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  1. what does that guy ("Andrew" if that is his real name) on amazon know? did he even try rubbing the opposite cream on to reverse the effects? he makes no mention of it! it could end up in a situation where you're constantly putting deep heat, then deep freeze, then deep heat and so on, but surely it's worth it for those few moments of blessed relief where the pain of the one is wiped away and the sensation of the other has yet to kick in.
  2. does spraying the deeply frozen nutsack with deep heat help? give it a go, it probably works in the way that white wine sorts out red wine stains. i'm not a scientist but it seems logical that if you get deep heat / freeze on your "special area" then surely the opposite spray would work as an antidote. Good luck and please report back with your findings.
  3. Robbie Brookside in full NXT clobber sat in the window of Phillpots in Liverpool (of all places) using an iPhone, probably talking to Triple H about the next Takeover main event.
  4. Marty Jannetty surely qualifies - even though he found out he wasn't her biological father he still loves her.
  5. In the late 90s / early 2000s I would've said Mallrats but I tried watching it recently and it really hasn't aged well at all. Jason Lee (and his dad Stan) is (are) still great but the forced monologue Kevin Smith dialogue really isn't so enjoyable these days. Much like Temple of Doom it's a prequel in the way it's set before the previously released film but as it doesn't really set up events in the other film it can be viewed as a standalone story in that world, neither film screams "PREQUEL" they just have little indicators that they are. Don't tell Kevin Smith I compared Mallrats to Temple of Doom, he'd jizz himself to another heart attack Solo and Rogue One are the best Star Wars films since Empire
  6. Swingers! Yes! I watched that a couple of times around the time I watched Lebowski a fair bit, that's probably how i got their names all mixed up, thank you. it makes sense in my mind now.
  7. reading this thread I've just realised that for years every time anyone anywhere has mentioned Jon Favreau I've been thinking of John Turturro. When @Bellenda Carlisle mentioned him being fat and beardy i had to look him up, realise he isn't who i'm thinking of then work back in my mind through the films of the man i was thinking of and accept the fact that no - John Turturro has not in fact drastically changed his style in recent years he is in fact a totally different man. so who the bloody hell is Jon Favreu then? and what has John Turturro been doing for the last ten years? so that means that Elf wasn't directed by Jesus from the Big Lebowski....
  8. Keith from the Prodigy - brown bread at 49
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