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  1. Wrestling Pod Casts / Radio Interviews

    Not a wrestling podcast but John Cena is interviewed on this week’s Empire Podcast - the interviewer was a WWE fan (specifically from 1988-1991, but still) so there’s some wrestling content in there. Cena in general carries himself brilliantly, he’s a great interview. Worth a listen.
  2. Favourite Jobber!?

    I... genuinely never realised he was Rad Radford. Oops...
  3. 205 Live

    At this stage in 205 Live, I'd rather pay to watch Drew Gulak's Powerpoint Presentation in full.
  4. Favourite Jobber!?

    I remember when Stevie Richards had a column on the back page of the WWF magazine and wrote one about Spicolli - first time I’d ever heard of him and, sheltered life that I’d led, the first real discussion of early deaths in wrestling I’d read about (other than Owen Hart). I’ve seen him in ECW but never actually seen any of his WWF job stuff.
  5. NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    At least Ohno's got the sense to cover the flab up with a t-shirt.
  6. Public Performance

    That sounds very similar to our Rugby Club do experience, Pat - the stuff that was being shouted at us was appalling, and to our female performers especially. The people hoping that all these celeb sexual harassment allegations are going to lead to a sea change in the culture have never been to a Rugby Club do. The female Club members were just as bad, too, so it wasn't as if it was 'just' the men... They can pay us whatever they like but I'm not doing one of those gigs again!
  7. Public Performance

    It's always been something I've been comfortable with - from doing am-dram since I was about 7, to the monthly improv shows I'm part of in Newcastle, to a large part of my job which involves public speaking with an element of performance - I'm quite happy in any scenario like that. Had loads of good experiences with it - it's not necessarily to do with numbers, but selling out a venue is always great. I'm just as happy with a small crowd as long as they're reacting - means they're enjoying it. I'm not doing anything for the cash (especially at work, since I'm getting paid whatever!) so knowing people are enjoying things is the main bit. If it's a good audience, I'd obviously rather have 100 in than 6, but we did a few shows closer to that latter number at the Fringe this year, and they were great. We were able to get the audience really involved, and basically turned it into a exclusive show for them. There may have only been one or two families in, but they had an awesome time. Same at work - it's amazing 'performing' for a big crowd, but you can deliver a different kind of experience if there's a few people. Different, but if you get into it, just as good. Job done. (Kaz - the WrestleMania-themed show of mine you came to was our smallest of the year audience-wise but it's probably one of my favourites because while there weren't many in, everybody was really into it. Also the only time we've got a "holy shit" chant during a show!) Worst was between a Rugby Club Christmas do we were booked for - the thought of it still just makes me want to hide underneath a table until it goes away, it was brutal - or appearing in an Alan Ayckbourn play with my ex. She wasn't my ex at the time, but she'd been cheating on me with another member of the cast. And was doing so in the rehearsals I'd missed when I went to my grandad's funeral in the Midlands. And during the performances when I was having to sleep between my scenes because I had swine flu. And at the after show party once I'd gone home to bed. Not the best memories of that play! The strange thing is, as comfortable as I am with all of the above, if another act asked me to come up on stage as a 'volunteer' or I got picked on... I'd freeze. I'd lose all my confidence and have no idea what to do. Don't know why that is...
  8. NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    Yeah, I think NXT's constantly changing roster is one of its biggest advantages - that and their one-hour timeslot meaning nobody's on every week. It's very rare that any act gets stale through overexposure or overstaying their welcome, and there are regular chances to move up the ladder and show what you can do.
  9. The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    Apart from All Stars.
  10. NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    Announcement on WWE.com about future NXT Title contenders
  11. NXT - Post NXT Takeover discussion in progress

    I half-agree with this. I wouldn't mind an NXT Rumble, but why not do it with the winner getting a spot in the Rumble proper? They've had tournaments in the past that Bo Dallas and Rusev won, but you could devote a whole episode of NXT TV to it. The downside is you're putting a Rumble on free TV before you put a Rumble on PPV, but they're both on the Network now so maybe no harm no foul. Plus it'd be nice bit of synchronicity to have a non-PPV 20 man Rumble in 2018 as a little callback to the 88 Rumble. Anyway, Pete Dunne two weeks in a row! Enjoyable tag team match, really liked the dynamic that Andrews hated teaming with Dunne but knew he had to try and get along with him to win and get a title shot. Any time Dunne and Bate are in there together it's magic, it'll never happen but I'd love their title rematch to get on Clash of Champions or something. Trent Seven needs to lose the flabbywobbles though. Other than the nice emphasis on the UK guys, I really liked the Lars video package, but otherwise a bit of a nothing show.
  12. Montreal - 20 years

    Of all the people that jumped, I can still never quite place Bret Hart in WCW. It just feels wrong seeing him in that promotion, like he just doesn't fit. Even more so than people like Hogan and Savage, to me Bret and WWF are completely linked and he just doesn't make sense to me otherwise. I think even if he'd been treated well and given great opponents, it still would have felt like he's somewhere he's not supposed to be.
  13. Comic Book and Superhero movie & TV discussion.

    Kevin Feige said in an interview this week that he sees Avengers 4 as a kind of end-point for this iteration, and that while the films carry on they'll focus on a new generation of heroes - which'll be your Captain Marvels and other newer additions (presumably people like Doctor Strange and Black Panther who've only had one film so far). Most of the main actors' contracts are up after Avengers 4 so this could be it for Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor and a few other people who've been in loads of films.
  14. Comic Book and Superhero movie & TV discussion.

    There's still two films, but Infinity War is just the first film. The second one has a different name, which they haven't announced yet as it's apparently an Infinity War spoiler.
  15. Comic Book and Superhero movie & TV discussion.

    Thinking of needing the essentials, I’d say: Iron Man - good for Downey Jr, probably not essential as you get a sense of him from any Marvel film he’s in Incredible Hulk - skip Iron Man 2 - skip Thor - handy for backstory on various elements, introduces you to the outer space type elements Captain America - if you know he gets frozen and fights a Nazi-ish group called Hydra, you’re probably okay to skip this Avengers - watch Iron Man 3 - again good for Downey Jr but no long term consequences so skippable Thor 2 - skip Winter Soldier - handy to watch for a few key characters Guardians - initial set up of Thanos and infinity stones so handy to watch Age of Ultron - not the best but introduces Vision who’ll probably play a big role in Infinity War, so maybe watch Ant-Man - he can go tiny. Skip Civil War - puts many major players in position for Infinity War. Watch Dr Strange - looks to feature quite heavily if the trailer is any judge so maybe watch Guardians 2 - if you know Nebula hates Thanos you don’t need to watch this one Spider-Man - I had to edit this post when I forgot it so hard to argue it’s vital! You get most of what you need from Civil War so skip maybe Ragnarok - hard to say as it’s so recent but probably skippable in the grand scheme of things Black Panther - unknown but as it’s out two months before Infinity War there’ll probably be some useful set-up. Hope that helps!