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  1. I'm yet to watch Parasite but when I went to watch it last night i noticed there's a black and white and a colour version, I'm tempted by the b + w version but can anyone who's seen both say if one version would be the better version to experience first? I'm tempted by the black and white but don't want the impact of whatever it is to be lessened if it's better to watch in colour first. I've managed to avoid hearing much about it but want to see it from the little I've heard.
  2. We all know that egg boxes are renowned for having "sound proof" abilities, but are they smell proof? I only ask as the section of our house we laughably call the "utility room" - the bit between the kitchen and the garden, also home to the "coal shed" - is separated only by a single brick wall with our neighbors who seemingly every night deep fat fry their disgusting fucking food in the same fat they've had in the machine since the day they bought it. If I go to worry the washing machine when it's fry o'clock I start to heave and have to leave the washing in the machine overnight. The smell m
  3. If we're going down the "locals pronounce it in a way very different to how you'd think having read it on a map" (catchy ain't it) then Caldmore (famous for being the re red light zone in Walsall, no idea if it still is) which is obviously pronounced "Karma" takes some beating.
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