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  1. HarmonicGenerator

    Wrestling Pod Casts / Radio Interviews

    @Liam O'Rourke how long do you envision the timeline series going on for? It's been clear for a fair bit of 1999 that the war has been won - will you be sticking it out until WCW has folded, or will you stop before then?
  2. HarmonicGenerator

    NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    Another very good show. Not my favourite TakeOver, but I can virtually guarantee I'll have enjoyed that a lot more than I will MITB tomorrow. If I even watch MITB tomorrow! Ricochet vs. Dream was very good indeed, I thought Black vs. Lars was good too. Thought it showed a different side to Aleister we haven't really seen much of yet. Main event was excellent, shocking, dramatic, head-in-hands hands-over-mouth stuff throughout. Can't decide if it tops New Orleans or is its equal ... but how does this end?! How does either of them move on from this while they're both in NXT? Agree that a third and final match for the title is a way to go. Like Supremo said, that's your heel, babyface and feud of the year. The sad thing is knowing how badly they'll probably all fare on the main roster.
  3. HarmonicGenerator

    Andre the Giant documentary

    Cheers! I’ll be adding that to my watchlist!
  4. HarmonicGenerator

    2018 Coil-Shuffling Thread

    Matt 'Guitar' Murphy, famously of the Blues Brothers band but also guitarist for the likes of Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters, has died at the age of 88. Didn't realise quite how old he was, but still sad news - he was a fantastic guitarist.
  5. HarmonicGenerator

    Andre the Giant documentary

    Hoping this will be made available on Now TV. Is there any chance it'll be added to the Network or is that a no-go because it's not a WWE programme?
  6. HarmonicGenerator

    The Celebrity Sexual Harassment and Rapists Thread

    Thanks for that. Like you said, what a nice man.
  7. HarmonicGenerator

    The Celebrity Sexual Harassment and Rapists Thread

    Thanks for posting that @Astro Hollywood - where did you find it's Hardwick she's talking about? (Just as she doesn't name him specifically in the piece). Now I'm off to delete the episodes of his podcast I never got round to.
  8. HarmonicGenerator

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Or a series of comical vignettes called ‘Corbin Goes Corporate’ where Kurt Kingsmans him into respectability. Barbers, suit tailors, dinner etiquette etc.
  9. HarmonicGenerator

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    Giving Ronda a 1-1 record. Urgh, welcome to club 50-50, etc. I was so hyped for Rousey after WrestleMania and now I barely care. If she kills Nia in about 40 seconds and goes on to beat everybody except Charlotte for the next 9 months leading to her against Flair at Mania next year, I’m back on board. I struggle to think what else will redeem this.
  10. HarmonicGenerator

    NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    That’s the best I’ve seen Kyle O’Reilly by some distance. Great match with Pete Dunne that Full Sail seemed mega into. Was that legitimate or were they just really loud because someone in the audience was acting the twat or had a beachball? It’s sad that I now have to assume a noisy crowd is because they’re trying to get themselves over rather than the wrestlers being over.
  11. HarmonicGenerator

    The World Cup

    The World Cup is the only time I’m ever interested in football. I’ll collect the stickers, I’ll do the work sweepstake, if I see a game on telly I’ll leave it on, and then I’ll forget about football for the next four years. I’m like those people who only watch WrestleMania. Remember being really into France 98 (back when I loved all football), watching England lose in 2002 with all the guests at my aunt’s wedding, seeing the Zidane headbutt in a hotel bar in Jersey (with the many, many replays) and watching one of the semi finals on a rooftop screening in Monaco in 2010 with my dad on our last full family holiday. Oh, and finishing the sticker album in 2014 thanks to a team project at work and some help from Tiger Rick on here. Looking forward to this year’s one. I picked Germany out of the tub, which I understand is a good thing!
  12. HarmonicGenerator

    DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    Watched Cargo on Netflix tonight. Really good Aussie zombie drama. Martin Freeman is very good in it. Best Netflix original film I’ve seen.
  13. HarmonicGenerator

    NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    Yeah, that’s true, and that’s what’s nice about it in a way. It didn’t just appear on TV fully formed - it took a few appearances to work on it and develop it - in developmental, no less! - before it really clicked with him and it was off to the races. I wasn’t keen on it at first and I think that’s partly because we’re so conditioned into not thinking NXT is first and foremost the developmental territory.
  14. HarmonicGenerator

    DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    The only thing that'd make me interested in a third film. Edit: This morning I realised another dozen problems I had with the ending so I've added those into my post above.
  15. HarmonicGenerator

    NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    Highlights this week: 1 - Tommasso Ciampa doing his very best to shut up the twats who are still chanting “psycho killer”. If the Chicago crowd try to ‘reward’ him by cheering for him this Street Fight could die a death. Just boo him, you idiots! I know it’ll never happen but this is one occasion where blood really would add to the drama of the match. 2 - the Velveteen/Ricochet video package. Cannot wait for that match. 3 - during Lars’ “smash all the trainees at the PC” bit, you see The Mighty walk in through a door at the bottom of the screen. In the background of the shot, they see Lars smashing, shake their heads as if to say “not today thanks” and leave again. It’s brilliant.