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  1. Brian Laudrup only really turned it on at Rangers (and Denmark) though. Got rid of him quick smart everywhere else he went. I miss the old Cup Winners Cup too. It would be shit now, but still, memories and all that. I still love reading about it.
  2. Brazil team there looks really strong, but I say that at every tournament and they go out first round.
  3. Match should be getting more coverage. Berwick Rangers will be f*cked if they go down to the Lowland League. Got to be the "biggest" team to go down there. A lot of people will lose a lot of jobs. Horrible situation. Kind of "big name" club back in the day, but Cove Rangers will have deserved it, they've been snapping to get into the league for years.
  4. I bet they stick "Judge Rinder" in Kyle's place. Make both shows and they are not leaving that money train and ratings.
  5. I miss the days, at the beginning of Sky's Premier League contract, when it was just Martin Tyler (or Ian Darke), Andy Gray and Richard Keys. Not two million other guys offering their opinions.
  6. Probably bring back the calm, laidback "Trisha" show that was on before Kyle was ever on the scene.
  7. Yeah, exactly. No way are they accurate otherwise the law would use them. Kyle was always going to get busted one day. He went way too far too many times. Felt like he could get away with murder. Hope the show goes away never to come back.
  8. He started that "Rock Starr Ate My Hamster" game with that headline, which was an absolutely brilliant game and anybody trying it now would be sued into oblivion. "How much do you want to spend on rent boys for E**** J*** ?" Just protecting the forum there.
  9. I hope the Istanbul Police are on their best behaviour when the European Super-Cup hits there next season. Could potentially be a trouble zone.
  10. Rangers would have won it if it wasn't for those cheating Marseille bastards. It's amazing that they didn't in the Souness era. Half the England team was up here and they wanted Lineker.
  11. Yeah, if they get an early goal (which they did yesterday) they are more than likely to turn any result around.
  12. (Lewis Collins). He wouldn't have suited any of the Roger Moore style films, but you could definately see him doing a Dalton film, but he got ill after "Who Dares Wins" and it limited his acting roles.
  13. Fucking hell. Hats off to Liverpool. Looks like they'll probably win the thing now.
  14. Love a bit of saxophone so here is Patti Austin in a duet with the great Sadao Watanabe from 1989 - "Any Other Fool"..
  15. Remember when Jacqui Dixon went lesbian in "Brookside" that time? It's stuck in my brain whenever I think of "Brookie". EDITED: Wrong woman. Was Jacqui CORKHILL.
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