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  1. You've sold me. I think I'll be watching some Elevation tonight.
  2. A more recent one - Sami Zayn finally winning the NXT Title only for his celebration to be turned into an attack by newly arrived Kevin Owens was the angle that got me hooked on NXT. More of a storyline transition than a feud one, but within the larger ‘Sami needs to win the belt’ angle was a feud with PAC that transitioned into the Owens one.
  3. Flair I could actually see in AEW, if only for having him appear on screen with both Arn and Tully.
  4. An eight year run in a prominent position, fair enough if he’s decided he wants a break or to try something else, or they’ve got no idea where else to go with him. I expect he’ll be back at some point. Wyatt had some great moments in WWE, even if my memories of him are generally of disappointment. The first time the arena lit up with all the phone screens, the first appearance of The Fiend, the face-off and six man tag with The Shield, that’s three more great highlights than a lot of people get. That time he read Astro’s blog as well. Shame you also have the ring maggots, House of Horrors, the Inferno with Kane, and Screamin’ Seth in there. I’d rather not have him in AEW but he’d be a cracking fit for NWA if he doesn’t feel he’s above it.
  5. The Suicide Squad is good-not-great. It’s enjoyable, and everyone in the cast is having a bunch of fun (I can’t single any one person out because every time I’ve tried to, I end up listing three or four more of them who were just as good), but it did feel a little long at times and there’s a couple of animal deaths that I wasn’t keen on at all. It’s far better than The Other Suicide Squad.
  6. Got goosebumps all over for Hangman and the Dark Order's entrance. Went back to the start of the show once I'd finished it, watched it again, got goosebumps a second time. I actually thought he'd manage it and win the match. I'm gutted that he didn't. If Dark Order are reading this, DO NOT LET HANGMAN GIVE UP. Get him back on the horse. Literally if you have to, that horse from Stadium Stampede might still be hanging around Jacksonville. Jericho is crazy for going through that main event. If that was Nick Gage toned down, I'm glad I've never seen another of his matches. Juvi next week will be a nice respite!
  7. You could start this set-up in the build to Page vs. Omega. Cabana has a moment with Hangman backstage, says he knows how he feels, he used to have a best friend who turned his back on him too...
  8. Or Shida, for that matter. If she’s been on Dynamite at all since losing the title it can only have been once or twice.
  9. It was a few months ago, but for the last of these ones I did some practice interviews beforehand to make sure I wasn't, and I'd had one the day before which I knew I wasn't great at, so wanted to do everything I could to make sure I was at my best for this last one and avoided where I felt I'd gone wrong the previous day. Still wasn't enough. This one was just to get through to a second interview and I couldn't even get that far!
  10. This is the immediate post-rejection depression talking but I don't think it ever will. One of those rejections was a job I was completely qualified for. I hit every criteria they were looking for, and the feedback I got was that I didn't have enough management experience despite me having had ten years' management experience in a much bigger organisation than they were. How am I supposed to take that?! Shit.
  11. Forget that, they both sent rejection emails this morning. Shit. Shit shit shit.
  12. I just found the up to date list on my phone (at least, I think it is, I find it hard to believe they haven’t wrestled each other since November!)
  13. My workplace seem to have relented the tiniest bit on “everything is NORMAL again now” which is good, even if it’s just delaying the inevitable “why are our incomes not like normal” in a month’s time. Had a couple of interviews this week so maybe one of those will go somewhere.
  14. Yes, but the incessant questions about Jurassic Park and Hunt For The Wilderpeople and that Ivanhoe film he did in the 80s got too much for him and he went back to New Zealand.
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