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  1. I was angling more for AEW are giving us something new, while WWE are doing the same thing they were 10 years ago, but you're right as well lol.
  2. AEW are booking barbed wire death matches WWE are booking The Miz as champion Says it all really. (nicked from a tweet)
  3. Is Rey Fenix's hot tag one of the best of all time? It's insanely good.
  4. I'd say to the wrestling business as a whole, Jericho is more important now, especially after carrying the AEW main event scene on his back for the first year. To be fair, Triple Hs great return as a baby face in 2002 ended up with him turning heel a few months later, because he can't be taken seriously as a face.
  5. I love the little touches in AEW, the main event tag match started with all 4 guys in different corners, because even though the heels and faces are tagging with each other, they have no reason to trust each other. Echoing the sentiments for the Smackdown 2 feel of the main event, chaos. I also missed Hangman switching the contract out on first viewing, glad I wasn't the only oneπŸ˜‚
  6. But isn't that just standard wrestler talk? Overstating their influence and popularity? To be fair, only a handful of wrestlers have crossed over into being household names, Austin, Rock, Cena, Hogan, Flair The rest are big in the wrestling bubble, Jericho, Triple H, Shawn, Orton, Big Show etc. And Jericho is more important to the wrestling business than the rest of those guys in the wrestling bubble, so I can understand him tooting his own to try and stand out from the pack.
  7. I had a look online, couldn't find any particular quotes for this, can anyone point me in the right direction?
  8. Massive underrating of Jericho on here, he's been part of some stellar work and segments in his career. Great as a baby face and a heel, believable work, great mic work, great character work, sure he's a bit of a jabroni at the moment with his Trump nonsense, but he's still a pretty good egg all things considered (donations to all of those GoFundMe pages come to mind) Even his most recent work in AEW has been top notch. His in ring work is obviously not as good as it used to be, but he's still miles better in the ring than the other guys his age with similar career lengths, Taker, T
  9. AEW is really hitting home runs with these Dynamite main events, next week it's Omega and Kenta vs Moxley and Archer in a falls count anywhere tag match.
  10. Moyes did want Fabregas, but it was only after both he and Giggs decided that Thiago Alcantara wasn't up to it. Thiago went to Bayern for 20m, and Barca weren't letting go of 2 Centre Mids in 1 summer.
  11. The wedding aside, another great episode, that 6 man tag was brilliant, loved every second of it. Push Rey Fenix to the moon. Kenta has kicked down the forbidden door, and it has made me go into super mark booker mode. Love it.
  12. I wasn't super mad at it, was just being sarcastic. The spoiler issue was on me, but from when I used to watch PPVs back in the day, I'm sure they never used to put markers on "so and so makes a surprise appearance"
  13. Thing is, I love wrestling. I watch AEW every week and I try and keep up with NJPW when I can. The bit about stars from the past/present/future is a funny one, I saw very little in terms of future stars from that show. There's not really anyone on the come up, who is young and fresh. Big E deserves a shot, but he's been in the company for almost 10 years at this stage, so he's not fresh. I agree with the bolder part of your post, I was being quite childish and was having a rant, but you're correct the lack of stories is insane. It seemed like it was just wrestlers coming out for the
  14. Like a lot of people here, I don't keep up with the product nowadays, and I mainly get my news on events from Twitter or this forum but thought I'd check out the Rumble. The last Rumble ppv I watched live was 2017, when Orton won it, and he was feuding with Bray Wyatt. Glad to see things have moved forward since then. The returns for the mens Rumble were spoiled by the network match tags at the bottom, so that was great. Saw the Goldberg vs Drew match last night as I couldn't sleep, and I just couldn't understand why it was happening, the video package made no sense. Goldberg
  15. https://twitter.com/dajosc11/status/1355972422227415045?s=19 Roman ftw
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