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  1. Sting and Darby vs FTR on Dynamite last night was pretty damn good. 62 year old Sting still has an insane hot tag.
  2. Saudi shows are the new Wrestlemania by the looks of it. Big surprise return at the end of Roman vs Cena, to build to a Saudi show in the middle of the week. Also, what's up the eyes on that graphic?
  3. For reference, Money in the Bank 2011, headlined by John Cena vs CM Punk in Chicago, did 195k buys. I wonder how WWE PPVs would do now if they were actually on PPV, rather than the network.
  4. Steve Blackman, the APA and Dan Severn were all super over in my house mainly because of those bad ass themes. Bryan Danielson's new theme is starting to grow on me.
  5. I've watched the end segment of the show 4 times already, made my missus watch the cage match as well, she was also marking out.
  6. That was one of my favourite PPVs of all time. Yes we had a QT Marshall vs Big Show buffer match, but it served its purpose. You can tell everyone's having a blast, from the announcers, to the crowd, to the wrestlers. Everyone is just going loving what they are seeing and doing. So many amazing moments during the show. The fans going nuts and screaming It's Clobbering Time, Punk asking the fans which tunnel he should go down, Penta hugging his kids and getting his blood everywhere was both beautiful and pretty nasty at the same time, Kenny bailing from the ring as soon as Bryan moved forward cracked me up too. The double surprise at the end of the show was *chefs kiss* Bryan looks in great shape, and he is a legit superstar. Even after all this, we've still got a Hangman return to look forward to!!
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