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  1. HarmonicGenerator

    Hell in a Cell: the UKFF Reviews

    Likewise @Onyx2, my Cena vs Orton one should be in your DMs, sent it above Kennel from Hell.
  2. HarmonicGenerator

    DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    Film fans! If anyone is in London before the 20th January, I can not recommend ‘The Clock’ at Tate Modern highly enough. They've taken thousands and thousands of movie clips that reference time or the passing of time, edited them together and synced them up with real time. So if you went in at 4pm you’d see the 4pm clips, 11.15am at 11.15am etc. We watched 8.30pm-9.30pm the other night and it was just so absorbing. Going from Sherlock Holmes checking his pocketwatch to Atticus Finch putting Scout to bed (another pocketwatch) to Hayden Christensen on top of Big Ben, with so many clips from films I’d never seen in between. And once a month they’re showing the full 24 hours. It is genius - and I don’t use that word without meaning it. Go.
  3. HarmonicGenerator

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    That’s not how it reads on WWE.com . Official Raw report says because Michaels will be in Triple H’s corner, Kane will be in Undertaker’s? Doesn’t sound like a tag match to me.
  4. HarmonicGenerator

    Best and Worst Non Wrestler...... Wrestler

    Trump. Take your pick whether that’s worst or best.
  5. HarmonicGenerator

    Hell In A Cell is next week apparently

    If your cash in goes to a non-finish do you get another chance, or is it a one and done no matter how it ends?
  6. HarmonicGenerator

    Hell In A Cell is next week apparently

    Good show overall, one of those where the first half is better than the second. I watched on mute, which I recommend because you can’t hear the crowd or the commentators. Hardy-Orton was fantastic. Jeff’s best match since he came back and Orton’s best in maybe years. Everything seemed to click on this one, I loved it. Might be one of my MOTYC nominations. Becky and Charlotte was very good, Becky is brilliant. Tag Match was good, I kind of wished they’d combined it with the Roman-Strowman match and had a Shield Six Man HIAC (which, to be fair, in the end they kind of did). Super Show Down should be good. I liked Styles-Joe despite the slightly unoriginal finish we’d just seen at Takeover Brooklyn. I loved how Joe reacted to losing though. That is how you react to a loss in a WWE Title Match. It matters. When your Daniel Bryan Match is the weakest on the show, you know you’ve got a good show. Felt like it was more about Brie and Maryse than Miz and Bryan. Ronda and Alexa was fine, I still don’t like Ronda selling for ages. She should get in, kill, win, and leave. Speaking of, the main event was all set to be your standard ‘Roman gets beaten down for ages’ matches until the other four came out and livened it up considerably. The big bump was a bit contrived but I liked the roof stuff. Beardy Brock showing up was a nice surprise. Yeah, good stuff overall!
  7. HarmonicGenerator

    Epic Fails

    I might view it differently today, but at the time I found it embarrassing and, like I say, dreaded the thought of that being the moment someone caught me watching. I’ve never been a big fan of brawling, never really liked babyface Austin, and was getting tired of lengthy skits and non-wrestling content instead of matches. None of it added up for me. Genuinely enjoyed Bossman’s shock return a couple of weeks later more.
  8. HarmonicGenerator

    Would Ya Dare Shop At Netto?

    We don’t have an Aldi anywhere near us anymore. This thread is making me sad and hungry for excellent Aldi chocolate, crisps and various other things they do better than the big boys. Aldi > Lidl.
  9. HarmonicGenerator

