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  1. There was only like 30 paidos at the time. Me reading 30 names out now would be quite sad. All the big, hard tubing down my throat has caused a damage (i know this will pop up in another thread).
  2. When was that. Decade ago? In UKFF Chat? Probably when I used to drink and smashed out my skull.
  3. Its not nonce like. Its "hes fugly". Im not accusing anybody of being a nonce.
  4. 1. It was Mort Goldberg. 2. I dont remember that gay porn. Must have been a decade ago. 3. Various people have made various comments about me (ive had two strokes) and my family. That is true.
  5. Aye very good. I probably will expect an abusive message regarding my family under an assumed name then. Probably around midnight.
  6. It was deleted months ago. Theres a pic on my Twitter account from 2018. Ban this account. I really don't care. Don't like people sniffing around Twitter and Facebook. No proof anybody here, but still.
  7. I dont want my Twitter account public. Very stalkerish. I wish to close my account on here. I've alerted mods. Nutter. Who is this Bazinho idiot? Ive always wondering who has been leaving comments about my baby nephews. It better not be you.
  8. Mark Knopfler wrote "Private Dancer". He was up for doing it with Dire Straits. Somebody pulled him aside and gave it to Tina Turner.
  9. I always thought him and Richard Branson were best buds. From what I'm reading, they really weren't.
  10. Madness with the song "Michael Caine"..
  11. Mike Oldfield stuff (especially his 80s stuff) literally mostly sounds the same. Listen to "Moonlight Shadow", then listen to "Innocent", then listen to "Shine" with him and Jon Anderson. His "The Killing Fields" soundtrack is bloody awful. He had to get in John Lennon - "Imagine" to save it. He's a bit overrated. My Dad (RIP) used to play his stuff constantly. It's mostly him on a guitar with about 25 people around him. Even on that "Exorcist" tune, he's just strumming away a bit on his bass guitar. I like his stuff, but people talk about him like he's this "prog rock" God when he really isn'
  12. I don't know why I find this NHS Covid advert funny. Michael Caine hits the catchphrases at 80+..
  13. Couldn't police the whole thing right at Wrestlemania 7. Security was tight everywhere and at every event during that bit of 1991. Superbowl had problems. People really thought the Iraqi's would send a plane over and drop a big SCUD missile somewhere. Once the War was over, big stadiums again ahoy!
  14. Yeah, or burning the USA flag. It would caused a bloody riot.
  15. I think it could work, but he would have to work with people around him like he did in Ireland to reign in his shit. Have a "Director of Football" above him, and give him an "Assistant" that will be the next manager once Keane blows a fuse. He certainly won't wind up people the way Lennon did. He'll always have Sky as his master. You think he'd be giving that up?
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