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  1. I picked that Soundwave up the other day. It may be part of the MFT range you mentioned. At some point I will get hold of a Diaclone colours Ultra Magnus from the Masterpiece range.
  2. @Ronnie Cheers. I have a Hatchette sub. Just haven't got around to reading all of them. I was reading Titans Return 2 last night. Will dig the Regeneration 1 issues out next. This is happening
  3. That is a great classic Transformers comic image. Was it a cover? With your third party purchases are you sticking to copies of the Hasbro toys or have you branched out to some of the re imaginings by companies such as Fans Toys and Weijang? This 3rd party Devastator looks incredible. Super expensive though at around £500.
  4. Was Austin unwell during the Mark Henry Broken Skull Session? He looks very red in the face and tired.
  5. Isn't there a similar trope in American Football? Where Quaterbacks are predominantly white. We've seen the way a player like Colin Kapernick has been pretty much pushed out of the game. Despite being a player of high quality. His high level of morality has in part allowed teams to find an excuse for not having him in their teams. Pointing to a perceived divisiveness that may or may not be part of his baggage. In short they just don't want to answer the tough questions that surround Kapernick. Kam Newton, another high quality black Quaterback is also without a team at the moment.
  6. I've heard that's really good. With any luck It'll be part of the Hatchette run. A bit of wrestling crossover for you guys. The Rock has voiced Cliffjumper and Samoa Joe has voiced Predaking.
  7. That gif is brilliant! Got a new Desk ornament.
  8. The whole Target 2006 saga is brilliant. Great story telling and fantastic artwork. It ties the comic into TFTM quite masterfully. Everyone should read it! Hatchette may still have their deluxe hardback version of it available. It was a bargain at £1.99 as the first instalment of their reprint run. Furman was in his element with this. He gave characters like Ultra Magnus a lot of attention and is responsible for their continued standing within the Transformers universe. The Galvatron vs Ultra Magnus rivalry is legendary. The images above and Furman's writing made sure of that.
  9. The original Smelting Pool story is what gripped me as Transformers fan back in the mid eighties. I'll have to look out a bit more for the Go Bot Easter Eggs whilst reading through the Hatchette books. Kudos to the OP for this thread.
  10. Chris Mcfeely has done a pretty succinct episode on the invention of the Transformers. Episode 2 season 2 of the Toys That Made Us on Netflix. Covers the whole Transformers story in more detail. Well worth watching and surprising in places.
  11. The crowd funded Unicron is an official Hasbro product that is being produced in limited numbers for whoever stumped up the £600. Its massive. Literally the size of a dishwasher. One of the development team was posting random pictures of a pre-production unit. Unicron would be hanging out in the guys Kitchen or out by the lake.
  12. Came across this today. Very nicely done. Sixo on Twitter is a very good Transformers content poster. He comes up with a lot of self produced content that is highly informative and fun. Another Twitter poster, Chris Mcfeely. Has a YouTube channel where he posts Transformers Basics videos. Usually one character per week.
  13. https://mlw.com/2020/06/26/anthology-preview-contra-unit/ MLW are airing a Contra Unit special. It goes up on YouTube at around 12AM Sunday morning for those of us in the UK. Contra unit seem to tread the balance between corny and entertaining quite well.
  14. Tony Hawk is running some sort of best trick competition. To my untrained eye some of these look incredibly technical. I think he mentioned the competition when he was on Rogans podcast the other week.
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