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  1. First Brexit, then Trump, and now Chelsea vs Arsenal in the FA Cup Final. Fucksake.
  2. I just finished introducing the children to the league this week. We'd started on DVD, but then it popped up on Netflix by the time we were halfway through the second series which saved wear on the old optical media. The single bum note is the atrocious green screening with Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen. It's Phantom Menace CGI bad. Apart from that it's essentially perfect. Watching it back again did make some later work pop out. The mortician's soliloquy in s3 looks like the back of the fag packet version of the Krampus episode of Inside Number 9. My dream is that one day people will appreciate Papa Lazarou for more than just "Hello Dave!". As lovely as it is, it isn't even his best bit in that episode. "Now I am George." He's also a (real) treat in the last episode, both on the bed and doing his makeup.
  3. That really would be ideal, given the situation.
  4. I really hate tactical voting, but I'll hold my nose and vote Labour. However, I imagine that my Conservative MP will probably get an increased majority.
  5. I was at that. It was terrific. The only thing that would have made it better was if they'd had Jodi Benson there to do the Little Mermaid numbers and if John Barrowman had shut up a bit. Ashley Brown though <3
  6. That's just cruel man. Rohan Ricketts will come good one day.
  7. You're right, it is only 2 left at home.
  8. 4:2 vs 3:3 home:away. Sadly of those 3, 2 are Man Utd and Arsenal.
  9. I'd put the courgettes in the bin as they're evil.
  10. Squeaky bum time. Chelsea have the easier run in, but if Spurs keep winning it's only going to take a couple of draws.
  11. Probably one for the foreign film thread as well, but The Handmaiden is a cracker. Lots of non-gratuitous nudity, genuinely sexy sex scenes, and one of the lechiest film pervs I've seen. Subtitled, and you will need to pay attention. You may also have to travel to find somewhere showing it if you're not in/near a major city. I had to go to Enfield
  12. Yes, the poster engorged me even more than the trailer.
  13. Proper man crush of mine. Even in abject crap, he's always the best thing in it.
  14. I really quite enjoyed Fast 5, 6, and 7. 8 was a pile of shite. Helen Mirren was an odd cross between Peggy Mitchell and Reece Shearsmith playing a woman in The League of Gentlemen. There was a single sequence that I enjoyed, but I can't be bothered to fire up spoiler tags. All the rest of the semi-decent stuff was in the trailer.
  15. #notthissummer