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  1. There's been a few updates to this. It's still only at the fans suggestion stage. The renders do look pretty fantastic.
  2. Its the 5G they tell you. The 5G! You sure you didn't stumble into the filming of the new Hitchcock movie?
  3. They could really go to town and build up to a crescendo for this. As long as things improve with the world. They could have one of their best events ever!
  4. I've been playing Destiny. Still trying to fully understand it. Is it normal to see other human players in a single player game?
  5. BigJag

    Covid-19 Megathread

    We had a similar situation with the mother in law being unwell. We don't think it is Covid-19. It's more likely some sort of infection. The mother in law needed help. The only person who was able to go was my wife. She's been there since Sunday and the mother in law has improved in leaps and bounds. She even managed to soak up a bit of sun in the garden today. As her mother was displaying some of the symptoms. The wife will have to stay put for two weeks. Meanwhile I get to wfh from my personal mobile as we dont have enough laptops at work. Been doing my best to keep any eye on neighbours and keeping in touch with freinds and family. Stay safe guys.
  6. BigJag

    Covid-19 Megathread

    It's pretty chilled in Leicester. Very quiet. We've been able to get whatever we need from the shops. We stayed away from the big supermarkets and used local corner shops. Work have said for us to stay at home. Designated keyworkers in our team may be called in when and if required. Stay safe people.
  7. There's something wrong with the aesthetic of Justice League. It looks very unpolished in a lot of places. Flash and Cyborg just look wrong. Wonder Woman got it right. That's a fantastic film to look at.
  8. SKY in conjunction with Codemasters are broadcasting a stream sim of the Bharain race. Thanks to Covid 19 the real race has been cancelled. There are a mixture of F1 drivers and broadcasters taking part in the race. It's also on Sky Sports F1 and Sky Sports Mix. Anyone watching?
  9. When you've made the seat. Please do share the pictures of your process and the finished piece of furniture.
  10. I've found the jumping freezing issue on "means other than the Network " too. Plus when I had an active account. Accessing older WCW stuff was constantly hit and miss. Lots of buffering and freezing.
  11. Has it been jumping and freezing for anyone else?
  12. I believe he was making a joke about being a commentator. He sat in at the announcers table on the last Smackdown episode.
  13. They're showing 2020 Elimination chamber instead of Smackdown on BT sports.
  14. This is on at the Phoenix in Leicester. March 24th. https://www.phoenix.org.uk/programme/my-dad-is-a-heel-wrestler/
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