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  1. Child's Play It's a slight reimagining rather than a shot for shot remake, Chucky for the Alexa generation. Fairly gory in parts, a few laughs, but the doll has nothing on the look of the original Chucky. When the doll isn't creepy enough (red LEDs mean evil!) you've got an uphill battle. 2 stars for Aubrey Plaza being in it, 1 star for a particular gag, and minus 8 stars for the smelliest person in the universe sitting next to us. It's hard to enjoy anything when the old boy who has seats next to you smells like he ran a marathon in his clothes six years ago and hasn't washed them or himself since. Wrestling fan gimmick infringement of the highest order.
  2. 75% (62% ahead of second place) in her constituency. She's plenty popular.
  3. Yesterday Standard Richard Curtis type rom-com. I found other elements more upsetting than the lack of The Beatles, I can't even spoiler it due to PTSD. Decent enough. Toy Story 4 Straight up one of the best things I've ever seen. Loved every second and cannot wait to watch it on a loop.
  4. Men in Black International Killed some time. Hemsworth as gorgeous as ever. Not overly shit, but I wouldn't spend money on it either.
  5. johnnyboy


    Not so much a fun thing, but the Changi POW Museum was very interesting, although I didn't visit it at its new site.
  6. johnnyboy


    Probably got his mates at MI6 to put the frighteners on.
  7. Yay. If it weren't for including a series or artificially limiting myself to one from a series at least 4/10ths of my list would have been Trials based with another 4-6/10ths being Pro Evo slanted.
  8. I lumped series together where I've continued playing them over multiple platforms and extended timespans.
  9. You can't stack the 3 month introductory Ultimate Gamepass vouchers Ralphy, has linked to beyond the first use. Do not buy two of those.
  10. If you liked the Hot Wheels expansion on Forza Horizon 3 the new Lego expansion for Forza Horizon 4 is at least 18,000x better. It's a melded world where there's both Lego and regular scenery and you can drive Lego or regular cars. I sunk a couple of hours into it just driving around to complete the roads driven. Also, there's a new dynamic where you earn Lego bricks to build a house, garage, and more Lego cars!
  11. I only get the "jump" in Firefox for Android if there's a page element still loading like a huge gif, Youtube, Twitter embed etc. On Chrome for Android I get it even on this page that has fuck all on it.
  12. Just a sausage roll*. *5 pack
  13. I don't believe it was a shame, it gave Disney a much needed bloody nose with Star Wars in that they can't just churn out anything and take billions of dollars. I could easily never watch Solo again, but Rogue One made it into the heavy rotation.
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