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  1. Mexico 1986 on the BBC used to have the "Aztec Nightmare". Don't know who it was by. Might have been credited to somebody called "Heads". Don't know who that is. ITV had "Aztec Gold" by Silsoe a.k.a Rod Argent & Peter Van Hooke. Two of them seemed to do a lot of ITV intros at the time.. Also used as the "Saint and Greavsie" theme.
  2. Japan 2002 was mental. I remember Brazil vs England kicking off at like 8am but you could still watch a match. USA 94 the matches were through the night. First one I think would have been 11pm. Italia 90 was good for the kick off times. BBC had "Nessum Dorma". ITV had the lovely Rod Argent & Peter Van Hooke "Tutti Al Mondo" as it's theme. Kind of a forgotten World Cup theme.... Love the wee bit of fast drumming at the end of things they used to do.
  3. Going to be a load of people needing NHS mental health care once this virus thing is all over. Some, already anxious, people will be quivering wrecks. People won't forget people running away from them.
  4. Had some " Hyper! Hyper! " woman jump over a fence onto a busy road just to avoid me (or be the correct distance away). She must have been about 50. It's that stuff that bothers me.
  5. How do you record a song from Youtube these days? Any online sites? Yes, I do pay for Spotify.
  6. I'm finding the "social distancing" thing quite hard when you walk on a quiet-ish street. Some people will be alright but others will be "fuckers not coming near me!!". Makes me really anxious.
  7. Got to be like the "Reader's Wife Stories" all the porn mags had back in the 80s and 90s. Only this time, with skimply drawn men.
  8. He could certainly do it a little bit. He turns up and acts snobby in one of Raven's "childhood therapy sessions" of whatever they were. Segment below was even just before Hak.
  9. Cycling along the River Clyde side at Shawfield. Used to be a traveller site where the new Police HQ is. I'm cycling back into the City Centre, two Alsation dogs come pounding out the site. One grabs onto one leg and the other grabs the other. I'm cycling along trying to find a stairs I can exit. I'm cycling along with these two fuckers biting my legs, bashing my bike trying to rip my throat out if I hit the deck. Cycling along frantically then they suddenly stop and freeze and just calmly walk back to their site. I've still got the scarring and it was over a decade ago.
  10. Think I remember, from what I'd read, Tatanka was trying to copyright his name and the WWE brung him back for a quick payday. No plans were really for him.
  11. Unbelievably it's that time of the year again. If you've not got your head down the toilet recently, you've noticed that it's getting sunnier. British Summer Time (Coronovirus Part) has begun. Yeah! We can all go out into various social gatherings and enjoy ourselfs in the sun, not. Here's the stuff... Clocks go forward at 1am on the 29th March, which means when it hits 1am, it turns into 2am. We lose an hours sleep! Jeezo. Hope you get through this and the Corona ok. Bye!
  12. David Duchovny had such a weird career. Soft-core porn star ("Red Shoe Diaries") to "X-Files" and then movie main-stream.
  13. Michel Magne & David Rose "Sex, Love and Money!" from "Emannuelle 4" in 1984. Also in about a million other Italian films around about that time.
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