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  1. The only clear pictures I can find of it was when it collapsed during Lesnar/Big Show, but the SmackDown ring from 2003/2004 is the one that comes to mind for me. Silver apron and ring posts with blue ropes made SmackDown feel really distinct from Raw, and it's the ring I associate with the time I couldn't get enough of SmackDown but had basically sacked Raw off completely. That plus the totally different set with the Heidenreich Fist and the blue referee uniform, it's as split as the brand split ever got. Aesthetically anyway.
  2. I think he was in WWE developmental through the Invasion period but never got called up. Did he appear on one of the early TNA shows as well?
  3. Was this not around the time they first brought in a dress code for the wrestlers, where they had to wear suits all the time?
  4. Good show this week, aside from the Alex Reynolds debacle. Shocking refereeing that he didn’t check on him or notice anything was up. Okay, maybe, maybe benefit of the doubt immediately afterwards but when he’s still clearly loopy half a minute later something should have been done. Under no circumstances should he be getting up so the Bucks can do more moves on him. The contrast between that and Drake Wuertz immediately jumping on and protecting Alexander Wolfe back in January is night and day. On the Jericho-MJF musical, I loved it for how utterly ridiculous it was. If people are strugg
  5. Did the German Suplex originate in Germany?
  6. And mercifully, the gimmick of Shorty G was ended.
  7. Former UKFFer and conspiracy enthusiast Dynamite Duane is a Conservative councillor there now, if I remember correctly.
  8. Ah right. I understand now, thanks!
  9. So this isn’t Lee Mack the comedian then?
  10. Or that he’s so sure he’s not leaving he’s doing and saying whatever he likes, safe in the knowledge he won’t lose a single vote for it.
  11. Better to take matters into your own hands and do it yourself, I reckon. #deathtomegathreads and all that. (and it’s wrestling in 2020, anything remotely interesting is worth getting excited about! ☺️)
  12. Instead of posting in an existing thread to say it deserves its own thread, you could just ... start a new thread for it.
  13. Or forced to fight each other for the honour of red/blue t-shirts!
  14. 20 years on from Ready To Rumble, David Arquette and wrestling are back in cinemas with a new documentary, about Arquette’s return to the ring a couple of years ago to redeem himself for the WCW run. It’s due to get a cinema release over here mid-November and then hitting VOD a few days later. Was anyone here watching WCW when he was around - 20 years on, is it still as bad as everyone said at the time? And did anyone catch any of the matches from his return run? I think last WrestleMeMas they covered a match with Nick Gage that sounded terrifying. Did he redeem himse
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