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  1. We have a cottage booked in the Lakes for september, really hope we are not back in lockdown. Not keen on any holidays the involve flying for a good while mind. We have an apartment in the Algarve so will miss that but fuck it, cases are starting to creep up in the village out there.
  2. One of the girls I went to uni with would tell us how her mum once got followed by the Yorkshire ripper one night when she got off the bus and was walking home, a friend pulled over and offered her a lift which she accepted as she had clocked him and realised she was being followed. The daughter makes out like the mum is thrilled by this encounter, which she may well be.
  3. I had this for years and it was this place that finally helped me discover what film it was. All I could remember of the film was when a man broke some sort of little flying machine and some lights came out of it as he cried. I must have been 10 or so when I watched it and it was all I could remember. Turns out i was 'batteries not included'.
  4. Braun is a bit shit isn't he. Such a shame.
  5. My family are all pasty white and burn in the moonlight, they have ginger or blonde haired and are Irish. I am olive skinned and very dark. I am either adopted or my mother played away.
  6. QT Marshall is like that person who is part of your friendship group but no one can remember who introduced him or when he started hanging around with you, you assume he was at a house party with a different group and when his original group saw him talking to new people they thought "fuck this let's finally be rid of him."
  7. He hasn't outright said Renee has it though has he. He said someone has been in contact with someone who does have it. If he had tweeted saying Mox is off because his wife has Covid then fair enough.
  8. Yeah the 'Outed' her mind set is ridiculous, even using outed in regards to Covid is stupid. It's not something to have to hide. Calling Tony a prick for telling his fans why their champion is not on shows is stupid.
  9. My dalliance with ale is over. Not only did it dent my wallet buy it also extended my waistline. I have returned to red wine and self loathing instead. Ales will be reserved for afternoon beers at the pub once in a blue moon.
  10. Shawn's chin lived there as well.
  11. That's not a watch, There's fucking Libyans hunting Doc Brown to get that monstrosity back.
  12. I have not, will be looking that up later. Thank you mate.
  13. Lord of The Rings is perhaps my favourite ever bit of literature and I adore the films. Ian Holm was a fantastic actor, saddened by this one.
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