    UKFF Fantasy Booking Classic 2018

    It’s a little over the wordcount because of headings, bracket listings etc. I apologise profusely and hope you understand. King of the Ring Week 1: Raw GM and former King Kurt Angle announces the return of KING OF THE RING! Competitors will be drawn randomly across Raw and SmackDown and can appear on both shows for the duration. Titleholders will defend titles in the Tournament - the King will hold multiple gold. Titles will be unified and defended across both shows (most of them don’t mean much these days so won’t be a big miss). And they get to sit on this throne while they reign over WWE. It’s made of iron. Aleister Black, with new silver-blonde hair, makes his debut, beating Baron Corbin and declaring he will be crowned as the rightful king. Bracket A: Seth Rollins / Jeff Hardy Dolph Ziggler / Roman Reigns Dean Ambrose / AJ Styles Chad Gable / John Cena Bracket B: Miz / Daniel Bryan Harper / Sheamus Andrade Almas / Braun Strowman Aleister Black / Drew McIntyre Week 1: SmackDown Andrade Almas beats Randy Orton and takes the nickname Viper for himself. He also starts wearing red. A delegation of tournament competitors from Raw visit. Roman Reigns greets AJ Styles as an old friend. Rollins and Ambrose look less pleased. Ambrose tells AJ not to trust anyone - they all want the throne. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre sneer in the background. Outside, Harper is training in the snow. He runs into Sheamus, wearing his old crown. They start battering each other in the snow. Backstage, cameras are trying to track down Jeff Hardy. Meanwhile, Braun Strowman towers over a lone Zelina Vega, terrifying her. R1, Match 1: Aleister defeats McIntyre. Ziggler is outraged and berates McIntyre all the way backstage, until Chad Gable interrupts and slaps Ziggler in the face. McIntyre lets it happen. R1, Match 2: Dean Ambrose cheats to defeat AJ Styles and WIN the WWE Championship. Styles, the honourable man, is done. “I told you not to trust me”, says Ambrose. Backstage, Strowman kidnaps Zelina! He’s like a mountain compared to her. Andrade is FURIOUS. The cameras find Jeff, who has climbed up to the top of the arena. He overhears Ambrose and Rollins plotting to overthrow Reigns, and use Ziggler to ensure one of them wins the tournament! Rollins spots Hardy. “The things I do for brotherhood”, he says, and the Kingslayer pushes Jeff off the top: Week 2: Raw R1, Match 3: Rollins advances as Hardy is unable to compete. R1, Match 4: ‘The Mountain’ Braun Strowman beats The Red Viper. Almas almost wins but takes too long, screaming “you scared her! You abducted her! SAY HER NAME!” allowing Strowman to cinch in a crushing HEAD VICE and win. Outside, Sheamus and Harper are still fighting, but a friendship has formed. R1, Match 5: Dolph Ziggler beats Roman Reigns to WIN THE UNIVERSAL TITLE when Ambrose and Rollins ‘accidentally’ assist Dolph. Reigns is down and his ‘family’ turn on him! Ambrose attacks afterwards, but Rollins hesitates. His duty to Roman... but he follows Dean. Ziggler acts like an entitled evil little blonde bastard. Backstage, Gable looks on. Week 2: SmackDown John Cena comes out for a promo. Styles is done. Reigns is done. That means he, as the most decorated champion ever, is rightful king and champion. The throne is his. Rollins and Ambrose come out and mock him. Sheamus and Harper train together. Rowan looks on enviously. Ziggler and McIntyre confront Gable and tell him he’d better beat Cena. In a non-tournament match, Aleister Black beats Shinsuke Nakamura and WINS the US TITLE. “I was born in a storm”, he says afterwards, “and Braun Strowman, I’m coming to take what is mine”. The flame pyro lights up onstage and he walks through it. He is unburnt. R1, Match 6: In a No DQ feud ender, Miz defeats Daniel Bryan. Bryan comes out with loads of YES Movement fans. During the match... the lights go out. A lone violinist plays The Shield’s music. And not a soul to hear... lights go back on and THE FANS ALL ATTACK BRYAN. BETRAYAL! Miz takes a final shot - “The Shield send their regards” - and pins a destroyed Bryan. Week 3: Raw Ziggler comes out to mock Cena. Cena takes the bait but McIntyre protects Dolphey. Ziggler makes fun of Gable and calls him “half man” R1, Match 7: Gable beats Cena through tactics and cunning. Cena raises his hand then heads off to see his Red Woman Nikki Bella. R1, Match 8: Harper beats Sheamus. They smash each other. Afterwards Rowan appears, takes out Sheamus and chokeslams Harper. “For the Bludgeons!” He does it again, again, again. Harper is dead. Backstage, Miz lords it over Bryan like an evil, vicious cunt. He’s stuck a goat head on someone in a Bryan t-shirt and hired Kane as his manservant, only he calls him Smell. Smell, Smell, it rhymes with Hell. Bray Wyatt discovers Harper’s body and uses his magic lantern to bring Harper back from the dead. R2: Rollins / Ziggler Ambrose / Gable Miz / Harper Black / Strowman Week 3: SmackDown R2, Match 1: Aleister chops down the Mountain and defeats Strowman! Aleister’s brought these three wearing dragon costumes. The new Lucha Dragons are his children. Miz is being a cunt. Resurrected Harper calls him a bastard and awaits their battle. R2, Match 2: Ambrose defeats Gable. Ziggler is at ringside berating Gable constantly. Afterwards, Ambrose and Ziggler attack Gable. Ambrose makes Rollins join in. McIntyre does not participate. From the rafters, Jeff Hardy watches. He’s painted a third eye on his forehead. Week 4: Raw Ziggler twattishly cosies up to The Shield. They present him with Roman’s old vest; Dolphey’s one of the family now! He’s so chuffed, and has no idea they’re using him. He tells McIntyre to fuck off. McIntyre tells him to fuck himself. R2, Match 3: Harper beats Miz. Afterwards he throws Miz to the dogs - Bryan, Sheamus, Kane - who tear him apart and celebrate with Harper... their king! Seth catches Dean chatting to Strowman about future plans. Don’t trust him, Seth! R2, Match 4: Rollins defeats Ziggler. After a ref bump, Gable appears and chokes Ziggler out. Nobody helps. He goes PURPLE. PURPLE. Gable eventually lets go, runs away and Seth reluctantly covers the unconscious Ziggler. New Universal champion. Semis: Rollins / Ambrose Harper / Black Week 4: SmackDown Gable joins up with Black, who also meets Harper. They agree that whoever progresses, they MUST defeat the Shield. There are bigger things at stake than their own glory. R3, Match 1: Black defeats Harper. He tells The Shield he will beat them with fire and blood. Jeff Hardy turns up with three eyes talking nonsense about seeing through time or something. Willow is coming. R3, Match 2: Ambrose comes out with STROWMAN. Seth’s been fucked over! Dean uses a green fireball to blind Rollins and WINS. TRIPLE CROWN CHAMPION. Seth is sacrificed for Dean’s own ambition. Next stop, the throne. PPV FINAL: Aleister and his army of allies, including Rollins, defeat Ambrose (with Strowman) to win ALL FOUR TITLES AND BECOME THE TRUE KING OF THE RING. He sits with all his belts on the iron throne But before we fade to black, a vignette... someone... walking... in white... THE NIGHT KING FUUUUUUUUUUU end
  10. HarmonicGenerator

