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  1. Hang on does this mean we will have to endure a Lance Storm match? You just know he will be one of the labours. Pat mentioned Storm as I was posting this.
  2. I think loungewear is ok for going out and about, most loungewear trousers just look like tracksuit bottoms these days. I stand with Justice.
  3. Hang on, so you sleep naked and then put pyjamas on when you get out of bed? Is it not easier to just put a pair of casual shorts and a t-shirt thus avoiding the stigma that accompanies going out in pyjamas.
  4. This is going to be a fucking nightmare for Ol JR. Bryan Branielson Daniel Danielson Bryan Bryan Daniel Bryansen
  5. Imagine getting this annoyed by a predetermined outcome. I can imagine the demographic of this promotion is aimed at the more hardcore (no pun) fanbase but do these people not realise that when Cardona loses the belt (likely to Gage) that they will be going mental with glee and probably talk about it for months on end whilst not being able to understand that this needed to happen for that to happen. I have said it before but wrestling is fucking weird.
  6. If he has signed I liked who ever suggested Punk leading The Elite. The Bucks are teetotal and Punk has history with Gallows. Page winning the belt only for Punk to strut out would be great but where do you go from there? Does Punk take the belt from Hangman and would that damage the Page too much? It is all very intriguing. I do hope Bryan is coming in though over Punk.
  7. Joe Blog


    Yeah I thought this when the 10 year experience was mentioned. Very much 'no homers' club.
  8. Joe Blog


    Sorry to hear that mate. Keep your head up and something will come around.
  9. This is a great thread. The sun is amazing and offers endless possibilities. Let those pale, sweaty, deformed (probably) rain lovers stay in their shitty thread forever more. This be sun country.
  10. Absolutely, send as many as you can get. Hope you have a great time. Have to get a UKFF golf game sorted in the future.
  11. I love the hot weather. It's summer, we deserve hot weather. I hope this lasts until at least September. Sorry to all you folk that struggle in the heat but the sun shining is one of the last joys to be found in this awful country. Cold and wet is the worst.
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