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  1. So Kunt (of and the Gang fame) is doing a nightly live steam him reading his autobiography, a chapter a night at 8.30 every night, throwing in a few songs along the way. This whole Corona thing has thrown up a few unexpected highlights
  2. This is the wrong YouTube topic for that. Nothing to see here.
  3. Where would be the best place on here to mention that Kunt and the Gang is doing something live on YouTube at 8.30 tonight? I couldn't find a k and the g topic, it doesn't fit under punk, or comedy, or music but I feel it should be mentioned
  4. My work is still open, not sure what the deal is yet but I've been asked to go in at 1 as opposed to 9 because I can't be in at the same time as the other guy in my department, not sure when I'll be finishing tonight. Obviously because i'm not needed til one I've been awake since half four. My parents still arent taking it as seriously as they should, they went to Currys yesterday to get them to dispose of a TV then went to b&q. Last week they said they were going to get round the"over 70s stay at home" thing by wearing caps and sunglasses (have I mentioned that before?) We're halfway through a loft conversion at the moment, luckily there's not a hole in the roof any more but the windows aren't sealed in and there's no walls or doors so the house is freezing with the heating on, the upstairs is basically out of bounds at the moment so the four of us are essentially living downstairs, the mental health impact of this is going to be huge on probably as many people as the physical side of it. I'm not saying anything that hasn't been said and say least we've got a garden so we could have it a lot worse, I feel so sorry for the family's living in flats with no gardens.
  5. So far all I've watched is "McClunkey" and the deleted scenes from The Muppets, I've never been into Disney so I've pretty much only seen the Star Wars, Pixar and Muppet stuff, and a few of the live action things like Mighty Ducks. Should I start with Steamboat Willy and just work my way through in chronological order? It's a bit like when you first get the WWE network, there's so much stuff that it's a bit mind-blowing so you just watch Mankind getting thrown off the cage for the fiftieth time. Edit - I'm starting with Jeff Goldblum taking about sneakers, bollocks to all that cartoon and superhero stuff, this is great! Edit *again* the Muppet Christmas Carol doesn't have When Love Is Gone however it's in the extras section, but if you want to make your viewing experience as seamless as possible you'll have to line up the scene about thirty seconds in because the whole scene is there, so if you were to pause at the right bit in the film, go to extras then press play you'd be back at the start of the scene, so maybe get it ready in position in October then in December it's fresh. It's nice to see that scene in decent resolution
  6. The app still isn't coming up when I search for it on the fire stick, am I searching for the wrong thing or is it not there yet?
  7. apparently Mrs Wiseau did the PE thing while the 12 year old started rolilng on the floor refusing to do it so got sent out and the 4 year old said he was "too tired" about two minutes into it. Mrs W enjoyed it though. Apparently 12 looked at a screen with My Maths on for an hour and a half but the amount he did is questionable but 4 has done a few bits of bitesize apparently. this is going to be a long cold seemingly endless slog. i'm going to need a lot of help from Jack Daniels if i have to stay at home for anything more than a weekend.
  8. One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing isn't on that list! I'm out
  9. I was annoyedd when I realised that Quidco had Disney+ with £37 cashback, and that the offer had ended the day before my wife suggested getting it due to the whole Covid thing so was against the idea of getting it, especially since I've already seen the Mandolorian, but now the kids are officially off school with no end in sight I guess we're getting it. One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing is with the entry fee alone, the mighty ducks trilogy and the Muppet Christmas Carol (I just pray to Jim Henson that When Love Is Gone is reinstated in time for Christmas) make it work the price. And whatever other Muppet stuff is there
  10. I'm doing some BBC bitesize stuff with my 4 year old, it's great, that along with the PE thing and whatever bits his school have set (added to the fact Mrs W works for the NHS and he is at school two days a week) and hopefully he'll be ok. The 12 year old however (Asperger's ADHD and general attitude of a teenage sloth) won't be so much fun. Getting him to do the tiny amount of homework be gets every week always ends in meltdowns which invariably involve him getting violent against either me, my wife or himself. The idea attempting to get him to stick to any kind of work routine is daunting to say the least. I'm at work every day at the moment but I'm worried my wife's going to have some kind of breakdown with the way he is. Also 12 year olds school are useless with communication so we don't know if he'll be going in two days a week yet, they sent out a non editable pdf with a link to click if you're a key worker however as it's non editable you can't click, and when you type in the address manually it's invalid. Oh and he's changed his school email password and now "can't remember it"
  11. I'm interested to see a proper breakdown of "key workers and NHS staff" my wife works in a kitchen at an NHS hospital so do our kids qualify under the umbrella of the ones the schools are being opened for, and if they do we need to decide if we want them to go to a school where the only other kids are the vulnerable and children of doctors and nurses who are presumable being exposed to people with it constantly?
  12. my folks (72 and 74) on Monday were telling me how earlier int the day my dad went to two 'spoons (on public transport) and when i asked about the whole staying inside for the over 70s they said they were going to wear "baseball caps and sunglasses" so they look younger, because obviously it's about not getting caught, rather than reducing your chance of exposure / spreading it. Then they jokingly said they'll have to remember to tell me where the will is kept.
  13. Max Von Sydow is no longer rocking the boat, taken from us at 90, gone to play chess with Death.
  14. I'm genuinely excited to see what's nabbed the top spot now, presumably the Boss shot himself in the foot having two albums out this decade and split his top scores. Christ knows what it'll be if it's not Springsteen... It's Tay Tay isn't it?
  15. I'm beginning to think that not only did none of my selections make the cut but nothing I own made the cut. I've heard of that last one though, the guy who did that Christmas song in the 80s, right? I'm sure I'll own the top two though, they'll be the bee's knees Keep up the good work Frankie!
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