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  1. Even then, Kris Statlander is from the Andromeda galaxy apparently and she grasps the concept of a two-hour TV wrestling show perfectly well. Almost enough to make you suspect she isn't genuinely an alien.
  2. I'm quite cut up about this one - extremely sad news. Jones has always been one of my favourite Pythons; I remember reading and loving his Observer columns in GCSE English, where we studied his use of rhetorical devices, and I went home and used the newly-installed broadband to devour everything he'd written for them; I have a copy of Medieval Lives on my bookshelf at work. He was such a great, versatile, funny writer. It was desperately sad to hear of his condition and the periodic updates from Palin about how he was doing. RIP.😔.
  3. Antonino Rocca was from Argentina, wasn't he? Maybe he wrestled over there before making it big in New York. His Wikipedia page (I know, I know) says Stanislaus Zbyszko trained him in Argentina which suggests there was something there in the 40s/50s... I used to know loads about Rocca (used to) but it's mostly his WWWWWWF career I'm familiar with.
  4. Agreed, I'd have been fine with using the City Watch characters, but creating a new set of crimes and cases for them to solve without feeling the need to adapt Men At Arms or Feet Of Clay (much as I'd enjoy that too of course). Like Pat says, a police procedural in a fantasy world, using these brilliant, well-drawn, complicated characters like Vimes and Sybil, Nobby and Colon, Carrot and Angua, Cheery and Detritus and so on. Use different villains or crimes so they can break out on their own a bit and not feel tied down to hitting every beat of the novels. No objection whatsoever. But BBC America's People Like Carnival Row Don't They? Here's That, Sort Of was on nobody's wish list.
  5. @theironshake - Honky's already been taken, sorry! @AVM - I'll allow you the last two, but because I'm sure I saw last week that Cain had been announced I'll not allow you him. (He's been and gone from the 'confirmed entrants' list but I'd no longer be surprised if he showed up. Rules) @CleetusVanDamme - we need you
  6. Sky commissioned Yonderland - it’s the weakest of the original Horrible Histories cast’s other projects but still good fun, and they gave it three series which was nice of them.
  7. I don’t know if the tone will be there. Again, judging from a few pictures, it looks like they’re going the dark-and-serious-dystopia route. Richard Dormer would be a perfect Vimes - but not if they’ve made Vimes a Maze Runner reject who wears a fucking lanyard. I’m not opposed to it veering off from the very light tone of the Sky adaps - Night Watch and Thud are some of the darkest books Pratchett wrote. But everything about this seems off. Sybil is a vigilante, Cheery has Carrot’s backstory... no thank you.
  8. I am aghast at what they’ve done to The Watch. It might not be fair to judge on a couple of pictures, but I’ll not be watching.
  9. I was worried when I first saw that video that they were going to hurt or kill the elephant for coming into the hotel. But according to one of the replies his name is Natta Kota, he lives in the grounds and visits the lobby regularly. This news made me happy. 🐘
  10. I agree. Which is why I moaned about bigger things and pointed out that I understood the purpose of that particular match. I do maintain it’s symptomatic of the bigger problems with Omega, though.
  11. The fact that most of the discussion in this thread since Thursday has been about Raw probably means I’m on the right lines when I thought that was a poor episode of Dynamite, with a good main event. It’s been talked about a little bit but Kenny Omega. If he had gone to WWE and been portrayed in exactly the same way as he is in AEW there’d have been outrage. Mount Demwan would have erupted and spewed everywhere. I thought Kenny Omega was meant to be the best wrestler on the planet. Why is he fucking about in the opening spotfest? I know it was fun as spotfests go, I know there’s a story brewing with him and Page, but it is bringing Omega down to a level someone with his ability should never be at. Former ‘best in the worlds’ like Benoit and Angle weren’t always the main event, but they always came across as people who knew they were the best. Omega in AEW, to me, is more “hey, I could be the best, but look how much fun I’m having instead”. I’m annoyed by it and I’m not even a huge Kenny fan, I don’t get why more people don’t feel the same.
  12. My top tips: - If you want to go to big touristy places like the Colosseum, book in advance and try to go first thing, it's just that tiny bit quieter and cooler. I can't remember where we booked our tickets from (might have been Viator) but you got a free audioguide download with your ticket which is easier than trying to read labels past the crowds. - If art's your thing the Vatican is overwhelming. There's so much everything there. It's beautiful. And it's packed. We booked a 'skip-the-line' tour in advance (this was definitely through Viator) which bypassed some of that, but even a three hour tour means you only get a cursory glance at a lot of the stuff. It probably needs a full day to do properly, and we probably should have, but it's SO BUSY you'd probably want to get out of there after a while anyway. If you do the Sistine Chapel, try not to get distracted by the cat and mouse game between the security guards and the tourists desperately trying to sneak photos. - The Spanish Steps are also very busy, but just next to them is the Keats-Shelley House, a tiny museum in the apartment where Keats spent his final days. You have to buzz the buzzer to get in, but it's quiet and contemplative and interesting if you're into Romanticism (Byron pops up as well). It's all English-language too. It won't take more than an hour, but it might be my favourite thing to do in Rome (other than, by sheer happenstance, bumping into Charles Giordano from the E Street Band near the Trevi Fountain. I SHOOK THE HAND THAT'S SHAKEN SPRINGSTEEN'S). - Find Giolitti for gelato. The best in Italy. - Keep an eye on the street sellers. They know the weather before anyone else. If they start switching from selfie sticks or whatever the on-trend thing is right now to umbrellas and ponchos, it's about to start raining. Also it's funny when the police catch them scamming someone somewhere they shouldn't and they leg it faster than anyone you've ever seen before sneaking back ten minutes later.
  13. I hope Shelley sticks around. The NXT tag division needs him, and Kushida definitely needs him. Aside from him being ‘pushed’ off the top rope ages before Gibson got to him, that’s the most comfortable Kushida has looked in WWE. More Shelley please!
  14. The news made it onto the Guardian website this morning.
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