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  1. she'll be using one of those swab yourself at home kits that you send off in the post surely? not going to a real hospital and getting them to do it. I take it she won't be swabbing herself as otherwise they'd flag that not only was this guy not the father but that she wasn't the mother?
  2. No I'm not going to read the thread, just preparing to start watching now (I watched the kickoff last night but had to be up at 5.30 do couldn't go further) I just couldn't believe the cheek of the BBC, I'm tempted to write to the Queen to complain
  3. I've been ever so good today, only looked in off topic on here, not looked on twitter, not been on facebook, it's been a long hard day. I thought the BBC News website would be fine but apparently not, according to a headline on the Top Read Stories bit (I didn't click on the story and I won't spoil it for anyone who doesn't know) a certain person did a certain thing at Wrestlemania, which presumably means that this particular person lost to a certain other person, the result of which wasn't a huge shock, but there's highly expecting things to happen and having the BBC - The BBC! spoil it for you, and the presumably post match thing which the news story reported on, I'd have expected it on the Daily Star or something but this is Her Majesty's Broadcasting Corporation! I'd avoided all the usual places, and the BBC News top stories did it for me. I may as well click on the Wrestlemania thread and read it all now!
  4. you.... can... can't you? I suppose it depends what you're using for the network but on my fire stick and phone I go to PPVs then select the year from there then go though the list of that years events. on my phone I can choose to choose by year or event, not sure if I can do that on the stick but I know it automatically does it by year
  5. I've not watched any wrestling since I fast forwaded through whatever the last PPV was so bettingwise for Mania I've based it not on knowledge of storylines but what is the odds on favourite and a few where I just want that person to win, so I've gone £2 each on a 6, 8 and a 9 fold acca. they all have certain common themes (Enzo & Cass, Reigns) but each one has at least one match which isn't the odds on winner (Nia Jaxx, Triple H, Aries) to beef the potential return up a bit. I've already forgotten which matches I picked in which acca so in the highly unlikely event of one of them coming in it doesn't matter if I look on skybet on Monday and see that I'm £100 or £80 because I don't know which acca would return which amount, and if there's no obvious extra amount in my account on Monday then I'm only six pounds down and I don't know which results didn't come in so I won't have the result spoilt for me before I watch it after work. although if I see I'm any amount up i'll know that the results I put in all three did win... oh well. I might have to put some money into my paddypower account because it's always them that offers the novelty bets like Hogan to make an in ring appearance etc. so - who's in YOUR Wrestlemania accumulator?
  6. Skybet and Paddy are offering odds, no idea if there'll be any "undertaker to hit a tombstone" type specials yet
  7. Moonlandingz were brilliant in Birmingham last night, I don't know how it'll transfer to record but they're well worth seeing live.
  8. all I know of Grease 2 is that bowling song that er indoors sings every time anyone mentions Grease 2 (or bowling) I've managed to live this long without seeing Dirty Dancing so can't compare it to Grease. Cry Baby however is a fantastic film, a film which until I read it's name in this thread I'd forgotten I have a CDR copy of the soudntrack to somewhere, I'm hunting that out tonight between eating my pie and going out to the Moonlandingz gig, I'm listening to that on the way to work tomorrow morning. I don't know how Grease 2 ends but it can't be as bad as the ending to Grease with that flying car thing that they copied in Queer as Folk 2, so Grease 2 wins.
  9. Sparks tickets go on sale on Friday, I've got to get me some of them. In Birmingham it's on a sunday so I get to have the dream sunday - afternoon drinking and gambling at the Dogs (free entry, two pints for the price of one) a bus into town to pick up a chicken balti pie from eat4less on new street then Sparks! if I die on the bus home i'll have lived a full life.
  10. The worst one for me was in a music class in school in 1990. that Christmas I'd been enrolled in the WWF Fanclub as a present and I don't know if any of you were in said Fan Club but if you were you'll remember that as part of the membership pack was a cassette about 10 minutes long of various wrestlers theme tunes. Aaaaanyway, it was my first year of senior school and in the first music lesson we were told that we could for the first few weeks bring in music to play in class while, so excited at the possibility of impressing my new classmates I took the WWF tape with me and gave it to the teacher. The lesson started and she staretd playing cassettes by everyone, just a song or two off each one, I seem to remember Unbelievable by EMF and Size of a Cow being amongst the songs played but I may be wrong, then she said "and this is Harry's tape" followed by a few seconds of silence in which I suddenly realised that this might not have been such a good idea then the "shooba shooba shoobafwaaaa" introduction to Superfly Jimmy Snukas theme tune started, by the third "shooba" everyone in the class was looking at me and if not laughing at least sniggering. I could feel how red my face was, through nerves I started laughing but I didn't manage to calm any of them down, it was such a horrible feeling, if my balls had dropped by this point they would have rapidly gone back inside to hide. Two minutes of that followed by two minutes of Jake the Snakes really rather dull theme tune followed with laughs and sniggers continuing throughout "it's ok" I thought not quite holding back tears but really wishing I'd been hit by a bus instead of making it to school that day "it's the Ultimate Warriors theme next, that'll get everyone on my side even if they don't like wrestling" then at the end of Jake the Snake she said "thank you for that Harry, here's Felicity fuckwits Iron Maiden cassette she has brought in for us" it was horrible. horrible, horrible, horrible, I can still see their faces now, i'll be on my deathbed wired to machines and drips and that will be the image that comes back to me before I finally am allowed to expire from this cruel, cruel life.
  11. got tickets for Weezer in October. I've really liked them since I bought the first album on vinyl in Virgin megastore in Birmingham in 1994 (with a thing inside saying to write off for a lyrics sheet, I never did. I wonder if that time has passed?) but for some reason I've never seen them, they never played the festivals I went to and never seemed to tour anywhere near me, or if they did it was when I was elsewhere. anyway, yeah, Weezer, really looking forward to that. And I'm seeing Moonlandingz on Tuesday, I'm not looking forward to that.
  12. they'll surely be scheduled tweets will they not? although the retweets wouldn't be I suppose.
  13. Yeah I took it to be a "fucks sake, I know better than to do that, this is going to hurt" I liked it
  14. I don't really go to many places that tipping is an expected thing - my mrs cuts my hair, and if I go out to eat I prefer just going to pubs where you pay when you order, im very much in the Seinfeld frame of mind with why would I want to pay for food when im not hungry? before the meal charge me whatever you like, once I've eaten the last thing I want to spend money on is food, and the tips normally come at the end with food. the only place I tend to tip is bar staff, it's not every pint or every pub but if they're friendly and decent beer and the pubs my kind of pub i'll say have one for yourself ALTHOUGH if it's a young attractive barmaid 10+ years my junior (they rarely are in pubs I go to) I'm less likely to say that through fear of looking like an old perv / looking like I misunderstood the friendliness for some kind of flirting.
  15. I wouldn't bet on it. wooly will betting on her to turn heel, to stay face, to win the match, lose the match, win by dq, submission and pinfall and lose in all three possible outcomes for izzy to cry, for izzy to turn heel and for the spelling of Bayley's name to be changed to Bailey in one massive lucky super Heinz thing.