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  1. TFC have made a Megatron. Nice showcase of the various modes it has in this video. Classic Prime (ST Commander) vs Megatron (Tyrant) battle.
  2. BigJag

    Chippy Tea

    Ketchup right on the paper! Best way.
  3. G1 he was a gun. G2 he became the tank, due to “gun toys are bad”. The jet was a Bay thing right? He’s also been a truck. The NERF Gun Megatron is something I’d like to track down.
  4. New MLW season starts tonight.
  5. It is strange that these 3rd party efforts are seemingly allowed. I have read that a few places have been raided and shut down. I guess as most of these companies are based in the orient. Hasbro/Takara don't have the power to have them shut down. The design skill and ingenuity shown by the people that make these is of a very high level. They have progressed from just producing direct copies of Hasbro/Takara designs. There's a good chance that some prominent designers are involved. That may also explain why It's allowed to carry on.
  6. Another version of ST Commander. Which is a 3rd party iteration of Prime influenced by a GI Joe vehicle. There's three versions. One in conventional Prime colours. Another in Army camouflage. And now this version which I guess, is in some way linked to Monkey, from the Monkey Magic series. Whilst Googling the images below. A bunch of other variations came up. I'm not sure if they were digibashes or actual recolours. There's one that could easily be a Magnus. Harking back to the original G1 Magnus toy being a white Prime. That camouflage version is incredible. If I ever come across one in a shop. It'll be added to my small collection very quickly.
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