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  1. I've always loved the second one better. It's like Police Academy 5 "Assignment: Miami Beach". It's like everything is in beautiful sunshine which makes some of their shit even funnier. 3 or 4 are really for the hardcore fans. "Nerds in Love" was a bit of a stinker from what I recall.
  2. Biggest respect ever for this guy. RIP. I see he's made it quite high up on the BBC News.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-55166055
  3. In the 90s, Eric Hall was on every show. He would be considered annoying now by some, but I found him hilarious then. "Big deals eh? Big deals! Monster Monster f*cking big deals" I was strangely wondering where he was a few weeks ago.
  4. Best thing on the Network is the "Best of..." series. "Best of Yokozuna" was great. It lasted over three hours too. I was hooked.
  5. He's kind of ruined his aura a bit for me. "First Time Meeting the Undertaker" show on the Network was actually cringe-worthy. His gimmick worked in the 90s and until the 2010s but he's a total channel changer for me now. He should have legit retired years ago.
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