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  1. I went to a funeral a few years ago where this was the song played as the coffin took its final journey so to me it'll always be an exit song rather than entrance. Maybe it could be paired with something darker on a related theme (Closer perhaps?) for the entrance to create a Mankind style juxtaposition of themes.
  2. Bottom has gone from Netflix! Over the last few years I've just felt safe in the knowledge that's it's on there and will always be there ready for a rewatch every few months (and of course essential Halloween and Christmas viewing) but this morning I fancied watching an episode and it's gone! First the League of Gentleman goes from the iPlayer, now this! Legal streaming really isn't the utopia it's made out to be. Looks like I'll be having to buy some of those new fangled DVDs then. Sorry to ruin everyone's Sunday.
  3. But how will the dealers let it be known to their clients that the drugs are in? Is that still a thing in these modern days of faxes, pagers and mobile telephones?
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/boxing/57770810 it's off then, Fury's got the Covid, likely to be rescheduled in October
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