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  1. johnnyboy

    Disney Plus

    Not saying it definitely is, but that could also be a sly way of saying old white men are portrayed by black performers.
  2. johnnyboy

    Disney Plus

    I did nearly inadvertently spoil (what turned out to be the ending) for the Mrs and daughter when character X appeared and my memory fired up, but I stopped myself from saying anything out loud. That's probably the first time that my American history A-level has come in useful. Actually, that's harsh. I did learn where the term "sideburns" came from. General (Ambrose? Abraham?) Burnside was famed for his extravagant side-whiskers and the term sideburns was coined in reference to them.
  3. johnnyboy

    Disney Plus

    That Hamilton is pretty bloody good. Some absolute bangers as the young folks would say these days.
  4. Adore his work on Moon. Welcome to Lunar Industries is an all time favourite.
  5. I feel that you're being deliberately obtuse.
  6. "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred was never a number one single in the UK. It was at number two for multiple weeks behind "Everything I Do" by Bryan Adams.
  7. Cam Newton signed with the Patriots at the weekend on a prove it deal. It's a totally different situation to Kaepernick though as he's coming off two consecutive seasons where he was badly injured and didn't play full seasons.
  8. Get the cheapest month offer you can and cane it.
  9. The narrative is really hammy... ...but the stuff they have access to is mind blowing, including many Fox acquisitions. Needs to be a 10 part, less cheesed-up, series.
  10. The Eurovision film on Netflix is great fun, but there's a bit in the middle that really grates. NORTON DOESN'T DO THE SEMIS. You can also have great fun spotting cameos and locations.
  11. You Don't Nomi http://www.youdontnomifilm.com/ A love letter to Showgirls intercut with Verhoeven's other work to show his motifs. As an unashamed Showgirls fanboy (hand-cross wave dance move) I absolutely loved it and am only upset that I never got to see Showgirls the Musical. Currently it's a purchase only, but Showgirls itself is available on the included tier of Prime Video.
  12. You have to love the mums giving him absolute pelters.
  13. Part of me was hoping for an awarded title so that it would forever be, "but you didn't win it though, did you?" In other news, Jose's frozen out another record signing. Yay.
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