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  1. It's still real to me dammit.
  2. Just like Jack's matches, vaguely similar to what they should be but just a mess to look at.
  3. The Good Brothers always peak on their debut. They always look cool when they debut somewhere, their running in and battering the Uso's was a really great angle and they looked like a genuine threat. Gallows annoys me the most as there is a good worker under there somewhere, he does basic big man well but that is about it. I still maintain he looks the business as well. He really needs to be paired with a proper work horse though and Anderson is not that guy. Anderson just looks shit sadly and generic as they come. He wrestles a weird big man hybrid style but just looks too small to
  4. Bloody hell, Pat's replies remind of when you used to be asked to write an essay at school about a castle or such like and you just googled it and proceeded to copy and past every mention of it you could find.
  5. The poor sod, they fucked him right over there with that.
  6. I hope they subtitle his speech like they did in Longest Yard.
  7. When I worked at a hotel during 6th form I was mainly on room service. My brothers mate also worked there and we would usually be on shift together. If it was quiet we would go up to the rooms together, one of us holding the doors etc for the other so there was no need for balancing acts with the trays. My mate banged on a door screamed 'WOOOOOMMMMM SERVIIIICEEEE" and proceeded to leg it down the corridor. I vowed to get revenge. A few weeks later we were on shift again, I checked what checks we had on and hid on the floor he would be delivering to near the staff lift. The lift door
  8. Eminem clears this all up quite nicely with these lyrics. Cause it wasn't that long ago when Marshall sat, luster lacked, lustered'Cause he couldn't cut mustard, muster up nothing
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