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  1. UFC 220: Miocic vs Ngannou

    There was an interesting point brought IP on the Jeff Nowitzky JRE podcast. In 1FC they insist that you are hydrated when weighing in. A dehydrated fighter is not allowed to make weight in that condition. That rule would likely push DC into the Heavyweight class.
  2. UFC 220: Miocic vs Ngannou

    Why would the cut be getting more difficult for DC. Is it purely due to his age? He's a professional and well respected athlete. With a successful Olympic wrestling career. Surely this should be almost easy for him?
  3. WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    Nintendo Labo! https://twitter.com/i/moments/953755501371600896 What do we think?
  4. Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    He seems to be actively involved in talent spotting. Largely in the strongman field. He's a prominent talking head in the Born Strong documentary on Netflix. Henry discovered Braun whilst Strowman was competing in strongman competitions.
  5. The Health and Fitness Thread

    It seems that you're not actually having any fun during the exercise, and something about your diet is disagreeing with your stomach. Try adjusting what you eat and try to enjoy the workout a bit more. You'll probably need to provide more details in regards to make up of your workout and what you are trying to achieve.
  6. 5 star wrestling

    The Giants Live twitter account has been promoting 5 Star a bit. For those that don't know. Giants Live is a Strongman event. It serves as a qualification series for WSM.
  7. Top Twitter

    What a game. I still play it whenever I fire up the MAME XBox.
  8. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    Aye. I think football is way too precious about playing full strength teams all the time. The Leicester Tigers are regularly hampered by having to play a less strong team due to international call ups. They largely just get on with it. It's most likely to do with the insane amount of money in football. The FA likely would not want anything to distract from the internationals, and vice versa for the clubs and football leagues. Don't some Championship level games still get played, regardless of international matches?
  9. WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    Cheers. Will there be a PS3 version ?
  10. WHAT PLAY YOU!? Version 2.0

    What are the chances of this new version of Firepro getting a UK release?
  11. The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    It's called a Gada or probably better known in the west as a club. Can also fall under the term Mace. It was the preferred weapon of the Hindu god Hanuman. Who is revered by Indian wrestlers. They use smaller versions ,a Jori,as training weights. There's some videos of Iron Sheik using them about.
  12. The UKFF Retro Gaming Thread

    http://www.northernsoul.me.uk/gaming-arcade-club-bury-review/ Nice write up on Arcade Club in Bury. I still need to get to this place.
  13. The UKFF Retro Gaming Thread

    https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/nintendo-super-nintendo-snes-classic-mini-console-6399-argos-on-ebay-using-20-off-code-free-click-collect-from-your-local-argos-2866409 Looks like the Mini Snes is available at a good price via that link.
  14. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    Thanks for the insight. Best of luck with any struggles you may be having.
  15. The Off-Topic Questions Thread

    Why does the pub need to be the go to place? How about somewhere that doesn't serve alcohol? Personally I despise the pub and drinking culture. Its something I actively avoid. I don't know if it's the same around the rest of the country. However Leicester has a number of dessert/coffee shops where the atmosphere is inviting and pleasant. You need to be careful about the calorie intake. There are other places to go to than the boozer.