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  1. Deciding he is a cunt based on nothing but your own personal experiences of people you think he is similar to is ridiculous though. I'm not trying to change your mind I just find it baffling the amount of hatred you have for him based on minimal evidence.
  2. Still waiting on evidence he is a cunt other than not putting people over.
  3. Fuck Bret anyway, should have done business on the way out. Fuck Shawn as well though.
  4. His mum ringing the office to tell them he was sick probably didn't help.
  5. Yeah that Astro story is brilliant. I was shaking laughing at this.
  6. I wonder if Kane and Michelle will both be involved after the unholy trinity remark.
  7. Seems to be a bit of American Phenom going on at the minute but certainly dropped a lot of the Deadman mystique. Surprised we didn't get a "you can't spell Phenomenal without Phenom" comment thrown in, it's the type of high brow writing we usually get.
  8. Lord Mountevans is either a Hart or Sting or NXTUk guy.
  9. Which lends more to the argument that he genuinely loved and loves her. I'm not sure why in a business full of rapists, muderer's and racists that HHH makes you so mad. Also as previously mentioned Steph is an intelligent powerful woman. I'm pretty sure she would have realised that Hunter gave no fucks for her and told him to sling his hook. "All he ever talks about is Shawn and Ric and when we have sex he spends most of the time staring at the World Heavyweight Championship that is framed above our headboard."
  10. Christ don't let Justice see. He will start wiping with crips.
  11. A baby bird had fallen out of it's nest and landed in our front garden. It was a fairly big bird but without a feather on it's head, like a tiny grotesque vulture. Because of it's size and baldness a 16 year old Joe thought it was just a old bird that was hopping about on the lawn for fun. I left the house for my first ever job interview and got dive bombed by the parents. I had three talon marks down my forehead and was sweating like a bastard having ran wildly down the street in a mad panic. Still got the job.
  12. Thank you guys. I'm just stressing with her being pregnant. It's all a bit much.
  13. I think half the trouble is that Matt finally found a gimmick that got him over as much as Jeff and he is stuck trying to maintain that level of popularity.
  14. Well my wife is getting worse. Stuck in bed and aching all over. I really hope this is just some bug, but as she has not been anywhere for the last 2 weeks it is hard to imagine what has caused it. Both my little girl and myself are fine and as I do the food runs it is most likely to be something I have brought back into the house.
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