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  1. I might actually apply for this...
  2. Sadly not - that ship has definitely sailed! This is true and very much worth remembering - thanks. Luckily I haven't been cut back today, can't tell if it was never the plan for me or if I talked my way out of a cutback but I'm safe for now (or until a better option comes along).
  3. I definitely regret the decision I made the other week. Got a meeting at work tomorrow - everyone in our department does, two people have had theirs already and they’ve both had their hours (and pay) cut significantly. I’ve got no doubt I’ll be getting the same. What the fuck was I thinking not getting out while I had the chance.
  4. Pick 5 or 6 things you really like eating, and find recipes for how to make them yourself. Keep working on them and don’t give up on it forever if it goes wrong the first time (I definitely don’t do that, nope, not ever). If you Google recipes, I always add the prefix “easy” or “simple” and that’ll often bring you a method that’s less intimidating to follow. Or get a tin or whatever. This is #EATCLEAN after all.
  5. TLJ isn’t immune from criticism but if you want a Star Wars film full of gorgeous images it’s surely one of the best.
  6. Will the Buy In tonight be put on Fite or is it just YouTube? If it’s the latter I’m envisioning going into YouTube to watch the Buy In before Rampage and getting Rampage itself spoiled for me by the helpful YouTube homepage suggestions.
  7. Looking forward to seeing this one - just got to find enough spare time to fit in a cinema trip before Dune likely kicks it off all the screens that aren’t showing Venom 2…
  8. Definitely - neither my wife nor I have any interest in football but we both love Ted Lasso. If you like Sudeikis, even more so.
  9. It’s definitely Paddington 2.
  10. This is a fantastic idea and I fully endorse it.
  11. I (vaguely) remember in Jericho's second book he makes reference to repeated occasions where Vince would hold up Bobo Brazil as the best example of a babyface and one of his all-time favourite wrestlers. But then you look at the track record with him in charge and it's really not great. There are people of colour who've made it to the very top of WWE like The Rock, but depictions of Black culture and characters who can be summed up by "is Black" have to count against him. And that's not even taking into account things like Booker T at WrestleMania XIX.
  12. Fun but inconsequential episode this week. Everyone you'd expect to win, won. Lucha Bros and Acclaimed had a good short match. Interesting that they've announced a World Title Eliminator tournament right after Hangman has won a guaranteed title shot. That's got to be it for Brian Cage now? Not sure if there's anything left for him to do - which is almost a pity as I liked the little "who better?" tribute to Kanyon in his pre-match promo.
  13. What a great episode of wrestling. The opener was electric, the booing over the top of Dan Lambert was really fun, Deeb and Shida had a great match, and I was well into the main event and all the interactions it produced... and then Hangman. Hangman Hangman Hangman. That reaction! Goosebumps and a lump in the throat and possibly a little shriek of joy from me. And then he went and WON IT and it was glorious. Coming on here to read they’ve signed Bobby Fish to a contract is admittedly a comedown (it really does feel like they have more than enough people now) but Dynamite was, well, dynamite this week. Bring me Rampage!
  14. Dolph Ziggler's been the same character for nearly 15 years now and I still don't think they've established what the canonical Ziggler character is. I'd rather someone changed things up every few years than everyone being in that same stasis.
  15. Yeah, they put a bunch of films from the 30s to the 50s on during the first lockdown and have just kept them on there. I regularly check iPlayer to see what films are on there - more often than not there’ll be something classic or well-known I’ve never seen that you’d never find on the other streamers.
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