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  1. I would be surprised too, but I still think there's a risk in going from Fighting To Defeating A Zombie Army That Wants To End All Of Humanity into The People vs Cersei Who Doesn't Even Have Elephants. The unravelling of the schemes will be good, but in the face of DEATH ITSELF, they've got to be pretty good schemes to carry similar dramatic weight. I don't think it's going to feel that way, but there is a small chance it might.
  2. I’m a tiny bit concerned about that, I think. The White Walkers have been such a looming threat for the entire run of the show that it could potentially feel anticlimactic to have this gigantic battle against them halfway through the season then go back to squabbling about the throne. If it’s not handled right the last couple of episodes could be HHH-Jericho to the Night King’s Rock-Hogan. Then again, maybe the dead win next week and it’s not over.
  3. Does he, though? To me it always looks like his opponents are doing all the work even when he’s on offence. Doesn’t come across like he’s got the leg strength or the arm strength for any of his moves and the other guy’s really clearly flipping themselves around as a result.
  4. Loved that episode. I’m terribly worried that everybody’s going to die next week, but I loved that episode. Gorgeous song by Florence + the Machine over the end credits as well. Contains footage from this week’s episode if for some stupid reason you haven’t watched it yet but still clicked into this thread.
  5. Adam Rose’s Bunny in his little-remembered first run teaming with the Macho Man
  6. You're in luck, because his last WWE run is still going on! Catch him on 205 Live every three or four weeks when they remember he's there.
  7. It's just a shame that, if they were going for the Viking thing, they didn't take inspiration from all the really cool Viking names. They could have Erik Bloodaxe and Ivar Ironside! Or at the very least, one of them could have been called Ragnar...
  8. It's not irrational. I think Hebner is terrible. Watch any of his big matches back, he's uniformly awful.
  9. I’m hoping to hit two Star Wars birds with one stone next year and do Galaxy’s Edge in California along with Celebration in Anaheim. That’s the plan anyway...
  10. Never mind that, I want them to keep showing the replay of that double count out they did. Every week. Even if Lee’s out for a year!
  11. Shayna was absolutely vicious in that match. Nothing in wrestling makes me wince like watching Baszler work over an arm. Unaplogetic heel and the best one they’ve got. Has the Dijakovic-Lee rematch been dropped then? Also are the Street Profits really tall or have I never realised how little Erik and Ivar are?
  12. Oops! Shows how long that result stuck in my memory. Bryan And Rowan But Mostly Bryan vs The Hardys for a bit then, followed by a Heavy Machinery feud, by which time Kofi will have lost the title and he can go and challenge for it again.
  13. The New Daniel Bryan is a proud vegan. Heavy Machinery are all about Steaks & Weights. Bryan & Rowan vs Heavy Machinery for the tag titles once they remember they've got both sets of Champions on Raw now and sort that out.
  14. We already got a Kenny & Mikey mini-run on Smackers a couple of years ago, didn't we? Possibly in the second or third year of the Ziggler-Miz feud, though I don't think Dolph ever did anything so interesting as get the gear on again. Has Johnny Jeter done anything in wrestling since Spirit Squad? I bloody loved him in Heyman's OVW.
  15. I've never spotted him in TLJ! Will have to look out for him next time I rewatch. Bloody lucky to have survived. I bet he was one of those deserters Rose stunned and took to the brig.
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