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  1. Begging parents to upgrade to Sky Sports was a big part of my wrestling fandom growing up too. You knew they'd done a good job building up a PPV when I was willing to endure the "why do you still watch that rubbish, haven't you grown out of it yet" talk in the hope they'd give in for a month (and not turn off the video recorder (set to Long Play for one night) or Sky box before they went to bed so it recorded properly). I can't imagine, even without the Network, any kid being the same level of desperate to see Stomping Grounds. WWE being on Sky One was a huge part in getting me hooked back in in 2000. On the months we wouldn't have Sky Sports (which, to be honest, was almost all of them - I normally got to see Summerslam, until 2004 when JBL was headlining and Benoit was due to lose to 'IC Title level in my mind' Randy Orton and I didn't bother asking - and that was about it), I was kept hooked by their weekend mornings full of wrestling, with the rare treat of occasionally going away for a weekend and staying in a hotel that had Sky so I could watch an episode of Raw. Going away to uni in '05 orrelated with a dip in WWE interest purely for lack of Sky, and the Wrestling Channel had by then opened my eyes to the fact I could order ROH DVDs and watch them instead. I haven't had Sky myself since, and the parents got rid of it completely a couple of years ago when I showed them everything they wanted to watch was on Now TV. I've tried to even out their paying for me to watch WWE as a kid by paying for their Now TV and Netflix, but the days of Smackers on a Saturday are long gone. I can't say I'll miss WWE on Sky, because I haven't watched it through that in probably a decade or more, and I can't say I'll be picking up BT for it, because I won't be, but there's a nostalgia there. I 'member.
  2. Not from my experience. We budgeted our usual amount, and got it in cash because I find that an easier way to make sure I don't overspend. We didn't come back with much but that's because we spent most of what we had left at the airport! Public transport is very reasonable if you get one of the EZ-Link travel cards (mine had a picture of Kylo Ren, so bonus), the attractions aren't anything more than you'd expect to pay for the equivalent over here or in New York or somewhere, and because we mostly ate at the hawker centres (and at the wedding we'd gone over for) I didn't find the food overpriced at all. Neither of us drink or particularly like shopping, though, so if those sorts of things are on your list it might cost more.
  3. Here’s Yolanda the robot, waiting for the lift.
  4. If you're tempted to splash out on the super-posh Marina Bay Sands hotel for your honeymoon, I wouldn't bother. Maybe do one night so you can use the infinity pool at the top but overall the place is pretty soulless and too huge for it to really feel personal or special, plus it's shared with a shopping centre and a casino so there aren't even really hotel-exclusive places to eat or lobbies. Secret Escapes quite regularly have deals on the Yotel on Orchard Road which we absolutely loved and would highly recommend. Small rooms but really comfy, well looked after and very friendly, and they have two robots with GPS who will travel autonomously to your room and deliver towels or bottles of water. Also a great breakfast, nice pool area, and really central.
  5. My toppest tips from what we did: - If you haven't had a chance to look at the Gardens By The Bay, they're really impressive. You have to pay to go into the Cloud Forest dome but it's well worth it, spectacular stuff with a strong environmental message. - The zoo was my highlight, it's divided into the main zoo, the River Safari (freshwater animals and those who depend on rivers) and the Night Safari (which we didn't have time for, but nocturnal animals). Easily a full day if you're interested in wildlife and conservation. - the National Museum is good, the History of Singapore gallery puts a lot of what you're seeing into context, i.e. the mix of cultures and influences that Singapore has had. - For food, find your nearest hawker centre, for dozens and dozens of affordable and tasty street food options. There's one at Marina Bay but we thought the Maxwell one (just round the corner from Chinatown MRT stop) was the best. Whether you want gyoza or chicken rice or chili crab or an ice cream sandwich they've probably got you covered, plus loads of Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Western options. - And if you've got some time at the airport check out the Spider-Man exhibition with a small selection of costumes and props from the new film.
  6. I often watch 205 Live baffled when they're doing mad high-risk moves like that, even when they go right, because the crowds just don't care and they're not exactly setting the Network alight with views. A lot of risk for the reward of 'nobody will remember this by the end of the episode, let alone in a week or a month or in 30 years'. Maybe that move went wrong deliberately so that it got talked about more. I mean, the first time I heard of Misawa and Kawada was the legendary powerbomb that went wrong and got Misawa dropped on his head, and that was a good decade and change after it happened. We definitely wouldn't be discussing it if it had been pulled off without a hitch. It's all a work, even when it isn't.........
  7. I was there a couple of weeks ago! I loved it. Lots of great sights (and a fantastic zoo), so easy to get around with the MRT, and the hawker centres for food were amazing. We've got friends who are from there so will happily go back. We were told beforehand that it's ideal if you've never been to Asia before (we haven't) and I'm now recommending it to everyone.
  8. One of the ‘stars’ of this took me by surprise. And I don’t refer to Amy Smart
  9. "This necrophilia angle will get over."
  10. All the bending of rules WWE have established for themselves, like the draft, have kind of washed over me, but when you have a 24/7 Title, and then say “it’s 24/7, except for when we put the champion in a match he’s going to lose, then we’ll ‘suspend’ it”? Bollocksy bollocks to that.
  11. I always thought that first word in the X-Pac song was “EX-PLOOOOODE”. I don’t know why it would be but I guess he has pyro maybe?
  12. Saudi deal extended for another decade
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