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  1. They should build it up to an 8 man at a PPV of Brian Cage, Hobbs, Stark and Shaq vs Cody, Sting, Darby and Dustin match, which would probably be the best way to protect Sting and Shaq
  2. By this logic, there's never been a wrestling company in history that has ever had any semblance of quality control.
  3. Loved that main event, great match. Kenny always brings the heat and the finish was good to solidify Kenny as a big time heel, who is ready to lord it over poor Hangman. Not too sure about the AEW+Impact partnership, as I, like many others, do not pay attention to Impact and I find them fairly cringeworthy. I mean Tommy Dreamer is still there ffs. But, I'm open to it, and if AEW can perform some quality control on the partnership, then I'm sure they'll be able to figure out how to make it work. And to be fair to AEW, I trust them to make it work. If this potentially leads to a
  4. https://twitter.com/BigMarcel24/status/1333177832118345728?s=19 Hopefully it is "fake news"
  5. Not sure if the bloke mentions it in his thread, but you can watch live Serie A on the LiveScore app, which is free to download.
  6. During a long Omega title run, making note that no one has kicked out of the finisher (erasing the Ibushi one), shouldn't be difficult for them. They've made the Judas Effect elbow an over finish, and that was just a spinning elbow by a 50 year old. No one has kicked out of that, if memory serves.
  7. Did Okada ever kick out of the One Winged Angel? Or has it never been kicked out of?
  8. This has gotta be up there as well right? Bonus points for the thumbnail having Mongo
  9. That's not the worst idea, but then again, chances are the belt ends up with The Miz lol I may have imagined it, but haven't Roman and Drew had a match at Mania before? And it was shite?
  10. I'll be honest, I don't watch WWE shows anymore, and I mostly keep up on the goings on, either on here or Twitter, but that title picture on Raw must be the worst they've ever had right? Mcintyre, Orton, The Miz, The Fiend Can't have those 3 challengers anywhere near a Wrestlemania title match, who else do they have that they can build for Mania for Drew?
  11. 15 years to the day that Eddie Guerrero passed away. I still remember my mate telling me about it in the morning once I'd got in to school, felt like I'd been punched in the gut. Absolutely adored Eddie, first time I saw him must have been WCW in 98, after cartoon network had finished up on a Friday night, and was a mark for him from early on. Recently got the missus to watch Eddie vs Rey from Havoc 97 with me and it still holds up. Might be able to convince her to watch Eddie vs Brock with me next.
  12. Not that I'm against hearing Taker speak, but I'm sure I read it on here a few years ago that The Undertaker is basically a 6'10 Paul Scholes in that regard. The mystique is disappearing, and we are left with a bit of a dour sod, one who we used to respect and idolize. And they are both gingers.
  13. Very good PPV, well worth the time and money. Omega vs Hangman, Bucks vs FTR were brilliant, really enjoyed both matches, and the fallout for both should be very interesting as well, which is all you can ask for when it comes to a Wrestling show. Mox and Kingston was OK for what it was, I enjoyed it, they meshed well together, with the fact that they both love laying it in thick with strikes, so it made sense to have that style of match. 've said before, that AEW do a brilliant job of leaving the outcome of matches open, and even when the winners are more obvious, like Full Gear, i
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