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  1. As Hogan is one of the "Hosts" what are the chances he'll try and swing it so he's the first person to come out for the fans to get that guaranteed super pop?
  2. Also included in the Vintage collection is The Faithful Wookie which was part of the original Holiday Special and as people always bang on about - includes the first appearance of Boba Fett. The Ducks series is ace
  3. For a couple of years they live streamed a load of sets on the Download site, I remember seeing the Faith No More comeback tour set in there were they opened with Reunited. They certainly had a lot out free live streams that year and I'm sure they were available to watch for a limited time the following week, I seem to remember a headliner the next year refused to be streamed and from memory the year after it just stopped but it was good while it lasted.
  4. An obvious choice perhaps but a banger. I woke up one morning in the summer of 2015 with it stuck in my head but no idea where I'd ever heard it, googled the lyrics and from there went down a Joe Dassin / French cafe music rabbit hole that lasted quite some time. The only place I can think I'd heard it would have been Pineapple Express but I hadn't seen it any time near that fateful morning in 2015. Anyway, the legend that is Joe Dassin
  5. I don't think there's actually eggs in the place on the map, it looks like you think of a place, write a clue and Cadbury/Google work some magic where when the person looks at that place on the map (you go to Google maps through a special link) there's a superimposed egg there, there's an option for £15 for when they find the egg they get sent a real one in the post, I don't think they actually hide them in the place you think of. Unless I'm misunderstanding the premise and possibly the question
  6. It was the first time, but to record it and rewatch every time it's on itv9.... Every time???
  7. I'd avoided this for years because my parents watch it and while they do enjoy stuff like Breaking Bad (for example) they also record and rewatch stuff like Sharpe and Midsummer Murders any time it's on so I never trust their judgement. A week ago I saw the love for LofD in here and gave it a go... I'm four episodes into series three now, it's a bit good isn't it? The first one was good, second was better but three? Bugger me sideways....
  8. I had mine at 4.15 yesterday, I'm still expecting some side effects to creep up on me but so far I've been fine, not even a sore arm yet. For full disclosure it was the Oxford one, I made shepherds pie when I got home and drank seven pints of water (and one large rum) throughout the evening. I'm sure tomorrow I'll wake up feeling like dogshit but for now I'm alright.
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