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  1. Seems mental that most of my childhood faves are gone now. Sad news. RIP.
  2. If it's true, I see Hardy being like a Timothy Dalton. Both great actors but there really waiting for somebody else. In my opinion.
  3. I think Bravo was showing it in 1996. I'm sure I remember "Bushido", "ECW" from around 1995, 96, then a porn film happening a lot.
  4. Vangelis looking "badass" in this video for this. Cuts out when the brilliant chorus is going to kick in though.. Jon & Vangelis - "Friends of Mr. Cairo". "Jon" is Jon Anderson from the band "Yes". Vangelis is of "Chariots of Fire", "Blade Runner" fame.. 1981.
  5. I found a "Jim Fixed It 4 Me" T-Shirt from ASDA in the back of my clothing cupboard a few days ago. I stared at it in fecking disbelief. It was tossed in the bin, after a five minute stare, immediately.
  6. WWE have ruined some good WCW PPVs by dubbing the whole music over. It's ridiculous.
  7. Some junkie smashed into me, tried to rob me for my bus ticket (got it because I can't walk far due to a stroke). Fucker smashed me at the back of my head. I'm a big fat guy and this was a skinny runt who hit me with something, from behind. Some other guy roughed him up to get him away.. Feel bit shaken up. I guess people need to get used to an increase in violence from Corona, but still, trying to knick somebodies bus pass?
  8. "Wrestlemania 2" has that Roman Colleseum type music (doubt Jim Johnston did that) that made it seem like legitimate shit. "Wrestlemania" had "Easy Lover" by Phillip Bailey & Phil Collins (for some reason) on the undubbed versions that you'll never see on the Network or bloody Youtube.
  9. Midnight Express's intro for their match at "Starrcade 1987". Dubbed off the Network. Here is the real deal.
  10. I found the Wrestlemania 6, 7 and 8 ("in what could be....HIS FAREWELL MATCH!!!") intros to be enough for me. Early Summerslam ones were good when Jim Johnston got his Casio keyboard out and had a play.
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