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  1. Oh, I meant let’s not have someone accused of murder in the Hall of Fame!
  2. Ah yes, when they even changed his name to The Road Warrior! I think a SmackDown house show I went do even had him vs Tatanka on the card.
  3. How about Greg Valentine’s last last WWF years when they brought him back for a bit around 2005 and he was wrestling the likes of Rob Conway on Heat?
  4. Great shout. I remember him doing another odd-couple tag team with Grandmaster Sexay around May 2001 - Scotty 2 Hotty was off with a neck injury and Rikishi had done it for the Rock by then - which I remember nothing about except that I liked it. Blackman was a great deadpan straight man to more OTT cartoony characters. Then Sexay got canned and the Invasion happened and I didn’t see him again, except maybe for a Gimmick Battle Royal on Raw that he should have won.
  5. I’ve been taking advantage of the Network being mostly free while I’m working from home and have had WrestleManias on in the background this week. For some reason I started at 10 and went at an interval of 8 years each. So I’ve watched 10, 18, 26, and 34. Brief thoughts: 10: Held together by two great matches. Bret vs Owen is as great as it always has been. Shawn vs Razor seems tame in comparison to the MITB stunt shows but it’s still really good. Everything else was fine, but Randy Savage’s entrance stood out as a great moment - filled me with joy. Interesting that they were relying on the old guard even then with the Piper and Perfect appearances. 18: Not as bad in isolation as when you think of it sandwiched between two of the great Manias in 17 and 19. The Hardcore stuff is really fun throughout the show, and the moment where Hogan hulks up gave me goosebumps. Main event should have been shorter. Interesting that the “babyface does finisher to Steph” spot was still being wheeled out 16 years later. 26: One classic match in Taker-Michaels and a whole lot of filler. The tag title match, women’s match and MITB could have been cut completely and you wouldn’t have missed anything. We didn’t appreciate 2010 Batista enough when he was there. Interesting that a lot of people on this show are still around a decade later. 34: Long, but nowhere near as long if you skip the entrances and post-match hugs n’ appreciation. The moment Ronda takes on Triple H is electrifying. I realised that I haven’t enjoyed an Undertaker match since his Lesnar rematches in ‘15. The Bryan tag match underdelivered compared to the Rousey one which was great. Interesting that Kofi took the pin in his match and won the Title a year later.
  6. Let’s not have “arrested in 2017 on suspicion of the murder of his ex-partner”. Thanks for these bios with each finalist @AJSTYLES - really helps to know some of the achievements of those I wouldn’t otherwise know much about, like Mitzi Mueller or Lord James Blears. Sending my list over in a minute!
  7. Today I learned that 'Young Nastyman' referenced in that Tenacious D song was the name for Shazam villain Black Adam over here in the 1950s after the UK publisher lost their licence for the characters but kept on going with their own plagiarised versions. That's a very long sentence for a very trivial fact.
  8. I used to get the DVDs of OVW from when Heyman was booking, and Shelly was there as one of Aron Stevens' valets, along with Beth Phoenix. Such an odd trio but it worked, mainly because Stevens' music was 'Brick House' by The Commodores. They could have definitely done more with Ariel in ECW if she'd been given a better vampire than Thorn. They had their Drusilla but didn't have the Spike. Who of today's lot could be a good vampire? It's about time we had another one.
  9. We’re watching that at the moment. Fascinating stuff, and amazing archive footage too. It says S1 E1, are they releasing weekly episodes?
  10. They did a new radio episode not that long ago for Brexit. It was ... much the same as it had always been, but because it’s been a fair few years it got the sparks of ‘membering going at least once in each sketch. I can see new TV episodes going down well.
  11. Great choice with Gangrel. Always loved seeing him when the only WWF I got a chance to watch was Heat or Metal. I remember him being brought back to Smackers in 2004 when JBL was feuding with Undertaker. Him and Viscera returned together - they kept Vis around for the next 5 years but Gangrel was a one and done. One of those guys you hope they do another Gimmick Battle Royal for so he can come back and win it and we hear that music again. My pick for this is Spike Dudley. I loved Spike, thought he was brilliant from the first time I saw him (in WWE - never saw him in ECW at the time). He added wonderfully to the Dudley Boyz act at a time they could have started getting stale - and of course helped add that extra dynamic to TLCII. He had wrestling’s greatest love story angle with Molly Holly - and got a great match with Stone Cold out of it. He took some of the craziest bumps of the time - from being battered by Lesnar around the time Brock debuted to that chokeslam over the top rope from Undertaker when Taker was Hardcore Champion. Spike never got above European Title level. Nor should he have. But he was someone I always liked. Dudley Dog!
  12. Try just going to watch.wwe.com - the app wanted me to sign in but the website just let me watch. (unless I was already signed in on my browser and it remembered me from when I had the Network)
  13. Boneyard Match could be a decent way to hide Undertaker's limitations. It's far more likely it'll go all House Of Horrors, or Sting vs. Vampiro in the graveyard, but it could be a decent way to hide his limitations... Perhaps they're building to a big finish where they set a liger loose on Styles.
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