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  1. Is that how we want our government to be decided? We want politicians who are capable of running this country. Not expose and attack someone who seemingly can't, due largely to her incompetance. PMQ's is a farcical bear pit that should embarrass all involved. How are we supposed to take these people seriously? Should the Tories be ousted. Who in the opposition has the experience in high level governance?
  2. I live in Leicester East. Rock solid for Vaz/Labour. So much so that nobody else really bothers to campaign here. The media have done enough of a hatchet job on Corbyn for him to not have a realistic chance of winning. I can't see past a strong win for May. Which is sad. She isn't the leader we need as a nation. Then again, Corbyn isn't that person either. We seem to have a dearth of viable leaders. I can't bring myself to vote for Vaz. This election is going to be a little farcical, can't see too many people taking it seriously. Which is shocking, considering how important a general election is and should be!
  3. Sky are showing all these in order up to Star Trek Nemesis. This weekend.
  4. There's some great videos on YouTube of Megatron being a snarky git at the Universal ride.
  5. Planet Hulk is on Sy Fy. About 20mins in on SY FY +1. It's like Gladiator. With HULK!
  6. Didn't the animosity have to do with Belfort leaving Chute Box? There was also something about Belfort's sister being kidnapped and murdered. Anderson felt that Belfort turned his back on him and Chute Box after they supported Belfort through what would have been an horrendous period for him.
  7. It is!? Hadn't noticed. Oh there he is. Hmmmm. Seems to bring the level of quality down. I don't recognise this song. The Raptor thing looks cool. Attention to detail looks very high. How many people actually get freaked out by the raptor?
  8. There's a Disney themed Broadway musical thing on Sky Arts. It's pretty good. On at the moment. The program is a recording of a Royal Albert Hall show.
  9. I'm planning on attending the Coventry show. Are there any updates on the card?
  10. Thanks mate. I'll let you know how it goes.
  11. Mate. There is a board games/gaming thread on here. You may want to heck it out.
  12. Looks like it works very well. How can I get it on my system? I have a Network account. Can I assume that I dl the WWE app to my kodi box. Then somehow link Kodi to the WWE app?
  13. Hello. I'm after a copy of this years Mania. It HAS to be a copy of the live version. Will it fit on one DVD in super duper HD?
  14. The issue you'd have with buying an old SNES is getting all the games you want to play. The cartridges can be quite expensive, depending upon which game you're after. Unfortunately emulation does require some technical/computer knowledge. I'm pretty sure that the knowledgeable fellows in this thread would be happy to help you through what can be a daunting minefield. Don't worry the mines are harmless. You won't lose any limbs.
  15. I have one of those. It's only about £30. Bargain for the power it has. Works pretty flawlessly too. That build that FailedPromoter has looks interesting. Is it purely for WWE content?