No one is tuning in to see him, it's Iron Mike folk are paying to watch.
  10. What's more disturbing to me is the fact that he seems to be able to evade any kind of prosecutions for any of his actions.
  11. I have more hope this card stays relatively unscathed, simply because it's in Abu Dhabi. Most of the cards being wrecked are Vegas cards, which tells me that whatever the fuck they're doing on Yas Island is working, while the protocols for vegas aren't.
  12. David


    I'd say that could be it. He's enamoured with his hair in the way a man who's had none then done a Rooney would be.
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