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  1. Superbad. Felt like it lasted 7 hours and was boring as piss.
  2. The older I get the less I want to watch anyone who I know has shit views or has done shit things. Taker, Hogan, Austin, HBK, Benoit, Jericho, Lawler, Warrior all have done things or support things which I just find disgusting. I am sure there are many more I could list. Separating the artist from the person is a cop out in my opinion. Of course I am also a massive hypocrite as I watch AEW but will likely start skipping Jericho's parts as I did not know about his views. Fuck sake man get Sammy away from him so I can enjoy that loveable little shit.
  3. Two lads walking out of a arena. One looking quite upset. Upset lad "can't believe Paul did that" His mate "Snapping a perfectly good pen, what a cunt."
  4. And yet you continue to double post. Horse has bolted boys, leave the door open.
  5. Well he would hardly spill his guts if he knew the camera was on would he. He was caught being racist, it has fuck all to do with depression. The fact you are using depression as an excuse is quite frankly disgusting. I truly think you are just looking for an argument now so I am going to stop posting.
  6. I know mate, my post was also about him.
  7. No, you just say sorry and blame personal circumstances, then you can do it as much as you want. He is obviously a troll account, it won't be before Mountevans is in here telling him how awful this place is. Honestly with what is happening in America, with us being days removed from finding out about another member on here being an abhorrent human I cannot comprehend why someone is on here defending racist hulk hogan. Wrestling fans are the fucking worst.
  8. I will always be judgemental when it comes to racism. But I guess you are more of an All Lives Matter person.
  9. Sorry but you are talking absolute shite. How would you know what is out of character for Hogan? Are you mates with him? Hogan is a carny and a racist. You have only ever seen what he allows you to see when the camera is on. So give over with your bollocks.
  10. The thousands marching through London yeah. I absolutely support the sentiment but this is ridiculous, has Covid just been forgotten about. Sorry should have specified.
  11. I cannot believe what is happening in London. People really are the worst.
  12. Congratulations to everyone. 8 more weeks until our second daughter makes an appearance.
  13. I know we have butted heads over politics and I have been a bit over zealous but huge congratulations. Being a dad is an amazing experience. Happy for you man.
  14. If you have any recommendations let me know, always looking to add to my ale consumption. My local shop has a great selection and also have built a bar onto the back which always have guest casks on tap.
  15. Hipster. I have been jumping between session and IPA lately. Don't really know enough about beers and ales to make informed choices so I just go with a assortment and it's all trial and error.
  16. I had a strange/wonderful/divine/frightening experience yesterday whilst sitting upon my throne. It was my third trip of the day, the first two having been failures (which is very unlike me, I am usually as accurate as a Swiss watch when it comes to my toilet visits.) Anyway as I sat I had the strangest feeling in my stomach, it felt like two stones had dropped from my stomach itself straight down into my bowels. I can only liken it to when your stomach leaps on a rollercoaster. Within seconds a monstrous turd fell, and I do mean fell no pushing needed out of my arse followed by another equally large monster. The sound of them hitting the water was ridiculous. If I had to describe the sound I would have to go with "Slaaaaaapppppooooooooommmmm" I have felt fantastic since.
  17. Do you have a link to this story? Feel it needs shared.
  18. My head is battered today. I am on edge and everything is irritating me. Feel awful.
  19. Someone (possibly Ian) was talking about Cage just looking huge due to his opponents. Never noticed until he was in the ring with Sky who made him look very short.
  20. Matt Hardy doing his poses and smiling to the camera whilst being drowned was funnier than it had any right to be.
  21. Mrs Blog and myself back when we could go on nights out.
  22. Johnson could try giving it a go.
  23. And not one tabloid has used the title 'Cummings and goings'. No shock that the Tory cunt is doing what he wants, hope he has to resign.
  24. I always thought Kane was a Democrat. That he is a Tory has ruined my night.
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