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  1. Cashless would lend itself to anarchist mindset yeah, sadly people read anarchy and instantly think of rebellion and violence. Classless falls into a few schools of thought if I am not mistaken. I think classless would make a much kinder world.
  2. Kool Keith suggested starting a thread to talk all things Left Wing. So where do you stand? Socialist? Communist? Bon Jovi? I have over the years become more and more staunch far left, this place had a lot to do with it alongside my own personal feelings. I would class myself as a socialist (Corbyn is my boy yo) Let's talk Left Wing and how great it is.
  3. Is anyone on here a Socialist? I am, just curious to know if there are any others. I know as a group we tend to be mainly Left Wing (apart from the Tory cunts).
  4. He did dives to the outside, fucking spot monkey. Fuck Taker.
  5. Anyone man who has shoved his entire head up @Cannibal Man cock is a absolute wrong doer and deserves all our scorn.
  6. I thought about what the world may be like without me in it the other day, I then cried for a while and then realised my girls need me. Life can be weird. For the last week I have appreciated everything, absolutely everything. I
  7. Absolutely and it is so frustrating. Gallows has in my opinion so much upside, he is genuinely hilarious when doing his own thing and looks the business, he is just sadly a tad boring in ring, although he does throw some lovely bombs. Anderson is just so bland it hurts sadly.
  8. Joe Blog


    Maybe it was Chyna in disguise, you know trying to raise her stock by increasing her fan base.
  9. Joe Blog


    "What's Beijing doing in WCW"
  10. Monkee sealing victory for 2021 as well.
  11. This reminds me of when I found myself down a Youtube rabbit hole watching a 'Biggest fails' compilation. Anyway there was a bunch of lads wrestling (rolling around) on a trampoline shouting wrestling moves. All of a sudden this absolute slab of a kid dives onto the trampoline with a fucking claw hammer in his hands, he bellows "Piledriver" and launches the hammer at his mates head, why he thought a piledriver involved hurling a hammer at your mates head i'll never know. The daft lump obviously has never attended a P.E or Physics class as he completely misses his friends head and the
  12. I would think they could be arsey about that if they wanted. 30 miles is a fair old drive for a MOT when we are in 'lockdown', wouldn't risk it mate.
  13. "Ned, I would love to stand here and talk with you - but I'm not going to." Groundhog day.
  14. Sorry, for some reason I missed off to anyone but 2 key worker households.
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