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  1. The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    Steve Austin should have walked into the WWF through the crowd and did the exact same ECW gimmick, then get his head shaved and "Stone Cold" would still be born. He didn't need that "Ringmaster" crap first.
  2. Get "Immoral Tales" and "The Beast" watched for some Walerian Borozyck madness, then if you want to, go to the softcore version of "Emmanuelle 5" (supposedly Walerian only directed the "Love Express" scene, but you never know. KODI you're only getting the hardcore version unfortunately if you go down that route) and then finish it off with his last film in about 1988 "Love Bites" (which starts off all sleazy like then turns into some sort of vampire tale). I think "Immoral Tales" and "The Beast" are on the BFI Subscription service. https://player.bfi.org.uk/ He could be a hilarious man, when he wanted to be, like from about the 80s onwards where he couldn't give a fuck. RIP.
  3. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    You can pick up a decent enough pair in Poundland. You need to really bloody look though.
  4. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    Apart from Lazio and Athletico Madrid, there is nobody Arsenal should fear going into the later stages of the Europa League.. I wonder what would happen if RB Leipzig played RB Salzburg. Both owned by Red Bull.
  5. UKFF Questions Thread V2

    I've got a funny feeling Hogan (Hulk) and Daltrey might have met in an episode of "Thunder in Paradise".
  6. UKFF Questions Thread V2

    I know this is a weird one, but have Roger Daltrey and Hulk Hogan ever starred in anything together? I had this weird, bizarre dream were they were acting together. Thanks a lot!
  7. Minor PPVs that don't deserve a thread *Spoilers*

    They'll need to stop relying on The Undertaker to get these big matches. His match supposedly with Cena will need to be his last one surely. P.S. He's only 52. I had him down for being older.
  8. Today I learned...

    I went to a wedding and had to have one on in the middle of January in the pissing snow and rain. Ceremony was lovely, but never again with the kilt.
  9. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    MLW had all the stars in matches between each other in 2003 and couldn't get a good match out of any of them, but this does look intriguing. Watch out for that PWInsider malware though.
  10. Disgusting

    Most of "Faces of Death" is fake. I think there is a bit in "Faces of Death 3" or "4" though that features a puppy being stabbed which is really disgusting. Guy has the puppy in his hand and just stabs it in the stomach. It's in a part where they show you an Asian family eating dog. It's on Youtube unbelievably. Used to be a documentary in the 90s, that unbelievably managed to pass James Ferman and the BBFC, called "Executions". A bit in there shows you some guy getting his face shot off and dying. https://letterboxd.com/film/executions/
  11. Beast from the East

    Still really bad, snow and ice, up north of Scotland according to family members. Shit will never go away. Jeezo.
  12. The Song Of The Day Thread

    Here is the cracking extended video version of Queen's "One Vision"..
  13. Oscars 2018

    I remember when "Best Original Song" was one of the main awards. Oldman should have got it for playing Sid Vicious thirty years ago, IMO.
  14. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    I think they had Austin beat Big Show by pin on the Raw the next day after Show's debut. Insane.
  15. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    Glen Ruth's been around for ages before his Headbangers run. He was doing jobs early 90s for the WWE.