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  1. Us too, although I’d veer closer to terrifying. It lasted ages!
  2. Weren’t they used by Sandman in ECW before Blackman, but were called Singapore Canes because of that guy who got caned in Singapore? Or are Kendo Sticks different and I’m culturally ignorant?
  3. To add to the idea of things feeling like they move far more slowly these days, making each year indistinguishable - The Fiend has been around for a year now.
  4. It's something I'm surprised WWE haven't taken more advantage of. After fifteen years of fans booing the top babyfaces and chanting for everyone and cheering whoever the top babyfaces go up against, finally they can have an audience on the show who do exactly as they are told and they haven't really used that like I'd have expected them. Imagine if Roman hadn't had the sense he does, and they finally got the chance to book him as the guy they've been trying to make him and not get him booed for it. Dream come true, you'd have to think!
  5. Good for him, that was something he needed to work on if he was going to stick around in WWE, and he’s gone and done it. Should help him when/if NXT U.K. comes back!
  6. I’m appalled and disgusted that they have a wrestler called John Silver on the books and they have not given him a pirate gimmick. Good episode of wrestling from start to finish, that. The 450 onto Hardy was absolutely brutal, and that chair shot even more so. I can’t imagine Matt was up for getting a chair twatted into his face like that, but it’s made me very eager for a Guevara-Hardy match at the next PPV.
  7. We know that Spider-Man vs Randy Savage is a match that would have worked, thanks to Sam Raimi, so maybe live action is a better route than a comic. Chris Hemsworth as Thor as Hulk Hogan vs Actual Hulk Hogan perhaps. Edit: Just remembered a precedent for wrestler vs superhero comics - I’m sure Antonino Rocca was on the cover of a Superman comic once.
  8. I was reading this today and one of the things it mentions was a never-happened WCW vs. Marvel series in 2000. I thought I'd put my thoughts below the quote box but they've ended up in the quote box and I can't seem to delete them. They are there though, I'm not just linkposting.
  9. Can’t stop giggling at this.
  10. With no house shows for the foreseeable, isn’t the Raw schedule the same as the NXT schedule at the moment?
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