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  1. Is MSG the ingredient that gives noodles the wet sloppy texture? My good lady takes packet noodles and throws away the little sauce/flavour sachets. Then she works her magic with fresh/frozen vegetables. It's nice. However not the same as when you add the sachets to the noodles.
  2. Is there a reason that they have dropped the ball with the series? I've tried watching it. I watched all of Seige. Maybe 3 episodes of the second one. So far I've only bothered with one episode of Kingdom. It's really strange how this trilogy hasn't grabbed my attention.
  3. No worries. I'll have to go back through the thread to find the Devastator collector. @Ronnie. What do you think of this? https://www.thechosenprime.com/mmsdtdestroyerdemolisher
  4. Hello @patiirc. If I remember rightly you have a pretty extensive collection of Devastators. What do you think of the Mastermade version? https://www.thechosenprime.com/mmsdtdestroyerdemolisher I am so very tempted!
  5. That is something I have noticed about the cycling events in Japan. The scenery and setting is very interesting and appealing. Thanks to @ElCece. I managed to watch the Mountain Biking. If that's a manmade course. They've done a great job of it. The BMX track looks as if it's been built in the middle of a bunch of skyscrapers. Looks fantastic. Have BMX bikes always been that small?
  6. What is the opinion on Beast Wars? I've never watched the series and have largely allowed it to pass me by. After listening to this podcast. My opinion has slightly changed. Should I dive in from episode one of Beast Wars. Or are there particular episodes that I should track down?
  7. I missed the Mountain biking from the other day. Does anyone know if there is an on demand option for past events?
  8. Cheers. Furman did that with a few characters. Including Deaths Head, one of Furmans' own creations. He even manged to get a Deaths Head comic of his own for a little bit. I quite enjoyed the Deaths Head appearances in the Transformers comic. The UK writing and art style was also of a higher quality than what came out of the US. Isn't Furman also responsible for writing the Galvatron vs Magnus story arc. That story and the art from, I think, Geoff Senior. Fantastic combo.
  9. Errrm is this an official crossover promotion?
  10. @patiirc That is a great looking version of Bludgeon. I've always found him a bit of Marmite character. Never could figure out why he had such a prominent role in the comics.
  11. Is the Susanoo a Transformer?
  12. Two episodes so far. It's pretty good. A bit more adult than I expected.
  13. Cheers. Found it. I was looking for He Man. Found it under Masters of the Universe.
  14. Is it on in the UK yet?
  15. Has anyone tried out the game in todays Google banner? Nice retro SNES RPG style game. With a bit of an Olympics theme. Simple yet good fun.
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