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  1. Most of the Lloyd-Webber ones from the 80s were off their heads. "Starlight Express", "Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Coat", "Cats". I'll forgive him about "Chess" because most of ABBA wrote that, and it could easily be turned into a film. "Phantom of the Opera" was class though.
  2. Blancmange - "Living on the Ceiling" from 1982..
  3. Hans Zimmer wrote that you know (and probably sang it).
  4. Here is a cracker by Chicago - "Hard Habit to Break"... I love Peter Cetera (the singer). He pops up in a lot of duets in the 80s and also did the "Karate Kid 2" theme. Got that Ric Flair "Spartacus" hair in this video though. You can't get more camper than Earth Kitt & Bronski Beat (Jimmy Sommerville-less. New Singer). Here they are with "Cha Cha Heels".
  5. I've always found the Village People hilarious. Here's them doing the original version of "Macho Man". NSFW..
  6. i ended up picking up a rare "Emmanuelle's Seventh Heaven" on VHS on Ebay, so quite proud of that. Guild Home Video release.
  7. I remembered about the last film I went to see. Some very odd Scottish football film, directed by Robert Duvall, starring Michael Keaton and bloody Ally McCoist in a lead role. It's mental. "A Shot At Glory" I think it was called. Don't think I've ever seen it on TV. I remember there were was a big hoopla because Duvall was directing it, but it was shite. Taking a little village team to the Scottish Cup Final was the story, I think. Trying to be "Local Hero".
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