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  1. Won't be able to do them justice. Someone's stitched loads of them together. https://www.youtube.com/user/Zcure1 (You will see a lot of the same stuff)
  2. Rise of Skywalker TV Spots If you're not too sensitive to spoilers then there are tons of TV spots on YouTube from various countries. I've just watched about an hour of them and my erection may never go down. If you watch them all together there's a fair bit more footage than is in the cinema trailer that's running over here so be warned.
  3. The One Show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4VgSuiIcCBI 4 mins in.
  4. They're all coming out of the woodwork now. How lovely.
  5. Call the Midwife is lovely stuff. Literally adored in our household.
  6. +/- 10 seats. So it could be marginally less awful, or even more awful.
  7. I ❤️ Ash Sarkar. I would make her a lovely cup of tea.
  8. Dr Philip Lee (former Tory) is standing in Wokingham to try and pull soft Tories away from Redwood. https://tactical.vote/compare shows Lib Dem as the tactical recommendation (from the sites that have one).
  9. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood I'm not sure this will work nearly as well if you don't have a decent handle on who Mr Rodgers is. I'd highly recommend watching the "Won't you be my neighbor" documentary as a lead in. Being a huge mark of the aforementioned documentary I was well up for this. Many parts left me with moist eyes, but the documentary is the superior of the two and it covers a lot more ground. Structural spoiler:
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