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  1. Yes, my immediate thought when I saw the image was "I like the new Leeds kit."
  2. I wore trainers to my own wedding. They were specially selected for the occasion rather than my daily kickabouts though.
  3. "At times." The odd worldy did paper over a lot of cracks. However, still not the biggest waste of the Bale money. Is there a club with a worse hit rate on "club record signings" than Spurs?
  4. If you're looking for a (very) moderately priced tennis game on the Xbox One then Tennis World Tour is under £3 on a deals with Gold offer. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/tennis-world-tour/bzx8lhqfccrh or if you want Nadal and a licenced arena included you'll have to throw down £7 https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/tennis-world-tour-roland-garros-edition/bv1ghbxb8ndd For £3 I'm quite happy with the purchase.
  5. I always though those kits didn't have the sponsor on the kids shirts due to them being sponsored by booze. Most people I knew bought small adult and upwards to look more legit. It wasn't much of a problem for me as I was wearing adult shirts from about 9. Chunky4lyf.
  6. Please let me in Sleepy Joe If a bit of maths are to be believed then it would appear that we're basically out of vaccines until Pfizer ship our next lot in the Autumn as we can't give under 40s Astra.
  7. "To allow them to continue to work..." Apart from photo ops in elderly care homes what about their job can't largely be done from their office? "To allow them to skip it as they can't be fucked/To allow them to avoid the embarrassment of being in isolation as restrictions are lifted" is probably nearer the mark.
  8. Yes, especially as Georgie is starting the sprint inside the top 10.
  9. More front than Brighton.
  10. It shouldn't be needed, but fantastic to see the team stand up together like that.
  11. johnnyboy

    Carvery Rules

    Chipolatas are often the sausages used as the pig in the blanket, not the name of the whole thing. Chipolatas are skinny and a bit longer than your average banger.
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