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  1. I noticed a sharp cut/edit near the beginning of the main event. Just before the ref holds the belt up. I didn't watch the match live.
  2. Shasha looked like a witch from Power Rangers. The match with Belair did its job in showcasing Belair. Banks was very selfless in that respect. Enjoyed seeing the crowd back and liked that the show had a chaotic element to it. Watching the replays you can see that they've edited it in spots. Have they cut out anything major? Back in the day I would ensure that I would have a copy of the live show. I haven't bothered with that in a long time. Roll on night 2
  3. BigJag

    Chippy Tea

    Is that mushy peas with chicken?
  4. It's Wrestlemania Day! The Cannon effect is fun. Not a big fan of the presenters. Didn't the lady presenting with Graves. Get sacked recently? Or was that somebody else?
  5. It's definitely very cool and looks to have a lot of interesting features. I especially like the lighting. Does it take away some of the playability though? Clearly at that price point It's aimed at the collectors market and it won't often be handled. I need to watch more videos of it. I can't remember if it rolls on its own. Nemesis Prime with his Micronaut.
  6. Isn't Mainframe a Gobot. I'm struggling to recall him as a Transformer aside from the Action Master.
  7. Can the inductees hear the piped in crowd noise? Or is it just for the TV audience.
  8. A quick check on Ticketmaster shows that they've pretty much sold out. Unless WWE are using multiple vendors. I'm genuinely surprised that in the current climate people are snapping up the opportunity for what on the face of it is a very lacklustre looking Mania. One that will also not have the support events around it. Does that area of the country have much in the way of attractions to draw people in for a bit more than just Wrestlemania?
  9. $2000 for front row!? That's almost £1500. What made them think they could charge that amount?
  10. The Haslab Unicron is big enough to play Nintendo Switch.
  11. BigJag

    Easter Eggs

    We've got one of these. Made by a family friend. White chocolate with lemon and blueberry.
  12. BigJag


    Pot Noodle sandwiches. Please tell me someone on Twitter is taking the piss. Surely they aren't actually a thing?
  13. There's some great pictures in there.
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