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  1. It's on at 10 tonight, then repeated at 4am Monday
  2. is it not? I assumed that listening to it in advance would only confirm my fears and completely put me off but you saying that has swung me the other way. it's not expensive, so I think i'll go for it. Cheers, and Merry Christmas!
  3. Does anyone have the Mick Foley Crazy Christmas 7" vinyl? I keep being tempted to buy it as I usually buy any old Christmas records but as it's a spoken word of him reading a story his kid wrote i'm not sure if it's a record too far even for me. Mick Foley + Christmas + vinyl, ten years ago I'd have been buying up every available copy but the thing he's become these past however many years really puts me off. So does anyone have It? Is it as bad as it sounds?
  4. only some? someone mentioned it a couple of pages ago but if that bag of money doesn't get fucked into the crowd tonight then i'll be bitterly disappointed, it's what the whole week has been building up to.
  5. he said "sing it" but not in the "dance for me boy" way he had been to Mayweather, he was singing something and put the mic towards her as if she'd join in, it didn't come across as being intentionally spiteful though
  6. I'm the dictionary definition of a causal fan but I'm so fucking psyched for this. I KNOW that the chances of anything but the usual Mayweather situation are less than slim to one..but I'm so suckered in that that tiny glimmer of a chance that he will rock him is shining so bright. I know, he's not a boxer, against one of the best pound for pound and possibly best defensive boxer ever...but.... if be connects...if...I mean...just imagine. These pressers are just getting me so excited, I've got nothing to add to the conversation but... fuck, that bastard knows how to sell tickets.
  7. This really should be posted in random thoughts but it'd be spoilers - when Joe had Brock in the coquina clutch and he was backed into the corner with Lesnar holding both ropes shouldn't the referee have got him to break the hold? Surely that's a rope break? Either way the start of the match was ace
  8. And Rosario Dawson, with a support cast including Alan Cumming and Parker Posey! I haven't watched it in about ten years but it's a massively entertaining watch, with a great soundtrack. The product placement gags, the comment on the music industry, it's a great film. The tv show is nowhere near as much fun
  9. Greg Allman has died
  10. pfft! Birmingham on Seais ace, far better than Western. There's at least two good pubs, one of the chip shops is good, there's that ace food festival thing that they have twice a year.... err..... yes the beach is crap but I hate beaches and have done since I cut my toe on a broken glass in Bournemouth when I was 7. The way they make a feature out of the mini pier is like something out of the League of Gentlemen. The best thing about Western was that time we went to see Chas & Dave and Chas said "ere, where do you lot go on holiday?" and my wife shouted "Western Super Mare" so Chas altered Margate to Western Super Mare for the whole song. he didn't shorten it to Western which would have fit easier, he sang "daaaarn to Western Super Mare" every time. I bloody love Chas. oh and when I was little we went to Broadstairs, just across from Margate, from memory it was a bit nicer, a lot of stuff about Dickens.
  11. i've seen C&D about 10 times and they've never failed to put in a shift, there excellent at what they do, and what they do is good. Is it Don and Dave in Slade still? the songs are still great but I think I've knocked it on the head with them while Dave can still walk in those boots. After the aweseomness of Charlotte Church's Late Night Pop Dungeon the other week I've gone and got myself tickets for Pride on Sunday to see her again. The rest of the lineup is atrocious so I doubt i'll still be there when what passes itself off as Boney M take the stage but it's worth the price and no doubt terrible bar to see the Dungeon in action again.
  12. It's got to be said - Charlotte Church's Late Night Pop Dungeon was amazing. Incredible amount of fun, far more than I expected. Hot in Here going into The Roof is on Fire into Burning Down the House (with fireman helmets) was inspired. The ET theme, War Pigs, Aneurysm, Don't let Go by En Vogue, it was just stupid amounts of ace. If they're on at a festival you're going to this year make the effort to see them, I didn't know it was possible to grin that much without chemical stimulus.
  13. I Friday I'm going to Charlotte Church's Late Night Pop Dungeon. It could go one of two ways - it'll either be like being arty Reflex watching a hen party do karaoke or it'll be the greatest live experience of my life, I genuinely can't see it going any other way
  14. I got Zelda working! disconnected from the internet, unistalled Zelda then reinstalled it and it's working fine, progress saved and everything, thank you!
  15. excellent, i'll give it a go when I get home, thank you!