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  1. UKFF Questions Thread V2

    How about a Mankind tie? I don't think he had a signature tie but he always wore one - check the Network for one you can easily obtain!
  2. Bobby Heenan Passes Away

    Very sad news. Heenan was one of the very best - if not the best - at what he did. That Rumble 92 performance in particular is just perfect. WrestleMania VII comes to mind as well, with the Savage-Warrior match. RIP Brain.
  3. The Ongoing Celebrity Spotting Thread

    This isn't quite celebrity spotting, but DDP was at my work today. Today was my day off. I am devastated.
  4. 205 Live

    Who'd have thought Drew Gulak would end up one of the most entertaining people on his show? His segment this week was great fun from start to finish - love the PowerPoint gimmick. Decent show all round this week, Swann and TJP had a good match and the final segment with Kendrick and Gallagher was surprising too.
  5. Wrestling Pod Casts / Radio Interviews

    I'd be interested. A historical twist on things would be very cool too - I mean, Lister's historical articles in FSM were always the best part of the mag when I bought it. Researching how things came to be - whether that's moves, perception of wrestling, how it's evolved, how things started, cultural contexts, differences between countries, all that stuff - would be something a little different for sure. And from your posts on here you're certainly capable of putting it all together.
  6. DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    I'd recommend the book if you haven't read it - I loved it (like you say, cracking idea) and the film was a terrible disappointment.
  7. Wrestling Pod Casts / Radio Interviews

    I listen to it when they have a guest I'm interested in - really enjoy it when they're doing the interviews or talking about wrestling, but tend to skip the other parts like Tommy Dreamer's segment or their fan/mate who sounds like Stone Cold.
  8. NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    Did anyone else's Network skip to a Sanity promo halfway through the Lars Sullivan match? The greatest squash match I've seen in ages and it cut out halfway through!
  9. Random Thoughts III.

    Just seen a sponsored post on Facebook from BBC One about their new crime drama Rellik. Without thinking I said, "that's Killer backwards". If TNA have a legacy, it is that I'll always know what 'killer' backwards is.
  10. Random Thoughts III.

    My favourite thing about that video is that it reminded me Jacob Novak existed. The greatest missed opportunity of the decade, Jacob Novak, despite being thoroughly mediocre.
  11. Game of Thrones - Season SEVEN (No book wankers)

    I was thinking more long-term - once the White Walkers are (presumably) defeated, and everyone's realised wildlings aren't so bad, and the Wall isn't standing, will the realm need the Watch anymore? I'm thinking probably not, sadly!
  12. Game of Thrones - Season SEVEN (No book wankers)

    So with the Wall now down... the Night's Watch is done for forever now, right? There's no point or need for them anymore, which makes me a bit sad because I've always had a bit of a soft spot for them.
  13. The Mae Young Classic

    Watched the first four episodes and the bracketology tonight - thought episodes 1 and 4 were the best. Some surprise results - didn't expect Kay Lee Ray or Jazzy to go out so soon - and some decent matches, with Kairi vs Blanchard probably my favourite. MMA 4 Horsewomen vs WWE 4 Horsewomen at WrestleMania?
  14. Hello all - first topic

    I don't doubt it! JR was never one for one-off phrases like that, he had a greatest hits setlist for sure. That was genuinely the first time I'd noticed this one, however! Let's put it down to my pretentious increased interest in 17th century Dutch art in the last year...
  15. Hello all - first topic

    My favourite ever call was one I only heard a few months ago. It was JR during the Angle-Orton match from Vengeance 2006: "he's spent more time on the canvas than Rembrandt". Superb, superb stuff. Beyond that, KOTR 98 is a clear favourite ("with God as my witness he's been broken in half!") - the mythologising of JR's announcing in Foley's first book helped with that for me - and of course Bobby Heenan throughout the 1992 Royal Rumble. Without him, it'd still be a great match but it would certainly be missing a key ingredient in making it a classic.