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  1. If you could bring back a TV show

    as we're not allowed to bring people back from the dead* I'd have to bring back Busmans Holiday, the greatest job based quiz that's ever been on the air. Lets assume that Sarah Kennedy is dead and Elton Welsby is busy doing football commentary when the new series is being filmed and get Richard Madeley in as the host. Free from the shackles of Judy he can really let his personality come to the fore and his years of interviewing people from all walks of life will mean he has at least a basic working knowledge of most of the occupations that the teams will come from meaning he'll be able to create some classic quiz show bantz with the contestants, making them feel at ease and thus able to really let their knowledge of their own jobs. As previous the winners will get to go on holiday to an exotic country where they will be forced to do their job but in a foreign country, but I feel this would be improved by having Madeley accompany the teams doing the jobs with them and every week could have a little travelogue of Richards exploits from his trip with the previous weeks winners - obviously Richard would be incompetent at all of these jobs as he's neither a trained mechanic (Saudi Arabia) a competent plumber (Moscow) or a qualified firefighter (Iraq)so each weeks exploits would end up with some hilarious consequences, and possible risks to public health, but they're foreigners so it's all just good fun. * if we were allowed to bring back the dead I'd bring back Franks Fantastic Shed Show solely to bring back the genius of Frank Sidebottom
  2. Motor Racing Nirvana

    Sorry to be that guy but sadly he's not, it was an MCN April fools gag. Shame, it would have been great to see
  3. Motor Racing Nirvana

    Tonight's MotoGP was a right farce. Marquez will have pissed off a lot of people tonight, he could have been black flagged twice.
  4. The Greatest UKFF Royal Rumble Lottery

    6, 12, 27, 30, 46, 49
  5. Best things to watch on the network?

    That was my plan, I was holding out for a free month or whatever for Mania... then they cleared Daniel Bryan and I instantly rejoined to binge on Bryan. I'm so weak willed.