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  1. Just went to Heron, Brannigans as far as the eye can see! Well, about fifty packs. Got a few Ham and Pickle... https://ibb.co/hg8wbVH I've once again failed at uploading a picture. I give up
  2. I watched Crank: High Voltage last night. I remember seeing it at the cinema and getting annoyed about 3/4 of the way through because it just got "too silly" My girlfriend (or wife, I've no idea when this film came out or when we got married. it's the same person regardless of timeframe) laughed at that at the time because "it's a sequel to Crank, what did you expect?" Last night i decided to give it another go and for the first three quarters of it really enjoyed it, but then, once again, it just got too silly. i'm all for suspension of disbelief , inventive deaths and corny one liners but it
  3. according to HotUKDeals Lidl are selling the Jalepeno Pretzel Pieces at 95p for a 125g bag! one hundred and twenty five grams!
  4. less than six weeks to wait! it's always a Thursday and this year Christmas starts on November 5th! 🎄
  5. about fifteen years ago I had a pack of the Southern Fried Chicken ones in a pub but i'd never seen them before or since. i sadly have nothing to add to this as it was so long ago i can't really remember how good they were.
  6. it's a shame this topic was only started today, until a few days ago they were having a sale with a load of £3.50 books every day, including Toast, Doug Stanhope's Digging Up Mother, an M R James Ghost Stories one narrated by Jacobi, some right corkers. but now it's just to one deal a day. the curse of the UKFF strikes again!
  7. i think it was "Yawk" with a hard k. it blew my mind. *EDIT* or Yowk, it was a hard K for sure, Yawk or Yowk, not the way you'd think it would be.
  8. I've got that on the go at the moment, i find it hard to believe a word of it but its a very entertaining listen. Doug Stanhope's ones are good, the first two have sections at the end of each chapter where he basically goes "well that's how i remember it, what do you think?" and talks to people that were in the chapter. His latest one focuses on the disaster of a year that he had in 2016 and like the other two it's bleak in parts but laugh out loud funny. Both Partridge ones are great as they're read in character, like Toast and Count Arthur Strong. I couldn't get on with the B
  9. Christian Atsu likes the Katsu Curry ones (according to Kunt and the Gang)
  10. So the Birmingham Lockdown begins on Tuesday (obviously) but from whats been said so far it seems that it comes down to - you can't have anyone round your house. Pubs, restaurants, shops, leisure centres, bingo halls, cinemas, saunas appear to be ok but you can't have your mom (that's how it's said / written in Birmingham) round for lunch. So my parents now can't pick up my kids from school on a Friday when both myself and wife are at work but if my kids could walk to walk to the closest pub then they could sit with them? Nice and clear. and "Birmingham" is a bit vague, is it anyone with a B p
  11. Diana Rigg (DAME DIana Rigg to you!) has died aged 82. You know, Emma Peel from the Avengers, the proper Avengers not that comic rubbish, and Game of Thrones apparently. She certainly wore some eye catching outfits in the Avengers....
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