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  1. We are expecting our second child, due July.
  2. Yeah I bet he is kicking himself for not seeking you out to help guide his career.
  3. Ralphy has something happened to set this back off? How are you and your dad getting on? No advice for the nail sadly but I would recommend epsom salt in your bath to help ease the aches from the walking.
  4. Bought a caramel and sea salt galaxy bar from Tesco today, it is very nice. My first day went well, only hiccup was dinner which was home made pizza. Did not realise that the puff pastry was not vegan 😖. I really need to fine a good cheese as well, the one I had was too sweet and got sickly after a few slices.
  5. I often do the Broken Matt Hardy "WONDERFUL" whenever my wife tells me something good. She has no idea.
  6. Thanks everyone. Here is to saving the world.
  7. I am giving it a go, been veggie for a few years so not a massive jump. I will need to find some good vegan cheese as we make pizza and pasta a lot. @UK Kat Von D any good tips for a new vegan?
  8. Positive awards Post of the Year - Kevin Webster Video On Topic Poster of the Year - Ian, Uk KatVonD. Off Topic Poster of the Year - Keith MMA Forum Poster of the Year Funniest Poster Keith, Cannibal Man Thread of the Year Mental Health Good Egg Award Kaz, Ralphy, Keith, Kat Negative awards Dolt of the Year MPDDT White Noise MPDDT Failed Comedian N/A Worst Thread of the Year N/A Flounce of the Year N/A
  9. Daryl from the Walking Dead, started as a country hick with hunting skill who had a good heart buried deep to being this super sas type battle commander who could use any weapon he found.
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