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  1. Harry Wiseau

    First trip to the cinema

    First one I can remember (I must have been before and can't remember) was Return of the Jedi. I'd had the figures of Luke and the Emporer (fan club exclusive at the time) for ages, we were on holiday in North Wales and went to the cinema on a rainy day. I remember being worried it was going to be dubbed in Welsh, thanks in no small part to my dad winding me up about it on the way. The same holiday in which he'd made me hide under a pile of coats while cruising the border to Wales because I didn't have a passport.
  2. Harry Wiseau

    Best chocolate bar

    Look at the size of that Ritter! Now you'll all believe me!
  3. Harry Wiseau


    THIS!!! this, this and thrice this! Four microwaves before I found this out!
  4. Harry Wiseau

    When did Macaroni cheese become Mac and Cheese?

    member that thing on Twitter a while ago where people were saying that the MAC part of Mac & cheese is actually an acronym for Macaroni and cheese, so when you say mac and cheese what you're ACTUALLY saying is macaroni and cheese and cheese? Member that? What a load of old bollocks that was.
  5. Harry Wiseau

    Chippy Tea

    Parkes in halesowen (opposite the Stag & Three Horseshoes, by where Streetbike used to be) does then on Mondays apparently.
  6. Harry Wiseau

    Chippy Tea

    The beggars bush is in the west midlands... or have I missed something and that's the joke? It's a short car ride (or drive if you like) to Sutton Park. Eating GF chips, in the park, overlooking Keepers Pool, what an evening that would be.