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  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKcG090B7cZ If the IG link doesn't auto preview that is a sweet Transformers The Movie custom poster.
  2. A close friend of my parents looked just like Rod Hull, which was unfortunate for her.
  3. The US Embassy has just Father Dougalled the bustiers.
  4. Absolutely cracking work @Astro Hollywood. I even watched it on the big telly.
  5. Just checked. Still got it 😎 (7 notes though, it has been a while)
  6. For some reason if I play the "Johnny Briggs" theme via the medium of air brass (I make the noises with my mouth rather than actually playing the trombone) my wife completely falls about laughing. Sometimes the threat of it, or just the build up "parp," is enough to set her off.
  7. "Out of Context Tiger Rick" is a surprise early contender for Off Topic Thread 2021.
  8. Detectorists just rocked, well gently bobbed, my world. What an absolute delight. Quietly kicking myself for not watching it ages ago.
  9. My Dad's got his first jab next week. Hopefully we're inching towards the day when I can take the piss out of Wolves losing in person again.
  10. If my boobs look that good when I'm 60+ then I'm sticking then all over YouTube.
  11. That might have to be my new euphemism. "Would you you mind if I nestle in the larder, dear?"
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