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  1. Which of those devices are connected via Wi-Fi. Which are connected via Ethernet? Are you using Virgins rather poor wireless hub?
  2. ITV 4 are showing what I'm assuming is a preview show at midnight. I guess we switch over to ITV Box Office for the ppv at 0100.
  3. Yes. The disregard for proper management of safety is shocking.
  4. https://prowrestlingstories.com/news/former-wwe-photographer-tom-buchanon-details-what-went-wrong-the-night-owen-hart-passed-away/ Came across this article about the events that night and the ensuing investigation.
  5. Is it just me or are they very similar? I played around 14mins of the Ridge Racer video. Then went straight into the Daytona one. I think I prefer Ridge Racers music.
  6. BigJag

    Chippy Tea

    The wife did this to our chip shop dinner the other week. She's very fortunate that we are still within the honeymoon period. She even put baby spinach in the toorka beans.
  7. I retweeted and @'d WWE, and the Mcmahons into I think a Bixenspan tweet about this. Probably a good idea to add in someone like John Oliver and use the #metoo. Scot Armstrong tweeted something about his back problems. I was tempted to link him into the Bixenspan thread.
  8. I've just seen images of Thundercats Roar. I think I hate it. Wacky!
  9. Seems to be getting a bit unsavoury.
  10. I've seen some tweets from Bixenspan. What other noise is there?
  11. Well put David. It's all well and good getting angry at WWE. They deserve it. They've handled it horrendously. However, what is wrong culturally in the USA that something like this can happen? There's reports out there that say the likelihood of rape happening in colleges, armed forces, workplace is extremely high. Is it a wider, "international", problem of "lad" culture? We have our own similar issues here in the UK. There's something wrong with the world.
  12. Neat little documentary on M2.
  13. Is the Gary Hart named in the testimony. The same Gary Hart that was in World Class and WCW? The disregard shown by her fellow travellers is unfathomable. How could they just leave her there? Its almost as if something more sinister was going on.
  14. Quality theme tune on MASK too. They could do something really cool with today's tech if they rebooted it.
  15. Shocked and dismayed by that. Is this part of an ongoing investigation? The mentality of the rapist and the accomplice is something I cannot understand.
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