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  1. Add me to the list of people who'd forgotten about Mojo. The kind of guy they'd start to do something with for a week or two, then realise it was Mojo, and drop him right back down. The Hype Bros team with Ryder was about as good as he ever got - a reunion in Impact wouldn't be the worst thing, except maybe for viewers.
  2. Proper shame about Joe being cut, I assumed the commentary job was a decision to wind him down from in-ring stuff and give WWE a way to keep him around forever, and he was good at it too. For somebody who I never thought would make it to WWE, he had a decent run - he was a key part of NXT at its peak, had a decent showing in a Royal Rumble, held a couple of titles, got on the card of a WrestleMania, main evented PPVs with Lesnar. I know we shouldn’t want everyone who gets released from WWE to end up in AEW but I want Joe there. They should grab the Iiconics too, but only as a duo.
  3. Sorry to hear that @DEF, he sounds like a great man who you can be proud of.
  4. Cracking main event aside, Night 2 was a real step down for me. Orton-Fiend was a pile of poop, not that we expected anything different. Women's Tag Title match was there, Shayna was levels above everyone else but that's my main positive. Is Riddle's gimmick that he's an absolute idiot? Because he seems an absolute idiot, and the match felt kind of messy too. This thread had built up my hopes for where the Bayley stuff was going so I blame you lot for my disappointment in that ending. I enjoyed Owens-Zayn (my first proper exposure so Sami's current gimmick and the video package for t
  5. Good. I’d rather have cheering and booing than constant organised chanting.
  6. I thoroughly enjoyed that. Just the fact that there was an audience again lifted it so much. It had a new energy. It felt special. It felt like WrestleMania. The rain delay was absolutely thrilling. Off the cuff promos and pure professionalism coupled with scrabbling unpredictability. Brilliant. I was happy with all the matches. Was rooting for Drew and was gutted when he lost. Cesaro vs Rollins was great, the Tag Title and Cage matches were both loads of fun, and Sasha Banks was fantastic - that braid whip! Bring on night 2.
  7. For a few years from 2001, Torrie was one of the faces of the women's division. They used her for PPV posters and magazine covers pretty regularly, and for a while after the first brand split, she and Stacy were virtually the only women on SmackDown so she was featured most of the time. She was never high on the card in the traditional sense, and I know it was probably only for her looks that they made her prominent, but they did, and she had quite a key role to play.
  8. Yeah, I've nothing against that classification at all, it's maybe one of the best ways of explaining what makes wrestling "sports entertainment".
  9. The report has made it onto The Guardian website, though the focus is more on the classification of wrestling than Speaking Out in itself.
  10. I suppose whether you consider the last match of Night 1 to be the main event of WrestleMania depends on whether you also consider the last match in each of the three venues from WrestleMania 2 to have been the main event. Doing it this way does turn the British Bulldogs into WrestleMania main eventers. And Greg Valentine for that matter. But if you only count Hogan vs. Bundy as the main event of WrestleMania 2, which I do, I would only count the last match of WrestleMania 37 as the main event - which would be the last match on Night 2. Last match of Night 1 is the last match before the interv
  11. Molly Holly is an absolute class act, isn't she? Using her speech time to give credit to the crew who you otherwise would never hear about. She's great.
  12. Where is Buffy's induction? What a showstealer!
  13. Unsafe as it's likely to be, the idea of WWE having an audience again is the most exciting part of WrestleMania for me. I don't think I could ever go back and watch the silent matches from last year's Mania. If they fancy retconning that show to add piped in crowd noise I wouldn't object.
  14. Morrisons doughnuts are the best of doughnuts.
  15. Godzilla vs. Kong has terrible dialogue, a nonsense plot and unimaginable amounts of meaningless CG destruction. However, for some reason all these things are why I really enjoyed it. I wish I'd seen it in a cinema. If they release it when they finally reopen, I think I'd go.
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