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  1. I didn't start this (not gay) thing. I really don't get why I get the anger for it. I haven't said "brah" for years. Even typing it is ridiculous. "Mumzie" has passed away. I don't know why I get the blame for anything these days. All my "gimmicks" have been stripped. I'm a normal UKFF poster than occasionally posts now.
  2. One of the more awkward 80s music videos ever. George Benson with "Nothing's Gonna Change my Love For You". Before bloody Glenn Medeiros got his hands on it..
  3. Surely nobody buys any of those t-shirts with a big grappler "flexes their guns" type? nWo one is ok, but I don't think I'd go "Flexing the Guns" far.
  4. WWE had the Undertaker by the "short and curlies" with his "dead man" gimmick. If he could have, he'd have jumped at a WCW offer in 1996, but what could you do with him? Even a "Death Loving Biker" would be a bit dodgy legally.
  5. Yeah, he reckons he should have been a an "Andre" level star when he did that WWE DVD a few years ago. WWE "blocked him many times" etc.
  6. What kind of box am I looking at for a standard old WWF VHS from the early 90s? Thanks.
  7. Hi. I'm going to be selling some of my old grappling VHS's on Ebay. Just a question. How do I actually send them? Please talk me through the process. Thank you.
  8. Meltzer said that McMahon paid Tom Cole to basically keep his mouth shut somewhere on one of these talk shows. Mr. Cole wasn't going to see the rest of his compensation if his mouth started flapping. Slimy. Barry Orton said it.
  9. Even if you go with "Rangers were founded in 2012", it would be some achievement.
  10. You watch how Rangers implode till the end of the season. Draw with Hamilton was a disgrace. If they get a win straight away after it then everything will be over. People forget that the end of last season Gerrard couldn't buy a win at all. Morelos was slashing his team-mates car tyres, allegedly, for some reason too. Title race up here is definately not over yet.
  11. As they used to do in my hospital stay. Stick in milk for some reason too. So it looked really odd.
  12. Maxwell Caulfield was literally wearing a wig when he was doing "Grease 2". It's mental.
  13. Sounds nasty. Lazio have always been really dodgy for this kind of stuff.
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