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  1. You could see a couple of guys playing Vince if they bulked themselves out a bit. Some of them a bit old now I'd imagine though. People like Fred Ward or Andrew Robinson (Dad in "Hellraiser").
  2. Paul Merson's tribute to Big Ugo. Very sad.
  3. What a goal by big Ugo at Celtic Park to win the derby for the Rangers. RIP.
  4. Happened for about 30 seconds in WCW in 1995. It was during that U.S Title tournament that had Sting vs Meng as the final. Savage obviously won there. It was on a WCW Saturday Night show. Might have been Austin's last WCW match.
  5. You'll not get much sympathy on the board for him.
  6. A bit of classic 80s. Harold Faltermeyer - Theme from "Fletch"..
  7. Yeah, he's like Hugh Jackman in a way. Up for anything on the talk shows. I think Roger Moore would be a tremendously nice man.
  8. "The Dream Team". I thought it was very sad too, especially with Christopher Lloyd's family situation. Great little sad comedy there. My dad was mentally ill (RIP) and he had to go on trips like Keaton's mob did and they often turned out that way supposedly. Keaton turning up in that rubbish Scottish football movie "A Shot at Glory" was a big "what the fuck!?!?" moment for me. When I seen that, I thought "blackballed".
  9. Cracker of a video for that song. RIP.
  10. I saw a "One Star" review for it in the local newspaper and I was appalled. Sounds like such a fun concept for a movie. How could they possibly, if they have, failed?
  11. Don't know if he counts, but George Burns lived to he was 100.
  12. Malcolm McLaren going off his head in the song "Soweto"..
  13. Get three or four commentators. Two just becomes boring after a while. Have one supporting the diving, cheating bastards,
  14. Probably the Scotland job next for old Moyesy (please God no).
  15. You can't threaten women at all in the media game (or in any walk of life), so I'm betting you he's out by the end of the day. Banter or no banter.