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  1. I see Adam Richmond (Man Vs Food), Balor, I think Ledley King, and I'm unsure who that is in the white top. Is this recent?
  2. There's a piece about GLOW on Ch4s Sunday Brunch. It just finished. You should be able to catch it on CH4+1 from about 1210. I didn't Realise there was a British actress on the cast.
  3. It's always been said that arena business was pretty good at this time. Why wouldn't they have used those settings for RAW?
  4. My nephew got a German Shepherd puppy around 6months ago. He's brilliant. Daft as a brush. Not really interested in playing fetch. Fantastic dog. Great around family. Not aggressive. Just wants to be everyone's friend. Massive too. Not fat. Just huge. Check for paw size. If they have large paws as a pup. It'll grow to be a large animal. The family have had German Shepherd's in the past. They've all been great family pets.
  5. Is there some beef between Cyborg and Becky Lynch? Actually it looks to just be banter. Cyborg seems to be a Mayweather fan.
  6. I think they've broken YouTube.
  7. Have you tried any of the light gun games with the Wii set up? Such as Time Crisis and Virtua Cop. I'm thinking of using the same type of set up for my Xbox MAME machine.
  8. Those are all 20000 seater arenas. Surely they're not expecting multiple 1000s of people for these press conferences?
  9. Thanks for that. That lady going from having never watched wrestling to being a regular at Arena Mexico. Shows that there is something really fascinating about Lucha. I remember it blowing up back in the days of Nitro, for a western audience. However I've never found it to be something I must watch. I enjoy reading about the goings on in LU. Probably due to the passionate fans of the product on this board. I've only ever watched series one however. That was only because I had a killer toothache and couldn't sleep. I'll have to try again.
  10. 100% agree. Always a quality read and full of information.
  11. Walter Smith signed him for Everton along with Olivier Dacourt. One was not as good as the other.
  12. How big a part of Mexican culture is Lucha Libre? I've noticed that many Mexican restaurants use the masks and images of wrestlers to decorate their eateries. Wrestling in western culture tends to be of niche interest. Occasionally having periods of massive popularity. With Lucha though. It's almost as if it's a part of daily life. How has that come about?
  13. Wasn't that released on SKY and Cinema simultaneously?
  14. Which Buffer brother will do the ring announcing? I think Michael should take the night off.
  15. How do they even come up with that crazy figure of $100M for McGregor? A couple of weeks ago that's what Mayweather was getting. Is that sort of money even realistic, for either fighter?