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  1. I am terribly ignorant of the inner workings of politics. Could someone give me a run down on what on earth was happening in that video. Thank you
  2. Joe Blog

    AEW All Out

    This Jericho makes me want to see Old Man Dustin have to stop him. Imagine if Jericho beat Cody to a bloody pulp following a match. Cue Dustin cutting an impassioned promo about how he came to help build the company, allude to his past demons etc. I overcame those demons and now I can see them walking around with a belt etc. I beat them once and I'll do it again for this company, for you, for my brother. Starting the reign of Dustin until he drops it to a young up and comer and endorses them after the match. Magical.
  3. It's always Sunny in Philadelphia. A game show where contestants have to guess which wrestler is in which city. The catch, It's always Sunny and she is always in Philadelphia.
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