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  1. That Star Trek thread somebody was talking about

    It's been cracking, however, whoever forgot to order the eyeliner wants firing.
  2. UKFF NFL 2017 Predictions League

    I hope that reads ok. Couldn't copy it out of the box on my phone.
  3. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    Start menu, type "Windows Features" and you should bring up Turn Windows Features On and Off. Go into that. Is there an unselected "Media Features" option? If so tick it, ok and let it work its magic. Otherwise you may be running an N version of Windows in which case you want the media features pack. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4039813/media-feature-pack-for-windows-10-n-october-2017 I hope that helps.
  4. [NSFW] Less commercial or conventional hotties

    The world's most lovely Spurs fan.
  5. DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    He is absolutely fantastic in it. Watch and Vern. Three Billboards... was everything I'd imagined and more. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll laugh again. Top notch performances by everyone. Downsizing was two different films in a shit sandwich. The trailer only covers the first 1/3-1/2 of the film. It then shifts tone quite a bit and there just wasn't enough good will built up in the first part to carry me along. The funny(ish) first part wasn't that funny and the serious(ish) second and third acts came as an unpleasant surprise. Lots of really cheap laughs at an accent too.
  6. UKFF Porn and General Filth Discussion

    Couldn't you use a disposable card like a travel money card or a VISA giftcard if you're concerned?
  7. Wrestlemania 34

    29 had some quality extras. After the VIP meet and greet we got to look at the dressing rooms, backstage sets, and gorilla position. We then had a photo op (of just ourselves) on the entrance ramp with the tron and lights on. Me and the boy got the Superstars set . One year they gave away a book, maybe at 30, but the extras beyond the VIP wrestler do seem to have been scaled back.
  8. UKFF NFL 2017 Predictions League

    QB: Brees - Saints RB: Gurley - Rams WR: Jones - Atlanta TE: Kelce - Chiefs K: Hauschka - Bills DST: - Jacksonville MOST YARDS: Saints MOST POINTS: Rams TOTAL NET YARDS: 2600 (by Atari) AFC1: Kansas City Chiefs AFC1: Jacksonville Jaguars NFC1: Los Angeles Rams NFC2: New Orleans Saints
  9. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    He may be a fat-tongued mockney, but it's a fair point. That shit doesn't do anyone, especially kids, any good.
  10. The UKFF Retro Gaming Thread

    https://fusionretrobooks.com In their PDF section the Amiga, Ocean, and U.S. Gold ebooks are going for the huge price of free.
  11. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    Watching the Mrs play Lego Dimensions and Pringles until my eyes cease functioning is the best way to see 2017 out.
  12. [NSFW] Less commercial or conventional hotties

    Good arrows.
  13. UKFF NFL 2017 Predictions League

    Sunday December 31st Washington Redskins New England Patriots Minnesota Vikings Detroit Lions Indianapolis Colts Pittsburgh Steelers Philadelphia Eagles San Francisco 49ers Los Angeles Chargers Kansas City Chiefs Jacksonville Jaguars New Orleans Saints Buffalo Bills Seattle Seahawks Atlanta Falcons Baltimore Ravens
  14. Star Wars Thread - Spoilers, yo.

    Down to Ren mirroring what he was doing with his own saber and Snoke had his eyes closed as he was wanking himself dry.