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  1. I started it last week, only on episode 4 of season 1 but it's already becoming a favourite. Fantastic show.
  2. Watched 'Don't Think Twice' tonight. I don't remember it getting a UK cinema release but got it on iTunes and am so pleased I did, excellent film. It's about an improv group (not an improvised film though, it's got Keegan-Michael Key and Gillian Jacobs in it) so I was expecting to recognise some of the parts based around that, but ended up really connecting to the themes running through it about friendship and moving on and things like that. Great stuff.
  3. Growing up on the north Northumberland coast means I probably take nice beaches for granted. Warkworth, Alnmouth, Embleton, Bamburgh... we're spoiled for unspoiled beaches up here. Great place for a dog walk or to spend a sunny day like today. We'd often go to the beach in the evening for a BBQ or to play rounders as well. They're also pretty isolated and therefore apparently have a bit of a reputation as good dogging spots. Apparently.
  4. Just stick Blake and Murphy back together and give them to Alexa as backup on Raw. It was silly breaking the two of them up, but they were best when she was with them too. Aleister Black has become an NXT highlight for me. Still not totally sold on Velveteen Dream but I'm sure he'll get more confident with it as time goes on.
  5. Worth a watch this week just for the move that finishes the Tozawa-Kendrick Street Fight. It's an incredible spot, maybe the most impressive moment 205 Live's ever had.
  6. New trailer has just been released for Season Seven on the GOT social media channels. I am EXCITED. It looks amazing!
  7. I don't know much about football, but I assume Leicester probably won quite a lot of games before they could win their title, rather than one or two at the end after losing all season. Otto - do you have the link to the Hindi commentary? I'd love to hear it, I bet they were delighted!
  8. That's going to be one of the many struggles for him. JBL had Undertaker to work with after his title win, and while later on he got involved with Angle, Big Show and Booker T he was also having title matches with Hardcore Holly. The main event scene wasn't swimming with guys on SmackDown at that point, but they were stacked compared to now. If Jinder had a stream of main event standard opponents he could sneak wins past to retain the belt it's one thing, but Mojo, Zayn or, to be honest, anyone bar Cena and Styles just isn't going to make him feel more than he is. its not even the 'appeal to the Indian market' thing. I get that - that's a sensible thing. Going all the way back, Sammartino was champion because he appealed to the Italian audiences in the New York territory. The 'Real American' was champion during national expansion. If you want to make waves in India, have an Indian champion. Logical. It's just the lack of anything preceding it taking place and the sheer rapidity with no effort to justify the end result that rankles with me.
  9. I'll admit to being completely opposed to the idea of Jinder as champion. Not in and of itself - though I can't say I've never liked him, I've never cared enough to think anything about him - but the speed at which he went from nothing at all to being Champion. Even JBL had to have a second go before he won the belt, and I detested his push to the top. Give him a few months of push before he gets to the pinnacle at least. To paraphrase Rick, now whenever I do the WWE Champions Sporcle quiz, 'Jinder Mahal' is going to be an answer. Forever. I know it's just a prop and I know it doesn't reeeeally mean much, but my fan-addled brain still considers that title the peak of what you can be in wrestling and it's been won by a virtual nobody. I just find it weird. However, thinking of positives:- - they can still get Jinder to a position of feeling a little less completely out of place by keeping him champion for ages. Do the JBL run again. Have him cheat and sneak his way to staying champion for ages. Keep it on him til Mania, why not. It'd be completely ridiculous if he just loses it in a month so now he's got the thing, make him title worthy retrospectively. It can be done. - Nobody should ever be able to say they can't do something anymore. Donald Trump is the President and Jinder Mahal is WWE Champion. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. Anything is possible!
  10. I really liked it at the time, because the six months of face Austin we'd had since Unforgiven 2000 were something I absolutely hated. I was never keen on Austin anyway but he did not fit in the WWE of 2000, it had moved on since he got injured. The heel turn gave me lots of fun character stuff - the McMahon alliance never bothered me because, again, I was never into their feud anyway - and he had more matches I liked in that little period than at any time previously. Angle, RVD, Benoit, Jericho, even Spike Dudley. Take it out of context and heel Austin is great entertainment. Then he went face again and I went right back to not really being bothered.
  11. There's nothing to stop WWE just bringing them onto the main roster as a team and pretending their NXT run wasn't a thing and they're a brand new act. It'd be a bit illogical but not outside the realms of possibility!
  12. Most of my time on Facebook these days seems to be taken up hiding everything from shit pages that friends have liked posts from. I still like a scroll down the news feed but I've never been closer to just sacking it off.
  13. Great show. Bate and Dunne was astonishing, I can't see anything topping that as my match of the year. Got completely sucked in, gasping and shouting at every big move and strike exchange and near fall. Amazing stuff. Liked the Ladder match, some of the stuff DIY put themselves through was crazy. That ladder shot that nearly took Gargano's head off.... fuuuuck. I was totally taken in by the turn at the end, thought they were just doing an 'appreciate the valiant losers' ending, but no! Again, sucked in, hand over mouth in shock as Ciampa destroyed Gargano. What a bastard. Title match was fine, didn't care much for the women's match, but the opener did a very rare thing and made me care if Roderick Strong won or not. I think that's maybe happened once before in about 2006. I applaud NXT for that. In short, this show made me care about what happened. I knew there was a reason NXT was my favourite. Oh, and the crowd weren't too wanky either. Hurray!
  14. The obvious one who's benefitted from the current developmental system is Tye Dillinger. He's a guy who was in the old developmental system as Shawn Spears, got called up with the name change (I think) of Gavin, and failed. Second time round in the current developmental system, he might not be lighting the world on fire on SmackDown, but he's on the shows, he's got a following, he's established and doesn't look in danger of being fired again any time soon. Brent Albright's probably one who'd have done better in the current system. He was one of my favourites when I used to watch Heyman's OVW, but as soon as Gunner Scott showed up on SmackDown he was just out of his depth. Getting shoved in a body bag by Great Khali is the only thing I remember about him and I'm not even sure that happened. He'd have probably got Full Sail behind him if he'd had an American Alpha/Revival kind of vibe about him.
  15. Netflix released a trailer the other day for their new series based on the GLOW promotion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZqDO6cTYVY I don't understand why the link won't embed but you'll have to click to watch it. So, with this new series in mind, did anybody ever watch the original GLOW? Or know anything about it? I've got only the vaguest awareness. Will you be watching this new series? (and if anyone wants to teach me how to embed videos please do!)