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  1. Apologies for the book wankering. I thought it had been mentioned in the show.
  2. Is Jon Azor Azhancnrifidjneiscn (sp) then? Did they not have to stab their lover through the heart or some such?
  3. Must have been the only thing on that show that did not come at some point! Amirite?
  4. I always assumed Bran could see potential futures as opposed to what will definitely happen. That is why I never got too bothered by his seeming lack of intetest, he subtly guides people as opposed to outright telling them what to do. Look at the Theon in the Godswood as his guardian. Bran may have known Theon needed to be there but not why, we know now that Theon bought Arya the time to get to the woods to kill the Nights King.
  5. Was it Ashley who accused Umaga of trying to abuse her? Poor girl, no age at all.
  6. Christ, Marty McFly needs to sort that out before the poor bugger disappears.
  7. I heard he shit in a bathtub and damn nearly filled the thing.
  8. Does anyone think the letter Varys burnt was a red herring and that he has already sent the actual one to someone important? I was quite gutted that he was turned into a human candle; always thought he would have a bigger part to play.
  9. I don't know. I think we will get Arya looking like she is going to only for Sansa to do it. Much like when Arya killed Littlefinger. I still feel Sansa needs to come full circle and her killing the mad queen (like she wanted to kill cersie) will complete that.
  10. Bloody brilliant. I thought that was a superb episode "Sandor" christ that hit me hard. Got to be Sansa to kill Dany now. Can see Drogon turning on her as well when Jon has his heritage revealed. Next week is going to move at breakneck speed to tie everything up you would think.
  11. Jeremy was a guest at the hotel I worked at years ago. He was on my table that night and was a right obnoxious cunt all night. Coleen nolan was also on the table and even told me to ignore him as he was being a tosser, he was out for a smoke at this point, silk cut his choice of fag the soft cunt. Any the how as we got round to coffees I poured for the table and then went into the kitchen as the awards were on. We went to clear our tables after this and he asked for another cup of coffee. I said no problem and that I would be right back. I went in the back and fucked off home, taught him didn't I. Cunt.
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