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  1. I've been getting that for the last couple of weeks too, but without the screen mirroring. Just watching on phone or tablet - constant error messages.
  2. For a guy who so many have railed against for being the 'chosen one', Roman hasn't even had a memorable run as the Champion. First reign was barely any time at all, second one lasted slightly longer until he lost it to Triple H in 2016, third one was a couple of uninteresting months til you got that 'all the Shield win the belt in one night' bit, and fourth one he had to vacate. I couldn't name what Cena did in all 16 of his reigns but his first, at least, lasted the better part of the year.
  3. I can't wait for the one night of the year where Raw and Smackers go head to head!
  4. Dio Madden is, I think, the guy who started on commentary on 205 Live last week. At one point he mentioned his first ever match was against Lince Dorado, so he might also be a wrestler. That's all I know.
  5. They remind me of the old Attitude Era sticker albums where each wrestlers' page had 'their' logo in one of the corners. Bit like this one, but the likes of X-Pac and The Godfather all had them too. I'm all for this making a comeback.
  6. I think it's done. There's been no new episodes for months now
  7. Screenshotted this part of the advert for NXT on 205 Live. If you want nobs, watch NXT?
  8. @Monkee We got the Eurostar and changed at Lille, if that’s an option it’s dead easy. Lille station only has 4 platforms so you basically go up the stairs, check the train number and platform and go back down the stairs. Disneyland Paris trip was loads of fun. We got fast passes for the first day which meant we could do all the things we wanted with no queueing, leaving us free to watch shows or wait a bit for other things on day 2. It’s been about 8 years since I was last there so hadn’t been on new Star Tours before. I was a bit apprehensive because old Star Tours is one of my favourite things in the world, but new one - while not quite giving me the same pure joy - was loads of fun. We went on 4 times, which I could justify by the fact you get a slightly different trip each time. Hoth! Naboo! Kashyyyk! Coruscant! I mean, canonically you’re slipping between all the eras of films but I’ll forgive them that. The second one we did was definitely the best. Kylo Ren, Jakku, Poe, Crait, Batuu. It was absolutely thrilling and I loved it. I was buzzed for several hours afterwards just reliving it in my head. Felt like the old Star Tours - especially the caverns on Crait (which I think were partially based on Star Tours in TLJ in the first place) and Finn’s “Star Tours, what are you doing here?” like in the old one. So much fun, could have done that again and again. Interestingly in the third one we got a holo message from Princess Leia, and everyone in the ride let out this noise that was a combination of a gasp, a sigh and an ‘aaw’ of sympathy. Like everyone got that sudden pang of remembering Carrie Fisher is no longer with us. I still can’t see her on screen without getting a bit emotional and that made it clear I’m far from the only one. Anyway, three out of the four times we went in it, it got a round of applause at the end, which was cool. Other stuff... Thunder Mountain was as fun as I remembered (we did that 3 times), although I’m sure it wasn’t that fast when I was a kid! Hadn’t been on the Ratatouille ride before but that was really cleverly done. Did the standards like Pirates, Phantom Manor, and then things like the Army Men parachute drop and Buzz Laser Blast. Day 2 was free enough that we could watch the Lion King ‘Rhythms of the Pridelands’ show which was amazing. I think it’s on again next summer and I very much recommend it, incredible production values and felt like you were watching a condensed version of the West End show. Really excellent. Stunt show at the studios was still cool even if it hasn’t changed in ever. The only thing that really (really) let it down was the food. It was so surprising how, considering how well they do everything else, their food offer is so shite. Burgers and chips as far as the eye can see and very, very little else. I know there are the super expensive fully booked places but other than that, so little variety and massive queues for expensive crap. Same deal in the Village. We ended up at Vapiano both nights. They could really do with working at how poor the whole thing was on that count. Hoping when we go to California next year for Galaxy’s Edge it’s a bit better there! We did at least have a nice mocktail at the Newport Bay Hotel. The real world is so grim and boring in comparison to the last couple of days but at least I can eat relatively well.
  9. Diana - another one who had got up to watch cartoons. Was told by my dad she’d died and remember thinking it was sad but not being very affected otherwise or watching updates on the news on the day. I do remember doing that when the Omagh bombing happened the following August. 9/11 - I would have been in school when it actually happened (in French I think) and was told by my mum after school. I can remember Steve Wright on Radio 2 doing his “This Is A Serious Angle Jim Ross” voice. My dad was at home recovering from a hernia op so had been watching the news anyway, and they continued to watch it. I was a bit freaked out by the whole thing and the prospect of there being war and retaliations and all sorts so I went upstairs and did a Royal Rumble on SmackDown 2 to take my mind off it. 7/7 - was on study leave either during or just after A Levels so remember watching it on the news as it was unfolding. Michael Jackson - must have been in a London at the time (I think Springsteen was playing Hyde Park) because I remember loads of people scrawling memorial messages on the front wall of the National Gallery. Never found out what the connection was between Jackson and the NG. Amy Winehouse - was just about to leave to see Iron Maiden in Newcastle. Remember wondering if they’d mention it. I don’t think they did.
  10. That’s an 11 match card, minimum! Plus presumably the KOTR final and does Roman have a match? Going to be a long night if they stick to the ‘every title’ rule.
  11. She’s only taken me to Disneyland because Metroland in the Metro Centre closed down.
  12. I thought I was being taken on a trip to London this week for my birthday, but it turns out we’re actually only there to jump on the Eurostar for two days at Disneyland Paris! . Any suggestions for nicest places to eat while I go nuts about Star Tours?
  13. I'm the total opposite. Thought Grimes' promo with it's 'top of the top of the bottom Cameron Grimes bottom bottom top of the bottomCameronGrimestop top bottom Cameron Grimes' was almost Michael McGillicutty levels of bad, and that Myles came off completely nondescript, unmemorable and, to be honest, a bit worthless (I know the 'real' objective of the Breakout Tournament was to get a load of new faces on TV but when the winner of it gets decisively beaten in his 'prize' match then it just means that even the best one out of that 8's nowhere near the level of the actual stars.) I was hoping after their segment earlier in the episode that Keith Lee might come in afterwards and beat down Myles for wasting the title shot that Lee's never had, but nah, Adam Cole wins, the end. Not a great episode, although Bianca Belair looked ace.
  14. This week on 205 Live there was a “this is awesome” chant for Mike Kanellis vs. Tony Nese. I interpret that more as an indictment of how little that chant now means than any reflection on the quality of the match itself.
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