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  1. I think I'll be staying away from Luton Town's Kenilworth Road stadium by the sound of his rap sheet.
  2. I hate the cunt, but I don't get why the media portray him as "Tommy Robinson. Real name Stephen Yaxley-Whatever". Totally pointless what this pricks name is.
  3. Had a Dementia guy next door who was fun and games (not really). Phoning the police on us saying we were trying to kidnap him to put him in a "butchers meat grinder"?"?"?"? ? Going out in long-johns, with his cock hanging out, like Albert Steptoe too. Got an Italian who likes opera-singing above me now, which I think is rather odd for the East End of Glasgow.
  4. Supposedly he had MAJOR marriage issues going on and a raging pain pill habit. I've got a question. See the shot when Randy Savage whacks the Warrior with the "sceptre" legit supposed to sound and be that hard? Sorry for sounding markish but ones got to know.. Watch this video for the shot... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7vG7kyokfM
  5. Story-line was fucking shit. Sums up "Eastenders" that that kind of shit is considered "Hall of Fame" stuff now.
  6. bAzTNM#1


    Guy next door to me (and Mumzie, RIP) had Dementia and it was a constant battle. He kept on saying we were trying to kidnap him and we had the cops actually scour this place looking for him when he went for a wander. I knew he was sick but I couldn't go through that with my own family. It would be bloody heartbreaking . He managed to buy his house as well, so that made it extremely difficult to shift him. He went loopy one too many times for the police, wandering around in his long-johns when the kids were coming out of school that they asked for him to be shifted to a care-home. Wee Mr. Burns looking guy.
  7. "Eastenders" copped out having Mark's death off-screen. Programme could have raised more awareness and helped people to know what to expect when the end is coming.
  8. "Eastenders" bring in the old guard too much. I remember watching a few months back and Kathy Beale has turned up. Get the Mitchell Brothers to f*ck as well. Talk about an act getting old.
  9. One of the greatest matches ever, IMO. Flair vs Tatsumi Fujinami from Superbrawl 1 in 1991. Love Flair's intro too..
  10. Yeah, try quitting NowTV and they normally offer a big deduction. Say the movie package is £12 a month, if you cancel,sometimes they offer it to you for £3.99 a month. It's insane what they'll do to keep you.
  11. Sky must be losing money. Even Sky News these days looks like it's filmed in somebodies living room.
  12. Thanks for posting it. You can really see why they needed to tone down the Goldust character a bit in those days.
  13. Everybody loves a good movie trailer to get the blood pumping. I'll start off with two of my best. Probably think of more later.. Clint Eastwood - "Pale Rider" to the Channel 4 News music.. and here is "The Mission" with De Niro and Jeremy Irons with a bit of Ennio Morricone sprinkled in there..
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