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  1. I believe the "ten minute" freeviews from various Adult Channels on Sky are a thing now forgotten in the midst of time.
  2. Yeah, the whole thing seems odd. Seems like the chaos started in the conference room rather than the Bridge. Don't know if it's true but I read one of the dead was stabbed in the conference room.
  3. I got this shit at a charity shop on VHS for 10p. What the fuck were the BBFC and James Ferman thinking at the time? Some of the most graphic stuff ever. Somebody literally gets their face blown off in it with a shotgun. Comes off as supposed to be a documentary about executions but it's just gore, gore, gore. It's on Youtube. Really don't watch it. "Faces of Death" is mostly fake, "Executions" is all real and blown up in your face. ADDED: It's the guy on the cover who gets his face shot off. ADDED AGAIN: Hardly anything about who was behind it is actually online. Only thing I've got is a Human Rights charity funded it.
  4. Suffered for ten years with his illness. Time for him to stop suffering. RIP Mr Clive.
  5. Everybody loves a good movie trailer to get the blood pumping. I'll start off with two of my best. Probably think of more later.. Clint Eastwood - "Pale Rider" to the Channel 4 News music.. and here is "The Mission" with De Niro and Jeremy Irons with a bit of Ennio Morricone sprinkled in there..
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