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  1. R.I.P Soul Man seriously ground breaking performer. Can't pretend I've seen loads of his matches but those that I did he always looked solid.
  2. He's The Hottest Free Agent in the world....Prince Harry is in the Rumble and he's dressed as a Nazi. Oh my God Prince Harry has Turned his back in his Family and now he's turned his back on his country. 2001 plays...it's Not the Nature Boy but the King himself ..Elvis Aron Presley is in the rumble. And he's gonna perform 30 of his greatest Hits. Rock n Roll music Blasts it's Cocky Cool and Bad the Honkey tonk man is in the Rumble and he's after Elvis. Jumpsuits are my gimmick in the WWE.
  3. Think I'm going to order my first ppv in ten years. Nwa has made me want to spend my money
  4. I had a teacher called Mr McCracken. We found out later that his first name was Phil. Phil McCracken. Oh the joys of secondary school.
  5. https://youtu.be/9MOYyxctTXg Roddy Piper https://youtu.be/ZwlhlFCENZM Tiger Mask https://youtu.be/ZwlhlFCENZM Micheal PS Hayes https://youtu.be/HPFOUWB4lxs Jerry the King Lawler All tremendous
  6. I've never been a Nick Aldis fan. But it has be said he is tremendous. Great heel and vastley improved. Another cracking show.
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