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  1. I picked up the SNK all in one tabletop machine the other month. It's got a fairly good range of games on it. It also has an HDMI output. Which allows you to connect it to a TV if you want. It may still be on offer and should be available from Amazon. https://www.amazon.co.uk/NEOGEO-Mini-Console-International-Version/dp/B07H472N6H Or try and find a pre built retro pie MAME unit. That'll have pretty much all the games anyone could want. From arcade games up to the PS1 era if not further. Ebay should have a plethora of sellers offering these.
  2. @Ronnie you may need to add to your Devastator collection.
  3. https://www.cbs.com/movies/console-wars-trailer/trailer/A2AEA715-A31D-320F-5FE2-7097EE823FC7/?s=09 Has anyone seen this and know when we'll be able to watch it in the UK?
  4. WWE are putting a fair bit of WCW Saturday Night And Clash of Champions on the Network feed. Clash 13 is on at 1705 tonight.
  5. Looks as if it's a lot of Crazy Taxi mixed with a bit of Desert Strike and some Carnage.
  6. Yeah, it seems to have taken inspiration from V_Rally and Skidmarks.
  7. It does look good fun. The character model for Andre is great. Does Takers hat stay glued to his head? @CAREBEAR LUVVA mentioned that the game suffers from slowdown. Is that lazy programming? Or is this game really pushing the current gen systems that hard?
  8. This game looks gorgeous and has me interested. I'm not sure I understand what platform/hardware I need to play it though. How does Steam work?
  9. Does anyone want a Jazz replica? https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1980-porsche-935-k3-recreation?s=08 Smyths Toys are selling the Back to the Future Transformers Crossover, Gigatron, for a very reasonable £33. I've also just seen a video that showcases a Megadrive Megatron and Playstation Optimus Prime. I wasn't aware of this crossover until today.
  10. This guy took a Tiatans Return Fortreas Maximus and dismantled him. Then painted him in Scorponok Colours. He's now done the reverse with a Titans Return Scorponok. Incredible attention to detail and the work is of a very high quality. What is it about Transformers that makes people want to do this? The iterations are part of the Shattered Glass universe which isn't even an official Universe. It was a fan made continuity developed over a series of fan conventions. The basic premise is that the Autobots are bad and the Decepticons are good. I'm constantly suprised b
  11. Hmmm. Looks to be an RC car that transmits video back to the Switch. Nice design. Kids will definitely get creative with it. Like you mentioned though. It'll be difficult to live up to the video.
  12. Totally ignoring that Covid-19 would have exacerbated the underlying conditions.
  13. https://www.animationmagazine.net/tv/genndy-tartakovskys-primal-saga-continues-with-5-new-eps/ Five more episodes of Primal are on their way.
  14. I caught an episode of this the other day. They were in Memphis and ending up doing some pro wrestling outside of Lawlers BBQ place. There's very good chemistry between the three of them. It always looks as if they're having fun.
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