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  1. He is a star in MMA terms, regardless of your like or dislike of his Trump schtick. One thing I have noticed is that the majority realise it's exactly that, a gimmick. People are laughing along with him and having fun with it when he does his thing. There were two guys wearing t-shirts with "I'm a nerd virgin snowflake" on them. When he saw them on his way out of the stage area he smiled and winked at them with a thumbs up. He's entertaining as all hell, and carries himself like a star. I'd actually be interested in seeing how he did in pro wrestling. He'd certainly be better than Cain Velasquez. Todays weigh-ins were a fucking nightmare. I felt like I was in an arena with the entirety of the Sherdog forums.
  2. Fuck knows, I'm simply going on the reaction of the actual crowd and who most of them were there to see. In fact, a decent chunk of the audience proceeded to fuck off when Colby had done his segment and left. The dude was the centre of attention. He's obviously not on prime McGregor levels or anything, but he came swaggering out with his loud suit, his collection of Trump merch, his snowflakes book and the old belt over his shoulder as if he owned the building. His short, sharp answers were the ones that got most reaction. Him being able to transmit that aura to the television screen is a different matter altogether. I've never really thought much of him, but seeing him in person do his thing was something else.
  3. While the election results were terrible for anyone not voting Conservative, it's worth bearing in mind that this was a single topic election in which only one of the two major parties actually focused on said topic. Labour's approach to leaving the EU was shambolic for sure, and maybe didn't cost them the entire election, but it lost them a shitload of seats. Make no mistake, those former Labour heartlands weren't full of former Labour voters who were gleefully voting Conservative because they suddenly hate foreigners. It was done by most with a really heavy heart. From what I saw from afar, a lot of those people were looking for a reason, any reason, to vote for Labour. But Labour didn't give them it. What we don't need is a proper kneejerk reaction to this rather unusual election. Labour doesn't have to completely revamp its entire way of doing things, nor does it have to return to the days of Blair. What it has to do, in my humble opinion, is the following: It needs to elect a leader with charisma. Corbyn, as well-meaning as he is, had the personality of a wet blanket. In the era of personality politics, the Labour Party needs someone who can take the fight on that front to good ol' Boris (sorry Keith!) and sell themselves to the people. As has been shown with Boris, he or she doesn't even have to be the best person for the job politically, they just need to be the best person for soundbites and for wheeling out in front of the cameras. They can always have the proper politicians in the background doing the real work while the chosen figure is the official face of the party. The party now needs to shift focus to a post-Brexit Britain. What would Labour do to make the UK a success outside the EU? It has to look at what policies have drawn support for the Tories and look to take those concerns and issues and address them head-on. For example, if the talk of a points-based immigration system is what people seem to want, look to put together a points-based system that would actually work. The answer isn't to either ignore it, or even worse, tell people who want such a system that they're wrong or even racist for doing so. Look to counter the Tories with a reasonable, well thought out approach to the subject that will appeal to those who have concerns over immigration, while at the same time won't cause major issues for the country. For me, most people just want to know that the government has a handle on immigration. Create a points system that would largely allow the same qualified immigration we see today. It won't change much in reality, but it will let those concerned voters know that it's not a free for all (we know its not a free for all, but it has to be made really fucking clear to win this argument). The next chapter in the Labour Party has to see them seize upon post-Brexit Britain with a solid, workable plan that will appeal to the people by way of a charismatic, personality-loaded leader. Anything other than that will see failure continue I think.
  4. This will most likely depend a fair bit on how the Labour party decide to play things. Britain is a centre right/right wing country, it's as simple as that. For the Labour party to succeed short-term they'll sadly have to veer more to the right. At the moment they're centre-left, which is construed as being far-left by some, which is ridiculous. A shift in tactics by Labour, coupled with the end of the Brexit/EU debate means that people may start looking at domestic policies again, and the conservatives may not come off too well there.
  5. It's a bastard when the vast majority are all morons.
  6. Say what you will about Colby, but I was at that fan Q&A, and the guy has an aura about him. He's easily the biggest star on the card. Swaggering around with his belt, throwing Trump hats into the crowd (I never got one, but I'll likely buy one later), looking like "someone." He's still reading that fucking book though it seems. Been at it for months now.
  7. They'll likely push for another independence vote, to the surprise of no one. The only real difference between a new vote in a year or two and the previous vote is that the oil revenue predictions have dropped substantially. Last time the financial argument was fairly open for debate, and the remain side still won. This time, it will be more clear-cut so I can see a larger vote in favour of remain. The Scottish GDP deficit is sitting at something like 8%, and the financial gap would see a requirement for austerity measures within Scotland that would make the Tories look like Corbyn-style spend-merchants, It would mean massive cuts to public services, or ridiculous taxes introduced. I can't see the idealistic, teary-eyed nationalistic argument standing up to the financial argument.
  8. David

    Boxing Thread

    Yeah, but it doesn't mean that people need to recognise these belts and their holders as legit. I mean, if Joshua vacates the WBO belt and lets say Parker beats Usyk in an eliminator fight, is anyone gonna be like "well, Fury, Wilder and Joshua may be the main players, but Parker is in the mix as well as world champion"? Of course not. The belts mean fuck all in the grand scheme of things. The important pieces of the division are Joshua and Wilder with belts, and fury as former undisputed champion who never lost the title in the ring. The others matter not a jot unless they beat one of those three.
  9. Yeah, he gave it his best shot. Fair play to him, but he's smart enough to know it's not for him.
  10. While I'm not sure I'd put much stock into grainy photos like that, the whole move to Bantamweight makes zero sense to me. At this stage of his career, surely the money fights are at 155lbs? Why not just permanently move to 155, get involved in some fun fights and make decent coin? He wouldn't be killing himself to make weight, he'd be happier, and make more money.
  11. David

    Boxing Thread

    The multitude of belts situation is fucking insane, and not something I pay any attention to. For me, it's the RING Magazine rankings all the way, and they don't have a definitive heavyweight champion at present. There's three main players in the division. We all know who they are. Parker or Usyk being handed a shot at a belt that they don't really deserve makes no difference.
  12. Surprise, surprise. Covington is staying at Trump Tower here in Vegas πŸ˜‚
  13. I'll be wandering around the strip and a few of the local gyms this week. I'll keep everyone updated on what I see or hear. Maybe even post a few photos if I figure out how to.
  14. Looking forward to fight week. I've got a fighter panel thing to go to where fans ask questions on Twitter or something, as well as the weigh ins. I wonder if I'll be there live to see Aldo pass out from dehydration?
  15. David

    Boxing Thread

    Not a chance in my opinion. He's too small to deal with heavyweights of that size I think. A great big man always beats a great smaller man. Yeah, I'm not being critical of Joshua for fighting that way, he got the job done, got Ruiz out of the way, and can now get back to bigger things hopefully. It was the commentators who did my head in.
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