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  1. With a mere five days until brexit, the buzzer for number 15 goes - "time gentlemen please!" shouts a half recognized voice, but who is it? With his bright red face, his fine figure shown off by a tight polo shirt and holding a pint of Ruddles Best high in the air that's gotta be Tim Martin (you know the wetherspoons guy) Can I have Velveteen Dream? He's been off since I got rid of the network and still isn't back now I've got it back and I've not seen anything about him returning (I haven't looked that hard to be fair even though him getting injured the catalyst for me cancelling it because he was the only part I'd make a point of watching most weeks) And who's this running in at a surprising speed at number 30 in the women's rumble? Why if I'm not very much mistaken that's the Dream's old squeeze Sweet Sapphire showing these new upstart women how it's done with style,fitness and some good old fashioned polka dots Hang on, turns out Sapphire is dead!!?!!?!?!?? I don't know then, I can't think straight after finding that out - Tom Magee off of that match that made Bret Hart? Now that limelight stealer is out of the way maybe it's Magees time to shine. I don't know.... Sapphire.... Sweet Sapphire... dead for 13 years.... you'd think that would have been given a bit more coverage. When Eddie died they had a tribute episode and Rey won the Rumble, when Dusty died they had a tag team tournament, there isn't even a tribute to her on the network!
  2. I saw John Otway the other day then next week it's Twin Temple (hail Satan) then in February the Wildhearts with Backyard Babies, in April the Lovely Eggs are coming back then in May Thee Hypnotics are touring, I couldn't go last time they touted but that should be phenomenal, Jim Jones could sing nursery rhymes and make you feel like you're watching the MC5
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