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  1. Does he fuck. Bisping may have a certain amount of leeway to offer his opinions, but let's be real here, he's doing a job and as such he'll do what he's fucking told. If the UFC did not want the psychopath chat happening, it wouldn't have happened.
  2. Bisping was banging on about it from the moment the twat walked through the curtain, and during the fight. Are we to assume he just did all of that on his own accord, and that the UFC couldn't have passed word for him to calm his jets if they'd wanted to?
  3. I actually think the "be a psychopath" thing is something the UFC and Strickland are actively pushing. I'm sure Bisping referred to him as a psychopath about 600 times from the guy walking out to the cage to the end of the fight.
  4. Not really. He's not doing or saying anything in fight promos or on television. How many people care about his Twitter? If someone like Covington was like Strickland he'd have only yapped about Trump and MAGA on Twitter, where it wouldn't have registered as fuck all in the grand scheme of things. Strickland isn't a gimmick. He's not taking his own personality and cranking it up to ten for professional gain. He's just an idiot who happens to know how to throw hands.
  5. He looks like a knob from an American 90's teen movie.
  6. Oh, I'm not claiming that behind closed doors he's a swell lad who secretly voted for Biden. Not by a long shot. Like most successful gimmicks, he's basically ramped up and taken his own personality and amplified it. What I'm saying is, lots of the stuff he says is because he knows it'll have schmucks like us talking about him. He knows that there's going to be a lot of fans out there who buy the PPV to see him get his jaw cracked again. And by default, he'll earn cash from that. He's undoubtedly a bit of a dick in real life. You can tell by looking at him that he's the posterboy jock athlete who was popular at school with the girls, and who the teachers and figures of authority loved because of his patriotism and his conservative leanings. I've often thought that he has that look about him of the type of lad you see swaggering around in combat fatigues in Iraq. He's got the haircut and the regulation US army jawline. But, he knows he what he's doing. That's what I'm trying to get across. He's obviously a Trump supporter, but he's laying it on thick because he knows it annoys people. During that weekend at the weigh-ins and suchlike, he was the perfect gentleman. He was quick to tell people to shut up if they heckled him (even then it was with a joke and a smile), but on a weekend when a lot of athletes didn't really interact all that much with the fans (which is their prerogative, of course, as they're going through weight cuts etc) he was front and centre giving everyone time making eye contact, saying a few words, signing and posing for photos. I'll always appreciate that, because I had travelled a fair distance and he was one of the few fighters who recognised that, asking where I'd come from and thanking me for travelling to the fight. Coincidentally, one of the other fighters to go above and beyond was Usman. An absolute gent as well. Both fighters made the fans feel like they mattered, and made sure to give them all as much time as they could. One thing they have in common I guess!
  7. Covington is a dude I like watching when the cage door shuts. Sadly, his gimmick is fucking abhorrent. I met the guy in vegas before the first Usman fight, and he's as pleasant as they come. Signing autographs, posing for photos, shaking hands, giving it the old nudge and wink over his gimmick. I'm more of the view that it's pretty sad a guy as talented as him has had to essentially paint himself into a corner to earn some recognition and cash. Without the gimmick he's just another bland fighter, and would likely be nowhere near where he is financially.
  8. This is a one-fight card for me. The main event I'll make sure to watch, the rest I'll have on in the background while I'm working or something.
  9. Can't see it. Usman has improved leaps and bounds since their last fight, beating Masvidal twice and Burns, registering two stoppages. Covington has beaten Tyron Woodley. I like Covington as a fighter, he's got a lot of tools in his Trump-branded toolbox but he's been far too inactive in my opinion. Unless he's done some amazing work in the gym since September last year I don't see how it ends in anything other than a fairly lopsided decision or stoppage for Usman. Those hands are fucking lethal, man. And are on a different level from their first fight. Whatever he's doing in the gym as far as boxing training goes, it's working. Usman is levels above the rest of the division. Covington is the next best I think, but that gap is fairly sizeable.
  10. I'm more surprised that someone on his level, who seems happy to delegate much of his image work and business runnings to assistants and team members is still running his own fucking Twitter. I mean, why? He's clearly a car crash on social media. Hand it over to a social media consultant and team to do it for you.
  11. On-demand replays of old episodes of Bullseye are always available. Or Minder. You'd never see Terry McCann resort to this bareknuckle nonsense, and he's a proven boxer who could hang with anyone on the shepherds Bush circuit.
  12. As opposed to what? A respected, reputable organisation? It's a bunch of has-beens and never-were's throwing hands in a bareknuckle shitfest in the Florida State Fairgrounds. It doesn't get more "bush league" than bareknuckle boxing.
  13. I hope Volk smashes Ortega. He's a smug twat.
  14. Agreed. In that situation it's up to Sandhagen to get himself out of that position and reset, which I think he probably could have done if he wasn't half asleep. His performance, the more I think about it, was confusing. He looked good initially, then tailed off badly.
  15. Of course it should, if the fighter doing the controlling is looking to cause damage and wear his or her opponent down. If they're just holding and stalling then it shouldn't, in the same way as scoring on the feet should only be considered a positive if you're looking to cause damage. Sandhagen, for all his nice footwork, really didn't do all that much on the feet. He seemed as though he was stalling, never getting out of first gear. He absolutely shouldn't be scored positively for that, in the same way as a takedown should only count if there's control and damage being inflicted. TJ was the busier, more active fighter, who looked like he was trying to win the fight. Sandhagen looked half asleep for some reason. Not sure if he thought he could just steal the fight on points, or that his early success would result in TJ crumbling, but he misjudged the fight massively.
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