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  1. BigJag

    Chippy Tea

    Hmmmm. I've never had a mash scallop. They've always been a large thick cut potato slice in batter.
  2. That sounds pretty good. Did you do anything to dry out the jalapenos or just a quick drain?
  3. Great collection you have there. I must have read Asterix The Gaul 20 times. Although only in English. Some of the Animated movies tend to be overly long. I thought the Magic Potion one was just about right in run time.
  4. Yep. Same here. 4 books at a time from the library. All Asterix stories. Cartoons were just the best way to showcase toy products. Allowing the companies to build and develop the characters. Giving the toy line a reason to expand and grow.
  5. Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion is on Sky Movies Premiere this weekend. Brings back fond memories of the comic books. Such a fun and endearing set of characters. They've done a good job of being faithful to the art style whilst using modern cgi.
  6. Been dipping into this over the bank holiday weekend whilst taking breaks from household tasks. Saving the series finale for tonight. It tries to be more serious than it needs to be at times. It's good fun.
  7. Welcome back. Thanks for fixing the problem.
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