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  1. Devastated. My signed Pussy Galore pic is going to have to be wrapped in cotton wool. An absolute timeless beauty, who still looked fabulous into her 90s. https://www.theguardian.com/film/gallery/2020/apr/06/honor-blackman-a-life-in-pictures
  2. Forgot to mention, I will need pictures of you in a conductor's hat. It's a particular, erm interest, yes interest of mine.
  3. I've slidden into your DMs Jazzy
  4. Do you have GamePass as it's on there? I would totally get it for a tenner, maybe treat yourself to the Deluxe edition!
  5. Yeah, but that's other people. When I do it I'm careful. I can't have anything I always* use a condom. *Not always.
  6. Purchased it with part of the refund we got from her cancelled birthday plans so I couldn't really say no. I should have though as she's stolen my entire 2k20 free play afternoon now.
  7. There are a ton of Lego games in the Xbox Spring Sale. Ended up getting tapped up for the Lego Batman 3 deluxe pack with all the DLC (which was only £2 more than the regular game) and the Lego Marvel super-duper bundle which is the 3 Lego Marvel games, plus the Season Pass DLC for all 3. Essentially I've waved goodbye to my Xbox until we've been vaccinated.
  8. johnnyboy

    Disney Plus

    On the plus side at least it's good. "Everybody wants to be a cat" is an absolute classic number. Second for Oliver and Company. It's Oliver Twist with animals. The Incredible Journey and Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey have a cat as one of the three lost pets. What about the DisneyNature docs? African Cats looks amazing or are we talking purely pet cats rather than big cats?
  9. It's in the Xbox store as a download if you can't find the disc.
  10. Full Spectrum Warrior works on the XBOne.
  11. Yes, considering the lead time we had it's pretty diabolical. Currently we're mitigating the consequences of our own inaction as much as those of the pandemic.
  12. The Eurovision Home Concerts start tonight at 4pm our time. Very excited. Today's features the Game of Thrones looking Danish singer.
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