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  1. Just been to drop my 2 year old at nursery to be met at the door by a member of staff who told us they had a confirmed case and are now shutting for 2 weeks. Getting close to home now.
  2. Oh yeah it would be after the ban, it can take a good few months between applying for visas etc and actually getting them.
  3. Well following a long and emotional conversation today Mrs Blog and myself think we are going to make a go of moving to Australia. Mrs Blog is a doctor so she is going to sign up with a recruitment agency who help UK doctors get jobs in Aus, she will then get a visa through work for us all. I am a teaching assistant with experience in SEN so I need to find out if my qualification translates to Aus schools. I can always retrain when there however. We are very drawn to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, North of Brisbane, good place for family, beach and national parks on the do
  4. It's been confirmed on his twitter, sad news indeed.
  5. Tory supporters in being cunts shocker.
  6. Well Australia would be my first choice due to weather and life style but my wife is really reluctant to leave her parents so I floated Ireland as a possible to her. She is a doctor so visas should hopefully be ok to come by. I doubt she will ever go for it but I really despise this country.
  7. What a fucking cretin Johnson is. Heading in completely the wrong direction and he changes next to nothing. The depressing thing is that the bastard tory's will probably win the next election, I keep pestering my wife to move to a different country but she is having none of it. I have Irish citizenship so keep pushing for a move over there.
  8. Congratulations @Chest Rockwell very happy for you all.
  9. I keep rereading this and chuckling, what a conundrum.
  10. Jungle Boy vs Johnny B.Badd Jungle Boy wins after countering the shooting star splash. Jungle Boy vs Justin Hawk Bradshaw Jungle Boy takes exception to being soaped up in the showers and sparks Bradshaw out. Jungle Boy vs Jim Brunzell Jungle Boy is not afraid of killer bees. Jungle Boy vs Jay Briscoe Jungle Boy does not care for men named Briscoe. Jungle Boy vs Jack Brisco Or men named Brisco for that matter. I did try doing this with my real initials but could think of no one, I do think using Jungle Boy is a cheat as well come to
  11. They really are a shower of shits. Might as well just say that we can meet anywhere that has a till and be done with it. These half arsed lockdowns are going to fail, I know a good few people who have taken the approach of "so I can go to the pub with strangers surrounding me but not see my family, fuck that." People are seemingly making their own social bubbles regardless of the rules as everyone is so sick of a spineless government who cannot be trusted to wipe their own arses (probably standers). I don't agree with bending the rules to suit your own narrative but it's bloody easy
  12. Joe Blog

    Chippy Tea

    The standing to wipe, downward facing chocolate biscuit brigade probably do it. The bunch of fucking wrong un's
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