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  1. "Great 3 point turn there by the Bossman"
  2. The Shield triple threat for the World Title at a Wrestlemania should have definitely happened. I know they did the match at a PPV, but without Googling it, I wouldn't be able to tell you what event it was. They could have even booked a Fatal 4 Way vs Brock after they did the split, as a Mania main event as well, but they somehow avoided that as well. Hogan vs Flair at Mania 8 is a huge one as well.
  3. Side note, around 2000, my dad, being the moron that he is, once typed "what are tomorrow's lottery numbers" into Ask Jeeves
  4. Francis Ngannou vs Derrick Lewis tops the list for me, I get that it must be terrifying to even get close and into the punching range of either guy, but damn, that was awful. Adesanya vs Yoel, Cro Cop vs Mir, Wonderboy vs Woodley 2, and because I bought into the hype like a sucker, GSP vs Jake Shields.
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