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  1. I wouldn't have to, because it was done as a leadup to the HOF... but for the sake of completion, I probably would.
  2. Thanks! I did something similar for each of the Big Four PPVs - look for 'A Mania match a day', and then Summerslam, Survivor Seres and Royal Rumble 'match a day'. But this is the first/only time I've done it for a particular wrestler.
  3. I've been told several times this week I should be watching this. Is it on FX over here yet?
  4. I've been enjoying the Edge and Christian podcast. I skip the 'voicemail' sections, but the interviews have been pretty interesting and their thoughts on things like WrestleMania are too.
  5. They need to do a Network series about the Warehouse. Or attach a Museum to it, or open it to the public, or something. That place is a wrestling fan's dream.
  6. This one was actually our quietest ever! (It was, however, also our only show ever where we've got a "holy shit" chant during the show, so sometimes quiet is best!) Usually we can get 60-70 seating plus some standing room at the bar. We tend to go with 85 capacity. It's the Star Wars show this month so likely to be busy - if you get some 2-for-£5 tickets online in advance we'll reserve seats for you. (While I'm here, we also made a trailer so you know it's a big deal this month, watch it on our Facebook page. I'm a proper JJ Abrams, me.)
  7. Reduced Shakespeare Company tonight. They count as theatre, right? Anyway, I've been meaning to catch one of their shows for years and years but never got round to it. I think I'm going solo but fuck it. Ice cream at the interval for one it is. Missed out on the other RSC's Nell Gwynne (or was that the Globe?) in Edinburgh this week, though. In theatrical news, they've announced the cast for the new Young Frankenstein show that's opening in Newcastle in August before transferring to London. Ross Noble as Igor. Still more excited by the idea of Mel Brooks living in the North East for a month than the show itself, but should get round to getting tickets sometime.
  8. Because I've always found Jinder Mahal to be the most unmemorable wrestler in history, I thought I'd read his Wikipedia page to see if it'd help me remember anything he'd ever done ever. It didn't, but it did lead me to this 41 man battle royal from SmackDown in 2011 where he got to the final three, as well as being face to face with Randy Orton..
  9. Next week should be a good show. Andrade vs McIntyre and Tyler Bate vs Gallagher both have the potential to be great matches.
  10. 8 weeks off according to WWE.com.
  11. Comic timing + Blazing Saddles always makes me think of the Waco Kid scene. Such a perfectly played payoff.
  12. I can definitely understand that re the length - I watched it all in one day and fazed out for most of the top matches (Brock and Bill being the exception) which probably isn't how it should be. That's the second recent WrestleMania where I was barely paying attention to Taker's match because it wasn't his best, only for something momentous to take place which I nearly missed.
  13. I can't believe he didn't invite his brother to be on the picture. After all they've been through.
  14. I'm at work today. It's not that busy, and neither is the forum. So let us all get into the Easter spirit with this very important subject. Imagine the situation. 40 days ago, a mysterious and giant chocolate egg began appearing on camera at WWE shows. A bit like this only HD and probably with a load of LED lights on it because it's 2017 and the egg is all Easter-y and colourful. The egg is not brand exclusive. It appears on Raw and SmackDown alike. It even made it to WrestleMania. Surely it would hatch on the biggest show of the year? It didn't. But today, Easter Sunday... that egg's being cracked open and ... someone ... is emerging from it. Who would you have hatch from the Giant WWE Mystery Egg in 2017? The obvious answer for me is a return for the Gobbeldy Gooker. But, in a shocking twist, this man hatches instead: It's KASSIUS OHNO! The tubby bugger was unable to resist a giant chocolate egg and has spent his Lent devouring it from the inside out. His vest top, covered in melted Dairy Milk, has been discarded as the Easter crowd looks on in awe at his impressive gut. And the Gooker? Unfortunately, Kassius ate him too. Oh no. He's my pick. But who's hatching from your egg?
  15. I was wondering about this too. If Nakamura's on the Newcastle show in May, I'd buy a ticket.