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  1. "Blue* Sky**" *Crack **Pipe We'll show those asylum seekers by giving them the full Broxbourne Lido treatment.
  2. Snap. I'm mildly obsessed with Ascension, St Helena, and to a lesser degree Tristan de Cunha (TDC sounds a bit too local) so I'd happily take a free trip. Surely it would be cheaper to put asylum seekers up in The Ritz than transport them to what is effectively an RAF runway in the middle of the sea?
  3. You can now request a code through track and trace to put into the app if you've had a hospital test. CoviDLC if you like.
  4. Or his deliveroo driver is absolutely riddled.
  5. Yes, yes, and yes. Add all your gold codes first before you upgrade. If you add gold codes after you've upgraded they only have a fractional value. (e.g. a 3 month prepaid gold code gives you 1 month of ultimate - well, 50 days/"1 month +")
  6. In a bold move to recapture my youth I just took delivery of some Rebook Classic facemasks. Sadly, they do not come with an alcopop drinking flap and the Ben Sherman shirt is a chargeable extra.
  7. If they upgrade it for the full length a second time you've had a Brucie bonus.
  8. Am I undertsanding it right in that you used GamePass Ultimate cancelled/let it expire and then went back to regular Gold? If so then yeah, I don't think you get the upgrade of regular Live/Game Pass if you've had Game Pass Ultimate before. Or you're going to pay one month at £10.99 to "upgrade" rather than the old £1 deal, then ongoing. I'd clarify with MS though in case it totally voids your current live.
  9. Is it trying to charge you now, or is it saying that's the price ongoing? Should be £1 for your first month which also bumps up your existing Gold/Game Pass to Ultimate to its expiration date. From then you'll be hit with the £10.99. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/xbox-game-pass-ultimate/cfq7ttc0khs0
  10. Considerably less alarming. If Vallance had set it up in such a way that we had thrown everything in on GSK/Sanofi then it would be an absolute scandal. But he hasn't, so it isn't. Sensibly, quite likely as advised by Vallance, the UK government has spread its exposure to acquiring the vaccine round by having orders in place with virtually every serious vaccine candidate and will trigger those contracts as the best one(s) is/are available. Half the cabinet went to Oxford so I'm going to assume that The Telegraph will be faux-outraged that we've got a similar order in for the AstroZenec
  11. No you don't, because you don't even know the point you're making yourself. So it was the last option then?
  12. Bill Gates probably still has some Microsoft stock. If I was setting up a tech company I'd consider him an expert in the field. Considering that the government have got speculative orders in with just about every serious vaccine candidate maker this isn't the conflict of interest The Telegraph wants to paint it as/you believe it is/you don't believe it is but want people to bite and argue the toss about* *delete as applicable.
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