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  1. Lovely guy. He even liked my mate's poor attempt at a cup of tea.
  2. I'm sure I've mentioned this when they've come up in the past, but it's worth repeating. There's also a 30 for 30 Podcast series made by ESPN that complements the TV docs. They vary between standalone audio documentaries, additional material from TV docs, and retrospectives.
  3. johnnyboy


    Isn't that one of Ryanair's wheezes too?
  4. It's got to be hard to act when your face has a range of movement that's under 1mm.
  5. johnnyboy


    Are they expected to pay work postage out of that though?
  6. A one way car rental is going to cost you less than £50 for a regular size car (+ petrol, obvs). If you're staying at Disney there are two Alamo locations on DIsney property for the collection/return if you're using Alamo.
  7. johnnyboy


    I'm sure the ones that claim £0.00 do. But, in what job would the post-holder be expected to cover the postage costs involved in the role?
  8. johnnyboy


    It's an absolute non-point unless you want to answer the question about in what job would you expect the post-holder to pay for the postage costs they incur in the execution of that role?
  9. johnnyboy


    No we're not. Many claim precisely £0.00 under the stationery and postage allowance, it's literally a matter of public record as are the rules which govern what they can use it for. Many also claim pretty much the full whack, but as that allowance is for prepaid HoC envelopes it's not like they're trousering books of stamps. A first class stamp is 70p with second class clocking in at 61p (franked is going to be a bit cheaper). Whilst the costs could come down a bit if they were using bog standard copier paper there still isn't going to be a lot of change from £1 per letter sent. So in reality you're looking at an average of 10-15 letters sent per day per MP which seems pretty normal for this world.
  10. Rambo: Last Blood It's Home Alone: Ultraviolent Edition. Doesn't fuck about either, barely 90 minutes. Glad I saw Dora the Explorer first.
  11. johnnyboy


    In what job would you expect the post-holder to pay for post that they send in the course of their job?
  12. johnnyboy


    The average salary for a secondary academy head exceeds that of an MP, by a considerable margin. For the relative importance and responsibility of their job MPs earn a modest, at best, amount from their salary. Party politics and maintaining positions within government are far more an issue than the salary. George Washington was right about party politics in the 1700s.
  13. Ad Astra A proper science fiction. By that, I mean the science fiction is there to explore something else rather than distract us with lasers, rockets, and pew-pews. Plenty of 2001 vibes including when we visit the moon. Really good (if a bit grim) near future aesthetic, gloriously shot, Pitt-tastic, gripper of a film.
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