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  1. not 100% On Topic but certainly related to the topic - Smith & Jones Home-Made Xmas Video is on BBC4 tonight, i don't think anyone has nominated it as their favourite Christmas Special but that may be because it apparently hasn't been shown since 1987. Nineteen eighty SEVEN!!!
  2. Harry Wiseau

    Christmas Films

    I think i've only ever seen the Bowie version, i alway knew there was a Raymond Briggs intro but can't say i've ever seen it, all my childhood memories of it are the Bowie version, and that's on the DVD i have HOWEVER - TIL there is a THIRD introduction by the animated Father Christmas (Mel Smith) which was used from 2002- 2013.
  3. Harry Wiseau

    Christmas Films

    You'll shoot your eye out! The essential viewings round here are Muppets Christmas Carol (stopping it and going to YouTube to watch When Love Is Gone at the appropriate point) it's A Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation. Others get airings but those are the essentials. We normally watch It's A Wonderful Life on Christmas Eve but the last few years we've been so busy sorting the kids stuff that we didn't start til gone midnight meaning we get about an hour sleep so this year it's in the coveted December 23rd slot. So there.
  4. Michael Boltons Big Sexy Valentine's special is a Christmas special in everything but name, it's got Santa, the plot revolves around saving Christmas and its bloody brilliant, it'll get a festive airing at the Wiseau household. Every year I have to watch at least three Ghost Stories For Christmas (Gatiss is doing one this year but I've not seen confirmation it'll be officially "Ghost Story For Christmas") I imagine I'll be alone in this house watching Happy Holidays with Frank & Bing but it's a must watch for me.wa And obviously Bottom, The League of Gentlemen Christmas special, Chas & Dave (obvs) Blackadder, Ted, Knowing Me, Knowing Yule, the Devil of Christmas Inside Number 9.... Oh and all 6 episodes of Box of Delights .... I'd better sort out a viewing schedule and soon