    Epic Fails

    DX circa 2006 comes to mind for me as some of the cringiest stuff they’ve ever done. 40 year olds making cock jokes thinking they’re hilarious. The other one I can think of is the supermarket brawl in 2001 with Austin and Booker T. How much of it intended to come off as goofy, I’m not sure, but I remember every time it was replayed on the various highlight shows on Sky One (I used to watch them all) I had my hand on the remote the whole time, ready to switch to anything else in case my dad walked in. For a genuine epic fail moment that felt like it would never end, is there anything worse than a failing promo? Michael McGillicutty’s NXT concession speech comes to mind. You just wanted the ground to swallow him up for his own sake.
  11. HarmonicGenerator

    How does your daily routine compare to Marky Mark's?

    I’m just over an hour and a half door to door. It had previously been a 7 minute drive so it took some getting used to. Whereas it had been short and in my control (ie could leave work at any time whenever I was finished because I was driving), now I have to go when I have to go because of trains (one an hour and have to book in advance) but I can use train time to read, watch downloads or listen to podcasts which is quite nice.
  12. HarmonicGenerator

    UKFF Fantasy Booking Classic 2018

    Tell me about it!
  13. HarmonicGenerator

    Member the 80s?

    The Jim’ll Paint It Facebook page posted the image below last night, a tribute to 80s pop culture. Even on a low quality Facebook style photo there is loads to spot on there - you can buy poster prints of it which will probably reveal much more! What’s your favourite thing on there and what’s missing? Prince getting out of a DeLorean is pretty special - and the Super Mario Bros billboard in the background too. Nostalgia!
  14. HarmonicGenerator

    UKFF Fantasy Booking Classic 2018

    You can post your entries directly in the thread 🙂
  15. HarmonicGenerator

    The Miscellaneous Folder (image heavy)

    Lister has a podcast?