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  1. I'm only halfway through the show - resisting the temptation to listen all at once and doing it in half hour bursts on the way to work to make it last as long as possible - but it's a tremendous listen so far, really funny stuff. My post getting a round of applause from the Oaken Table was a great honour!
  2. Great call on both Finch and Fonda! I tried to think outside the 80s box on my list - don't think any of them will actually make it to the final countdown but you never know!
  3. Wilko Johnson? It's a shame they haven't brought him back after season 2. Totally understandable writing him out after his diagnosis, but after his miracle recovery it would have been great to have Ilyn Payne pop back up again. Edit: You're talking about Jerome Flynn aren't you.
  4. As a result of the GLOW series, Buzzfeed have done an in-depth article on Pro Wrestling EVE. Worth a read!
  5. I'd come around to Lorcan a bit recently, but I'm kind of going off him again - his recent matches have gone beyond the thrill of watching double-hard mad bastards smacking each other and more into 'fuck, that could have really injured him' taking-you-out-of-the-match territory for me. He's either a phenomenal worker who makes it look like everything he does would fuck you up, or he's a terrible worker who can't understand you're not meant to actually hit the other guy as hard as you can. If he's the former then I'll happily be wrong, but if he needs to be smacking people and busting them open for real every match to get over then I don't see much value in him.
  6. Sent mine through just now. Hope this gets off the ground - but I'll understand my choices being dismissed out of hand!
  7. I first saw TNA in the year Two Thousand Four, It was the Super X Cup, and out came Jonny Storm, He had a match with Teddy Hart that blew my tiny mind, With flips and dives so crazy that I had to press rewind, They had me hooked, I had to see what they would put out next, (Luckily I hadn't seen that faction S-E-X.) The Wrestling Channel started showing old Asylum shows, With CM Punk and Raven, Siaki and Ekmo, I was excited when they started hyping Ultimate X 2, A match I'd never seen before, what mad shit would they do? But the highest point of any show was always AJ Styles, Who soon become my favourite guy - his matches made me smile. TNA would make the jump to monthly Pay Per Views, And I'd sit at a computer to compose my own reviews, I became a cheerleader of what they would provide, From Elix Skipper on the cage to Konnan and Homicide, I would proclaim to everyone that Abyss was the next Kane, And I realise that for Old Man Jones that makes me quite insane. The Canadian Destroyer would soon set the world alight, But looking at it logically, the move was proper shite, Two Thousand Five, Candido died, it really was quite sad, Shane Douglas made a comeback, CUT THE MUSIC, HA HA HA, They brought in Kevin Nash and teamed him up with Alex Shelley, The funniest Kev's ever been, I laughed right from the belly. There was a summer when their shows were only seen online, A bloody shame if you ask me, their quality was fine, Monty Brown would Pounce a guy, and Rhino hit the GORE, Then they brought in Christian and my jaw hit the floor, Samoa Joe rose through the ranks, then at Unbreakable, They did a match that made my faith in them unshakeable. With AJ, Roode and Steiner, and soon Kurt Angle too, It seemed that there was nothing bad that TNA could do, I was watching every week, I was a full fledged fan, So what went wrong to turn me off, and impose an Impact ban? VKM, or Black Reign, battle royals in reverse, Or that skit set at a funeral, with Jarrett but no hearse? I can't remember what it was that made my fandom fade, Was it the entitled Impact Zone, who never even paid? Was it the booking, or was it Jeff Hardy off his tits? Or the return of Russo and his cavalcade of shit? I did go back quite briefly at the start of Twenty Ten, I saw the Nasty Boys come back and switched right off again. Broken Matt was the last time I gave the show a look, But safe to say that by last year I didn't give a fuck, And now they're GFW, they have a brand new name, But generally the quality will likely be the same, They gave me some great moments, mostly back in the day, And so concludes my eulogy, the death of TNA.
  8. This makes me think it is in fact Vince on the other end of the line. At least once during the documentary Kurt mentioned Vince saying 'I love you' to him, and that he thought of Vince like a father. Vince might therefore think of Kurt like a son, a prodigal son come home. Together, they can eliminate the son-in-law, the usurper to Angle's true place at Vince's side, and he can rule with his son on SmackDown and his 'son' on Raw. Therefore, Vince/Kurt vs Triple H, and for added McMahon drama, Steph has to pick a side.
  9. Oz is 20 years old today - first episode premiered on this day in 1997.
  10. Is Squared Circle Gazette done or on hiatus or something? It's been a month since the last episode. I miss it!
  11. Is Squared Circle Gazette done or on hiatus or something? It's been a month since the last episode. I miss it!
  12. A +1 from me too
  13. The idea of an 'Austin moment' was mentioned above - Stone Cold regularly used to do all that stuff Pat mentions there and became even more of a babyface for it!* Times have changed. *not with me, but generally speaking
  14. I thought that was the case up here, but I think that's only for 'previews' - from Friday onwards they have it in 2D as well, so that might be the case for you too.
  15. Next week (I think) marks a year since Raw and SmackDown became separate entities again. How's the second brand split gone for you? Who have been the winners and the losers of it? Is WWE better for having done it, or has it been a waste of time? The big winner for me is Braun Strowman. Without having to appear on two shows every week they've been able to steadily push him more and more and let him become a highlight of the shows. In the initial months, it looked like it'd be a good thing for lower-card guys and new arrivals from NXT who had less chance to be lost in the shuffle - Heath Slater and American Alpha come to mind. But as the split has become more of the norm, Slater's settled back into his usual role and Alpha have become effectively non-entities. And there's others who they seemed to want to do something with that have done nothing at all in the last year - is Kalisto even still around? However, I can't imagine Jinder Mahal would have become Champion without the split so he's probably a winner - especially as they only brought him back to hell fill up the newly split rosters. Ditto Goldberg and the title, to be honest - but I like one of those more than the other. Finn Balor looked like he'd be the big winner of the split - that first month where they pushed him to the Universal Title was great - but since his injury and comeback, all that draft buzz has fizzled, which is a great shame. More the injury's fault than the brand split but you'd think they would have something more for him in a split world than an all-in-one WWE. The big loser is probably the idea of PPVs. There are so many now that none feel special - even if none have been as actively bad as some single brand shows last time round. Though it does mean you can just watch those shows on the Network, not bother with Raw or SmackDown, and not miss much. That's enough of me anyway - what do you think?