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  1. Oof. Hopefully they'll be able to negotiate that down a tad. Because any DMX song would take the roof off the arena. Maybe they should give Havoc from Mobb Deep a call and ask if they can use Shook Ones. Yeah I can see both of those being great options. Could double it up with the whole New York thing and have: Proud and Powerful vs Young Bucks for the tag belts Eddie vs Miro for the TNT title Have 2 amazing feel good moments to start and close the show.
  2. Just saw a tweet asking Tony Khan to make sure that they get the rights to any DMX song that Eddie wants, and I've got goosebumps thinking about how crazy that crowd would go if Eddie came out to X gonna give it to ya.
  3. Got to have the main event as Omega defending the title vs Eddie Kingston in Eddie's hometown 😍 perfect environment to execute the best Dusty finish of all time, complete with Don Callis shenanigans.
  4. I went to the Raw taping at the O2 on April 13th 2015, the show was pretty boring but the dark match was a 6 man with Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler vs Luke Harper, Sheamus and The Big Show. We had no idea at the time, but Daniel Bryan was pulled from TV and house shows pretty shortly after that match, Wikipedia says he was pulled after the Smackdown taping on April 16th 2015, and then retired in 2016. So we saw one of the last matches Daniel Bryan had until his return in 2018 when he tagged with famed hard man Shane McMahon.
  5. Anybody who wants to sign up to Fite and order the PPV, you should get $10 Fite TV Credits if you use this code: p6v2qv0
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